Raziah Mahmud’s RM880,000,000.000 Bank Loan!

Raziah Mahmud’s RM880,000,000.000 Bank Loan!

17 Oct 2010

Cause to celebrate? Razia Geneid - sister of Taib Mahmud

We can reveal that Malaysia’s RHB Bank has just lent Raziah Mahmud, the Chief Minister’s sister and her third husband, Robert Geneid, a whopping RM 880 million ringgit!

This breath-taking hand-out (the equivalent of US$ 285 million) was discovered by Sarawak Report in the public records of  Malaysia’s Companies Commission.  It was registered last June as a charge against one of the couple’s privately owned companies, Kumpulan Construction.

Kumpulan Construction is registered as having RM1 million share capital, 5% owned by Zaleha Binti Mahmud Hajjah (her elder sister) and the rest by Mastim Sdn Bhd, which in turn is jointly owned by Raziah and Robert, an Australian national.

The vast size of the loan, particularly in relation to the relatively modest assets recently posted by Kumpulan Construction, raises a number of questions for the couple and the bank , as well as the Chief Minister of Sarawak, who has repeatedly abused his position by granting his sister’s companies lucrative state-funded projects which they are not equiped to carry out.

The Shareholders - Mastim belongs to Robert and Raziah Geneid

On what basis was such a loan granted ?

Insiders  confirm that Kumpulan Construction “never did an honest day’s work on any of the contracts they secured” and that “everything is sub-contracted out to others, especially to Hock Seng Lee (HSL)”.

RHB Headquarters, KL

Therefore, Sarawak Report questions on what basis RHB, a public bank owned by Malaysia’s public service pension fund, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), advanced a loan of such magnitude to this medium-sized private company?  Indeed, could any other equivalent firm leverage what amounts to nearly a sixtieth of the RHB’s entire loan capital?

Despite handling many public projects, Kumpulan Construction supplies no public information about the company (can’t they afford a website?).  However, from the limited details of its accounts provided through the Companies Commission, we know that the company made a turnover of RM43 million last year, registering an after tax profit of just under RM4 million.  Also, its reserve capital is  just over RM4 million, plus it has a share capital of RM1 million.  Given the company has over-all liabilities of around RM 42 million, matched by its over-all assets, the loan seems inexplicable.

Register of the charge in the Companies Commission entry on Kumpulan Construction


This leaves onlookers to speculate as to whether some massive new project has been awarded to Raziah and her husband, which RHB has been told about, but the rest of us have not?

Of course, if Kumpulan Construction had just won another huge state project that needed financing then any bank would be legitimately entitled to advance the loan because the payment would be secure.  But, of course, the money should not be advanced before such a project has been confirmed and made public, because that would be highly irregular.

Robert Geneid centre - In a crowning irony he and wife 'Rosie' were Guests of Honour at this 2010 Christies 'Green Auction' to 'save the planet', hosted by David Rockefeller in New York. The same Rockefeller is reported to have accepted $100 million of Taib's dirty money into his bank in 1994 - money gained from destroying the Borneo Rainforest. See previous story.

However, in Sarawak Raziah does occupy a very privileged position, given the notorious corruption of her brother, who in other countries would have long since been investigated, prosecuted and put into jail.

So, it is certainly worth speculating that the Chief Minister may very well have decided to give her just such a mega-contract and the announcement is waiting in the pipeline.  If so, she is likely to have been made well aware of it in advance and could have privately informed the bank of the fact.

It would of course be highly irregular for a bank to proceed on a loan on this basis and risk shareholders’ money (which in this case includeds pensioners) on unpublished state contracts, so maybe such speculations are unfounded?  If so Sarawak Report would be happy to stand corrected by Kumpulan Construction and RHB Bank.

‘Flurry of activity at Kumpulan Construction’

Nevertheless, Sarawakians might do well to prepare themselves for some grand announcements.  Enquiries by Sarawak Report have brought news of a recent ‘flurry of activity’ going on on the 2nd floor of the Standard Chartered Bank Building in Kuching, which is currently occupied by Kumpulan Construction.  This has also been accompanied by rumours that the Chief Minister’s sister has managed to bag around half of all the NKRA projects awarded by the Federal Government to Sarawak!

On 1st February of this year it was announced that the Federal Government would be spending no less than RM3.4 billion on infrastructure in the state under the National Key Results Area (NKRA) scheme.  This scheme is designed to help improve the poorest regions of Malaysia and, despite being the richest area in terms of natural resources, Sarawak, tragically, comes under this category as a result of the years of plunder by the Taib family.

The money, is intended to be spent on upgrading roads and power supplies and improving basic infrastructure in the rural areas, but  it would certainly come as no surprise to learn that half of that entire budget is going straight through the hands of the sister of the Chief Minister.  It is indeed more than likely that we will eventually also discover that the remainder of the money is being channelled through his other relatives.

Political handout that will benefit nobody?

The Federal Government doubtless decided to invest this RM3.4 billion with a view to influencing the upcoming State Election in BN’s favour.  However, by allowing the tenders to go through the corrupt old Chief Minister, politicians should have foreseen the danger of such a gesture spectacularly back-firing, with the money pouring straight into the pockets of the greedy Taibs.

