Najib and Deputy Came to Sack Taib After Shock Polls – Exclusive!

Najib and Deputy Came to Sack Taib After Shock Polls – Exclusive!

21 Mar 2011

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Show of unity, but behind the scenes there is fighting!

Sarawak Report has received privileged information from BN insiders in KL, revealing that Najib Razak and Deputy PM, Muhyiddin Yassin, came to Sarawak not to support Taib, but to make him stand down!

This was the reason for the unprecedented dual visit of both the PM and the Deputy PM at the same time.

 “One held the pistol and the other a dagger and said ‘it’s time to stand down.  We are not going to compromise with you anymore, you have to announce your decision or that’s it!'”, recounted our source.

The 74 year old veteran of 30 years in office however did manage to negotiate a reprieve – on the basis that he would agree to call the election immediately and to leave office once a ‘transition period’ had established a suitable successor.  Our sources told us that the Chief Minister, who has been refusing to stand down until he is secure that he can protect his wealth, has been infuriating BN colleagues in KL with his constant delays in holding the election.  They were concerned he would hold out till the last moment, making a difficult situation worse.

“He is finished” – the devastating evidence from BN’s secret polling!    


The usual (illegal) promises of election handouts – RM200 million is promised to Serian! But even BN think the voters are past this tactic.

Our source confirms that the core problem for Taib is the evidence of a collapse of voter support, as shown by his own secret polling results.  It is information BN have been desperate to keep hidden.  

Despite the brave faces and continuing public declarations that Taib ‘cannot lose’, the federal hierarchy are now convinced that he will in fact lose badly in this election and may even lose his own seat. 

Our contact, who is extremely well-connected and close to BN leading figures, says that Taib’s Information department has done  extensive confidential polling in recent months.  The sampling has involved at least 2,000 voters in each constituency and the results have been terrifying for BN:

“I have seen them [the results] with my own eyes. This election the PM and Deputy PM know that it is inevitable that Taib will lose”

We have been informed that the findings show that the Chief Minister’s own party PBB will lose ‘at least’ 14 of its 35 seats and that George Chan’s SUPP will lose 90% of its current votes, amounting to 10 out of its 12 seats!  SPDP and PRS will also lose at least one seat each.  “These seats are in the black not the grey area”, it was emphasised, meaning it was not a question of possibly losing the seats but rather they are definitely going to be lost.  BN are resigned to the fact that the existing parties are going to lose at least 33 out of the 71 seats and that the outcome may be far worse than that. 

BN's best projections are that they will lose their majority - but they fear a wipe-out!

Talk of opposition hopes of merely denying BN its two thirds majority in Sarawak now looks hopelessly outdated, according to these figures.  The ruling coalition itself is resigned to being swept away by a tsunami of change and they blame Taib Mahmud for the loss of their “fixed deposit”. 

“He knows the game is up.  He has run out of ideas and run out of Bomohs”, was the angry sneer.  “Whichever way he goes, he will lose.  It is time”

The MACC is waiting till after the election!

Body language - Taib is pushed to the back as the anxious leaders from BN seek a new way forward without him.

Sarawak Report believes that it was approached with this confidential information by loyal BN supporters, despite our regular criticism of the coalition’s government of Sarawak, as part of a process of deliberate distancing by BN’ Federal leaders. 

For years Taib has been the over-mighty tail that wagged the dog in Malaysia, but they are at last determined to bring him to heel now that he is weakened by growing unpopularity.

There is clearly also a real anger and disgust over the scale of Taib’s greed and kleptocracy, which has worsened BN’s already tarnished record on corruption.   Indeed, we were informed that measures have already been taken to trace and secure some of Taib’s stolen assets abroad.  Privately Taib’s federal colleagues are determined not to let him escape with the loot!

     “He is finished.  This is not a question of stepping down, this is a question of being sued for corruption. The MACC are waiting until after the election” Sarawak Report was told.  

Taib’s exit plans have therefore been blocked it was confirmed, which has worsened the tension between Federal and Local governments.  The Chief Minister’s original get-out strategy, mooted last year, was to accept appointment as Governor, thereby benefiting from a supposed immunity from prosecution.  Najib refused.  The resulting delay in the calling of the election as Taib searches for new options has caused the present crisis.

No safe exit for Taib 

Clearly popular with Taib! Awang Tengah's new house is being built to impress - the 'future Chief Minister' is already big in the Planning Ministry and Taib hopes he will protect all his stolen land assets !

The Chief Minister’s current strategy is to ensure a pliant successor and he has been pushing KL to accept his protégé Awang Tengah, 2nd Minister of Resources and Planning. 

Tengah is in the middle of building a monstrous new residence in Kuching, a sure sign of favour from Taib and hardly in keeping with a politician’s salary!  This is just the sort of typical display of wealth that has infuriated KL.  They are pushing for their own candidate Abang Zohari, who has a reputation they say for modesty and honesty.  Taib, however, is reputed to loath him.

The Federal visitors were equally unforgiving about Taib’s choice of candidates over the weekend, we are told.  Taib had ten seats reserved for his own family in the list he was offering. Najib and his powerful Deputy told him to tear it up.

