Cash for Honours at Adelaide University?

Cash for Honours at Adelaide University?

15 Mar 2011

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Taib and Vice-Chancellor James McWha sample the ‘Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak Court’ at Adelaide University in 2008

For some weeks Sarawak Report has been attempting to question Adelaide University about the circumstances surrounding its decision to name a large chunk of its campus after the Sarawak Chief Minister.

The ‘Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak Court’ was designated in honour of the controversial East Malaysian politician in 2008.  It was described at the time as “a newly landscaped social space” in publicity material, which also provides a photograph of the billionaire politician, strolling through the area with the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor James McWha.

Our requests however, have failed to receive an acknowledgement.  There has been no reply to our emails or to questions made verbally to the University’s press department.  Equally snubbed have been a number of Malaysian graduate alumni of the University, who had previously raised their own concerns about the honouring of Taib Mahmud last December, complaining in a joint letter:

“It is a shame for us all that our university is honouring a kleptomaniac and a person who is also a human rights abuser”

The reason for this failure to elicit a civilised response would appear to be that while Taib Mahmud has showered the University with huge amounts of cash, Sarawak Report and the other alumni have not.

Taib’s ‘personal generosity’ bestowed ‘numerous ways’!

Earlier days – cash for honours get underway

Taib graduated from Adelaide in law in 1961, but then received a further honorary doctorate in 1994, followed by repeated accolades and statements of support.  Announcements by the University have indicated some of his donations over the years, however owing to the current silence, it is hard to calculate the full amount.

Adelaide has acknowledged that Taib’s first donation was made in 1987, six years after he became Chief Minister and started to display a serious level of disposable income.  His North American property company, Sakti International, was founded by himself and close family members in the same year and is now worth well over 100 million Australain Dollars.   This first donation was used to refurbish the Law School, according to the University.

In 2001 it would appear that another $300,000 was donated by the Chief Minister, some of which was used to establish a new “Malaysian Room, complete with furniture and artifacts from Sarawak”.  The University describes the room as:

” a tribute to the generosity of the Chief Minister, who is also one of our most distinguished alumni and long-time benefactor”.

What price an honour?

In the absence of any official response, we can only surmise that a considerably larger sum was expended before the naming of the Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak Court in 2008.  Indeed at the time of the designation, the Vice Chancellor, Professor James McWha, thanked Taib for his “significant support and tireless work” and went on to say:

“The Chief Minister’s personal generosity has continued in numerous ways over the years”

Large, key space!

Unfortunately, at no stage during these years of donations rewarded by status and accolades does the University appear to have questioned how a person in Taib’s position could legitimately have come by the means to extend such ‘personal generosity’.  As an elected holder of public office Taib’s salary is a matter of public record and (thanks to all his simultaneous positions) it adds up to a perfectly comfortable RM20,000 a month (approximately $10,000 Australian Dollars).  This means that the Malaysia Room alone cost more than double his annual salary.

Only slightly deeper enquiries by the University would have revealed even more concerning issues surrounding Taib’s wealth.  There is no shortage of information and evidence linking the Chief Minister to a vast web of timber corruption that has seen the entire Sarawak Rainforest razed to less that 5% of its original size during his 30 years in office.

In fact, the destruction by companies associated with the regime of Taib Mahmud has developed into a global threat.  Taib-related companies are operating with ruthless and wanton efficiency across the remainder of the Island of Borneo, in Irian Jaya, the Solomon Islands, the Congo Basin, Amazon and Siberia, as reported by numerous NGOs.  What’s more, somewhat closer to home, the Green Party in Tasmania has also been questioning why a Taib-related company has been subsidised to the tune of $8 million by the State to saw down trees for export back to Malaysia, which has now largely been stripped bare?

A crime with numerous victims

What happened to the jungle here?

The impact of this orgy of destruction has been devastating to the wild life, rivers and eco-systems of what was until very recently the most bio-diverse and intact remaining jungle on the planet.  It has also left hundreds of thousands of native peoples, whose territories have been invaded, without sustenance and, likewise, on the brink of extinction.

Few of the people of Sarawak have received any benefited from the wealth generated by the destruction of their forests.  Instead it is the University of Adelaide that has profited, not from the ‘personal generosity’ of the Chief Minister, however, because it was not his wealth to give, but from the plunder of his people.