Past loans of MR120 million to Kumpulan have already been satisfied

Past projects for Kumpulan Construction and sister Raziah’s other shell company outfits

There is of course the other possibility that the loan is to facilitate a private contract offered by a genuine business partner (there is always a first time for everything).  But who would hire Kumpulan Construction and its handful of staff to manage a major construction project when they have never carried such a thing through before  and why hasn’t it been announced?

What is on record is an impressive list of State projects that Taib has handed to his own sister through Kumpulan Construction, which she has then sub-contracted on to actual construction companies for a substantial discount.  The list below is a series of public works contracts awarded to Kumpulan Construction listed in the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) public website.

They amount to approximately RM165 million, however the list is clearly not exhaustive as it does not cover any contracts since 2003.  It does not list the Kuching Sewerage System update, which Kumpulan sub-contracted to HSL, nor does it include the Senari Deep Sea Port (RM160m) and the outdoor stadium at Petra Jaya (RM105m).

H. Project Information :
Bills Title Award Date Value ( RM ) Kilen
1 . C & C Of The Prop New Mukah Water T / Plant Complete With All Associated Wks & The Regional Transmission Pipeline From Mukah To Balingian & Kuala Balingian 04-08-2003 RM 76,800,000.00 JKR Sarawak
2 . Const. & Comp. Of Prop. Pusaka Furniture Complex At Tanjung Manis, 08-01-2003 RM 12,972,000.00 AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION SELANGOR
3 . C & C Of The Proposed Additional Infrastructural Services For Kidurong Industrial Area (KINDA) Tg. Kidurong, 13-08-2001 RM 5,980,000.00 Bintulu Development Authority
4 . C & C Of The Proposed Upgrading Of Existing Road Sibiyu 13-08-2001 RM 7,758,000.00 Bintulu Development Authority
5 . Proposed Timber Estate Industrial Complex , Block 59 , City Samarahan 02-11-2000 RM 20,495,000.00
6 . Supply,Delivery,Laying,Testing & Commissioning Of Water Main For Nibong Tada Water Supply, Sibu, Sibu Division, Sarawak 29-07-2000 RM 9,180,000.00 Sibu Water Board
7 . Construction & Completion Of SESCo Sg.Merah 33KV Substation Civil Works, Sibu 28-10-1999 RM 863,056.00
8 . Re-Construction & Upgrading Of Jln. Nyigu, Jln. Kg. Baru, Jln. Masjid & Jln. Abang Galau, Bintulu, Sarawak. 06-07-1999 RM 7,700,000.00
9 . Site Clearing, Sand Filling & Infrast. Works -. Sama Jaya Free Indust. Zone (Phs.lV-Stage ll) Muara Tabuan, Kuching 21-06-1997 RM 25,547,000.00

Raziah and Robert’s other family building company Kumpulan Parabena has also received an impressive list of public contracts, amounting to another RM150 million.  Yet, under CIDB rules the same Directors are not allowed to register under two separate companies to prevent collusive tendering.

Showing once again that in Sarawak the rules do not apply to the rulers.

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  • najibrazak

    I must look into this as soon as the office opens.Not sure that I got my percentage before the money left for Kuching. Also make a note to tell Taib that his fiddle is full of holes and leaks. Maybe Kumpulan could seal them!


    Can somebody translate this article into

    BM, print by the thousands and disseminate to the kampung folks in Sarawak?

    • Son of Sarawak

      I'm willing to translate articles from this site to Malay and even Iban Language.

      • peaker

        Good and hope it will be distributed the soonest. Pass it over to the several websites operated by the dayaks and malays.

        would appreciate there will be chinese translators to do the like.

        • Lynn

          Good! publish it back here on Sarawak Report and all of us can download and copy to all our friends and workmates who can then relay this back home to their kampungs.


        Good. I looking forward to it so i can distribute all of this to my longhouse which i think now, 100% BN follower.

        • bert lee

          this is time for all of to show your power in your hands

      • eye

        Appreciate you, let it be the fastest translation in BM or Iban n others languages.

    • Samjit Singh Walia

      THE HAGUE: Can somebody translate this article into BM, print by the thousands and disseminate to the kampung folks in Sarawak?

      My reply to THE HAGUE IS: Don't waste your time translating because the rural voters are just plain bumpkins! Just for one or two bottles of XO, Chicken Rice and a few miserable ringgit, they will retain their non-performing YBs.


        bro…don u ever say dat bout my people,,most of the dayaks are caught in a corner…they support OPPOSITION too…but they want the government to help them.they stil hav their trust with them.but after d election they will be marginalised then who suffer even worse…them.do u care,,,did u visit d kampongs or rural folk…

        they are promised amenities…education…its d people in the system who abuse the system…and make it fail…its back to sarawakians n malaysia as a whole…

        pls look at selangor now or perak…o.k penang is o.k but its a small island…comes election..sarawak is a vast land mess…how long do u think it takes to drive from bintulu to belaga????..u tell me…and if u take a boat to go to all the long tis n dat…don u know wat im talking about…huh…

        look i m not puting u down but the scenario in sarawak is different…even i m sill trying to understand why….i don think the rural folks are stupid…they jus don understand about politics..bcause they are not educated n this is wer they are being expoited…people parish for lack of knowledge n knowledge comes from education.they re poor… don even hav proper schools.and many don complete their education.n are jus farmers…few lucky one will be able to pull thru to universities…but the rest wll be left behind..

