Taib Strikes Back! – Exclusive Photos

Taib Strikes Back! – Exclusive Photos

6 Jan 2011

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Confiscated leaflets - are these troubling for Taib?

BN and Sarawak’s Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud, have exhibited their concern about the growing tide of criticism engulfing their government by launching a series of lash-backs in the past 24 hours.

On Thursday night they utilised the police to arrest two groups of high-profile NGOs within a few hours of each other.  Both groups were threatened with charges of possessing seditious material, but were eventually released.

The material concerned included discs containing recordings of the popular Radio Free Sarawak programme, which operates as an independent political voice in Malaysia without a Government licence, as well as clips from the alternative Sarawak TV, Bebas.

Nervous of legitimate criticism?

Sarawak Report can offer exclusive pictures of the police raid on the Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA), which took place in Kota Sentosa, Kuching, in the early hours of the morning on Thursday.  Plain clothes police, accompanied by

Ransacking the SADIA office - exclusive

Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs (Kementerian Dalam Negeri – KDN) officials, ransacked the office and removed the discs and copying machines, along with some leaflets and posters.  The offensive leaflets bore a compelling visual message – illustrating Sarawak as a milk cow and Taib Mahmud and Najib sitting beneath its udders and squeezing it dry!

The organisation’s Secretary General, Nicholas Mujah, and two associates were taken to the police station for questioning until after 3am before being released.  Police also removed legitimate equipment from the office, yet it is believed that the group was eventually released without charges.

Loot is shipped off in police vehicles

Parallel arrest in Miri

This raid in Kuching followed an earlier arrest at Miri airport of the respected NGO lawyer Abun Sui Anyit, who has fought a number of successful cases against the government’s seizure of Native Customary Rights Land on behalf of a number of local communities.  He had just arrived from Kuching and is believed to have also been in possession of

Removal of "seditious" materials - exclusive

CDs containing episodes of Radio Free Sarawak.  Clearly the fact that the radio station is building a faithful and growing audience in the state has worried the incumbent Chief Minister.  The station, which is broadcast on SW and is available also on the internet, is regularly highly critical of corruption and human rights abuses.  It also frequently draws attention to land grab issues affecting native communities, who have had their lands ‘alienated’ under Taib’s amended land laws.

‘Yes it’s political’!

Abun Sui was informed by the arresting officers that he was being detained for “political reasons” and that he was likely to be charged under the Sedition Act of Malaysia (1948) for possessing ‘seditious’ material!  But eventually the lawyer was released without charges, showing that the authorities’ jittery behaviour may not be as focussed and organised as their political masters might like.

Taken to the police station in the middle of the night - lawyer Chee See How accompanies the SADIA team and an associate

Meanwhile, Chee See How, a lawyer working with the PKR leader Baru Bian, who is also a leading human rights lawyer in Sarawak, accompanied the SADIA personnel to the police station and they also were eventually released on police bail without charges.

This form of response to the recent criticism shows a level of intolerance towards freedom of speech (which  the Government Minister James Masing himself recently defended in an interview with Radio Free Sarawak) that is troubling for the growing opposition movement in Sarawak.  But such defensiveness also reveals deep worries within BN about the volume of dissent in the run up to the upcoming State Elections.

The government knows that to use such brute force in its attempts to curb criticism is in danger of back-firing, not least because of the large number of prominent lawyers who are prepared to defend those politicians and NGOs who are

Exclusive pictures - Bailed without charges. Will such harrassment of NGO supporters of human rights cases turn out to be counter-productive for Taib?

supporting human rights cases against the hundreds of land grabs sponsored by Taib Mahmud and the BN administration.   There is also the danger of attracting the  international attention of the large number of NGOs, who are concerned by the escalation of environmental and human rights issues in Sarawak.

Will arrests back-fire?

So, Taib has flashed his claws.  But, he will have to decide carefully what to do next and whether to continue this strategy of harrassment and arrests or to adopt a lower-key approach for fear of provoking even more bad publicity than he has been receiving already.

Radio Free Sarawak can be accessed at 1800-1900 on 15420 kHz (SW) and at 2000-2100 on 6205 kHz (SW) or via its podcast on www.radiofreesarawak.org.

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  • gasoul

    Work more harder, the rakyat is listening and fully behind you guys.

    • barbarik

      ya…go for it…we fully behind u guys…let's make taib "tidak tido malam" think of it..

      • ayang anyie

        why u have to support from behind? Cowardly move.

        • ayang anyie

          I respect Dr. Jeneri Amir for being brave and rely on other people to voice up.

  • laughing

    If you have your articles translated to Malay and Iban, have it produced in CD's for distribution to the kampongs and long houses. I am happy to contribute to the production. Better still, have it read by someone in Iban and record that in CD's. I want to see Taib taking us to court on possession of these articles/CD's.

  • http://www.facebook.com Saribas Jack

    Human progress is neither automatic nor invitable…Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice,suffering and struggle,the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.~ Martin Luther King Jr~

  • http://sarawakreport.org jim

    where can i get a copy 4 free?

  • tsunami unleash

    Bodoh punya Taib Mahmud. Baru kawin atau kawin baru. So use your DICKHEAD… stupid..

