Day The Orang Ulu Came to Town !

Day The Orang Ulu Came to Town !

17 Feb 2011

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Hear our message!

They were ignored by the government-controlled press, of course, and moved on by the police, but a remarkable group of protesters made their way from the distant Baram River to central K L last week.  They were speaking up against Taib’s plans for the Baram Dam, which will destroy yet another huge swathe of Sarawak and displace tens of thousands more indigenous people from their forest lands.

Organisers say there were around 30 people in total, including children.  Some had made the costly journey all the way from the Long San area in the Baram River basin.  One of the spokespeople, Willie Kayan, himself a Berawan, said that many of the affected tribes were represented in the small group. 

“We were simple, poor people.  Kenya, Kayan, Berawan, Malay and Iban.  Sadly we could not raise enough money for any Penan to join us” he told Sarawak Report.

Interested - tourists and on-lookers were fascinated by the daring show of defiance

For these desperate people, who were so determined to get their message out, the journey involved an 8 hour ride on the back of trucks down the battered logging roads to Miri and then the flight to Kuala Lumpur, where they spent the following 3 days walking with their banners around the town.  They protested outside the airport, in China town and through the streets and then came to the Central Market Place.  There was plenty of interest and curiosity from on-lookers and tourists they told us, but the local media studiously ignored their presence.

Police harassment

On the other hand and not surprisingly the small group found themselves the subject of continuous scrutiny from Special Branch and plain clothes police who tracked their movements.  This is why what they did takes courage for Sarawakians, because the consequences will be uncertain.  When a crew from TV Selangor (the state which is run by the PKR opposition) did come to film them in the market place the police made their move.  Both the protesters and the TV crew were rudely interrupted and pushed out of the area.   

“The people in the market were very interested, they took pictures and asked us questions and took our leaflets” says Kayan “But then we were forced to go”

Interrogated by plains clothes police and then moved on

Desperate move

Start of the backlash?

The courage and desperation of the small group should not be under-estimated.  But their gesture is a sign of big changes in Sarawak as the local people, who are normally shy and self-reliant, have started to react to the intolerable pressures of Taib’s land grabs.   There is no need for the Baram dam or indeed the 12 other dams that Taib plans to build with a loan of US $11 billion that has been offered by the Chinese, who are also providing the workers and engineering behind the massive project


In fact there is not even any existing requirement for the enormous Bakun Dam which is currently flooding an area the size of Singapore along the Rajang river.  That project has already displaced 10,000 native people, who are suffering hardship and destitution in resettlement areas where they have no access to the food and products that once sustained them from the jungle.  None of the promises that were made to these communities about better lives and prosperity in return for their lands have been fulfilled.  

Now half a million other indigenous people are in fear of the same disaster  befalling them as they are forced from their lands to make way for Taib.  Might it be that the show of defiance by the people of Long San will be the beginning of the reaction against Taib.  Till now he has strong-armed his way into grabbing huge areas of native territory for his own enrichment, but the vast extent of these latest projects indicates a greed that has grown out of control. 

Getting too greedy – and getting found out

You need to stop Taib first!

Taib and his family and cronies stand to make billions from the dam mega-projects.  This is why they build these white elephants that nobody needs and destroy the people’s lands.  However, it will be the people of Sarawak and their children who will have to find the money to pay back to China in their taxes and in their lands and resources. 

The people of Sarawak are coming to understand what Taib has been doing to them and their country and to realise that his greed is getting worse the richer he gets.  “When these people arrived in KL they were amazed at all the tall buildings” says Willie Kayan. “They asked me where did all the money come to pay for the Petronas Towers?  and I told them this money came all the way from Sarawak from our oil and gas of Sarawak.  They felt sad and angry and they took a lot of pictures”.

What future?

The protesters from Baram took information to the people of KL, but they will also be bringing information back to their own people of Baram.  Information about how under Taib Mahmud their country has been stripped of its resources and how while they live in desperate poverty that wealth has gone elsewhere.

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  • Lawrence Jayaraj

    well done…!!!

    • lestrouble

      Rise Up and Take Charge, Orang Ulu!

      • dayak tribes alias

        hi orang ulu dont waste your time. how many of us have access to internet ? Whatever wrong doing our sarawak govt is practising, nobody in the interior evercare.You know why, because all our YB the present n past yb who are suppose to fight for the rakyat- caused never dare to face their master. He is damned rich even

        K L Minister are scared of him.

        Our primitive tribes never know how powerful is their votes and they are still naive about what is democracy.By the time theirs off-spring knows how to vote it is too late

        • falcon

          yes….I think its kind of waste of time and money.

          On the other end…the Org Ulu are aiding the PM and Taib!

          PM advisor….Idris Jala!

          Taib trusted laywer….Isaac Lugun

    • perak boy

      admin, pls remove his comment, his comment racism remark….

    • Anim

      dont u thnk ur comment are too racist? this is all about taib and his cronies. those chinese contractors are just doin their jobs for living. there will alwys supply where there is a need. they are nt even from malaysia. it's taib who has gone to find them for this mega project. we should point our fingers to those who has started this, not to those who just doin their job. chinese in malaysia arent tat bad. they are also d ones being pushed to side.

    • Save sarawakian

      Le… knk ko pdh dak ya? cam la konco Taib ya semua org cina… nok lain ya sapa? semua dah gila jual bangsa mun dh temu duit.

      Pikir jak cara mok majukan sarawak nek tok, pilihan raya dh dekat, pa blh kita plh?