        pls don judge sarawakians/dayaks in this manner..u don know us…yet…pls…

        and all the malay babi n chinese go back to china..please…the malays are sarawakians n so are the chinese..sarawak is facing a crisis n we are being racist.

        look malays hav their role to play n so are d chinese..or the dayaks…lets be fair to each other..we hav gud men n women both in BN n Opposition,n they care for sarawak as a whole,n from all races..but are limited due to administrative anomalies…

        don jus conclude n say d rural folk are stupid or dungus…

        they are gud n sincere n wants to work n support the Y.B.s who comes n promise them a future but later forget them or due to political reason are hand tight n mouth gagged in dewan or parliament because of political whip system…do u know wat is a political whip….?????every party both government n opposition hav them.so these Y.B.s hav to abide by the party whip…

        so did they vote the wrong Y.Bs or party…it goes back to the system again for not putting their needs on top of the agenda.why because they is no watchdog..wic must be out of the party system..like a lobby group…

        if we do hav then its not effective…cos we don speak our heart out,,,wats u real name by the way…now u are scare as much as other bloggers are cos u know the ISA.sedition ACT or S.B or watnot be after u…dats wer we fail…we must overcome the spirit of fear whic plague malaysians for speaking up.

        lets ask for more boarding schools for the rural poor,and rasiah should hand over her proceed from the project to do this should be the case…how can we do this…do u hav any idea.???/

        no sarawakians are not stupid

        give them education from the bottom end to the upper top…u see..sarawak will change but that d issue now…no education…and education is expensive for the rural poor.


    This is too much, majority of Malaysian can't even earn RM1000 per month. Taib and clans are cursed blood suckers.

  • basir abdullah

    Well..a classic example.

    If you owe the bank 1 million the bank owns you.

    If you owe the bank 1 billion, you own the bank.

    • Basir Abdullah 2

      Hey R. Ramli,

      What u r asking/hoping can put our country into jeapardy!!

      Yes, no one can stop them at the moment as they cheat in elections.

      We are hopeless aren't we?!

  • vvv

    translate to bm

  • Son of Sarawak

    Even simple guy like me who have no knowledge in business can do this type of monkey business. If I have problem, just tell my brother to bail me out using peoples' money and by destroying environment. Go TO Hell !!!!!!

  • Fu Qihua

    There will come a time not in the distant future the government will not have the capacity to bail the bank out. This bank has been in trouble before for the same thing. The people who are managing never learn.

  • umno the great

    Last hurrah?

    Even if it is, must it be monetary hurrah?

    Come on. After several decades, he has got more than enough to last him several lifetime. Leave what is left behind for the people – the true and rightful beneficiaries of the state’s wealth.

  • R.Ramli


    Umno, Barisan rules Malaysia as a Melayu Mafia- by plunder, murder, torture, wrongly imprison and cheat at elections.No one can stop them.

    Even Agong SHUTS HIS MOUTH COS HE GETS A BIG SLICE TOO. The Taib family plunder of billions is only the TIP OF ICEBERG.

    If only newspapers are free to print, scandal after scandal will appear everyday.

    I predict one day, Malays will get violent against those top people of Barisan, Umno.

    I hope junior officers in Police and Army take over Federal and State gomems by force. Yes, a coup de tait, and put them on quick trial. After that, shoot the murderers and put the rest in jails for life.

    What a Motherf….g Country, run a murderous, crooked Melayu-sial mafia, junta like Zimbabwe.

    Najib, Taib……go and eat dogshit!!!

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Mr R.Ramli,please don't take your anger sentiments too rash.Cool down brother and let us bless them so that they will repent.We are giving the Thief minister of Sarawak a time frame to repent and bargain plea.We can allow him to keep 30% what he has stolen and return the 70% to the State..

      Taib,please repent before it is too late and you will regret later.Now is the time and your Bomoh has asked you to step down.

      No bomohism, No Hindu ritual,No malam jumaat to practise your ilmu hitam as the blood of Jesus will nullify all this.No more Lucifer's work as the Blood of Jesus is more powerful than Lucifer.No bombs please and no rotweilers.

  • mohan

    When genuine businessmen go to banks, they are told of all kinds of shortcomings on their loan application.

    How is it RHB can exceed all their Bank Negara Controls, ie single customer limits, adequate collaterals and many other conditions and award such a loan? This is all EPF funds. What has the Boards and management of RHB and EPF to say about potential risk to Public's EPF savings? The CEO of EPF has alot to answer for!

