One law for the Taibs and another for everyone else?

One law for the Taibs and another for everyone else?

12 Feb 2011

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Elia (second right) is the niece of the Chief Minister. We hope she enjoyed her beer, but why condemn and oppress other women who drink??

Cheers to Elia Geneid the niece of Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud and daughter of his favourite sister Raziah Geneid.  Except, of course, any other Muslim girl shown publicly waving a pint of beer or enjoying champagne such a fashion would risk a public lashing these days!

Elia (right) is clearly confident that she can get away with behaving (and dressing) how she likes!

For this reason Sarawak Report, which does not condemn the consumption of alcohol, wonders why Elia and her friends would dare to behave in such a fashion, flaunting their drinking habits for the cameras?  We can only conclude that such behaviour is tolerated by their families, who nevertheless demand that other girls behave in a far more modest fashion or risk punishment and humiliation.

Contrast Elia’s brazen, bare-chested style to the demure dress and behaviour expected of other Muslim women by the men who run the BN government, including her uncle Taib Mahumud.  The story last year of a young model who narrowly escaped a public lashing for drinking a beer in a hotel bar should have been enough to strike fear into thousands of young ladies, but not Elia.  But then members of Taib’s family have been known to make it clear that they consider themselves to be above the law, which is only meant to apply to others and not those who actually make the laws.

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, who narrowly escaped a flogging but only after a wave of national and international outrage

We suggest that Taib thinks a bit more carefully about how he allows his family to behave, given the way women like Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno are treated by his government.  Elia is, as we have  already exposed, the beneficiary of millions and millions of ringgit handed to her by Taib in the form of lands, which he had taken from indigenous people, despite their native customary rights.  Therefore, she is breaking the law in more ways than one. 

More champagne, bare chests and fabulous expensive jewelry - time to 'lead by example'?

Alternatively, her new husband might decide to have a word in her ear….. but he still appears so dazzled by his own luck in marrying such wealth he probably has yet to find his tongue in such matters!

Uncle Taib, there are so many more pictures of your feckless family flaunting their bodies, their jewels and their drink, that you preaching purist Muslim behaviour at everyone else is going to start making them very angry indeed.

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  • najibrazak

    I like a drink myself but am not so silly as to allow that to be photographed.Its fine for friend Taib to ignore the law while he is in power but look what happened to Mubarak; anther bllionaire! Pride comes before a fall and Taib certainly has enough pride for a long descent; maybe ending in jail.

    • http://none Truoi Baga anak Beto

      C H I C K E N….you talk too much and NO action.wak wak wak wak wak wak wak..

      What is the next big thing that you are going to order?


      Fighter jets..already

      Frigates-already 4 units to be built at a

      cost of RM1billion each


      Text books..already??

      ACTION please and NOT just talk..

    • imam frustrated

      u minum deangan razak baginda dan atantuya….iblis…umno…u tu perdana kafir…dan taib ketua dahjal…u dengan islam plastic u…perdana tak bermaruah…perdana bersina…tu yang u pandai buat…jangan nak malu islam bila u tu kafir…isteri u pun kuat bomoh macam taib bin syaitan..anak dahjal…pragai macam u mencoteng kotor nama islam di dunia…ceh pui…patut di rejam batu…tak sedar diri…tak malu memangil diri islam dan muslim…

    • aborium

      I guess if you're in power far too long, it gets blurry at the edges, where you think you see a bright light at the end of the tunnel, but do not realize timely enough, that it's from an oncoming high speed train! Time to board the last train, don't you think? Cherrio.

  • Reader

    I don't know what to say about this article. I think Sarawak Journal can do much better than publishing this. I'm no fan of Taib's business activities, but even I know when a cheap shot, supeficial piece of 'highly opinionated journalism', written by an unqualified writers should remain in a 'personal blog', not a 'publication'.

    • http://none Truoi Baga anak Beto

      SR..please give more and more of this type.

      Mr Reader..why are you so protective of your 'colonial master' the THIEF minister of Sarawak.Are you a party to it or benefiting from his tenure in office?? Maybe you do..

      God bless you READER!!

      • Brandon

        Truoi Baga anak Betoh Sit,

        In no way did Reader indicate that he was being "protective" of Taib. He has his points and you should just stick to arguing about his points instead of attacking him.

        The article seems to be just pointing fingers as if Taib's niece is the only muslim girl in the whole of Malaysia who parades her cleavage and drinks alcohol. Come on dude. Get real la. Go to any outlet on Jalan P Ramlee KL and you'll know this is indeed a cheap shot. Many points in the article is indeed untrue.

        Let's not get too emotional. And please don't accuse me of protecting Taib. I am not.

        • http://none Truoi Baga anak Beto

          Brandon- Yes that is where their hangout place is..hoping from one place to another as well as Hard Rock Cafe.By exposing this is just the beginning of the story.All stories must have the beginning so why scorning SR?

          Good job SR,good report and if you don't want to read SR,then read other stories.Yes it's true that you are not TAIB's supporter but why do you scorn SR from publishing it.Any more SR,go ahead and print more of it

        • Brandon

          Oh my God dude :)

          Dear Truoi Baga anak Betoh Sit. First you accuse Reader to being a Taib supporter with no basis what-so-ever. Then when I pointed that out, you conveniently ignored the fact. No apologies on your side. Then you accuse me of scorning SR. Haha. Whatever lah! :)

          This statement

          "if you don't like or don't want to read it, don't read it, go read other stories.. bla bla bla" is so outdated. It's so common on comment boards these days. Like when you cannot argue, that's what you say.

          I didn't say I don't want to read it. So everyone must agree to your opinion? Everyone has a right to an opinion. Be a good sport. Argue sensibly and intelligently. Respect other people's views. Be civil.

          There is no scorn. I did not disagree but my opinion is a cheap shot. Are you saying all muslim women must be covered from head to toe. People have a right to wear whatever they want irregardless of their religion. That is respect. It's easy to point fingers at Taib's family because we don't like them but at least we can be fair. So it's ok for other people to do but it's not ok for Taib's niece? Aiyoh dude, be civil a bit lah. This is judgement beyond the right of the people. This is personal. At least Reader has the guts to speak out and disagree.

          Oh well some people are just blind followers.

        • Kugan

          Brandon…would you like to argue intelligently? (as per your comment to 'Reader'). SR is trying to point why there is a double standard by the authorities? One law for the Taibs, or any BN politicians and another law for commoner. We dont give a dam if she wants to parade her cleavage. But the point is if a muslim woman in Pahang can be charged for drinking publicly, the same applies here. Why Elia is spared of the charge? SR just wants to highlight the double standard in enforcing the law by the BN controlled authorities. So this article is very relevant. What Elia wants to do in her private life is he bloody business, so does the Muslim woman in Pahang who was charged for drinking beer in public. Thats her private life, why was she charged?

    • Hotcopper

      Reader, your opinion of publishing Elia bare chested dressing flaunting champagne is a cheap shot then where is your holier than thou voice when the model Kartija was threatened with public caning?

      Mahatir's son is a director and shareholder of San Miguel, the biggest Beer Brewer in the world.

      The BN Government punishes Kartija for drinking beer. So why no public caning for the Taibs?

      • http://none Watch Dog says…

        Hotcopper..Can you please provide any documents that Mahathir's son is a shareholder of San Miguel.

        It is all wrong in our country, I just do not understand double standard has been practiced.

        1. Judi adalah haram di sisi ugama Islam, but look who is the Deputy Chairman of GENTING BHD??

        2.Choice supermarkets sell beer,wine and spirit and non halal products and yet the chairman is who???

        So what's the big deal for her to

        consume beer.She is such a cute lady but hasn't found true love.I hope that Valentine Day to morrow she will find one to settle down permanently.

        God bless you Elia..

      • http://none Watch Dog says…

        There is no point in arguing or apologise as the posting will be full of apologies.

        It is true,if you don't want to read it,then don't read,simple.There are a lot of reading materials.

        May GOD bless you and have a blessed week ahead.

    • SThiru

      Come on lah… let the imams to have fun. Biarlah mereka pun syok-syok.

      • imam frustrated

        S THIRU…saaya mengaku yg ada imam2…sokong taik dan najis…tapi tak semua…mcm juga christians ada yang sayang taik dan najis adayang tak…ada org2 islaam yang sudak kaafir dan buat perkara haram…bukan kerna mereka tak tahu harlal haram kerna didikan ugama…dan hormat…bila saya balik ke rumah panjang jumpa saudara saya..mereka hormat saya sebagai icu sanok sanok..mereka tahu saya dan keluarga semua islam…tapi mereka hormat kami…dan kami hormat mereka..sampai sekarang rumah bapa saya dan sekarang rumah saya terbuka untuk suadara saudari saya datang dan menumpang bila mereka dtg kebandar dari kampong…dai org pun buat sama bila kami balik…tapi takada mereka hina kami kerna islam atau kami hina mereka christians…sudah takdir…tapi..kita ada tangungjawab masing2 kepada Allah@God dan ugama…tolong respect ugama..itu sebenarnya issue disini..kalau islam buat peragai islam,yg haram jangan di amalkan…simple…your religion is your right ti exist..if you want to go against the teaching then go out of the religion..betul tak…

    • Sarawak Reader

      Agree. This kind of article should not in the first place published in this forum. It is not news. It is merely a tabloid and you may publish it (if you extremely wants to) in any personal blog.

      What a stupid and idiot reporter doing this. Shame to the reporter.

      • Rude

        @Sarawak reader . What do you care about some old slapper showing her t*ts and drinking booze? The point of this story here is the hypocrisy demonstrated by this joke family of cockroaches . it's shows how they have no regard or respect for the people of Sarawak. They simply wipe their feet over people like you who are so blind to tow their line . You are either blind , stupid or both .

