Police Gagged Baru Bian – Exclusive video!

Police Gagged Baru Bian – Exclusive video!

23 Feb 2011

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The Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud clearly has no intention of allowing the democratic process to get in the way of his election chances.  Sarawak Report has obtained exclusive video material showing how police were sent in to prevent the opposition PKR leader Baru Bian from addressing a peaceful gathering of people from his own constituency.  We have also learnt that Taib has sent out a disgraceful directive instructing police to deny permits for any opposition gatherings!

The incident happened in Baru’slocal main town of Lawas.  An invited gathering of party members and constituents had joined him at the Sin Yang coffee shop to take food and listen to his vision of a better future.  These key constituents wanted to listen to his messages and ideas in order to bring them back to their own communities and longhouses.  PKR party workers had, as usual, applied for a permit for the sit-down gathering, but as usual the permit had been denied.

“The police just said no.  They gave no reason” explained Paul Bian, Baru’s Campaign Coordinator

Our orders are from the Top!

PKR officials say they felt they had no choice but to proceed with the meeting.  “By refusing us a permit they were interfering in our democratic rights” continued Paul, who is Baru’s brother and a long-term political ally of the human rights lawyer. He went on:

“Our rights have been denied.  This is a democratic country and everyone has a right to give their opinions and a right to meet together and give the information that we can’t give to the people any other way.  We in the opposition are not given any media coverage”

Peaceful and seated gathering, soon to be disrupted by police who feared to let Bian speak

Baru Bian, who has shaken Taib’s authority on numerous occasions over the past two years by winning a series of crucial land rights cases on behalf of communities fighting against the Chief Minister’s land grabs, only just missed out on winning the seat at the last election in 2006, despite enormous odds.  At that time Bian started legal proceedings which detailed a long list of corrupt practices used by BN to win the seat by just 200 votes.  These included bribery and vote-rigging.  Taib-controlled judges, of course, immediately dropped the case on the excuse of ‘ legal technicalities’.

PKR rightfully believe that Bian should have the absolute freedom to speak to his people, who are from his native area.  They say the fact that Taib is resorting to such dirty tactics and abusing the authority of the police at such an early stage in the election is a sure sign that he is fearful that opinion in Sarawak has turned firmly against his authoritarian government. His 30 years in power have brought great wealth to his family, but only poverty for the longhouse people, whose lands he has taken for timber and oil palm.

Peaceful gathering was threatened by police provocation

Witnesses say that the guests to the event started arriving at around 7 oclock in the evening and sat down to enjoy some initial refreshments.  Many of the several hundred people who turned out to listen to Baru Bian had travelled very long distances from the longhouses.  It had been raining all day and the journey in some cases took several hours, but they had been undeterred.  According to one report received by Sarawak Reports, some poorer people, who had come the day before, had had to sleep out in the open.

Police start to surround the event and turn away guests

By 7.15 pm, according to the organisers, a substantial contingent of local police officers had started to arrive.  In all witnesses say there were around 20 uniformed police and another ten plain clothes officers from Special Branch.  Their presence cast a threatening shadow over the meeting and they started turning away later arrivals and surrounded the building.   Paul Bian explains how his original plan had been to show a video to the people at the beginning of the meal – it was an information film about Baru and his mission and policies for transforming Sarawak into a fairer society.  However, the police prohibited the showing of the film.

“We appealed that there is no other way to communicate.  We explained that we dont get media coverage or newspaper coverage or TV coverage, so couldn’t they just let us show this?” says Paul.  “The police boss was sympathetic, but he replied that he was taking orders “from the top”!  that means either the Police Chief or the party bosses”

Bian had originally lined up three interesting speakers to address the gathering, “I had the community leader Pemanch Jenging anak Radin, who has defected from BN after his land was grabbed and also Abun Sui, the land rights lawyer who has won key cases in the area and last it was to be Baru Bian”.  However, with the police pressure mounting he says he decided to cut straight to the key content of the meeting and the speech from Baru Bian.

Not allowed

A hand on your shoulder Tuan!

As our video shows how Baru had hardly got to his feet before the police marched up to him and “placed a hand on his shoulder”.  There was a policeman on either side of him and five had followed behind to where he was standing, according to Bian.  They told him he was “not allowed” to speak.   Witnesses say it was a frightening moment because members of the crowd became angry.

“We are a thousand so its 30 to one!” was one of the cries, explains Bian

For this reason, as the video shows, Baru took responsible action in circumstances where a large frustrated gathering could have taken their anger out on the police.  He calmed the crowd and encouraged them to understand that it was better to cooperate with the police, rather than to allow the danger of violence breaking out and someone getting hurt. Without Baru’s diplomatic leadership the event could have degenerated, because of the unnecessary provocation of the police.

For these reasons the angry crowd were forced to return back to their longhouses without having been allowed their democratic right to hear their local candidate!

Borneo Convention Centre - laughably designed to look like a leaf in deference to the environment!

Meanwhile, on March 5th Taib Mahmud plans to hold his own Party Convention rally for 5 thousand people in the Borneo Convention Centre in Kuching, for which it will be no surprise to learn the BN party had no problems in obtaining a police permit!   Sarawak Report assumes that none of the speakers at the rally will be referring to the corruption surrounding the building of the Borneo Convention Centre, which was commissioned by the Chief Minister and handed to the company PPES works, which is the “construction arm” of his own family company CMS!

Heading the Board of Directors of CMS is Taib’s own son, the youthful and fashionable Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, who is also the largest shareholder.   Until her death the previous largest shareholder of this multi-million ringgit concern, which is quoted as a public company, used to be his Mum, Laila Taib!  Her husband (his Dad), the Chief Minister has consistently channelled most of the top state contracts through his own family company for the past 3 decades.  For this reason the share price of the company has shot up in past months in anticipation of all the money the government is saying it will be spending on SCORE projects!


PKR say that the discriminatory and anti-democratic behaviour of the current government on this and other matters is clearly proving to be counter-productive.  “The people were not intimidated, but they were angry”, says Paul Bian.  “This event opened the minds of the people to what is going on and it made them very, very bitter.  Since this event Baru Bian has been getting more and more offers to come and speak to villages in the region.  They say ‘come speak to us any time’.  This has not made them scared, it has made them become more resolute against the malpractices”.

BN may yet discover that disappointing and angering the electorate is no way to go about winning elections.  People are concluding that BN fears the opposition leader so much they dare not let the people hear him speak!

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  • retired cop

    The police may refuse the application to hold the assembly, meeting, procession or rally if they have reasonable grounds to believe that issues of a seditious nature specified in section 3 of Sedition Act 1948 are likely to be discussed and when they have reasonable grounds that such assembly, meeting, procession or rally is likely to be prejudicial to public security.

    Otherwise the police have to issue a permit in respect of of the covening of any assembly, meeting, or possession in any public place as required under section 27(2) of the Police Act.

    However, a public place which has been exclusively reserved or hired for private use on which the public are excluded becomes a private place. Meeting on private premises confine to members of a lawful society and on which the public at large are excluded does not require public licence.

    • Lampu kidurong

      helo retired Cop,

      This to ask you Sir,During your pervious years serve with the police,do you still remember how many permit had been issued to the OPPOSITION PARTY for their peaceful gathering,cos every time we heard that as for police reason those peoples was no permit for gathering.if every of theirs application for permit is denied so how can they got one ?

      • retired cop

        Mr. Lampu Kidurong,

        I have no record. Issuing a police permit is on discretion of Officer In-charge of Police District (OCPD). I was a staff officer (senior police officer) in police headquarters.

        As a well organised body the police must strive to carry out the basic responsibilities as impartially and fair to all people bearing in mind the rights of an individual as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

        Normally the police will approve the application for a permit if they are satisfied that such assembly, meeting, procession or rally is not likely to be prejudicial to the interest of the security or to excite a disturbance of the peace and that traffic control will not be adversely affected.

        • Lampu kidurong

          Thank you sir, for your explanation.

        • aborium

          Dear Retired Cop,

          Would you kindly confirm the fact the were significant amendments made to the Federal constitution during Sarawak's first twenty-five years within the Federation that altered or detracted Sarawak's rights? (18 point Agreement). Sarawak joined Malaysia on 16 Sept 1963.

          Would you know what those alterations entail? TALK OF KNOWING OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

        • @unwiredasia

          I think 'Retired Cop' has a point.

          His first comment – that meetings in private places do not require a permit. Many seem to misunderstand this point.