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Lending to this whore is RM800 million and it is about one-sixth of the bank's capital. I think the bank is almost insolvent and should there be a crisis,the bank will collapse and what happen to Bank Negara Malaysia,why don't they probe RHB's lending? Is it priority lending or for food industry?


        watch dog…u know better..cos of cash..cash is KING,,,why u think taib is King now…he got cash…why RHB GAV IT TO RAZIAH…ITS HER BROTHERS BANK…Lah..ya u ask me how…wer is bank utama…????pls i don wan to go n explain…we know who is rich in malaysia…Syed abukari or ananda krisna or taib mahmud….in cash taib beats anyone flat 6ft underground…

        watchdog…u were formerly in TAIB..payrole in ST or Sarawak Press..u shud know better..shud i say indirectly…..remember..how much was given to cover the functions…

        not easy bro…not easy…we really have to come back to how the land was given to the dayaks n how dayaks fail..n the land was taken from them.wer did we fail…could it be we forgot our God who gav us independence…

        u know at time,i start to read d Holy books n study…why a race or a country are conquer and the people taken captives n how wen they cry to God,God set them free..

        sorry but this may be part and parcel of wer the dayaks shud go..cry to God n ask him to help out…wen a nation of people start to cry..God does sent changes…look at the book of NEHEMIAH..

        If they are muslim they also can pray to Allah..

        but yes the Blood of Jesus@Isa@Yesua@Yesus is d power to overcome the spiritual forces.I know it work i tried it…i saw how demons scream out of people wen d blood of Jesus was plead over people…lets plead it over sarawak n malaysia…to get rid of all the demons and spiritual power in the land..

        do we hav a way…look taib is deep into blackmagic n socery like pharoah of egypt.we hav pastors n fathers to pray for sarawak and break this spiritual power he cast on d land of sarawak.

        tis is our only way bro…plead the blood of Jesus everywer in sarawak. it the only way…we hav to go spiritual too now..we hav to align with the Kings of King…to help us…ya metaphysical…

        • Fred

          Think of this,

          If you were him, coming from a big family, i think you will force to do the same thing as what he is doing now. Cause everyone love the family member.

          The only thing is him family member is a pieces of s**t never understand his feeling. Thinking everything come from the sky. And the old man is doing everything for him family member benefit for nothing. Slowly time pass, the more he do the more worry he get back from them.

          God have already punish him, make him so rich but still have to worry about money. Make him so powerful in Sarawak but still need to worry about who will kick his ass if he step down.

          Make his not happy & have to worry everyday on him family, Make him to be the most sadness old man in Malaysia with a lot of money and power in hand but he cannot enjoy him live. At the end all goes to him family member and does pet which obey & listen to him.

          The only way to enjoy the rest of he live is to let his ego dead or he won't be happy until the day he close his eye.

  • pinsysu

    Msia is heavily infested with fat juicy political termites … it's juz a matter of time before Msia becomes another Greece. No wori, we can then export our women to work as maids overseas …

  • fargowin

    The truth hurts.

    The Chinese or the yellow race is what brings progress. Just look at Asia……….is enough.

    Whether they do it internationally or locally they will survive.

    We can distinctly see the lowering of Malaysia standards of living as the percentage of Chinese in this country goes down.

    In the 70s we were tops with 40 over percent of Chinese and today with only 25 percent we are far behind Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea.

    Main reason is the number of such Chinese migrating to these countries – the best ones and rich ones.

    Next ten years as the percentage goes even lower, we would be nearing Indonesia or Philippines.

    Meanwhile enjoy your stay and the good time.

    On the whole as the Chinese spreads out throughout the world, the average standards of these will have much higher standards of living over others.

  • aston

    If you turn on BBC, there are fair and equal coverage on the UK opposition parties.

    So is NHK (Japan), so is KBS (Korea), so is CNN (America), so is CBC (Canada), so is ABC (Australia).

    Even in our neighboring Thailand, their TV coverage is fair for both ruling and opposition parties!

    Only in this Umno hijacked country that you find most lop-sided idiotic coverage on Umno and its running dog partners!

  • Boleh

    The truth is Chinese inject entrepreneurial and economic progress in South East Asia. If the Chinese left Malaysia, your economy would be on the verge of collapse and will become little more than a backwater hellhole.

    There are very simple reasons why Chinese do not fully assimilate into malay society. It is because the malay people are very hostile and disrespectful to the Chinese. It is well ingrained in their society, this anti-Chinese sentiment.

    Also, given this hostility, why should Chinese integrate with your society? Let me tell you, it is a very simple reason. Unlike primitive tribesmen minorities in your territories, our civilization and culture is actually far superior than your malay culture.

    We are the inheritors of one of the greatest civilizations in human history. Why do we want to downgrade our cultural knowledge and perception, and accept a backward and undeveloped primitive culture?

    You Malaysians, Filipinos and Indonesians need to learn from the example of the Thais. They are friendly to Chinese and many Thai Chinese are very integrated and are loyal to Thailand. However, they also have links to China and bring the two countries closer.

    Hence, China and Thailand enjoy very strong relations and all of this bodes well for Thailand economically and politically. It is no wonder Thailand has experienced a great deal of economic progress.

    Too, I lived in Malaysia before and let me tell you that Malaysia is not rich. The government owes a lot of money to Japan and other countries. The nation is corrupted! In outside look, you think Malaysia is rich but the truth is Malaysia is very poor. A lot of projects have been cancelled such as new airport in Kuching, and etc.

