Taib’s Ang Pow – Millions in cash!

Taib’s Ang Pow – Millions in cash!

8 Feb 2011

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This year's lucky hosts? Taib lands with his new wife on the prominent Lau family in Sibu this weekend. The top Taib business cronies are the owners of the logging giant KTS. How much Ang Pow was paid this time to stay in favour?

As the Chinese New Year celebrations get into their stride, inside sources have revealed how Abdul Taib Mahmud habitually exploits this annual opportunity to further squeeze his Chinese businesses cronies. 

We have received extraordinary accounts of how the Chief Minister tours the big houses of Miri and Sibu each year, usually accompanied by family and grandchildren, in order to accept huge cheques and bags of cash from his dismayed hosts. 

Cash for concessions

Taib’s favoured partners from the Chinese community know they must continuously pay out in kickbacks and shareholdings if they want to receive favours and concessions at the expense of the state and the ordinary people. 

According to top businessmen who have confided directly to Sarawak Report, an upfront cut for Taib himself must first be negotiated and paid into his bank accounts abroad. Next, the deal will also involve shares and positions for family members in the company which has gained the concession to cut wood or plant oil palm.  In the case of timber, Taib also demands a further cut of 100 ringgit per ton, which adds up to billions of ringgit every year.  After that there are the shipping scams, where chosen exporters again have to pay enormous kickbacks.  

However, the towkays find the perversion of their Chinese tradition of Ang Pow a particularly unpleasant and greedy form of exploitation.

Red envelopes

New Year of course is the time when Chinese like to treat their children and friends with presents and little red evelopes with cash.  A visit to a friend during this period will hold the expectation that such a treat might be forthcoming at such a time.  A generous gift would normally be a maximum of 50 ringgit. But Taib has made clear he expects bigger and better when he is the visitor involved!

RM 100,000 cheque?!

The Chief Minister will turn up, some years with the families of his daughter Jamilah and son Sulaiman and the children will be handed cheques of RM 100,000.  They are always readily accepted!”

One prominent businessman has confided how the Taib’s accept these gifts as their right and the Chinese hosts know they must make the gesture if they want to remain in Taib’s favour.  Sarawak Report has learnt that this practise is regarded as particularly offensive by the businessmen concerned, because it is an invasion of their homes and hospitality, but they have no choice.

Another angry business leader told us ” this is just another way of making the Chinese bend low before the Bumis, to show who is ‘boss’.  It is so greedy and disgusting”.

Bomoh is bag carrier – Nothing less than a million please!

We have also learnt from other sources that Taib’s once-favoured Bomoh, Ahmad Su’ut, has also performed a role in conducting the Chief Minister’s business on these occasions.   The source tells us that the method is for Taib’s secretary to ring the Towkay about a day in advance to ask how much Ang Pow will be provided if Taib were to favour them with a visit during his New Year ‘progress’.

The victim is left in no doubt, according to our insider, that “”nothing less than a million ringgit” would be considered acceptable!

“He is not just coming for the cakes” our source explains.

Cowboy witchdoctor part-times as Taib's bag-carrier!

After the call the Chinese businessman is left having to make arrangements to draw the agreed sum of money in cash.  The notes are then stuffed into a bag ready for the arrival of the Chief Minister.  Our source, who is closely connected to one of Sarawak’s wealthiest families tells us:

Taib comes and makes his visit and ‘honours’ the home  and then he departs leaving the Bomoh and a bodyguard behind.  Once the Chief Minister has departed the host hands them the bag of cash and they take it on to the Chief Minister!”

Clearly such obnoxious behaviour is entirely unecessary on the part of the Chief Minister, who is already a multi-billionaire.  However, onlookers assume that his greed and opportunism drives him to take advantage of every occasion from which he can make profit.

It is considered that this inabilitiy to say ‘enough is enough’ and his refusal to give up trying to suck each and every last penny from the people of Sarawak and their resources may well prove his final undoing. 

Election pencilled in for mid-March

Chinese New Year celebrations in Sibu. Earlier this year the local people defied BN election rigging to throw out the Lau family candidate in favour of the Opposition Leader Wong Ho Leng.

All the signs are that Taib has laid plans to call his election later this month to be held in mid-March.  His agenda for the future of Sarawak, should he win, has now been clearly identified.  First he plans to double the area of oil palm in Sarawak from one million hectares to two million hectares and second he plans to displace a further 600,000 native people as part of his project to build 12 more dams like the disastrous Bakun project.

This rapaciousness may very well at last turn the patience of the long-obedient longhouse folk against him.  The opposition PR coalition led by Native Land Rights lawyer, Baru Bian, have made plain they will prevent these disasters if they take power and they will give back the stolen land to the native peoples.  They will also chase Taib’s stolen money to pay for water, electricity and roads for the people.  Now the voters have a real choice, Taib’s confidence that he can always strike fear into the people and secure their vote may this time prove unfounded. 

Meanwhile, towkays who see the Chief Minister’s number appearing on their ‘phone screens over the coming week would do well to remain unavailable during New Year, otherwise their bank notes will surely be adding to the Taibs’ 2011 Ang Pow treasure trove!

