More Crocodile bin Abdullahs…. Exclusive!

More Crocodile bin Abdullahs…. Exclusive!

21 Jan 2011

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Crocodile Minister - YB James Dawos, representative for Mambong

Sarawak Report can reveal there are a number more converted YBs in Taib Mahmud’s BN State Government, who are seeking to conceal the fact from their Dayak constituents.   The shy YBs include the Minister James Dawos, who is the representative of Mambong as well as Johnical Rayong who is the representative for Engkilili for SUPP.

Both men are married to Muslim women and under current Malaysian law this obliges them to become Muslims.  However, neither have publicised their conversion nor are their new names used in their official dealings with their constituents.  Critics today have been saying that public figures should come clean about their religion and that it should not be a matter of secrecy.

Why be ashamed?

PKR spokesman Abang Zul, himself a Muslim, today commented that:

“We should not be ashamed of our own religion.  You have to reveal your chosen faith to the people.  You don’t have to worry because the people understand there is a freedom of religion”

The issue raises a number of concerns about why so many BN YBs are converting to become Muslim and also why they would be hiding this from their constituents?  There is a view that ambitious politicians are converting in order to better their chances for promotion and other favours from the Chief Minister, who is criticised for discrimination against non-Muslims.  On the other hand, existing laws forcing any non-Muslim to convert if they marry a Muslim are also a form of practical discrimination against other religions, which are effectively being treated as the lesser faith under Malaysian law.

Certainly, in the case of both Dawos and Rayong it would appear that the conversion first took place in the bedroom and then proceeded to a quiet ceremony at the Religious Council.   Dawos, who already had a wife and three children, married a young Muslim singer from the raunchy all girl pop group Elite some four years ago.   However, he has yet to make public either the marriage or the conversion.  Indeed Dawos is still frequently seen attending Cahtolic Church in Kuching with his unfortunate first Christian wife, to whom his behaviour of course represents the crime of bigamy!

Please can you put on a show for my constituents?

Johnical Rayong - Frog or Crocodile?

In the case of Johnical Rayong we have learnt from an angry male friend of the YB’s first wife that the Engkilili representative has been trying to persuade her to return with him to the constituency for the election campaign to put on a show for the voters!

This is the not the first time he has been accused of trying to mislead his constituents.  At the last election in 2006 he won the seat on behalf of the opposition party SNAP and vigorously attacked the BN coalition during the election campaign.  However, less than a month after the election he swapped sides and joined SUPP!   Sarawak Report wonders therefore whether he is more a frog than a crocodile?

The circumstances of his second marriage and conversion are unlikely to please voters, especially the Christian majority in his constituency, which is probably why he is trying to suppress the facts.  However, Sarawak Report believes that people have a right to know about the characters of the public figures who represent them.

First wife was fired by SMS!

Raunchy - Kumpulan Elite. Which one is now a Datin ?

Our source  has told us that Rayong’s first wife Patricia Dexter Sudok, a staff nurse in Kuching, learnt of her husband’s infidelity and subsequent conversion from an SMS message.  The YB sent her a text to inform her of the shocking news that he had re-married and converted.

She went to the Islamic Religious Council in Kuching, where she was shown a copy of the conversion certificate stating that the State Representative for Engkilili had converted on 29th January 2010.  They also informed her that he was now married to Kamasiah binti Abdul Jalil, a divorcee in her 30s with two children, who works in the Chief Minister’s Office!

The YB then moved into an apartment in 7th Mile, Kota Sentosa with his new wife.  However, he has steadfastly refused to grant his first wife a divorce and she even complains that he has been attempting to persuade her to parade with him in Engkilili in order to give the impression that they are still together as a married, Christian couple!

Sarawak Report suggests that the people of Engkilili deserve more honesty from their YBs and that a man who can lie about such things is probably capable of lying about anything else.    A frog is annoying, but a crocodile is far more dangerous!

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  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    How to you expect the people to trust you when you cannot even trust yourself YBs.

    Just for a triangle land,you sold your soul and that is the end of you,Rayong.

    As for Padawan MP,another sad character and normally Bidayuh don't behave like that but this is the end of his political career either.

    This what we call DEMOCRACY and not craczycracy or both I suppose

    • Bak purak

      cukuplah bula sama pengundi di kawasan Mambong,pingang pun dah lemah,bak purak dah puas berampot dengan celebrity…daripada

      pengundi mambong.

  • najibrazak

    As a good Muslim myself I applaud these "upright gentlemen" (I guess I am entitled to some poetic licence when I have my tongue in my cheek) for having masok Islam. As to trying to conceal this from their voters we politicians in BN are well used to concealing things. Submarines that cant dive for example. Or how much money Petronas makes every year. The electorate should know we work our fingers to the bone, day and night adjusting their interests to ours (a one way process in our favour)and they should be grateful for our "work" I really don't want to believe that secret conversion, concealment of the same and pretending to be married to one's former wife while refusing her a divorce are in any way dishonest or shameful. Just a series of unfortunate blips. Sdra Johnical was sensible enough to change from SNAP to BN within weeks of his last election, urged by conscience and intelligence, no doubt. Now he has completed the job by changing his religion. Or has he? What will he change next? Country of residence? Or from residence to a cell? Wait and see!

    • Harpie

      I like that bit most, "What will he change next? Country of residence? Or from residence to a cell? Wait and see!" LOL !!!

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  • oA


    according to your description they are actually snake.

    they are in this for their own selfish self – and not for religion, for the people or for anything at all except for their pocket.

    they are one greed dudes who only greed for money and power.

    pity the poor native sarawakians – they are getting screwed for 30 long years and looks like the process isnt gonna stop at all unless something significant is done.


