Oxford Demonstration Against Taib

Oxford Demonstration Against Taib

26 Jul 2010

Welcoming Party for Taib Mahmud

If the people of Oxford had not heard of Abdul Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak, until today, they certainly know all about him now.  His visit, tied to Sarawak’s heavy sponsorship of the Said Business School’s ‘Inaugural Global Islamic Branding and Marketing Forum’, was supposed to buy him credibility.  In the event it ended up as a public relations disaster, as his reputation preceded him and was stuck up on banner headlines by protesters outside.

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Even though it is the sleepy summer holiday period, a colourful crowd of demonstrators descended on the School to express their outrage that the University should have welcomed such a man and accepted such dubious sponsorship from the Timber Industry of Sarawak.  The local press was soon on the scene, followed by Malaysian news teams, who had clearly been brought along to puff up the Chief Minister’s profile.  Even the flunkies could not ignore a demo like this and they were soon filming, taking notes and conducting interviews.

Panic Reaction

A Malay team joins the UK Press in asking about the problems in Sarawak

Panic and concern was soon evident amongst the organisers, who called the police and sent an army of Special Branch officers to photograph the protesters, who were banned from entering the building by anxious bouncers.  The School, clearly taking no risks, had hired a phalanx of extra personnel to protect their awkward guest and to block entry to the plainly respectable gathering of locals and some Malaysians who had come to explain to the Oxford the true nature of their guest.  Many reminded the organisers that the criminals were among the ones inside, while the people outside were lawfully making a very valid protest.

The forest of banners said it all.  “Taib Mahmud Declare The Source Of Your Wealth”, “How Much Forest Is Left?”, “Respect Native Customary Rights”, “Stop Sexual Harassment and Rape of Penan Women and Children”, “Save Sarawak”, “The EU banned illegal timber, Why won’t you sign the VPA?” and much more.  Passers-by were handed leaflets and a string of civil society groups meanwhile coordinated across Britain to produce and sign a declaration of protest that is now being handed to Oxford University.  One organisation, Forests Monitor, stated:

“For decades Taib has headed a regime which has ridden rough shod over the rights of indigenous and local peoples in Sarawak, treating the province like a personal fiefdom, worse even than his colonial predecessors. He has overseen the abuse of Sarawak’s own laws and profited enormously from it. By taking his money the Oxford Said School for Business is setting the worst possible example for its alumni. They too should be demanding answers from the Dean, who apparently considers himself an expert in corporate governance”.

Bundled in through the back entrance

Taib's Car Spotted Going Round the Back

The protest certainly denied Taib his grand entrance.  He had been due to arrive in style, greeted by the University’s Vice Chancellor (the sponsorship must have been huge) to give the opening speech for the two-day conference, but he ended up being sneaked in past the protesters and ushered in through the back of the building.

Malaysiakini newspaper has reported details of a humiliating security operation that involved him being transported in a blue, windowless van and then bundled in through the kitchen.  His entry was spotted and a break-away group surrounded what turned out to be his decoy car and waived their banners in disgust.

According to the protesters the police, who, unlike in Sarawak, do not see it as their duty to interfere with legitimate freedom of expression, remained a good natured and supportive presence throughout. One said:

“We needed that even-handed support, because the University bouncers were out of order.  I was roughly manhandled out of the building after taking a photograph of the Chief Minister, which was  stupid as scores of his own people were filming him too”.

The protester went on to say:

“I am concerned that the Said Business School, which used Oxford’s tradition of free speech as its excuse for taking Taib Mahmud’s money and receiving him in this way, should deny us our chance to come in and voice the truth about what is happening in Sarawak.  Will the School be willing to receive some speakers from Malaysia’s repressed opposition in the near future? or can we expect the next move to be an Honorary Doctorate for Taib Mahmud?”

Cheesy Tourist Image - Courtesy of The Chief Minister who destroyed Sarawak's native culture

The image and the reality

Meanwhile, as the conference got underway, the disadvantages of the School’s modernist architecture were becoming plain to the embarrassed delegates.  The great glass front to the main forum provided an unwelcome ‘Goldfish Bowl’ effect as the people outside were able to look in, waive their banners and photograph the awkward attempts to carry on as normal.

Inside, a kitsch display area, of the type favoured by Taib, promoted a ‘tourist image’ of Sarawak with cuddly orang utan toys and a live Dayak music troupe in full ‘national costume’. They confirmed they had been transported with the Chief Minister’s enormous cavalcade from Sarawak.

Concern about the Tanjung Manis Project

However, right alongside the forest and indigenous people display, was a mass of information about the Chief Minister’s new drive to turn Malaysia’s Christian State into the world’s biggest Halal Products Hub, with the help of massive investment, much of it from the Middle East.  The industrial reality behind the fake traditional-style promotions.