        • Sarawak Reader


          I have no pleasure at all to provoke you. However, your stupid and idiot thinking style make me laughing and yeah, you thought that by publishing this so called “hypocrisy demonstrated by this joke family of cockroaches” then you will awake the people of Sarawak?

          Come on la. Wake up. People dont jump on this kind of stupid, tabloid story la. Your stupid old nanny can la pot pet pot pet here and there telling others this kind of story. In this modern era, we wants facts and figures not stupid story like this.

    • najibrazak

      How does it feel to be Taib's sole internet supporter? He certainly does not lack money (other pople's) to pay hack writers so its surprising to find you all on your own. Hope it was worth it.

      • aborium

        In all honesty, we're all taken by surprise at the outpourings of emotions which for all these years have kept in a tight, oxygen-starved bottle. It's bursting at the seams, if I'm correct in reading the situation. Please intervene & do something fast 'cause the last thing we want is to let the opposition in through the back door, alleyway, and or by sheer default. Help Sarawak. Your deeds will be long remembered.

    • David

      I would rather say I salute those who dares to expose or write articles the likes of this one be it a qualified writer or otherwise.Someone wrote there's no proof what's in the glass is alcohol that's full of shit. O'course there's alcohol in it. These little monsters grabs the headlines for all the wrong reasons but there's idiots who support them, and they thought it's alright for muslims to go party half naked.Young Prince Henry grab the headlines one day for showing off the nazi swastika that he had to appologise for his action to the Queen and the world.Since then he has been a good role models for young people the world over. We all have freedom and that it should be respected but there is a limit bearing the fact of where we're coming from(religions and cultures)I work and live in Europe though I am Christian I always uphold the Iban/Asian values and cultures, customs and practises- enjoy responsibly!

      I am sick to death reading the exploitations done to Sarawakians esp the natives who were force to starvations and pushed to breaking point. They were stripped naked of their lands food and jungle medicines. Our river polluted, the destructions of our proud worlds' oldest rainforest.'When there is no more's fish in our rivers..tell me what on the plate for the crocs' One day our people will revolt and thriumph just like egypt n Tunisia very recently. THIS IS THE SIGNS OF TIME. Sarawak richest state in M'sia borneo 3rd richest island in the world people remains among the poorest.Get out of M'sia let the west revert to tin mining( if they haven't exhaust it) back to rubber tapers no more twin towers,superhighways…Only then we can bring the white hair baboon to justice and we can share the plunders as well.Which is ours in the first place.

    • aborium

      I think you should compare apple to apple. This is definitely not a journal or academic style of writing nor does it claim to be one. It's for a different audience and set up with one goal in mind, which is all too clear. Opinionated? Perhaps. Not to your taste buds? Join the Salvation Army. Upset? You're just too human! So sit back and enjoy the play. Act1 Scene 1.

    • Why lah?

      Normally, I would agree that personal life is off limits but what this article is pointing out is the injustice and abuse of power that affects ordinary powerless folks. It also points out the discriminatory nature of law enforcement in Malaysia. Therefore, this article's content is necessary.

    • Kugan

      The point here is why there is a double standard from the authorities? One law for the Taibs and another for commoner…This is what SR is trying to point. Reader, you don't seem to understand that.

  • oA


    looks like money is everything.

    you never lose with lots of money.


  • Foreign Women Admire

    She looks very delicious nonetheless!!

    • Alex Yong

      She is very friendly, not proud and down to earth type despite her background. Check for yourself..

      • imam frustrated

        alex yong…kau kafir…dan dia kafir…kamu bedua minum arak…bagi dia haram bagi u halal…masalahnya dia mengaku diri islam…kalau tak islam dia minum ribu tong pun takpa sbab dia kafir…macam ni…u suruh dia murtat dan keluar islam sama dangan pak ciknya…jangan nak guna islam untuk dapat sempathy org2 islam di malaysia…untuk meningdas orang dayak,,,dan memalukan islam dan muslim lain boleh tak…kafir macam u tak tahu betul atau salah…kah ini negara islam bukan kafir tahu…

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Yes,you are dead right but the b**bs are sagging though..after going through so many hands ,am I right??.

  • http://yahoo angryrakyat


    We are not against the girls drinking beer and not fully dresses. They are being normal.

    We may be bashful now, but our native girls used to go bare breasted and no one really protested about this as being immodest! It was al naturale!

    Nowadays the rich and fashionable may have a bit of botox or silicon here and there to boost the appeal (prime example of a bad job: Najib's wife).

    We are however against the legal and religious double standards the rich ruling elite practice.

    It is good the girls are doing things to expose the hypocrisy and double standards. Let us see more!

    Who should be caned and canned?

    All the corrupt politicians including Taib who should be put in stocks for a start and whipped.

    • Botolx

      Oh dear, did anyone see Najib's wife(First Lady)Rosmah's face last TV appearance ?

      Gosh, her face was all lumpy and pasty…really a failed Botox exercise…

      • http://none Raja Manggeng says..

        Botolx..Not First Lady but 'FAT LADY" and that is why the face looks like the devil..Be ware ok.

        Can we collect money and send her for plastic surgery??

  • Joker

    Is it poosible to print the photo and let know the voters where their money has gone and let them decide how to avoid future earning of the state being abuse.

  • http://none Truoi Baga anak Beto

    Modern muslim drink beer and take pork too.I have seen so many so what's the BIG deal. When you have money,you can sing very well too and people will clap.If you don't have money,you sing like ELVIS,no one will clap.

    So why bother about HALAL? YES,two muslim laws,one for the RICH and one for the poor.

    Elia,drink as much as you can..why bother what people say,after all it's your money though you may have robbed the natives of Sarawak with your Uncle,the THIEF Minister of Sarawak's help of course.You are a damned lucky young girl married many many times as you are bored of drinking wine alone so you need beer,next will be brandy..

    • imam frustrated

      trui baga anak betoh sit///tolang jangan mengata peraigai syaitan dan kafir islam…di sisi islam tak ada modern…hanya hukum syariah pada harlal haram….ini kafir dan barat….bukan juga christians…org2 christian setahu saya…mereka patuh pada firman injil…dan tak bebas…yang barat pun tak semesti christians…juga islam tak mengalakan hukum syariah diketepikan….ini kafir dan murtat…tolang jangan kait kan peragai iblis barat dikatakan islam…tolong…mereka menghina islam dan org muslim yg soleh….u nak minium makan babi itu hak u…tapi elia tak ada hak nak buat demikian bila masih islam kecuali di murtat dan keluar islam…ini rukun syariah…dia ingat dia sapa…kurang ajar…kalau kami jumpa dia kami rejam dia….tengoklah..ALLAHUAKBAR…ALLAHUAKBAR…

      • sipungutsikadut

        Imam frustrated, tell me what Mohamad has brought to the world that is good. And do you know this truoi baga anak betoh sit? Imam, if you believe in God then don't be God, ok?

        • imam frustrated

          apa yang kamu bawa baik untuk sarawak///patut nya kau tanya sendiri…memyatukan bangsamu untuk membuangkan najis mahmud??//nabi mohamad telah menyatu kan bangsanya…dgn islam…menjadi mereka percaya pada satu Allah…dulu mereka macam org iban..tak bersatu…atau org sarawak…u buat apa untuk bangsa mu…jawab saya…minum arak makan babi…buka mata mu tengok bangsa mu…sekarang islam telah meyatukan sebuah bangsa…dari semua negara2 di dunia…kamu buat apa….???bukan mata mu…

      • roy

        u t rite…even am christian i salute u..

  • J. D. Lovrenciear

    Dear SR, you have exposed several 'high-tension' news about the CM's wrong dngs. Your reolve is comendabl. Now, there are two challenges: One if for the BN govnment to act on those exposes – which seems very illusive till this day; Two is for the people of Sarawak to unite in the name of ethical democracy and accountable governance. If nothing good comes out from the people of Sarawak – in all likelihood (for money talks louder than freedom in Malaysia), do not despair for your accountability to the Almighty is on record.

  • ex-PGA

    Happy Valintine Day Elia. Go to disco and drink beer, that is how the modern world celebrating Valintine Day. Uztaz Siti does know that, tingal zaman.She even does not know how to be in good attire like you.

  • Harrison

    Read a piece by a non Sarawakian about Taib Muhamud. Interesting. Check here :

  • retired cop

    Today Church Service. This week`s reading is taken from the New Testment Mathew 5: 21-37.

    Adultery: Anyone who looks at a women lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.

    Divorce:Anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, causes her to commit adultery, and any one who marries a woman so divorced commit adultery.

    In Islam, a man can marry four wives.

    • http://none Raja Manggeng says..

      Luckily you and I are already married otherwise if ALL muslims marry 4 wives,there's no more women in Sarawak..ha ha ha ha ..just kidding bro.

      I am going to church too and I will pray for all of us but please say that prayer which watch dog has prepared for us all..PRAYER AGAINST nothing is greater than the power of prayer.

      Our slogan is "CHANGE' & TMG-THIEF MUST GO!!

      God bless and have a blessed day and week ahead.

      • imam frustrated

        raja manggeng..jangan main2 pasal ugama…nak gelak2…u patut serious sekarang…dengan Jesus Allah mu…macam crita dalam injil pasal ratu easter..pak cik dia berpuasa sebab bangsanya akan pupus..macam bangsa dayak di sarawak…sudah ditidas…kita berdoa dengan serious.jangan nak gelakkan islam dapat kaawin 4..ini unuk berhenti kan manusia cerai berai ingat tu.kita sama2 berdoa…kepada Allah..kamu pun pakai Allah sebagai Tuhan kamu sekarang..jadi mari bersama berdoa..untuk bangsa kita di sarawak..kamu car kamu…saya cara saya…amin…

    • Steady Retired Guard

      Why must you mentioned that …"In Islam, a man can marry four wives…"?