  • Fired Up

    Maybe another "May 13" will be needed!!


      fired up..u know how d street is like now….people are having their cups fill to the brim wit frustration n anger….tell me who is not angry n upset..

  • http://yahoo Sarawakbaru



    We strongly condemn the arrests and detention of 4 social activists in Sarawak under the Sedition Act and Film Censorship Act .

    Readers, it is not surprising that what we have been saying has happened and that it is being done before the coming general and state elections.

    The arrests of the 4 activists are politically motivated and not because they exceeded their legal rights to pursue their activities.

    We understand all activists have now been released without charge. So what was the exercise? To scare us?

    The authorities should return all the material seized including DVDs and Cds since no charges have been brought against the activists!

    One of the authorities’ objectives are clear- suppression of any opposition before the elections. Who else will they arrest and detain next?

    It has been forewarned by some bloggers a number of times on the Internet about the authorities’ crack down on the opposition. Opposition does not mean only the political parties but the NGOs and activists and anyone who may oppose the fascist regime.

    One HU blogger said “By the way the “free press” may be in for a hard time with all these ministers’ follies blow ups!” at 12.38 am 7th Jan 2011. The words were almost prophetic. Not long after HU published news of the arrests with this “ALERT as at 1.10am Malaysian Time on 7 Jan 2011”


    The alarms were raised after Taib and his Kuala Lumpur masters spoke openly and implied action to be taken against a small vocal group of people (activists?) whom they did not like.

    This issue was much earlier (19 Mar 2009) raised by Aljazeera in its series 101 East “Fighting the Power” on the Taib regime’s sensitiveness to critcisms of its widespread corruption.

    TV operators of TV AlJazeerah and TV presenter Fawziah Ibrahim involved in the broadcast of similar articles like 101 East “The Fighting for Power” (starring James Masing and his government) should then be arrested too? The VCDs found on the activists may include this Aljazeerah’s earth shaking 101 East broadcast.

    VideoPart1 :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX8in2voMl0
    VideoPart2 :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzm5BwNH8xM

    All readers can also view the TV Sarawak Bebas on the internet and see that the news items are what any “free” press can publish. These are factual reporting on government corruption and its consequences on the people.

    So is Radio Free Sarawak reporting the facts with comments by various individuals. Radio Free Sarawak is operating freely from the UK and they must have obtained proper broadcasting licence or permission from the English authorities.

    The UMNO BN government will put pressure on the UK government to take RFS off the air. Will the UK government continue to be a party to suppression of freedom under the Sedition Act which its created in 1948?

    The British must realise in hindsight that they have acted regrettably and they are also responsible for creating the monster what “Malaysia” is today.

    The arrests of activists again underlines the reality that those in power will never tolerate any form of opposition and it means that the activists’ work are having effect with the oppressed people.

    The group arrested is small in number. But let us all assure the fascist authorities that their action will ignite more resistance.

    It is no longer the days when the opposition can be bludgeoned into long silence.

    They should know that we all are one huge group of very angry people including all the oppressed ulu people all over Sarawak who no longer tolerate them and their fascism. So can they arrest all of us?

    We support the call for action- mass demonstrations is still our right and in Sarawak we must not be afraid to organise and get out there to demonstrate.

    This is the challenge to our determination to see change in Sarawak and one which we must respond to.

    Therefore we call on all Sarawakians who believe in defending their democratic and basic human right of freedom of expression to organise demonstrations to oppose the use of repressive laws.

    Fair land Sarawak

    We will never cease to honour thee

    Our loyal sons and daughters will rise

    and fight to the death for your liberty

    From your high forest hills,

    Down to the open sea

    We will fight till freedom will ever reign

    and we all Live in Unity

    Proudly our Flag flies high

    above our Country Strong and Free

    Long may our Peoples live

    in Peace and harmony”


      amen…puji Tuhan..haleluya….i hav a dream also…yes it true….

  • dayak-rambo

    welldone my brave brothers..u'al our hero,

    u'll not alone …keep on fight for the truth..we will do our part on next GE…change we must

  • http://adkz.blogspot.com Adriel D.K

    I hope taib would fall badly and be charge accordingly by god or by law. Same goes to the rest who is doing a lot of bn project in Sabah. It just take some time before the people here will wake up.. usually when something big happen just like the river in Sarawak then you see some changes on the vote.

    Now days it is much more easy to report any incident such as this online and on the spot which is why now is the best time to have some changes. Back then if they arrested you, it might take few days or weeks before your friends, family member or so on to find out. Sometimes they never find out too.. this was just the old time but with the internet now days the government can't keep on lying.

  • matrocker

    Sarawakians could all actually be living like rich Qataris or Kuwaitis and not have to pay much tax if the resources that we HAD (not much left) was well managed and FAIRLY distributed. WAKE UP. So shameful last election that Miri actually still support BN – not like they are ignorant


      matrocker….how do u know they do…how do we know the votes was not phantom or election rigged..u trust the E.C kah…our electoral system also fail lah…don get upset o.k kadang kandang wat we see is not wat happen…ada magic..u know…..wen d cash is splash..people can see all kind of things..even E.C people….