The information available about the latest Tanjung Manis project has created widespread concern.  It indicates that the Hub is set to destroy 70,000 more hectares of valuable mangrove area and lowland peat forest – zones, described in Tanjung Manis literature as being uselessly unproductive in their current state.  Information has leaked out that experts from Oxford University have been consulting Sarawak on this so-called ‘Green Development Project’.  The questions and protests against Oxford’s ill-judged event will not end here and the Tanjung Manis Project may discover that instead of finding investors on its UK trip it has acquired unwelcome notoriety instead.

Taib’s Party Falls Flat

Taib Spotted - before the photographer is manhandled out by bouncers

As Taib left after his speech the demonstrators’ success in photographing him both from inside the conference hall and the outside, through the glass, created havoc amongst Taibs security men.  Burlesque scenes ensued as they rushed round the building lowering blinds and pulling screens in front of the glass walls to protect their horrified boss from the glare of unwelcome publicity.

It was clearly a rare and unnerving experience for Taib Mahmud, a specialist in managed press and  mass personal protection.  As the laughter grew on the outside, his party on the inside was publicly ruined.  That’s the problem with turning up in a free country Taib and we bet you think twice about doing it again any time soon.

Awkward Exit

You Can Run But You Can't Hide - Taib spotted through the Goldfish Bowl windows as he is bundled into a side room

Flunkeys bring down the blinds

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    • http://none Ranjit Sidhu

      What a tragedy, that Oxford University belittles itself to accept a rouge politicain. Like his majority Muslim East Malaysian government, Taib is raping the rights of the predominant Christian electorate. He follows in the footsteps of the GREAT LEADER Dr Mahatir, whose father was an Indian ) from Malabar state, India) and he claims to be a bumiputra ( son of the soil) and calims Malay status. A status which is emulating the white rajahs (rulers) meaning the British colonial masters.

    • http://google Roger

      The name of the business is really "SAD BUSINESS SCHOOL" because it is created from ill-gotten funds and set against the SAD background of human sufferings and exploitation of the real owners of Sarawak land. We all know (now) how much the ulu people have been "done in" by "bumiputra" leaders… The people can try to change the politicians in charge but will the next lot be the same… But for heaven's sake and by all means let's all unite and change the bad eggs first and hope for the best!

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  • http://amoker.blogspot.com amoker

    Good job dude

  • tony

    People of Great Britain, save the legacy left by your fore fathers.

    The Great Raja BROOKE left North Borneo to the Natives not to Robbers.

    • sunshine

      Why took it in the first place?

  • StanleySoon

    He deserve more then this! He should be prosecuted in UK for what he has done in Sarawak and to the native there!

    And shame on you Oxford!

  • flora

    Ha,ha,hee haw……!the best news I have heard for a long time. That bloody buffoon Taib deserves that humiliation and some more!

    Keep it up …

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    • http://google Roger

      Robbers, plunderers and rapists of natural resources!

  • Harrison Ngau

    Very good exposes. Keep it up. Will inform others to visit the Sarawak Report so that they too can read the real news not reported in the apple polishing mainstream media.

  • jumpover

    that old man was a family of mugabe

  • LIu

    Serve him right a man who took the wealth of the people of Sarawak and try to project himself as a hero for a good cause.

    In China he will be sentence to death by firing squad

    Such a person has no conscience only $$$ in his mind

    and can he take the money with him when he dies ???

  • derek surin

    time to rein in the crooks. We are malaysians first, and the systematic looting of our wealth has to stop, we demand justice not slogans

    • http://google Roger

      C'mon- what has Sarawak gained by joining Malaysia???

      • Allen

        Not much. Should proceed with Singapore & Brunei,would of have a different Borneo History!

        • John

          looking forward to the Sabah-Sarawak new independent state.

  • http://partistarwordpress.com siburp

    About time free world knows more about what is actually going on in Sarawak.

    Taib has treated Sarawak as his real estate and any critics as public enemy number one.

    Time indeed for oxford to wake up to the realities of life in Sarawak, Malaysia.

  • http://www.yahoo.com ausjawa

    please help us to bring him ( Sultant pengeran pihin taib mahboot) down and justice, recover all d mones to us.

    To Chief MACC of Malaysia, please start investigate this and not one year just a few hours is not. You have evidence> or otherwise U r one of Taib Gang.

  • sam sung

    The "Islamic" Business School is about business. The hypocritical empires will take money from anywhere, provided the damage is NIMBY (not in my back yard). Consider that "school" is the American word for college, not the English one.

  • http://www.idc-bali.com Johnson

    good one there!

  • http://N/A Miaw d cat

    Tahi Mabuk benefited from the vast resources of the Sarawak and pulled a fog over the eyes of the "naive" locals. Well, time has changed, people should empower themselves and not be afraid of the "rulers".