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  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    This happen from day 1 since he became the Chief Minister and eventually the Thief minister.He gave timber concessions to KTS,RH,WTK,Saling,Shinyang,Ding brothers to name a few and many many more "Ching Kulung Mo Ka nyeng".Yes,Chinese New is the time when he will come with his entourage and bags and bags of cash are given to them as angpows because he has given them

    contracts,native timber lands to his rich towkays.

    This act is tantamount to corruptions as a kick back.

    It happens every year especially CNY.We shall catch both for corruptions.

    • Redeems

      CM give and take, all the big chinese company the chairmanships is given back to CM family and his cronnies.

      Only god will give him a heavy punishment.

  • John Nokeng

    sudah mau mampus pun mau angpau ka? Greedy 'Robbing" Hood. Steal from the poor as well as the rich. Hahaha…

    • Budak Pontian

      'Robbing Hood' …. that's a very appropriate name for the Thief Minister !

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  • najibrazak

    That's one way to get richer quick though is hard to uderstand why a billionaire like friend Taib feels it necessary to go on squeezing cash from all and sundry as opportunity offers. I have made a note to ask for a share of tis year's take. For BN of course!

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      What is your bargain with Taib now? Are you allowing him to bring his money from overseas back to finance the state election or are you going to funds Sarawak GE with US$800 million on standby now??

      However it seems that Taib or you are fearing each other of back stabber.Both of you are lawyers by training,You a UK trained while Taib is Australian trained lawyer and has served under your Dad.

      So the election is in March being held simultaneously for the whole country.Am I correct?? I hope that the money used is genuine and NOT like Sabah before.

      When are you bringing the Sarawak oil money back??We need the oil money to build good roads,water supply,schools,housing for the people in rural areas as they deserved good housing too.their "basic rights'



    • http://pgbwarrior.blogspot.com/ Iban Merinsa

      That is easy to understand. Taib is greedy. He is obsessed with power being too long at the post of CM. Mahathir once said and with wisdom too, " berhenti makan sebelum kenyang." Taib didn't do that and look what happen. His greed is unstoppable – at the expense of the rakyat and development of Sarawak. You know about this. What are you doing about it? Or are you going to close an eye and pretend it is not happening? As a Muslim you know the consequences. Your slogan " RAKYAT DI DAHULUKAN" is then mere politic.

  • Kugaris

    Imagine if the plantations belonged to the natives via a Felda like scheme.the proceeds would provide a living for so many and even decent education to many generations.

    This is a man so far removed from his own people. I have heard that he is actually a clever man but he does seem to want to leave a legacy that is decent.

  • karma believer

    taib dont die before you suffer slowly to enjoy all thos money

  • anak sarawak

    Having read about all his greedy ways and sickening corruptions, I wish him dead and gone! I wish him DEFEAT in the coming State election! The amount in an angpow is up to the giver! Married people don't receive angpows! Married people GIVE angpows! Taib, your greed and your ill-gotten wealth will bury you alive! Unless you take the trouble to repent and pay retributions to those from whom you have stolen, your lot shall be in the lake of fire that burns on and on forever and ever. The same to Jabu and George Chan! Hell is waiting you guys! Sickening CM and DCMs!!!



    • Brandon

      I have to agree. A lot of flakes about Taib being afraid and concerned about the future. Why would a man famously declaring he has more money than he will ever be able to spend be worried? Even if he loses his position now, he's still laughing his way home. My bet is he will win again and again and again.

  • oA


    taib is quite witty for his age and has the charisma to deceive native sarawakians into donating their valuable lands to him free of charge.

    lucky man taib.

    lucky native sarawakians for having such a "capable" leadership.


    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      oA,why are you so naive? The natives never donate the land to the thief minister but just ask Awang Tanah to put a ring or circle in the map and tell Land and Survey to issue the title.

      This what he is doing ALL the time.

      Wake up brother.

      • oA


        if never donated lands then why the cries?

        maybe the leaders of the natives never did enough to help or themselves are behind it.

        taib must be very happy for such gracious native sarawakians.


        • http://none Crying without tears

          oA -You only taunt and ridicule us natives.Do you know that the power is in the Thief's hand and you talk as if having a pea brain.

          You should grow up and talk sensibly instead of taunting and ridicule the natives of Sarawak.

          May GOD bless you so that you will not taunt and ridicule us natives.May GOD also bind the Holy Spirit to your heart as a guide to Lord Jesus Christ..Amen.

  • ong

    Sarawak Report wrote: "This rapaciousness may very well at last turn the patience of the long-obedient longhouse folk against him."

    I am really surprised Sarawak Report describes the response to Taib's 30 year long "rapaciousness" as "patience". Appears to me "stupidity" would have been the more accurate description.

    No wonder Taib Mahmud can continue with his "rapaciousness" for so long! When stupid people think and believe they are patient people!

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Ong,you have to be tactful also when writing such report so as NOT to belittle our fellow natives people.

      We do need your support too. Now the directive to the headmen or Tuai Rumah..NO opposition people are allowed into the kampong or Rumah Panjang.So please take note.