          At the same time, political leadership (all parties) has a need to be able to speak with the public – whom they represent in the first place.

          So, where does one draw the line, keeping the public peace with allowing freedom of assembly. It's a balance that is almost never satisfies anyone.

          However, if incumbent politicians abuse their powers, incl misuse of police powers, they should be investigated. The question is by whom?

        • http://none Watch Dog

          Do you believe? OCPD is under directive from the TOP.That is he has NO power at ALL.Please retired cop you miss the point.

          Procedures wise you are correct but in reality you are DEAD wrong as OCPD will never issue the permit with top level interference.BRAVO retired cop.Thank you for your explanation but cannot be relied upon. I know you tried your best to save the police blusses

    • antu kamba

      hear ye… hear ye… now its time for all SARAWAKIANS to stand up and fight for justice! free us from the dictator taib mahmud! vote for change!

    • http://hotmail Orang2bangkit


      Baru saYS we live in a democratic country and Retire Cop says we can conduct private meetings. DO WE HAVE SUCH FREEDOMS?

      But the power elite send their cops who say "NO – you have no democratic rights in this country to speak or assemble freely. You really live under martial law and you have 7 days to start and finish your election campaign. This is the extent of your democracy in the Malayan colony of Sarawak. Who ever disregard this law does so at his/her own risk. We are the masters and you do as we say!"

      This discussion of our rights does no more than show that the powerful rulers are the ones who breach the written laws and enforce their own rules.

      The constitution sounds beautiful but we live under the ugly reality of democracy with an iron fist.

      See the movie Animal Farm.

    • Stagong

      Police will loose their job if PR rule M'sia… That's what the police feared of… Bcoz their chief has been paid with lots of money. Feared that he lost that money, the chief ordered his man to be prejudice against opposition… Am I right?

  • Rude

    These are tactics normally used by fascist dictators to gag democratic process . It's desperate measures if Taib has to resort to this sort of thing . It looks to me that he is starting to panic as he realizes that his iron grip is starting to slip away from him . I am surprised that the sort of behavior normally reserved for despotic megalomaniac Fascists such as the Kim's in North Korea and Gadaffi's in Libya are now becoming common in peace loving Sarawak. Truly time to get rid of this Fascist cockroach….

    • aborium

      It appears now that those in power will use whatever means at their disposal and whatever laws they can enforce to get at what they want. Orwell's 1984 is a grim reminder of what a total police state can turn out to be. Looks like it's happening for real, all in the name of 'public order?' Does the means justify the end? Do we want a State where your civil liberties are curtailed or worst,gone? The answer my friend is blowing in our faces! not in the wind (apology to Dylan)

      • aborium

        For us to ponder upon:

        "If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say this or that even, it never happened-that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death."

        – George Orwell, 1984, Book 1, Chapter 3

  • http://[email protected] anaksaribas

    inilah pemerintahan demokrasi malaysia…dimana kebebasan kita..? Tok Uban sebenarnya takut..diarahnya Polis ambil tindakan. saya harap Baru Bian tabahkan hati, kami tetap sokong..Lawan Tetap Lawan..Berubahlah….

  • http://none Watch Dog

    once again the Kuching Shepherds are at work. It is sad for democracy as AUTOCRACY prevail under Bolotment Negeri(BN) who practised politics of deceit,vegeance,abuse of power,jealousy and violence..

    Is this what we all want in the next GE? Obviously NOT. Unite brothers and sisters and let us pension all these thieves and their cronies.

    May GOD gives us strength and courage to stop these bad cronies. Amen..

  • batulawi

    When Baru Bian speaks, his voice would have a deafening effect on the BN thieves. Their ear drum would disintegrate and their eyes would pop out. Baru's voice would hurt their heart, mind and soul. Those affected are the BN YB's, Taib's family members,cronies, his bomohs, BN lap dogs who loyally sit under Taib's table appreciating scraps and leftovers. Once their master becomes deaf and dumb or expires….no more scraps…no more life! That is why they are more afraid of Baru Bian than hell. We, the ordinary rakyat have nothing to fear. We fear only the wrath of GOD!

  • karma believer


  • Orang Sarawak

    wakeup & shake your BRIAN Sarawakian! If we are as a Sarawakian din't UNITED to against Dictator & Capitalism rules by taib, his family & cronies WE WILL LOST OUR HERITAGE & gamble our Families and Relative life!

  • Pemerhati Dari Jauh

    Aku maca borneo post hari tuk kata jgn percaya apa yg ditulis dlm blog/internet n ada org ya minta kerajaan kawal internet. Dolok aku pun sik cayak ngan benda internet tuk, tapi bila kita baca and kita buat penilaian dan kajian…blogs and online media lebih betul daripada nok suratkhabar yg dijual di luar ya. Aku kinek tuk sik kan termakan dgn strategi CM n kekwnnya lagi…Teruskan Baru Bian..saya puji saudara kerana cintakan kedamaian wpun ahli2 anda sudah mau menggunakan kekerasan, Mr Baru Bian membuktikan dlm usaha kita menukar kerajaan, tidak semstinya merusuh dan sebagainya…polis bukan musuh kita…dalang disebaliknya ialah penjahat sebenar!

  • arabmalaysia

    Today HARI DIA, ESOK belum TAHU HAri SIAPA.

  • Tajau Lama

    When BN hold gathering to tell lies to the people, the police will stand around to ensure no disturbance and all at peace (Semua Baik Baik Tuan)

    When Opposition want to hold talks to let the truth reaching the people, the police will come around to want your mouth shut and people's ears closed. (Semua di-kehendaki besurai dari ini !!!)

    Under what condition then an opposition talk is allowed and "permitted"? All opposition talks cause traffic congestion and public disorder? I think opposition talks are making the thieves having stomach-congestion and heart beat disorder in fear of more thruth revealed against their corrupted acts

    • pasun_menoa

      Berhimpun di premis persendirian (i.e. rumah, rumah panjang, rumah kampung, kedai kopi, restoran) salah juga kah?

      Belum pernahpun pembangkang minta untuk berhimpun di premis kerajaan, kerana gerenti polis tak beri permit berhimpun. Nama pun sudah "pembangkang" – menakutkan, kan? Sapa yang takut? BN? Aihh! Betul ke ni? Apa nak ditakutkan? Polis ada. Tentera pun ada. Pembangkang apa ada? Takut juga? "Sotong" betullah BN!

      • anembiak sarawak

        is it police and army under Agong? That why they call royal police force and royal army force. not under any political forces. they can not be influence by any political parties. only law can interfere them and the constituent can interfere law . how about BN? do they always apply permit if they do gathering any place? i don't think so if they apply any permit. or this permit thing only apply to opposition or NGO only. that mean our country not democratic country anymore or our country will become another dictatorship country.

  • Tajau Lama

    To Mr.Baru Bian

    May your God, God of righteouness and mercy bless you with strength and power, wisdom and knowledge, to encounter all situation peacefully.

    Devine intervention is in the country and in your state, as you can see the corrupted trees are bearing cursed and bad fruits, waiting to be cut off and burnt.

    In all cases, let your people stay cool and handle all difficulties diligently. We will resort to the most harmoniest way to show them the way out

  • Strategist

    The bloody police is very biased and prejudiced and they always come after

    the opposition parites holding political assemblies in public with or without permits.

    The police, it seems, are not neutral and not impartial and whenever and wherever the opposition goes, they are always there to cause harassment.

    When BN gives talks in public,

    especially the thief, the police won’t dare to lift a finger on him and ask him if he has a permit. If it is Baru Bian, or Chong Chieng Jen or Violet, they won’t hesitate to harass them.

  • http://google cucuk belian

    I read the Borneo Post Online news juak pagi tok tek. Merepek benar juak Si YB Karim ya! Mun mok ngangkat pelir pun, endak iboh lah molah such a stupid call, obviously lack of ideas. Too defensive indeed. Is this the sort of character of our future leader? Being a Malay myself, I am totally ashamed having this sort of moron representing me and my community, what more to say to lead. YB Karim says "control the internet news", the Police says " No permit and as such you are not allow to assemble and speak". If we add up these 2 statement, maksudnya segek ajak, we are not allow to rely on any other media except for those control by Govt. Hey Pok, you better wake up. Gone were the days bila kamek anak Sarawak boleh di dividde and rule, melayu disuroh suspicious ngan Dayak, Dayak di cucok so that they retaliate and seen to be offensive toward Malay, endak iboh ajak pok. We all know who is the real culprit, bebulak boleh skali, tapi sik akan dapat bekali kali. Yes, we do need pemimpin pandei, tapi kamek urang sik teringin dengan pemimpin nok mandei mandei. It is entirely to us nok rely on which source of information, we heard enough, we have seen enough and we have experience enough. Probably YB Karim himself should read all these cries, tangisan suci anak Sarawak, and maybe you will repent yourself! If all this while, we being force to read all Govt control media with choice of word from leader such as YB Karim himself, mungkin masa udah tiba for the so called leader to read our point of view agik. Remember, WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND COZ WHAT WE ARE TODAY IS ACTUALLY A PRODUCT OF YOUR LONG TERM EXPERIMENT. If you think that we are the monster, so be it, after all you are the one who made us so!!!! Berik malu urang Melayu ajak.

