The Taib Crown Jewels

The Taib Crown Jewels

14 Feb 2011

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Abdul Taib Mahmud may be merely the Chief Minister of a single state of Malaysia on a modest official income, however he and his family boast a treasure trove of jewelry that even the wealthiest monarchs and sultans of the world would be proud to own.  The many women of his family are always happy to flaunt this wealth, usually around their bare necks and bosoms, despite their pretence of strict Muslim customs.

Sarawak Report has gathered some of the many pictures of this display to give Sarawakians a view of where so much of the money that was promised to the people for development and progress actually went.

Spoils of the Jungle

Sarawak’s forests were cut down and in return the people who owned the lands were promised that they would be helped and given modern living standards.  But instead they have been left even poorer and without their forests to provide food.   Many are starving with their fish, animals and fruit all gone and rice fields turned into oil palm plantations, which hire immigrant workers.

These picturesshow where the profits actually ended up, much of it spent on baubles which can be seen hanging around the necks and stuck on the fingers of the Taibs and their business cronies.  We have published these photographs because pictures like these are rarely shown to the ordinary people and we believe they have a right to understand the level of wealth acquired by the governing family in whom they have placed their trust for the last 30 years.

Of course it is not just what these people wear that tell the story of where Sarawak’s vast natural wealth has disappeared to, but it is their houses too.  We believe it is only fair that the people of Sarawak, many of whom live in some of the poorest conditions in the world, should know just how grand the lifestyles are of those rulers who promised to make their lives better.

Taib is no sultan

Given the wealth and display shown by the Taibs it is sometimes necessary to remind the people that these are not sultans or princes, they are mere politicians who are elected to serve their people and not to rule over them or take their wealth.  The wealth of Taib Mahmud is proof of his dishonesty.  This is why he attempts to hide it from the people and why we have decided to publish these pictures.

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  • Joker

    Is there existence of GOD.

    • Perut Besar

      Tuhan itu ade tapi tak tau ada di mana ler !

      • dayang

        Dod is exist. when the time come taib and family will burn up. taib & family is satan not human being.

    • aborium

      Is the air that we breath coming from Panasonic? NASA? Are the precious stones called jewels created by man? Is the man-made clock the creator of Day & Night? Who made you to have flesh & blood? Some docs from Gambier Street? Who determines who will live or die? Your Pastor? Why are you here? and Why are you asking a question as obvious as the sun rising from the East?

      • aborium

        I sense the presence of Cyber Fishermen in our midst. What they do is fish for information by posting some questions or remarks on the Internet in the hope of compiling, analysing, and profiling your responses for some ultimate political motive. They're the real scums of society 'cause they hide behind sheep's clothing! They're the 'makan pagi, makan petang makan malam' fishermen on the prowl.

        • aborium

          There are also the distractors who have been briefed to debrief, deflect, disguise, confuse or take your attention away from the issue at hand. They're the media scoundrels who are not after the truth, but under instructions to manufacture and fabricate stories whichever suit their masters. Is this a conspiracy theory? Just take a look at who's around you. They're are on your watch list too! Two can play the same game. Fancy a round of tit-for-tat?

  • Sarawakiana

    Dear God…

    I truly appeal to you to bless our beloved CM. No one in this state can manage Sarawak like our beloved CM. All of Sarawakian be it from Keadilan, DAP what more to say BN, all need our CM.

    I beg you my God. Please help us to be united under our belove YAB Pehin Sri (Dr) Hj Abdul Taib Bin Mahmud. We all Sarawakian pray to you God to be merciful and bless him.

    Nobody in Sarawak can be good leader. No one. All of them are crocodiles. All of them are cockroaches. All of them are snakes. So, dear God, please, please and please.

    Dear God, let all who dare to challenge our belove CM will be flushed away into Sarawak River or stay in the middle of the jungle as Tarzan. Dear God, let them be there and never come out. Those who dare to criticize our beloved CM are Barbarian, they are all anti-development, they are all stupid and moron.

    • peaker

      Oh Dear GOD,

      This is the devastation that BOMOH has created to the dear land of Sarawak.

    • anak umbong

      such an idiot…may your land be grabbed by your beloved taib soon u f**k!

      • Sarawakiana

        Dear God,

        I pray to you that may you retain our beloved YAB CM. He has taken good care of our people. He have gave us his kind by giving us the land title. He had fulfilled his promise to give land title to the rightful owner.

        Dear God,

        "anak umbong" has too far from the true path to you. All Sarawakian pray that you give the light to the heart of "anak umbong". He is so blind, stupid, annoyed and moron and do not realize that he has been used by evil.

        Dear God,

        We all love our YAB CM. Thank you God for blessing him.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      This SARAWAKIANA has just graduated from Sentosa Medical college.

      Well done and May GOD bless your pea brain

      and how much are you paid to praise the

      THIEF Minister of Sarawak??

      • Perut Besar

        May YAB Pehin Sri (Dr) Hj Abdul Taib Bin Mahmud live until 1277 years old so that he can keep screw everything and everyone

      • Sarawakiana

        Dear God,

        I pray to you that may you retain our beloved YAB CM. He has taken good care of our people. He have gave us his kind by giving us the land title. He had fulfilled his promise to give land title to the rightful owner.