Our questions

Hard at work fund-raising for the Columbo Plan

It was for these reasons that Sarawak Report framed a limited number of questions that we hoped that the Vice-Chancellor would be prepared to answer.  We wished to know if the University holds any ethical guidelines when it comes to the acceptance of donations, and if so how Professor McWha could have concluded that Taib Mahmud was an acceptable partner for Adelaide?

We also requested information about the total extent of the donations which have been received from the University, on the basis that such sums could very well be identified as money laundered from the proceeds of corruption and therefore assets which should lawfully be returned to the people of Sarawak.

Indeed, since the University has made clear on numerous occasions that the donations have been the product of ‘personal generosity’ there can be no question that this is money that Taib Mahmud cannot legitimately account for on the basis of his limited official salary.

More in Australia

Intimate – Taib with the Vice-Chancellor and his wife in 2007

Of course, as NGOs have often pointed out, there are plenty of other Taib properties in Australia, adding to the mystery of the Chief Minister’s millions.  The 380 room Adelaide Hilton is one company registered under the names of his children and late wife and there are a string of other properties and enterprises belonging to the Mahmud family elsewhere.

Given  Australia’s own perfectly adequate wealth, would it not be more appropriate for Universities like Adelaide to find funding from legitimate and domestic sources, rather than profit from the exploitation of the poor people of Borneo and offering in return for this gift of much needed credibility to their corrupt Chief Minister?  Surely that credibility should have been denied?

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  • aliek

    Someday Taib might won noble prize in the biggest contributor to global warming through extensive commitment on deforestation of his own land.

    • http://Gmail Tree Spirit


      Dear Readers

      Take a break for a moment to visit this ABC news site to look at the Japanese earthquake aftermaths.

      Look the picture for Kashima- before and after- you can see that the trees can survive a tsunami but in Sarawak they cannot survive the Taib destruction!

      If we left our treasured forests alone they can survive thousands of years yet not a man called Taib’s greed!

      • http://hotmail Kowsigh


        Could someone round up all the stray dogs in Adelaide and turn them loose in Taib's Court so they can pee and do their hot taik on the court?

      • Jimmy

        I like such metaphorical reasoning: tress survived tsunami but not Taib Mammud's greed.

  • najibrazak

    Just goes to show that one can buy anything though the "respectabilty" purchased here will have a very short shelf life. One wonders if those running this University are merely greedy fools who will take money from anyone without enquiry or whether it was taken with full knowledge.Only the Vice-Chancellor can answer that. Will he?

  • Mike Yap

    Greedy little man. Showing off as if its his money. Perasan diri dermawan lah tek…shittttt….

    • kucing hitam

      rakyat sarawak lebih memerlukan bantuan daripada di Australia.manusia apa itu.masih juga maok tunduk kepada dia.anang paloi kitak orang ya.

  • Orang Iban

    "kera di hutan disusukan, anak bangsa sendiri kelaparan dan kehausan"…

    • QyampunqBoyz

      Setuju OI. Nanga ajaklah nya anak-beranak, semua kahwin bangsa asing. Menunjukkan nya jijik nanga bangsa nyak empun. Mun kitak masih ingat, 'Darurat' Jerebu September 1997, nya orang pertama yang meninggalkan Sarawak, kerana sik mau mati bersama-sama dengan rakyat Sarawak.

  • Yes Sir

    Honours can't last forever, Universities need fund to run, it's just that simple. How many Malaysian poor guys did receive datukships from the sultans? Did the rich guys use money to buy the honours? Did the "background" of these tycoons have been checked for the entitlement? Ask God!

  • orang sarawak

    ABOSUTELY AGREED & it's WELL SPOKEN @ PROVED that taib is the "Kleptomaniac and Human Rights Abuser”!! It's OVER SOON & this "hirudinean" can be "FROST IN HELL"!!

  • Orang Puteh

    Wonder how some of Adelaide's other noted alumni feel about this.

    Sarawak Report do you wish me to draft a letter and a suggested mailing list?


  • aborium

    Besides Adelaide University, let's not forget that money was also given to Oxford University, which all goes to show Taib's utter lack of patriotism towards his own country, state and people – the money could have been used to meet the needs of local researchers and universities. Nope, he chose foreigners and foreign universities instead.

    By the same token, that's how he perceives his own people – low value! Remember what he said about local Sarawak entrepreneurs many years ago? He was short of calling them dumb & discouraged them from venturing into business (that was a statement he made in Miri, if I'm not mistaken). Can someone verify this?

    Does Malaysia really need this kind of 'leader'?