      Are you intend to provoke the readers outside there or just for fun?

      What is wrong with marry four wives? Does it affect you?

      Can you tell me which in Bible that you are only allowed to marry one women at any one time?

      • nporengge

        congrats…probably if not 4 on earth, than 72 waiting in heaven

      • http://none Watch Dog says…

        Yes Sir,I know but Tun Mahathir has one even though he can afford.I am not ridicule anyone.If you want to marry 4 wives ,no one stop you but the point is "CAN YOU AFFORD?". One wife also cannot maintain and what more to say 4 wives..can you give the same attention to each of your wives.

        Our state cannot afford to have more drug addicts at Pusat Serenti,snatch thieves,etc due to increasing population.I went to Pusat Serenti and was appalled to note the racial composition there..unbelievable,just unbelievable..please judge for yourself.

      • retired cop

        Hello steady retired guard!

        Are you a former guard at CM`s residence at Damak?

        In Islam, a man can marriy four wives, that is fact. What I am saying is to show the contrast between the Muslim belief and the Christianity belief on marriage.

        There are too many quotations in the Bible where you can read about `husband and wife` is as one flesh in the eyes of God. The flesh cannot be separated except by death.

        Even in the civil laws, having a husband or wife living, marries again is an offence of polygamy.

        • http://none Watch Dog says…

          retired cop…

          I just don't bother to reply or answer as it is not worth answering.

          Anyway,thanks for highlighting the matter to him..GOD bless.

        • Steady Retired Guard

          Yeah sure… now you are leading readers to read as I am provoking your religious believe thought at the the first place u did start it.

          This is politic forum not religious forum. Don’t preach here. Just talk about politic please.

        • imam frustrated

          y.b roland ada dua bini…y.b federick bayoi banyak bini….donald lawan byk bini..official dan tak…mereka semua christians…bukan…jgn cakap yg bersina di pub2 laagi di seluruh sarawak…itulah sebab islam membenarkan org2 muslim kawin 4 kalau mampu…untuk mengjaga lelaki kerna nafsu mereka yg selalu mahu lebih dari satu.seorang isteri itu wajib tapi lebih kalau mampu macam y.b roland,banyak lagi org christians bidayuh dan iban yg ada officials dan non official…jangan pandang islam mengalakkan kawin banyak kerna manusia tak puas dgn satu…Allah pun mengerti…tengoklah cerai berai di barat…ni keran nafsu..bukan ugama….kalau ugama kita mengatakan christiaans itu ugama yg membenar bercerai…tapi dalm Injil.Isa mengata di surah metius..Allah benci org bercerai…macam mana////kenap org christian byk bercerai…

        • merdeka

          To fellow Malaysians especially Sarawakians:

          In Islam, Muslim Men can Marry 4 wives… If they can Afford and able to be Fair to each of their wives and children. And if he can't afford to do so, he must remain with one wife.

          He also must carries all his commitments and responsibilities as a man with many wives or he will be a sinner if he neglects all his responsibilities and he can be brought forward to shariah court by his wives or children.

          People tend to say only the first sentence without finishing the full meaning of polygamy in Islam. (that goes also to some men who have muslim name but rarely follow their muslim beliefs 100% and yet using this first word only to fulfill their lusts.)

          A true Muslim won't neglect their wives and children and let them become penyamun or pembunuh. A true Muslim won't marry more than one if he knows he can't afford or be able to become fair. A true Muslim won't attacked and bombed other innocent people. Islam is a religion of peace. Extremists is not the way of Islam. Taliban is not the way of Islam. These Extremists doesn't even follow the way of real Islam.

          Prophet Muhammad SAW did not teach and preach his followers to become violent and extremists. He was a man with dignity and respect everyone in Arab world including Christians and Jews.

          A true Muslim and Extremist are in two seperate worlds. And most what you here in medias and tv, are from these extremists.

      • imam frustrated


    • aborium

      If your intent is to start comparing religions, even by implication or connotation, you're entering in dangerous waters. My brotherly advice is cut it out or you may not be able to put out the small fire which you may have started. It may even engulf even you, if you're not careful. That's not a threat but a possibility, no matter how remote.

    • http://hotmail barupanasbum

      and 72 (72 year old) virgins if you massacre non Muslims

  • jimmy lim

    dont blame her for showing her bare chest. nice pair of t-ts

  • http://sarawakreport bayi sri aman

    I suggest that READER stop visiting SR and be loyal to the printed media… read BORNEO POST and be taken for a ride… friday BP headlines "NOBODY QUALIFIED TO REPALCE ME" what a slap on the face for all our state assemblymen…hahaha

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Bro,Borneo POST??? It is owned by the Thief Minister,he controls all the print media.

      Today BP,he said Sarawak will be the riches state in Malaysia by the year 2030..this is the year when Sarawak gets back what Taib has stolen,bank deposits fro Swiss banks,Off shore banks,properties overseas. We also want the Swiss banks to freeze his account like what they did to The President of Egypt.

      Please just carry on reading SR and post your comment though some comments maybe a little bit out of context.Do not marry four,spare some for others too.God bless you.

    • EK

      Ya, itu ayam tua memang tdk tau malu saying nobody can replace him ,what a shame. Jangan2 never go to work at his office dan pandai tdk pakai computer.

  • Airata

    She is a disgrace to the Muslim world,stone her to death but who dare,money can talk.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Airata..please don't condemn her,let us bless her.Please let her enjoy her life here on earth as much as possible because she won't be able to enjoy up there unless she repent before it is too late.

      Yes,we are burning inside when we see her flaunting her cleavage and wealth while our rural folks hardly got meat for dinner.

      We bless you Elia so that you may repent

  • Jhonny kapong

    May God has mercy upon her & shows the right path.

  • karma believer


  • D. Wan

    Sarawak Report, please do not do a public lashing just because someone goes drinking beer and dressing sexy. I believe that Sarawak Report can deliver worthy information and news that cannot be printed on our newspaper and to open our eyes on what is really happening in Sarawak. Do not condemn a person because he/she drinks and do not follow what the religion says you must not do. Everyone can do whatever they want. Please respect this freedom. In another case, that freedom, if it concerns millions of Sarawak and money and land, should be featured in this report.

    • imam frustrated

      d wan…ya kitak org malayu…nama islam…peraigai kafir….benda haram u madah halal…u dah jadi kafir…mun dah sik mahu islam…murtat n keluar islam…jangan menjijik islam dangan peragai syaitan dan madah minum arak halal mun ia haram…kau ia pun sama…kenak u suka nama islam dicemarkah…ALLAHUAKBAR,,ALLAKHUAKBAR…TAIB N PENCONTENG ARANG PADA MUKA ISLAM DAN MUSLIM SEJATI DAN MURNI HARUS DIGOLENGKAN…U JUAK D WAN…org dayak benci Islam kerna Taib bertopeng islam tapi syaitan…anak dahjal….sudah murtat kah si pandai nilai halal haram…mun sik suka keluar dari islam…jangam memalu kamek orang islam suci dan murni…sik sedar dirik…kitak ia…malu kan ugama dan bangsa…chek pui….

      • cessss….

        nok pa di kerepak ko ya….

  • Inspektor pelatih

    Mock trial.

    Your Honour,

    There are two two levels of justice in the world, one is based on specific evidence, while the other is based on assumption.

    My client, a beautiful girl in the photograph (the accused) is holding a glass containing yellowish liquid look like beer. Even if the liquid is confirmed beer, there is no evidence to suggest that she was drinking beer. Therefore, I urge this honourable court to acquit and discharge my client. Much obliged your honour.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Probationary Inspector, that's very good and so you want evidence..that is typical of Police.

      Evidence- Evidence missing

      Witness- witness missing

      Doctor's report-the whole family missing

      Lawyer- Lawyer missing

      VERDICT:- No witness

      No proof,no evidence

      Therefore case dismissed.

      Drugs evidence,reports rewritten ,not enough evidence,it's normal. well done and finish your training.Good luck to you

    • aborium

      Altered infamous quote: "Looks Tiger Beer, tastes like one, but how can you be sure that it's beer?" If you're so keen to know more facts, study the photo, you'll be able to know the place. Go visit the Towkay and ask your police questions. That's your duty. Then come back and share with us your findings, if you want to.

  • wahaha

    Nice boobs

  • Ernest

    A beer or two is not gonna harm anyone, relax!

  • nporengge

    She's a kind of environmentalist…"Drink Beer, Save Water" !!

  • Rashid

    If this is Egypt, Taib, family and cronies would have fled overseas or being forced out, put in jails and the billions taken back.


    The Agong and Najib will do nothing as they are part of the mafia gang.

    I hope they die in car accidents, hit by a truck or a bus or die soon from disease.

    Burglars, robbers, go and steal from them.

    They are treating us as slaves to them.

    They sick motherf………..s.

    • imam frustrated

      rashid…nama Islam tercemar…nama Allah tercemar…oleh taib dan keluarga…bukan kita benci manusia..tapi sebagai seorang muslim kita ada tangungjawab untuk menegakkan ugama dan nama Allah..bukan bertopeng islam tapi peragai syaitan,jembalang dan dahjal…mana orang islam yg soleh…apa jawapan kita pada akhirat nanti bila berdepan Allah…nama nya dicemar di sarawak dan melaysia tapi kita buat tak tahu…umno dengan islam pastic dan tain dengan syirik ilmu hitam dgn bomohnya…apa syariah islam megatakan kita harus buat pada mereka….org2 islam harus mangkit…kerana maruah Allah dan islam di gadai…di sarawk ini….