        Dear God,

        "Watch Dog" has too far from the true path to you. All Sarawakian pray that you give the light to the heart of "Watch Dog". He is so blind, stupid, annoyed and moron and do not realize that he has been used by evil.

        Dear God,

        We all love our YAB CM. Thank you God for blessing him.

        • UTZ


          You actually should just pray directly to your god – Taib. obviously you feel he has served you well, unlike the actual God in heaven who does not always answer prays.

    • theAlphamale

      I bet Sarawakiana is just another BN cyber trooper. Don't worry about him. He's just another cyber trooper trying to kiss his master's arse. I've even met some in real life who actually proclaim that without Thief Minister Sarawak will be a goner. Little did they know that Sarawak is slowly going down like Egypt. A case in point; is there any participants of those jv oil palm deals who are millionaires? Not a chance. They all are always informed that the profit is not big enough, production is always rising and just enough to settle their operation… But bull all of that. We know the real cost and profit behind all of those plantation. If not, why on earth would his cronies rush in like a pack of wolves to devour those NCR lands for Palm Oil cultivation.

      The truth will always prevail… If not now but eventually… Look at Egypt.

      • Sarawakiana

        Dear God,

        I pray to you that may you retain our beloved YAB CM. He has taken good care of our people. He have gave us his kind by giving us the land title. He had fulfilled his promise to give land title to the rightful owner.

        Dear God,

        "theAlphamale" has too far from the true path to you. All Sarawakian pray that you give the light to the heart of "theAlphamale". He is so blind, stupid, annoyed and moron and do not realize that he has been used by evil.

        Dear God,

        We all love our YAB CM. Thank you God for blessing him.

    • Dale

      dude, you're wasting your efforts, most on here wouldn't recognize sarcasm even if it hit them on the head.

      • sipungutsikadut

        You're right Dale. I can't keep myself laughing silly to his comments.

    • aktan

      This 'Sarawakiana' is Tahi Mahmud's moronic parrot …….. replying the same reply to all who comments about 'IT' !

    • mikeywm

      This is a joke, right? How can anyone support someone who has pillaged so much wealth from the poor orang asli in Sarawak? This guy must have had his head stuck somewhere really dark and nasty for the past 30 years! Alternatively, he is Taib himself – he seems to be just as deluded!

    • Ayam Jantan

      No one is invincible in the eye of god. Tak payah apeal apeal sama tuhan lah. There are many great potential leader in Sarawak. Good leader comes and go. Don't be over welcome. If it is time to go, let go no matter how popular and great one is. Learn from Dr Mahatiar, he is much wiser than CM. ha ha doremi

    • aborium

      Oh God! What do you say of a person who is blind (by choice) and calls others blind (not by their choice). Blind allegiance!

      • aborium

        There's a word that aptly describes what the writer's writing : B******KS!

    • ATM

      Amen! Pls also pray for his son to succeed him & continue his legacy for another 30 yrs, for the good of all Sarawakians.

      Oh, where will S'wak be w/o ATM & gang…

    • dayang

      you really stupid. hell is the place for u and taib. you are worst than taib because you agree with what he did. if taib satan you are satan boss. idiot

  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    Did you all see? Oh poor Bidayuh wife(Ratu Tebakang),not shown in the pictures?Is she looking after her teenage daughter in Bukit Damansara,Kuala Lumpur?

    Oh, another poor love son,just having a plastic watch??

    After all these what you have seen? Do you still want to vote him to be your Thief Minister for another 5 year term??A picture paints a thousand words and do you still want him to rule Sarawak?

    Think fellow brothers and sisters,let us UNITE,unite for CHANGE and overthrow

    this crook.

    • Sarawakiana

      Yes I will vote him. Let all of us vote him. He is our Saviour!

      • Iban Merinsa

        Sarawakiana. My God!!! You must be blind in sight and in your heart.

        • bontakun

          For crying out loud, its obvious that Sarawakiana is being sarcastic. He's spoofing the mentality of BN voters.

          No need to get your panties in a bunch, sheesh.

        • Sarawakiana

          Dear God,

          I pray to you that may you retain our beloved YAB CM. He has taken good care of our people. He have gave us his kind by giving us the land title. He had fulfilled his promise to give land title to the rightful owner.

          Dear God,

          "Iban Merinsa" has too far from the true path to you. All Sarawakian pray that you give the light to the heart of "Iban Merinsa". He is so blind, stupid, annoyed and moron and do not realize that he has been used by evil.

          Dear God,

          We all love our YAB CM. Thank you God for blessing him.

      • http://none Watch Dog says…

        Your Thief is not a saviour and just enjoy your wealth down here while you are alive..then you will know what happen next.

        This so called ridicule and intimidating is being paid by the Thief Minster for protecting him.

        May GOD bless you and I hope that you repent.

      • The Hague


        feel sorry for your parents as they've sent you to school. You turn out worse than an idiot!

        • aktan

          Agree with your observation on the half baked blind fool !

      • http://none Watch Dog

        We know you as Elia Geneid hiding under "Sarawakiana".Sisuh mu baga betur??Raon mu ano deras sop truoi do.