    Fight for integrity, freedom of information and transparency!

  • Akumasa

    If you are toeing the whims and fancies of the Federal Government, MACC will never touch you even you plunder the entire state wealth. But if you are not, just approving a Shop houses project of only RM1.8 million where your brother in-law was one of the directors, you will end up being hauled up by MACC on your way to office even you are the Honourable Chief Minister of a State. Only the people of Sarawak can bundle him out of power come next State Election.

  • Bob K

    Well, blame the voters who have been voting him into powere election after election!

    • http://google Roger

      Blam the voters? OR the the rigged up electoral system and intimidation of opposition politicians??

  • http://google Roger

    Hey Guys

    Malaysian Kini headlines says it all!

    "Taib Mahmud in London on mission to sell Sarawak"

    Shake & tremble has he already sold everything!?

  • Sheema

    Actually, I am no fan of Taib but I feel I should point that he is actually also indigenous, being a Melanau. Of course that doesn't excuse anything he's done, but a lot of people seem to assume that he's Malay because he's Muslim. He's not!

    • borneo sun

      Tahi Mahu is a fake Muslim. To call him a muslim is an insult to Islam and the Almighty. He has no fear, not even of God.

  • borneo sun

    Tahi Mahu : his insatiable greed for $$$ will be his own undoing. He wants shit; he'll get shit in the end. Cos he's just asking for it.

  • Burak Sem

    The time has come for this dirty old man to step down.

    Sarawakian cannot take this anymore. We have enough of his evil works done to Sarawak.

    Whoever the candidates to stand for BN ticket on this coming Sarawak State election is considered as promote for Abdul Taib Mahmud. Wise Sarawakian, be wiser to vote for the opposition for the future of our State we love and for our next generations

    One very important point after the coming Sarawak State election is to make sure Abdul Taib Mahmud to call Sarawak State Prison as his real home for the rest of his lives.

  • I am Punan

    This is how it should be. Please stop it PEHIN. Enough is enough. ur time has come.

  • borneo sun

    "Pay him, silly" Tahi Mahu (Pehim Sri Taib Mahmud) is a hard nut to crack. He's still got in his grip the ignorant village folks in the Sarawak hinterland who are his fixed deposit and assurance of winning in the next state election. This time around, you can expect Tahi Mahu and his gang of thieves to play the dirtiest of the dirty election manipulation and tricks they have played thus far.

    From the look of things in Bolehland, you can bet that Tahi Mahu will hold on to power and die in office. Unless a miracle happens, that is.

  • aksadai

    congrats to swk report for bringing in this information to us.howevwer, this is not enough to get rid of him. is there any concrete concerted effort being pursued right now to investigate and thereafter to prosecute him and his family members? i would like to be part of the team if there is any

  • B B c

    Is Sarawak Native leader know about their Cheat minister cheat Sarawak people or there don't care?It's all depend on Sarawak people,do they want cheat minister or GOOD CHIEF MINISTER?I am sure most of Sarawakians already know their greedy cheat minister and his regime are corrupt.This dirty Taib Mahmud and his greedy family cheat Sarawak people and took the money to other country and enjoy the first class life.NO MORE,it's enough.It's time for Taib and his dirty son and daughter to go to jail.

  • B B c

    I am sure MACC ,Malaysia goverment, and Sarawak people,and the opposition Leader in Malaysia are alreay know whats going on with dirty Taib Mahmud and family are corrupt and the news in LONDON.And so far their's nobody do anything to dirty Taib and his dirty family yet!!!

    Wait-up Sarawak people,is time for Sarawak people to live better life.Don't let your cheat minister and his greedy family take away your rights.Is time for Sarawak people to speak out your rights!!!!

  • Iban Abroad

    My concerned is I afraid that there is somebody in SR deny the report once Taib turn the storey around.

    Taib magic hand is in good position to give USD 10 Millions each to SR group to deny this report.

    Secondly why this report do not follow up with complain to MACC, Majlis Raja-raja, UN, ASEAN Secretariate, even Ambassador of the effect country where Taib hide their property such as USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

    Majlis Raja-raja suppose to uphold out justice in our country if MACC fail.

  • http://live-vids.co.cc Daniel Dau

    Made a video about this, would you and anyone else here consider checking it out real fast and let me know your opinion? I left the URL in the website field, hopefully you can get to it. I'd appreciate it greatly, thanks

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFQqD95AQv0&feature=player_embedded Adam King
  • Justice Required

    It is the time for MACC to act. Evidence are abundantly made for you all to look at. Don't wait for the report to be made. Act to the situation or just go home and leave your job and have a guilty feeling for taking your salary by taking no action against the prsentation made for you all to act. Do your job or resign, NOW!!!!!

