Miracle Harvest Yields Miracle Profits for Raziah & Robert!

Miracle Harvest Yields Miracle Profits for Raziah & Robert!

27 Feb 2011

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Miracle Harvest - golden oil

The company Miracle Harvest Sdn Bhd, belonging to Raziah Mahmud, the sister of the Chief Minister, and her husband Robert Geneid, has certainly yielded some miraculous profits.  They are particularly miraculous because the company has not yet started officially operating, according to Malaysia’s Register of Companies!

Like so many of Razia’s land companies, Miracle Harvest, incorporated 15th June 2005, uses the business address of Kumpulan Parabena Sdn Bhd.  Kumpulan Parabena is run by the Geneids and we have revealed that the Chief Minister also holds a substantial stake through the holding company Mesti Bersatu.   According to our researches the land titles which have been recently awarded to list of different companies based at this address amount to an area greater than Singapore!

Company Records

Miracle Harvest's details in the Register of Companies. The address is the same as Kumpulan Parabena's offices in Jalan Sungai, Padungan. It has yet to "commence operations", but the State of Sarawak has already handed it 12,000 hectares!

In the case of Miracle Harvest, the approval had already been given by the Land Regsitry for an award to the company of 12,000 hectares for the purpose of oil palm plantation (OPL) three weeks before its actual incorporation date!  Land titles handed out to a company before it even comes into existence!  A case of ‘Miraculous Pre-conception’?

So, can one detect the Hand of God behind such amazing developments, or perhaps just that of Abdul Taib Mahmud, who doubles up as the Head of the Land Custody and Development Agency?  The LCDA has been taking Native Customary Lands in the name of the State Government and then handing it to close Taib family members like his sister Raziah and son Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib and several others in a pattern that has been escalating in recent years.

Land Registry Records

Robert Geneid is the person registered as the representative of Miracle Harvest in the Land Registry. His office at Kumpulan Parabena is the contact address

From stall-holder's son to millionaire - Geneid made it big after marrying Raziah!

We can see that in the case of Miracle Harvest Raziah’s husband Robert Geneid is clearly marked as the contact for the Land Title in the Land Registry.  He also lists his office and phone number as that of the Kumpulan Parabena HQ in Kuching, thus directly implicating the Chief Minister in the deal, who has a major stake in Kumpulan Parabena.

Cheap premiums mean the state loses revenue

Our research indicates that the land given to Miracle Harvest was indeed handed out very cheap indeed and now commands a far higher market price. A total of 11 lots were handed to Miracle Havest along with a sister company also owned by the Geneids, Green Ace Resources, on just one day 25.5.2005.  They amounted to 20,000 hectares for an over all price of just RM 15 million.  The stated purpose for the hand out is”OPL”, meaning Oil Plantation.

Elia Abas Geneid, Raziah's daughter (left with champagne bottle) has also benefitted from huge hand outs of land from her Uncle Taib's government department

This low premium marked a very poor return for the taxpayer and a vast potential profit for the Mahmuds.  Worse, such premiums are generally not demanded up front of Taib family members in deals like these.  The payments are allowed to be deferred and delayed or paid in installments – usually (according to insiders) until the land has been sold on at a healthy profit!

Kwantas's Annual Report of 2008, shows the acquisition of 70% of Miracle Harvest and Green Ace Resources was made after the granting of the Land Titles

However, the ownership quickly moved on from the Mahmuds of course.  In 2006 the publicly-listed palm oil plantation company Kwantas announced that it had acquired 70% of the shares of Miracle Harvest (MHSB), along 70% of the sister company Green Ace Resources, which is also registered under the Kumpulan Parabena address.  It can only be as part of the same set of deals that Green Ace Resources (GARSB) was handed a huge area of 7,000 hectares in Mukah in the region of the Sungai Narub Reserve Forest on the very same day in 2005 that Miracle Harvest gained its own land titles.

