Abu Bekir – How Much is He Worth?!

Abu Bekir – How Much is He Worth?!

10 Mar 2011

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'Abused' - Abu Bekir's first wife is suing for a RM 400 million divorce!

It must have seemed a good idea at the time for young Abu Bekir to have married a lady with an MBA in Finance.  They even placed her on the Board of the family firm CMS.  However, it means Datin Sri Shahnaz Majid, who is now suing him for divorce, is particularly qualified to give an estimate of the worth of Taib’s son – and she is after him for RM400 million!

According to expert divorce lawyers consulted by Sarawak Report, a wife in her position would be entitled to aim for 30% of a couple’s wealth, which makes Abu Bekir, aged 48, a comfortable billionaire.  According to Kuching lawyer Desmond Kho:

“The RM400 million claim is by far the highest ever recorded and claimed by a Sarawakian.  This should make Bekir one of the richest men in Malaysia.  I’m sure the wife’s lawyer must have assessed Bekir’s wealth to come up with the quotation”.

The revelation could not have come at a more awkward time for the Mahmud family, just the day after Taib had parachuted him in to contest BN’s supposedly safe seat of Sadong Jaya. Over the coming days before the actual election the constituents were supposed to be treated to a staged introduction to their new candidate, who would doubtless have become Taib’s planned successor.  Even the Prime Minister Najib Razak was to visit the area on his behalf this March 19th.  However, now these voters will have rather more information than anticipated upon which to judge their new candidate!

Bad character?

Wife number 2 is a Russian widow

Shanaz, who is the sister of the well-known jazz singer Sheila Majid and seems widely liked, says that Abu Bekir subjected her to ‘physical and mental torture’.  According to reports she has accused her husband of punching her head, face and eyes; kicking her in the ribs; and throttling her.  She also claims he verbally abused her with foul words.  The accusations are uncannily similar to the reports against Abu Bekir’s brother Sulaiman, who publicly attacked a girlfriend in a bar in KL.

The couple, who married in 1992 and have a 17 year old son, have not been intimate since 2001.  Shanaz claims that since 1999, her husband rarely came home and could not be advised, was difficult to contact and was very sociable with other women.  After he married a second wife, a young, blond Russian woman he ceased to treat her fairly.


However, it is Abu Bekir’s assets and the small matter of how he came to acquire them that will be of equal interest to Sarawakians contemplating the suitability of this candidate for office.  Shahnaz refers to several homes and claims Bekir owns thousands of hectares in Sarawak, which will come as little surprise to readers of Sarawak Report.  She also reveals that he owns seven luxury cars that include Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley and Maserati.  According to Abu Bekirs first wife, their joint assets include shares in 15 different companies including Cahaya Mata Sarawak and Sarawak Cable Bhd as well as savings in Employees Provident Fund and Amanah Saham Bumiputera units.

Abu Bekir (left) Posing as the jet-setter in a magazine article about personal jets.

Sarawak Report has examined just some of the assets his wife refers to.


It is a well-known fact that Abu Bekir is a key Director and the largest shareholder in CMS along with his brother Sulaiman.  CMS is a supposedly public company made up of assets taken from the State of Sarawak through the decisions of the Chief Minister.  However a huge chunk of the shares are owned by members of Taib’s family.

CMS - a Taib Mahmud family company

The latest available Annual Report is for 2009 and it still registers the Chief Ministers’s own late wife Laila as the biggest individual shareholder (although it is believed her two sons have now inherited the shares between them).  How Mrs Taib, who never appeared to be engaged in business and who did not bring any money to the marriage, managed to accumulate such a vast shareholding has never been explained to the public or to the ordinary shareholders of CMS!

Father and son celebrate SCORE - the contracts they will be able to award their companies from the state through this will make them even richer still!

Abu Bekir and his brother Sulaiman are the next biggest shareholders and all four children of Taib control Majaharta, which is listed as the largest shareholder!   Each share is currently worth comfortably over 3 ringgit, which a lady with an MBA in finance can easily tot up to a rough calculation of RM 150 million.

The Chief Minister channels numerous public contracts through CMS, thus ensuring that those shares remain a healthy price.  Just one of the lucrative and high-profile contracts the Chief Minister has awarded his family in this way was the recently completed Borneo Convention Centre, at which BN held its political rally last weekend.  Taib’s policies of ‘Progress and Development’ directly benefit CMS in this way.  The more mega-projects he commissions the better his family does, with SCORE being the latest cash cow development programme!

As the Malaysian Stock Exchange, Bursa Malaysia’s, news excitedly put it last month:

“Stoked by news flow on potential project flows in SCORE and the award of a road project, CMS’s share price surged 80% last year, outperforming the construction stocks under our coverage which rose 36% on average.  This year marks the implementation of Phase 2 of SCORE.  Various road and infrastructure projects under the 10MP and the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) have yet to be implemented. Execution will be a key theme for this year, backed by the 10MP’s RM4.6 billion budget for Sarawak”. Feb 16th 2011

Some of the land companies controlled by Titanium Management, which has also received enormous state contracts thanks to Daddy, Taib Mahmud.

The Taibs could never be accused of putting all their eggs in one basket!  Abu Bekir’s company Titanium Management has been awarded enormous tracts of land by the State of Sarawak in recent years, all for a mysterious ‘Payment in Kind’!  A host of subsidiary companies, also controlled out of the offices of Titanium, have also been awarded vast areas as well, for no discernable payment.

Sarawak Report has calculated that over 70,000 hectares, an area greater than the size of Singapore, has been handed to Abut Bekir thanks to decisions by his father as the Minister in charge of resources.

As a spate of angry law suits has made plain, many of these territories actually belonged to other people!  The Chief Minister has attempted to over-ride Native Customary Land Rights in recent amendments to the legislation, however these amendments are being over-ruled in the courts.  Just last week Abu Bekir’s company Polar Horizon, which had served eviction notices on several Iban native customary landowners, was forced into retreat after PKR’s See Chee Howe took them to court and the case was publicised on Radio Free Sarawak and elsewhere.   Abu Bekir’s henchmen have verbally assured the villagers that the eviction attempt will no longer go ahead, although nothing yet has been received in writing.

Indeed, given the growing number of setbacks regarding these land disputes, perhaps Datin Shanaz will have to consider revising down some of her calculations on the worth of the land titles which she has demanded that her husband present in court!

Foreign Properties

Commercial Skyscraper – Ottawa’s ‘Xerox Tower’ Complex. Sun Life and Adobe are some of the companies to rent space in this prestige property in Ottawa

Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib was also of course one of the original Directors and a founder of Sakto Corporation, which now owns millions of US dollars worth of property in Canada.

He managed to set up the company with his sister Jamilah and Uncle Onn Mahmud, when he just a college student aged 20!  In its first year the company invested $7 million in purchasing 400 residential units in Ottawa.  The company now owns hundreds of millions of dollars worth of office and retail space, as well as some swish residential blocks. Later, he was one of the founding Directors and Shareholders of the sister company Sakti International set up in the US in 1987.  Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib acted as the President of the company until it was later handed  over to his younger brother Sulaiman Taib, who was studying at university in San Francisco.  The property in Sakti and its related companies are worth in the region of a million dollars as well.

As, Sarawak Report has been able to reveal,  a secret share deal means that half the shares Abu Bekir owns in Sakti are actually held in trust for his father Abdul Taib Mahmud!  Abu Bekir has been laughably presented as a major businessman and maker of money since the tender age of 20, on the basis that his father could never have legitimately have earned such wealth to have given to him.  However, Taib has never offered an explanation as to why these shares were held in trust for him by his children and brothers, giving him an over all 50% interest in the company! 

Sarawak Cable

A businessman or a business heir hoping to become a political heir?

This company, which was incorporated in the 1990s, lay dormant until 2008 when it suddenly sprang into life with the acquisition of Universal Cable (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd, which manufactures cables.  Abu Bekir Taib is the Chairman and owns 36% of the shares, while his Dad’s cousin, Hamid Sepawi, owns 20%. The latest share price, from when these shares were last traded in November, shows them valued at RM1.29.  We therefore calculate that Abu Bekir’s 43 million or so shares are worth around RM55 million.