    Another point to raise kat sitok, we dont need another monarchy in the making. Bapak YB, anak YB, cucuk YB, nang sik ada urang lain! Whats so great about family kitak urang semua ya????

    To Saudara Baru Bian, please by all mean proceed. Probably they can stop you from talking, but one thing for sure, they can never stop everyone of us. You have the our blessing and support. One final advise from me, everytime sidak tok ngaco you, ingat ajak pesanan tok: I WILL NEVER BE THE NEXT OF THEM AS I WILL ALWAYS BE THE NEXT OF ME

    • anembiak sarawak

      control internet news, control media massa, only listen to BN propaganda = Communist country or Dictatorship country. suruh that YB baca balik dan fahamkan betul-betul perlembagaan malaysia yang membentuk negara kita tuk.

    • Urangborneo

      Saya amat bersetuju dgn kamu. YB or Yang Bertungkus lumus BB cekalkan hati. Tangan ra'ayat akan beri jawapan yang pasti. Inilah aspirasi kita.

  • Christina S. Suntai

    Corruption trickle down all the way to the little guy in Barisan Nasional Administration! Wild wild Borneo! Laws and police are only used against anyone who stands in Taib's way!

    Do your work folks. Not too much to ask, just spread the words to friends and relatives and vote for PKR in the next election!

    • kuching people

      Unfortunately to my experience, a lot of young people don't vote even though they are eligible to vote! How sad! Spread the word, tell people the truth, the authority may be able to people from holding meeting but they can't stop word of mouth and Internet.

  • leimeon

    It seems the trail of tyranny is getting longer by the day

    1. YB Chong Chien Jien was suspended for trying to voice rakyat problems in S'wak DUN

    2. Opposition in DUNs were always being ridiculed n stifled by the present regime's system

    3. In land grabs – the rich shall tyrannize the small holders landowners

    4. Even Kedai Kopi gathering was also disturbed by the police; by right if the police is neutral they can disregarded unreasonable request from the tops that appeared to be undemocratic n dictatorial

    So are we to see the stifling getting worse before democracy can gain some dim light of dignity in this part of the world?

    We can see that the world climates were drastically changing now. Is it a sign of some evil ones who tyrannize the people so that even God is very Sad to see the people's condition.

  • Tok Janggut

    Ayuh orang Sarawak!

    Orang Asal Sarawak terus ditindas oleh kaum White Hair.

    Orang Asal Sarawak terus di bodohkan oleh kaum white Hair.

    Orang Asal Sarawak adalah majoriti tapi…di CONTROL oleh puak White Hair.

    Bangun lah…Sedar lah…bahawa kamu terus di tindas oleh kaum white hair.

    Teruskan perjuangan…..teruskan keazaman supaya puak2 white hair ini tumbang. Ini tanah kita…!!!!!

  • anakbanjar

    The peoples' revolutions which topples entrenched governments of Tunisia and Egypt and soon Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Algeria, etc. demonstrate people want freedom,freedom of expression where the people want to make their own decisions, to listen or not to listen to Baru Bian (they do not need that Taib to tell them not to or otherwise); people want equal opportunity to relish the wealth and bounty of the country, not just scrambling or begging for scraps and leftovers of the elites and the so-called ruling class and the corrupted; people want justice, where all are equal under the law of the country…Only governments who deliver these will survive. Taib, let me tell you that the People are nationalists and will die for the country, indeed many Dayaks have sacrificed their lives for this blessed nation, but let me also tell you Taib that the People are not interested anymore supporting corrupted governments like yours, Taib where you and your families live in wealth and splendor while the common rakyat continue to rot and ignored and indeed rob whatever small inheritance they have. People want freedom to express their views and not afraid being harassed by the police and the SBs.

    Baru Bian, I am a Malay, but your fight is beyond race and religion and pray that you will persevere for the sake of ALL.

    • Urangborneo

      Ayuh bangun semua rakyat Sarawak. Tak kira bangsa dan ugama. Keturunan kita di Sarawak tak memilih kaum dan ugama. Pertahankan hak kita.

  • Yohanes Francis – Na

    All over these previous and end of the day I keep think,anaylyse,pray to God and the conclusions is 'WE' HAVE TO STOP AND CHANGE THE SISTEM PEMERINTAHAN BN YANG ADA SEKARANG DENGAN SISTEM KERAJAAN BAPA DI SYURGA."WE" means me and you all SARAWAKIAN.Kita harus katakan STOP untuk penipuan,ketidakadilan,monopoli ekonomi,menjual tanah rakyat tanpa persetujuan,kepura-puraan,POLITIK,rasuah,serta bermacam-macam lagi yang kita semua tidak tahu perbuatan-perbuatan Taib Mahmud dan bala keluarga serta kroni-kroninya.

    MARI SEMUA RAKYAT SARAWAK YANG MEMANG TERKENAL DENGAN SIFAT KEBERANIAN DAN KEHEBATAN CERITA KITA YANG TERKENAL DENGAN NEGERI YANG MEMPERCAYAI TUHAN SEMESTA ALAM IAITU TUHAN YESUS KRISTUS ANAK ALLAH.Kalau ya pun saudara dan saudariku belum mengenal Kristus tidak mengapa MARI KITA BERSAMA MENENTANG KETIDAK ADILAN.Sampai bila kita rakyat yang miskin ini harus miskin dan terus di belenggu dengan perjuangan kita yang berusaha keras untuk duduk sama tinggi denga bangsa di Semenanjung.Sedangkan kita adalah bangsa yang Memiliki Kesemua Sumber Asli yang digunakan untuk pembangunan di Malaysia.Kitacuma ada satu saluran secara demokrasi mengubah segala penipuan dan cengkaman CM dan komporomi kerajaan pusat serta kroni mereka selama ini iaitu katakan "TIDAK' kepada Barisan Nasional.Untuk apa undi BN-PBB Sarawak jika tanah kita semua semua suadah dijual bagi PL kepada syarikat2 kroni Taib Mahmud dan balanya.Sudahlah kita di tipu dengan hasil sumber asli ini pula jual tanah dan hak orang asal dengan tamak tanpa ada fikiran dan mempertimbangkan bahawa mereka ini adalah rakyat yang menyokong dan mengangkat dia menjadi Ketua Menteri 30 tahun yang lalu.Woi..SEDARLAH HIDUP INI CUMA SATU RUPA SAHAJA IAITU LAHIR KE DUNIA DAN KEMBALI MATI KEPADA PENGADILAN TUHAN YESUS.Ini bukan pasal POLITIK tapi ini ADALAH PASAL KEHIDUPAN RAKYAT SARAWAK.HARTA YANG DIMILIKI DENGAN CARA PEMERASAN AKAN DIKUTUK TUHAN DAN PASTI AKAN ADA BALASAN YANG SETIMPAL DARI TUHAN ALLAH PENCIPTA ALAM SEMESTA.Oleh itu saudaraku semua yang mengimpikan keadilan dan kebaikan didalam sistem pemerintahan Sarawak marilah kita sama-sama berdiri dengan satu suara agar terjadi revolusi keadilan dan kerajaan yang baik di sarawak,AMEN.

  • sipungutsikadut

    Let Taib and BN dig their graves deeper. Mr. Baru, if you cannot get a permit to hold a ceramah, then use modern technology. Video conferencing is available. Use laptops with camera, get celcom 3g braodband plus a few big tv sets and broadcast live. There are many expert around who can easily set up this mechanism for you.

    • symptiser

      Agree Agree…..lesson learnt from EGYPT..go Baru Go..