Kwantas announced it had payed around RM 17million for the 70% purchase of these two companies, whereas the original premium for the entire amount charged earlier from Parabena was circa RM 15 million.

Sarawak Report would therefore like to ask who Kwantas paid for the acquisition which was made several months after Miracle Harvest/Green Ace acquired the Land Titles? Was it Miracle Harvest, which was still not yet officially operating, according to the Company Register?  We also ask why it is that, although Kwantas had acquired most of the shares of the company, Miracle Harvest continues to be based at the Parabena Office and is represented by Robert Geneid? 

Sister companies. MHSB handed 12 thousand of hectares on 25.5.2005 via Robert Geneid, now 70% owned by Kwantas

Sister companies. Green Ace Resources handed 7,000 hectares via Robert Geneid 25.05.2005. Later 70% acquired by Kwantas - Now up for sale!

Up for sale!

We can now reveal that Kwantas has just started to dispose of its shareholdings in these land titles, giving us a good view of the genuine current market price!  The State of Sarawak originally received just RM 5 million for the 7,000 hectares of land awarded to Green Ace Resources, yet last month Kwantas announced an agreement to sell its 70%  stake for a whopping  RM 32.4 million!  This means that the 30% of the shares still held by the Geneids are worth roughly half that amount – the same that was charged for the entire 20,000 hectares property portfolio handed to them by Raziah’s brother and business partner, Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, in 2005.

Sell-off, subject to conditions, is underway to Golden Agri Resources, part of Indonesia's vast Sinar Mas timber company

The real miracle would be if Raziah and Robert failed to cash in on their back-breaking efforts!

NCR Land?

Selling on land with just a provisional lease? Tricky now that the Native Land Rights cases are starting to do so well in court!

Of equal concern is the status of this land which is being sold on.  The Kwantas statement makes clear that the land  lease is still provisional.  This means that officially some further agreement is needed before oil palm clearances can begin.

In practice the ‘provisional’ aspect of such licences are frequently and disgracefully brushed aside in Sarawak, as plantation companies simply ignore the existence of Native Customary Rights of the communities whose land they take.

Given they have paid so much money to the Head of Government’s relatives to get it their attitude is perhaps understandable?  Certainly, in a recent court case the judge laid the blame for a similar situation on the state government for handing out NCR land rather than on the company that had bought the titles.  It is likely that as the number of native land rights succeeding in the courts increase that platation companies will be less willing to buy such plots from Taib’s many relatives!

Is this land suitable for oil palm? The lease is only 'provisional'

So what is the problem with Lot 1 Block 194 Oya-Dalat Land District at Sungai Narub, Mukah?  Is it disputed Native Customary Rights Land?  is it part of the Sungai Narub Reserve Forest?  Or could it be both?

Greenwash peril?

The company to whom this land is being sold is the massive Golden Agri Resources Sdn Bhd, which is the Indonesian Oil Palm arm of the notorious timber giant Sinar Mas.

Golden Agri made a major ‘Green PR’ gesture earlier this month, Feb 9th, when it announced to the world that it will in future stop all further deforestation in Indonesia.  Can we be reassured that Raziah and Robert’s miracle Company will miraculously manage to fulfil the new-found green and ethical credentials of their new buyer as this sale proceeds?

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  • http://none Datuk Hajah Roziah M

    Never mind SR..that is my business as my brother is in power. Just look at my girl drinking champagne..not tuak.but real champagne.Girl,please don't show off like that..

    We take this opportunity before my brother leave office.Abang ada lagi tanah kah??

    • http://none Vladimir Boskov

      Hello Lady, come here. There are millions of hectares of land here in Siberia, ready to be explore!

      • Datuk Haji mubarak

        come here lady i will give you half of my land..

        another once at neraka jahanam million of hectare as you want..

    • Pehir mamut

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      Wow…observe how she drank from the bottle ???? My new wife like to do that to my limb little brother….sucking and caressing.