  • Utz

    Too bad our ATM doesn't consider making "personal" contributions to the people he governs to improve their lifestyle. What's the point of having all those buildings named after you when your name is spat on by so many in your state. Sure you can lie to people on the outside, but at home everyone knows what's going on..

  • Raymond Chan

    Contact Roger Chan… this ball carried men should able to revealed more indept story… :p

  • Bleeding Sarawakian

    "This is how it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous and throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth".

  • sam westington

    enough is enough la Taib!!! It's time to think about the afterlife. You already so damn old man.

  • Pusu, Belachan &

    Hopefully Sarawak Museum will not build a very huge statue of honor for this culprit after he is dead…!!!

  • laughing

    Its time concerned Sarawakians and Malaysians boycott Adelaide University. If Mr Taib is a kleptomaniac, then, the recipient, by association, are equally guilty of greed and corruption. So, may I suggest Sarawakians … go to any universities in Australia except Adelaide.

  • Meggie

    That's sarawakians money he robbed that he spend as 'personal generousity'. DISGUSTING!!!

  • bro

    All you can buy….silap2 degree untuk anak cucu dan saudara mara Taib semua dibeli di U ini. Apa nok heran Taib kan bapak segala penyamun.

  • Rebel

    I agree with Laughing. All Sarawakians should boycott Adelaide Univ, ban their children from studying there. Any institutions taking dirty money from Taib is as guilty as he is. Whats worst, Adelaide Univ is covering up for him by remaining mute and refusing to give info. That is corroboration of the worst kind.

    • Jimmy

      Shame on you, Adelaide University, which took in plundered money from Borneo! Why the silence, Adelaide University?

  • Yaman Hamid

    ANd did you guys know that he offers Yemeni students scholarships to study in Sarawak? First they have to attend 3 years English classes and then if they are good enough they get admitted to Sarawak universities?

    And the locals cant even get local scholarships to study here. The Chinese call acts like these "using Peoples asses to be his face". Showing off to the world whilst local people are deprived!

    • http://Gmail Freeman


      It's time we (Malay, Dayak and Chinese) all realise that Taib has rape our country and got away with murder because his UMNO colonial master allows him to carry on the way he does.

      While we target taib for one of the world's biggest pirates and environmental vandals, we must not lose sight that we are still colonised by UNMO since 1963.

      Life was so much better as the former Sabahan Human Rights representative said (and he got threatened with sedition!).

      So our 47 years in Malaysia was compounded by Taib stealing the trees and UMNO stealing all our oil.


    • http://hotmail NO LAND NO HARVEST

      It would be more effective for each of you to write to the Uni and tell them this directly.

  • Tuggang Anak Balau

    Taib and BN Sarawak claimed to have transformed the State through Politics of Development. The transformational leaders, eh? No. They are what Kantian Theory called the pseudo-transformational leaders. They appeal to emotions rather than to reason, and manipulate followers' ignorance in order to push their own interests. Like Hitler and Sadam Hussein.

    Taib manipulated Adelaide Vice-Chancellor the same way he manipulated people at Oxford University. And Sarawak people also out of their ignorance. Afterall not many people in Australia and England know where is Borneo let alone Sarawak even in the early 80's.

    So don't be too harsh to the VC. Money who doesn't it! At the sight of money everybody's vision is blurred and the receptive portion of one's brain short-circuit. With or without ethical guidelines for accepting donation the sight of money can swayed one's decision.

    Its true that "Money is the seed of all evil". Taib has used his ill-gotten wealth very well. Even the FBI is not spared?

    In the coming GE we in Sarawak MUST take the courage and vote for authentic transformational leaders. To have leaders in the category of Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa may be asking too much.

    Lets start in the category of Baru Bian.

  • My2cen

    It's money, and not merit when it comes to accepting donations! For all the Honesty, Integrity & Ethics preached by the Professors in MBA classes, they should first put it into practice with their Management Board before putting a case study to its class. They should abide by an ethical guideline when dealing with donations. Don try to tell me about Corporate Governance and highlight the Enron case, as they all do the same with dodgy donations.

    BTW. Sarawakians should write to Adelaide U (+ others) and rename the parks as Sarawak park/Hall funded (unknowingly) from the Natives of Sarawaks!

    • Lau Khuan Siew

      What about the Miri girl Christina Foo who is now a board member of CPA Australia?

      What can we do about it even though there are over 200 sites carrying report about her, George Chan and the Sarawak Heart Hospital.