Things should continue to go well for the company as the state has just invested heavily in a project with them!  In November 2010 they were awarded a transmission line job worth RM98.68 million by Sarawak Energy Bhd as part of a joint venture with Sinohydro!

Abu Bekir will at least have no trouble convincing his voters that he is rich and powerful, which is the normal approach of BN politicians wishing to secure support.  He may even follow in his father’s footsteps by offering to pay constituents a few hundred ringgit each for their votes.  But those voters should think hard about where Abu Bekir got his money and whether it was from land and state properties that rightfully belonged to them in the first place.  If so, they should consider whether they should actually be voting to get those assets back to the people where they belong!

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  • MichaelNg

    Father & son prefer foreign women.

    • http://Hotmail Sarawak Bomoh


      The timing of Shahnaz Majid’s suit for divorce and property division is perhaps more than a coincidence that it was filed near the expected state elections.

      Her statement of claim confirms the vast extent of the Taib family ill-gotten wealth from a well informed insider.

      It is of course the last thing Taib wants that is more bad publicity with such bad or good timing depending on how you view it!

      As Sarawak Report says the lady is an MBA and she must have done her sums.

      She may also have an intuition that the Taib billion dollar empire is about to unravel. She had some 17 years to do her bean counting and collected all the financial data on Abu Bekir’s and also Taib’s assets and worth as these are closely linked.

      Even though the punters are still betting on PBB BN’s return to power with a reduced majority, there have been a series of signs that things do not augur well for the family fortune. It is like the proverbial writing on the wall.

      These are seen in following events:

      a. the piling documentary evidence confirming the years of allegations of Taib family corruption provided by Sarawak Report BMF and other media exposes,

      b. the suspected murder and continuing harassment of Taib family’s US property manager Ross Boyert may now be investigated because of public pressure and may lead to freezing of their US based assets.

      c. the man made disasters linked to Taib’s dam building adventures such as the Rajang River log jam and drying up, floods from deforestation and many other scandals surrounding the Taib family.

      d. Land thefts have led to NCR land owners filing over 200 law suits against various Taib connected companies and local land rights demonstrations.

      e. Moves by Bruno Manser Fonds’ (BMF) to petition various foreign governments to freeze the Taib Empire’s assets.

      It seems clear after a period of time BMF has accumulated the evidence and launched its well prepared attack with list of 49 companies (symbolically on behalf of the missing Bruno) on the Taib regime for its corrupt wealth obtained by serious breaches of human rights and enormous environmental damages to land water and air quality caused by illegal uncontrolled logging by Taib licensed companies and dam constructions.

      f. the growing number of overseas public demonstrations against Taib and mounting protests to shame institutions connected with Taib’s generous donations like universities.

      h. Internal family problems highlighted by Shanaz’s own law suit and the disruption to relationship between Taib and children by his marriage to a young woman who apparently now has a say in running the family estate and palaces.

      All these in ancient times would be treated as the end days of a dynasty. Heaven has withdrawn its mandate.

      Shanaz may not be superstitious but she can see that with so much bad publicity, sooner or later the Taib family may face more legal actions to seize the Taib assets in Sarawak and overseas as already seen in the avalanche of 200 plus local NCR legal actions.

      It is no longer tenable for Taib to keep silent over his multi-billion empire and hope the fuss will die down. He has to explain himself in public soon. The Opposition parties must call on him to explain now and during the election campaign.

      Shanaz law suit is likely to have been prompted by the following reasons:

      1. The series of successful NCR court cases can lead to a drop in value of many Taib connected companies involved in the land and timber thefts and oil plantations. These companies may be liable to account to the rightful NCR owners and make huge compensations.

      2. The danger of foreign government freezing the world wide assets and funds and tied down with long fought legal actions. Even if this is only a remote possibility, Shanaz is not going to take that chance.

      3. It is better that she claim around election time to pt maximum pressure on Abu Bekir and Taib for a quick cash settlement rather than transfer of shares or property as these can fall in value or be frozen. Taib if he is that smart will agree quickly to avoid more public exposure of the details of his family wealth ownership.

      This is really a case of a rat leaving the ship. It may be unkind to call Shanaz this as she deserves some sympathy from allegedly suffering violent treatment by Abu Bekir. She must however be a party to or full knowledge of the years of Taib corruption and misrule as the MBS accountant for the family (? to be confirmed) and consequent sufferings of the people. Now she is seeking a cut of the corrupt proceeds as a price for her silence?

      (A point to ponder: Is it a calculated ploy to separate the assets before these get frozen and tied down for years with legal action?)

      Her timing may get her hands on a vast unimaginable wealth for 99% of Sarawakians but will she sleep easy with the knowledge of Taib’s crimes against humanity?

      However with the chickens coming home to roost, the rats see it’s time to leave a ship which is starting to spring many leaks.

      You could call it karma- the bad things you have done will come back to haunt you.

      Abu Bekir did bad things to Shanaz and now this has come back to haunt him big time. It will also drag in Taib and his whole family if Abu Bekir contests her claim. Everything will come out in the open if the court does not hear the case in camera!

      Whatever it is – Thank you Shanaz for doing a service for the Sarawak people in confirming that the Taib family does indeed have billions of stolen money from all of us!

      • gandalf

        wanna bet they'll buy her out and settle 'out of court'?? or some 'accident' will happen to her, like the Boyert fellow?

        this is better than a hong kong video serial

        sarawak Report should 'sell' the stories to fund the crusade against taib and family and bring them to justice!!

        good luck,well done; we owe you a life time of gratitude!

      • Dr. Mad

        Yes, the RAT is leaving the SINKING SHIP. Unfortunately, the rat brings along RM400 millions of Sarawakians money to Semanjung Malaysaja.

        With that amount of money,which can be used to build 40 schools in Sarawak,costing RM10 millions each , will be able to provide decent education for sons and daughters of Sarawak.

    • http://Hotmail Anonymous



      It seems in the pre-occupation with of the people's struggle against UMNO PBB BN colonial oppression and plunder the NGO media has largely by-passed the news of Anthony Brooke's passing away.


      From the BORNEO POST

      Home – News – Local – Last Rajah Muda of Sarawak dies in NZ

      Last Rajah Muda of Sarawak dies in NZ

      Posted on March 5, 2011, Saturday

      KUCHING: The last Rajah Muda of Sarawak, Anthony Walter Dayrell Brooke, passed away peacefully at his home ‘Rumah Brooke’ in Wanganui, New Zealand on Wednesday.

      The London-based Brooke Heritage Trust said in an email yesterday that the 98-year-old is survived by his wife Gita, son James Lionel, daughter Celia as well as grandchildren Jason, Laurence and Sura.

      “Born in England in 1912, Anthony received his education at Eton and Magdalene Cambridge, before pursuing studies in Malay and Mohammedan Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies, in his own words ‘to prepare him for what may lie ahead’,” said Brooke Heritage Trust trustee Matthew Edgeworth.

      Anthony’s uncle Sir Charles Vyner Brooke was the third Rajah of Sarawak, a kingdom founded by Sir James Brooke in 1841 and ruled by the Brooke family until the Japanese invasion of 1941.

      Since Vyner had no male heir, Anthony was duly appointed Rajah Muda and heir apparent in his place.

      “(As) the last member of the Brooke family to have administered the Government of Sarawak (1939-1940), Anthony also lived to be the last Head of Government to personally declare war on Hitler’s Germany.

      “This he did in 1939, though the act itself was mostly symbolic — Germany having no stated aspirations towards Sarawak. The Japanese however swept down the coast of South East Asia in 1941, with Sarawak falling on Christmas Day,” said Edgeworth.

      With Vyner largely retired from public duties and based in Australia, Anthony as Rajah Muda headed the Provisional Government in Exile during the War Years. His task was to represent the state in its negotiations with foreign powers, notably Great Britain.

      After WWII ended, and with Sarawak liberated from Japanese rule, Anthony strongly opposed the annexation of Sarawak as a British colony in 1946.