      • miaowkia

        Put it this way. Our rural kampong folks have had been very compassionate over the long years. They are now awaiting us, their children, to rise and avenge. They are putting much their hope on us to defend and restore the very basic rights and privileges and social justice that had been destroyed and lost. No doubt they can impose restrictions on the TRs but they too must know the backgrounds best. The TRs have to rely solely on the co-operations and moral supports of their anembiaks or else the TR will end up catering A-Z chores.

        Anembiaks must therefore stand united now when welcoming any visitors or governmental functions at the longhouses. Though the longhouse hospitality service is known always at their best the honorably treated visitors must then in returns observe and respect the local original traditional adats courteously. And from today onward let there be no special treatment for just because of a few dudes. All visitors are given equal entertainment and merriment. Let not the servings turn to a judgemental meal, clean or unclean, in a spiritual sense. Never again we sacrify ourselves to miss the aroma of the roasted Jani. All must observe and respect this traditional ways of living based on the culture and customs.

        Let the unique spirits of our rural kampong folks continue to dwell in this homeland Fair land Sarawak.

      • ong

        Watch Dog,

        Q. What did 30 years of tact and patience get you?

        A. 30 years of Taib Mahmud.

        The only reason Taib will not get to enjoy another 30 years patience is because he won't live for another 30 years. Otherwise, who knows?

        • http://none Watch Dog says…

          Ong- curse and anger solve anything?? No.Please let us pray for him so that GOD will touch his stone cold heart for him to realise his wrong doings.

          The Chinese is gettking far better and well off than we dayaks,you will see Chinese beautiful houses as compared to the natives of Sarawak.Concessions of NCR rich in timber are being extracted by these F.C and yet not even a hundred or thousands given to the natives.

          Yes we know 30 years ONG but let us not curse or judge others or we will be judged too.

          May GOD bless you as I do understand your sentiment and I am also like you but when GE comes,please help to spread the words around and the words are;- "DO NOT VOTE FOR BN".the magic 5 words

      • ong

        Watch Dog,

        The original subject was about 30 years of patience with Taib Mahmud. When you wrote: "Chinese is getting far better and well off than we dayaks,you will see Chinese beautiful houses as compared to the natives of Sarawak.Concessions of NCR rich in timber are being extracted by these F.C and yet not even a hundred or thousands given to the natives", is it because you have run out of ideas and decided to get nasty by bringing race into the issue?

        Since you have invoked the name of GOD into your argument, may I remind you not to forget that "God help those who help themselves". If you are insistent in waiting for GOD to "touch his stone cold heart for him to realise his wrong doings", then I am afraid you will be waiting until the day he dies. Fortunately he is already too old and too sick to live another 30 years.

        • http://none Watch Dog says…


          There is NO dayaks timber tycoons except F.C because all timber concessions atre given to them..Sibu,Miri,Bintulu,Limbang,Lawas..

          Belaga…I do not bring any race in but IO try my best BUT there is NO dayaks rich timber tycoons because The Thief Minister never give them real forest concession like WTK,KTS,RH,SAMLING..etc,etc..

          Nothing is like the power of prayer to us and if you are a believer like us,let us pray for him and we also pray for you too.

          God bless you too ONG.

        • http://hotmail Orang2bangkit


          I think Watch Dog has made a relevant point and he made it in a humble way not to offend all Chinese including Ong.

          He is pointing out some social realities in our Sarawak society.

          Before going on we should make some distinction between the rich and the poor.

          In Sarawak as in most other countries there are different classes of people- very broadly and simplistically these are the rich, middle professional class and the poor.

          The rich class comprises people of different races: the Chinese, Malays and (very rare) Dayak tycoons etc

          However, only a very small clique of Chinese and Malays form the very rich and they effectively own the country. These are Taib Mahmud and family and the usually low profile Malay rich and the predominantly Sibu Foochows like the Lings. Tings. Dings and so on.

          You could label this class as the robber baron and traitor comprador class. They have for 48 years worked together with Kuala Lumpur to plunder our country at the expense of the people especially the Dayaks.

          At the same time this is the group of people who betrayed and sold out Sarawak to the colonial domination of Malaya. Without their support to legitimise Kuala Lumpur colonial rule,Sarawak would long ago have become independent.

          Now this class have come by their wealth through a mixture of corruption dishonesty, business acumen and outright plunder of our country.

          The in between class are largely the hardworking honest people (different sub-classes of professionals and civil servants, small business people etc).

          The very rich live in their palaces and drive flashy cars paid for from the proceeds of plunder.

          The middle class may live in some impressive large houses and drive less flashy cars and most are still paying off their mortgages

          Watch Dog is not wrong about Chinese living in nice houses but must take into consideration the above view that some are the real filthy rich and others owe the bank their houses even though good to look at.

          However on the bottom of our society are mostly the impoverished Dayaks as well as many Chinese and Malays. The Dayaks live in poor accommodation lacking proper services under slum conditions. Many Malays are no better off. You just need to travel along the Sarawak river and see the condition Malay villagers are living in.

          The Chinese have a background of hard work battling against and overcoming adversities, so they tend to be better off than the Dayaks.