    Indeed right, in Malaysia the malays are like shit. They disrespect the Chinese. And you want to know why the malay government has money? It is because the tax! Chinese pay high tax to the malay government where the malay government even use quota control!

    The malays given of special treatment, the government give money to the malays because without this, the malays will have nothing! We Chinese in Malaysia depend on ourselves! We earn money on ourselves!

    The Chinese in Malaysia is dropping rapidly, one day and one day will come, when the malays don't like Chinese and riot, then we Chinese move away and hahaha! Malaysia will become like Indonesia!

    Now look at your Indonesia, last time when Chinese there, the government can be rich. Now when Chinese gone – your country like shit! Hahaha! This is dream funny!

    • poyo

      Well of coz the Chinese civilization is one of the greatest ever exist, but well too bad the primitive need to have brain also to protect their interest .The only best alternative is to use your so called brains .Without brains you will plunder each and every single cents that is meant for the primitve .Of course the government need to protect the interest of the bumis , who else ? In Thai you preach the same religion that is Buddhist . Indonesia n Malaysia are Muslim , Philippines are mostly Christians can you see why ? This preferential treatment for the Malays will remain forever, sorry to hear that , Bumis need to protect their rights . But who is the biggest money maker in timber ? They are Samling n RH and yet you can say Bumi have the better oppotunity and our government don't give enough to the Chinese ?.To some extent the Bumis also need to protect their rights . You better open your mind you fantastic faggot .

      • coolooc

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        Why only malays? You think this country is yours alone? What has the government really done for the pribumis and the Orang Asli? Look at how Umno has screwed up Sabah Indonesians and Filipinos getting citizenship and enjoying the same benefits as you the moment they hop off the boat!

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        Podah! You are nothing but a chauvinist malay pig like the rest.

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        What the hell you ask all the Chinese to get out from Malaysia in your comment post? It is proven you are another racist moron bastard!

        Malay failure is the fact! It has been happened since 30 years ago and not just now. If you keep on denying it proven again you are just another loser or hypocrite!

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    • san tet

      In Malaysia.. Malay Goverment gave permit's or Licence to Chinese and Indian Businessman also.. who own's Genting, Astro, IPP, Air Asia, Rimbunan Hijau, Samling, WTK, KTS, Shin Yang..????

      How many Chinese Billionair are there in Malaysia.???

    • lee

      saya harap kita jangan tunjuk perasaan perkauman di web site ni. Yg penting ialah kita runtuhkan kerusi Taib…TQ. semangat perkauman tidak bermanfaat utk semua. Sarawak perlukan pemimpin yg bertanggungjwab tak kira apa kaum, asalak dia bo membantu golongan kampung yg miskin.

    • http://na Ah poon

      if you feel that way, just leave this country..and go to other country that you feel you deserve a better chance of living,USA a free country you have also your own Chinatown there.., China country one of the best…most all chinese..they are very fair(/@!?), no other races, much better then, seems that u are so damn rich..enough??? Free willy..just don't talk too much..just go for your own good..lu manyak wang lu pigi mana lu suka ma..ok

  • miya

    Bodoh punya melayu babi……….

    Baik balik ke tanah melayu la. We are natives of Sabah and Sarawak land – buat apa kamu punya orang datang sini menjajah kita oh?

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    • peaker

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      • konek

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        If Americans don't hate the malays, why is there so much bad press against Mahathir when he scolded the Americans? You malays are brainless and never read the newspaper. Everyday special rights here and there……….still like your tongkat so much!

        You go to American embassy and see which country now is blacklisted? Did they blacklist Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong?

        Even the Japanese look down upon the malays because they are just a bunch of fool, corrupt, lazy person who feed on the Chinese income tax for their existence.

        The malays want to produce as many pig babies as they want, but doesn’t teach them what is honesty, hardworking, civilisation!

    • poyo

      You said babi bodo but you eat babi then you are equally babi right ?

      • researcher

        According to a recent study through secret agency, Nihon Himitsu Oruganitsum Bureau, shows that malays were descended from the hybrid between hog/boar and baboon, hence explains why they look like baboon and they don't eat pork.

        Our latest DNA analysis confirmed the fact.

        The Japanese, Europeans etc, all eat pork, so does that mean they are all dirty and only the malays and Arabs are clean?

        These malays have no brains to think properly.

        The secret agency study also finds that Muslims are more violent, lazy, cunning and barbaric due to the lack of pork in their meal and the wrong doctrine.

        They had been misled by Quran for generations which was copied and twisted by Muhammad from Holy Bible just to control his followers so that they don't harm their same species/ancestor (the hybrid between hog/boar and baboon).

        • cargas

          taib mahmud is a melanau not malay.

          why get angry with muslims? we never halang chinese to eat pork. the restriction is for us muslims only and nothing to do with chinese. chinese can eat pork as much as you want.

          everybody is entitle for their belief. chinese pray by their way also to go to heaven.

          Us, muslims also pray for our after life.

          as a muslims, we believe that our good deed during our life will be repayed handsomely by our god and any misdeed will be punished.

          hope that you will be have a fair judgement on this matter.