      He responded to calls from the Malay National Union and the Sarawak Dayak Association, along with the Sarawak Youth Movement, the Sarawak Women’s Association, and other newly formed political groups in Sarawak, to lead the Independence Campaign against British Rule.

      Campaigning vigorously for five years, he withdrew in 1951, when the risk of a spread in Communism seemed a greater threat to stability in Sarawak.

      Anthony then embarked upon a programme of world travel, speaking with groups large and small on the rights, responsibilities and power of the individual in helping to bring about a democratic world order. Co-founding with his wife Gita a charitable trust, Peace Through Unity, Anthony embarked upon a personal crusade that would span 60 years, meeting world leaders and spiritual thinkers from Chinese Premier Chou En Lai to India’s Vinoba Bhave, who dubbed him ‘shanty doot’ (Ambassador of Peace).

      “In 1963, Sarawak achieved full Independence from Great Britain and welcomed Anthony back as a guest of the state on two occasions, in 1964 and 1983, where he rekindled old friendships from the Anti-Cession days,” said Edgeworth.

      Edgeworth added that Anthony was a true idealist who “believed unashamedly in the fundamental goodness of the human heart”.

      “Anthony, like all of us, was imperfect at times — he was given to high ideals over pragmatism, and impetuosity arguably cost him the throne, but he was nonetheless an extra-ordinary man who lived through extraordinary times.

      “Prince, advocate, campaigner and eternal optimist, he never failed to make an impression on those whose lives crossed his path. He will be remembered,” said Edgeworth.

      Condolences may be sent to Rumah Brooke, 4 Allison Street, Wanganui 5001, New Zealand, or The Brooke Heritage Trust, 78 York Street, London, Great Britain.



      Anthony Brooke the would-be fourth Rajah of Sarawak passed away on 2 MARCH 2011.

      He is to be always remembered as someone who supported Sarawak Independence by opposing the sale of Sarawak by the Third Rajah his uncle to and colonisation by Britain in 1946 for the sum of 200,000 pounds (called a "pension").

      Things would have been different.

      The Borneo Post Commentary mentions Sarawak independence in just one passing sentence.

      We lost the opportunity for independence 3 times- Japanese Invasion 1942, annexation by Britain-1946, annexation by Malaya -1963

      The article mentioned the "expansion of communism" in Sarawak in the 1950s being a reason for the Rajah Muda's decision to leave Sarawak. Borneo Post also continues the false argument of "independence in Malaysia" in that "Sarawak achieved full Independence from Great Britain" in 1963.

      When the issue of Sarawak independence arose in the 1960s Anthony Brooke sadly failed to see through the Malaysia Plan as a scheme to annex Sarawak under Malayan colonial rule, probably because of his unfounded pre-conceptions "communism". He was already long out of the picture.

      The colonial controlled press continues to demonise the Sarawak communist movement. This was (and still is) a patriotic movement which together with Brunei and Sabah patriots opposed the British and Malayan proposal to annex Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak (with Singapore) through their "Malaysia Plan" 1962.

      In 1962 a delegation of independence representatives from Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak appealed to the UN to recognised the people's wishes for an independent North Kalimantan comprising the 3 territories. But they were ignored by the UN controlled by the UK/US at the time.

      (From Wikipedia) "The North Kalimantan (or Kalimantan Utara) proposal was seen as a post-decolonization alternative by local opposition against the Malaysia plan. Local opposition throughout the Borneo territories was primarily based on economic, political, historical and cultural differences between the Borneo states and Malaya, as well as the refusal to be subjected under peninsular political domination. Joining to form Malaysia was seen as a new form of colonialism under Malaya."

      Sarawak patriots took part in the anti-Malaysia Brunei Independence Uprising in December 1962 started by the Brunei Parti Rakyat.

      The "leaders" who negotiated the terms of the Malaysia Agreement and politicians like Taib Mahmud, George Chan and gang, PARAKU betrayer Bong Kee Chok were and are the traitors who betrayed and keep Sarawak under the oppression and exploitation we are suffering under UMNO colonial rule.

      After suppression of the Brunei uprising the Sarawak patriotic movement formed the People's Army of North Kalimantan (PARAKU) and continued the armed independence struggle to liberate Sarawak from foreign domination and exploitation. They would also have protected and preserved the native democratic communal lifestyle and ancestral land now practically destroyed by UMNO PBB colonial rule. PARAKU members showed their determination and dedication to their cause by struggling against Malayan colonial rule for some 30 years from 1960s until the ceasefire in 1990.

      Now we are being reduced to a situation where the majority of natives and most Sarawakians face having no land, no trees, no petroleum oil, no food and clean water (all in bountiful supply before 1963) under Malayan Colonial Rule to 2011.

      If the PARAKU had been successful in defending the people from the landgrabs their message would have reached them and they would been successful in gaining the people's support.

      The people lost their land and food sources to UMNO PBB BN plunder and they lost control of their oil wealth. The cause of the people's present day impoverishment is inextricably linked to the foreign control and exploitation of our country.

      The struggle for freedom and independence from Malayan colonial rule remains to completed by all Sarawak patriots.


      • Dr. Mad

        Thanks for the detailed history of Sarawak.It is sad that all the facts were not written in Sejarah textbook.

        • http://hotmail NO LAND NO HARVEST

          The victors get to write the history. Like the Japanese UMNO excels in re-writing history.

        • http://none Watch Dog








  • ek

    Itu lah taib jangan makan barang/duit haram.It will come back to haunt you for generations to come.Long after you are gone your generations will continue to suffer bec of the sin you commited.So repent now seek for forgiveness from God and your fellow man most important return all the ill gotten gains you have accumulated to its rightful owner i.e the rakyat before its too late.This just might be the final reminder.

    • Nelson Mandela Janti

      A change in government is the fastest way to recover all the ill-gotten wealth and return them to the people of Sarawak.

      • suara rakyat

        yup..totally agreed with you bro..now the game has been started..the DUN has resolved..so what are u waiting for?make a change for Sarawakians..

    • bob Thrash

      Hello friend,

      This people dont know what is halal and what is haram lah. Infact i am not sure weather they are human being or what. Human has limit in acquairing wealth unless you are demonised by satan.

  • sam westington

    Spoiled brat. Probably never taste even one drop of hardship juice in his life.

    • Dr. Mad

      That is the reason why they are ABUSIVE and GREEDY. It is lucky that Shanaz being "left alone" for decades, otherwise, she may contracted a dreadful disease from her hubby.

  • Hj Bengang

    Pok Taib, dengar SINI, pok:

    1. Rendahkahlah dirik mulai sekarang, pok! The abrasion is getting harder on you each day, pok. Dak PKR sik kan berlembut dan berundur. Selagi daknya ada peluang dan ruang, selagik ya lah daknya ngentam kitak. Macam kitak dolok juak bah. Selagi rakyat berkeras nahan tanah daknya, selagi ya juak kitak masuk kawasan daknya. So … adil juak, kan?

    2. There's no way out, pok. Kitak lari ke luar negara atau betapok lam lubang batu sekalipun, kedak ya juak bah! No way out!

    3. Lepaskan apa yang bukan milik kitak, pok. Senang. Abis cerita. Pala sik penin. Rakyat pun sik gago agik.

    4. Ya, sidak PKR mintak berdebat … pergi jak, pok Taib. Apa takut daknya. Mun dak nanyak, jawab pok. Kak ya kitak agik nanyak daknya balit. Ya debat ajak bah, pok. Sikda pa-pa bah.

    5. Bayar jak tuntutan RM400 juta ompuan ya, udah! Abis ceta! Ompuan ya sik bisin agik. Lagipun jumlah ya baruk sebahagian kecik jak dari semua kekayaan kitak sekorga, kan? Kes kitak setel, kitak pun glamer juak, pok. Tol sik?

    Piii rah, POK!

    • Datuk Haji mubarak

      pok aku stuju kata ko ya..

      tapi mun johari jdi KM dpt grenti ka nya x mcm taib ka?