        Uncle mu deras neku..kayuh,tana,duit rakyat,taki neku-i goh

  • imam frustrated

    bisimilah hir rahman nir rahim….ALLah..hilangkanlah sipendusta dan dahjal ini dengann mengutus kuasa mu…pada hari akhirat Isa…untuk membunuh dahjal di sarawak ini…seperti yaang di janji di ayat suci mu…Al koran..dia telah memalukaan namamu yang suci dan umat2 mu yg setia…kami memohan ya Allah supaya engkau menghentikanlah kerja dia menindas rakyat sarawak…terutama org2 iban..dan merampas tanak mereka dan hak mereka…dan memalukan ugama mu islam dan hamba2 yg mengikut mu kerana…sikap murtat…dan jahlil si taib ini…dia bongkak dan kurang ajar tehadap rukun2 mu yang suci dan murni…hapus kan syaitan ini yang bertopeng islam ya Allah…amin.

    • Ida


      • eurokopter

        Amin ya rabbul a'lamin…marilah kita beramai2 mengaminkan doa ini….

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Doh sah u bismilah bismikok,ada lebih makan esok..Ting guna u nan bismilah kamboi tin mu medam. Tiek tiek bismilah..doh tui bismilah..kan u ano kasuong Taib.

      Fed up..a bit bismilah..a bit bismilah..tok mu betur betur medam.

      We don't need too many bismilah here,the main focus is to get rid or pension the Thief Minister of Sarawak before he sells our young girls when there is nothing left. Be extra careful

      and let us all UNITE to get rid of this TAIBMINE before it is too late..worst than drugs

  • ygbenor

    I agree totally to publish the photos of the Taib's extravagances to the people of Sarawak. Election is near, make them aware of the plundering Taib family of the Sarawak riches his family have taken illegally.

  • oA


    native sarawakians like other natives world around do not need much things in their livelihood. All they need is a blow gun for hunting and gathering wild fruits and some small hut to live in. That should be very much sufficient.

    Give them 600 ringgit every four years in exchange for their precious ancestral lands would showcase the height of white hair's helm well done.

    Overall native sarawakians are frugalist they dont need lot of things to survive and they have shown to survive better with little or next to nothingness.

    long live native sarawakians.


    • What is parasite

      Ya, they don't need much – just blow gun and hut and maybe fishing rod BUT what can they hunt and where to built their hut/longhouse in an oil palm estate? What to fish from polluted rivers? Their way of life is disappearing right in front of their eyes and yet they were never taught to seek alternative way of life. They are being eradicated in the name of progress and money for the false owners of their land. East or West Malaysia, what's the diff – people are being fcuked, suckers are being made day in day out. This is the BN way – I tuan, you hamba. Put our differences aside and unite to vote out these devils.

  • najibrazak

    Personally I would rather have the jewels than the women. They keep their re sale value better and much much longer.

    • imam frustrated

      najis..semua org tahu u dgn fasha sanda…semua gadis2 yg baru u nak…jangan nanti si hodoh anak bomoh C4, dia macam atantuya…ingat u dengan zyana zain…dan isa samat tolong u..dgn iman di p.d..u bagi dia banyak duit…nak permata konon…u tu najis perdana..islam plastic apa apa pun boleh….islam penyagak…syatan bertopeng islam…

  • retired cop

    I think his brother, Ibrahim Mahmud a retired Superintendent of Police is a millionaire now. That is the advantage for being a brother of CM or PM. Some retired Dayak policemen of his rank are working as security in logging and plantation companies just to get extra monies to repay their house loans, cars and send their children to schools, colleges and universities.

    I know some retired senior police officers with the ranks of SAC, DCP and CP are mostly poor, needless to say of lower ranks.

    As for me, ' kaih pagi makan pagi, kaih petang makan petang ', that is a gift of God and I am always happy in my life. I know that Jesus is with me.

    • http://none Taib Mahmud says…

      Bro,retired cop..why do you worry whether Ibrahim Mahmhud is a millionaire or NOT is irrelevant. Blood is thicker than water and of course he made sure that his another PEST brother is well taken care of.

      Worry NO more for your SAC,DCP,ACP or CP..they all enjoyed 50% penson as compared to our rural folks who struggle to send their children to school

      Pension for:

      1.SAC @ 50%- RM4,000.00

      2.DCP @50%-RM4,800.00

      3.CP @ 50% -RM5,850.00

      Dayaks labourers working for Hong Sen Lee earning RM18.00 per day and say working for 26 days a month,only get RM468.00 while poverty line is RM720.00.So what are you mourning about?Why must Police go to work and become a guard? Go home and tap rubber bro,rubber costs RM13.90 per Kilo.You are far better off than we are.We are never be a government servant,don't have salary,no perks,go to private clinics because when we go to government clinic,a lady doctor wearing tudung use pencil to poke here and there.

      We are here to put our heads together and send the thief away to where he belongs..not on this earth.

  • andrew

    Is no secret everyone knows that Taib has a lot in terms of his wealth and power. But exactly how much he has, that is important for the people to realize the quantum of size of his wealth. After 30 years or so, nobody has tried to oppose him, maybe there is and was quickly suppressed. Being a Sarawakian, i had once thought of working to development the state but it does not seem to work anymore after 20years working outside Sarawak. is so sad, is a very beautiful place. Hope someone somewhere will bring him down.