      • aduh aduhhhh

        Banyak konco2 nya, taib n family n relative suma la sapa lg. kelak kita lawan masuk ISA lak nak ka susah. nama jak demokrasi tp sikda kebebasan bersuara apa la guna nak? so knak govt sik benarkan kebebasan bersuara? ermmm sebab bkn org govt jak smart n pandey fikir, belambak rakyat yang bijak berfikir dan brani mengkritik. govt tok takut nak trima kenyataan yang sidak nya mmg corrupt suma. simple jak. sik leh ditegur dak taib tok, manas mun ditegur. benda salah n dosa pun betul bg dak nya… bkan ka gila nama nya? kelak kta komplen kta dipadah nya gila. kali suma rakyat disangka nya bodoh gila senang ditindas nya kot. bila la rakyat sarawak nak bersatu melawan.

    • Antares

      @Sarawakboyz, greed knows no racial or religious boundaries. While it's true that some races appear more left-brained and therefore more focused on controlling the future by manipulating the present and even the past), the problem of ego-driven greed and power-lust transcends superficial categories of race and religion. Some of Taib Mahmud's closest allies and cronies are Ibans and Kenyahs. How do you explain that? There are many Chinese who are neither corrupt nor greedy and who cry when they see nature desecrated and tribal peoples cruelly robbed of their ancestral habitats.

      • imam frustrated

        eHARAP2 BUKAN HANGAT2 TAHI AYAM LEPAS DISUAP DUIT SEMUA DIAM.MASA PBDS DULU PUN KUAT TAPI selepas itu semua masuk geng taib sampai PBDS dibubarkan.

  • karma believer


    • kucing hitam

      betul betul betul.itu tempat dia dan keluarga serta kroni dia akan ditempatkan nanti.semua rumah dan harta yang diambil dari rakyat akan tinggal,apa yang mereka bawa ialah kejahatan dan mereka akan berjumpa dengan tuhan mereka dan kalau gagal dengan semua jawaban ditanya malaikat, tahulah tempat mana mereka jenaraka atau syurga.

      dunia ini tidak sama alam akhirat.orang yang hidup di dunia semua akan mati.

      • lakin herm

        stupid taib

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Baram Dam or Baram damned.The dam costs RM5 Billions but actual cost is only RM2 Billions,so where does the money go to? The thief Minister's pocket. So it is an excuse for the Thief minister to pocket the money.

    Bengoh dam costs RM320 millions but contract out or actual cost is RM165 million so where are the difference go to? The thief's cousin of course.

    Gohet saja Taib gohet saja lah.Land and Survey is with you and so are your Awang Tanah Ambil Harta,Wong Soon Koh,George Chan,'Afraid' Jabu,Manyin,Abg Johari,J.Masing masing,Mawan & Jennifer Jack,Balang 'Raining'..Gohet saja

    • bersatuhati

      cakap pasal bengoh dam..saya ada seorang kawan…dia adalah kepunyaan bengoh dam…pada suatu hari…dia bercrita, apabila ada jak function di kampung tidak kurang Rm 500 akan di kluar kan, lepas itu saya jawab..apa sgt Rm 500 itu berbanding keuntungan yang kamu org dapat, dia pun diam..yang sedih nya sini dia mengeluh Rm 500 itu adalah untuk function gereja.

      • http://none Raja Manggeng

        Yes,true..roject coordinator is MR CLIFF MEGUD. What a paltry sum for the people but they are so bloody stupid that they said it is better than nothing. It really makes me sick to the teeth.Cliff Megud is assisted by the former FROG YB Sora anak 'Rosak'.These are the Bidayuh who sold their soul for a RM5,000 salary monthly plus FORD Everest 4WD at the people's expense.

        May GOD touches their wicked hearts so that they may think about the people of Bengoh.

        By rights,Water Board and Naim should set aside RM50 millions for Bengoh Foundation for the students financial aids and then pay royalty to the foundation for getting the water from the area.

        The [people of Bengoh areas get nothing from Naim and water board and also from Borneo height that Taib sold to Tam Sri Lee Kim Yew of The Palaace of the Golden Horses.The [people of Bengoh ,Padawan and Penrissen are short change in the name of GREED and ABUSE of power.

        • romakoyo

          Bengoh dam water catchment area…air di sungai Sarawak pun ada. tak kan habis sampai akhirat. madah aja nak ambil balak udah. menyusahkan rakyat aja.

  • Sarawak Son

    Well I guess its about time they wake up!!!

    • anembiak sarawak

      theif minister attention not the dam but the forest inside that area. greedy old bastard burn to hell. for example bakun and btg ai.

      • kucing hitam

        i ve a friend yang dapat habuan dari bayaran kompensasi tanah yang terlibat dengan dam batang ai.di tempat asal dia tiap minggu pulang kampung. sekarang harta di batang ai telah tiada, hidup terus melarat.rumah tidak ada,apa lagi tanah untuk mendiri rumah.hidup dia menyewa mungkin hingga mati.bagaimana nak beli rumah sekarang yang harga melambung sampai ke langit.inilah sikap pemimpin rakus dan jahat. mereka jadi kaya dan semua kekayaan 70% dimilik orang kaya dunia,hanya 5% sahaja untuk orang miskin(radio Ikim)

      • http://bernardendok@gmail jeff antu lemai

        I agreed what you have said they are not for the dam to be built but what they want are the kayu balak only.Stop these monkeys to disturb the rain forests of Sarawak.No wonder his face really look like monkeys.Better kick him out from BN government.

    • kucing hitam

      sudah 30 tahun taib mubarak dan keluarga serta kroni tidak akan sedar dari mimpi jahat mereka dan tidak akan sedar sedar.mata hati dan kepala mereka telah ditutup untuk melaku perkara baik.

      depan rakyat bukan main baik kata kata, tapi hati dia itu seperti batu hitam yang keras dan tenggelam untuk jadi baik.

      dia tidak akan sedar.rakyat mesti bangkit,seperti di mesir, baru dia berundur.percayalah,jika dia menang nanti, dia akan beli kapal terbang, ATM,Abdul Taib Mahmud aircraft;dia akan semakin rakus.rakyat mesti bangkit untuk angkat dia keluar daan dihumban ke dalam penjara.