      Go to CPA Australia they roll out pretty words like value, governance and accountability, integrity…blah…blah…blah!

      It is the real world. Chinese has a saying 'Laugh at the poor but not at a whore'.

  • Leow Swee Min

    I suggest Sarawak Report should also let the Australian newspapers and the NGOs know about this.

    By the way, what is the legal position of Adelaide University to those donation if the money for the donation was proved stolen from the Aarawakians?

  • I love Sarawak

    Sarawak Report readers:

    Please write/show your displeasure to the University of Adelaide via their feedback mechanism, below, or send an email.

    • Ben

      Thanks for the info, will write!!!

    • http://none mousedear

      Hold it there.

      Let's not quarrel with Adelaide University.

      Instead, let's convince A.U that they now owe the people of Sarawak.

      And for that, they should accept a few thousand of Sarawak's students for a number of years to add up to the value of donations received from the CM of Sarawak.

      • wildboarcurry


  • http://deleted Orang Puteh

    Leow Swee Min,

    This is the link for stories for the Adelaide Now website.

    I have already suggested this as a story, perhaps others can do the same.


    • Eina


  • Putus Harapan

    This thief is giving away what is not his…..and receiving the honor…when his subjects are suffering back home…It's their money that he's donating…Not his hard earned one..

    The University should immediately remove his name from their premises…It's such a shame that this Institution could not tell the difference between a thief and a genuine donor…He's raped the Borneo forests, amassed the wealth of his people and stashed them away overseas……

  • theAlphamale

    Calling all interenational NGOs and those who care about human rights and the environment….. Open up your eyes to the reality in Sarawak….

  • Wong Ha Yung

    nowadays, University is not honoring those Alumni or people who is contributing to the World. They now honoring the people who contribute to the University, in monetary term =(

  • http://none Watch Dog

    We have sent messages to fellow NGOs in Brazil,USA,EU,London and Japan. So too are The Times of London,New York Times,The Sun of London,The Morning herald in Sydney.We must go all out NOW

  • anak sarawak

    SR i would like to know either taib mamut did appear in the police station last monday?

    thank you.

    • http://none Watch Dog




  • William

    Julia Gillard, current Prime Minister of Australia studied law at the University of Adelaide. Penny Wong, Malaysia born Australian senator who is the present Federal Minister for Finance and Deregulation also studied Arts/Law at the University of Adelaide. There is nothing in honour of them by the University. Is Chief Minister of Sarawak is bigger achievement than minister and prime minister of Australia?

  • Mat Som

    This is a shining example of what a bad egg like Taib Mahmud can to do our life… or system … our culture…our values

    Anything he touches turns to garbage.

    When something IS WRONG, it WILL go GO WRONG! :roll:

    We should crucify Taib this Easter! Whethe you're Christian or Muslim or whatever!

    • tongontas

      Crucify him? That is too great an honour. No no no no…past Dayak style, off with his head!(even the middle one)

  • Mat Som

    Murphy on a sling shot –

    The Way It Goes Sometimes… Murphy's Laws

    Murphy's Original Law

    If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it.

    Murphy's Law

    If anything can go wrong — it will.

    Murphy's First Corollary

    Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.

    Murphy's Second Corollary

    It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.

    Quantized Revision of Murphy's Law

    Everything goes wrong all at once.

    Murphy's Constant

    Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value.

    The Murphy Philosophy

    Smile… tomorrow will be worse.

    The Bright side of Murphy's Low.

    Smile more … because you're gonna do something about it!

  • AHmad

    give him award for abusing immigration laws,making penan leader disappearing & found dead in mysterious circumstances,boyert also died somewat likely,Taib personal haterate for indians as indians bullied him during his young times.

  • Mak taib mahmud

    let taib (my son) enjoy his last breath with all his dirty money.. he got eternity to pay all his debt in hell.. dying and burning everyday for thousands and thousand and thousands of years times hundred thousands of years times bilions of billions of years rooten in hell..

  • nora ibrahim

    London School of Economics (LSE)'s head, Sir Howard Davies resigned early March 2011 due to LSE receiving 300,000 sterling pounds donation from Gaddafi and links to Gaddafi's son (see: ).

    University of Adelaide's head should follow suit and also resign for the $ link with Taib.

  • david

    I suggest that you send all your information to the Australian TV Network like today's tonight, 60 minutes, current affair and ask them to investigate.