  • darah sarawak

    such an idiot…we are idiots governed by god of idiots…my 1 year income is equal to taib 1 minute income…does he think he is the goddes or the bill gates…i really do not know where went wrong….how come we keep quiet eventhough we know what is happening…we know he is destroying…MAYBE I SHOULD ASK MYSELF!!!!! WHAT DID I DO!!!! NOTHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG….I REALLY HOPE I CAN DO SOMETHING…AND I WILL DO IF I GOT THE CHANCE…BUT WHEN………THIS IS THE PROBLEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…

  • peaker

    Time for a change but through ballots instead of Egypt way as below.

  • justice pao

    No mater what ! you sarawakians have only yourself to blame!You swallowed line and sinker of this thief minister but what about your own tribal bumis ?Those motherf@#$@s joined him to rape you people in the butt!

    Mind you it has been years and you people are still sleeping ….in hornbill land.See! how arrogant the thief and their family is? So what can you do ? Nothing i 'm afraid unless you wake up like the egyptians or tunisans to kick that bloodsucking thief from your land! Hey ! he is'nt a pure Sarawkian but why let a malay to run your lives.Why cannot you natives reclaim your birthright and lead Sarawak!Remember D.Stephen Ningkam ? He was pure sarawakian and not that thief who hides under the protection of Putrajaya. I say you all wake up and start living like real humans and not like those poor battered Penans with bows and arrows.But will you all wake up???? I wonder!

  • kee

    Rubies, emeralds and diamonds with compliments from the generous citizens of Sarawak, especially the Dayak community. For 30 years they volunteer to impoverish themselves so that all the members from the Taib Mahmud clan, especially the ladies, may look beautiful and glorious, bedecked in the finest jewelry money can buy.

    After seeing all the photos published above by SR, all these generous citizens of Sarawak will be assured that their sacrifices have not been in vain and will surely rejoice in supreme ecstasy.

    As for all those living in poverty wherever they may be where they have no internet access, not to worry. The many grovelling Dayak leaders surrounding His Royal Highness Taib will surely print sufficient full-coloured copies of all the pictures and personally deliver them to all the long houses to show to the inhabitants the results of their 30 years sacrifice.

  • NCR Land Owner

    All the women families of robbers and thieves are showing their loots after a successful plundering and robbing the nation by their men. They are real damned breed of asshole.

    They are the pure breed of people who will surely populated the whole nation of hell and devil in your later life. All of your cheering and laughing are from the tears and blood of the suppress on these Earth. All of you are destiny to nowhere other than the permanent abode of HELLLLLLLL!!!!! Serve you right now.

  • Ipoh

    [6:70] You shall disregard those who take their religion in vain, as if it is a social function, and are totally absorbed in this worldly life. Remind with this (Quran), lest a soul may suffer the consequences of its evil earnings. It has none beside GOD as a Lord and Master, nor an intercessor. If it could offer any kind of ransom, it would not be accepted. They suffer the consequences of the evil works they earn; they have incurred hellish drinks, and a painful retribution because of their disbelief.

    [9:34] ……. Those who HOARD the gold and silver, and do not spend them in the cause of GOD, PROMISE them a PAINFUL RETRIBUTION.

    [9:35] THE DAY WILL COME when their gold and silver will be heated in the fire of Hell, then used to burn their foreheads, their sides, and their backs: "THIS IS WHAT YOU HOARDED FOR YOURSELVES, SO TASTE WHAT YOU HAVE HOARDED."




    [9:67] The HYPOCRITE MEN and the HYPOCRITE WOMEN belong with each other – they advocate evil and prohibit righteousness, and THEY ARE STINGY. They forgot GOD, so He forgot them. The hypocrites are truly wicked.

    [9:68] GOD PROMISES the hypocrite men and the hypocrite women, as well as the disbelievers, the fire of Hell, wherein they abide forever. It suffices them. GOD has condemned them; they have incurred an EVERLASTING RETRIBUTION.



    [9:75] Some of them even pledged: "If GOD showered us with His grace, we would be charitable, and would lead a righteous life."

    [9:76] But when He did shower them with His provisions, THEY BECAME STINGY, AND TURNED AWAY IN AVERSION.

    [9:77] CONSEQUENTLY, He PLAGUED them with HYPOCRISY in their hearts, till the day they meet Him. This is because they broke their promises to GOD, and because of their lying.

    [9:78] Do they not realize that GOD knows their secrets, and their conspiracies, and that GOD is the Knower of all secrets?



    Read the whole Sura – 9 Ultimatum (Bara'ah)

  • Bintulu

    Hell was made in heaven.. Watch out taib.. watch out..

  • NCR Land Owner


    DO remember that the prayer and the cries of the faithful is more expensive and valuables than the jeweleries and richness that your families are showing off to the public.

    Where is your Wife Laila now?, Can you still cover her with all the richness that you have in these World? Whilst the local citizen are still sweating, bleeding and crying in their heart and body just to put a plate of food on the table for their families. Why don't you ever think of that. Are you having any sense of humility in face of the Lord God, or what are you made of, continuously robing and denying the Dayak of their NCR Land by giving them to your families/cronies & friends.