  • oA


    let wait and see how persistent these folks are.

    all the power to you guys.


    • Lampu kidurong

      Wow,this is very good example.they acted,not just talk like us.thier action is to ensure that all peoples over the world knows what tai Mahmud had done to his native peoples,but sorry to say that all ours top iban community leaders are Tai Mahmud adorer.

  • jsY

    Yes! The fair land & its fruits are rightfully yours, People of Sarawak. Rise up against Taib & family and all others who stand between you and your patrimony, rise up against the BN!

  • Aberdeen Glenn

    The people of Sarawak need to wake up, forego the money politics and vote for the opposition at the next opportunity.

  • Johnnybegood

    A great show of solidarity. Its time the govt. realise that they cannot do anything they please. In the first place, why do we need another dam, is there any reason other than making more dams…. or more money.

  • inside sarawak

    Let the drum of war begin and let the shape of our heart speaks….I hope one day people in Sarawak including myself dare to come out like this people who dont have nothing, all they have just dignity, pride and courage to speaks for themselves.

    Actions speaks more. You all wake me up. Thank you Sarawak.

  • darah sarawak

    ape punya hantu dah……this is the starting of revolution in sarawak…..well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is your lands dayaks, penan ,kayan,,,fight for you land ……………

  • Anyi

    Bravo my fellow folks. Change we MUST. Get our original pride and where we came from…heart of sarawak.

  • Apai

    Apa susah sangat? Undi di tangan anda! Jangan hanya pandai kritik sahaja! Gunakanlah kepala hotak hang, undilah lain asalkan jangan BN!!!!!

    • Multi-Track Minded

      Senangnya awak cakap! Awak ternyata terlalu naif tentang keadaan di Sarawak. Awak ingat mudah sampaikah maklumat dalam site ini, kepada lebih 60% pemilih di pendalaman Sarawak. BN lainlah, dia orang pegang duit rakyat, diaorang boleh berbelanja sesuka hati untuk kempen PR. Dahlah Kebebasan berkempen pun disekat. Tapi dia orang dah berkempen lama dah. Takkan awak tak tau, melalui media arus perdana milik rakyat yang disalahguna oleh mereka.

      • Komeng

        Lu pikirlah sendiri…apai ooi.. Eh lu mana punye apai ah?

      • jelu mayau

        kita yang dari RDB pergi keluarlah sama sama kampen dengan org org tua yg masih tak faham dengan politik kotor bn atau taip,maklumlah dia orang dulu bukannya ada sekolah tinggi dan pandai pakai komputer,saya dah banyak pergi rumah panjang pedalaman dan bagi tau dia org tua tua..banyak yg sudah faham dan sokong apa yg kita bagi tau.moga kelian berbuat demikian untuk perubahan.jangan asik tulis,baca dan coments…kita boleh!!tq.

        • anak sarawak

          jelu mayau….saya setuju dgn kamu…kalau ada 100 orang yg buat macam kamu…saya yakin penduduk rumah panjang di seluruh swak akan dapt berita ini……saya pun pernah buat….tapi mungkin belum cukup….we must kick taib out….

  • Future Leader

    A very good start for revolusion in sarawak…feel proud for their initiative..well done…

  • Jinny

    I applaud your group. So so brave. Pray for your cause and wish you every success.

  • alfa romeo

    Sik kira laki, pmpuan, tua, muda, miskin, kaya kita laungkan keadilan, hentikan kezaliman.. Ambik iktibar, semangat cdak mesir, tunisia, libya dll dari seluruh dunia. Dengan izin & pertolongan Tuhan Maha Kuasa, sama2 kita mampu hancurkan kejahatan & kezaliman yg sekian lama kita lalui

  • dayakian

    well done….

    anjurkan demo yang paling besar di sarawak utk menuntut Taib berundur…..let what happen in Tunisia is happen in Sarawak…we will support u

    • tongontas

      Just what BN want you to do. After that the round-up begins and there will be no opposition candidate contesting, all are being ISAed. The better option is coming soon. And…go away, you BN cyber trooper.


    i need a T-shirt saying:




    "TAIB – Take All In Borneo"

    • Jen

      Me too..Where can I get it?

  • Iban rumah panjang

    I suggest Taib to resign gracefully, too many adverse reports against him. Apart from land issue, the unfavourable reports against him will be used by the opposition in their election campaign.

    In my longhouse with 52 voters who have been loyal to BN, now has changed to support Pakatan Rakyat, because we see it the reports on Taib`s wealth are true.

  • Antares

    This power hierarchy nonsense has gone on for too many generations. Those who continue to cling on to perks and privileges while the vast majority can barely live because the natural landscape has been desecrated and devoured by demon kings deserve to be deleted from Life.

  • ngegeh

    Those people are definitely paid and/or instigated by PKR/Sarawak Report. Every community have protest whores who over-react and politicize every mundane aspect of their lives. Don't live like SR reporters, please. Your sense of reality is distorted. Have some shame.

    • wHEn?


      You called those two little darling 'Whores" for reacting towards injustice? How well do you live? Pathetic BN crony.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      ngegeh is a bidayuh he is a bidayuh and paid fr by his master to say

      nice words about his master..selling his soul to defend his thief master. To describe the innocent little girls 'whores' deserves GOD punishment 7 folds.He is just having a pea brain..ignore him.