  • http://n/a Peninsular Malaysia

    From your report-these are married men with wife and children, yet they can stood so low to get themselves involved in extra-marital affairs and had to forced to convert as they had affair with muslim women- leaving their Christian wives and children, yet do not want to divorce or to publicised it. Certainly the people in their constituents will reject them for they are not faithful to their first marriage and converted just to married the muslim young ladies..memang gatal..memang tak guna …not working for the people but working for their own selfish ends. Never ever think about their do they feel?

    • Robin

      We in Malaysia practice Identity Card (I.C.) system.Don't we? Every Malaysian should hold their respective I.C. wherever they go.If one is caught without I.C. he or she could be booked by relevant authority.Correct? Now,the question is,(1) I've seen many converts hold 2 identities; one normal & one converted card!Why don't the authority who converted these people retain the old I.C and replace it with newly issued ones? (2)Isn't it required in the LAW that the 1st wife's consent is nesssary

      before the conversion?

      • orang ulu cina

        not if she is christian. her opinion in this case is worthless.

  • bujang senang bin ab

    Good jobs SR. We need to know who we are voting for. More more!!!

  • karma believer

    good bye yb to your political career

  • confused public

    good job sarawak report….wake up sarawak..

  • confused public

    well done sarawak report….wake up sarawak..

  • orangeKampung

    As a saying goes > Asked what you can do for your Country, not what your Country can do for you. Thus how many politicians are sincere to the served the people and His Country, or his Ego and his Pockets. The hypocries and the gluttony.

  • Vigilante

    Get the opposition to put up suitable candidates to contest against this Sylvester Entrie or YB Efendi Abdullah or whoever he is in Marudi, James Davos,& Johnical Rayong in Engkilili

    Whack them all up properly. Expose them and then kick them out of the political scene. Serve them right

    They think they can be arrogant and rude because they think the bloody stupid BN is behind them.

    They already cheated their constituents by hiding their Muslim names when they converted to Islam. What a shame

    • Robin

      OOps!!!…SYLVESTER ENTRIE??? How many more YBs???

  • Brandon Tan

    Who cares what their religion is. If we are truly going to move our nation forward, we need to shed this sort of ideas. Good is good, bad is bad.

    It's just the same tactic BN is using. Vote for us because we are Islam. So why should we encourage the people to vote for a person because he is a Christian?

    Otherwise… well done Sarawak Report as always.

    Let's just move our nation forward :) Multi-racial, multi-religious… I come from a family where my sister is a Muslim, stepfather atheist, grandmother Buddhist, my late father Taoist, cousin is Hindu and I am a Christian.

    • honesty

      The issue is not what religion they are. It's the lack of honesty in the way they are hiding this from their family and constituents.

      • Brandon Tan

        well honesty is a double-edge sword.A representative is elected not for his or her honesty but for him/her to get the job done. The fact that some people need to hid their religion being afraid to be judge speaks volume about the community around them. This is not about religion? Maybe we're just reading different articles then. Are you completely honest all the time? Tell the truth and never lied in your whole life? Ever? Oh please. Come on. Don't be a hypocrite. A good representative is good and the people will know that. A good leader whatever the religion who serves the people will be accepted. You are right. This has nothing to do with religion but religion is what is on everyone's mind. Don't believe me? Read the comments. Who many comments are not connected to religion :) why not you reply to each of them and say hey this has nothing to do with religion?

        • mike

          Are you syaing that lying is important in this matter? That lying about one's converted religion is fine? How many lies would make it right?

          Yes we all lie but does it applies to everything.

          If these Yb's have no problem, they should publicise their conversion instead of keeping it secret. I too come from multi religion, multi racial families.

          I have an aunt who is married to a semenanjung malay guy, converted and is not ashamed to use her new name. Even when she goes for family functions, she will wear tudung and the relatives will respect her choice of food. I even have cousins who converted and is not ashamed to tell the family that they have extra obligations and such.

          I have friends who convert and tell me and the rest of the buddies honestly.

        • orang ulu cina

          the fruit bears witness to the tree. he may not come from the tree he claims to come from, but the tree he comes from is clearly bad in this case. no?

        • Ayam Jantan

          Mr B , u r absolutely wrong. An honest and sincere YB is better than a hypocrite and coward YB. Islam is an honourable religion. Why had to conceal the religion identity. Just tell the voters that I converted to Islam, I hope you all will continue to support and vote for me ha ha. Tak payah malu lah…..kalau nak khawin muda.

        • Brandon Tan

          Reply to Mike:

          Dear Mike, please do not put words into my mouth. I did not say anything about supporting lying for any matter. If you would like to have a positive debate please you are always welcome and I am open for it. But use your wits and do not jump into any premature conclusion and please read what I wrote carefully lest you do not commit fallacy. For the record, lying is not ok. But again, we all do it, right?! Do you admit that? So if this whole topic is about lying, tell me Mike, what does that make you? You answer that question to yourself. I lie all the time. Is it ok? No. But sometimes I find myself in situations where I feel the need to. Does it justify lying itself? I don't think so but I bear the burden and sin. So enough rhetoric about the issue about "lies".

          The real issue here is about religion. Now, we all complain about racism, preference about one religion, bla bla bla but when it comes times for us to be in that situation, well we make the same mistake.

          BN uses the same tactics … go look at the video. Oh all Muslims should unite because they are Muslims. Haven't you heard? Should all Christians also unite because we are Christians? Are you telling me, there are no bad Christians? AT ALL??? Wow, please tell me where you live so I may move there. It must be Paradise. If we are ever to move forward as a country as multi-racial… to move about race and religion politics, we have to start saying hey… it's ok to come and let us know if you've converted … we will not judge you… but instead… it's like head-hunting. Is that ok??? Well you judge for yourself.