  • Tukai Tina

    Sarawakian voters are cheap. Cash RM5 , one T shirt ,one BN topi , one umbrella ,one nasi bungkus , one bottle of drinking water , one pack drink i.e Milo etc they are ever willing to throw a vote to Mahmud Bekir.For the coming five years they lick their fingers.

    Hai pengundi Sarawak terdiri dari Iban ,Melayu , Melano ,Cina ,Bedayuh ,orang Ulu dan lain lain nya.Mari kita bersatu untuk mempastikan regime Taib ini wajib dijatuh dengan seberapa segera.

    Rakyat ada dua pilihan.

    Satu : kita jatuh dan pasti Taib kalah ditempat dia bertanding.Jika dia kalah dia jatuh dan tidak layak jadi Ketua Menteri.Kumpulan BN yang menang akan lantik Johari jadi KM naru.Keadaan ini memberi peluang untk Johari jadi KM dan KL mungkin amat bersetuju pendekatan ini

    Kedua : kita undi Pakatan menang dengan majority 2/3 juga memaksa Taib tidak punya peluang jadi KM Sarawak.

    Musuh kita adalah Taib dengan kroni dan ahli keluarga Taib dimana perangai mereka hampir semua sama sekeluarga.Taib juga sering berhantu seperti Bekir.

    Jadi sebagai kesimpulan: Taib wajib kalah dimana sahaja diA bertanding.JANGAN MERASA TERHUTANG DGN TAIB.SEBAB SEMUA BENTUK PEMBANGUNAN


    • http://none Watch Dog

      Don't say that.You are a WHORE, as you are speaking from experience for a bottle of beer you sleep with a man and give your flesh.It is something like that what you said and you anger me by saying so; I never receive such thing and I never VOTE for BN,the party is good but the men leading the party are crooks,look at the three stooges/clowns.the first two keep on marrying except one, a one woman man? Is it true? Yet to know…ha ha ha ha ..

      You talk nonsense here Tukai Tina or whatever..do NOT belittle and assume that what you said are correct.Maybe correct to you and your clan but NOT to me.Are you going to do it again this coming election? Sleep with the candidate??

      • Utz

        that last stooge is not a "one woman man". a good friend, who is a good friend of "him" has told me that he has been asked by the so-called one woman man to find women for him when he visited Australia many years ago. sorry to burst your bubble mate, but you know what they say…birds of a feather flock together.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          Bro,yes but I am just testing the water whether it clear or murky. So since you have the teal story please let us share here with our brothers and sisters..Maybe he is fed up with midin goreng blachan and want to try asparagus with oyster sauce..ha ha ha ha..

          Please let the cat out of the bag as one of our minister is also going to karaoke with a cute iban singer..nice to see lovely to touch..hai sulu..

      • Tukai Tina

        The whole idea is to disqualify Taib to be next Chief Minister.As I have mentioned the voters has two options.The common aim is to ensure Taib to discontinue holding the post of CM. To be appointed CM you must be an ADUN member and represent the party that command the majority in the house of assembly.

        Assuming Pakatan denied BN 2/3 majority and Taib succeed in securing his seat then he shall be reappointed constitutionally as CM and start buying "katak" Pakatan ADUN for millions.I am pretty sure he will do this with Tun Rahman behind him.The predicament still prevail for Sarawakian.

        On the contrary if Taib lose his ADUN seat he will be disqualified to be reappointed as CM.The assembly shall appoint a new CM to lead the state administration. The restoration for the new government just begin and Pakatan ADUN DAP in particular start giving pressure for Taib and cronies to surrender all the state's wealth back to the rakyat. By then he is only a commoner like his uncle Tun Rahman.MACC start doing their job and the immunity is not applicable any longer to a commoner like him. He may abscond to US , Canada , Australia , UK or choose to join the liberation front in Lebanon but the INTERPOL is there to assist us.GET THIS IDEA BEHIND YOUR HEAD INSTEAD.

        However IF Pakatan managed to secure 2/3 majority (an uphill battle) then the new CM shall be installed i.e Penang , Selangor , Kedah and Kelantan had submerged as the best precedent to be followed.

        Therefore the first option to ensure TAIB MUST FAIL in any ADUN seats he intended to secure need it be in Balingian , Sadong Jaya or Muara Tuang must be worked out in full force to ensure that this strategy become a reality.DO NOT VOTE TAIB.

        A proposed debate by PKR Chief Baru Brian had arrogantly brash aside by Taib during the BN convention of late. The public knew that he is unable to face any Sarawakian on NCR issues. Taib should send his most trusted commanders i.e Jabu ,Chan , Masing or Mawan to challenge Pakatan instead sending Adenan who is publicly known hated by the Iban.

        The chinese ,iban and orang ulu lawyers now becomes the champion for the rakyat who dares to challenge the State's land Code and had won many court cases. Being a Sarawakian we too must salute High Court Judge Linton Albert who uphold justice and had conducted a fair trial.

        Where are the Malay and Melano Lawyers ?While their community in Balingian too suffers and affected badly by the land deal ?

    • lkl

      That's what BN would probably go for if Taib becomes a liability; he can be the fall guy for all they care as long as they keep the power to continue to milk Sarawak.

      The BN state Government is guilty either of collective apathy towards the Sarawakians' suffering or being an accomplice in Taib's corruption. Either one is good enough reason to kick BN out of Sarawak.


    • Tsunami 8.7 Richter

      Woi Tukai, kamek konfius apa dikomen kitak ya. Jangan sokong Taib tapi undi BN. Jangan buat lawak bodohlah!

      1. Ingat sik semasa dunia diserang virus H1 N1? Di M'sia saja beratus ribu ekor ayam terpaksa dihapuskan, untuk mengelakkan virus tersebut terus merebak dan menyebabkan bencana yang lagi besar dan sukar dikawal, walaupun ada daripada ayam tersebut tidak/belum dijangkiti.

      2. Sebuah pesawat penumpang yang membawa 250 penumpang, dirampas oleh pengganas dan mengancam untuk menghempaskan pesawat di tengah-tengah bandaraya yang mempunyai 2.5 juta penduduk. Soalan saya, apakah awak rela untuk melihat 2.5 juta penduduk terancam atau 250 penumpang terkorban?

      Politik Sarawak bolehlah diibaratkan sedemikian, walaupun kita tidak menafikan ada di antara ahli DUN/Parlimen yang boleh dipercayai tapi Angin Perubahan perlu dilaksanakan walaupun kos yang mungkin kita tanggung agak tinggi!

      • Tukai Tina

        Rudy , Tsunami and Watchdog.Don't get me wrong.I never like Taib from day one when he came back from Australia. Became the youngest ADUN during Ningkan's (SNAP) Goverment. While the uncle Rahman Yaakub failed to secure Batu Lintang seat instead managed to secure a deputy minister post during Tengku Abdul Rahman administration.The two uncle and nephew works so hard to secure the Chief Minister post. Ningkan was successfully outage and replaced by Tawi Seli (Second Sarawak Chief minister).

        Political turmoil began.Coalition under PERIKATAN was formed.Bumiputra the Party that represent Malay / Melano /Ibann while Pesaka headed by Tun Jugah the iban factions merged and formed Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu until today. Rahman Yaakub was appointed sec.gen while Jugah maintained the presidency post and was appointed as Federal Minister of Malaysian Internal Affairs.

        To cut the history short. Rahman Yaakub being the Sec Gen of PBB whose ADUN command the majority of the house appoint him as Third Sarawak Chief Minister (10 yrs tenure) later becomes the Sarawak TYT.To please the Iban and chinese they were appointed DCM (now Jabu and Chan).

        Taib was given the seat by Rahman to lead Sarawak on condition he must be appointed as TYT.However another political turmoil prevailed between Taib and Rahman (the so called Ming Court Affairs). Many believed that the spirit of Dayakism and the question of becoming GENERAL was spoken aloud by Dayak's ADUN member and the split is inevitable with in the coalition aim to curtail the voices that prompted the Ming Court affairs. PBDS led by Leo Moggie among them was James Masing(now PRS President). To qualify Taib appointed as CM he must be an ADUN Member. Poor ADUN Sharifah Mordiah of PBB gave up her seat to facilitate the appointment while some PBB including the late Dtk Nor Tahir and others raised strong objection on the proposal made by Rahman.