      I'm proud of Elia, my favourite niece. At least had inherited some of her step-aunty's talent.

    • Blunt speaker

      Come on Roziah, why do you need land so much? Ain't you gotta enough of land? There are so many ways to enrich one self, not land alone! Look at Bill Gates, Mr. Colgate, Oprah Winfrey, Li Ka Shing, Tony Fernandez, Siti Nurhaliza, Sugar King to name a few. They don't need to rob people of their land to get filthy rich. They use their talents, their expertise and hard work to get rich and not through dirty means, corrupt or ill gotten ways. High time you teach your girl to behave more decently! She looked more like a whore to me with that champagne bottte stuck to her mouth! Disgusting!

    • Datuks and Datins

      When think of it, those who voted for me (BN) and continue to vote for me in the near future, are just telling me that you all had given me pre-approval to do anything, including taking, killing, walloping and robbing of your hard earn monies…

      Remember, the Sarawak Land are not yours, they all belongs to me, cos you all voted for me… I am the one to distribute, and I distribute to those who can give me the highest "unseen" money. hahaha.

  • najibrazak

    The real problem will come when PKR takes over the Sarawak State government and starts in depth enquiries. I worry that those who got these lands illegally and face deprivation will blame BN and this will blow back on me! How can I hope to win the next general election with the massive Taib scandals out in the public domain? Maybe its time to put him overboard?

  • Iban Layar

    " Don`t politicise land policy." Jabu said.

    Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Jabu dared the opposition or anyone to do just that if they claimed that the government had snatched their land. He said snatching is the same as stealing and challenged the oppostion or anyone to report to the police if the government has snatched your land.

    Jabu even believed the opposition parties would use land as their propaganda to win political mileage.

    So Jabu was the acquisition of the land by Taib`s family reported in the above article proper?

    • kunchi lipan

      Jabu landik! Jabu ngena agenda parti penyakal – madahka sapa ngerampas tanah orang bukai peneka ati, tau didawa!. Sapa perintah deh? Sapa Jabu deh, ukai menteri perintah? BUTOH Jabu!!!

      Jabu enggau Taib begendangka lekajaku "state land" (tanah perintah). Ni meh maya perintah kala enggau berimba-betemuda semak menua kitai? Bangkai Jabu nya! Bangkai Taib nya!

      Ba aum kunsil nengeri tu ila – ubah kitai adat tanah kitai. Beri kuasa enggau hak ngagai semua orang asal ti diau ba menua diri. Sapa menteri DUN Sarawak berani nyanggup challenge kami tu? Sapa?

      Bangkai Jabu nya! Bangkai Taib!

      • Ejau lelayan

        Betul-nya Kaban,Bangsa Dayak udah berimba dulu agi ari perintah Malaysia.Jabu enggau Taib ngena kuasa sida ngerampas Tanak Pusaka Kitai Dayak.Kita di Layar anang endah undi "SNAP" laban JABU mesti dialahkah serta pasok dalam jil enggau bala bini serta anak2 sida.Anak kitai sekolah bebendar tapi anak sida senang lantang.Kala kita meda anak sida begulai enggau anak Iban bukai.Sida iya malu serta enggai duduk berimbai enggau anak kitai di rumah panjai.Anak Dayak ke pandai endah bulih Schoolarship laban apai sida undah nukong BN.Bini Jabu(Impian)duduk nyadi kaban besai di Yayasan Swak.Aku habis sekolah serta bulih MCE grade 1(10 unit).Aku minta schoolarship deka nyadi DOKTOR tapi malang nasib endah ulih.Apai aku nyual Tanah Kami RM 30k.Ngena duitnya aku ke UK belajar "Civil Eng".Aku bulih 1st class Honor.Aku ngambi Master serta PHD by Cambrige Uni.Aku enggai nasib aku baka nasib kita ke bukai.