          Now the greatest travesty committed against the Dayak is that the power elite work in concert to exploit the innocent Dayaks by robbing them of their land and timber wealth. Dayaks led an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle.

          This is how Dayaks have been to living below the poverty line If all the timber wealth not to mention the oil wealth were to be shared among the Dayaks Chinese and Malays they would all be millionaires with money left over.

          This anyone can work the sums. In the past 3 years it is reported that $290 billion went into the pockets of Kuala Lumpur.

          There are only around 2.5 million people in Sarawak. So every Sarawakian would be a millionaire plus after dividing up the $290 BILLION (NOT Million!)

          All the wealth belong to the people of Sarawak If we take back all this wealth every Dayak, Malay and Chinese can benefit from the wealth.

          So everyone out there you have to take back control of your country and bercome your own masters.

          It is as simple as that! What is holding you back with all the nonsensical small talk

          about who to vote for?

        • http://none Watch Dog says…

          Thanks to "orang2bangkit" for your support and lengthy explanation to bro Ong.So I hope that Ong knows what I am trying to tell him.I just cut it short.So satisfied now.

          We must all be weary of the Lion from across the sea now otherwise we will be like Sabah.We have 18 point plan to preserve.Let us all unite and do our part.

          God bless everybody.

      • ong

        Is it possible for Taib Mahmud to make the unscrupulous Chinese timber tycoons so filthy rich without the help and connivance of grovelling Dayak leaders surrounding Taib? The last time I checked, Sarawak was still not a one-man (Taib) military dictatorship where people are forced at gun point to vote for his coalition.

        The last time I checked, the Dayak-Iban still formed the biggest ethnic grouping. Instead of complaining about Taib, just go use the ballot box and get rid of him.

        • Reply to WatchDog an

          I look at Sibu and i wonder, this piece of sunken land, with cracked buildings almost everywhere, prone to floods, has the highest cases of dengue and swine flu…it's like a cursed land really. It used to be worse than before.

          Yet, the foochows made it and are still making it. Sibu survives and churn out the best of both – the richest and most successful chinese and also the worst pai kia gangsters also. But one things is unmistakable: THEY WORK HARD, think smart and are willing to make hard sacrifices. The subject should not be about HOW rich they are BUT about HOW and WHAT they do to become rich.

          God dont give a shit how rich anyone is. In the end, one will be judged by what and how one did to be rich.

          Just because the majority of dayaks and natives are poor, suddenly the guns are out for the chinese?! Even the to extend of blaming the past history of what a few have done? Isnt this the victim mentality?

          We have native YBs from the very beginning and are represented in Federal and State. What excuse can we give ourselves for being poor? STOP pointing fingers. We need to admit our weaknesses and overcome it. Dont just invoke the name of GOD and look at other races jealously for the riches they have.They always say, if the native, the malay and the chinese have the same equal piece of land, the chinese will always make more money.

          (…just leave the argument on corruption for a moment..)

          So for the sake of overall economy, can we blame silverhair and his uncle Tun Rahman (who both are great +++++s of young ladies) give more business deals to the chinese compared to the natives?

          But in all the huge chinese company, all the 'non action' board of directors are Malays and a few Natives. Who are the real 'slaves'? – THe chinese! They 'whip' them to work and think and push BUT in the end, they make money and the board of directors make money. They real 'slaves' and 'bulls' are the chinese. But look at them, they work and they work hard. They dont complain and they have what they have today.

          So, ok..drive around and envy as much as you want at those lovely big mansions in Sibu, Miri and other places. God help those who help themselves. Prayer without faith and action is dead my friend.

  • thepoorestman

    Even now, its hard to see some people getting their ang pow especially the workers, sometime not even 1 cent or zero!Just because these business cronies turn their eyes away and piority given millions to Taib in the way to continue their dirty business.What a damm!

  • Ang Piow

    how do Chinese voters view this? do these elite Chinese keep money, don't give for Chung Hua schools?

    will they vote for SUPP/BN again? like Karim Hamzah and other UMNO elites? like Johore Tenang?

  • Brandon

    I'll save my pity for the people who really deserve them like the displaced orang aslis. As someone pointed out, greed be-gets greed. On one hand these Chinese businessmen may hate him, on the other hand, they need him and probably the reason why they are still in business is because of him. Are they willing to support a fairer and more open government? Surely they can see how much they stand to lose in such a scenario. So my wish for them… all of them… harsh as it may be… May they All rot in hell! :)

  • whatthefuck

    get both sides for corruption.

    rich chinese businessmen giving money… slam them as well… what if cikgu take angpow to teach children, will we accept?

  • Disgusted

    I used to be an active Barisan man but after years of listening to many first hand accounts about these practices, I am convinced there is without doubt an element of truth in them. My vote is all for the Opposition in the next election.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Bro,when comes to election there is NO opposition as there is NO government.We only have care taker government and we are free to vote but not the DACING symbol as we are now using ,metric system..dacing is always lopsided ,'singit' brother.

      So now you know who to vote for.Good and please spread the words around especially to the rural areas.