          Converting for the wrong reasons… is not ok. But who are you to make that judgement? Maybe you think you have that right. Well good on you. I don't think I have that right. My right as a voter is in regards to his or her leadership… not personal life. But well you and I are different people. Maybe you have double-standards. If you vote for someone and then he converts, maybe to you it matters. Maybe to you, you feel it is your business. Well… good on you.

          The rest of your argument… I don't understand. If you want to rebutt me, please quote me and again, don't put words into my mouth.


        • Brandon Tan

          Reply to Orang Ulu Cina:

          Dear sir, I prefer as a Christian to not judge him lest I will be judged. The issue is about his conversion, and not about his work. If the topic is about his work, well I'm all with you guys.

          And if you've never lied in your life, then you are entitled to cast the first stone.

          Good or Bad… in what way are you concerned? And in what prerogative of yours?


        • Brandon Tan

          Reply to Ayam Jantan:

          Mr A, you are absolutely right!!! :)

          But firstly, please clarify, how do you define and coward YB? How do you define a courageous YB? Gone were the days, when leaders would be riding on horses leading armies facing death all the time. That is a brave leader. But my sights are poor. Please help me and point out who are the brave ones in Parliment today :)

          Yes… you are right… honest and sincere is better. And yes… Santa Claus brings presents to children all over the world on Christmas eve by climbing down the chimney.

          While you are more concerned about these pathetic issue like a person's religion, I'm more concerned about my children's future. I am more concerned about rising crime rates. I am more concerned about the economy.

          So ok now, after he comes clean… then you can sleep soundly? :)

          What I am saying is there are more important issues here at hand. Let's put this in another perspective: Should a Christian leader like Teresa Kok be afraid to "bertanding" in a majority Malay Muslim area? Should a Hindu rep be afraid to "bertanding" is a majority "Chinese" area? Maybe you'll say no… but why is that on everyone's mind then? Why do parties field their candidates based on these statistics then?

          So my point is this… if we are truly to move forward as a nation who really can look beyond religion and race, and based on one's credibility, it starts now. It starts from you and you and you. And this is such an opportunity here. Is he a scumbag, YES. But don't drag me into a topic regarding religion. There are crocks in all shapes, sizes and religion. I dream of a country where a Hindu can represent an area with majority Muslims, a Muslim can represent an area with majority Christians, and so on. Because it's not about religion.

          You can accept my opinion, or you can reject it. But please don't give me this "Islam is an honourable religion"-crap. All religion is honourable. You are saying there are no bad people who are Muslims? Just the same there are no bad people who are Christians?

          The issue of their religion is personal and should never be brought up at all. If we are people who are concerned about these things, then it's time for a paradigm shift.

          Don't you think we are way better than that? Come on bro.

          Peace to you and have a blessed week ahead.

        • mike

          brandon tan,

          you vote for leadership, right?

          is lying (due to certain situations when it needs to) part of that leaderhip trait you are looking for?

        • Brandon Tan

          Dear mike,

          Do you lie? Have you ever lied?

          What does lying about one's marriage or conversion have anything to do with a person's position in Parliament?

          You can try to make the connection but the fact is, even an honest person can be a horrible leader. So do you vote based on a person's honesty or ability? In such cases where one's honesty effect his ability, yes I agree with you but the subject in context does not.

          And you haven't even answered my questions? I'm still waiting.

          Thank you for your patience and well if I don't hear from you next week then,

          Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family.


        • Brandon Tan

          Dear mike,

          Do you lie? Have you ever lied?

          What does lying about one’s marriage or conversion have anything to do with a person’s position in Parliament?

          You can try to make the connection but the fact is, even an honest person can be a horrible leader. So do you vote based on a person’s honesty or ability? In such cases where one’s honesty effect his ability, yes I agree with you but the subject in context does not.

          And you haven’t even answered my questions? I’m still waiting.

          Thank you for your patience and well if I don’t hear from you next week then,

          Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family.


        • mike

          how many lies would make it right?

          is it two or three or more?

          entrie should declare his conversion then. in parliament it has no effect but his constituent does.

          do not divert the issue, this is about entrie, not me.

          yes, i do lie.

          you must support entrie dearly.

        • Brandon Tan

          Dear Mike,

          Again, you seem to be putting words into my mouth or rather instead of asking me not to divert the issue, you please don't divert the issue. Please clarify what do you mean by

          "how many lies would make it right?

          is it two or three or more?"

          What is the relevance of these questions? Did I say it is right? Please quote me if I did because I'll make it clear now again on my stand which is lying is not right… lying is not ok. Do you think it is ok? Is it right?

          Why is it that a person's conversion be declared in parliament? Dude as if we don't have enough problems… haha.

          As I said in my previous posts… in case you don't understand me. Yes I know it matters to his constituents… but why does it matter? That is the main concern. Why should religion matter? That is personal. Since it matters, then we should try to not make it an issue. That is my point. When you talk about honesty, to what point? To what relevance? You want your reps to tell you what colour underpants he use everyday? To be honest about that? Come on la.. there are bad guys in all religions. Who he marries or what his religion should not matter… but yes a lot of people make it an issue. Just like a lot of Muslims will vote for a Muslim candidate just because he is Muslim. Is that good?

          How is it I am diverting? Please explain? It's not about you? You are talking about a moral issue. Not about his work. So let's talk about moral. Is it moral that you condemn others but you do the same? There's a word for someone who does that.

          Your last statement

          "you must support entrie dearly."

          I am sorry… I don't understand what you mean.