  • Jinny

    My goodness, the plots gets even more intriguing. Just to keep up with the endless twists and turns are mind boggling. Its like reading a crime novel of whos done what!

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Well done Taib.You are a true hero to the selected few. Just take and give to your sisters and brothers,sons and daughter,in-laws and out-laws too.

    The Dayaks YBs and political secretaries,councillors and Tuai Rumah,ketua kaum,penghulus and Pemancas are silent meaning that they approved of what you are doing..

    What's next now? More dams or waiting to be damned??

    Wake up bro,Dayaks,Chinese,etc,etc let us unite and vote for CHANGE.

    • http://none Karim Hamzah

      Why should a very dedicated and a hardworking politician like Tan Sri Taib deprives himself and his family of getting rich and just salivating seeing timber tycoons and wealthy businessmen enjoying themselves with all the state treasures?

      • aborium

        You can't make two wrongs right, can you? Or do get blurry over time?

      • Ting

        To Karim Hamzsh.

        The difference is that Taib Mahmud is a politician and should not be seen as being corrupt an abuse of his position to enrich his own family. Whereas the tycoons are businessmen and they get their wealth by their hardwork and their own abilities and not given to them on a platter. No one will envy the rich if they get their wealth by using their own capital and hard work.

        • aborium

          As the saying goes "it takes two to tango". We are not naive, or by any chance 'born yesterday'.

        • http://none Power Amplifier

          That's absolutely right Ting

  • karma believer


    • http://none Watch Dog

      Yes bro.read "divine revelation.info" and even Pope John Paul II is pleading to Jesus asking Jesus to get him out of hell.

      So what more to say the Thief Minister?

      I hope that the dayaks YBs realise this and repent and leave Taib's party and coalition.UNITE please..Police too will repent,so are MACC,Inland Revenue,Land and Survey staff..we need you all to repent and save Sarawak.

      • ngegeh

        Dog, stop being anti-Christian! It's 1Malaysia whether you like it or not.

        • Blunt speaker

          Hey ngeh2 , don't easily believe in 1Malaysia. It's a political gimmick ,a ploy to fool all Malaysians to gain political mileage by Najib! Just like Pak Lah with all his rhetoric and window dressings, who will believe in BN again! They may charge Ling liong sik or Khir toyol or even Tahi or even mayhardtear BUT after they win the election, all will be cleared of all charges. By then, it will be too late cos they have won another 5yr mandate to rule and cheat again! Mayhardtear knew the people are getting smarter, that's why he quickly relinquish to a more stupid guy to wash his shit or else he would still stay on like his buddy Tahi. So comfortable and siok to stay at the top, you know?

      • retired cop

        Hi Dog,

        Repent for what? Be calm!

        Truly confident people seldom lose their tempers. Use a combination of meditation and affirmation to achieve this level of control. A worse still, extreme anger vented frequently does harm to our mental, emotional and physical health. Thus, in essence, we harm ourself than the other person.

        Oh yeah, as you suggested previously, I should study more, but I have been fully packed and I enjoy carrying the load on my back, though heavy.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          You too may have to repent..for the bribes that you may have taken when in the police force..I have a lot of relatives and friends who are police. I never bow down to the thief minister coz I ve never been a government servant.

          "NEVER ACCEPT A BRIBE" Eccelesiastes 7:7

          If you accept a bribe,you ruin your character..

          You too must read "DIVINE REVELATION .INFO" as your mini library is NOT enough reading material except on Police laws but NOT implemented by man in power.

          We are here to get rid of the Thief minister,you have to find a solution and not to give negative comment.Yes I appreciate that you are a cop/police and a learned one too far better than the existing personnel but what rank do you retire?

          SAC 1,II,ACP,DCP or CP,Deputy IGP or IGP or PIG(Police Inspector General)don't get me wrong here as it should be instead of IGP.The nearest Sarawakian can ever achieve ins Deputy IGP as he is a Malay while other races Sarawakian go up to SACI,not even DCP or CP.