    You are one of the example of rich man and a modern day Lazarus in front of the Lord. You will be definitely answering the Lord God about the way how your families/cronies/friends are enriching themselves. All the Golds, Diamonds & Jeweleries that they had acquired illegally will be made into a hot bracketing flame of hell, burning all of them in Hell into eternity.

    Please Lord God, show Taib the way of mercy and kindness in his heart and mind, if he still ever had one left or just do all your will on him, Amen.

  • Lionel Wong

    It is a very sad thing to see that Sarawakians are so kind to a crook like this white crook to hijack away all kind of resources from Sarawak and yet still allowing him to continue doing so without any feeling. The Sarawak Report have exposed so many wrong doings of the white crook but we don't see many Sarawakians respond in the comments. It is very sad to see only those same persons who commented. May be Sarawakians have to wait until one day, when their children become one of those like what had happened in Egypt, to burn himself in the street, then they will only wake up. But by that time, it will be too late because there will be nothing left for the Sarawakians to benefit from once the richest resources of Malaysia. May be Sarawak Report try to wake up every Sarawakians to voice up their dissatisfactions online, unite all the Sarawakians by signing petition on line to get rid of him and force him to return whatever he have taken from the people of Sarawak.

    • What is parasite

      Becos' these are ALL the people with internet access in the hole of Sarawak… No lah, actually all good Sarawak-ians except these good for nothing people are laboring to put food in their stomachs and don't have time or even know how to access the internet. However, time will come for all the good people of Sarawak to do the right thing cos' there will be nothing wrong left for them to do when the plundering done.

  • kopel

    the times will come when we headhunt all the taib's clan and hang their heads

  • http://m'kini bbaub

    To all concerned rakyats and especially to Sarawak Report: Please read the AFP article datelined Washington 11th Feb. 2011, FBI probing Ben Ali- Agency checking whether he has US assets.

    I implore that copies of the Sarawak Reports should be forwarded and lodged with the US government/ Justice Department–Asset Forfeiture And Money Laundering Section. This unit seeks illicit assets belonging to senior foreign officials and returning them to countries where they belong.

    This report should also be lodged with court of the European Union and The International Crime Commission so that the thieves assets and loots can be frozen.

    These actions need to be taken and taken FAST/IMMEDIATELY and highlighted to the whole world and not just in our little corner of the world.


    • NCR Land Owner

      Sarawak Report should do the following without any further delays and do all the destruction as serious as you can.

      Count on us for your support

      "I implore that copies of the Sarawak Reports should be forwarded and lodged with the US government/ Justice Department–Asset Forfeiture And Money Laundering Section. This unit seeks illicit assets belonging to senior foreign officials and returning them to countries where they belong."


    Justice Pao,

    Dictator Taib is no Malay. He's Melanau. He should have long been kicked out!

    • kee


      Whether Taib is a Malay or Melanau is not relevant. What is relevant is that he is a crook and a robber. He may be the biggest crook, but those other crooks surrounding him, who are not Melanau but are Malays, Chinese, Dayaks etc are still crooks.

  • SOKO

    end of the day….FAMILY OF THIEVES

  • imam frustrated

    MALAY S'WAKIANS..JADI SEORANG MUSLIM BUKAN BANGSA…BANYAK SAUDARA DAYAK.MUSLIM..BIDAYUH ATAU KAYAN, bukan masalah…masalahnya sekarang org macam taib dan keluarga…dan y.b.s yang megata mereka islam tapi peraigai kafir dan memalukan islam yg suci …ni yang islam harus tentang kerana memalu kan nama islam..dan muslim2 lain….dia harus di keluar dari sarawak dan islam kerana murtat…dan peraigan syaitan bertopeng islam….

    • Paderi

      Dear imam: Ini bukan soal Christian atau Islam..tapi soal Taib(CM)..jauhkan isu Agama kerana ianya Suci dan Bersih.

  • sara

    taib is the cleverest of all after ferdinand marcos. Anywa..he work hard for all those.

  • imam frustrated

    makna kau nafsu syaitan dia…dan mencotahak untuk menjaga nama baik islam di sarawak….sara…kami ada hak untuk jaga nama islam di sarawak….musuh islam di dalam islam harus dihapuskan dulu…macam islam plastic…dan org yg menjual nama islam untuk dapat duit….maruah islam tercemar di sarawak….

  • NCR Land Owner

    Look at the women face as above, that is how they will be grinning and gritting their teeth in Hell, with their jeweleries and all their ill gotten properties will be made into a damned hot bracketing fire to burn them in Hell into eternity.

    They will sway their tongue because of extreme thirst and hunger in the Fiery Hell Fire place, looking for food, water and coolness, but they will never find any and they will be suffering forever to a time indefinite.

    They will be crying and crying in Hell as what they are laughing and laughing in these temporary World of ours. All the sweat, blood and tears of the trodden soul made by their rouge and greedy action, will be paving and lubricating their way to hell, where they will be crying for that lost soul of their making on these Earth.

    Whilst on Earth, they are not going to Realize, Repent and Pity all their victims, because Devil had rule their heart, brain and souls. They will never have any more sense of Humility, Love and Kindness left in their soul. Because the Fallen Angel had conquered all their life and soul to the core.