      • cessss….

        mok beceramah pegi mesjid nun…

        • imam frustrated

          cessss…kau tak ada tangung jawap…u pergi buat kerja kamu…..atau u sama anak satan gan anak buah najis taik dipugnut pun…u ia satan geng kafir murtat…jaga malu islam…

  • boobileaks

    Aiyah, whats the fuss about showing too much or drinking yellow liquid. These are the necessary licenses for public life lah. Tell me which politician has not strayed in their youth? Its popular grab when you show a little more than other's dare, and what better way to garner support than to have a drink or two.

  • peaker

    Sorry to be out of subject but wondering whether plantation bought by RH originally a NCR land.

    ""Rimbunan Sawit buying oil palm plantation for RM118m

    KUALA LUMPUR: Rimbunan Sawit Bhd's subsidiary R H Plantation Sdn Bhd is buying 4,857 ha of oil palm plantation in Niah for RM118 million from Sheba Resources Sdn Bhd. Sheba Resources is the registered owner of the land which has been charged to Agro Bank Malaysia Bhd for RM145.69 million.""

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      I am back by popular request. Yes SHEBA too is a native land and the land was alienated to SHEBA, a Penang base company.Actually SHEBA wants to sell the oil palm plantation for RM125 million as they owe the bank RM90 million.I wonder why RH is buying as they too want to sell their two block oil palm plantation for RM600 million in Mukah area.

      Has the deal being closed bro???

      All these are NCR land too.

  • ravin

    guys…I totally disagree that this article is a cheap tabloid piece. The message behind this article is that our corrupt politicians are the biggest hypocrites. One law for the people and another for those in power.

    After reading this article my hatred for the government is even more…any article that exposes the wrongs of our current government can't possibly be a cheap tabloid piece!

    • [M]

      True enough, this article is about the hypocrisy of our so called leaders. Its got nothing to do with personal attack on Elia. I support this article. Cheers! Salute SR.

    • Sabina

      Right so! we in our country oppose to bankers and CEO's who earn (=steal)money from all of us, and you, the people of Sarawak, should oppose to the probably illegally enriched Taib Clan and the logging industry chopping down the last trees of the remaining 10%-primary forest – treasure of your country! Good luck!

  • imam frustrated

    anak syaitan…..kurang ajaran ugama…memalukan bangsa dan ugama…keluarga ini sudah murtat di segi ugama islam…harus di bawa ke makamah syariah…pak cik dia pun sudah murtat…kerana syirik…dan percaya tahlol….bomoh…adalah salah di sisi islam…org2 islam harus membatah perkara ini…anak2 dahjal dan keluarga dahjal….org2 dayak christian pun harus membantah keluarga ini…apa yg berlaku harus dihapuskan…mereka harus direjam dgn batu…kerana murtat..kalau di arab dan mesir habis lah dia…dan keluarga…murtat..syatan dahjal…

    • cessss….

      nasib lah…. nya pun rezeki. giney nak molah nak… mun kau di kedudukan ya pun mungkin lebih g dari ya ko polah.

      • imam frustrated

        nasib apa bila u menyala guna apa yaang ALLAH SUBAHAANA TAALA bagi…jgn org muslim ada kewajipan juga…bukan sekadar hari raya… masharanglim harus mubmin dan soleh…jangan perli org menegakkan ugama Islam mereka…u tak rasa gerak hati…u jawab nanti di depak Hakim Akhir Zaman di padang mashar….bawa mengucap banyak saudari…jangan padang ringan,mekara murtat dan kafir…harlal dan haram….ALLAHUAKBAR..di pun melihat kamu siapa.

  • bunuh magang

    keluarga taib semua sama, perempuan nyundal jual puki supaya dapat kaya dan rampas herta orang, jantan merumpak tanah kayu dan semua nya…. syaitan besar sarawak.

  • buntak dut

    Its an Animal Farm story again. Double standard since 47 years. We need to boot them out from the double standard office.

  • http://nil anti_law

    commentators dont be a hypocrite. if you want to drink, carry on. if you want to go naked go ahead. it is between me and GOD and not you, poor naive little creatures just to live to pollute the earth.

    why do all care, we got money to spent buying jewellery and beers and expensive clothing. YOu do want it too if you have the buying power, dont deny it.

    happy valentine everybody. iam going to dine with my boyfriends and an orgy hehehehe loved it!

  • http://- PantryMaster

    it's all politic, what politician do nobody can't touch…f**k la, i hate all the bad-ass politician and they wealthy f**king family..they sucking people blood, living like king with our money. money that are suppose to help the poor, to build hospital, school, etc..all those kind of money being use for self-steam. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  • http://yahoo Adam

    To me, the ladies are decently dressed for the occassion and drinking is entirely up to the individual.

    West Malaysia was like this about 40 years ago. You could see bare-chested Malay ladies in sarongs bathing by the roadside and nobody cared too much about that.

    Nowadays, you would be lucky to catch a glimpse of skin, even by the beach.

    Ah well, that's life I guess. Secular societies have become more open while Islamic societies more closed, literally and figuratively, I think.

  • CuriousCat

    Cheap Shot journalism? some say yes some say no.

    i say here is the product of cause n effect, from taib to his family. Ask yourself this, if you were taib, how would you do this differently? enjoy ur wealth n hide it better? or flaunt it because you know you are untouchable?

    Change the head but would it make a difference?

    It all still come down to our soure of education that will always be malaysia :- corruption is good,convenient and accessible. i'm curious to know who would agree that this cannot change?

    • imam frustrated

      curiouscat,saya setuju dgn kamu..sebab dimana negara2 atau bangsa2 dan ugaama memang ada perkara ini…kita tak dapat menafikan…tapi kita dapat merendahkan quatum nya dalam sebuah negara dgn sifat murni dari ugama…disini saya tak mengatakan islam sahaja tapi christianity…value moral kepacayaan itu masing2 kalau di praktikkan dapat membawa kesan…tapi ada yg menguna ugama untuk kepentingan masing2 macam taik pun mahu n perdana najis…geng C4…

  • emperan semengun

    Sigi gaya nya uchu = indu menaul lemai

    Aki = baya pantai

    ohhhh haaaaa …………

  • imam frustrated

    kamu…islam..jangan memalu islam…kalau nak buat benda yg tak digalakkan oleh islam…kamu keluar islam..dan murtat…tolaong jangan memalukan ugama kami yg suci dan murni ini…anak syaitan…jembalang dahjal…kalau islam..ikut cara islam..kalau tak keluar islam…

  • http://nil anti_law

    Imam, do you think you are purely clean and healthy at heart? You never had a dream of meniduri mana mana pompuan cantik kah atau mencuri pandangan ke? comon lah hipocrite!

    hipocrite is worst than animal. we can read animal's behavior but not man and that is why i said hipocrite is more dangerous creature than animal.

    It s not for you to decide. it is between her and GOD. She may be simple and straight forward at heart as compare to a hipocrite. hipocrite surely sees hell but simple and straight minded one still got chance to go to heaven.

    • http://none Taib Mahmud says…

      My brother,well done and please come to the house to collect your ang pow for defending me.

      Please just ignore them for talking.I have another area for you and sell them this time to RH as they are short of timber for their mill.

      Datang ke rumah Abang esok jam 5pm,pakai baju melayu.

  • imam frustrated…u bukan islam kah u islam…kalau bukan…ini kah peraigai yang kamu suka dan apa pacik dia buat pada sarawak….atau org2 dayak…u ingat apa…ini negeri baratkah…ini negera islam…tahu…17juta orang islam di malaysia…peragai ini mengatakan yg haram itu halal…dan halal itu haram…kau tak tahu ugama…diam buat kerja mu…tapi ingat…sarawak diexploitasikan bukan oleh islaam tapi…syaitan bertopeng islam…kalau islam tak ada nilai….kau terimalah genjala social yang semakin berluasa sekaramg…apa kau ingat kau to modern sangat kah…orang christian tulin pun tak mengalahkan peragai tidak bermoral….tak semuan yg barat tu christian sebab saya pun sudah kaji christian sebenar…arak tak digalakkna…sikit o.k..dan hidup bersina pun tak digalakkan…kalau tak percaya tanya pastor gereja2..jangan kau cakap org hypokrit…menegakkan ugama dan bangsa adalah tugas yang wajib..apaguna berlajar tinggi..untuk jadi murtat…macam taib anak dahjal…

    • cessss….

      what have you done to uphold the nation? By 'ngerepaking' like that will help to uphold the nation is it? you're just another crap. Another common citizen who act by heart not brain. Banyak cakap, kerja kosong..

      • imam frustrated

        ceessss..saya tahu kamu sapa…ada tali darah dgn taib….atau anak buah dia…u buatlah apa kamu suka…for nation…wat u talking about…u rob nation,,saya tahu…sarawak tahu…malaysia tahu…dunia tahu….we wan to do its properly for d nation …u guys stop others cos u wan to rob d nation…so shut ur mouth n kip quite…go n drink u halal beer…hav u halal bersina…n hav ur halal porkchop n hav ur halal rempasan org2 sarawak..go…u n family b mubarak soon.

  • amad

    hey, enough la Sarawakian…wake up please…

    30 years are more than enough…c’mon la, because of Sarawakian, we suffer under this current corrupted BN regime..

    wake up please…!