        • mike

          it matters to his constituents because they voted him

          lying to his constituents will remove their support for him

          enterie may assume that his lie (over his converted religion)is justified but not to his constituents

    • Matthew Ningkan

      Hi…great ideas & comments from everyone. Well done Sarawak all believers live peacefully & harmoniuosly. We will remain living in this manner forever & ever……But please dear all friends we all come up together & get rid or kick out those elite behaviours such as the two gentlemen mentioned above. Be brave & be responsible for what you are doing. You go & marry 2, 3 or 4 women & do as you wish but you will hardly win the confidence & integrity from your supporters anymore. Lets vote them out…out there, many more young & capable leaders to lead us in Sarawak & be a true satu malaysia. Satu Malaysia concept will survive in Sarawak…

  • malim

    My dear Sarawakians, please WAKE UP from all these deceptions by your politicians. This time, VOTE THEM OUT, and get better and clean politicians in.

  • Strategist

    BN runs our government just like a casino or a stock market where all politicians want to jump on the bandwagon to get rich quick and become instant millionaires overnight. It's survival of the fittest and everybody is for themselves without so much caring for the interests, welfare,

    suffering and hardships faced by the rakyak, especially the rurual folks.

    First it all started with one gang leader who plundered our natural resources, grabbed NCR lands to sell to crony conpanies for millions for himself, family and extended family members. And now, he siphoning our oil 'marginal fields' in cohort with his favourite crony companies. The sky is no limit for him until the day he goes to his grave.

    Then his cabinet members see what he has done is all wrong and warned him. So he said to each of them, especially the Dayak YBs, "Don't you all want to be rich just like me, then do what I tell you to do and do what I do; 'see no evil; hear no evil & speak no evil."

    The temptation is so great to be become instant millionaires overnight that those YBs just toed the line. That's why these YBs, let alone the Dayak YBs cannot make noise about the chief thief's ill gotten fortune because they are all equally guilty

    That's why the thief minister is keeping mum when allegations are hurled at him. When Alzajeera East 101 wanted to interview him last year, he refused because he knows that Alzajeera will not hesitate to expose his rampant corruptions. When TV 1 interviewed him, he accepted it with open arms and bragged about his so called politics of development.

  • bayi sarawak

    If conversion can guarantee me projects and contracts, I definitely want la.I also want land, women, whatever free just give me la.I would first convert into a frog, later a crocodile. After I got want I wanted, I will convert back to a human being again, with a crocodile tail, of course.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Bro,not me.I would not sell my soul as it is against my religion.You are born into this world naked and naked you go back.Do not store your wealth on earth but in heaven.I wouldn't want people to say things crude or pass weird remarks to my family whenever they walk past.

      Hold your head high up bro.The wealth on this earth are to be shared unless you are GREEDY.

  • sang kancil

    Scumbags. Thats all I can say about these SICKO.


  • Rentap

    I really don't know what to say in words. Is this the person we want to be our Wakil Rakyat??? Ashamed and NO integrity at all. Vote him out…!!!

  • Joyce

    Please do the right thing … and divorce your first wife …… a man without guts … a man without honor …….. pooor lady ….. had to find out this way…. i would put the 1st wife as a candidate against him ……….if one can betray one own wife …… he would betray everyone sooner or later!!!!

  • tagas


  • eskay

    How about Dr. Leo (aka Muhammad Leo)? Is that old news already?

  • Saralara

    James Dawos and Johnical Rayong are men of Disguise!Who want to believe them anymore.What a shame!

    • http://Sarawakreport Peter jj

      You r jealous of those ybs, if u think u r better i dare u 2 challenge them in t next state election

      • mike

        the system is already corrupt.

        furthermore, both of these men are converts, so they have the advantage in terms of political protection and funds

      • saralara

        it nothing to do to challange but this both YBs are disgusting and disgrace to our community.

      • aborium

        No, we're not jealous of YBs – we've far greater personal freedom than them, thank you. That isn't the point. The point is they are your representative. They work for you, and whoever represents you must be good enough for you, notwithstanding the fact that you may or may not want to stand for elections -it's quite a different issue.

      • http://SarawakReportOrg.Com Lucy

        Not jealous but it is disgusting!

  • Amas

    Men's greatest weaknesses is the desire of the flesh and this is the first temptation that the devil brought to Jesus after He fasted 40 days and 40 nights. Did He fall to the devil's trap? No! Married man should be satisfied with one wife if they are man of integrity, trustworthy, faithfulness, and so on. Christian married man always married a Muslim woman as a second wife as there is no quota in Christianity. I am not against about this but one should be man enough to face the public especially if your are a YB. Do not hide in order to be popular. Be responsible of your action. Period!

    • orang ulu cina

      you assume he converted for the woman. why? are you the woman in question or are you his god? either way, it doesn't speak well for the religion concern whether he converted for the woman or for power.

  • telur dua

    Such disgusting and shameless characters should be voted out of office at the first opportunity.

  • nesen

    I always thought religion especially Islam was never an issue in East Malaysia even when it involved muslims marrying non muslims without converting

    Now thanks to the evil self serving politicians religion has become a divisive issue as it is in west Malaysia

    as the family is forced to convert as well

    Distressed West Malaysian

  • tagas

    semua tu kes tangkap basah…elok lah…

  • Kapt(B)

    I have nothing much to say except please expose more

  • http://deleted LSW

    C'monlah you guys, pls be understandinglah…who can say no to money sex and power?Our Yang Terhormats also need to have fun also.Kerja utk rakyat…apa tu?

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  • http://mt bbaub

    I suggest that PKR or SNAP put Mrs.Johnical(the first wife) to be their candidate in Engkilili in the coming state election.

  • Stone Cold

    At best, they are a disgrace to the Dayaks & Christianity. One day, both will fall the hard way and realise their deeds does not pay.