    They never knows the name of the Lord God, Most High, since their mind and thinking are being blocked by the Devil, their Properties and Jewelries are where their mind will be focus onto, since Devil is their beacon of Hope and Inspiration for them to further their transgression of sin, greed,hatred and boasting.

    Their association with the Devil will last to a time eternity and that will left them forever under the influence of the Devil, who hates Loves, Kindness and Humility but embraces Hatred, Cruel, Greed and Boasting. They will definitely will face the Lord during the day of Judgment and their witness will be the tears, bloods and sweat of the souls whom they had down trodden and the all the ill gotten properties, illicit jeweleries and emerald which Lord God will used to send them to Hell and will become their hot bracketing fuel to burn them in Hell forever.

    So help them Lord, if there is left any Humility, Kindness and Love is still in their heart, soul and brain or you do your will unto them, Amen.

  • http://none Taib Mahmud says…

    Sarawakiana,awak nya satu satu tolong saya. Besok kau datang ke rumah di Demak Laut,ada sesuatu saya nak bagi kau supaya hidup kau sik susah lagi,

    Kau datang jam 7.00 pm pakai baju melayu dan kita makan sam sama isteri baru saya.

    Terima kasih kerana sudi tolong saya dan cakap bagus bagus untuk saya.

  • M2

    There are commentators here that invoke the the name of the Lord, quote bible verses, prayers etc, yet the same commentators also curse people to hell, use foul languages and derogatory terms. Please in the name of the Lord Jesus, stop being such a hypocrite. Since you quote the bible,here i would like to remind you to please set an example shown by Jesus. We all have a common cause to pray. The most important thing is not for YOUR wishes to come true. Pray so that it's God's plan to come true.

    Dont condemn people to hell. You are not God.

    Spread blessings in the name of Lord. Stop sowing the seed of anger and hatred.

    • http://none Taib Mahmud says…

      Yes,M2,let us all bless him so that God will turn his stone cold heart and he will repent before it is TOO late.

      Let us say the prayer against witchcraft together..In Jesus name..Amen

      • http://none Watch Dog says…

        Oh someone is imitating to be TM.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Thanks M2,let us bless him so that God will touch his stone cold heart and he will repent before it is too late.

      In Jesus name..Amen.,

  • karma believer


  • imam frustrated

    Bisimilah hir rahman nir rahim…ya Allah..restuilah doa hamba mu ini..dan selamatkanlah negeri sarawak ini..dari jahanam..oleh si taib bin dahjal anak iblis syaitan…kerna mencemarkan namamu yang suci ya Allah…dia membawa banyak org2 seperti dia untuk menyeleweng negara2 islam lain dengan meminta dana untuk tolong orang dayak yang di tindas oleh mereka sendiri…seperti y.b.s sebagai wakil iban dan bidayuh dan org ulu..dan dana itu disonglap mereka sendiri…ya Allah bungkarkanlah tipu muslihat mereka ni..ya Allah supaya nama mu di bersihkan dibumi sarawak ini…keran mereka sangup buat apa sahaja untuk duit dan menghina islam mu juga,,,,

  • oA


    I say the crown jewels look better on them ladies than iban or maybe dayak ladies wouldnt you guys say so?

    poor ibans and dayaks have sacrificed so much for well beings of politicians and yet prefer to remain impoverish. BRAVO.

    Long Live native Sarawakians.


  • Rashid

    Berlusconi to stand trial for underage sex

    February 16, 2011, 3:51 am

    ROME (AFP) – Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will go on trial in April over allegations that he paid a 17-year-old girl for sex and used his status to spring her from police custody, a judge ruled Tuesday.


    Malaysia cover up the rape by CM Tamby Chik, murder by Najib, billions plunderings by Taib, Diam, Najib, ministers,frauds by judges, election rigged by Najib and mafia, killings and bashings covered up.


    • http://none Watch Dog

      Dr Mahathir's son is in Billionaires list.EWhere does the money come frpm? What does he do? How much tax has he paid? How much is his pay?

      All these come from the father when he was the Prime Minister of Malaysia.Another thief??He is NOT a Malaysian and yet become a PM of Malaya(sia).Oil Royalty commission at USD0.50 per barrel for 25 years sold to the Japanese??

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Dr Mahathir's son is in Billionaires list.Where does the money come from? What does he do? How much tax has he paid? How much is his pay?

      All these come from the father when he was the Prime Minister of Malaysia.Another thief??He is NOT a Malaysian and yet become a PM of Malaya(sia).Oil Royalty commission at USD0.50 per barrel for 25 years sold to the Japanese??

  • imam frustrated

    pls rashid…org2 sarawak akan mengatakan kita org2 islam nak hudud…di sarawak…tapi…mereka tak akan berani menghukum taib…ingat org dayak majority di sarawak…bukan malaysia..tapi mereka tak ada semangat gentar…kita harus memberi sokongan kepada mereka supaya mereka tahu yg kita islam bukan sejahat yg mereka fikirkan kerana umno plstic dan taik bin syaitan…dan y.b.s masuk islam kerana ada dana dari negera islam untuk mereka..kerana mengata mereka adalah wakil islam kepada kaum mereka..seperti belarek,ritom,jinggut, dan ada lagi lain2. islam tapi niat penyagak dng penyamun.kita tolong mereka goleng taik syaitan…keluar…untuk sarawak…walaupun ugama lain…ingat melayu sarawak bukan tulin melayu tapi capur iban bidayuh.