  • Anonymous

    Well that is nothing compared to Rafidah Aziz the former MITI Minister which demands RM200,000 and above in jewellery during Hari Raya and re-sells it back to the jewellery store. Sometimes the jewellery given to her are above RM 500,000 as a gift to keep in her good graces when doing business.


    IF THE k.k is not wit B.N he wil be considered a traitor…n his kampong blacklisted…not dat they fully support taib…they are blackmail…by threats…n opposition….no u get involved wit them u get ur whole life..blacklisted….now u think sarawakians are really supporting him…even those in b.n are not but u think they can do much…i was told by a high profile P.B.B personnel..wen asked ,why do u guys still support him??? don u hav conscience any longer…his response was,with remorse,our hands are tight n our back are against d wall…

    i rather be a critic…then compromise wit this oppression akin to modern days slavery.

    God save sarawak..or sarawakians raise up n protest in d street d system fail u…

  • anak sarawak

    saya sebagai anak sarawak sangat malu dengan sikap CM macam pengemis mencari angpow.kalau ini betul, sangat memalukan.

    • mirdaz

      bukan nya ndak agik. Sampey miri open hse riya x d agak..ney ndak,,,,,cbu pun ampau besar agik. peeerrrrghhh!!!!

  • retired cop

    Too many ways how the ministers accumulated riches, while rural folks are penniless to spend. Whatever it is, the gifts are tantamount of corruption not only under MACC Act, but corruption in mind, body and reputation.

    It is still fresh in my memory, a police detective corporal was arrested by ACA in Johore Bharu in the late 1980s for receiving RM20.00 ang pow. What is the different between him and a minister?

  • winner2me



  • vote

    No pity, Sarawakians deserve it, you are what you vote . Wake up, Sarawakians ,help ownself and our future generations, kick out all the thiefians. The thief minister sees Sarawakians as big fat ATM only .


      vote..ur d man…kick him out…KICK HIM OUT..lets saddam hussein him also….watch dog….look at ur kampong….d water is kopi susu…bet when u were young u fish n play n swim in d river….during d school holiday…now we do it…we smell of mud…n no fish…kick him out…kick him out…nothing is leftlah……nothing…GE…MY SYMPATHY…IT NOT GOING TO WORK…TAIB IS BRAGGING NOW ABOUT HOW MANY SEATS HE WILL WIN BOTH IN DEWAN N PARLIAMENT,,,,HE HV MORE THEN ENUF MONY TO BUY SARAWAK,THE BN PARTIES N SARAWAKIANS PUT TOGETHER….HE IS SO PROUD OF HIS NEW WIFE N HIS NEW LEASE OF LIFE….TELL ME GE…OR…ITS LIKE HE HIT A MOSQUITO WIT THE PALM OF HIS HAND.

      Pls not dat i m wanting him.there …i m as tired as any sane sarawakians.he jus hav to go n G.E is not working….its mubarak or saddam him..dats my conclusion or beliv.

  • patrick

    the fact that person like this is allowed to exist in politics and have authority over a state so rich in hospitality, talent, resources and culture is an absolute JOKE.

    I hope voters will get the courage to make a stand against an imcompetent money sucking creature who will do no good to our state – and start hitting him where it hurts – by voting for the right people, regardless of political affliation; creed or ethnicity. its time for Sarawak voters to rise up to the challenge.

  • Apa Pun Boleh

    Sarawakians have been grumbling for years yet there is no will power to make changes. Why? Because Pek Moh has always been able to pay the 'RIGHT' price. Sarawakians have sold their souls long ago.

    One of the richest states in Msia, yet it doesn't show. Go to Sibu, Tiong Hua Road area….sunken houses, badly clogged up drains, narrow roads. This place is just 10 mins walk to the town center.

    Is there any hope for Sarawak?

    • http://pgbwarrior.blogspot.com/ Iban Merinsa

      If voting is a no go because Taib can buy the voters and the voting system is rigged, then what other ways can we resort to, to get back what is ours?

      Taib is forcing Sarawakians to go the Tunisian and Egyptian way.

      We just want a JUST and FAIR government. Taib's government is not JUST and FAIR. The Federal Government is condoning what Taib is doing. Can't the political leaders see that? Then what is your slogan of "1MALAYSIA" or "RAKYAT DI DAHULUKAN PENCAPAIAN DI UTAMAKAN" mean? You are practising double standards! How can we, the rakyat trust leaders with double standards mentality? Do you blame us when we don't vote BN? Any other party will be seen as better.

  • numbers game

    Its easy for BN to hang on to power for 30 years. Currently, there're only 950,000 registered voters in Sarawak. Assuming 70% voter turnout on election day, that's just 665,000 votes determing the fate of 2.5m Sarawakians.

    Bear in mind, they don't need all those 665,000 votes, just a majority. This means so long as they get 300k-400k votes, they'll win the election.