        Now Taib is contemplating to handover the post either to his son Mahmud Bekir or Sulaiman (both had disappointed him) or Norah daughter of Rahman Yaakub who never at time a PBB member until she filed in her candidacy in Tg Manis Parlimentary Election.

        Democracy is at works and the ballot boxes shall speaks every five years.So every single Sarawakian must ensure that there is no vote buying ,rigging, intimidation , harassment, racial issues etc which the BN normally used to secure their victories.Again I must say Sarawakian must NOT VOTE TAIB in other to cripple and weaken BN Government even they win 2/3 majority.Without Taib Sarawak gradually restore to practice a good governance where just and equal distribution of Sarawak's wealth be shared among us.Again I say DON'T VOTE TAIB free sarawak from these evil dictator who is greed of power and rob the state's wealth without mercy. With him the businesses will be monopolized by him and family,the land will be alienated to his companies owned by him,the natural resources will be under his controlled and many more where billions of ringgit worth of assets and cash while the majority Sarawakian still live under poverty lines.

        The current sentiment to topple BN led by Pakatan PKR ,DAP and PAS is strong but on the contrary the general acceptance of rural voters iban,Malay,Melano and orang ulu for change are still in doubt.The Sarawak civil servant who knows this predicament having an attitude of "makan gaji" willing to condone to CM's malpractice partly to be blamed.The Senada Sejiwa program with all kind propaganda drew thousands of the rakyat and portray how clean is Taib's Regime.

        God bless Sarawakian.

        • Tsunami 8.7 Richter

          Great comment Tukai. Remember, to oust Taib Regime, we have to discard BN, at least for 5 yrs, hopefully within that period they will able to quarantine and clean themselves up, by the same time the PR will also have so much homeworks to be done to prove to the rakyat of what they really are, though I'd expect that they will be continuously and rapidly be distracted by BN propagandas and dirty tactics as what we saw in Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Wow..30% o Bekir's assets and that makes Bekir net worth to be around RM1,330,000,000.00.Where does he get the money? How does he get the money? Same old story just like Mahathir's son..worth US$1.2 billion as reported recently. All lucky DEVILS.

    Where are you Income Tax & MACC? Clearly it is TAX evasion ,am i Right? Another Wife beater too and get a second hand Russian car with 3 children,WOW? Awesome.

    Quote from Shanaz,"He punched my head and face,kicked my ribs and choked me." Unquote.

    Shanaz ,but why only RM400 millions,half of it is ok and that is RM660 million.Go ahead and claim as it is your rights but you must donate RM50 million to the orphans and you will be blessed as that is FREE money for you.

    Sadong Jaya,Do you need this type of brutal man to be your wakil rakyat(MP)? Do you? Yes or NO. To me NO of course,we do NOT need wife beater to be a MP..he is the role model to the society.REJECT him outright ok..Hurray!!

    • Utz

      You go girl!! But remember that the money you will get actually belongs to the people of Sarawak as it is stolen blood money. So sue as much as you can but keep only what you feel you and your son will need for a comfortable life. Please return the money back to us as many need it more than you. I don't need it but you can see in the rural areas and towns that many are suffering. Sarawakians are a wonderful lot so we would actually love you with open arms if you chose to live in our beautiful land. don't be like Taib and family and find joy in any of that money you will win fm your divorce. Don't blame Sarawakians for being the cause of your pain. Unfortunately it was a madman that sired and raised your husband. The way they lived their lives, we never had a hand in raising them. If we did, you would still be happily married to a wonderful, honest and gentle man.

      • gandalf

        Betul; haram money will only bring bad luck;

        maybe donate the money to the rightful owners, the natives whose 'land' was robbed from them?

        she can be the Robina Hood of sarawak….the storyline gets better and better

    • Dr. Mad

      She doesn't deserve the money. She had very good life for almost two decades when she married her abusive and greedy husband. There millions of people in Sarawak who have suffered for more than two decades. The money should be used for the benefit of Sarawakisns, for instance, for buildings schools or hospitals.

  • Rudy

    Woi Tukai Tina,

  • najibrazak

    Not exactly cat out of bag. Sarawak Report had already done that. But proof from an independent source within the Taib family cannot be disputed or ignored. Thieving may be OK but getting caught definitely isn't.

    • http://none Watch Dog



      • imam frustrated

        bible kamu 30puluh ribu naskas sudah dibebaskan and sembahlah Allah besama kami.tapi jangan lupa baca,jangan jadikan ia periasan,di kelangan buku buku lain.saya pun akan baca juga sebab koran pun galakkan kami baca zabur dan injil.amin

  • swk

    Women Day is just 2 days ago, now this TM son is a wife beater !!!!!! Wake uplah, Malysian women esp. Sarawakian women voters!

  • Shaufique

    Thats another 400 million ringgit of the Sarawak state going somewhere else. But then again, I predict that this case will be settled out of court to prevent the media from knowing about the intricate details of the case. Only the Star reported extensively on this case. How about the local Sarawak dailies? How come there isnt so much news abt this case there? Im not worried about anyone marrying foreign spouses. They have the right to marry whoever they want to. The main point that this article is trying to say is that financial integrity is important to everyone and that no one should be above the law.

  • green tea

    id rather taib than BN as a whole, at least he did more to sarawak than BN. ever since malaysia was formed and BN and UMNO rules the government, sarawak became poorer by the minute, when in fact sarawak oil gush was the main reasons we were colonized and became rich. but where did our riches go? into KL??????????

    into those slumps of semenanjung areas. unreasonable! selling our A grade oil by export, but imports low quality oil for our country's personal use. with all those profits, sarawak should have at least be richer 150% than KL. which doesnt have any other worth other than being an important administrative sect.

    • Utz

      knock-knock…hello wake up! It didn't just go to KL. Hence Taib's billions and billions of dollars! so you reckon better the devil you know? How about just "No Devils allowed" you obviously haven't been personally affected by him and his cronies to understand all the suffering. Is it better to have a thief outside your house or living with you?

  • SalaiBABIhutaN

    GREAT & PERFECT TIMING…!!! RM400mill claim for divorce against the so-called Taik Mamut's successor just right before the state election.

    More troubles to come & haunting you & your families/ cronies. Your ill-gotten rich & abuse of power are spinning your live upside down now… Hahahaha…!!!

    However, will this case reinforce the anti-Taib vote in the coming state polls? We shall see.

  • Rage Againt The Mach

    Saya tak mauk cakap banyak. Kalau BN menang lagi kali ini, smua sumpahan saya, pegi kat SELURUH TUAI RUMAH yang ada di muka bumi SWK yang undi BN. Terang2 kena liwat oleh TAIK MAMUT,masih juga anda bodoh. Sudah lah anda nak mati, kaum2 anda yang tersiksa. Sebelum kamu TUAI RUMAH mati sebab sakit, baik kamu buat kebaikan dulu. Jangan biar rm800 BN bagi sebulan menyesalkan kamu. Termasuk tuai rumah saya yang gila babi, gila cap apek tapi otak kosong.

    • Nelson Mandela Janti

      Rage against the machine is right….but please realize that all the ketua masyrakat di seluruh negeri swak are e–illiterate;;that is why its easy to be sodomized by Tahi Mahmut..rm800 pm is cheap for all the whores who sell their own anakbiak.

      • Rage Againt The Mach

        Dear Nelson,

        In the beginning, I think so. I also think that they might not know what has been done by Taik Mamut to the people, especially the Dayak peoples in Sarawak. Shortly just the articles in Sarawak Reports exist in Malay and Iban, I am very happy because this is an opportunity for me to explain to the TUAI RUMAH of my own Long House.

        1 month ago, I returned to my long house, and met with my Tuai Rumah. I showed Sarawak Reports to them in Malay article to show what actually happened in Sarawak. I was saddened when he said that everything was planned by the Sarawak Report persecution solely to overthrow the BN.