  • Ah Soon

    This man has gone overboard. They have no more feeling for the poor people at all. All they wanted is GREED.

    Feel sad for the local but what is happening to our local dayak's MP and elected representatives. We have not heard from them except to support the present government and poor guys on the ground knows what hit them below the belt.

  • ngegeh

    '…This is why they build these white elephants that nobody needs and destroy the people’s lands. However, it will be the people of Sarawak and their children who will have to find the money to pay back to China in their taxes and in their lands and resources.'

    1. 'This is why they build these white elephants that nobody needs and destroy the people’s lands…': – if PKR takes over, I bet they will propose new dams. Who wants to bet not?

    2. '…it will be the people of Sarawak and their children who will have to find the money to pay back to China in their taxes and in their lands and resources…': – What kind of bogus economic conclusion is this? Stick to facts that you know.

    These are just tiny examples of the irresponsible and instigative (contrary to claims on being 'investigative') reporting Sarawak Report is engaging in. I hope the country is not filled with too many tabloid-addict National Enquirer crowd.

    • Jati Sarawak

      No wonder you called yourself "ngegeh". You may today be contented with what you have. But these people are thinking of their future. Bet you are staying in the city with good road and other infra. That would be just certain part of Kuching. Try driving along the bad road in other towns of Sarawak is enough to know where the money had gone to. You dare to bet. Truly ngegeh

      • ngegeh

        If I disagree with you, then I must be rich lah. How stupid.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          ngegeh–Does Clare put the dots also? The man and his son almost die and you still say Clare put the dots?

          If you do,then CONFIRMED that you have a pea brain.

          Can you tell us here for others to know that you are really having a pea brain?.

    • VOSTRO73

      ngegeh, I will bet with you that PKR will not do such evil thing. Only you and your Taib will do. You're not Sarawakian. If you are, you would understand the situation with the people there. So, shut the fuck up.

      • ngegeh

        And they say brainwashing doesn't work…

    • Multi-Track Minded

      1. Abuses of Power

      2. Frauds

      3. Misleading the rakyat with your Single- Track Minded, Self- Centered Ideologies

      4. Ultra egos

      5. Hypocrisy

      6. Crony-ism

      7. Nepotism

      8. Practices of Distortion

      9. Practices of Extortion

      10. Lunatic

      11. Ethnic Cleansing/racist

      12. Prejudice Practices

      13. Inefficient leadership to truthfully serves and cares for the rakyat

      14. Highly autocratorate

      15. Stone Cold Hearted

      16. Notorious on various counts

      17. Broad day light murderer on freedom of speech ………………………….


      and more long list of unaccounted offenses that your master (probably you yourself)accusations that the rakyat hurls on you and your confederates. You have made fool of the rakyat many times before,……….enough of what you have said and done for 30 years in the expense of the grievances, your ill-treated and miseries of the rakyat, Yet you are still very ambitious pursuing your single track minded, old school games, dirty self-centered agendas in the expense of less self-motivated, less educated and naive, especially your poor rural folks due to your continuously practices of oppression, distortion, extortion and the murdering of the freedom of speech.

      Now, if they had found out all the evil deeds that you have done, especially that they have put all the trust on you all these years to lead them to improve their standard of living and taking good care of them, they should be saying 'Since you have failed, now it's time for us to take care of ourselves no matter what the circumstances it will be, no matter even if it will be our final frontier' CHANGE WE MUST. STEP INTO POSITION. CONSIDER PLAN OF ACTIONS. GO!

      *If it is you, yourself, we ask you to swear, in the name of your god, upon your holy book, witness by million of the rakyat, in special live tv telecast that you have done none of the above.

      *If you are his subordinate, tell him. the rakyat demands him to do so.


      • ngegeh

        Confuse yourself much, multi-track minded?

        • Multi-Track Minded

          Probably once or twice, but in the end there is a solid conclusion.

        • Jati Sarawak

          Ngegeh you are as stupid as brainwash. You do not even have any point to argue.

      • http://none Watch Dog

        Bro,you miss the VIOLENCE part.They are the ones who practised politics of VIOLENCE..the rest you are dead right bro. Let us all unite.

        • Multi-Track Minded

          Agree bro! and definitely, another long unaccounted list………surfaces. SR is just a tip of an iceberg.

        • ngegeh

          Based on reporting on this site?

          Okay, turkeys…gobble, gobble…this British lady will not be around to pick up the pieces after all the destruction she leaves behind. And I promise you, it'll be worse than now…whatever it is.

          Stop thinking that just because things are 'bad' now, it'll only get better…you want to know what bad is, then vote for PKR and Anwar, and PAS and DAP or whatever else…while these guys writing for Sarawak Report are partying it up there in London laughing at us bicker with each other.

        • http://none Raja Manggeng

          Just a heresay ngegeh…Did you see or met with them? Just a wild guess I suppose,following your Karim crony..or reading Taib's Borneo post.BN wants proof and you simply say so..wild guess.

          Who party? What party? Another conspiracy theory by you.

  • http://- Ayen Piyat

    To Willie and group, Bravo!!!

    (refer to my comment in hornbillunleashed under the same heading)

  • Aussie

    This amounts to systematic genocide by your chief minister.

  • miz

    well done!tat the important thing must to do…respect u all!

  • Aziza

    Don't give up. Remain relentless strong for your people.

  • kelunan hudik@ orang

    vote for PKR..that is the solution for it. BN has promise to my people a lot, but nothing.. they just take our land,. and now, build a dam.. damn it!! think about us..what should we eat if BN take our land..SAPA DULU HIDUP DI SARAWAK? KERAJAAN ATAU MANUSIA?