  • ranying ak sah

    vote out these type of representative outright.they really are political prostitutes at the highest level.

  • choong

    If such a man cannot be faithful to his wedded wife, how can he be truthful to the rakyat who voted him? Please wake up you voters who voted him.

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  • karma believer


    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      YES,He is not a medical DOCTOR but he bought his "DOCTOR" in herbal medicine. I know where he bought his "DOCTOR".Medical studies spent 5 years plus 2 years housemanship but his only cost money and do NOT know how to prescribe medicine.

      Bogus degree and a bit suspect!!!

      • musica

        Same thing la with that James "the worst" Dawos…you try ask where he got his doctorate, he will never tell you one! Another lying scumbag….

      • Manang Ula

        Lutour rayoung has 3 wives, not 2 (1st. wife, an Iban and the Muslim divorcee). Don't know what happened to the Iban divorcee who has 2 illegitimate children with him. He can simply change or get thing done to his own advantages…like criticized BN during election time but jumped in to join them within a month, changed his MA to Dr. status and recently his faith. what next?

  • WatchDrone

    First you sell off your aging wife to earn a 'better' living through a 'money-generating' younger, political+religious-linked wife. Then you'll be flourished with APs, tenders, government contracts, title, etc. and all of those which are so typical of our government methods of running the country. And all at the price of one's supposedly priceless soul. Is that a representation of "intellectual' dayaks?

  • Guyang Kuda

    SICKO politicians . Congratulations SR for a job well done!!

  • EK

    These YBs cannot be trusted.Today they sell themselves, tommorrow you don't know what they will sell, their people, their land, anything at all for their own benefits & glory.Not fit to be in public office.Vote them out.

    • pen4

      Look! People voted for Rayong because people in Engkili didn't know his true "shirt", colour, skin or whatever we want to call it.

      Similar to Dawos. Because these two Yang Berbohong (YB) always berbohong kepada rakyat.

      But, next 13 GE they will out.

      • saralara

        You all know what…the life of this ybs will end in muslim tombstone.



  • http://- iban samarahan



  • http://gelanyangnichol@yahoo Pengajar Udah Pencen

    YBs and all,

    It is not about religious conversion that I am worried about.It is more about a man's intergrity and honesty that we are concerned about.

    It is their sexual behaviour which have got beyond their control,together with over secretion of the hormone TESTORONE.

    That condition leads to a behaviour called PROMISCUITY.But it not uncommon that one is more promiscuous than others.

    But as politicians the voters should know about their personal background which are the very basis of their POPULARITY or UNPOPULARITY !!!!!

  • anti-hypocrisy

    One word : CRAPS!

  • anti-hypocrisy

    PKR spokesman Abang Zul talking CRAPS!

  • JJRN

    I'm Rayong's daughter wanna make all this things clear okay? My daddy never had a clash with my mom and we having a happy family. All those bulls is just a rumours bout my dad from fucking envy people. They create story to make my dad down in politic 'maybe'. As them don't have other way to make my dad down instead of talking bout our family?

    My dad is stand for his 'rakyat' and wanna make them get update with this modern life like people in the city did too. As a member of DUN, that is my dad job.

    We have happy family so stop spread rumours that doesn't true. be more positively, who knows you might one of the "crocodile". Thank you

    • http://none Watch dog. says…

      JJRN,That;s very god girl.How sweet and nice family but you never knew what daddy is doing behind you all.

      Grow up girl and ask Daddy ok,then ask mummy.

      God bless you my child and I hope that you are NOT wild like daddy ok. Be nice too.

    • orang ulu cina

      in that case, the good YB just have to come out to say: "I'M NOT A MUSLIM. I DON'T BELIEVE MOHD IS A PROPHET." that should rest the case. no?


        orang ulu cina…u kno wat is C.I.M.B….IT IS cina,india,melayu bumiputra…now thats race but can change from watever except from Islam to others….others to islam o.k…digalakkan….so Dato Dr James..from christians to Islam….old story aanak pun sudah 10years old….he may hav not change his I.C or mykad…but don make religion an issue…its jus he didnt officially announce his conversion but we are not to hate muslims if a christians become a muslim.cos they are many converts nowaday/don hate d religion jus d dishonesty of not disclosing,by the Y.B.S.

    • mike

      daddy got secret la little girl

      then he should announce in the newpapers that he is not a convert

      by the way, i'm rayong's son from his malay wife

    • Sebastian Meded

      My dearest,

      I can understand your feeling right now but this is the real world of politics. If your daddy is bad, he needs to be punished. Do you want to help your daddy? Ask daddy to retire from politics and you all can be a happy familiy again. ok?

    • Darkside

      Oh Yeah….I bet he screw all ppl wife and married them later,you are so stupid girl.Desparado ….

  • mambong v

    these prostitutes are really for their own pockets and not for the rakyat. who cares if they are not our yb, 10 wives/conversions also can la!—-approved to be voted out!!!!

  • polis Iban udah penc

    Thanks God for for giving me appetite to eat pork everyday.

  • Neito

    Voters sentiment is what matters here. Dawos and Rayong were elected because they were Christians, by big majority of voters. Try put a Muslim converts in my constituency, the proposer and the party he represent can go to the loo once the election result is out.

    No one understands how your brain functions, neither do yours but having a young wife by means of changing religion is not what the religion preach. Or does it?

  • Pemuda PBB

    saya cabar Blogger ni berdebat dengan kami pemuda dan kemukan bukti sahih,.jangan tuduh sahaja..i challenge u for debate..i give 24 hour for u to answer yes or no..Kalau tak berani bermakna u hanya menipu..