  • Black Sabbath

    eh salawakiana, taik palat ko!

    u tok baru keluar perut kah? if i am lucky to meet u ku tampar palak ko kiri kanan atas dibah tau ko, sunat ku kau bekali2 without buse. u tok nyesakati kah or pure knaive and kedak ikan betutu bodoh!!!

    Guys, tis white hair is too much lets red shirt him. opposition leaders shld take the lead. ISA cnt hurt us because what pek mo is doing is not right. if u guys are alert, now Syria open doors biz policy to the world esp Mlysia and guess what????

  • kee

    If ever I become a consultant to thiefs and robbers, I will recommmend that my clients move their operations to Sarawak which is heaven to thiefs and robbers for two main reasons.

    1. Sarawak is an incredibly rich place with limitless pickings. In fact just recently, more oil has been discovered.

    2. Sarawakians are so incredibly nice and tolerant to crooks and robbers. You can actually steal and rob them in broad daylight. They will only look and some may even smile while they allow you rob and steal until all they have left are the shirts on their backs.

  • Goku

    Dear fellow bro..ignore this Sarawakiana..he just MALAON puppet and agent of BN.His motive is to try and win our favour while furthering his master’s interests.

    Aku pikir dh di bubar DUN…sik sabar nak balik Malaysia mengundi.Kepada rakan2 forum yg paling penting kt smua dh mendaftar sbg pengundi & turun mengundi.

    Pastikan undi kita bukan untuk BN.


    Dr Goku

  • katakkodok

    no amount of jewelry can fix muka elia yg huduh macam pondan.

  • man

    I beg you all to destroy BN this coming election. But we must deliver our message to some people who are still dont know about how corrupt sarawak government is.

  • Rentap

    Lets spread the news about the Thief Minister aka CMS (Con Man of Sarawak) to fellow voters who does not read SR via the internet.

    • http://none Watch Dog









      Where the devil does PEHIN SRI comes from?

      Is he the KING of Sarawak??His new wife called "RAGUT".

      George Chan-Is he the Prime Minister of Miri?with his common law wife(got one love child) get hospital contract in MILLIONS?

      "AFRAID"Jabu Numpan(passenger)-Is he the Sultan of Betong?With his son "RENTAP" to cause terror in watering holes in and around Kuching,splashing RM1,000 on a bottle of his favour whisky.


  • Rentap

    Agree with Man. Lets make it a mission to destroy BN this coming election and get rid of monsters like Tahi Mahmud and his cronies.

  • Tiarama

    Under the Islamic law, those thiefs should be stoned to death period.

  • Rebel

    Let us all gather together and march to Kuching to protest Egypt-style, and topple this tyrant, bomoh-practitioner, Satan-in-disguise Thief Minister.

  • Mubarak

    Welcome to my Club Mr. Taib!

  • Lawrence Jayaraj

    Taib responsible for the death of our mother Kam Agong from Long Semadoh Lawas Sarawak.

  • imam frustrated

    jadi ap kamu buat…saman dia atau minta ganti rugi..saudara jangan diam diri…saman dia…di man baru bian…kamu..biar dia tolong…buatlah…hantam si syaitan ini….

  • Bayi Sarawak

    I am not too sure the three are trying to show off the chow kit-like jewels around their neck, or the other jewels behind their semi-transparent made in china attire. Judging from their kampung look, one would wonder if it is the wrong jewels put on the right bodies, or the right jewels put on the wrong bodies.

  • telok matok

    sarawakiana is elia geneid..

    • http://none Truoi Sit Anak Pakie

      Yes, You are very very right.Now she ridicules us on this site.She is also oA.She has to defend her UNCLE who gave her millions.

      Betik di Sarawak murah tetapi kalau betik Elia ada mahal sikit..Tobiat moh ayuh,sikira ayuh..moh kawin 2 sidoh.

      Let us all unite and get these all Sarawak gangsters,their head first..

  • imam frustrated

    kaum bidayuh sudah dibeli taiblah…sorylah saudara…kamu turoi sini sana…org2 bidayuh macam kamu…taib kasi duit kawin satu lagi,,u sudah suka…semua ketua bidayuh kasi extra satu dan duit saku..contractor licence class f…sudah jadi playboy..sekarang u cakap taib apa2 lah…bagi duit sikit kamu jual kaum..dari serian sampai lundu…bidayuh sama..kalau tak dapat duit bankang…sama macam watchdog…watchdog pun dulu kerja dengan taib punya company.sakarang jadi pembankang..nanti offer bagus…jadi sepporter kuat taib…tengok jerip…sekarang apa dulu apa…nansian pun sama tiki pun sama…dawos johari pun sama…bangsa untuk duit..mana org bidayuh tak main pakik,asal ada…

  • karma believer


  • aborium

    Here's what Dylan has to say on the subject matter:

    "Come gather 'round people

    Wherever you roam

    And admit that the waters

    Around you have grown

    And accept it that soon

    You'll be drenched to the bone.