    • http://hellfirespitter.com Village People


      • http://hellfirespitter.com bujang tak senang

        wah, mun orang kampung pun boleh fikir dak ya, bestlah! HIDUP RAKYAT SARAWAK! kita sumbat petualang2 yang melacurkan negeri dan menyusahkan rakyat demi kerakusan mereka ke muka pengadilan antarabangsa. Biarkan laungan dan tangisan kita bergema di seluruh dunia!

  • http://oldfart50.blogspot.com Paul Warren

    Malaysian Police are really no different from Muammar Gadaffi's mercenaries. So really there is nothing shocking about this.

  • Guyang Kuda

    Keep up the good work!1 Be brave Clare and Peter!!! Lots of people will be behind u here in Swak!!

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  • symptiser

    Is this another disgrace to democracy???

  • Robert

    Taib must learn that this is 2011 and no amount of police intimidations is going to stop law abiding citizens from knowing the truth.

    Taib hard handed approach speaks volumes about his confidence in the people of Sarawak of his rule. If he has been a leader that all Sarawakians love then there is no need for him to show his fear.

    I think BN is going down big time in the coming election. They can rig all they want but the overwhelming votes against him will outdo his rigs.

  • Sarawak Boy

    The thief minister can do what he want to suppress the voice of the people but he does not realize that we have had enough of him and his thieving families. Let's vote them out failing which let's do an Egypt/Tunisia. Let's take back what rightly belong to us in whatever way possible. Enough is enough.

  • http://magickriver.blogspot.com Antares

    Sad to see the police force allow itself to be turned into uniformed samseng by corrupt leaders. Have they no shame at all? Surely they must realize how pathetic they have become! Subhumans…

    • pak malau

      relative saya byk jadi polis but i still hate the police. masih tak malu minta duit kopi. saya kena tahan tak pakai safety belt (yes its my fault)then minta Rm30. but i rather pay the saman only Rm50 after diskaun at cawangan traffic…Excuse me Mr.Koperal,gaji masih tak cukupkah??

      • http://none Raja Manggeng

        Yes,true Sir.Here are the money asked by category of Police.

        1.Police with blue uniform with small note book-Police RM5-10.

        2.Police with Modenas- RM15-20

        3.Police with BIG motor cycle-RM30

        4.Patrol Car-Kancil-RM30

        5.Patrol car WAJA/Kembara-RM50


        I am sure 90% of us have had experiences one way or another with the Police.what say you bro??

        • pak malau

          i agree with you, thats are the real fact

        • Blunt speaker

          I was once stopped by a small cc motorbike traffic police man becos I was unaware my bike rear light had burnt out. He wanted kopi o and it was unfortunate that nite I didn't have change, so i gave him a rm50 note. He was all smiles. Well, I was still young and ignorant back then. Try me now, corrupt police of the Tahi regime!

  • http://[email protected] Atong Sunkol

    If the government are not fair and democratically governing, it is wise or much better that we rakyat stop paying the income tax. Cos the rakyat are paying the police salary not barisan nipu, barang naik, bau najis.

    • http://hellfirespitter.com rakyat biasa

      Jangan lupa bro. 1. jalan yang bagus di Kuching hanya yang melibatkan laluan Staff Car nya ajak, LTAK-SPG 3-PJ-ISTANA DEMAK LAUT. Yang len, cantik agi di beberapa dunia ketiga. 2. rame orang Sarawak berpendapatan dibah RM 500 padahal harga barang naik menggila. Di semenanjung, Bangla dengan Mat Indon pun sik mauk gaji dak ya. Nya sik malu kah rakyatnya rami yang lari ke negeri orang lain, mencari nafkah. Nya ngata rakyat Sarawk sik ada modal insan, KEPALA HOTAK nya. Sapa yang bagi kita kedak ya?(sebaliknya membuka mata kita melihat perbezaan ketara antara Sarawak dengan negeri2 di semenanjung dari segi pembangunan dan kemudahan untuk rakyat)Tersangat menyakitkan hati, walaupun kita tauk S'wak negeri paling kaya dari segi sumber alam.

      3. Susah untuk percaya sik ada pemimpin politik yang sik rasuah, tapi cukuplah 5-10 tahun ajak. Bagi orang lain agi merasa! Ha Ha Hah! Sekurang-kurangnya orang baru tauk nya perlu buktikan kepada rakyat bahawa nya lagi bagus dari pemimpin lama yang terbukti hanya pandai berjanji dan memutar belitkan kata2. Lagi lama nya berkuasa lagi banyak fakta yang ditunggang terbalikkan

      untuk menjadikannya lagi kebal dan berkuasa dari sisi undang2.

  • http://www.techarp.com/ Adrian Wong

    Despite the wave of revolutions sweeping through the Middle East, Taib Mahmud still believes he can have his cake and eat it too. Well, it is up to us to prove him wrong!

    Let us do our best to spread the word and educate our family, friends and acquaintances about the corruption and abuse of law by Taib Mahmud and the BN government. Like the autocracies falling apart in the Middle East, the BN government has overstayed its welcome.

    However, where Taib Mahmud is concerned, the people of Sarawak must rise to the occasion and say, "Enough is enough!" People of Sarawak, make your voice heard in the coming state elections and evict this corrupt old man and his family of cheats!

  • http://Best ranjit singh

    Awal Disember 2010 saya berada di Lubok Antu bertugas sebagai Pengawas pemilihan 2010 PKR.sAYA dapati orang orang Iban diLong House sudah cerdik mereka mau perubahan.Mereka miskin.Tapi semangat mereka tinggi.

    Pemimpin pemimpin seperti Nicolas Brian, Ketua wanita PKR Sarawak dan Ketua PKR Sarawak Baru Bian kene bekerja keras.Jelajah seluruh rumah panjang yang ada.Beri penerangan.Tolak Taib Mahmood.Tolak BN.Change we must.


  • Spook the Sphynx

    As general environment for democratic rights improve in self realization and learning kampung folks will dig their heels in and soon when elections come, those PBB and BN goons will scamper away, tails between their legs.

    Even the Police will need to learn this.

  • oA


    native sarawakians should just continue sleeping so that they might just lose everything.

    600 ringgits every 4 years in exchange for their precious ancestral lands was worth it. keep white hair happy by remaining impoverish.

    long live native sarawakians.


    • Urangborneo

      Terima ja duit itu. Itu duit rakyat! Kita ta perlu terhutang budi setiap 4 tahun. Undi kan rahsia…

  • Bulan

    God is with you Brother Baru Bian. Its just a matter of time when we all assemble and shake the politics in Sarawak. Second ticking.

  • pak malau

    authority should realize their gaji bulan from taxpayer, even if we duduk makan at restaurant ada tax charge 5-10%. we know you "hanya jalan tugas sahaja"(word that we always heard when we furious at them)but please use your budi bicara when you dealing with any situation, you got training right?. taxpayer also pay your training course.


    This is WHY we need to Change Government.

    We want Our ROYAL POLICE to serve the people and abolish the practise of DOUBLE STANDARD.

    Kembalikan Kredibiliti POLIS DIRAJA MALAYSIA.


    together we outs BN and we will get JUSTICE for our COURT, RETURN the HONOR of our POLICE FORCE and we will have FREEDOM of SPEECH.


  • Anon

    Hello. I read about your website from the Star newspaper. This is my first appearance here and hope will not be my last.

    • pak malau

      welcome aboard

  • Deeply Ashamed

    CM has no shame! BN leaders have no shame!

    The police have no shame! I am so ashamed of them! They all make Sarawak and Malaysia the laughing stocks of the world.

    How could anyone, with even a tiny bit of intelligence and integrity, support them?

    SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!! Let all who love Sarawak and Malaysia peacefully rid our states and country of this monstrosity called BN!
















    Go, Baru, Go! Fly, Sarawak Report, Fly!

    We are with you all the way!

  • for change

    thanks to baru bian for his

    untiring efforts. let's see when is

    the natives going to wake up.

  • Mavericko

    Almighty ALLAH will punish these corrupt Beruks Nasional!

  • http://sarawaknetwork.com SWK Net

    For the BCCK, Taib is planning to construct the New bridge to the facility. Somewhere at the SHELL Depo. The SHELL office was moved to Titainum at Airport Road.

    Currently the place is served by the current bridge across the river.

    The new bridge is solely to serve the BCCK business.

    Is the new or extra bridge necessary when the area is not populated ? Many other important project to do with the tax payer money.