  • anak sarawak porakpe

    With the Dam, the people of Baram will be "Porakperanda" like me…

  • antitaib&kronie

    main cakap je tak guna.yang penting tarik taib turun.pastikan niat tu kuat.jangan bila diberi peluang disia-siakan.bagi tausama taib dia boleh bersara da.dah tua dah tu.bagila peluang kat orang lain.

  • karma believer

    those peoples are only interested in the timber and the land after the kpg folks been ask to be resettled in a smaller land area.THE PROOF……BATANG AIR….SUNGEI ASAP….AND NEXT WILL BE KPG REJOI.KPG SAIT.KPG BOJONG AND KPG SEMBAN IN BENGOH.PLS.SPREAD THE NEWS TO VOTE BN OUT TO HELL.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Next bro is the land between Kpg Semadang/Giam and Skio rich in timber which has already alienated to YB Dr Jerip and Awanag Tanah's brother,Awang Nizam.The rea is rich in timber and belian..after that they will plant oil palm.The timber rich area has already been sold to KTS as Dr Jerip is a SOUP member ops..SUPP.After having sold his soul,he was given numerous board member in KTS,the finance arm of SUPP,drawing RM50K pm.Too bad. That is what YB in SUPP will get..Board seat.. a token appreciation for a BIG favour to SUPP.Sad sad sad for the bidayuh people.

      • imam frustrated

        orang yang tak bejuang sampai habis tak harus diundi,orang bidayuh juga undi dia.dia pembakang paling kuat bidayuh satu ketika dahulu sekarang geng taib mahmud masih juga org bidayuh undi dia,sebenarnya orang bidayuhlah yang paling sokong taib mahmud.Taib mahmud pun sayang kepada org2 bidayuh kerna mereka setia kepadanya,yang memberotak kerana mereka tak dipilih dan di beri kawasan2 balak atau NCR kelapa sawit.Taib sayang bidayuh dari dulu,dari Jacob ridu sampai Johari Abdullah.org2 paling dijaga oleh taib ialah foochow dan kaum bidayuh.

        • romakoyo

          Imam!…kau tok nang kaki penghasut dan kaki kondem. Sik bejaya hasut kau kondem. Tempat kaupun(kota samarahan)dijajah Taib sampe habis tanah orang iban dan melayu di ambi tapi masih jua nguninya. Kinetok anaknya agi di sia, masih jua korang ngundinya. Kitak nangalah kelak berapa kerusi melayu majoriti yang akan jatuh pada pembangkang. Ataupun…kau tok nang orang taib.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Next bro is the land between Kpg Semadang/Giam and Skio rich in timber which has already alienated to YB Dr Jerip and Awanag Tanah's brother,Awang Nizam.The area is rich in timber and belian..after that they will plant oil palm.The timber rich area has already been sold to KTS as Dr Jerip is a SOUP member ops..SUPP.The Bidauyh from Kpg Semadang and Giam get peanuts,and NO more NCR land..The road is being borne by the tax payers

      After having sold his soul,he was given numerous board member in KTS,the finance arm of SUPP,drawing RM50K pm.Too bad. That is what YB in SUPP will get..Board seat.. a token appreciation for a BIG favour to SUPP.Sad sad sad for the bidayuh people.Is this the type of YB that you peroh Bidayuh want? Go ahead and VOTE for SUPP and you will get the SOUP.My bidayuh people ,do you think that SUPP,Chinese party will look after you? Nah..not a chance.Change now change and PENSION all the thieves

      • kopel


        • romakoyo

          macamlah kau tok tau gilak…kaki kondem

        • imam frustrated

          betul cakap ko ya kopel,suruh romeneko ya jadi pengecut sampai anak cucu,nya sik tahu kah taib adi gan anaknya menang tampa bertanting calon2 yang mahu bertanding hilang diri sik tahu sine sampae habi hari nomination.lain kali pakai otak tiat sejarah dan tanya org,jangan duduk kedai kopi minium beer sampai palau ia ajak kerja sidak bidayuh yang palaing terrordan gissip politic.podah romana kamu sama macam bidayuh lain kaki ampu sini sana patut lah banyak bidayuh jadi geng taib sampai jual anak cucu.hanya dr patau berani cakap,yang lain kecut semua.betul cakap kopel tok.masa lampau pun kepala bidayuh semua kena potong jadi hiasan rumah panjang iban,ini sajarah sarawaklah kawan,sekarang kepala bidayuh jadi hiasan taib mauat.hahahahaha takut benar sidak bidayuh cakap ajak lebih protest macam kayan/kenyah sia.bengoh dam pun dah jadi.nak cakap lebih.pergi minum beer dean mabok kat kedai kopi cina sinun.


          I am a Bidayuh. We Bidayuh support Taib Mahmud and the BN government to steal/grab (whatever term you want to use) all the IBan/Orang Ulu and Malay Land especially the Malay the most prestigious people in Malaysia, We Bidayuh have no more land for them to steal. Historically the Bidayuh land had been plundered by the Malays, during the time of Raja Muda Hashim.Before that the Kenyalang areas belong to the Bidayuh. And deep inside the Bidayuh hates,( especially the older ones) any living beings who called themselves Melayu. SO if Imam frustrated wants to create or revive the animosity plse go ahead and say all the derogatory remarks that you enjoy posting in SR. We do not care a damn. Most Bidayuh are not dependent on the government for subsidy, or even goverment job.I pay RM:4K plus tax a month, but my children cannot have any Malaysian scholarship. My Grandfather died a British citizen and never change his British IC with Malaysian one. How right he was for opposing the formation of Malaysia. He already anticipated that the Malay will call themselves the TUAN and the rest of us will be trampled upon. Remember the Paper money with the picture of the Baffalo. That was the ominious sign according to him that we others will be trampled upon by joining Malaysia. And I believe it will make no different who is going to win in the next election. We Bidayuh will not depend on any one of you guys.So Imam and Koppel go ahead and alienate the Bidayuh further with derogatory. IMAM Frustrated you like to comment here where majority of the readers are English educated but you like to post in your bloody Malay dialect.And I am not sure whether you can understand anything that I wrote here. I am just wasting my time.