  • Lunbawang

    Recent insider from Lun Bawang Communities have not tasted any of the RM300,000 grant the PM agreed to developed lun bawang communities,while the Kelabit communities has been sidelined. FUNDS HAS YET TO BE SEEN ?

    Conflict of interest between Director at Semaring company and Borneo Subsea (that petronas approved licensed was sold to MR LEE to set up the company). All the directors are dishonest in misrepresenting themselves.

    Selling gov-approved licenses to rich Chinese Towkay, is how you should run your HALAL business?

    Little has known that the low-profile lawyer has built up his diversified money by illegal means, not mentioning;

    1)Apple Lodge lodging house

    2)MASHIJAU sdn bhd

    3)Borneo jungle Safari

    4) Quarry licecne business which is yet to be approved by Taib that partner with a chinese shareholder. Mr chai

    5) Spring bookshop Miri in Merdeka Mall

    6) Shoplots everywhere across malaysia

    7)hectars of land in Kapit( which most Lun bawang resides)

    8)Construction business(roads in penisular malaysia)

    9)law firm Mutang & Sam in Miri which has no proper function

    10) new Mercedes benz car belongs to wife Ho Mei Ling with a Malacca car plate

    Sarawak reports should start looking into cases like MUTANG TAGAL/ NELSON BALANG RINING/ Henry SUM AGONG and the rest

    By catching the small fries would eventually lead to the BIG fishes?…..


  • imam frustrated

    kamu tak tahu kah…arab emirate memberi sumbangan 50juta USD…untuk mendakwahkan islam ke sarawak.duit ini untuk menolong org2 lun bawang juga….jangan susah kalau kamu semua menganut islam kita dapat banyak pertolongan dari negeri arab yg kaya….tapi duit ini disonglap juga…keluarga taib….dia dapat banyak sumbangan dari negara islam,,,,untuk mendiri masjid tapi di songlap duit itu..memalukan islam,,,,

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      We don't need too many people joining Al-Qaeda.Please don't bring USD50 million as it is peanuts,just to entice people.Just take a look at those Tun Rahman brought and he promises 'heaven' but nothing,only hardship.

      Please,please bro.,we don't want to be awaken fro deep slumber early morning.Use the money to help poor muslim around the world.

      Thank you.

      • imam frustrated

        watchdog…bukan al qaada…org islam sarawak meminta bantuan dari saudi untuk tolong sarawak konon tapi songlap duit tu…u tahu siapakan…nama kami islam sarawak digunakan…ini kerja syaitan…jual ugama untuk duit..jangan…kau salah faham….kami buat kerja bukan pakai paksaan ataua duit…macam tun rahman untuk kuasa…tapi kerna ingin menolong org2 dayak yg sudi…macam di bario,,,,asalam mualaikum suadara…salam erti peace…kepada kamu…jgn marah ya…

    • cessss….

      yang lebih memalukan, masjid tersergam indah bagai istana. tapi yang menggunakan nya?? boleh kira pakai jari. ada sesetengah tu dijadikan sarang penagih dadah. so, apa komen??

      • imam frustrated

        taib diri masjid untuk mengutip dana…sapa contactornya…u tanya taib n geng…buat masjid berjutan…u tanya dia…..tapi cost berapa..ini pengyelenwengan ugama oleh islam plasti umno n taik pun mahu…kawan u ia…

  • Rosmah Mansor

    Why you people in Malaysia so worry about me, I'm your first lady and I'll be your next PM and you all should listen to me !!!! Im your remote control. Stop criticise me ok

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Because we do not know who will you kill next after Altantuya.We are least worry about you FAT LADY.

      Go back to WEST MALAYSIA as we Sarawakians do not need pendatang asing like you to tell us what to do.

  • Kenyalang

    Sarawak Report trying to promote PAS Hudud in Sarawak? Who's the hypocrite?

  • imam frustrated


    • sipungutsikadut

      Hi imam frustrated, trimakasih banyak2 kerna mendedahkan bantuan USD50 juta dari kerajaan saudi untuk kerajaan Sarawak. Nampak gaya ada jua pengkianat diantara kaum bukan islam yang menjual bangsa dia kepada islam ia? Bolih imam bagitau kami disini berapa ribu ringgit dibayar kepada pengkianat ini untuk setiap orang bukan islam yang dia berjaya bawa masuk ke ugama islam? Dan imam, status Sarawak ialah negara bukan negeri dalam Federasi Malaysia dan bukan juga bumi islam. Sila rujuk kepada 18 point agreement.

      • imam frustrated

        DALAM ISLAM LEPAS SEBUAH NEGERI ITU DI TAHLOKI ATAU DIJAJAK KUASA ISLAM SEPERTI SEMENANJUNG MEREKA TAK ADA HAK LAGI…macam sekaranglah apahak sarawak tapi sebuah colonies negara islam ia itu malaysia…point apa kah sudah pupus dalam islam…kamu bukan islam tak tahu ini,,,tapi tolong dengar comment briget gabriel…di youtube…pasal duit 50juta usd.ini semua org tahu…tanyalah saudara mu islam plastic..umno dan taib iblis…balarek dan ritom atau y.b.s.baru masuk islam berapa mereka dapat….

        • sipungutsikadut

          So now imam, you are confirming to us that islam is spread by the sword right? Do you think we do not know what the quran teaches? And please answere my question.

    • cessss….

      Apa yang islam dah bagi kat dayak? Janji kosong ada lah. Hanya pandai memanipulasi demi untuk mengembangkan agama. Ada betul ka u kawan?

      • imam frustrated

        cesss u baca bible tak???//u doa macam Jesus tak??/////awal pagi bagun sebelum subuh…atau u nama christian saja…macam islam taib…peraigai kafir dan murtat…u pergi gereja hanya hari chrismas atau saudara mati kah…tiap tiap hari…macam prayer mitin..worship service…sunday service…u cakap…atau nama christian…tapi…satan…atau christian barat.

  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    The agreement of the 18 point plan and just for readers interest as it is a must that all Sarawakians must know.Before Sarawak is a country but when joining Malaya to form Malaysia,Sarawak becomes a state.

    1.Point 1: Religion

    While there was no objection to Islam being the national religion of Malaysia there should be no State religion in Borneo(Sarawak & Sabah),and the provisions relating to Islam in the present Constitution of Malaya should not apply to Borneo(Sarawak & Sabah)

    2.Point 2: Language..

    ..until 18 point plan for Sarawak and 20 point plan for North Borneo(Sabah).

    So this will make it clear to Sipunguksikadut..Bravo brother!!

    • imam frustrated

      saudara…dalam islam ini dah pupus saudara…sarawak sudah jadi jajahan…u baca lah koran dan cara menahluki sesebuah negara…atau jihad…apa2 janji akan pupus..saudara.pejanjian lampau tak dapat mengawal tindakan masa depan…ini yg digunakan oleh umno dan islam pastic mereka…dan taib iblis pun buat sama….ingat saya org sarawak juga macam kamu…walaupun saya islam…nenek saya dulu pun iban dan bidayuh.walaupun saya dididikkan di mesir tak semesti saya tak ingat darah aruah atuk i…dari bapa i yg iban kawin melayu…dan nenek i dari sebelah mak i yg bidayuh kawin atuk i malayu..i pun ada rasa dan perasaan tehadap saudara2 saya…disibu dan kuching..walaupun saya islam…saya sarawak tulin…

      • sipungutsikadut

        Again you are confirming to us that islam is spread by the sword.

        • imam frustrated

          sipungutsikadut…u ingat coloni christian di suluruh dunia bukan dgn pedangkah…11juta org2 red indians di bunuh di america oleh christians…perang salib…macam mana…spain,portugal dan britain mengkoloni seluruh dunia.dalam abad,18,19 yang lepas macam mana???///ingat kepulauan malay achipilago ditakluk oleh potugess,spanyol,prancis dan bristisk,semua org2 christians…banyak rakyat2 menentang dibunuh tapi tak tertulis di sajarah sebab sajarah ditulis mereka sendiri.kamu lihat sajarah aborigine di australia dan moari di new zealand..saiapa pakai pedang.christians juga pakai pedang.ada kah ini ajaran Isa atau Jesus…???//baca sajarah…jangan nak menuduh islam…sekarang kita nak tumbang kan Taib kerana bertopeng islam tapi peraigai syaitan…dia memang dah murtat kerna syirik.

        • imam frustrated

          jawablah soalan saya….bila orang potuguese bunuh org2 malayu di melaka…pada 1511AD mcm mana…atau rajah brooke bunuh iban atau bidayuh…macam mana…ini semua tak ditulis..

          ADAKAH CHRISTIAN MENGUNAKAN SENAPANG DAN IA BUKAN PEDANG.kerana sejarah ditulis oleh mereka sendiri…sarawak dan sabah kepuyaan brunei..sebuah negara islam..apa yang ada pada sarawak adalah milik brunei juga..dalam sajarah..org2 british yang menakluknya..kerana Allah maha bersar di bagi sarawak dan sabah balik ke negar islam asalnya iaitu malaysia…jadi ALLAHUAKBAR….YANG ISLAM TETAP ISLAM…

        • http://none Watch Dog

          imam frustrated…Janagan sebut kasam lama..kerana kasam lama sudah bangik..Not good to eat old things.We are looking here and be UNITED to remove the present Thief Minister of Sarawak.

          Move forward bro and we will prosper..jangan kenang kisah lama.Kita mahu apa kita buat untuk kisah dan sejarah baru kita ini.Saya mals nak argue dengan kamu serupa budak kecil.Kita jangan kebudak budak an.

          Kita disini nak buian TAIB MAHMUD,mengerti imam frustrated!!!