    • http://none Burung Kenyalang say

      Debate on what subject Pemuda PBB(Party Bunuh Bidayuh)or Party Bolot Bumputra.

      Is it on land taken by your Boss and given to their family??Contract given to your Boss family and given to your clan,crony.The missing or unaccounted for billion ringgit? What debate do you want?

      Land issues,contracts,roads projects,shit project,sand projects,timber concessions,dam projects,tell us the subject please tell us so that we can call CNN,Alzazeera,BBC so that the whole world will know.

      • http://none Politics of Corrupti


    • http://none Apai Dani says…

      Nama ya jang. You want to debate,I will ask my 5 year old cucu to debate with you.Can we call CNN,BBC,Alzazeera? Please

      play fair and what issue:

      1. NCR land taken by your boss and sold to Felcra,Chinese towkay,etc??

      2.Contracts given by your Boss to his family,crony and sold to HSL,like shit project.

      3. How CMS took over state government assets?

      4,Road projects,dam project and how your boss took Berawan land and set Mulu Resort with money from state coffers.?

      5.How your Boss misappropriated RM1 billion plus and cannot be accounted for,sounded by DAP??

      Just read all the reports done by SR.If you are educated enough,you will understand and yet still want to cover your boss abuse of power.Wake up young man from Pemuda PBB

    • http://none Raja Manggeng says..

      Hey Pemuda PBB,siapa menipu siapa? Adakah Rakyat menipu PBB BN atan PBB Bn menipu Rakyat.PBB-Party Bunuh Bidayuh/Party Bunuh Bumiputra dan BN -Bolot Negara)

      Hei di mana kamu mahu debat. kami bersedia dan tipic kiuta ialah:

      Abuse of power by your Boss.

      Grabbing NCR land and give to Chineses towkay.

      Big contracts given to his family and then sold to their clan/crony. Debat,even form one boy or girl will win against you. Please don;t talk cock and bull stories.You bullshit Pemuda PBB. Your Boss already said,:I DON't WANT TLO MAKE THE MALAYS RICH,IF THEY ARE RICH,THEY WILL GO AGAINST ME'. Where are your Abang group?Where is your PERMAS? Tun Rahman made Permas just to split the malays.

      Debate at Padang Merdeka,yoiu invite your group and I will invite ours,the whole of Sarawak will come.NO HOLD bars ok.Be fair and square. We are ready boys.We will ask BBC,CNN,Alzazeera,SBC,Japan Independent TV network,TV1,2 & 3 your colot TV stations.Answer boy,answer and tell your clowns Thief minister and deputies

      to turn up and let the Rakyat grill them too,Are you scared now?This is our State and we are scared of NO ONE at ll.

      • pen4

        Hei kawan-kawan…

        Apa mau gago gilak dengan budak hingusan PBB ni! Ia sik tau apa-apa. Mungkin ia baru keluar dari kantung atau baru terima roti canai kosong. Usah peduli dengan dia lah.

        Kalau white hair suruh dia menyalak, dia sangup menyalak walaupun dia tahu dia tidak boleh menyalak seperti anjing. He is an undescribed specimen for pirates's experiment.

        • http://none Watch Dog says…



    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Pemuda PBB,your 24 hours has passed and where are you little Taib's kid. Have you chicken out or are you hiding under whose skirt now? ha ha ha ha

      You have NO balls at all,talk and lied just like your master.Cannot be trusted at all.Have your Boss told you to put a stop as you cannot won at all?

      You just talk rubbish like your master little boy.

      May GOD bless you

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      24 hours has gone by.You last posted on 25/1/11 and now is 29/1/11.When and where is the debate young Kuching Shepherd?

      SDo it is known that PBB is a great liar.

      YES,YES,YES where is the debate going to be held??

      Why chicken out ,yo have NO balls at all?

      That is what we call politic of bolotment,deceit,hatred,jealousy,violence,cronyism,clanish and most of all greed and POWER ABUSE.

      Chicken out wak wak wak wak..ha ha ha ha

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      24 hours has gone by.You last posted on 25/1/11 and now is 29/1/11.When and where is the debate young Kuching Shepherd?

      SDo it is known that PBB is a great liar.

      YES,YES,YES where is the debate going to be held??

      Why chicken out ,you have NO balls at all?

      That is what we call"politic of bolotment,deceit,hatred,jealousy,violence,cronyism,clanish and most of all greed and POWER ABUSE."

      Chicken out wak wak wak wak..ha ha ha ha

    • Sebastian Meded

      Instead of debating, why don't u all @PBB shut up & think of ways to save the party, of there's any party left to be saved. Debate?!! Too little too late. The 'party' is over.



  • Romeo Rawa

    Dawos, a load of shit. This is the value and culture of Taib and BN cronies. Nothing is sacred. All saitan destined to hell.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Please ,please bro,do NOT curse or judge others or you will be cursed or judged too if you are a Believer.

      Please bless him so that the Holy Spirit will bind his heart as a guide to our Lord Jesus Christ..So he may be free from the bondages of Satan.

      Come on,let us pray for him too.

  • SR tempat rakyat ber

    apa orang islam buat sama kamu? kamu benci Yb benci saja mereka. jgn masukkan agama dalam perkara ini.

    nanti tanya itu sama Richard Sim, dia email semua parlimen UK n Australia mahu mintak tolong org sana bunuh rakyat sarawak islam dan melayu sebab mahu menang undi?

    banyak bagus lah SR!!

    • Orang rumah panjang

      Kalau tidak cakap sudah masuk Islam, nanti orang bawa makan babi apamacam?? Mau tidak makan, tapi kalau tidak tahu.. alahai telan saja lah… atau ini YB memang sengaja buat-buat tidak tahu makan babi, tapi tetap makan jugak!