  • helong ajang

    I am a kayan from belaga. N i am so happy about this. this is great news for all orang ulu. We are all aware of how much we have been raped n cheated by Taib n his clan..but still we have fear n doubts in ourselves. You guys have shown the spark to start the fire that will damn Taib straight back hell..

  • environmentalist

    The semenanjung Malaysia is a leech. All the profits earn by Sabah & Sarawak mostly go to developing the KL.

    I have sympathy on those native people. They all have every right to defend what belong to theirs.

    When reading the article about the how the police were acting, it was a total discrimination! They are trying to conceal the truth perhaps. Idiots!

    May be its time for the native to get some help from United Nation.

    What taib is doing now is a selfish act and ignorance. Sarawak already facing its natural destruction. Dont let Taib do a further damage.

  • kayan79

    Orang ulu have come far,from the deep depths of kampung2 to working in the big cities in UAE and others,we will not going to let this petty guy take us down,even we known as a passive and humble race,we fully utilized ourselves and will not deliberately taken advantages of,sure there is always a flaw,but we are getting more advanced liberal and modern-minded not to be taken as FOOLS

    • Light Of Wisdom

      Agree bro!

      Well done.

  • imam frustrated

    org ulu memang berani,tapi sapa akan tolong mereka,org iban atau org bidayuh,bengoh dam sudah o.k,batang air sudah o.k,sekarang baram dan murum.banyak cakap banyak and ketuk org lain tapi tak berani buat apa.banyaklah keluar dan bantah.tolonglah bangsa mu kaum mu…

    • kayan1million

      I know you're frustrated imam, just like the rest of us, thank you for that. You just watch we orang ulu/dayak are striking back. Insya'Allah kemanangan akan ada di dalam tangan kita. God is Great, Allahu Akbar.Amen

      • imam frustrated

        kayan1million,saya salute kamu,ugama bukan erti saya buta dan kuno,saya pun respect banyak pastor2 SIB yang selalu datang berjumpa saya,tapi saya seorang muslim.mereka org yang baik dan sedia pada Allah@Jesus mereka,saya respect mereka.saya hanya tak suka org perhambakan org lain dan ranpak hak asasi mereka.bial ini berlaku kita harus buat sesuatu untuk pertahankan hak asasi kita.ini bukan salah atau saya benci pada bangsa dan ugama lain.saya dari kaum iban kalau ikut bapak saya.atuk saya dari sibu kawin melayu.saya bukan tulin melayu,saya pun banyak ajar org kayan yang kawin islam,krusus2 ugama.saya hanya buat apa yang saya mampu.saya pun bukan penganas,tapi kalau tiap hari kita lihat dan dengar manusia di tindas apa suara hati kita sokonh taib atau katakan apa yang dia buat salah.bagi saya dia buat perkara yang salah dari segi moral jangan kata ugama.ini sahaja.salah.

  • pasun_menoa

    Tidak perlu menggunakan kekerasan seperti di negara orang! Semasa mengundi, gunakan pencil. Yang perlu kita lakukan sekarang adalah – sebarkan seluas-luasnya berita kesengsaraan kaum pribumi kepada orang-orang kita di pedalaman yang tiada internet, yang hanya mendapat berita menerusi media BN.

    Ballot tampering tetap akan BN lakukan disepanjang perjalanan membawa kotak undi ke tempat mengira undi.

    Ballot tampering amat mudah dilakukan oleh BN semasa dalam perjalanan menaiki kereta, bot dan helikopter. Kenapa tidaknya, heli hanya muat 4 – 5 orang penumpang. Hanya muat untuk bawa pegawai SPR. Pegawai SPR tu sapa? Kerja untuk ikut perintah sapa? BN juga, walaupun pada hakikatnya, semasa pilihanraya itu, para menteri bukanlah seorang menteri! Kenapa begitu? Sebab DUN telah dibubarkan, bukan? Jadi, SPR dan polis bertindak sebagai kerajaan interim. Betul ke ni?

    Tapi keberanian para penyokong pembangkang diperlukan untuk sama-sama berada di tempat itu. Tunjuk gertak sikit. Lagi ramai, lagi bagus. Lihat keberanian penyokong DAP di Sibu, sehingga boleh menyebabkan keputusan lewat dikeluarkan. Itu bukti BN cuba nak main kotor.

    Ingat insiden power outage semasa Rahman Yakub menentang Kalong dulu? Seluruh Sarawak bergelap serentak? Kali ini, jangan biarkan insiden ini berulang. Sediakan lampu suluh. Kini blackout lebih mudah dilakukan serentak, kerana tenaga eletrik adalah berpusat (bukan lagi menggunakan gen-set di pekan masing-masing).

  • jelu

    tp mslh skrg ni nak brain wash org tua ni payah..durang ni fanatik dacing BN jak..sbb awal2 dah kena beli BN. 60% automatik akan undi BN sbb pemikiran org tua ni msh setia dgn BN tanpa fikir apa yg tlh BN buat terutama taik mamut dgn kita generasi muda bangkit suarakan hak kita pd undi akan datang.

  • Care seng

    I always support SR.but why your allow racist barking here, your should withdraw them !!!!!

  • calvin

    The people of sarawak especially in the interior need to be more educated or made aware about their rights and how to fight for it.