    Now how hard is it to buy 300-400k votes when you have billions in funds, rich businessmen backers, party machinery, press on your side etc…

    So much easier when most of those votes will be in rural constituencies where the voters are not all that sophisticated, well informed & easier to mislead compared to urban voters (the reason why all opposition DAP reps are from urban constituencies)


      first past d post system is not considered to be fair…if u look at other alternatives that are being used in european countries…n scandinavian counties…u know wat i m trying to say…like E.U is using Proportional representation system…so number games he will win…couple wit rigging…how much do u think election commission can be bought…right price jus start with 80k for a seat…if they disagree..increase d figures slowly…nice anologes or ideals goes to d drain….its mony talks….

      ya DAP wil win in urban areas…or PKR may win few seats…he wil win tampa bertanding…cos d opposition kena kidnap in sum hotels until after nomination day….Sarawak report…why don u do a historical study of tis menang tampa bertanding….so dat many wil know it ask around n dig deep…ask veteran politicians like dr patau…

  • mike

    put it this way, let us vote for bn no more. vote for the opposition.

  • http://- lee leee mah

    what is MACC doing, PM should look at it

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      lee leee mah–MACC?? This crap agency is headed by orang Malaya and reports direct to his master who depend solely on the Thief Minister to hold on to power.

      Now the Thief minister will NOT stand for ADUN but wants to be the Governor so that he will be awarded the title "TUN" and is immune to investigation and he will laugh at us as he will keep his wealth.

      Who is the next CM? Effendi Norwawi..NO the former CM T.R does not agree..maybe Dr.L.Mohd. The thief Minister knows that he will lose as the sentiments now is so strong. I do hope that we all must unite and be ware of the Lion from across the sea.The Lion group will invade us just like Sabah.We must all be careful now..and united no matter what party you are in to protect our 18 point plan.

      Let us pray."Prayer against Witchcraft and Prayer for Change ".

      In Jesus name..Amen.Amen..Amen…

      • ex-PGA

        Are Jabu, Masing and Manyin not qualified to be Thief Minister? Why a thief minister must be a Melanau? We have two Ibans and two Melanau for CM post and to be fair the next one should be a Malay, Orang Ulu or Bidayuh.

        Between Adnan and Johari, I prefer the latter to be a Chief Minister of Sarawak, accessible, moderate and kind hearted.

        • http://none Watch Dog says…

          ex-PGA..we don't want 'kasam lama",bangik sudah.We need new faces,middle age professionals to lead us and rebuild our beloved state,SARAWAK.

          Masa'alah kita tanggung jawab kita" No one will help but our very people.

  • http://malaysiadigest.blogspot.com MD

    I admired the CM. He steal from the rich taukays and the rich taukays steal from the poor.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      MD..you people get it all wrong. The THIEF Minister gives timber concessions to KTS,RH,SAMLING,SHINYANG,wood wood whatever wood and in return he gets the kickbacks but in order not to be too transparent,he comes around with his entourage top get back his share.The basic reason why these F.C give him the ang pow because they have been given TIMBER concession,HUGE contracts,sand extractions,quarry licences.

      Bro,you go to KTS whether they will give you RM1500.00,go bro go..NOT a chance.."I DON'T KNOW YOU" they will say. or who are you?? 'PA LU LI ASAL LUI LATANG".

      So I hope that you all understand now.

  • Vincent Vega

    For the last 48 years if not more, the Sibu Chinese have enjoyed the windfalls of a roaring trade in Timber, rubber and what not. And yet they grumble when they have to pay their Melanau Gatekeeper his fees for keeping his own people deaf, dumb and blind and in deep poverty, since 1963.

    Was it not Ling Beng Siew who sold Sarawak for Banking licence he could awarded himself??? Was it not Tiong Hiew King who rolled off the Rajang with his ill gotten gains only to cause more deforestation in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands??? Was it not the late Robert Lau who bankrolled the BUMI minions to keep one or two bumi families in power happy???? And how many Foochow BILLIONAIRES has Sibu produced thanks to the downtrodden Dayaks and Malays of Sarawak????

    Is that how the Sibu Chinese like to behave??? Bulldozing whole countries like Sarawak and PNG to fund their dynasties in the OC community. Not only should they say thanks to their dwarfed sized minion Taib but they should kiss the feet of Dayak and Malay bumis for making them filthy rich beyond their dreams.

  • http://[email protected] Bekas Body Guard

    Memant tepat bah itu, semua orang tau, cuma tidak ada orang beran expose Taib's unfathomable greed. Good for Sarawak Report to tell the whole world about this greedy thief.

    • ong

      "Good for Sarawak Report to tell the whole world about this greedy thief."

      Unfortunately such reports seem to miss the most important target group, the Dayak. Otherwise, why are they still voting for Taib Mahmud's coalition after 30 years exploitation?

  • Bintulu

    You all know why the Dayak people can not move forward like other tribes in Sarawak. The answer is because the government has a policy (Taib Mahmud) to deliberately do not want this Dayak to move forward. The reason behind this is because he does not want Dayak to be a barrier to him to continue, devour and destroy Sarawak. Dayak people, the less it is computer literate, the easier for the government to exploit these people. If you do not believe, you can create a poll in the longhouses and tell me, how many are reading the sarawak report.

    Significantly, praised taib do with smart and cunning. He is aware, Dayak people have to become stupid forever if he still wants to rule Sarawak. This is because most voters are of the Dayak. As long as the Dayak stupid, so long as it taib rule and rampant in Sarawak.