      • Nelson Mandela Janti

        Correct, Bucklyn , when dayaks see duit they regenerate into the most despicable scum lickers and shit suckers that have ever walked the face of our beloved land Sarawak and ready to sell their souls to vote for the bn (bula najib). On 16 april spread the news vote the bn out.Long live DAP, PAS and PKR.Change we can…

  • Tigeriban

    Lawan tetap Lawan but must be smart and cunning

  • budu communiy

    arap ka rakyat sarawak nulak bn.

    • ayang anyie

      apu…sapa meri makai anak biak kitai ba skula wai.

  • Saralara

    Here come the Taib's fears…A CORRUPTED MAN SHOULD OUT!

  • karma


  • najibrazak

    My problem is how far I can go in supporting fellow crook Taib? True I control the police who will do exactly what I say whether or not my orders break the law; as they do. But when Taib falls and the truth comes out my part in illegally supporting him will also come out. How can I win a general election after that happens? Its worse than the submarines, the aircraft and the missing mongolian> Badawi was a joke, Mahathir a monster, Daddy a failed dictator but how will I look to posterity? The killer of ketuanan? Maybe I should try to do a deal with Anwar now? HELP!

  • shan

    You cant suppress the voice of the majority(Dayak) forever.

    • ayang anyie

      If so how come every election at Iban areas the BN won in a big majority??I think Ibans leaders did not cotribute to upgrade the standard of living among the Ibans or you just ignored what the govt has contribute towards our community. Think wisely before you blame other people on your poor thinking skills. So you better put a study how to improve your community.Probably you talked too many politics but in actual life you done nothing. Shame on you!!!

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  • Sil66

    Keep up on your struggle,do it untill to the last drop.A mistake and weakneses will teach us more better and more power for a great sucess….The God & His Wisdom will come and He will hear our prayer…

  • http://none Raja Manggeng says..

    This is just the beginning.If election comes,NGOs around the world will monitor and lend us support.We fight for true democracy ,crazycracy or autocracy.

    we must limit the term of CM for two terms.If we win,we will put them behind bars including the Police who supported TM's regime.

    We fear NO evil as we do no evil,we don't kill people,we don't use violence as we don't have guns,ships.helicopters,submarines,trucks,m16 or ak47 but we will continue to fight for justice.

    No peace without War.

    No war without Bloodshed.

    Come fellow dayaks,now is the time to show how you shall fight just like the way you fought the communists.

    Fear no one as we are fighting for basic democratic rights for our children future.NOW IS THE TIME>>come out,come one and come all..Oh LORD bless us,Amen..

  • http://none Crying without tears





      crying witout tears..don u cry any longer cos many will come out for they got enuf of crying….land taken must be compensated based on market rate…bintulu is coming hard on the street…miri also…kuching is coming out…people don care about the election now becos the system fail…people wan to rally as one voice n protest in d street….jus like thailand n get rid of taksin…thats wat they said…

  • http://yahoo Raja Merom

    I solute you for being brave enough to fight against baboon. We all behind you. Don`t worry. We believe in divine intervention that this guy will go to hell in the next world for his evil deed to the dayak community, but now we want him to be both physically and mentally tortured when he is still a live.

    God will punish him. Don`t worry.

    Believe in god.

    Sekian terima kasih

  • Jamal

    Policies applied to Jews and Christians in the time of our Prophet (saas) and the four caliphs :

    1. Statements by Syrian Christians in the document known as the Umar Agreement in history presented to Abu Ubayda:

    [We imposed these terms on ourselves:]… not to withhold our churches from Muslims stopping there by night or day; to open their doors to the traveler and wayfarer; … to entertain every Muslim traveler in our customary style and feed him… We will not abuse a Muslim, and he who strikes a Muslim has forfeited his rights.

    (Majid Khadduri, War and Peace in the Law of Islam (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1955), 193-94.)

    2. When Hazrat Umar (ra) captured Jerusalem in person in 637 he issued a decree to the people of the city and announced that the places of worship of the People of the Book would not be touched.

    3. Hazrat Umar’s (ra) promise to the Medina Christians contains the principle that “None from the Christian faith shall be forced to become Muslims against their will.”

    4. The article concerning dhimmis in the treaty between Christians and Muslims in the time of Hazrat Umar (ra) is very important.

    "If one of them becomes weak or old or suffers from sickness or becomes poor when once he was rich, he and his family will receive assistance from the public purse for so long as they are in Islamic territories."

  • Jepang Merpati

    Talk, criticise if you must, but take stock of reality. There are people out there whether foreign and local who want to destabilise our political stability for their purposes. They are just waiting to send tomahawks and missiles when we start fighting against each others..

    Life is never fair to everybody, nobody can be rich forever and neither the poor will be poor forever.. Work hard to change your life and educate your children to change the wheel of misfortunes..change the vicuious cycle of poverty by being educated and work hard to achieve your dreams..

    Do not blame others for your misfortunes but look forward to build a better future..

  • akuwat

    ayang anyie

    apu wai, murah amai harga kitak wai. murah ari harga indu sempit.

    stupid clown or stupid idiot? maybe both.