  • Kobelco

    Destroy the Sarawak forest and stealing people lands and in the end he get honoured,so bullshit this Taib!Is this Adelaide University blind or something?Is this bribe or corruption?

  • B Saing


    Thanks for highlighting the ignorance of Adelaide University administrators of balantly receiving money from corrupt Taib Mahmud, who rules Sarawak like a dictator. What can we do to make Adelaide Uni take notice? We could organize and collect signed petitions and to be delivered to Adelaide Uni vice-chancellor or make a vary noisy demonstration at the Uni. For the innovative type, we could design a YouTube video that depicts the vice-chancellor receiving blood money from evil thief of Taib and his cronies. Geenpeace has successfully used the YouTube to expose nestle company by using kit kat biscuit with a person eating orang utan figures rapped in the chocolate biscuit, and the blood dripping off a guy mouth. Any innovative person out there who could design a You Tube video?

    Together we united to get rid of corrupt Taib Mahmud.

  • Mengkuang

    Pek Mo in deep s**t…hehe

  • http://none mousedear

    Assuming all his personal official and personal expenditures. including his personal istana were paid from state funds,

    to date his cash assets should amount to only something like Rm 7 million +/- Rm 3 million.

  • http://[email protected] Ma Tien Siang

    Politics of Development – Shit! Look at RTM Sarawak, even the lowest grade post of Juruteknik J17 are given to West malaysians. Only a few were given to Sarawakians and even then, none are given to the Chinese. Don't tell me that no Chinese Sarawakians apply for the post. In three years time, they will be no Chinese Juruteknik in RTM Miri. The only Chinese in RTM Miri will be one serving the Chinese Service. What progress are you talking about! With the setting up an "illegal Broadcasting Station" in Bintulu, the Chinese community in Bintulu are not able to listen to chinese programmes broadcast from Miri! Go to the Immigration Department at Yu Lan Plaza, with over thirty staff there, only one Chinese can be found working in the Department. Over in the education department, things are not better either. What is our Miri Yang berhormats doing? Can't you go and check whether what is stated here is true or not. If you want our votes, better solve these problems. Remember 1 Malaysia. What rubbish! Proof it!.

    • http://none mousedear

      What "illegal broadcasting station"?

      You are not aiming to betray us, are you ?

    • http://none Watch Dog





  • Anti white hair

    Lets kick him out this April 16 2011. Political tsunami him out and his family cronies. Return Sarawak to its glory!!!

    Hidup Sarawak!!!

  • Leow Swee Min

    I suggest Sarawak Report send a copy to the Australian High Commissioner in Malaysia, Senator Bob Brown, the leader of the Australian Green in Australian Parliament, Primier of South Australia and the Australian media.

    As for your report on George Chan and Christina Foo, send a copy to Australian High Commissioner, Senator Bob Brown, the leader of the Australian Greens in Australian Parliament, Hon.Penny Wong, Minister for Finance and Deregulation, CPA Australia President Low Weng Keong and CEO Alex Malley and the Australian media.

    Whether they choose to ignore is up to them. At least they have no excuse to say they don't know about it.

  • Temuljin

    Check out who owns the properties that lined the road fronting the Adelaide Hilton up to the Crazy Horse including who owns the Hilton there.

  • William

    Adelaide Uni has been criticised for accepting huge donations from a Malaysian politician.

    A South-East Asian governance expert yesterday said it was "highly inappropriate" for the university to accept donations from Sarawak's billionaire Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

    An international environmental group has also called for Vice-Chancellor James McWha to resign.

    Mr Taib is under increasing international scrutiny for allegedly making billions of dollars by selling rainforest assets from the resource-rich Malaysian state of Sarawak. The university yesterday refused to reveal how much money it had accepted from Mr Taib, a law graduate from Adelaide in 1961.

    The Advertiser understands he has donated more than half a million dollars. Mr Taib has consistently denied that his family wealth has been sourced from Sarawak state government contracts, mostly involving logging.

    Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar.

    .End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar.

    Gregore Lopez, a Malaysian governance expert at the Australian National University said: "You just have to look at what the natives of Sarawak are going through".

    "Their native land, the forests, is being logged illegally. That is how he makes his billions," he claimed.

    "This is not appropriate (for the University of Adelaide to accept donations)."

    Mr Taib's known donations to the university include $300,000 to establish a "Malaysian Room" in 2001.

    The university named the Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak Court after him in 2008.

    At the time of the designation, Professor McWha posed for photos with Mr Taib and thanked him for his significant support.