  • 5%

    "to wake up RENTAP would be easier

    than to wake Dayaks"

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Please don't wake RENTAP otherwise the Bidayuh will be finished.You go and read history by Sir Hugh Low.Rentap is a mercenary to the Sultanate of B.Leave the dead alone Sir.

  • http://www.borneosubsea Insider

    Whistle blower from inside source Mutang Tagal has been using Gov fund with help of his childhood friend,YB Nelson Balang Rining in business ties, and dirty political connection.

    All Three children Rin Mutang, Bian Mutang and Saran Mutang are overseas,helping to spend Taxpayer $$?

    Money Channeling using RM 300,000

    Gov grant,?

    Something to Ponder………??

    • http://none Crying without tears

      Well,if they are smart and get good results,why not? Please remember that Balang was put there by whom? Who paid all his outstandings and now made him a MILLIONAIRE??

      Has anybody apply and did NOT get it? If so,please let SR know.


    insider….it can be any body….i m sure education for the future generation is gud…pls don attack d children of our own brethren….we wan more educated dayaks///or pre bumi////ya…gud for them,they get to go overseas…kalau dapat sent all of our next generation overseas…its better to spent on education then on ferrari n meserati…i m sure they will hav senses n conscience if they come back…n help to build sarawak…benjamine franklin said…it better to invest in the mind then in d stock market…so wat if its taxpayer mony…now how about the ang pow mony for the rural children education..education is still the key for all d dayaks to come out from slavery n oppression..which they are facing now…

  • http://none Crying without tears

    Let us all see if KTS will give ANG POW to morrow to their staff during their open house at 9th floor,Crown Tower. If KTS has given millions to The Thief minister entourage,then how much do they give to their staff who worked hard to bring KTS cash.

    Ang Pow to staff ..RM2000,RM500..RM200…or mere RM10???So let see until it is finished and see how each staff gets.

    • http://none Hj Eden says…

      Taib Mahmud dan Bomoh nya dapat ang pow besar,berjuta juta tetapi staff KTS baru dapat RM50.00(LIMA PULUH RINGGIT SAJA).

      OH kesian nya kerana Taib sudah ambil bankyak,wang di withdraw dari Standard Chartered Bank Sibu sebelum tahun baru cina.

      Oh susah saya na cerita..manusia manusia..

  • http://none Crying without tears






  • Mubarak

    Please write an article about the total wealth of Mubarak Sarawak (Taib's new nick name)


      mubarak…n crying without tear…i was tol off in SR…by bai kurau bin madis…n alledgely dat my brains was under my feet.WEN I SAID STREET PROTEST IS D ONLY WAY..but i see not other option left for sarawak…n glad to see dat both of u are wit me.

      ..Watchdog..are u there…u shud do a writeup on the menang tampa bertanding..dat taib n his son had n ask who were kidnap n put inside hotel ROOM until after nomination day….do an investigative reporting on tis….it will open d readers mind of wat can happen,hav happen n wil continue to happen….so mubarak him sarawakians..MUBARAK HIM…bai kuraau bin madis…my brain is not on my feet n yes i an having heat on my trail but i rather fear God n not man…Godliness is about justice fairness n right for the whole of sarawk…noy jus a few….cronies…MUBARAK TAIB…MUBARAK NAJIB…MUBARAK…BOMOH…MUBARAK ALL TAIB DEMONS….NOW OR NEVER……

  • imam frustrated

    kenapa kah org2 dayak membiyarkan taib sebagini…itulah…kami tak mahu dia kerana dia sudah murtat.kami ingin membawa islam suci dan tulin ke sarawak dan menapis kan islam plastic umno dan b.n sebagini…sekarang di bario pun kami dah ada masjid…kubu kuat s.i.b christans..org2 dayak kebanyakan mereka christian tapi tak bersatu…kami percaya dgn banyaknya mereka jadi penganut islam mereka akan berani bersuara seperti suadara mereka di seluruh dunia…banyak sudah org dayak yg memeluk islam dan diajar islam suci dan tulin…tengoklah kampung saudara baru kami di jalan miri bintulu..kami sudah jilak dgn taib dan umno..kami akan husir dia keluar…ALLAHUAKBAR ALLAHUAKBAR..SAUDARA MARI BERJUANG DENGAN KAMI DALAM ISLAM SEJATI…ORG DAYAK AKAN MAJU DALAM ISLAM….kalau nak jadi ketua mentri memeluklah islam…

    • manang ulak

      sebarang jak!