    If your time to you

    Is worth savin'

    Then you better start swimmin'

    Or you'll sink like a stone

    For the times they are a-changin'.

    Come writers and critics

    Who prophesize with your pen

    And keep your eyes wide

    The chance won't come again

    And don't speak too soon

    For the wheel's still in spin

    And there's no tellin' who

    That it's namin'.

    For the loser now

    Will be later to win

    For the times they are a-changin'"

    • aborium

      Dylan's two stanzas:

      Come senators, congressmen

      Please heed the call

      Don't stand in the doorway

      Don't block up the hall

      For he that gets hurt

      Will be he who has stalled

      There's a battle outside ragin'.

      It'll soon shake your windows

      And rattle your walls

      For the times they are a-changin'.

      Come mothers and fathers

      Throughout the land

      And don't criticize

      What you can't understand

      Your sons and your daughters

      Are beyond your command

      Your old road is

      Rapidly agin'.

      Please get out of the new one

      If you can't lend your hand

      For the times they are a-changin'

  • akuanaktarzan

    Kepada belia-belia dan semua penduduk Sarawak yang sudah cukup umur. Pergilah mendaftar sebagai pengundi. Kesimpulannya adalah undi anda akan menukar segalanya.

    1. Daftar nama sebagai pengundi.

    2. Turun mengundi. Kalau majikan tak

    kasi lepas, ketuk saja kepala dia

    dengan senduk.

    3. Pergi berbaris mengundi.

    4. Pangkah calon yang anda rasakan

    boleh membangunkan negeri.

    5. Pakai otak sebelum memangkah. Jangan

    pangkah sesuka hati kerana orang itu

    bakal menipu atau membawa kebaikan

    kepada anda dan negeri kita sendiri.

    6. Tak guna cakap banyak kalau tak

    pergi mengundi.

  • aborium

    Sometimes I flipped 'cause I can't for the life of me understand why we harbour this defective notion that HE is the only one qualified to become CM of S'wak. 'God sent'?(as said by Azizah about Annuar?),indispensible? Don't we have confidence in others? Or have we been brainwashed into blind allegiance? (as in a cult group)or simply too afraid(chicken head). I don't know about you, but I've met many Sarawakians who are capable if given the chance, encouragement & support. They are the SILENT MAJORITY!

  • kucing hitam

    apa kata ulamak mengenai harta yang disimpan melimpah .

  • zbk

    so … what we do to change that.. just leave the comment?

    stand up fight ur right..


    PRU 13….CHANGE


  • hwings

    People difficult to looking for food daily, Taib difficult to find delicious food daily.

    People difficult to access hospital or clinic during emergency, Taib difficult to find a way to let go his helicopter doctor bussiness daily.

    People difficult to get water because of the Bakun dam, Taib difficult to convince himself to not building the rest of the 12 dams.

    People difficult to get to the primary school daily for the rural area, Taib difficult to convince himself to put some Sarawak money to build the better facility for the rural student.

    People treat Sarawak as their hometown, Taib treat Sarawak as Taib Private limited company (Taib Sdn Bhd).

    People need basic human right, Taib thinking how to change rule to protect himself.

    As a Chinese proverb (translated),

    "Meat at Rich People House wasted, but road side some body dead becuse of no food"

  • Iban in OZ

    You got to be an idiot to vote taib n his cronies. Anyone could do if not better job in ruling Sarawak given the chance. For iban to support Taib you are either an idiot or you're in his payroll!

  • jiran taib

    hidup taib mahmud !

  • rebakbaru

    Berambus ke neraka taib mahmud and family

  • Darkangelovehell


  • alan newman, NZ

    The Police, DUN, PBB, BN are supporting a Thug/Thief/Crook/Criminal of the highest degree. That’s how democratic & non-corrupt foreigners like me see it.

    A criminal who for decades held multiple portfolios of Finance, Planning & Resources to plunder Sarawak left, right, centre, leaving bones to the people (endless timber concessions, vast oil palm plantations, development land; CMS, S’Wak Securities, Ta Ann, Archipelago Shipping, Naim, Bank Utama, STIDC, Forest Dept, Land & Survey, Bakun… to name a few).

    Had this colossal ‘Curse’ not been in Sarawak, the roads, highways, schools, hospitals, amenities, environment & income levels would have been more akin to those of NZ & Australia.

    The wealth of a State of 4 million people, worth mega-billions – stolen by a Family and a group of cronies. Daylight robberies, right under our noses. The wealth belongs to the people who voted Taib to serve them !

    This is Sarawak’s super tragedy.

    For Francis Siah, DAP, PKR, PAS: please record clearly and permanently the names of every one who harassed or intimidated you: Police officers, PBB ball-lickers, DUM members.

    I dare them, speak a word, make a phone call, point a finger, or raise a hand. Their names will be recorded and sealed for future arrests, powerful vendettas and for posterity. Their days are numbered and their retribution will be swift and severe when the time comes.

    This is WAR !

    I tell them in no uncertain terms they will not escape accountability and justice for the crimes that are now being committed under Taib’s rotten regime. Egyptian President Mubarak & his sons have gone from palace to prison.

    For Francis Siah & supporters, here are the contacts of Amnesty Int’l and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights at UN, get them involved early, get them in now:

    Alan Newman, NZ.