First Our Trees, Now Our Oil – but still no Doctors!

First Our Trees, Now Our Oil – but still no Doctors!

20 Jan 2011

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Najib and Taib helicopter into Belaga

Sarawak’s vast natural resources have been sucked dry, but still we learn that there is not enough money to hire a doctor for the new clinic in Belaga opened by the Prime Minister of Malaysia himself last week!  The ten thousand displaced Bakun Dam refugees in Belaga must wonder why, since a tropical jungle the size of Singapore was cut down around them and sold to make way for the hydro-project which nobody needs.

Where did that money go and what about the compensation and the better life these people were promised in return for being forced from their native lands?   How can it be that the Malaysian Prime Minister and Sarawak’s Chief Minister, who flew in by helicopters surrounded by costly entourages to seek the votes of these disillusioned people, could not even afford to give them a doctor?  

No money for doctors but plenty for Taib’s Wedding Feasts

Vote winner - The Wedding Tour is being planned for every area of Sarawak

We hope we can shame them into looking again.  Perhaps they could save something from Taib’s upcoming Wedding Tour of Sarawak to boast his extremely young new bride?  Since the budget for this string of parties due to take place all over Sarawak will have to be vast, a small saving could pay for ten doctors in Belaga for ten years and for doctors in every other district as well!

Does Taib really think this bragging about his his own healthy ability to take a new bride is going to win votes from people who are worrying about the health of their own young children, their sick parents and their women in childbirth?  Is Sarawak Report alone in finding this wedding feast charade conducted by such an old man to be both disgusting and insensitive?

We advise those voters to be aware of another series of Road Shows also taking place at this time.  This is the Road Show of the Human Rights lawyer Baru Bian, who has won so many land rights cases for his native peoples and who is now supporting the cases of 200 different communities across Sarawak, who are fighting the land grabs conducted by Taib and his BN party.

Baru Bian is also the new leader of the opposition PKR party and he and his allies in DAP and SNAP want to return the people their lands and to pay for those missing doctors and schools and roads and generators.  Baru does not care to be rich, so find time to attend his Road Shows and forget about the scraps thrown to you from the Taib Wedding Feasts!

They took the wood and offer you Wedding Feast scraps!

The former forests of Belaga, cleared by BN cronies

The irreplaceable wood of Bakun and the rest of Sarawak went to build houses in Japan and China, furniture in Europe and even to make paper.  It raised billions and billions and billions of ringgit. 

But what has been given to the people of Sarawak?  Meanwhile, the life of their jungle has been extinguished.  A priceless environmental heritage and a DNA data-base that could have resourced a thousand scientific discoveries has been lost to Taib’s crude grab at a single natural resource.  

So why do some people call Taib clever?  He was not clever enough to realise that the single commodity he grabbed as he tore down the glorious jungles of Borneo represented just one tiny fraction of the wealth available to a more discerning exploiter of nature.  A thousand benefits could have come to the people of Sarawak if their jungle had been more intelligently managed.  The people who call Taib clever mean that he may have destroyed his country, but that he made himself rich, possibly the richest man in the world.

They think this is clever.  However, it is stupid not to realise that the anger of the people of Sarawak would eventually rise up at such treatment and threaten to sweep that wealth away!  Taib now hopes his young, bejewelled Arab bride will melt their hearts again!

So what is this about our oil?

Alternative vision for Sarawak - while Taib celebrated yet another wedding feast at the weekend PKR Leader, the Land Rights lawyer Baru Bian, went on the first of his Road Shows to meet the people and hear about their real concerns

With the trees of Sarawak now gone Sarawak Report has now been able to reveal that there has been a dangerous new direction to Taib’s quest for wealth.   It is clear he does not want to give up his power until he has managed to suck us dry of oil as well.  For years our vast oil reserves have been siphoned off by Malaysia under his agreement.

Our off-shore reserves which could have made Sarawak into a beautifully kept country with nice roads and hospitals and school have all been pumped into Malaysia and the bank accounts of the BN politicians who have run the country since independence – look at the agreement 95 % of our oil wealth to Malaysia 5% of our oil wealth supposedly to Sarawak.

In our last report we showed that what remains of Sarawak’s oil, our reserves in our shallow waters, is under the control of Taib and new evidence that has come our way indicates that the old despot has once again handed its extraction to his same old business cronies.  Is there any evidence that a single ringgit of this wealth will come back to pay for doctors in Sarawak?