      • cessss….

        sedar tak yang peperangan terjadi di sebabkan oleh semangat jihad? jika itu agama yang suci dan murni, galakkan lah peperangan dan pertumpahan darah. tujuan jihad tak lain dan tak bukan hanya untuk menakluk. menakluk seperti apa yang thief minister lakukan sekarang. Nak megang dunia kah pok? nak madah ngan seluruh dunia yg korang ajak yang betul. hahahaha…. nonsense..

        • imam frustrated

          bush attack kuwait apa..iraq apa…org christians paling kuat perang dan menakluk lah…sekarang u cakap taib islam..saya cakap dia bukan…u baca bible pun takda…cakap apa….u tengok bangsa u..u buat apa…u takut…goleng kan taib…butikan…u tu pengecut…tengoklah bangsa mu..cesss…u buat apa…korek tahi hidung u…

  • http://none Watch dog. says…

    SR assures you all.,more will come.Please come to Balai Ringin this saturday for Ebi's meet the people's session.

    Place : Dewan SADIA Balai Ringin

    Date : Saturday,19th February,2011.

    Please give her your support.

    " CHANGE & TMG"


  • http://none Tom Jones

    She's a lady,love drinking TIGER beer."Put the tiger in the tank". Wow. I love.

    Where is Sarawak? I love to entertain you all night long and I never knew that there are lots of beautiful and sexy girls in Sarawak.

    I am a ladies man singer Elia!!

    • imam frustrated

      tom jones..kau bawa kekafiran mu keluar dari sarawak…kerana org macam kamu…moral org2 serawak hilang…kamu bawa cara barat mu yg kurang sopan untuk merutuhkan moral org2 sarawak…balik ke tempat asalmu….

      • http://none Tom Jones

        Hai Pussycat Elia,I will be coming to Kuching for two concerts,Can we meet at Grand Margareta Hotel at Scot's bar.. for a couple of beers..Dress sexily and I love your boobs.ha ha ha ha ha

        Please make yourself free.Champagne darling Elia,PERIGNON??

        • kesian sarawakians

          dah lah nak tekle elia jangan dalam blogg ini…bawa kegatalan mu keluar dari sini…org macam u pukek busuh pun u mahuk..cuba u takle jompot…sia…ada juak nilai pukek nya…sik malu…nak tunjuk apa u tekle elia..sitok.

        • http://none Tom Jones

          Oh,Elia..I just wait to sing..GREEN GREEN GRASS OF HOME for you and we dance cheek to cheek. I don't know what do these people are saying to each other..I maybe old but I am a lady's man you know.

          Shall we meet in scot's bar??I am coming for World Rain Forest Music Festival.

          Oh darling Elia..can we meet? LOL to you

  • Sia Tiu Hin

    What are those guardians of religious bodies doing? Can't you see unless blind? Action must be taken against all offenders no matter their status or wealth and powers!!! Shame on chasing small fries only!

  • imam frustrated


    • http://none Watch Dog

      Can you explain what the word "ISLAM" is?

      As an imam you should be able to ex;plain what the word or perkataan ISLAM means?

      Thank you and we must concentrate on removing the thief minister here and NOT on religion.

      • imam frustrated

        watch dog…islam ertinya…aman or peace…untuk menapat aman ini kadang2..perang juga perlu…untuk menengakkan keamanan…buat masa sekarang bila sarawak tak ada keamanan…islam tak ada….keamanan juga mendalam ke hati naluri manusia…bukan dari segi undang2…tapi economi dan perassan seluruh manusia…terima kasih.

        • sipungutsikadut

          Ini imam palsu ke tulin…islam means peace? hmmmm…

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Can you explain what the word "ISLAM" is?

      As an imam you should be able to explain what the word or perkataan ISLAM means?

      Thank you and we must concentrate on removing the thief minister here and NOT on religion.

      • http://none Watch Dog

        imam frustrated you ae dead wrong.The words ISLAM is a 5 letter words that signifies why Muslim pray 5 times a day.Let me explain to you what is ISLAM to you a nd why Muslim pray 5 times a day.

        I- Ishak(early morning prayer)

        S-Subuh ( 2nd prayer)

        L-Lohor (3rd prayer)

        A-Azan (4th prayer in the evening)

        M-Magrib(5th and last prayer before

        going to bed.

        That is the 5 pillars of ISLAM.This what OI want to hear from you but you failed to explain even the meaning of ISLAM and NO wonder you are frustrated imam.

        Please go and learn some more and also who did 9/11,7/7 and Southern Thailand and Southern Philippines.Yes,yes no religion teaches people to be bad but there are some others who are to fanatical that they turn to violent, just like PBB politics.

        So why to we tax payers pay those PGA,pug,BUG,STUPID or whatever to guard Taib's palaace..24 foolishmen ops sorry Policemen.Do we need to pay them or Taib pay from his own private funds which are in billions at natibves expense.

      • http://none Watch Dog

        imam frustrated you ae dead wrong.The words ISLAM is a 5 letter words that signifies why Muslim pray 5 times a day.Let me explain to you what is ISLAM to you a nd why Muslim pray 5 times a day.

        I- Ishak(early morning prayer)

        S-Subuh ( 2nd prayer)

        L-Lohor (3rd prayer)

        A-Azan (4th prayer in the evening)

        M-Magrib(5th and last prayer before

        going to bed.

        That is the 5 pillars of ISLAM.This what OI want to hear from you but you failed to explain even the meaning of ISLAM and NO wonder you are frustrated imam.

        Please go and learn some more and also who did 9/11,7/7 and Southern Thailand and Southern Philippines.Yes,yes no religion teaches people to be bad but there are some others who are to fanatical that they turn to violent, just like PBB politics.

        So why to we tax payers pay those PGA,pug,BUG,STUPID or whatever to guard Taib's palaace..24 foolishmen ops sorry Policemen.Do we need to pay them or Taib pay from his own private funds which are in billions at natives' expense.

        • imam frustrated

          u yg salah …jangan nak cakap saya salah u tanya org2 yg berlajar…arabic…salam erti peace…islam means aman..dats wat i study…sorry i beg to differ…u know nuts…also….so u wan to go change sarawak…let me see lah saudara…..lets see…u are wrong u don know arabic…like u don know hebrew or aramic dari mana injil datang dan di translate…sorry,,,or even greek…tolong…ya…i hav enuf documents o prove d meaning…kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut u boleh pergi bible school of malaysia..mereka pun ada belajar tentang islam..ini basic lah bro.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          imam frustrated..u r a pest..u knows nothing but empty barrel only.I have read your koran and even those muslim convert to christianity beg to agree with me.

          So u r a frustrated man as yoiu said islam means peace..maybe it's true or just a gimmick.

          Please tell us all "WHO BOMBED WORLD TRADE CENTRE?",London tube on 7/7,Southern Thailand in Yala,Southern Philippines. Yes your brain is underneath your feet,a pea brain too.

          I don't need to learn Arabic..because I have NO dealings with the language.Even Arabs speak English as we see it on TV.

  • http://nil anti_law

    Imam frustrated

    Bro imwm, s'kum to u.

    I didnt say islam or christian or any ther religions encourage bad things. My point is that we all are the same being created by GOD. As a human being, we are given better brain than animal. as such GOD gives us our thinking power, our desire, our urge and lust. WE human is never equalled in any ways with GOD as such we are erraneous in characters. that is why we are hypocrite when we condemned people before GOD does. That way, we have committed sin against our fellow being, am i rite ImaM? Talking bad about people is sin. that's why you are hypocrite like me some other times.

    • cessss….

      No matter if you're islam or Christian. Our fight is toward thief minister. It's time to take back what we own. He doesn't deserve a single cent from us. We are still far behind development. Still very very far. The gab is to huge and nothing much has been done to narrow the gab. They are good in giving their words, but to keep it, they are worse than zero. Wake up people, NO BN FOR THE NEXT ELECTION

      • imam frustrated

        u bawa election ini..doalah…sebab tak ada apa apa akan menguling taib..cesss u korek tahi hidung u jelah…taib tak akan gentar..pada cara u…

    • imam frustrated

      anti law…ada undang2 yg menegakkan moral bukan salah bila kita menegakkannya…ini bukan hypocrit…adakah saya hypocrit mengatakan…salah bersina…atau mabuk sampai tak sedar kewajipan…disini…rakyat sarawak ditidas..dan peraigai sipenidas sudah buntuk kepada ugama islam yang dipeluk…kalur islam buat islam dan rukun2 syariahnya…kalau tak boleh keluar dan murtat…tapi jangan jadi stumbling block ke org2 islam lain dan org2 yang bukan islam,kerena mereka akan menghina islam…ini adalah perkara yg saya pertikaikan…macam org christian tidak boleh bercerai…dalam bible Jesus mengatakan God hates divorce tapi mereka cerai berai dan bersina…ya…Jesus maafkan…tapi taklah buat tiap kali…ini membuntukkan undang2 christians dan moralkan…betul tak.ini hanya andaiyan saya…tidak saya bukan hypokrit..saya da ugama yg saya sayang…saya tak tahu ugama kamu…tapi kau juga ada moral…manusia semua ada moral sejahat mana pun…kalau dat takada hati perut macam apa yg dilakukan kepada org2 dayak bila tanah dirampas kaykayan di jual tampa pampasan ini salah dan tidak bermoral….salah juga dalam islam….bukan nya hypokrit untuk membatah…hypokrit kah org2 membantah…

  • Bayi Sarawak

    Save your bra-like attire for your grandmother la! Buat malu je!

  • Bayi Sarawak

    Berapa ringgit sekilo buah betik di sarawak?