  • wong

    The police of Sarawak should exercise their conscience and not slavishly follow the orders of their political bosses. They should know what is proper and just. What is wrong for people to listen to alternative views which are based on facts? This tactic indicates that the opponents of Baru Bian have run out of options. The last weapon 'silencer' has been used and it doesn't seem to work. The crowd will only get angrier and become more fervent campaigners.

  • rural voter

    Anang kiroh kempen kitai. Diatu rega getah & sawit niki bekerja aja.Leboh maya ngundi sunting aja PKR. Lak ka bn tekejut.nadai guna bn. makai rakyat.

  • Alfredo

    This is clearly the rule of a dictator like North Korea. This country claims itself as a democratic country. I am afraid we look more like a communist state. Opposition parties should be given opportunities to speak to the people and not denied their rights. Look at the US and most western countries. Where do they have such policies like ours. Shame on you Taib!!!!

  • imam frustrated

    harap dia tidak diculik oleh geng taib mahmud sebelum election siapa akan tahu kalau dia hilang.taib kafir bin syaitan.kepala jembalang syaitan di srarawak akan buat apa dia suka,watchdog akan tengok sahaja.tolong yalak dan gigit kaki dia.

  • hwings

    Hope Sarawakian will wakeup, wakeup, this election will be good opportunity to turn the Taib down. See how well Penang doing after the BN down?

    Chinese Sarawakian ready to turn the Taib / BN down, how about the rest of my Sarawakian brother and friend?

  • imam frustrated

    semua berjuang untuk sarawak. baru walau pun akan dicatit dalam sejarah sebagai seorang yg berani melawan syaitan dan jahanam taib,org iban dan dayak harus ikut kaum lun bawang.ini adalah satu tauladang kepada sarawak.biar sarawak lihat bukan kaum yg mejority berani tapi yg minority.malulah sikit org2 iban dan bidayuh,buatlah tugas mu bukan hantam org sahaja dan kaum mu sendiri,lihat baru dan lun bawang.KEBANGGAAN SARAWAK.

  • aborium

    Dear Unwiredasia,

    Could you in all sincerity tell us that the same rules would apply to BN gatherings, no matter where? That is precisely the point – LEVEL PLAYING FIELD – with the same concerns on security & public safety. The minute you change or twist the rules (in favour of one against the other), it's no longer perceived as being fair or level.

    My point that I raised to Retired Cop was on a Consitutional issue 'cause he brought it up. That's the context, & we're still waiting for his confirmation.

    • retired cop

      Mr. aborium,

      Constitutional right, would you be more specific on which issue.

      The Federal Constitution guarantees to Sarawak special position in many areas. Sarawak politicians know that but distort the truth for political mileage and gains.

      The power of amending the Federal Constitution belongs to the Federal government. However, if an amendment affects the specials rights of Sabah and Sarawak, the amendment must be submitted to the Governors of these two states for assent. The Governors are bound by the advice of the State Executive.

      • http://none Raja Manggeng

        retired cop..Can you please print 18 point lan for all Sarawakians to know and if you don't have them..just say so.

        What constitutions are you talking here? It is only ONE constitution that we are talking here Bro,that is TAIB constitution.Do you understand? Men made the laws and men control the laws and men broke the laws but only ONE man who is above the law.Who know who here bro??

        You mention many many constitutions,amendments..there are all USELESS because of ONE man.

        • retired cop

          Mr. Raja Manggeng,

          For your info, I have a library on up-to-date law books in my house. How about you?

          Which one of the 18 point-agreement you are not satisfied with?

          I am longing to meet learned friends in court. Some of them whom I used to meet in court are no where to be found, instead on few occasion I noticed them spent most time in the coffee shops. Why?

      • http://none Raja Manggeng

        Ok,thanks retired cop.Of course I have library too,spend in thousands on books too.

        Now can you please tell us the procedures how to get the POLICE PERMIT here. Yes i k now how but to rural folks,please list or itemise for them like:-

        1. How to get the form.

        2.What to do?

        3.Who to see?

        4.Any other relevant information

        By doing so,you help to educate our people how to get the permit.

        May GOD bless you.

        • retired cop

          Hi Mr,

          You said you have many books. Please read section 27(1) to (8) of the Police Acts 1967 how to apply for a police permit.


  • najibrazak

    I seem to have stirred up a hornet's nest in Sarawak by making a casual remark to my IGP that PKR public meetings might damage the re-election chances of my friend Taib. Next thing I know is that the police are breaking up political meetings and refusing permits for PKR ones while approving BN requests. It seems that the RMP have not noticed what has happened in other countries where oppressive laws have stifled political debate.It would be a pity if BN lost in the Sarawak election but a much greater pity if I was chased out of the country by angry voters! Maybe I should appoint a new IGP.

    • http://none Raja Manggeng

      Bro,You talk rots.As without Taib you will NOT be a PM.Please DO NOT talk cock and bull stories as we do not want to be conned by you here.If real Najib Razak,you are so afraid to talk and how on earth this impersonator talks rubbish.

      Come on Baru,please proceed as Nelson Mandela even went to jail to pursue justice.We are behind you and let us get this thief minister and his cronies out and pension them.

  • anak jati bintulu

    What going on now is just too much . who'S the hell taib think he is..sultan of sarawak? orang bodoh and corrupted like him should be hantam ramai2..susah kan org saja. I never interested in politic but whAT happen now is more than politic..kehidupan rakyat. Even malay n melanau malu and very angry which what this stupid guy named taib is doing. everytime aku nanga muka taib ,his family n kroni rasa mauk dipolen jak. only stupid yb (yang bodoh) under PBB like karim, denan ,pemuda pemudi pbb dan yg sebodoh gan nya yg nyokong all because of mauk jaga and mintak share jak. Ni ada melayu or melanau yg berjaya jadi succesSful businessman mun sik family taib jak after 30yrs plus. apatah lagi bangsa BUMI lain..iban,kayan,kenyah,etc.

    sik ada guna nyokong org kedak tok tanah kita kedirik pun dikaut..oit ketUA kampung and masyarakat..sik nkan kerna 400-500 ringgit sebulan pun mauk jual maruah jadi asuk taib..murah juak harga diri ya.

    one thing for sure..election tok definitely taib main TIPU UNDI LAGIK..mun di bintulu ..mesti black out lagi dewan suarah then dtg peti undi dr sini tah semua yg sokong BN jak. abis indon ladang di ngembak pakei bas ..beri makan kfc ..dpt meNgundi agik ya..siapa pun ic Lah di guna…pembaNGKANG SHOULD SERIOUSLY MONITOR AND DO SOMETHING PASAL TIPU UNDI TOK. !!!!OTHERWISE MUN KITA SIK NYOKONG BN PUN …MUN MASIH TAIB TIPU UNDI STILL NYA MENANG JUAK..SIK GUNA.




  • http://www.kamagong.org Lawrence Jayaraj

    Taib and Bn afraid of Baru Bian and the win of change has started to blow towards Sarawak. Taib and Bn can do nothing about it…!!!

    • imam frustrated

      lawrcence jayaraj,jangan terkejut bila baru hilang diri,dengan tiba2,ini adalah tactic penyamun dan org sudah dirasuk syaitan,u ingat kenapa dia,adik dan anak menang tampa bertanding.diman calon2 yg ingin bertanding sekarang.bila anak2 dicolek dan akan dibunuh.inilah keadaan nyata di sini.saya harap org sarawak betul2 bangkit dan terus golengkan dia.kalau tak semua org sarawak akan binasa.kepada Peter John,orang sarawak tak akan tengok muka mu lagi selagi c.m masih c.m.selamat maju.kau juga seorang freedom fighter.

      • http://www.kamagong.org Lawrence Jayaraj

        imam frustrated: Taib lanun – perompak kamu mahu sokong dia…!!! Pakai otak sikit… OK… jangan perangai budak-budak…!!!

      • http://www.kamagong.org Lawrence Jayaraj

        sorry not what I meant to say….

        • imam frustrated

          sapa yang sokong dia,dia selalu menang tampa bertanding,bakal calon selalu hilang dan tak hadir masa nomination saya sudah berapa lama di kota semarahan.apa dapat saya buat disana.kamu tak caya tanya lah org yang ada pengalaman di sana waktu gundi.saya tak sokong taib Allah pun tahu biar saya tak turun undi.aebab dia tetap menangbakun saya buat kebun limau saya.memang frus sudah.

  • Mind control

    I think the new world order of mind control technology would be used against poor Sarawak people to maintain

    the incumbent government.