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  • najibrazak

    What a lot of fuss about doctors! We politicians in any case prefer bomohs who can predict our future. The people of Belaga should be grateful that I took time, and a government owned helicopter and even lap dog Taib to visit them. They now have a clinic dont they.So why all this moaning about doctors. Some people dont know when they are well off. I do!

  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    The so called government of the day do not care about the people.Where is their slogan "RAKYAT DI UTAMKAN".Where have all the timber gone to? Taken by EKRAN ???

    Where are the oil money? Taken by Federal Government?? 90% Federal and 5% Sarawak.

    Where are the doctors?? No proper planning but built the clinic and the contract awarded to their CRONIES.

  • http://yahoo Rahan

    Do not forget under NAIM they have gone far to Oil and Gas activity, even they have a share to one of the Sarawak local company that have a contract with the Petronas. Also the construction of SGOT in kimanis which NAIM have joint Venture with Korean company…All this will become a family income company. if you a small company try to get the contract..forget about it. Petronas requirement VDP are not been entertain.

  • http://yahoo Rahan

    When EKRAN slash all the tree in BAKUN..The state Gorvement alocated land for this company to plant Plam oil.Believe go to Bakun to witness the truth.


      true..rahan..i was in bakun..pity d natives…looks like they are lost…n zombified…do know wat to do…especially d penan n punan..they look displace….remind me of d aborigines in australia n how d white mistreat them or d red indians in d u.s.a…

      the system fail…not necessarily it bad but being abuse…to d maximum…

  • karma believer


  • saralara


  • polis Iban udah penc

    Pros and cons of Bakun Dam – causing hardship more rather than giving benefit to the indigenous people in the new settlement area.

    Dr. Kua Kia Soong director of SUARAM says. ' The people in settlement area at Sg. Asap are burdened with electricity and water bills, which they never paid before. In their origin home, they were using a diesel generator to generate electricity provided by the logging company at no cost and the water supply came from the natural streams. Almost everything has to be paid for, including their stapple rice, vegetables, wild boar, fish, even buah pinang and sireh."

  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    The necklace which is worth RM150 million and the tiara are more than enough to send students from Belaga to be trained as doctors in Russia.Rm1million can train 9 doctors so RM150 million will train 945 doctors whether Dayaks or Chinese.

    We will sell the necklace and the money will be used to send students to Russia to be trained as doctors.


      ya….u think they wan sarawkians to be doctors……they rather import them from bangla or india..certaily not dayaks….they know once dayaks re educated they oppose n talk cause it their land…look at dr patau..or dr christopher..even our PHD…dey wan us to be this way,,,n put the dayaks in d gutter….no no no….no educated dayaks unless they can be bought for cash….get it watchdog…we nid more watchdog….not jus u….

  • http://none Raja Manggeng says..

    Now Yayasan Sarawak has been granted a timber licence at Tebedu and given to Ching Kulung to extract timber,then why don't Yayasan Sarawak sponsored a bidayuh

    student from Tebedu to study medicine in Russia as timbers are from their place???Or any dfination to complete the RM1.5 million church for the bidayuh in Tebedu???

    Please be fair…

  • Manamg Ulak

    The question of "who fool who" will determine Taib's future as CM of Sarawak. If he and his party are able to fool the voters in the coming general election then he will continue the onslaught against the people. If the voters are able to fool him and his party, that will be the end of him.

    If there are more intelligent voters incapable of being fooled makes the majority of the votes then that will be the end for him.

    Impound all those who robbed the state of its wealth together with their accessory and let them face justice.

    There's no use of winning alone without getting back what has been robbed from citizen.

  • imam frustrated

    kenapa banyak org sarawak benci islam..adalah kerena tiab anak dahjal,dan anakbuah syaitan bin tun rahman…mereka memaalukan islam…dan mencemarkan islam…mereka sudah murtat…dan bertopeng islam…tapi hati busuk..tampa belah kasihan…org2 islam yang mubmin..tolaong hapus kan mereka ini kerana memalukan islam sejadi sama macam umno…islam plastic…

  • imam frustrated

    Allah maha besar,,keranA pada masa ini banyak org iban pun dah menganut islam…saudar baru kamu tak akan rugi…kerana kita akan berganding bahu untuk hapus kan islam dahjal taib syaitan dari sarawak…dan ambil balik hak kamu…


    mereka sudah sedar bahawa islam membawa kebebasan..30,000iban…dan semakin bertambah..ALLAHUAKBAR…ALLAHUAKBAR…

  • http://none 3 MALAYSIA.