      • Crazy Horse

        i m not a chinese. but i have to say this, please grow up.

    • http://deleted cargas

      alo kawan… itu taib mahmud org melanau bukan melayu…

      marahkan nyamuk jagn kelambu di bakar… gunakan otak semasa pilihanraya saja… pilih pemimpin yang berjiwa rakyat, berhati rakyat dan bekerja utk rakyat… baru sarawak semakin makmur…

      • rkeane

        no matter what race tiab is but the thing that makes him better than all the others is he is a Muslim. if all of you can't see what's really happening, you a blind or you pretend to be blind. i grew up in a melanau community. if you are not a muslim, you are nothing!! i dare you to ask all the educated bumis in sarawak. ask if they agree with me? bumis or not, there is no different. but if you are a bumi+Muslim, then the difference is so huge!!!!!

        my grandmother is a melanau. my grandfather is a chinese. what am i?? what do i get??? all of you know the answer. what about all the minister with different background in malaya?? what about the citizenship plus all the benefits given to indon and Philippines just because they are categorised as Islam??

        now use your head for a while… why do you think all the chinese and indians are so angry with the malays. you think we don't pay the same tax and everything as 'them'? but yet we receive nothing compared to them.

        this issue is just like a ticking bomb! it's just a matter of time when it will explode. the malays say they are patient enough with the chinese… bull(#*^!! who's the one that has been patient all this while?? do you really think we are that stupid????!!!

        i strongly believe what a friend told me.. its not a religion or a political party that's going to destroy a nation, its always an individual.

        we have one in Sarawak.. my beloved 'Country' ( i never feel anything towards "Malay"sia) and we have thousands in malaya. and the numbers are growing!!!!

  • San

    It is blatantly obvious to everybody except Umno gangs. That is because they are corrupted, suffering from denial syndrome, regressive Muslims, low IQ and living in the past. They would rather see and prefer the nation going to the dogs than having meritocracy and doing away with NEP.

    Otherwise, how does one explain the rot and malaise this country is suffering?

  • Habib RAK

    Tan Sri Azlan Zainol, the current chief at EPF, was once my big boss at Arab Malaysian and had always enjoyed by highest regards. This expose about RM880million given to a single customer with Charge status "Unsatisfied" is shocking. How does this escape the scrutiny of Azlan Zainol? He runs a tight ship and is a control hawk. Hope Azlan will make a press statement to clarify this matter.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Malaysian bankers are easily bought especially at a higher level. They are given condominium,houses if they approve loans for development.In this case at 5% is already RM88 million brother and you too become an instant millionaire.

      Now the most corrupt bank officers and clerks are the one in hire-purchase business.All of them are on the take and there is no integrity in banking any more.You go and try to apply for car loans if you don't know the officers and clerks,then you know what I mean here.

      Our country is slowly turning or becoming corrupt in every aspect.

      • http://none Watch Dog says…


        Ops point or correction…at 5% of RM880 million it is half the amount,i.e RM44 million or if you love to see the zero RM44,000,000.00

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    argh.. no matter what u said, there is nothing u can do to stop taib. Believe. Cos taib is the king, zeus, kratos, hitler.. Unless, if there is a 1 man who r willing to die for sarawak can stop him. Easy talking than done.

  • Laughing

    I wonder what the massive loan is for. After all, we cannot identify any projects awarded to her worth that much. Even then, one does not need to borrow for projects since there is such a thing called mobilisation and progress billing. And what will be the collateral?

  • laughing

    I wonder what the massive loan is for and what would be the collateral? After all, one does not need to borrow the full contract sum since there is progress billing. My guess is that she has secured a huge project and the State Government has cash flow problems (KL holding back the funds?). So, she needs to borrow first to fund the project with the State Government as the guarantor.

  • http://nil reno

    najibrosmah & umno/bn is taib mahmud's godfather. This najibrosmah & umno/bn had taught taib mahmud how to be a good thief of the land of the hornbill !!

  • tunsrilanang

    After reading all about these "goodies" from Sarawak, I sure wouldn't mind to take over the C.M. post even though someone said there's not much left in S'wak after being milked dry by these shitsheads… "cuci mangkuk" is the word man!

    Whoever said that is deadly wrong 'coz I'm quite sure there's so much more "treasures" left in S'wak just waiting to be exploited by the "right" kind of 'personality'!


    If not why do you people think the Opposition (from Peninsular) is so very very keen to take over… to help you buggers? my FOOT! To help themselves first, you bunch of MORONS!'coz the "leftovers" would be substantial enough to 'Finance' themselves in luxuries for umpteenth generations to come!!

    kahkahkahkah!! You Poor suckers AGAIN!!!

    A little bit of friendly advice (from a "mainland" sympathiser):

    "DON't ever let "outsiders" into S'wak again to become another "WHITE RAJAH" to rule over you people TWICE"!!! ONCE is ENOUGH don't you people think so?

    (I would rather be "conned" by my own kind than by "pendatangs")= That would be the 'penultimate' INSULT to whatever kind of intelligence you people have left!!!!!!!!

    HEEHEHEHEHEHEE!!!! hahahahhahaahha!!!!