    I for one think more exposures and public disclosure of those crimes commited by govt is a wake up call to the voting public in Sarawak.

  • aborium

    Dear Retired Cop

    I’m referring here to the relevant provisions of the Federal Constitution as it relates to:

    Freedom of speech, assembly and association

    “10. (1) Subject to Clauses (2), (3) and (4)—

    (a) every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression;

    (b) all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms;

    (c) all citizens have the right to form associations”

    Sir, we are here not to incite ill-feelings or show any disrespect for the highest law of the land in any form or manner, but to make it known to our citizens of their constitutional rights which we all have to be aware of. You, with your work experience, are a better judge on whether these provisions have been respected by the authority in the recent incident in Lawas.

    Secondly, no man-made laws are cast in stone. They change according to circumstances and situations, and in case of the Borneo States of Sabah & Sarawak, the State Legislative would have to be consulted first before any change can be instituted. Since you didn’t answer my question to you, I can tell you as far as I know, there have been several amendments made to the Federal Constitution since Sarawak joined Malaysia. We don’t intend to be bogged down on the statue details, but we think the onus is on you to find out.

    Share with us. Regards.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Yes bro I certainly agree with you. That is what I am waiting from retired cop.It seems that he is half baked and yet want to enlighten us on constitution..We are a democratic country unless spelt otherwise as a communist country like North Korea,AUTOCRACY.

      I know he is trying his BEST to share with us what he knows only .It seems that retired cop has a lot more to study though time may be not on his side.I may say well done ,giving credit where it is due.


      • retired cop

        Mr. watchdog,

        As you may imagine, I am baked in an oven, not dry in the sun like bread becomes harden and lost its ingredients.

        Yes, I presented facts what I know, but not on assumption like yours.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          retired cop–You go and tell whatever acts to the rural folks,they will look at the sky.Much as you are a qualified whatever qualification you holds..are all yours.All I am saying is for you to educate our simple rural folks how to apply for the gathering permits so that we all know .Whether you are well bake and whatever you want to say now is up to you as we are in a democratic country.

          Since you always mention act act act here and act there,what good is it when we cannot hold simple gathering…and you put etc etc etc..you have left out Mahathir favourite act and that is 'ISA'.Maybe very soon the Thief Minster will also use "ISA" at his whims and fancies. I do not read Police act like you as I am NOT a POLICEMAN like you who only speak after retiring. Please I am NOT ridiculing you or belittle you..we need serving cops on our side now but so far NONE..don't know why??

          So the next BEST hing or person is YOU,only you can tell what to all of us on POLICE laws..Yes the Police laws are there but so far not carried out due to Politics of Jealousy,vengeance,deceit,hatred,abuse of power,autocracy and violence.I do not want to argue with you like a sulking child as we have a long way to go to get the thief minister and his cronies to be pension off.

          Thank you and May GOD bless you.

    • retired cop

      Mr. aborium,

      Freedom of speech is not freedom to defame, slander, spread rumours, give misleading information. We have Sedition Act, Offical Secret Act, Defamation Act and etc.

      Right to assembly peacefully does not means going to street to excite a disturbance of publi peace.

      I am sorry to answer you in that manner.

      On our brother Baru Bian`s incident in Lawas recently, did he utilize all the requirements as laid down under section 27(1) to (8) of the Police Act before a police permit could be issused to him? I share my sympathy.

  • imam frustrated

    saudara buatlah kobah kamu di university,kami nak kebebasan dari taib boleh tak.

    • Lampu kidurong

      Salam Saudara Imam Frustrated,

      Sebagai seorang yang berpangetahuan tinggi didalam bab bab Ugama ni,tolong terangkan pada kita orang.ada tak ayat ayat suci ataupun Surah surah nabi yang boleh digunakan untuk membebaskan kita semua daripada taib dan bomohnya.macam mana bunyinya dan apa surahnya tolong jelaskan sebab kita orang semua mahu tahu daripada seorang Imam yang harapan semua.

      • imam frustrated

        lampu kidurong,memang ada tapi dari peristiwa2 di seluruh dunia islam yg memberotak sekarang sudah menjelaskan apa yang harus dibuat dan yang nyata rakyat2 digalahkan untuk berjihad terhadap apa yang menindaskan ugama dan bangsa mereka.takpayah nak huraikan banyak logic dan theory sebab tak practical lagi di sarawak,hanya satu rakyat bersatu dan golengkan tai bin maut ank syaitan bertopeng islam. asalammoalaikum.

        • Lampu kidurong


          Thank you Imam,hope to hear more comment from you togethers we pray for freedom ,to ensure no more abusing and bribery from ours top leaders and ministers.

  • http://www.borneosubsea.com Mind yourbusiness

    GORDON brown is useless pm for british.

    they need to mind their own business

    • Lampu kidurong

      hello,mind yourbusiness.

      Bro,We are not talking about Mr Gordon Brown,nobody asked you about Britih PM

      we are talking about our owned CM ,don't melalutlah.

    • Blunt speaker

      Why suddenly sidetrack to scold Gordon Brown? He is much cleaner, better and righteous than our dirty, evil and insatiable thief minister!

  • http://yahoo angryrakyat


    It is being said that we missed the golden opportunity for our a la Middle East Uprising!

    Where do we go from here with a balless Opposition?

    Baru did need not do anything and the crowd would have taken care of the police!

    The police were acting illegally and provocatively and gave no reasonable excuse for stopping the meeting.

    As it is there are 1000 people still angry!

    People's justice has been put on a back foot.

    • romakoyo

      My friend, Mr. Baru is too smart for Taib and his 'gangsters'. I salute you, Mr.Baru.

  • http://yahoo Orang2bangkit


    Here we go again@!

    Using the "law" to suppress the freedom of speech.

    No one expected Baru to abuse his constitutional right of free speech by defaming or slandering anyone especially if he is only pointing out the facts of wanton corruption and the consequent sufferings of the people from the land robberies by you know who!

    But the police stopped him anyway.

    This is excellent in the sense that Baru could not have done a better job to arouse the anger of the masses. We don't need agitators.

    Thanks to the fascist government and gestapo police for injecting that something extra into the campaign throw out the rubbish corrupt rulers.

    Now we have 1000 more angry anti-UMNO PBB BN people.

    It may take just a bit more pushing before the anger of the people blow up in the face of the fascist regime!

    Arise people, your hour for justice and retribution has come!


  • kopel

    why r those bn ybs don give any commend here

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Coz they have been gagged by their BOSS,the thief minister.If they do,they will be sacked from BN meaning no more fat extra pay.

      • kopel

        so to what extend. sooner the thief die what will this ybs do? what is their belief? what do they think of cheating? i have seen a lot of cheating at the bidayuh areas. almost all the things that was done by the bn govt on the bidayuh area.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          Cheating in Bidayuh areas,please be specific and expose them so that come GE,we can tell the people.I am very concern about it too just like you.If you do NOT expose or tell the people,it will go on.

          1.In what way do they cheat?

          2.How do they cheat?

          3.Who are involved?

          4.How many millions are lost or gain?

          5.Why do they cheat?

          6.Who made them cheat?

          7.Whom do they cheat?

          8.What do they cheat?

          9.Where do they cheat?

          **There re only 6 Bidayuh state constituencies and 2 Parliamentaries in Bidayuh areas.I am very interested so that I can inform our fellow Bidayuh about all these things.

      • retired cop

        Dear Mr. watchdog,

        I beg to repeat my answer to your comment dated 24th February, 2011, just in case you have not read it.

        As you may imagine, I am baked in an oven and well cooked and not dry in the sun like bread becomes harden and lost its ingredients. Are you baked in the heat of the sun?

        Yes, I presented facts on what I have observed from my five senses, not based on assumptions like you do.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          My concerned is NOT with you but your BOSS,the Thief minister that we want to get rid of.

          But since you have retired, we need people like you to help all those in Rural, areas.

          You have to let them know how to apply for Police permit which are you are well versed with so that we can spread the words to the rural people.

          Thanks and GOD bless.

  • Tajau Lama

    YEAR 2011, A year that sees many changes. We too are seeing changes in Sarawak especially when all the beautiful masks of the BN leaders and YBs are taken down and their actual ugly faces shown to the people

    More suppression and hard handling meaning more responsive reaction…people's power on the rise, BN and police in no way is going to shut the mouths and change their thinking, just wait, just wait, time is close, time is up

    • aborium

      Here’s a bit of the constitutional history of Sarawak based on the Cardinal Principles left behind by the British. Though this is 2011 & we are a part of Malaysia with its set of laws, it may be a good thing to walk back in time to be better able to ‘taste’ on how far we have progressed.