      • imam frustrated

        amin…manang ulak….kamu pun boleh percayakan…islam ertinya keamanan…satu sahaja kuasa…protes di jalan seperti saudar di mesir…org2 dayak harus belajar dari kami islam…buat di mesir kepada mubarak…inilah kuasa islam….bersatu…org2 dayak tak bersatu…kerana berpecah belah…

        • chucknorris

          kita harus bersatu bersama sepertimna mesir. protes, tangkap dan hukum taib dan mana2 familynya yang merompak sarawak.

          kita sebagai pembaca dan juga orang sarawak buka saja hanya membaca perkara2 seperti ini tetapi harus sebarkan kepada semua rakyat sarwak melalui apa jua saluran,,,radio, paper, surat, secara terus kepada kawan2, orang2 kampung dan sebagainya…

          bertindak terus,,,yg takde tv, radio, internet terutamanya orang kampung harus disebarkan secara menyeluruh melalui kempen suara.

          perlu salin semua maklumat kita dapat dan sebarkan….

          kirannya kita yg membaca artikel ini tidak bertindak begini..kita juga salah seorang anak sarawak yang tidak mengambil berat semua ini…

  • Chooi Lan Yuen

    I visited the Miri last year and got to know that every plan for land development that has been to be approved must be signed by the Thief Minister. In West Malaysia , the director or pengarah of an individual planning department of a local authority signs the approved plan. Why does a chief minister have the right and power to sign the approved layout. It is very clear that the opportunity to get kick backs in enormous sum is there.

  • Bayi Sarawak

    What a shame to minta ang pow! This is a taboo among the Chinese. Ang pow given in this manner will always be accompanied with a curse to the whole Tahi family. This reminds me of how those gangsters ask for protection money from the weak. I hope the money collected from the Chinese will be put into good use, such as to pay Tahi family members for their treatment in AIDS, breast cancer, prostatitis, stroke, diabetes, mental problem, parkinson's disease, among others.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Ha ha ha ha heh heh heh heh haha ha ha ..taboo to minta ang pow according to the Chinese. Ha ha ha

      Is it taboo too for the Chinese to minta TIMBER CONCESSIONS and aslo for native land through the Thief Minister..? Taboo? Ha ha ha .

      Bro you made us laugh…ha ha ha h taboo..Taib is coming for his share after giving the Chinese millions and Billions..

      Do you understand now why??

      Timber concessions..

      Native lands

      Huge Contracts..All these are given to

      The Chinese..Is it taboo bro??

  • fairplay

    saw taib and his convoy of mercedes , damilers passing thru Lorong Jee Foh 6 yesterday at around 10.45 in the morning escorted by police cars and outriders. just his car was not tinted and saw him smiling and with his wife and other cars mix of kids and adults. guess was going the home of developer who developed taman boulward

  • Botak

    bye bye Tahi Mamud.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Bro,why bye bye? are you dying? Please bro,not yet as we still need you with us..please hang on and together we will "pension' the Thief minister and get back all the wealth he has stolen.

  • imam frustrated

    saya harap doa kamu di jawab serta merta oleh Allah..biar putih mata asal jangan putih tulang,tapi di sini matakamu putih tulang kamu pun putih..sebab kamu biarkan taib buat suka hati…semua org di dunia berdoa tapi buat sesuatu juga yg drastic untuk memdapat sesuatu…tolong saudara watchdog…pangil semua kaum2 untuk berarak agar taib di golengkan…sampai bila..jangan buat diam…

  • Pseudonym

    Why aren't there anyone who dare to stand up against him?

    Mengapa hidup kita dibiar begitu sahaja? CM dan kroninya hidup mewah sedangkan kita bersusah payah.

    We are not even given our basic rights – the price of property and cost of living is too high for our lowly paid salary. We are also Malaysians but why we are not having the same living cost as those in West Malaysia has?

  • http://malaysiatoday mark kibak

    sarawakian need leader not robber and pemimpin berjiwa rakyat bukan pemimpin berjiwa duit(wang)

  • Mohd Amin

    agree with everything except for the part the writer made it look look like the towkays are being force to give in to the thief minister. You guys think they are unwilling accomplice? Bull, THEY ARE his partner in crime

  • chucknorris

    Taib need to be judge and punish at 'DUNIA DAN AKHIRAT' including his family and cronies….

  • Anak Setinggan Melay

    "One prominent businessman has confided how the Taib’s accept these gifts as their right and the Chinese hosts know they must make the gesture if they want to remain in Taib’s favour. Sarawak Report has learnt that this practise is regarded as particularly OFFENSIVE by the businessmen concerned, because it is an invasion of their homes and hospitality, but they have NO CHOICE."

    Cmon 'OFFENSIVE' and 'NO CHOICE' huh?? or was it becoz this towkay sense that his days r outnumbered?. I personally believe each one of us can make our own choice wisely and shape our own destiny the way we want it to be, and the same goes to this guy as well (we all hv a choice and can choose the rite path to take aren't we?), but sadly to say, he (whoever this towkay is, instead intentionally and willingly make his preferred choice to ally and enriched himself beyond his wild imagination with this 'greed creature' at the expense of robbing and victimised the vast majority of sick and poor rakyat…the natives ppl particularly. It's a case of u scratch my back and i scratch your back lah. Even standard 6 school kid can figure this out. I don't know whether you ppl out there realise becoz of this so-called 'offensive and no choice' lah so many NCR land out there being grabbed for commercial development and plantation in the name of development and the list go on which saw the existence of conglomerate like Rimbunan Hijau, Samling, Shin Yang, Naim etc..etc.

  • Anak Setinggan Melay

    Oh yeah Dr. Georgie, count me out this coming 16 April bro. Will cast my vote for Mr. Ling..:)