          We have to unite bro..you may be angry with me..never mind..vent your anger on

          the Thief minister. Anger does NOT solve anything. It is a pity that UNIVERSITIES in Malaysia do NOT have anger management course unlike UK and USA.

          GOD bless you bro.

          To ngegeh I am a Christian and i merely give example..so it is up to you t read "DIVINE REVELATION.INFO."

          I do not believe in 1 Malaysia as it is Najib's political gimmick..copying from somewhere..

          God bless you bro.

        • http://none Power Amplifier

          foods for thought from old wise man! anyway, you haven't made any clear stance, play safe, hah?

  • Perempan

    'My goodness, the plots gets even more intriguing. Just to keep up with the endless twists and turns are mind boggling. Its like reading a crime novel of whos done what!'
    – Jinny

    Ever thought that this may actually be a fictional novel? Think harder…

    • Borneo Princess


      How can it be fictional novel, with tangible proof. U can check the evidence yourself, it's open to public, Clare only highlight it for all the lazy masses to see. Lives who have not been affected by the current regime would not and will not understand how it feel for your livelihood to be taken away. You do not experience that HOPELESS feeling. Bleak future, that's what it is, as long as the current REGIME is in power. Insya'Allah, dengan kuasa Allah Ta'ala yang maha pengasih dan pemurah, kita doakan semua itu akan berubah. BARUBAHLAH!!!!! Amin

      • aborium

        Dear Borneo Princess

        You said it well. The real truth will come out now or later. Whatever the outcome,let's all be level-headed in whatever we do, so that there is greater hope to reach the end peacefully and without loss of property or life.

        If we can achieve this, we Sarawakians can hold our heads high in eyes of the world &, on a lighter note, perhaps brand it as the "Sarawak Diplomacy".

  • C.K.Low

    we malaysian are stupid its being going for 50 over years and what are we doing? we still trust those bn shits when will end on those thief. if ever PKR take over the gov. that is the day their MP & assembly man will jump boat. better get PAS & DAP to run the state those 2 parties are more reliable

    • Blunt speaker

      If PKR wants to be in the coalition of PR with DAP and PAS, they have to be 110% sure their candidates are not amphibians, frogs or toads, like those scumbags who jump ship in Pen. Malaysia. I trust the God given wisdom of our Bro. Baru Bian and I believe God will guide him and grant him discernment when choosing candidates. Amen!

  • Uchu Pungga

    I'm really surprised to hear Kwantas name has penetrated their business in the land of Sarawak. This f****n' company is well established in encroaching & grabbing native land as well as bribing top police officer in Lahad Datu, Sabah. The news was widely reported by Malaysia Today 2 years back. Now, the Thug Minister and his family had welcomed their this company as an added value for their evil agenda. Pity Sarawakian.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Thanks for the info bro.You are dead right.The laws is Malaysia should be amended and give stiffer penalty depending on the quantum of the bribes to punish BOTH the GIVERS and RECEIVERS to be fair,and NOT only the RECEIVERS.

      Once a THIEF is always a THIEF bro..remember that.GOD bless you

      • happyrakyat

        So… JANGANLAH JADI PENCURI… “do a right things at the first place” – back to basic…

  • B Saing

    There are major protests and demonstration to be held in the vicinity of properties owned by Taib and family in USA, Canada and UK in coming days. However, there has been no planned protest or demonstration to be organized in Australia. Could SR advise of any properties owned by Taib in Australia, so any demonstration could to be organized to highlight the corrupt regime of Taib and to show the destruction of rainforest by logging and oil palm plantation, whose companies belong to Taib and cronies.

    Thank you SR for your in-depth report of corruption in Sarawak.

    • sarawakiana

      Sorry to say, for a Katak like me, who never go oversea (it must be my jealousy), I can't really trust people in USA, UK, Canada, if you guys really want to help, stay and 'fight' in SARAWAK!!! a Vote is a Vote.