      It’s a cocktail of nostalgia with doses of present realities to chew on:

      Sarawak Order No. C-21 (Constitution) 1941 enacted 24 September 1941 (part only):

      1. That Sarawak is the heritage of our Subjects and is held in trust for them.

      2. That never shall any person or persons be granted rights inconsistent with those of the people of this country or be in any way permitted to exploit Our Subjects or those who have sought our protection and care.

      3. That freedom of expression both in speech and writing shall be permitted and encouraged and that everyone shall be entitled to worship as he pleases.

      4. That public servants shall ever remember that they are but the servants of the people on whose goodwill and co-operation they are entirely dependent. Happing Tasting!

      • miaowkia

        We still awaiting for this "retired cop" to derive his decision on the full interpretation on the rights and freedom of speech and public assembly. Also we would like his upright rulings on execution of his duty based on the latter. No point claiming that you once served in a well organised body overlooking the impartiality and fairness of the State enshrined under the constitutional laws. I chanced on page 3 of our local paper UB in a Kopitiam early this morning. A high definition photo in full colour scheme which shows a group of people carrying placards displaying strong political slogans. I put it to you "retired cop" being an experienced lawman explain how that someone be obtained to obtain this sort of an extra ordinary permit. Can we come running to you on how the lightning express approval and the issuance? This is a new and fresh scenario. The picture itself surely can depict and overlaps whatever stock of law books you have had in your library. Since all of can see and witness this biased ruling and what more to say some those with an authoritative power can just scrub and flaw to deny citizens' rights and privileges. Moreover the opposition are classified by the ruling leaders as lame ducks through all various media and why then further cripple them. Reciprocating the weak and the poor in today's living in this Fair Land Sarawak is of utmost importance. They need someone to listen contentiously to their voices and needs. The citizens need someone who can help boldly speak out their wants on their behalves. And it must be that someone with integrity they are looking forward and no more onto the government who keeps on shuffling their promise cards each time an election game is over. Do you wear a denture "retired cop" otherwise rebrand someone as an "Ex-cop"?

  • buntak dut

    Taib + gang rule = God Father + gangsters. We SHALL not vote and elect gangsters to represent us and to bring "Kemajuan". These "kemajuan" is just for gangster, not for the natives.

  • Kopiel Rentap

    By doing that it will make people more angry and open up their eyes particularly those our fellow friends senior citizen.People should have given a freedom to voice their opinion and suggestion.

  • Papa Kedana

    Syabas, bravo brother Baru Bian, you are a true hero, anak jati Sarawak who brave the odds against you. We in Sarawak, regardless of race or creed, will be solidly behind you in the coming general election. Let us all kick Taib and his cronies out, and prove to the world that Sarawakians are not stupid kerbau-cucuk-hidungs.

  • imam frustrated

    berontak sahaja,cara paling berkesan,baru akan di tangkap isa tak lama lagi sebab taib akan guna cara terkotor sekali kali ini semua kamu pun tak akan ambil tindakan.buat comments kah biar sarawak merinsak.

  • Leo

    This is disgraceful act by the Taib goons

  • tsunami unleashed

    On the dot Mr. baru.

    To hell with this Taib Mahmud and his cronies of dogs. The corrupt, the greedy. Die may you all Taib & yr cronies one day and a sure death. Then you all will be buried in as shallow grave. Your corrupt soul will be tied to the gate of hell.

    And this idiot Karim Hamzah said Taib is a jewel of sarawak. My word to Karim Hamzah, go fuck yourself. Suck yr own dick=head. You are given two head, the upper head and the dick-head. You stupid Hamzah used much of yr dick-head. …….

    • http://none Raja Manggeng

      Yes,bro.The first thing we should do is to reconstruct the unfinished portion of State prison,getting ready for these corrupted cronies once they fall down from power.

      White collar crime plus tax evasion,money laundering and abuse of power and violent too.

  • BN supporter..

    My boss Taib Mahmud memang macam itu. Dia sudah gila, gila duit, gila kuasa. Dia ingat sarawak dia punya. Dia sudah bodoh….. tidak apa dia akan mati juga…… Itu jobbo pun bodoh…muka macam kera…..

  • Jit

    The BN has always been implanted in their mind that whenever the opposition were to gather a gathering(s), they believe the opposition were trying to tell lies or instigate others and so forth. How about the lies which appeared in in TVs almost every day/night, we are fed with all sorts of stories condemning the opposition unheard. The opposition has no chance to answer because they have no tools/resources or no control over MESS MEDIA FACILITIES. Now, what they have done…… denying the rights of the people despite applications for permit were tendered earlier with no response whatsoever. If the police could provide permit, let organize the gathering in private premises. They were precedents in the Peninsular that the police had been sued and lost and they were ordered by the court to pay damages. The fact of the matter is, the BN is now shivering. Unite….beat them once and for all. Remember their dirty tricks if they were likely to lose e.g. double voting (moving of voters) in two constituencies.

  • Blunt speaker

    All of us need to rally behind our Bro. Baru Bian! Now is very high time and the 11th hour for a righteous and Godly leader to take over this grossly indecent corrupt tyrant of a leader in the form of Taib. May the One and Only True God who leads us and fights our battles deliver our homeland and GRANT US VICTORY! The battle belongs to the Lord and He will lead us to triumph over this satanic regime! Amen!

  • Dayak New Generation

    BN buat ceramah n kempen setiap kali ada function kerajaan. Tapi semua betul kah yang dijanjikan peruntukan berjuta-juta, beribu-ribu itu. BN pun parti politik, PR pun parti politik. Kalau gathering untuk marapatkan silaturahim antara parti politik dengan rakyat apa salahnya..bukannya gathering untuk tujuan mengadakan rusuhan macam di negara-negara Arab pun….BN pun ada kelemahan, pembangkang pun ada kelebihan dan begitulah sebaliknya. Lagipun apa salahnya tukar pemimpin sebab yang ada sekarang dah lama dah memerintah, dunia tengok pun tidak elok dah. Negara kita bukannya monarki sebaliknya demokrasi, atas pilihan rakyat untuk rakyat, jika BN tumbang dalam pilihanraya DUN , pun dikira sebagai pembangkang juga macam BN di PP, Kedah, Perlis, Selangor..

  • imam frustrated

    sarawak sudah bankrap cara democracy,dan pilihanraya bila taib selalu menang tampa bertanding,mana ada democracy.hanya taib akan menang tapi dia hantar pengacau ke tepat baru bertanding dan kacau dia habis habisan.lihatlah nanti.semua org dibeli dengan harga yang tinggi atau keluarga akan jadi mangsa blackmail atau extortion.ini bukan hayalang saya.kita haru golengkan dia sebelum pilihanraya.tolonglah sarawak,untuk bangsa bangsa di sarawak.democracy sudah bankrupt.kita hanya bermimpi.apa yang berlaku disini hanya permulaan sebelum pilihan raya.jangan sampai terlambat.suara rakyat haru keluar dan golengkan ini adalah democracy sebenar kerna undi megundi sudah buntuk dan jadi tidak berkesan.kerna sudah dijadikan satu peryelewengan suara rakyat kerana diminupulasikan.

  • Stephen Dass AKA Mer

    The coming Elections is going to be the 'dirtiest'So, be prepared to face BN's might. The way I see it, the Opposition is going to have more seats that the last time out and probably denying BN its 2/3 majority!

    Best of luck to Baru Bian & Co. The battle has just begun!

  • imam frustrated

    harap harap sik jadi perak,org sarawak pkr bukan senang dibeli.lompat macam katak,lopat katak kena suap harga paling tinggi.harap bakal calon semua o.k kerna dalam sajarah politic,semua calon akan termakan suap.ingat masa ming court atau perak,dan p.k.r atau di sabah.kalau ada undang2 baru yang menghalang perbuatan katak katak lompat ini,baru tak ada masalah.

  • Oley Fabricator

    Wow,what a page..

    So guys, let's keep calm and try not to get too overboard about what's happening in our state.

    We know the problems and lets try not to put more "added-value" to it.

    If this kind of attitude (not properly controlled commenting manner) still inherited within the people and within a community that want some great changes to happen in Sarawak, the idea of freedom would only last for a short term and worse changes might become one of the result after the upcoming election.