  • imam frustrated dog..memang kamu anjing tapi…tua buntuk..mana u belajar…isak waktu doa pertama…orang start sembayang subuh…Jesus pun senbayang suboh..u ada baca bible tak…dalam mathew,mark and john dia selalu pergi ke tempat untuk sendiri pada awal pagi sebelum murid2nya bangun…subuh..awal pagi..u bangun pukul berapa…patut lah doa mu untuk buang taib tak terkabul…ur a lazy mind n heart..dat why your God don listen to ur prayer,,,sampai bila u nak jadi watchdog…jadi working dog..u lihat sahaja..buat bising taip buat apa,u lihat all over d world org2 islam protest…u jadi watch dog watch n see do nothing..bark pun tidak…heheheh..typing tis..u kat sarawak buat apa…maybe i wil train d iban n dayak to fight,,,cos u guys do nothing..i wil bring d weapon down cos dayak don hav support how long….bodoh//bodoh…oleh taib…

    • http://none Truoi Sit Anak Pakie

      imam frustrated.. you are a damn bloody stupid and that is why you are frustrated paid by the Thief Minster.

      I spent 3 years overseas at my own expense,no loans,no scholarship,no government contracts,no timber concessions and nothing from the thief government while you are sent to study religion only.No wonder you speak and talk like a child from Madrassah school.

      You posting and comments irk every one here.Just go and marry and make more babies to produce militant for Al-Qaeda,leave us to fight the thief minister.

  • imam frustrated

    pergi overses buat apa…buang duit…belaja apa….kalau kamu berlajar dari negara org2 barat pasti kamu dapat bagun dan bebas bangsa mu…ini apa ada…membakang…podah,,,u pakai nama apa..haram,,dan mejijikkan mak bapa u…dalam bansa bidayuh nama kau memalu atau kemaluan ibubapa mu….patut lah org2 macam kamu dijajah kaum melanau yg kecik kerana angkuk dan bongkak,,,sekarang kamu semua angkuk tapi u ada apa…bro..kena jajah melanau..kuam paling kecil di sarawak…u jadi gelangkanlah..nak angkuk dan bongak.jesteru ini berangkali sarawak dijajak melanau..dan foochow…kerana kaum mejoritas semua angkuk dan pandang rendah org2 dan ugama yg lain….moga Allah kamu selamat kan kamu…doa lah…Jesus Allah kamu pun tak nak tolong kamu sebab kamu semua angkoh dan bongkak///dia mengajar muridnya untuk mengasihi musuhnya tapi kamu benci saya dan ugama saya…takpa..sebab tu doa kamu kepada Jesus Allah kamu tak dikapul.

    • http://none Truoi Sit Anak Pakie

      This is haram imam and that is why he is frustrated but under Taib's pay roll.Graduated from Madrassah he has a pea brain.

      Say what you want to say as you are paid by Taib Mahmud to say things.

      I never come across such a stupid frustrated imam like this one.Wasting time only with the stupid only make more babies and married many many wives so that you have enough people to form a militant and join Al-qaeda..

      • imam frustrated

        nama yang kamu pakai bawa soi kepada hidupmu,butuh kecik anak kepada pukik mak yang lobang besar,saudara ini menjijikan kamu dan ibu yang mengandung kamu.apa kamu ini taak ada harga diri,elia minum beer haram tapi kamu menjijikkan kamu dan ibu kamu sendiri,betul kah kamu berlajar di luar negeri,atau kamu anak luar nikah/kamu yang kerja dgn taib.

  • imam frustrated

    biar kau ingat kau pandai tapi bodoh,taib n kaum melanau kecik lagi dari budayuh kaum kamu tapi jadi perintah seluruh sarawak…aku pea brain..kau pun pea brain..if u memerintah sekarang u boleh cakap besar…baik u masuk islam ku didik kau cara masuk surga…sebab angkoh dan bonkak kau tu tak diterima Jesus Allah kamu…biar saya mohamad dan Allah ajar kamu cara ambil alih kuasa dari taib…u tu mundur..pergi u.k jadi pemgemis..taib pun tak abil u kerja..saya mengajar budak2 megaji dan sembayang pun cukup makan…kesian kaum kamu ada org macam kamu…org bidayuh padai cakap tapi semua kosong..taib pun pandang rendah kaum bidayuh…macam dia cakap patau…all air..and liud mouth but nothing…and pure non sense..nama pun ada nonsens..ya kami harap kaum iban join kami dengan banyak supaya kami dapat sarawak balik dari taib dengan al qaeda…bidayuh ada apa…pkr pun melayu pun ya…party mana bidayuh punya…tak ada apa2 semua tin kosong..ikut saja y.b kamu minum beer tin kosong…rolang,jerip dan kamu pun kamu benci…bidayuh macam ketam…dalam baldi semua mahu naik atas satu sama lain..dan denki satu sama lain..itulah kaum paling mundur di sarawak….hanya islam dapat membawa persaudaraan…macam anah rayang dan belimbing..alahuakbar.

  • kesian sarawakians

    imam..jangan hantam sidak bidayuh macam ia..kaum tok paling pintar di sarawak..banyak doctor,lawyer,engineer n consultant tapi mereka sumua sokong taib..hanya seglitir ajar yang bangkang taib…sikdak berani buat kacau…dan berpelajaran tinggi tapi si bersatu…suka gaduh sendiri…lebih2 mun dah mabok beer di kedai kopi..yg paling banyak crita munsik percaya pergi u kedai kopi batu 3.kuching…sidak politicians bidayuh kedai kopi bergumpul sia.crita hangat boleh dapat…

  • aborium

    We have a so-called 'Imam' amongst us who is suffering from verbal constipation, made worst by his endless ramblings, disjointed thoughts,and whose words and modes of expressions do not reflect a true Islamic Imam. Beware of impostors among our midst.

    What we say & how we say it is a REFLECTION our ourselves – in the mirror, so to speak. Watch your language!

    • imam frustrated

      ingat kau tu pandai sangat ke,kalau pandai sangat kau tak ada masa nak menulis dangan semua disini,hanya berarpa org yang bercomment disini,jangan nak hina lepadaian atau orang kalau diri sendiri pun ada kelemahan,kalau kamu betul handal kenapa menulis di blogg ini tak sampai 300org yang minat untuk menulis comment di sini.banyak org angkuh macam kamu di blogg ini macam pandai tapi kopi kosong juga..Allah maha besar,kita semua dibuat dari tanah ingat tu.

  • aborium

    It's amazing to see the free flow and spectrum of ideas, whether they be half-baked, bigoted, unsupported claims & counter-claims, funny, sad, or sometimes just obnoxious. Whatever, it's a microcosm of present day society. However, all said and done, we need to be able to tell the chafe from wheat! the trees from the forest, and wherein lies the boundary of NCR lands!

  • Anak dayak

    Dear ST, Taib always had one law for himself and his family and another for the rest! He advised all the YBs to go back to their constituencies, serve your rakyat, but he advised Sulaiman to go overseas, away from the rakyat! That's Taib's Law!!

  • kesian sarawakians

    cakap banyak pun tak guna,taib raja dan pemerintah.semua orang nak buat apa,mengundi.tak payah,dia tetap akan menang.kamu cakap banyak pun tak guna,semua orang sarawak sokong taib.kamu gaya banyak cakap bbanyak,tapi semua kosong.kamu semua tak tahu buat perkara sebenar.bangunlah sudah 45tahun,tun n taib buat suka hati.sekarang buat sesuatu,kalau tak kamu semua geng tin kosong…all talk no action..bagus balik kampong tanam jagung…semua kamu bodoh dan angkuh..sedikit pun taib tak gentar pada kamu..kesian…kamu semua..

    • sarawakian

      you are right at some point… even election is useless in here, out of 2++ sit in the parlimen ;sarawak stand 1/3 of the seats and if BN win they will not come with many excuse while the opposing party if win they can't enter the hall so whats else we(rakyat) can do about it…

      i just pray tomorrow Elia ends up on my bed then I am force to married her then I can join her family empire.. 30 years of empire you think is that easy to taken down?

      remember this is state sarawak not sarawak country you go strike like "Egypt revolution" at the road ppl just watch you rather than join you, so whats the point you angry for?

      just do your best to join the family so you can enjoy the fame and famous too … remember Jamilah have 1 luxury house in Canada worth millions .

      • imam frustrated

        sarawakian kau jangan cakap macam tu…kamu islam atau belum,kalau kaamu nak kawin kawin dengan gadis yang bagus dan blhamdulilah. dari keluarga yang bagus,saya boleh tolong kamu dan kawinkan kamu secara harlal/sah di mesjid kota semerahan.Alhamdulilah kerna nak jadi islam biar betul ikut dengan hati yang lurus ya,,,salam.

  • imam frustrated

    takpa lah hina jelah tapi harap2 serawak akan buat yg betul bukan cakap banyak tapi taib ketawa banyak ke swiss bank dia,dan geng foochow dia ke bank2..yang lain buat apa berdoa sahaja,ada yang minum san miguel mahadir punya atau tiger beer elia punya…hahahaha…Allah sahaja tahu yang benar.

  • http://- Ayen Piyat

    Very very rich, nothing else to do but enjoy. Just like liquor and pork the money used to enjoy may be illicit. If Elia's dad is a Penan, for example, would she be eating the wildboar, eventhough her dad has converted to Islam? You know wildboar is the Penan's favourite food that's why they hate the logging companies for making it difficult for them to hunt wildboars these days. Most Penans don't like to eat domestic pigs, cows, chickens, goats and whatever animals is reared. They say reared animals are friends and should not be killed for food, hahaha…….., and the Penans don't drink liquor either because they say liquor will make them forget the hunting tracks in the jungles besides.