        Then I asked my TUAI RUMAH , does he know what happened in Sebuyau, Baligian & Miri, he knows and will not care. Importantly, every month, I can get RM800 come to my pocket. Come on lah.. TUAI RUMAH, what the f**k u can do with that RM800. Go to hell lah U. Now embarrassed myself when I look at my Long House because my people never care about their own pride. They only care about money. This is IBAN minden and nothing can change that.

        • Blunt speaker

          Tuai rumah contented with rm800 per mth? Cheaper than a whore! This beggar & low mentality type should be replaced with someone of better iQ and who cares for his people, their rights and wellbeing of their future generations. Those who are easily bought over or even too drunk to go voting on election day are the scourge of their own people. So who to blame? They are like scum in the scumbag!

        • lkl

          Can you go straight to the voters?

        • DatoSean

          I can understand what Rage Againt The Machine feel and this is what i terrible felt…. end of the day I can see that greediness of Taib does not cause this. it is actually cause by the rakyats greediness….end of the day people like us who try to fight for this SOB rakyats will be in the deep trouble while the SOB rakyat ll be perfectly fine and living happily surrounded with money. NOW i m in a cross roads. I m almost deciding to be part of the shit head UMNO for my personal gain and for my companys survival. because not body fucking care if i m down without money..

          Thank you n sayonara.

      • father zakariah butr

        pray against the spirit of corruption and disunity in sarawak and the spiritual blindness of your people.may the release of the Word of God@30,000 copies of the Bibles, is also the release of spiritual powers,which is binding the minds and hearts of all sarawakians.

        don't hantam them,we do what we can.lets pray for all sarawakians.

        pray that's the captives namely all sarawakians be released from taib's demons and jinns.and that the people of sarawak will votes against taib and gengs,sarawakians need supernatural intervention and this requires prayers.God bless you,don't give up hope.if your care for sarawakains;lets us all fast and pray and bind the spiritual strong men that taib cast via his spells in the spiritual realm in sarawak and bind the strong men, then its easy to overcome him in the natural.until sarawakians sees this nothing can be done.please dont think i am talking rubbish for even taib belives in all this spirituals matter and he proves that they all works for him.so sarawakians go back to basic namely your spiritual belief,the bible and christian's tenets.pray and ask your Lord and Saviour,he will come and help you.even all the muslims in the arab worlds are believing in Jesus again.


    Malaysian politicians are there not because they are selfless and principled lot who love to serve the nation. They are there because politics is a lucrative business. It is an open secret that 90% of the politicians are corrupt, but there have been no prosecution as the AG, police and courts are at the mercy of policiticians. As long as they play the game and stick to the rules of take and leave some for the others they will be spared. Taib has been playing the game as required. He will not leave and even if he does his children will be there to pillage the land and the rainforest. What the country needs is a change in the values i.e there is mort to life than money. I do not think that Malaysia would change from its current banana state mentality in my lifetime. May god bless the nation.

  • Rashid

    The right hands of all Taib family members, Umno cabinet, the Agong should all be cut off and hung in front of Federal Parliament for rakyat to see- for their obscene corruption.

    And Najib and Rosmah should be publicly hanged for Altantuya murder.

    I hope they get hit by a 50 ton lorry on the road in their expensive cars.

  • Laut Lingga

    The more SR exposed Taib`s wealth, the more Malay/Dayak/Chinese ministers like him, including Najib and Muyiddin.

  • Guyang Kuda

    Sarawak Rerport,

    Your website and expose are very effective, Lots of Swakians are now aware of this. COngratulations and keep it up!

  • peaker

    Get this message to potential voters instead of just cursing ourselves knowing their filthy wealth.

    • umang

      cudn't agree more, lets retweet, post on fb, etc. lets reach as much audience as possible. i love our current gov but not our chief

  • kk

    Shanaz should be put under suicide watch to make sure she does no commit suicide with a plastic bag over her head like that canadian fellow.

  • saudara baru

    To all malays/melanaus, please open your eyes what happening around you.

  • Dick

    Shame on the Taib family for all their wealth acquired immorally.

  • Poker Face

    Abu Bekir – How Much is He Worth?!

    my answered would be INFINITY.

    crime(wealth + dignity) + father's bomoh(demon + genie + incantation) + stooges x BN supporters + gangsters + culprits – VOTER(POCKET MONEY + REFRESHMENT + FREEBIES + TEDDY HUG) = $$$INFINITY$$$

    Conclusion: DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM & BN CANDIDATE. lets BN be BE END!

  • lkl

    How is it that almost all sons and daughters of the BN so-called 'leaders' are filthy rich? When are we going to do something about it?

  • Iban in OZ

    At least "vampires" only sucks the blood of their victims at night. Taib and his clan doing it day and night, 24/7!

    Tukai Tina, if Taib lose the election and BN still win, who do you think the puppet master for BN would be?

  • hot

    this clearly shows that Taib families have no regards for people of sarawak.

    but still we find ibans and dayaks give full support to white hair.

    • umang

      his children is mixed blood, so they need no worries about 'killing' the people and the state

    • wildboar

      Don't simply blame the Dayaks. You're talking from under your coconut shell like how you think the Dayaks are. They are not well informed. They only get to watch TV1, TV2 and TV3 which always portrayed the opposition as the villain. They have been systematically made poorer and not educated for decades.

      Do you know that the educated ones who worked in the government sectors are warned not to vote for the opposition or else they can kiss their jobs goodbye?

      Do you know that there are some mysterious foreign workers who suddenly owned a Malaysian IC and cast votes?

      The PKR leader is not helping at all. Sarawakian has a phobia of Anwar for his so-called attempt to Islamised the whole nation in the past (this is what I heard from real people of Sarawak). A real concern.

      You don't know the real situation here.

      • father zakariah butr

        trust me,we all pray that any power of darkness be destroy in sarawak.lets us all fast and pray for sarawak.you will see breakthrough.start to fast and pray.nothing else matter now,except sarawak be save by a savior,cry to him and ask him to save sarawak.

  • Stranger

    mahmud abu bekir adalah seseorang yg paling aku respect..dia ni peramah dan humble..kalau orang nak cemburu tentang kejayaan dia tu memang tak patut..sebab semua kekayaan dia, kejayaan dia adalah hasil usaha dia sendiri..aku pernah tengok dia pergi kerja jalan kaki je hari-hari depan mata aku sendiri..mana ada adun wakil rakyat pkr pr dan parti pembangkan buat macam tu??…walaupun dia kaya..tapi dia tahu asal usul dia..

    kalau mahmud abu bekir ni jadi ketua menteri sarawak..memang aku sokong 100%..

    • umang

      hahahaha, suits ur nick baby, u really are, a stranger.

    • http://google cucuk belian

      aku mpun jalan kaki, jiran aku pun jalan kaki, nenek aku pun jalan kaki, that dont turn me into a better leader. But cant you see, when he drives his car, I really mean his car, then you should compare his with others!!!

      Kekayaan hasil titik peluh? Yes you are right, partially right. Memang titik peluh, tapi bukan die punye.

      Becakap tu kawan, kalau dah siang- pandang pandang lah sikit

      • father zakariah butr

        bless you bakir and cucuk belian.sarawak needs both of you and Jesus loves you.He will help sarawkians christians to restore sarawak when they start to cry out to him,what other ways are avaiable.just to cry to Jesus as the savior of sinners and sarawak.pray and ask God to interven,no other way but supernatural intervention.pray sarawakians,God wil not give you a stone when you ask for bread.pray dont give up.

    • wonderfulsarawak


      kmk nang setuju ngan ktk. walaupun kmk tuk anak pusak yg sik bernama, pernah kmk berjumpa ngan nya beberapa kali, sik pernah kmk nangga nya bersikap sebagaimana dimadah oleh bininya tuk. Nang si bininya tuk berbohong. kmk tau kenak yang si bini tuk madah cam tuk. Atas sebab adanya seseorang yg memberi perintah, mun jadinya si bini tuk dpt RM400mil, tau kah kitak berapa nya akan dpt dari si yang memberi perintah tu?