  • Danny

    The 10MP budget is another Cash Cow for the Taib and family. Nazib and MACC is FULLY aware of this abuse. But what the hell can they do? NOTHING. Taib squeeze Nazib by the balls…go against Taib is a Political suicide. BN will lost Sarawak vote. I hope there will be reckoning someday and BN will definately be gone. From now on, I care less what any BN Politicians says. IT IS ALL B.S. from the gecko and nothing will change…Same sh* different name. Taib will rule till he dies and his family will be richer than ANY sultans in Malaysia.

  • bert lee


  • eye

    Now together we stand, fight this evil ( Taib ) out of our Mighty Land of Hornbill – Sarawak.

  • tambi

    we will never change and neither do sarawak….for the past 30 years till now…we r still the same..we know what is happening…but we still will never change…

  • http://sarawakreport jest

    for me, it's ok..if possible we can crown Taib as a king over Sarawak much better. I like him, I love u Taib..upcoming 13 election i will campaign 4 Barisan.


    Did the rural folks KNOW that we

    are feeding a big Dragon family ???

  • anak mamutanak mamut

    doesnt matter how angry you are, what the words that you use to cursed them..the fact is he still a king. a king of evil, a king of cone man. sarawak is owned by he and his family parmanently. all of sarawakian is just a slave whose dig a money for them. this is the fact.

    fyi, he was there since 1981 up to now and there's no change for him to step down until he will die one day same goes to other human being. please remember, he's not a God whose can live immortal. by that time, his coffin will surrounded with the money and sins.

    there's is only one solutions how we could solve this problem: we start a war, we kill he and his crony, we slashed thier neck with our nyabor, we shoot them with our golden bullet. no chance for us to use politic anymore since that he has a lot of money, every election is a simple game for him, its showing us how is he cheated in every election.

  • Vote Me As Your Next

    It is sad to see that, vast shallow-minded commenter here in their defense will start blaming each other races for the atrocities that is happening right here in Sarawak, in which I concluded that: Humans, no matter how dignified, in the end will resort to violence in order for their own gain.

    We are talking about building a nation where, every races; Bumiputeras, Malays, Chinese, Indians and others want to live in harmony, without prejudice and industriously. That is why the so called "Pakatan Rakyat" is formed. Don't forget the main agenda which is "The People's Pact" in which People is defined as the whole citizen of Malaysia, no matter rich, poor, black or white, we all want to live with equal rights.

    So I just want to point out that as a patriotic Rakyat, stop blaming each other, and join hand-in-hand to combat the injustice of this tyrannical government and do your part to vote! Don't just sit around at the kopitiam and whining everyday. Stand up and spread the word of truth and freedom! And never spread hate and lies, as those will bring us down to the level of what the current government is doing to us right now.

    Remember that dear citizens.

  • PBDS

    omg! is this for real? dont just investigate taib pls. i think its sarawakian chinese all behind this corruption because taib doesnt have a brain to think even for himself. all accusation pointing to taib because this chinese make them looks like taib doing all the dirty work. they are using taib. many sarawakian chinese damn rich even richer than najib. dont just blame taib


      ya..pbds..we don worship mony so much…in sarawak…its d mony faces wic do anything for mony…no specific race jus mony face..people cash in on us…our land,our umai,our enkabang,durians n belians u name it, anything for mony..if they are not in d picture they said all kind of things n comments this n dat…not dat we dayaks hav more values then mony but we suffer caused they cash in on wats our with taib's help…who do u blame…dayaks or sarawakians or taib or others.God help us please the dayaks in sarawak,,,we need ur intervention…the system fail….pls help…

  • tsunami final asshol

    Dear fellow bloggers, with all due respect to you. Correct me if iam wrong. Personally, seriously but honestly, if we may refrained from using very, very sensitive wording. I think we should commented on the subject matter, topic of the day. Curse we may, swear we may, commented we may but directed it to individual as written in the written-up.

    The above article of raziah rm88millions loan. how the fuck did she get that. because she's from taik mammoth family@taib family, the family of corrupt, greedy, self-centred, cheaters. Or rather she must fuck her way up, screwed along as she got the loan….

    To be cont…

  • tsunami final asshol

    Vote me as your next assemblyman, rational thinking comment.

    I seriously and personally believed my comment is as ok. Too much has been written and said about taib family massive riches and our fellow sarawakians (esp. natives if i may say)has been getting raw deal. So writing and commenting my mind out is my option.

  • RickG

    Its good to read that there are some wanting to do their part to translate & bring home to tell the folks back home about the evil ways of BN & the Taibs. Many are just commenting & ranting and not doing what really count. Be foot soldiers for the oppositions.

    Come GE13, BN will unleased their goons/militials in the army, police, forestry, logging Co. etc…to buy, cheat & threaten votes from the interiors folks.

    Start now, create funds, contribute to provide laptops/broadband & teach the young in the interiors to surf the web to read about BN/UMNOPUTRAS.

  • joseph


  • keling and kumang

    Datuk Jabu stil the deputy CM til now?? My God!! When will be his turn? Is it because he is an Iban? What an insult to the Iban community got no chance to become CM for S,wak.