  • Dayang rogayah

    Keep up the good work!!!

  • ngegeh

    Being a Chrstian doesn't give you a free ticket to blaspheme on whether the Pope in in heaven or hell.
    You seem to try too hard to sound like you know what's really going on. But you come out sounding like Clare and Peter. All empty vessel wilt lots of clanging.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      ngegeh bidayuh..go and read "DIVINE REVELATION.INFO". You will see and whether you believe it or not is up to you. I only tell you to read for yourself and I am merely quoting what has been written in divine revelation.info.

      you want to ngegeh go ahead

  • NCR Land Owner

    All voters in Sarawak are to Vote Pakatan Rakyat and put Baru Bian as the Chief Minister replacing Tahi Mamud.

    Then put all their families, relatives and cronies into jail and take away all their illegally acquired properties and monies back to the Sarawak State Government and not the Malayan Government.

    In the Next Elect we MUST STOP THE BN from ever robbing the Sarawak people anymore.We must stop Taib – the robber from plundering the State even further.

  • John Hardick

    An initial illegal act must make the transaction illegal all the way.

    Vote for CHANGE and take back the land without compensation.

    Many projects in Malaysia are of such dubious nature. Malaysians stand to reap a very rich harvest that will run to many billions of ringgit if we vote for CHANGE.

    We shall take the land back from Kwantas.

  • http://yahoo nepal

    Lanun Bukit?

    We have the popular Somalis pirates – lanun laut.

    In malaysia, we have few categories of lanun – lanun darat (Peninsular), lanun bukit, lanun pendalaman (Mostly Sabah n sarawak).

    Shud we write a song about lanun lanun for the next election? Would be popular and nice to ears

  • Emp

    What's the good of news if you haven't a sister to share it? ~Jenny DeVries

    So our thief minister did just that!

  • Ross J Boyert

    I am waiting for the day they hunt down Taib like they did to Sadam Hussein. Pls answer my prayer or is it the accumulated sin of Taib is not enought.

  • sarawakiana

    Good job SR.

    As for readers of this blog, it's time to ask ourself, what can and should we do.

    Vote, vote, vote we must, vote out the current corrupted system.

    Whoever takeover, they are those we voted them in. They will 'want' to stay in power for sure, for that they will be temped to misuse the power we entrust on them, again…It's time for us, people of Sarawak, to be responsible for the type of government/politician we have. We have to watch out closely…

    Those who are reading this blog (including myself) are privileged group, at least we can enjoy the internet. Do remember, it is relatively small group of people whom are reading this blog. We sure wanted the CHANGE, but in democracy, others have the right to choose different way…a Vote is a Vote.

    Be mindful of what we are saying today… If 'Parti Ikatan Ketiga' give you RM1,000 (for) to vote for his Parti Bukan-BN-PR, so that the current gov will be voted out, will you take the money? Sorry to say, there are as much corruption in everyone of us. Change we must…

  • fortune teller

    Does anybody notice that Taib Mahmud late wife and present young wife are foreign nationals? Most if not all of his ill-gotten wealth are splurged in overseas properties and only God knows where.Do you not realized that this Taib is a typical Melayu breed who distrust his own kind?maybe he also thinks that they are gossipers no?What a pity,if he could have just splashed it and reinvested in Sarawak,he would have been seen as a God today…maybe his Paki fortune teller gave him wrong advice or he himself made the decision.