  • http://google BINTAGOR NEW HOPE

    Finally, the supreme white hair devil is exposed, he even admitted and said, "hate me not for my "deeds" but continue to vote for Be End". God's willing, what illy gotten cunningly from the rakyat, will be returned to them. All his followers too will share the same punishment in "heaven", please God make the Sarawakian dare to dream and make a change in the state government, give a chance to a new party to rule Sarawak after 34 years of "great development" for the truly Sarawakian.

  • BeachBeaver

    I cannot imagine a bigger conspiracy that the Malaysia government will go to lengths to protect him. Those business outside, may but one of the many "private" businesses operated by these individuals to facilitate the economy of Malaysia.

  • http://Yahoo Lun Dayah

    WHY AND WHY Taib cannot step on the SOIL OF THE THE NATIVES IN THE INTERIOR? There must be reasons bebind. He is worried about the Faith and the Believers of the interior poeple. More over his crony has stole almost 3/4 of the tribes timber. the timber name is call KAYU KAYAN and not KAYU TAIB. He even did not plant a single tree. Years back Taib was ask to drink the muddy water from the river but refuse and he immediately board his chopper and flew back. Taib should try a drop instead of refusing while the interior people are consuming this water everyday for thier living.

  • Azfar.S


    Please check this out!

    The protestors were probably paid by the oppositions or by the enemy of the state!!!

    I smell jealousy

  • ping jiang

    The truth is many voters in the rural constituents do not know the many issues that plagued the nations.To them those issues are alien and do not have any bearing to them.Taib is never serious in developing and bring progress to the ulu population. Infrastructure and communication facilities are the worst in Sabah and Sarawak ulu which is about 80% of the land area of the 2 states.Majority of the ulu population do not have access to main stream media,internet and so they are not aware of development in the country.The ulu population reps do not help either.They stay in huge mansion in the cities ,given fat perks and paychecks ,travel in business class,paid overseas trips while their poor countrymen d not even have piped water and electricity. These reps will never forgo these luxury (i have not seen even one of them doing that) and really fight for their country men in the ulu. Have you seen an Iban-run university? a kadazan-controlled college ,a bidayuh-owned conglomerate,a bajau-linked enterprise like in MCA,MIC (though some of these are not doing so well but at least they are in existece). Times to change my sarwak and sabah friends,bring the message to your fathers,mothers,uncles,son,daughters,nephews,nieces and tell them NOW or NEVER

  • tsunami final asshol

    Taib, one nice word and simply put…fuck yourself…..and die fast..

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  • Wan Junaiddi

    How can you say there is no truth in SR, face it squarely man, try to deny any factual report in Sarawak Report and better still due in court and ask for damages for defamation if you can . But the wolf knows better not to hide its tail and its skin!

  • Wan Junaiddi

    The person involved must clarify and prove beyond reasonable doubts that he has not committed all the crimes as reported with all the evidences and facts and figures.But he may just ignore and let time erases his guilts and criminal acts as in the past.


    jesus..u came to set the captives free….the sarawakians needs u…pls help us…our land are taken froms us with our engkabanh trees and our belians,pls help us we need u…not PKR not humam but u…pls come to our aid…the dayaks needs u…the penans needs u…Taib hav robbed us of our livelihood…our inheritance…pls Lord…i seek ur intervention….now….i surrender TAIB TO UR HANDS…COS U KNOW D BEST FOR HIM..AMEN.I SURRENDER HIM TO U….N PLEAD THE BLOOD U SHED ON CALVERY UPON HIM N HIS FAMILY.

  • thinker

    All of you who give comments are blind. You believe that the white men or the British are good at heart. All of you are wrong. If they really care about what happens in Sarawak, they should have interrupted long time ago. They did not because they are all TAIB'S FRIENDS. Understand? All of them are white in colour but black in the heart.They will not help us. Bloodshed is the only answer.


    It's really high time to make juge on him too much!!!


    it's really high time to juge him,too much!!!

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  • babeh_kuran_nephew

    To all Dayak@Bidayuh. Taib Mahmud now are in deep trouble. Almost every country where Taib keep his money now are doing their investigation on money laundering. All his children Jamilah Hamidah Taib, Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib, Hanifah Hajar Taib are under investigation too. Many company and other company all over the world start to stop doing business with company associate with Taib’s family and cronies. Most of this company do not want to be investigate by foreign country. All Taib’s cronies are still working have been bribe. Hundred’s of transaction of money worth million’s ringgit have been done in foreign bank. Total amount of transaction near billions of ringgit.

    Note for Taib:-

    “If you can easily bribe anyone, or any cronies. Someone else will easily bribe them. Your money will never enough for them. Do you have enough money to bribe back all your cronies and business involvement when someone willing to pay higher price for it? This bribe worth 10 times of your business value. It start circulating from a business value RM1mill until hundred’s of million.”

    Please take note this.