    • =87-

      Mbak situk burit kau ya. Kelak aku nyumbat cili gronong. Sik abi-abis bodoh orang Sarawak tok eh! With your kind Sarawakians have become the laughing stock of Malaysians…after Sabah.

      • http://wonderfulsarawak.blogspot.com wonderfulsarawak

        teruk nah org tuk, nang btl btl kurang ……. Org cuma meluahkan padangan pun kenak marah. Apa endak jadi mun ktk jadi Ketua Menteri kelak? Org Swak lalu si boleh bercakap lah tuk? Tolong lah bersopan sikit.

        • father zakariah butr

          God bless you and all sarawakians.dont give up.just forgive him for he knows not what he is saying.

  • Raymond Chan

    Faster get divorce settle; i will be with you soon, Shanaz…:p

  • salaiBABIhutan

    I will repeat the tales:-

    Barisan Nasional(BN) leaders "Bluffing the Nation" (BN) during their campaign with loads of "Bulls**t/Nonsense" (BN) manifesto/promises. If they win the polls again, then they will continue "Bulldozing the NCR" (BN) & left Sarawakian nothing.

    So Sarawakian, still want to vote for Barisan Najis (BN)? Think again.

  • http://www.malaysiakini.com telur dua

    Very obscene.

  • http://www.yahoo.com AnakSarawak

    Just you guys imagine Sultan Hasannal Bolkiah of Brunei he was once the most Richest man in the World and how did he get to be once the most Richest man in the world??? Oil!!! but if you look at google map Brunei is a tiny small country!! thats within Sarawak Territory and its Verrryyyy smalllll… Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah get to be the richest man in the world once from Oil resources ONLY!! so…. if you think logically Sarawak is probably hundreds times bigger than Brunei Sarawak is Rich in Oil Resources, TimberS and lands SO HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK TAIB WEALTH ACTUALLY WORTH?? Im not surprised if somebody actually says TAIB is The most Richest Man in The World but being a corrupted Politician we certainly wont see his name/his families name in the Forbes Riches man in the world!. As i am a sarawakian I AM NOT PROUD IF HIS NAME DOES COME OUT IN THE FORBES MAG!! AS A MATTER OF FACT IM ASHAME,DIGUSTED AND WILL BE FULL OUTBURST OF ANGER!!! HE MISUSE HIS POWER AND TRUST OF THE SARAWAKIAN FOR WAY TOOO LONGGG!!! STEALING OUR WEALTH!!YES ITS ALL THE PEOPLE OF SARAWAK WEALTH ITS NOT HIS WEALTH!! A-HOLE!!

  • NCR Land Owner

    The daughter in law is opening the floodgate for many more legal wrangling on Taib Properties Empire in the future. If ever the previous Bomoh prediction is correct, than that is the real manifestation of the Writing on the Wall, or whatever we call it, is the beginning of the end of Taib Golden, or Thieving era. Hopefully it is right, just a look into the future to confirm the curse of the Universe does fall on them.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Yes,yes SHANAZ should be provided with round the clock watch as we do not want things to happen exactly like the former employee of the family..with a plastic bag tied around her neck.

    I hope that her lawyer can defend her and provide security.

    Please ask for more and take RM50 million while the rest MUST be returned to Sarawak people as the wealth belongs to the state and NOT repeat NOT the thief minister's family.If you refused,we will claim it by all means from SHANAZ.The money does NOT belong to BEKIR TAIB but to Sarawak people.

    Come on brothers and sisters,let us UNITE and get back what belong to the state..TM does not own Sarawak alone as written in the placard held by the cute orang ulu girls.

  • James Kandang

    Dear all at Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak,

    Great to know that exPM Gordon Brown is supporting RFS and SR. Thank you Mr Brown!!


    • Tsunami 8.7 Richter

      Barrack Obama, David Cameron and Steven Harper has assigned his men to study this case. Hope they will issue a statement soon and appropriate action to be taken.

  • Rebel

    The BN is also playing dirty in every election. A friend confided to me that he saw bus loads of Bugis with Mykad being dispatched from the oil palm plantations in Miri, to vote for the BN in the last Sibu by-election. This is explained by the narrow victory by DAP. Had it not been for the ghost voters, the BN would have lost by a huge margin, considering the widespread anti-BN sentiment.

  • Rebel

    It is true that beating the BN in the GE is tough, to say the least. Taib has by design, kept the natives poor so that they will remain reliant and dependent on gov't handouts. The government has also appointed community leaders who become automatically subservient to BN when they receive their monthly allowance. For them, voting against the BN would mean loosing their much needed allowance.

    • Tsunami 8.7 Richter

      You are dead right. That is what we called Suppression and extortion to an extent of 'Blackmailing' practices. They have brainwashed these KKs, pemanchas, penghulus and kapitans to strike F.E.A.R to the heart of these (systematically designed as what they are) poor rural folks that they will miss all the opportunities of improving their life if they ever vote for the opposition.

  • tongontas

    I was on the way back to Kuching yesterday(11/3) and passed by an Iban loghouse not far from the foot of Bukit Bangunan when i saw that the longhouse folks were unloading crates and crates of orangjeboom beer from a chinaman lorry. 'wow!', i proclaimed to my wife sitting next to me, 'This must be BN work intoxicating the Iban for their votes.' And in my heart i hoped that in their drunken state they will accidently burn their longhouse to the ground. Pathetic people.

    • flying dove

      next time take pictures

    • http://none Watch Dog

      The beer "orang jepun" ha ha ha ..tax is NOT paid so who is the culprit here? Anybody's guess? The government leads by example by sending UNTAXED beer for their function.Where are you CUSTOM DEPT? Sleeping? Or close ONE eye as that is your BOSS's function.

      Please get the pictures next time you see this and let SR knows.God bless you my brother for telling us here

      • Patrick

        OOIII!!! auklah, mun dah terjumpah org berasuah, knk sik ngambik gambar???!!! kinitok digital camera kebanyakkan org ada, mun sik ngambak, hp pun canggih, tangkap gambar & upload lah! tapi kenak sik dipolah?! Atas sebab ktk org tok berbohong, sukahati madah ajak. Sik bagus masuk racun kedak tok, berdoa besar simply tuduh org!

        • Crazy Horse

          Mau bukti, cuba siasat dari sine asal usul harta keluarga Taib? Ia adalah bukti nya.

    • maraharisson

      kmk org nadai nerimak duit rasuah/ beer tok, tapi ktk org lagik manda bekenyak. Nama halkah?! Kali ktk org yg nerimak tapi nadai cukup, ya ktk org madah kmk org kpg tok yg nerimak. Kali sidak pembakang nyuruh ktk nanyak kmk pasal duit tok nak? Berapa sidaknya ngupah ktk org nanyak pasal tok?

      • tongontas

        So you read sarawakreport. That's very good. Who are you going to vote? Have you also tell all your longhouse folks about the exposes in SR?

        As for the beer the longhouse folks were unloading that day i just expose here in SR what i saw being the suspicious person that i am. You know election is coming. If i wasn't driving that day, that too with many cars and lorries infront and behind mine, i would've taken a snap.

    • Mara

      Tonggontas said: "and in my heart i hoped that in their drunken state they will accidently burn their longhouse to the groun."


  • kopiel

    just wait and see. God will kill his father sooner and all his relatives will scatter and suffer like hell. PM cannot stop them now but the ending is round the corner. Nobody live forever.Alot of people is suffering but theirs is comming to the worst soon.They cannot end their sins themself.

  • Tiarama

    Big thank to SR and Clare for providing this forum to us. I am now seeing more people coming to this website.

    We must now expand our base to people like Clare who knows and loves Sarawak so that they can help us.

    Remember the Peace Corps volunteers from US who came to Sarawak to serve? Many of us one way or another may know or was a student of one of the peace corps volunteers.

    Let's contact them. Here is the website with the names of those volunteers:


  • Iban in OZ

    Just because a person walked to work doesn't mean he's an honest hard working man.