    As for Taib n his koncoX2 be it chinese or bumiputera all are blood suckers who monopolise and only protect their own self interest.

    The Chinese people especially in Kuching no longer supports SUPP. Hopefully this trend can reach Miri where SUPP is strong. (it is misconception to equalise chinese with SUPP because SUPP does not represent the Chinese people's voice as evidence of their loss of support of chinese voter in Kuching n Sibu)Next we need the local bumiputeras to support the uprising against Taib n peninsular Malaysia.

    Before Taib is over thrown we need to fight for Sarawak n Sabah independence from Malaysia. we are being colonised for far too long and all our resources can be found in KL. It is really sad that poor people of sarawak need to fight for scholarship for our studies n other rights. even though iban, bidayuh, org ulu are classified as bumiputera, UMNO treats them as scum bags.

    1. Do you know that in Uitm only 2 or 3 of the entire class of 50 or 100 students are actually sabah n sarawak native!! how is this fair?

    2. also many sarawak n sabah native were denied rights to move up in government service because they are Christians!! the boss will persuade them to convert to Islam in order to become head department or others. may God have mercy for those power greedy converts.

    3. many chinese-native parentage children are being deprived of their rights to scholarship and others when they perform excellently (straight As) while a malay in peninsular with an average result (5As) can easily get scholarship even JPA overseas. BN need to get their facts right!! 3 out of 5 marriage in Sabah n Sarawak are interacial marriage. since Chinese made up of almost 30% of sarawak population the chances are 1/3 of marriages are chinese n native. It is common for chinese and native families to have more than one chinese or native family members. As such how can you classify a interacial parentage children as not bumiputera?

    4. Sabahan natives were not given IC or birth certificates while the philipino illegal Muslim immigrants were given IC n even low cost housing by UMNO. this is done to change Sabah from a Christian majority state before 1990s to become a Muslim majority state since 2000. in 1990 sabah registered population was less than 1M while sarawak was 1.3M but from 1990 to 2000 Sabah population jumped to 3M while sarawak increase to almost 2M. UMNO did hanky panky stuff within this period.

    Maybe it is time for a Christian Democratic party to represent the voice of Sarawakian n Sabahan after all we are Christian states and we have the right to call our God Allah!!

    we had had enough of how bumiputera in swk n sbh being mistreated. as such only Self Independence can ensure our rights and future generation can live in peace in a place where we can call home instead of being treated like illegal immigrants and chased out of our ancestral land when we are the local people!!

  • Kucing Manas

    Komen macam2, pendapat nang banyak. Tapi habuk pun tarak. Bila time ngundi, dpt duit ckit terus undi BN juak. Mcm nie nak ngubah org tua yg masih kenak set otak ngan BN ya. Bersatu pun sik, cuma sebilangan kecik jak, ingat Taib takutkah ngan U all. Mun berani, polah cam Mesir, Tuniasia & Libya….berapa bnyk mati demi negara di sia. So, selagi BUMIPUTRA'S' sik bersatu jangan haraplah Taib nak undur selagik ajalnya belum sampei.

    • imam frustrated

      kucing manas,saya selute org macam kamu bukan kita benci manusia dan mahu org merotak tapi apa cara paling bail untuk org2 sarawak yg hanya bercoment di blogg dulu di kedai kopi.kalau kita cakap lain sikit kena ketuk tapi hanya satu car terbaik seru agar taib mamaut@suka bunuh org2 dan rampas hak orang supay letak jawatan dan suruh baru bian jadi ketua mentari.walaupun saya islam saya tahu dia ada hati yang murni,dia lah satu satunya org pejuangan NCR dari masa pbds sampai sekarang tak pernak tinggalkan perjuangannya untuk semua bangsa dan kaum di sarawak,a true principle fighter for the NCR until today.baru kalau bertanding secara election kau tak dapat menang tapi selepas kami berontak supaya taib letak jawatan kamu adalah org yang sarawak dapat percaya,a man of honourable man,walaupun baru seorang christian saya islam saya percaya kepada principnya,tried and tested,even masing pun sudah sold out to taib or jirip tapi baru,kamu make not only the lun bawang proud but all the rest of the sarawakian regardless of religion and creed.kamu bagaikan nabi musa kepada org sarawak yang diperhambakan,tolong bawa kami keluar dari mesir ke tanak sarawak yang dijanjikan.



  • http://none Eric Lee

    Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

    Bravo!! May the true Sarawakians stand out and be seen.

  • imam frustrated

    anim,kalu cina tak buat sapa lagi buat..kalau kes jenayah,ketua perokpak walaupun tak ikut rompak juga telbat merompak.

  • Anang Cabut

    Good job and good vibes.

    Spread the network and teach others!

    May the Force be with you!

  • Light Of Wisdom

    Hi everyone,

    I'm proud of what you all have been said. We are not against the government (current) but the people who lead us now. Your time has come. It is wise if the leader now can step down. We want the developments to go on but please, let someone else lead the party. We got thousand of people that can lead us toward brighter future. Give them chance to show their charisma and capabilitily to lead too. It has been a very long time to stay on the top and they are 'damned' rich robbing people's right and money. So, don't ever think that you will forever stay on the top cos one day, you will look down the earth and realise that you are just a person like we are.

    Hail! those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

  • imam frustrated

    islam dan christian bersatu,dalam satu mutlamat iaitu mehapuskan ketua penyamun sarawak.ini bukan pasal ugama sahaja tapi bangsa dan negara.kalau org sarawak hanya fikair ini pejuangan dayak dan christian,org2 dayak yang muslim dan melayu macam mana.taib dan tun mengunakan islam untuk mendapat sokongan umno tapi mereka kafir dan murtat bertopengkan islam.taib harus di golengkan…harus,jangan tunggu pilihanraya..sekarang waktunya..saya akan mengumumkan kepada jamaah di masjid besok supaya semua keluar dan protest kerja syaitan murtat kafir taib.