  • http://none Siapa lawan siapa sa

    Pemuda PBB chicken out..Bolot Bumiputra. Scared stiff that you may lose. Your 24 hours is up and where are you,hiding under your wife's skirt…to short,you can still be seen..

    Why are you so scared? Scared of CNN,BBC,Alzazeera. Call your TV station TV1,2,3 and NTV7. Go ahead.

    Watchdog you are roght,Pemuda PBB's boss said are you putting us into wold fire? Ha ah aha ha


    to be frank…every one cari makan….same with those in P.B.B n B.N..ALL TIS PEMUDA…CARI JALAN TO HIDUP…BUT…tak active in politics pun boleh makan…sikit if not banyak…no need to defend Taib orang PBB pun tahu….so pemuda PBB…WE KNOW U ADA POLOJEK SIKIT SINI SIKIT SANA…BUT LET THE TRUTH prevail….orang sarawak bukan bodoh jus saja tutup mata..cos nanti tak ada polojek oe kena buang keleja…..cakap boleh tapi mulut pun mahu makan….anak2 sekolah…tats why many jus diam2….nanti tak dapat beli nasi….kesian lah u pemuda pbb.

  • Ma Da Shing

    Since he is a political jumping frog , it is no wonder that he does not have to think twice to abandon his first wife to secure his political position , just so cheap and low because of greed and lust.

  • Edward wan

    Well done Sarawak Report…..Come on rakyat of Sarawak,especialy Dayak commonity..wake up see what is your YB done to you already????/… So, only you can judge them during this coming stade election…

  • http://yahoo JBroodie

    We from Marudi would appreciate it very much too, if SR could kindly enlighten us the religious status of the YB from our area. Thanks.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      It's very simple bro,just go to Majlis Islam.If converted to ISLAM,don't woirry when he dies as the people from majlis Islam will take care of him,just like the man who has climbed mount Everest.

      Majlis Islam will help you to check.Simple and NO need for SR for finer details.

      May GOD bless you

  • lawrence sii

    Open our eyes and study carefully the good, the bad and the ugly before we cast our vote in the coming big day!

    Those with masks and claimed to be wakil rakyat in fact wakil themselves and inflated their own pockets are to be ruled out for good! Those doing something behind the curtain and betraying their own family members are to be purnished for their insincerity, dishonesty and unaccountability. We need better wakil rakyat to look after this sick country!

  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    Where are you PEMUDA PBB? Your 24 hours has assed and you have yet to set the date. Are you a liar like your BOSS too??


    1. chickens out wak wak wak wak wak wak.

    2. Afraid that you will loose the debate.

    3. Afraid that your boss will suck you.

    4.Any PBB members in the right frame of mind will avoid such confrontation as it is a fact that your PBB,BN is a bolot party,abuse of power.

    You are just a thumb sucking boy ha ha ha ha

  • http://none Raja Manggeng says..

    Brother,why do you put yourself in situation like this? It's a crying shame too. If you want to drink milk,don't rear the cow,just buy a bottle!!

    If you rear the cow,you have a lot of work to do,build the shed,get the grass,etc,etc but if you want milk,then just go and buy one bottle.

    I know that you are fed up eating rice with fish everyday and you also want to eat other dishes too.Ha ha ha ah ah ah ha ha ha .

    Sing wonderful tonight or pujaan hati ku and people will clap..things will work out fine..and milk with honey will come to you.

  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    Bro,just divorce and repent.Please read JOHN 14:6 ,retire and enjoy your pension.

    Then go out and do good and GOD's work and that is what Jesus says..You still have time to repent otherwise it will be too late for you.

  • imam frustrated

    saudara watch dog…saya malu bila islam dimainkan macam ini…dari taib anak dahjal syaitan kepada anak2 buahnya…y.b.s ini…saudara islam tak mengajar salah guna ugama macam ini…tapi ini diajar oleh tun rahman anak iblis..pacik kepada taib anak dahjal syaitan…

    tun rahman anak iblis bawa banyak org2 melanau dan bidayuh masuk islam kerana janji untuk memeberi pangkat tinggi…

    ni,salah sebab mereka inginkan duit dan pangkat bukan kerana hati ingin jadi seorang muslim yg baik..

    saudara jangan marah ya,sebab taib memebawa mereka masuk islam kerana ingin kesetiaan mereka dalam satu kumpulan untuk meyembah iblis,syaitan dan dahjal yg di simpan di damak…

    taib lah anak syaitan di sarawak…yg bertopengkan islam…macam org2 christian juga ada yg buat maksiat dan dosa..memang christian tak mengalakkan mereka buat demikian…samalah di sini..kamu jgn susah hati…banyak org2 islam pun sudah tahu peraigai taib syaitan dan kucu kucunya ini…kerena memalu islam.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Imam frustrated…saya faham perasaan awak,Ya betul,Saya pun T.Rahman bawa tapi saya ta'at kepada gama says sendiri dan dai janji saya man man mahu sambung pelajaran saya dia akan bantu.

      Please bro,let us work together and bring down TAIB's regime like a fallen tree.Now is the time for us to UNITE,UNITE,UNITE

      GOD bless you and we all Sarawkians.Doakan saja Imam supaya kita dapat jatuhkan crony TAIB,the thief minister.