  • kesian sarawakians

    orang2 luar kesian sarawak tapi kita harus kesian diri sendiri dan bangsa sarawak,kita harus buat seuatu untuk mengolengkan taib mamut.kalau tidak kita akan lebih sengsarakait Bangkit dan buatkan sesuatu.

  • pening

    Belum apa apa sudah gaduh besar. Jgn mainkan isu agama jika tidak tahu sepenuhnya mengenai agama orang lain dan ilmu cetek di kepala. Jangan mudah percaya dengan media barat dan propaganda mereka tanpa usul periksa. Taliban? Pengganas? Itu bukan Islam. Itu mereka sudah buat agama sesat. Sembah orang dan menganggungkan pembunuhan, penindasan dan tamak. Mana da Islam suruh bunuh orang sesuka hati.

    Janganlah sebut mengenai sesuatu agama tanpa mengenalinya terlebih dahulu. Kamu kata newspaper Malaysia kena monopoli orang BN, abis newspaper Barat semua betul? Apa dosa anak anak Islam yang dibunuh askar kristian US/UK? Sedang berjalan membeli barang dari pasar terus di tembak? Berumur baru 4-5 tahun. Apa dosa rakyat Iraq dibunuh tapi yang bersalah Hanya Saddam Hussein? Itu keadilan Kristian? Bunuh orang tak berdosa juga?

    Apabila orang islam bangkit menentang pembunuhan saudara Islam di Iraq/Palestin, kami dikata pengganas sedangkan nyata dan jelas yang dibunuh adalah rakyat dan kanak kanak yang tidak berdosa. Apabila perempuan islam tidak bekerja dan menjadi surirumah, dikatakan Islam menindas perempuan. Sedangkan ramai lagi perempuan US menjadi surirumah untuk menjaga anak. Pelikkk!! Inilah akibatnya percaya newspaper barat.

    Nak jatuhkan Taib, jatuh dia dan kroni dia saja lah. Janganlah agama orang lain diburukkan.

  • BiarPutihTulang

    Imam frustrated…. In overall, I do apologize on behalf of some of my fellow non-muslim's shallow comments. Elia is and shall continue to be a follower of your religion (until murtad) and thus will be governed and judged based on the principles and laws of your religion's covenant. Some of the based individuals commenting in this post FAIL to realize that as a Muslim, one must never sit idle while his neighbor commits a crime in the eyes of Islam. It was so stated and thought, so shall it be practiced as such.

    And as a Muslim, one must lead by example. What one does in her private chambers is between her and her God but to blatantly break her religion's covenant in full public view is a mockery and disservice to her religion. If in accordance to syariah law that she be stoned for her sins then so be it. Her life as a muslim is governed by said law. Yes, Sarawak is a society of open mindedness and respect and I for one respects the jurisdiction of syariah law.

    AS for the question of journalism, this article lacks nothing in the sense of professionalism. The headline and contents of the article exposes the unfair treatment that is running rampant in Malaysia today. The double standards that apply to our daily lives, in commerce, social and religion. This article, hard hitting in nature, makes comparison of two individuals in the same situation but receiving double standards. The model was CAUGHT in the act and risks being publicly caned, the heiress, self incriminated and flaunted her vices publicly but yet received not a peep from the authorities. This IS double standard at it's goriest. This is what the article is about and if in the process of making this comparison, a certain busty easy going individual gets caught up in repercussions of her own actions, then so be it. Just deserves~

    A fair amount of intelligence is require for the consumption of such an article but sadly, from most of the posts I see here, there is a lacking of such skills and education levels. What Elia did is inexcusably wrong and if she had gotten away with it due to powers wielded by family, then said family inclusive of her are law breakers and corrupter of justice.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Thank you for your lecture. I give you an A+ for it.You make me puzzle now. One model is caught while the other ones showing TIGER BEER is ok. We see signs at the sportstoto,magnum,Cash sweep and telelink.."JUDI ADALAH HARAM DI SISI AGAMA ISLAM".We do find people buying them and the Vice-Chairman of Genting Bhd ,and muslim supermarket selling beer,wine & spirit and other NON-Halal this right?? Please enlighten us on the matter.

      Yes we do not pass judgment but what we see and read in the papers…action is being taken while the other one escape punishment. Do you mean..when you are caught,you are wrong and when you are NOT caught,you are NOT wrong? I suppose that the way it is and of that is the way,then it should be alright to consume alcohol and also to buy numbers from RAMALAN outlets.Is it true bro.If you ask for investigative professionalism,all these do NOT exist at all in Malaysia except for Karam Singh Walia..he is the only man who dares to expose what ever are deem to be of public interests though he may have been beaten many many times for exposing things.

      I am waiting for your next lecture and what is the subject bro? Corruption scandals..PKZ has been exposed just like the former KOPERASI scandal.So for Sarawak,abuse of power like threatening the reported..what is going to happen bro?So waiting for your next subject in you lecture.So long..tata tata.I may not be educated u to your standard as the government never wants to give scholarship before as my name is no "BIN" and finally I can go overseas on my own did I find even those with the poorest of result also went. i have to work after class to help pay for my fees.No government help at all…

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Thank you for your lecture. I give you an A+ for it.You make me puzzle now. One model is caught while the other ones showing TIGER BEER is ok. We see signs at the sportstoto,magnum,Cash sweep and telelink.."JUDI ADALAH HARAM DI SISI AGAMA ISLAM".We do find people buying them and the Vice-Chairman of Genting Bhd ,and muslim supermarket selling beer,wine & spirit and other NON-Halal this right?? Is the money halal from the sales proceed.Please enlighten us on the matter.

      Yes we do not pass judgment but what we see and read in the papers…action is being taken while the other one escape punishment. Do you mean..when you are caught,you are wrong and when you are NOT caught,you are NOT wrong? I suppose that the way it is and of that is the way,then it should be alright to consume alcohol and also to buy numbers from RAMALAN outlets.Is it true bro.If you ask for investigative professionalism,all these do NOT exist at all in Malaysia except for Karam Singh Walia..he is the only man who dares to expose what ever are deem to be of public interests though he may have been beaten many many times for exposing things.

      I am waiting for your next lecture and what is the subject bro? Corruption scandals..PKZ has been exposed just like the former KOPERASI scandal.So for Sarawak,abuse of power like threatening the reported..what is going to happen bro?So waiting for your next subject in your lecture.So long..tata tata.I may not be educated u to your standard as the government never wants to give scholarship before as my name is no "BIN" and finally I can go overseas on my own did I find even those with the poorest of result also went. i have to work after class to help pay for my fees.No government help at all…

  • skuter

    Jabatan Agama Islam Sarawak sepatutnya mengambil tindakan.

    Jangan setakat diberi kuasa tetapi kenyang melindungi manusia berdosa.

    Mari ramai-ramai hantar report ke alamat ini dan lihat sejauh mana langkah yang diambil oleh JAIS


    Jabatan Agama Islam Sarawak

    Anjung Kiri, Bangunan Mahkamah Syariah

    93400 Kuching, Sarawak.

    Telefon : 082 429811

    Faks : 082 258145

    Emel : [email protected]

    • http://none Watch Dog

      MR SKUTER…kamu hantar saja lah.kalau JAIS nak ambil action,it is uo to them.If JAIS official dare to take action,by next week he will be pension off or transferred to another Dept.

      Please4 don't doubt this man,practicing politics to vengeance,deceit,jealousy and violent. I dare JAIS official and I really salute him or her.Anyone in JAIS?? Come out please.Anyone ????

  • http://none Skuh Babeh Rahun say


  • father zakariah butr

    you all know i am islam number one enemy in the world but many muslims are becoming followers of Jesus in the arab world and many who watches my setelite t.v show on islam, turn to beliv in Jesus.this is because many have been so tire with the double standard in islam by muslim rulers and when the poor are marginalised.this is happening in all uslim world.many will begged to defer with me but lets the fact speaks for itself.Jesus is the only way the truth and the Life.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      father zakariahbutrus…yes father you are right. JOHN 14:6.Go and see 'divine" and you will find that Arabs are being converted to Christian and accept Jesus as their LORD and saviour and even here in Malaysia too.

      When you read the testimony of those Arabs first come into contact with the bible they all cried as that they said is the truth,real truth..these are the very words from Arab converts.

      God bless them for choosing the right path in their life…and many many more to follow. We never impose or force anyone to our belief.

  • SarawakianToo

    Elia Geneid…eksen narr ko.."muka mcm kuih penyaram"(tp aku tauk Elia ya sik kenal kuih tok…maklum lah org kaya…kaya taik palat!!!) Nasib jak ko banyak duit….mun harap muka sikda can…ya pun duit hak orang lain…duit rakyat sarawak….tunggu ko, ada hari ko kenak juak ko klk.

  • babeh_kuran_nephew

    To all Dayak@Bidayuh. Taib Mahmud now are in deep trouble. Almost every country where Taib keep his money now are doing their investigation on money laundering. All his children Jamilah Hamidah Taib, Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib, Hanifah Hajar Taib are under investigation too. Many company and other company all over the world start to stop doing business with company associate with Taib’s family and cronies. Most of this company do not want to be investigate by foreign country. All Taib’s cronies are still working have been bribe. Hundred’s of transaction of money worth million’s ringgit have been done in foreign bank. Total amount of transaction near billions of ringgit.

    Note for Taib:-

    “If you can easily bribe anyone, or any cronies. Someone else will easily bribe them. Your money will never enough for them. Do you have enough money to bribe back all your cronies and business involvement when someone willing to pay higher price for it? This bribe worth 10 times of your business value. It start circulating from a business value RM1mill until hundred’s of million.”

    Please take note this.