    Let's not make the anger from inside of us become destructive, and don't just directly put out what flashes to light in the dark. We surely don't want other readers say "these comments are from high schools".

    Outsiders evaluate and try to figure the shape of our community primarily base from the way we act with facing problems.

    We will win and BN will lose indeed if we're united and have 'global thoughts' to stay firm in our way to make better changes in our state. After the election, there's more we need to deal and I hope this kind of attitude isn't in the list to be deal with in the near future.

    God Bless Us All.

  • OmegaMan

    This whole thing stinks like rotten eggs. West Malaysia's oppostion had their share of police abuses and brutality so what else is new? Retired cop was talking about procedures. We are talking about abuses. Hundreds of them and many unsolved murders in detention. All the royal commission to get to the bottom of these will come to nought if the government itself is rotten. Period!!

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Cash BRIBE from BN government for 2,234 families in the Bawang Assan constituency, RM500 from Najib Razak and RM100 from the state government when in actual fact the money rightfully belongs to the rakyat.Do NOT be hoodwink by "AFRAID" Jabu,Deputy thief minister and 'Sultan' of Betong. Another POLITICAL BRIBE from BN government. another SHIT??

    ** Read The New Sarawak Tribune 3/3/11,today**

    Oh what a BRIBE? Peanuts as he thinks that we are monkeys.

    **Whose MONEY are you giving Jabu? Why NOT all the households in Sarawak? Where are our oil and Gas money Jabu?

  • imam frustrated


  • taman luk meruked

    We understood the unsaid words of BARU – He will be the next Ketua Menteri yang BARU!! Amen!

  • narar

    Taib is using the same intimidating tactic as Datu Mustapha, former CM of Sabah in the 1980s which cost him his USNO government. I hope this authoritarian CM of Sarawak will fall as Mustapha in 1983. What goes up will go down. The people of sarawak have enough of this old goat, who had sucked and syphoned the state's wealth into his family members' pockets.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Please MR BARU BIAN,let us know what shall we do here? Is it door to door or house to house campaign now. Now is the BEST for us to go to the rural areas to tell our simple folks.Yes I do know that it is difficult to tell especially Tuai Rumah,Ketua Kaum,Penhghulu,Pemanca,Kapitan as they are on Taib's payroll.They were forced to reject opposition to their villages,longhouses and areas.What the heck?

    We cannot do things without POLICE harassment.

  • http://none SMART BIRD



  • http://www.sarawakreport.org pengayau tau serang

    Kepada Tuan Pesara Polis. Janganlah emosi sangat..!Saya pun mempunyai keluarga berkerja dengan PDRM. Undang-undang polis dan akta dalam negeri memang patut kita patuhi. Tapi dalam situasi yang berlaku kepada Saudara BARU BIAN amat mendukacitakan saya dan penduduk negeri SARAWAK amnya. Sebagai sebuah negara yang berteraskan DEMOKRASI perkara ini tak akan berlaku. Sebagai pemegang amanah kerajaan MALAYSIA pihak PDRM hendaklah "neutral"atau tolenrasi seperti yang diamalkan Akta Polis Sedunia(PBB) & negara-negara komanwel.Justeru itu saudara Baru Bian bukanlah individu yang mencetuskan provokasi dan darurat. Beliau seorang yang educated dan mempunyai firma Guaman sendiri.Tambahan beliau begitu arif dengan undang2 kerajaan malaysia,so what!..JANGAN MARE TUAN PESARA. Kalau berkumpul di kedai kopi pun kena ada permit…tak masuk akal betul.Ni kena tanya BOSS KDN DATUK HISHAMMUDIN TUN HUSSIEN ,ni apa cerita pulak??

  • non political says

    sarawakians don trust pkr namely annuar's former muslim extremist past and head of pkr.this is pkr main issue in sarawak.why should sarawak fall to pkr,when sarawak have its own political party which is not affiliated to B.N.SORRY BARU,YOU SHOULD BE WISE WITH WHOM YOU COHORTS WITH.YOU HAVE YOUR OWNE STRENGHT BUT WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GENG WITH A MUSLIM EXTREMIST.YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

  • sayang sarawak

    You mean SNAP? Pls read Sarawak Report where it is exposed.

  • anak iban sedar

    hai orang taib dengan kroni kroninya….jangan di anggap air yang tenang tiada buaya,jangan di kejut harimau yang tengah tidur.dan sekarang kamu dan kroni kroni kamu sedang menjolok sarang tebuan di rimba,munkin orang tua tua kami dulu boleh temakan pujuk rayu dari kamu,tertapi kami anak muda sekarang yang sory k…kami sudah tau membezakan yang mana belian dan yang mana kaca,yang mana BABI dan yang mana ayam.kau tunggu aja lah kebangkitan kami anak bangsa dayak di seluruh sarawak…

    • http://www.sarawakreport.com Reader

      Bangkit??? Ha…ha….ha…mana? Mana? Mana? Bershit 2.0 pun x menjadi. U all suka angan2…Pls lah…ini bukan mimpi…u all kena bangkit dlm realiti…cakap tidak abis2…provoc tidak abis2…Bangun! Bangun!

  • akuwat

    Mr retired Cop


    Please Sir help us to get the permit? Is there any guarantee you can get one after meeting all the requirements or adhering to the so called procedures. We are willing to pass the heads around to pay for your fee. As for Baru Bian I salute you. banyak pandai da. Tidak terjerat. TIGA ABDUL kalau marah kena jual.

  • Jeffrey Nazal

    Im a sabahan and am really really happy that what happens once in sabah is going to happen in sarawak, so Baru Bain thats the way ,lead your people to topple the facist regime of tai mamut and his gengs, like what happen to haris salleh of berjaya,people of sarawak my brothers and sisters take whatever those goons gives during their campaigns,throngs their gatherings whenever and where ever they held it,let them have their last smiles but come election VOTE THEM OUT VOTE BARU BAIN IN…… GOD BLESS YOU MY BROTHERS AND SIATERS SARAWAKIANS

    • http://www.sarawakreport.com Reader

      U tgk Sabah apa sudah jadi bila Pairin regime falls down. Konon pengiliran CM. Sekarang? Ur CM only a puppet of UMNO. We Sarawakian dont' want that to happen in Sarawak. Biarlah White Hair Rajah itu di tahta daripada jd boneka.

  • To all Sarawakians,

    Find a more suitable place and rock them!

    My suggestion is to apply permit immediately to be held at a stadium. No traffic problem and is enclosed. No more excuse from police. Done in West Malaysia. Do it fast!

    ANother alternative – hold your meetings at private property big enough to hold your expected crowd.

    Another alternative – hold it in a big hotel's conference room . like what they did at Carcosa explicit DVD show.

    Another ; use other medias – distribute CDs or DVDs with recorded messages…

    Meet your local Heads and hold meet the Rakyat sessions in your respective constituencies.

    Get someone to advise your legal rights and how to achieve your mission … We don't expect BN to be friendly. Thats their style now you see and experience it personally in Sarawak. Get advice from West Malaysian counterpart! Share the experience… Whatever it is you must work as a team and you must act swiftly to send your message across…

    Don't waste this opportunity to educate your people in Sarawak.

    May God be with you always… irrespective of your ethnic background.

    To all Sarawakians,

    Listen to the facts, and vote wisely. I didn't realise it was that bad over there, until I read more about in in alternative media. My God, I pity the Rakyat over there. So much taken from you and sooo little given back! With that kind of money robbed from you, Sarawak should be more developed and better off long time ago.

    Now BN sweet talk claiming to have brought development… only when election comes, they start promising the whole sky!!!

    Don't take my word for it,, go find out yourself and discover the real truth and then decide.

    All the Best. Unite against corruption and snobbish greedy leaders. What a great pity if you don't protect your own rights.

  • generasi baru


    • Reader

      Lu kuat mimpi la kawan…ha…ha…ha…

  • bidayuh girl

    for me..tuan Baru Bian da best….! i will pray for u Tuan BB for victory…gbu owest in anything u do..

  • http://www.sarawakreport.com Reader

    Baru Bian…should follows Idris Jala's step. Otak ada…pandai ada…why should become a puppet (of Anuar) politician? Why PKR but not SNAP. Baru Bian…ur party should be SNAP…Sarawak NATIONAL Party. Gila kuasa is all about…sama mcm Taib. Klu msk SNAP tak dpt jd President. Why all of Sarawakian didn't see that…POLITICIAN are all the sama.