    • Lampu kidurong

      Salam iman,apa kena gan sida YB kita to.udah kahwin pompuan islam masih jua sembahyang di gereja,dah peluk islam masih jua pakei nama asal,sik malu betul.sik boleh diharap sida YB tu ya mammm……

  • imam frustrated

    INSHAALAH SAUDARA KU WATCHDOG…KAMI ISLAM BUKAN NYA YG JAHAT…TAPI SEGELITIR ORG MACAM TAIB…DAN KUCU KUCUNYA….memusnahkan reputasi islam di sarawak..macam umno di barat m'sia..dangan islam plasti mereka…najib..bersina dng zian zain dan atantuya…banyak lagi scandal umno…tapi di sarawak…taib dahjal…memalukan islam …kami tak kacau org…atau bunuh orang atau rampas hak mereka…tapi nama islam tercermar…kalau ini berlaku…kalau org bergelar christians buat perkara jahlil macam ini..christians pun tercemar..macam perang salib…bukan…saya hanya mennekakkan yang islam tak sejahat perbuatan taib…ini kerja taib bukan islam..dia pun percaya syirik…dan patut direjam batu di islam dan syariah…jangan pandang islam adalah taib..kerana dia bukan islam tapi bertopeng islam…islam yang kami percay adalah suci dan murni…ya…rakyat sarawak yang sudah islam jangan ikut taib ank dahjal..di bertopengkan islam tapi peraigai syaitan…tolong bersatu dan gulingkan dia dari kerusi ketua mentri..dan biar kaum majority jadi ketua mentri…amin.

  • celine

    East Malaysia is doomed, just like West Malaysia.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Celine,there is still hope.Please come to Sarawak and I will be delighted to show you my dear friend.

      West Malaysia is entirely different kettle of fish altogether.If you want to come,do let me know ok.Hope to see you

  • imam frustrated

    watch dog…cuba u tanya berapa…geng y.b.s ini dapat dari dana 50juta..usd dari arab emirate dan lagi dari negara lain…mereka mengata mereka adalah wakil org islam dari kawasan mereka…dan juga belarek dan ritom…mereka menjual ugama islam untuk buat duit kononnya untuk berdakwah dan tolong org2 dayak yang masuk islam tapi duit masuk poket masing masing…bukan saja arab..tapi qatar,kuwait,arab saudi.mesir/yg paling banyak ialah arab emirate….u ingat mereka ini islam sucikah…tapi penyaggak pengyamun..dam syaitan menjual nama islam untuk duit.kami yg suci jadi mangsa…ini kerja umno ,taib dan y.b.s ini dan kucu2 mereka.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      imam frustrated..kamu cakap macam orang memang memang betul frustrated.

      Ada bukti kah,tolong bagi SR bukti nya.Orang orang yang berkaitan di sini ,kamu tuduh ia lah.

      1.Dr H.Ritom

      2.Mr Tom Belarek(Orang ulu yang jual tanah orang ulu keoada Majlis Islam)

      3.Orang orang dayak yang lain,tolong senaraikan name nama nya supaya orang dayak tahu siap penyangak penyangak itu.

      Jangan kamu cakap saja ,tak ada aksi.Empty barrel????

  • imam frustrated

    ya betul..saya frustrated melihat…perlacuran islam oleh mereka ini….ya perkara2 ini ditutup..kerana…ada agenda masing2.

    kenapa harus saya jadi investigative reporter…saya cakap ada api..u cakap mana asap…u cari puncha api itu…no smoke without fire…saya dedah betis u minta paha…nama pun saya bagi…u carilah ini untuk kamu semua…bukan kepentingan saya…salah hari bulan saya dibuang ke misir atau pakistan….jadi ustaz ugama…mana nila harga saya anak jadi sarawak…kerana menegak islam jati dibuang negeri sendiri….oleh islam plastic umno dan islam bertopeng syaitan taik penyamun….ingat saya pun banyak saudara iban dan bidayuh dan melayu…bukan saya org2 asing…itulah saya dapat rasa apa org dayak rasa…saya ditakdir islam kerna atuk2 saya…ini kehendak tuhan…salam saudara…watchdog..u buar kerja u..i dah buat tugas saya pada org2 sarawak dan Allah…Allahuakbar…ASALAMUALAIKUM..SR DAN SAUDARA BLOGGERS..KITA BUAT LAH TUGAS MASING2.

  • lihat anjing

    i would like to suggest SR to control comments on certain controversial issues that involve racial/ religion hatred..we are here together to be aware of the political scenarios/news that happens in Sarawak, our beloved land..issues like religion/ race should be discussed but also control as some remarks can cause discomfort to the others..The Malays have always work in hand with the Dayaks ever since and together we will in facing the new form of sarawak colonist..some remarks here may be taken as hatred to Islam by some muslims and this should be controlled..if anybody thinks that a certain race/religion in sarawak can fight the dictatorship alone, and disregard the help from the others, i wish u all luck..just quarrel and let the dictatorship remains..that's what happened all this years when we are busy quarreling among us, getting poorer each day while the regime rob and rape as they like..hosni mubarak regime wont collapse if the christian and muslims in egypt doesn't unite, n iraq wont fall if the syiah n sunni are united..and so do us..

    • imam frustrated

      amin,islam tak harus di hina,ugama tak harus di hina,tapi bila dilacurkan ini adalah salah dan harus islam yang peraigai menghina islam dengan tingkah laku haram mereka juga salah kerana jadi bahan ketukkan islam.

  • aborium

    Converting to another religion is a PERSONAL choice. No compulsion. However, as a Wakil Rakyat it only decent that you tell your constituents, and if you've been a good Wakil Rakyat, they would understand 'cause they voted for you not because of religion (hopefully) but of your capability as a leader (if you're one. If you are not, tough luck.

  • manang behuban


  • chan

    bro pa main hina agama ni..

    bagus lu jangan tinggal sarawak lagi..

  • AnangMdihAtiDiri

    Jangan busy body.Nothing to do with marriage,religion the point is that YB can deliver

  • Darkside

    I hope crocodile bin abdullah JRN will lose this coming election.F**K ur mother