    Must I point out again TAIB isn't the only one involved in the Land stealing? Taib doe NOT work alone. I'm sure most if not ALL BN ministers are involved. Check their bank account, their mansions, their luxury cars. Where those money came from? If Taib lose the election and MACC gonna just sit on their ass doing nothing about it (which I guess what they gonna do) with his billions Taib could still control BN ministers through "business". Its pointless to just bring Taib down alone. We have to bring ALL BN ministers down. Especially those so called iban leaders who has done little to help their own people. They are there to serve themselves and fill their pockets.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Bro,Taib is the SOLE signatory who will say YES. Awang Tanah Ambil Harta will give directives to Land Saya who will then ask their ants to go and survey by GPS first and then followed by on the ground survey/They do NOT car if the are planted with rubber where our natives eke out their living to feed their families.The classic examples are Kpg Mugu Kopi in Serian,Pantu,Lachau..that is just to name a few.

      Then he will put a dayak minister for land development just to blur our eyes but he is laughing inside.When people question,then he will say the Land development minister is so and so.Very very cunning indeed.The land is then passed to LCDA who will then in turn give it away to his sisters,brothers,sons and cronies.For our fellow brothers and sisters here are the meaning of the words which are worth remembering.

      1.TAIB- Take ALL In Borneo

      2.LCDA- Let Chase Dayaks Away.

      3.MBKS- Mana Boleh Kuasa Saya.

      4.DBKU-Datuk Bandar Kuat Untung.

      5.ATAH-Awanag Tanah Ambil Harta

      Bro,you can add for more…

      • http://none Watch Dog

        Corrections please..Awang Tanah Ambil Harta will give directives to Land Saya Dept….bla bal bal.they do NOT care if the area is planted with rubber trees or not..that's why they use LCDA..which has the true meaning

  • Tsunami 8.7 Richter


    This is very very annoying and alarming!

    Check it out for yourself: http://www.mysinchew.com/node/54516

    and this: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/3

    Only god knows, I am not a racist, violation of Constitutional and Article 18 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights is very much active and aggressively committed by the authorities here!

    We have to redress it promptly and immediately or else…

    (Please have a great sense of awareness and BE RATIONAL on your comment or action after reading it, AVOID RACIAL ISSUE IN SR)


    • http://none Watch Dog

      Yes bro,you are right.Why does this thing happen to us in Sarawak? When North Borneo State and Sarawak joined Malaya to form Malaysia,Point 1 of the 18 point plan which I have printed for our fellow brothers and sisters to know. Do I have to repeat it here? No need as it will bore other readers stiff.

      30,000 copies of bible in BM printed in Indonesia was confiscated at Kuching Port,maybe for merely using the word 'ALLAH".How could the Universal words be confined to one religion alone,only in Malaysia I suppose. There are more muslim in Indonesia than Christian but they are very much liberal than Malaysia and even state TV airs "PRAISE and WORSHIP programme for one hour every Sunday while Malaysian TV do NOT air such programme for Christian in Malaysia.TV is Malaysia is controlled by single minded moron politicians .It is better that Sarawak has her own state TV and NOR dependent on Malayan Colonialist.

      So come GE,we must VOTE for CHANGE brothers and sisters.Why must we bow down to these Malayan imperialism?Change we must and let us do it.We are all FED up with such powers bestow on us here Sarawak,the riches state in the whole of Malaysia.

      • Tsunami 8.7 Richter

        Agree with you bro, Watch Dog. If you go to Pontianak or Batam (the 2 of the many places I have been)in Indonesia, you'll be amaze that The Central of Biblical Scholarship Studies does exist there despite Indonesia being the most populous Muslim nation in the world.

  • Iban in OZ

    Bro Watchdog, very informative. I realized Taib is the "yes man" in this issue but his cronies benefits from it too. They in-turn returned favors for favors and they called it "business ventures". So it's a circle. That circle does not includes the people. Has anyone ever wondered why these circle if people are filthy rich? Look at Kapit constituency for example?

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Yes bro.God gives us the resources..oil,gas,coal,mountains,rivers,streams,sands and many many more natural living things for us to share.But if the greedy rulers want them for themselves,GOD is always fair to his children.

      So maybe we just let him enjoy all the goodness while he is down here and then the day of judgment comes,he will be burned in hell with his flesh melt down from his body.Devils,satan and lucifers will poke fun of him there.

      We have to do out part and GOD's willing we will triumph over the evils.IN JESUS'S NAME..Amen

  • http://n/a mendam tin

    Today's BP says 30,000 bible was detained at Kuching Port,not Port Klang or Johore Port but our very own port.Why?? Why does Malayan Imperilaist interfere with Sarawak Affairs??It was clearly spelt in Sarawak 18 point plan.Point 1,Islam maybe the official religion for Malaysia but not fopr the Borneo states.Sabah & Sarawak.

    George Chanwas quick to defend,well done Georgie but what happen to our Christian brothers like Afred Jabu.James Masin and William Mawan..why are you silent on the matter.The issue here is a violation of Point 1 of Sarawak 18 point plan that was when Sarawak and Sabah joined Malaya to form Malaysia.

    Come on brothers and sisyters for our religion sake whether you are in a government or opposition let us unite and pressure the Malayan imperialist not to rule in our land and impose their belief upon us.

    • Dr. Mad

      That is just a cheap video clip entitle " GOOD COP BAD COP". Georgie is a good cop while Mahmut is a bad cop.

  • Tiarama

    Advice to Shahnez:

    Don't settle out of court with the Taibs because their empire is going to collapse soon and whatever you get from settlement will also vanish. You should get your case going and disassociate yourself with them completely. You don't want to be one of them do you? You will be a heroine of Sarawak instead. No other Sarawkian will blame you for asking millions. If you get the $$$ from court award, it is 100% legal. However, do watch your own safety. Good luck.

    • http://none Watch Dog




  • Mara

    kmk org nadai nerimak duit rasuah/ beer tok, tapi ktk org lagik manda bekenyak. Nama halkah?! Kali ktk org yg nerimak tapi nadai cukup, ya ktk org madah kmk org kpg tok yg nerimak. Kali sidak pembakang nyuruh ktk nanyak kmk pasal duit tok nak? Berapa sidaknya ngupah ktk org nanyak pasal tok?

  • jobor kawu pechah

    awww……..pecah dah burit kenak saki pelir bernanah

  • mike city

    What goes around comes around bekir! Hahaha… greedy man like you has to face the music finally!!!!

  • http://none 3 MALAYSIA.

    How much is this ashes worth? With Titanium…all the BRIDGES whter big or small or HUGE all belong to him alone in Sarawak..claiming VARIATION ORDER for COSTS over run..TITANIUM purposely ask the SUB-Contarcytor to delay the project so that they can claim VO, all bridges costing from RM856 million to RM1.33 Billions.

    Next is your Tisa/Skrang land in Sri Aman,..total land goven to him 70,0000 has. wow an awful lot of money..

    Don't forget Ashes.. that are not yours, it belongs to Sarawak people.

    • Chris Chung

      Chris Chung of titanium is another one taking away the sarawakians money ! shame on him, shame on him and his family! and yet his family members can still think people of kuching respect them??? Everyone is spitting behind their back and they still think they are so great? hahhaa…. bless the Chung family let people curse and swear them !

  • http://none 3 MALAYSIA.

    How much is this ashes worth? With Titanium…all the BRIDGES whether big or small or HUGE all belong to him alone in Sarawak..claiming VARIATION ORDER for COSTS over run..TITANIUM purposely ask the SUB-Contractor to delay the project so that they can claim V.O, all bridges costing total from RM856 million to RM1.33 Billions.

    Next is your Tisa/Skrang land in Sri Aman,..total land given to him 70,0000 has. wow an awful lot of money..

    Don't forget Ashes.. that are not yours, it belongs to Sarawak people.

  • Meggie

    keluarga jahanam, semua pergi ke neraka.

  • father zakariah butr

    bless taib and family but pray and ask God to unite all sarawakians to pray for sarawak.so that sarawakians be able to overcome via the power of God.love you enemies like you love yourself and that god will interfer with the evil desire of taib and family.

  • Crazy Horse

    They should learn on what happened to Marcos. He died in exile.