    Mr Taib also received an honorary doctorate from the university in 1994.

    Environmental group Swiss Bruno Manser Fund yesterday demanded Professor McWha "resign from

    all his functions in the

    Adelaide university", and

    follow the lead of Lon

    don School of Economics

    and Political Science's director Sir Howard Davies, who recently stepped down

    for accepting donations

    from Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

    Professor McWha declined to be interviewed by the The Advertiser

  • orang puteh

    Half way there.

    Thanks to those that also wrote in to Adelaide Now. I have no idea if our emails helped in getting the story published but I like to think so.

    Now for our next battle.

    • William

      Yes. Refer above.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Please fellow Sarawakians,we don't blame the University of Adelaide. It is up to us to let them know what is happening in our own Country,Sarawak.

    Anyone from down under,please read SARAWAK REPORTS and let your fellow countrymen know. Please help us to preserve our forest ,religion,culture and country.

    S.O.S. help us. We need help,DO NOT BUY timber from Malaysia as it is extracted by deceit,GREED,vengeance,jealousy and VIOLENCE.

  • Alexandra

    I am extremely ashamed of studying in a building that is funded with the money looted from my fellow Malaysians. I pay so much to study here, why does the university want to suck us of all our money.

  • Richard

    No surprises, the old bastart has his dirty paws in many honey pots

  • Rob

    His salary of RM20,000 is only AUD6500, not AUD10,000. How can he afford all this?

  • http://none Watch Dog

    SR- Can you redesign the page so that we can email the articles to anyone in the World. My fellow NGOs are asking the articles to be emailed to them,USA,EU,South America,Canada,UK.Japan,Australia,New Zealand and other parts of the world.

    I hope that SR web designer is able to do it ASAP.God bless you all.Keep up the good work.

    • Blunt Speaker

      That's a good idea,bro! We need to bring our plight to good people all over the world who to deliver and free us from the grasp of this devil! Of course we need to do our part locally as well!

      • http://none Watch Dog

        Thank you bro,now we talk about GOOD and CLEAN government.We must limit the term of The Chief Minster to two terms otherwise they will become THE THIEF MINISTER.

        Do you ALL agree?? Two terms ,a full 10 years and I am sure your successor will be able to handle it.That is real democracy and NOT "CRAZYCRACY". Now Sarawak is under CRAZYCRACY system of government.

        Sarawak does NOT belong to anyone alone.Sarawak belongs to us all. To be more transparent,we should also vote for our councillors and their background should be checked and no one with dubious characters should be councillors,politocal secretaries,or public figures with criminal records.

        Agree with me ,say .."YA".

        • Blunt Speaker

          THATS WHAT I HAVE BEEN THINKING ALL ALONG BRO! TQ 4 speaking my mind!

  • William
    A PROTEST against a Malaysian politician with links to the University of Adelaide will be held today.

    The rally, to be held at a campus plaza called Taib Mahmud Chief Minister of Sarawak Court, is timed to coincide with Mr Taib's 30th anniversary in power.

    Mr Taib is alleged to have made billions of dollars by selling rainforest assets from Sarawak.

    Greens MP Mark Parnell urged the university to return donations it had received from Mr Taib to the people of Sarawak.

    "Allegations about his involvement in theft and corruption are alarming," Mr Parnell said.

  • Timo

    The money should be channeled to and given free to children of Sarawak to study in Singapore or Australia.

  • Numpang Suntai

    I graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Adelaide in 1977. In October last year, together with 6 others, I was arrested and detained by the local police. In December, I was charged with "criminal intimidation". All these because I was defending our native lands from felling of timber. The Sarawak State Goverment awarded Quality Concrete Holdings Bhd to extract timber was awarded by the

  • Numpang Suntai

    I graduated in Mechanical Engineering from University of Adelaide in 1979. Together with 6 others, I was arrested and detained by the local police in Oct last year. In Dec I was charged in the court for Criminal Intimidation. All this were because I was defending our native lands from encroachment and timber extraction. The license to extract timber was awarded by The Sarawak State Government to Quality Concrete Holdings Bhd. One of the directors of the company is Raziah Mahmud. She is the sister of Taib Mahmud.

    I am disgusted at University of Adelaide for accepting donations from Taib Mahmud. During my student days, I had high regards for the ethics and integrity of the university. But now, I am totally disappointed and I could not understand why the university would accept donations from a figure which is related to numerous allegations of corruption and destruction of our forest.

    Further details at