  • imam frustrated

    kamu semua bercomment,mari kita bersama sama turun padang,kita pergi ke damak jaya dan menyuruh taib letak jawatan.di malaysia dan seliruh dunia hanya org2 semua turun padang,wanita dan anak2 semua turun padanh.di sarawak,majority org iban dan bidayuh tapi,buat apa bercomment.tolonglah bangun dan bangkitlah.calap dan comment apa lagi tok,bebuih mulut sik guna,minum beer pun sik guna mun mulut cakap tapi tindakan tak ada.jomlah kita ambil tindakan dan protest di damak jaya.tunggu apa lagi.org india di semenanjung pun turun padang,mereka hanya minoritylah si semenanjung.org iban bidayuh majority,tapi hanya peter john di london.mana org iban lain.mana bucklynn rimbar????diam aja,takut kah sudah kena tangkap????mana org iban lain??//org bidayuh lain///watchdog,kaun bidayuh pun tak berani keluar hanya lihat/watch//mana kamu semua///lita org islam akan bangkit,kamu semua macam mana?????kamikan minorit.yang majority mana.TAKUT ATAU KECUT,SAYA BUKAN PENGASUT,SAYA HANYA MAHU ORG2 YANG BERANI BERCOMMENT KELUAR DAN ANGKUT HARTA REMPASAN TAIB DAN KELUAGA BALIK DAN BAGI KEPADA ORANG2 IBAN YANG TANAH MEREKA DIRAMPAS.

  • Oley Fabricator

    Wow, tense in here ey.. JOM UNDI Pakatan Rakyat!!

  • Anak Sarawak

    It makes me sick to read article after article of Taib's corruption.

  • Garfield

    He sucks,

  • Michael

    Who cares!

  • lkl

    I hope all Sarawakians will make use of the coming state elections to bring down Taib. IT'S NOW OR NEVER. Remember this land is your land, you are the one that should be enjoying the fruits of the land.

  • http://www.cobboldjohn.com cj.com

    This Judgement handed down by Justice Linton Albert is going to have many implications.

    Investors who are thinking of venturing into Oil Palm Plantation Development or any Commercial Agricultural Venture better think twice. Even if you have the Mahmud Clan behind you, the fact that if you are not a Native of Sarawak, you firstly can not assume ownership of the NCR Land as ruled by Justice Linton Albert. Even if you can alienated with “State Land”, you are advised to verify it with a few independant parties before parting with your money.

    The last person for you to verify status of the land is the State Government, the Ministers, Elected Representatives and Government Agencies. You will never get the true picture. Failing which, you may find yourself embroiled in a long tussle over rights to the controversial state land.

    “Section 8 (a) of the Land Code provides that ‘a person who is not a native of Sarawak may not acquire any rights or privileges whatever over native customary right.”.

    The world would be all eyes and ears over what is to become of Green Ace Resources / Golden Agri Resources forays into similar venture in Oya and Mukah.

    Incidentaly both above investors may not qualify to be Natives of Sarawak in accordance with the Sarawak State Constitution.


  • http://none Tom Jones

    Oh Elia..so sweet of you holding a MOET Champagne bottle..I just can't wait to serenade you..that is during the World Rainforest Music Festival and that is a long long way.Do you like my song "DELILAH"?

    Boobs so nice,,can you show a little bit more??Ha ha ha ha

  • Tulah

    Taib mempergunakan Police sbg samseng/ gengster, MACC terpukau gara2 sudah di baca Bomoh Taib, Jab.tanah & survey di salahgunakan, Tuai2 rumah, Penghulu, Pemanca, Temenggong dah kenyang dgn rasuah gaji bulanan. Bruno Manser, Dr.Judson Tagal dah di bunuh, sorg pegawai Forestry dulu di tolak mati dari bangunan Forestry spt kes Teoh…ha…ha…semua nya sama dgn kes Najib, Mahathir…KUASA dan Duit "IS THE ROOT OF EVIL"…sooner or later, mereka ini akan mampus dgn cara yg terhina….atau nyawa nya akan sukar di cabut bila nak mampus kelak.

  • http://none Watch Dog



  • Dennis Along

    biarkan lah saja, kejahatan tidak akan bertahan lama,sebab banyak telah contoh kita lihat di sekeliling kita, just wait and see what happend to them next, look at saddam, mubarak, markus, suharto and gadafi where are there now.