  • imam frustrated

    betul antares,kekejaman harus dihapuskan iniang tugas yang abadi.marilah bersama dan jangan memandang ugama.

  • anonymous

    is he able to f*ck his young wife?

  • kadekut La

    Its not Taib la. Its his left and right hand man plus Tycoons and typhoons. PBB is a heck kedekut punya orang

  • Jumanzi

    The termites need to be destroy especially the queen, otherwise the whole structure will collapse. So people of Sarawak Make your right choice for the future of your generation during this coming state election.

  • Jit

    Now…. let's close our eyes for the moment and now read this simple msg. When they blundered the forests from the time immemorial commencing about late 1960s until now, who had gained from the proceeds except those who were in politic, their proxies and the concerned contractors(tawkey). We have nothing. When they took away the NCR/State lands to be converted into integrated oil palm plantations, the people in politic, their friends(proxies) and the contractors/investors will still gain. The common people will get nothing. Now look around how those capitalist lead their lives with wealth beyond description. They said "this is the politic of development" but for whom? After all the years, the majority of Sarawakians are still struggling. Now, they say they want to utilize the resources to generate electricity…. for whom.. tell the crowds but also to those selected few which have described above. So fellow countrymen regardless who you are….say enough of this bloody nonsense.

  • Sebastian


  • anis

    Great courage..

    More courage from more Dayak/Iban people. Chinese now did not vote for TAIB and if Dayak can join in, only then he can be removed.

    Taib is smart to bribe all dayak/iban leaders and flooded them with land, project, monies, etc and all present dayak/iban leaders are enslaved to TAIB…Thus, the dayak people needs to speak up…If TAIB is wining, more of RAYAK/IBAN land will be taken by him and his cronies…

  • Dayang Rogahya Shark

    Three cheers to Clare Brown!! Future generations of Swakians owe you something!!!

  • BN supporter..

    One thing. Just one simple thing. Taib MUST die. He will die..

  • Another Orang Ulu

    Thank you, thank you, brave Orang Ulus and thank you, Clare R-B for your hard work.

    Of course, the number one culprit is Taib, but let us not forget others who are as guilty such as other politicians, the towkays and tycoons, and let us not forget, many longhouse leaders are culpable of the crimes too. Many penghulus and tuai rumahs (not all) sign on with the politicians and towkays/tycoons to strip away the land out of valuable timbers with the common villagers not knowing a thing until too late, and then sign off the same land again to the oil palm plantations.

    The problem with the Orang Ulu in the longhouses (and I sure know this first hand) is we blindly trust and follow our traditional leaders, most of whom are from the ruling caste. It is our nature and tradition to follow and look up to them for directions, and this is why during election times, the tuai rumah/penghulus make passionate speeches chastising the people to 100% vote BN. Fortunately, the urban Orang Ulus are more independent minded and will vote for those that serve their interests best regardless of political parties. The hope of the Orang Ulus is in the young urban people who hopefully will really influence their relatives in the longhouses during this election.

  • Dayang Salina

    No used to comment, tired of it already. I just need a decent piece of land for my poor family to settle down since we have been coming to Miri from the remote area to town in 1976….A piece of land my family bought from kampong people of Piasau Utara was just taken away from us and given to this good earning people or people with good income where as my late father is an ex-government servant who served for the country as an ex-prajurit. Very said, just after he passed away from brain tumour we not treated fairly by the government by taking away that piece of land from us…..My late father even have card member of SNAP and PBB and work hard for BN government until he die……Those lucky orang ulu will not have problem with our government now because they are comfortable already….poor people like us still struggle and hoping for the best…….Everybody are going to die, we just want to enjoy the life God give us……..

    • http://none Watch Dog

      I really pity you Dayang,your malay YBs do not help you. How I wish I can help but I have NO power at all.

      Taib once said to me like this;-






  • uncle

    Maybe we are the last outsider to visit Semban Village .My trip was on 22-25 March 2011.According the Naim Security guard..outsider must have a written permit from JKR to visit the village..

  • Ahad

    Taib use same Tactic made you all busy with racial differences & fights like british did..Divide & Rule.
    Throw UMNO & TAIB out this election.Use your vote wisely.
    If necessary attack police in sarawak as they are also humans.if policve act smart attack their families bring revolution.Something must be done to save future of Sarawakians.UMNO should understand Sarawak is not malay land so keep your BUTT out of sarawak.

  • Wal

    We sarawakians want Datuk Taib to resign gracefully because there are too many evidence report against him. It is more than enough for him to governm Sarawak as Chief Minister for 30 years. He seemed to be too tired old man. I personally respect what he has done for Sarawak. But now is the time for him to let go of his post as Chief Minister. Prime Minister have to do something. Even if he stand and win his seat in Balingian most of the Sarawakians are going to protest. Sarawakians are crying regarding NCR Land nobody care. Just recently because opposition keep on barking like dogs only than BN kalam kabut starting giving land title here and there. That is the trick from BN. Where is the voice from SNAP. None. Sarawakians Voters want changes just vote for any PR coalition but not BN. BN tactics cause racial differences

    not only politics but religious issues.Young Sarawakians politicians you have a brilliant ideas I salute you all. May you young politicians lead our country with righteousness." Remove the wicked from the king's presence and his throne will be established through righteousness." (Proverbs 25:5 )

    "When the righteous thrive the people rejoice,when the wicked rule, the people gtoan." (Proverbs 29:2) This is true what is happening to us in Sarawak. Vote wisely and make PR win.

  • wow pvp bot

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