    ..pity him stil numpang perahu Taib..give him a chance to become CM even if only for 1 year. Iban pun bodoh masih mahu undi itu Taik..sudah tahu itu Taik bau lagi mau pegang dan cium juga..bodoh betui…

  • RSP

    The CHINESE are the most RACIST lot in the world. The Malays and UMNO are like this today because of the RACIST Chinese. nearly impossible to get a job in a chinese firm. They call it the chinese culture. It is racism!

    • san tet

      YES.. the CHINESE are most RACIST lot in the world.. Back in China (in 2009) the HAN's Clan has slaughtered thousands of Muslim Urungi ethnic.

    • Anti Politic Of Dibo

      That's because you're are lazy and enjoy loitering during work hours.

      Look around you and see for yourself who control civil service department???? Almost every posts are Malays. From top to bottom as if you people are soooooooooo perfect !!!

      • san tet

        Hidup Melayu… Hidup Iban… Hidup Melanau.. Hidup Bidayuh… other's.. go and fly kite.


          God bless u san tet…lets come out in the open…lets be one voice for the dayaks…enuf of vending our comments here n there lets help the rest to protest n u know the system fail….

    • rkeane


      i really pity you. i think off all the people who gives their comment here in this blog, you the most uneducated. not only academically but general knowledge too..

      i don't think we have much to say to people like you. keep on supporting your umno and bn.. no body will blame you. because here, you are like special. OKU special!

  • Pusu, Belachan &

    The so-called DEMOCRACY SYSTEM in this country is bullshit. Even the SPR (Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya)is controlled by UMNO and BN.

    A colleague of mine told me that there is a case of this 1 unlucky man who retired from the government service didn't receive his pension after he voted the opposition. To the fucking hell with this country's voting system…!!!

    This is just another reason why I never go voting even though I am 29 right now.

    • san tet

      what a big deal about they got a loan from RHB.. i think there's a lot of our young professional still OWE PTPTN and don't care to repay.


      pusu,belachan tempoyak goreng but can i put sumchilli padi..i lov to eat u wit nasi daun…and steaming hot…join us..VOICES CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS…N protest…

  • tsunami final asshol

    RickG says:

    Many are just commenting & ranting and not doing what really count. Be foot soldiers for the oppositions.

    RickG, watch your words least you get screwed…

  • joseph


  • Anak Iban ( Tukang M

    Nyak ku madah ke kitai ba sarawak kelalu belik, taib mamut, tusu d aa…pala ya..pumpung d a…Tak nadai untak kena bfikir..beri org rm50 . gaga ga ..brapa mayuh duit rakyat dmpa bala menteri…babi kitak..nda lama g mati taib mamud nyak…tumbak ba lubang jamban ngau..Tuai ka parai agi meh tamak haloba. Rakyat Sarawak ..kll belik. kasih deh..ktk nyak..ucu icit k merinsa bai kita jemah ila…babi

  • san tet

    Please remember they BORROW the money from Robin Hood Bank (RHB.),"steal from the poor and gave to the rich"…ha…ha..ha…

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  • http://none observer


  • http://none observer



  • http://none observer






  • alaga

    sarawak gangster family….

  • http://none YII UNG TONG


  • Wu henhui

    The focus is on politics and should not be diverted to race. Chensuibian has been jailed in Taiwan for his wanton corruption and some Chinese high officials have been tried and some even executed for corruption, only in our Country, very big corrupted high officials are free to rob peoples' money either through their henchmen or other hideous ways but they are scotsfree and never even investigated by the Anti-corruption Agency that is very doubtful and very selective in investigations! Don't be fooled by the great robbers and don't fall into their racial outcry, stop the robbers before they fleece our Country and turn our Country into Iceland in kthe Tropics!!

  • sarawakian4ever

    Taib and his cocodile tears are our blood. He rob all sarawak naked and only offer RM600 per longhouses. Even offering RM600 per sarawakian is still too cheap for him having rob us for the past 30 over years. Please sarawakian, wake up and throw them out to govern Sarawak failing which our future generation will suffer tremously.

  • http://none DACIN SINGIT



  • Orang Utan

    Hello! U all stop killing one another. I see Taib drives all of u all crazy. Nobody will be chase out from Sarawak! Put equation right.

    Putting 1 Taib on the moon, all u get is problems. Put 10 Taibs on the moon, u still get problem! Put all Taibs on the moon? Problems solved!!! Hurray! So get over it. Btw, the Babi hutan in Sarawak jungle really taste good… No Babi no live!

  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    RHB will never get their money(RM880,000,000.00).How on earth does she pay back as security is NOT enough to cover the borrowing unless she brings her cash back from UBS Switzerland to pay the borrowings.

    There are 2 ways that she will pay back,use tax payers money or the bank write-off or bail out by BNM or MOF.It is normal banking practice to Malaysian Authority,e.g BMF affairs,BBMB'losses(now CIMB)and many many more bank losses and paid for by the government.

  • Sia Tiu Hin

    Is the national bank controller asleep? How can such a huge sum be granted to a company that is worth only a small fraction of the loan amount? We depositors have the right to demand a full explanation as our money is in stake!

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