 “The PM and Deputy PM not only told him to calm down and dissolve, but also to choose candidates that are acceptable to the people and not just his own flesh and blood.  That list has to change. He can’t put in his sons and nieces and nephews – he only trusts his family”!

“Relations with KL are terrible now”

Najib, his powerful Deputy Muhyiddin Yassin, are unhappy to be stuck going into the election with the spent old men of Kuching and all their "baggage"!

So, they smiled for the cameras.  But behind the façade we now know the picture is of absolute crisis within BN, at a time when they are loudly accusing the opposition of being divided on the brink of an election. 

With local politicians in Sarawak keeping silent out of fear of Taib’s ruthless reputation, he is proving impossible for Najib to replace before the polls.  However, BN have identified him as a loser, a loser they dislike and a loser they want to see made an example of.  

With just three weeks to go now, KL are looking for a way out and for a new image free of Taib and all his “baggage”.   But, after years of tolerating the thieving White Haired Rajah of Sarawak, they are going to have a hard time convincing disillusioned voters, however genuine their regrets!



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  • najibrazak

    Cat out of the bag! I will have to try to identify the whistleblower but in any case we are done with Taib, his family as crooked as himself and all his misdeeds.

    • Antu Kamba

      it's all bullshit… dun think that PM & DPM will do that. If it is so, CM will step down immediately n not delay. it's all political drama.

      • William Wang

        You are absolutely right. WhiteHair can't make a move without Federal knowing, he is not the only one with his hand in the cookie jar. Out of every billion, 10 times ended up with others in federal, who are more powerful than him. Corruption in high places are out of control, so they said, and they are absolutely right.

        • Antu Kamba

          cakap saja tak guna. action works! now its time for us to vote! who will we vote for? fight for our rights! cakap saja tak guna!

      • musica

        Yeah, or unless they (PM & DPM) are scared that Taib might send his "assassins" over….

      • Darrell

        The PM and DPM wont risk the coming election by sacking him. By doing so might cos turmoil.Let's just keep our fingers cross and see what happens.But whatever happens let us Sarawakians make our voices heard this coming election.This is the only time the government makes us feel important and we should let them know S'wak needs change!vote for change vote for development!

    • Iban Merinsa

      I don't believe this. This is a political game. You knew all along the corrupt ways of Taib and had condoned him. Now, you have realised, too late, the damage he had done to BN and the risk of losing Sarawak as your "fixed deposit." This is the only way to salvage and sway the sympathies of the people to vote for BN!!!

      • peaker

        from sarawak BN leader?

    • http://yahoo Aminus

      Your article makes the UMNO masters of Sarawak sound like squeaky clean guys!

      Their threats of expose and action was their trump card against Taib's corruption are just that – to force him to jump.

      They will never make a show of exposing the whole corrupt system which include people like Najib, Mahathir and all in UMNO BN.

      Mahathir seems to have got off scott free and unlike Sarawak Report exposes of Taib, there have been only allegations against him. All quiet on his front despite his racist rantings. The more experienced Malayan Opposition has not seriously gone after him or put the heat on him. Or he is smarter than Taib and hid his loot better while Taib like to display it. May be there should be a "Malaya Report".

      All these years the people have been crying out but no one ever had a real face off with him by dragging him into court.

      This show how difficult it was to get things done inside the country where Taib had almost total control.

      It was not until Sarawak report outside Sarawak had to do the job that things began to change. Perhaps it was well timed with the election in mind. While Sarawak Report can dig up public records it must rely on information coming from inside for the real juice.

      Collapse of voter support in the urban most likely but in the ulu this is still a big question mark. Has the message reached the remote areas?

      • paulus

        You are a brainwashed fool who wants change for the sake of change. People like you are left wingers/commie who hate current establishment because you want to be different. People like you should be sent Libya.

    • DatoSean

      this website is biggest crook…. whenever u wrote as support on any BN YBs or BN policies they wont publish ur comments…..they publish only when u talk supporting PR or when u insult BN….

      Do not trust biased websites…

      • DatoSean

        thanks for publishing this

    • danny

      kamek mauk komen sigek ajak…BN dah menang…kita tunggu janji najib nak polah jeraya Miri/Marudi dlm masa 4 tahun tok…dpt sik!!! sidak JKR jgn macam2 madah…tunggu kelulusan la, tunggu duit peruntukan la…masalah sub-con la…RAKYAT SIK MAUK DENGAR SEMUA ALASAN SIK MANASABAH YA!!! NAJIB DAH BERIK PERUNTUKAN KHAS JALAN SEBELUM TOK…BELUM POLAH LAGIKKK!!!! TOK JANJI KEDUA NAJIB POLAH JLN….POLAH AJAK LA…MAUK TUNGGU ELECTION DATANG 5 TAHUN LAGI…KALO MCM YA…PKR/DAP AKAN BERKUASA DI MIRI…CUBA NANGA GINE CERITA KINEK…ORG LUAR BANDAR LAMAK2 AKAN MUAK DGN JANJI2 TOK

  • MACC Auditor

    Taib induced Awang Tenggah to be corrupt like him so that Taib can always ransom Awang Tenggah later. Most of Awg Tenggah money is in his origin country, Brunei.Just couple of tens of million Brunei Dollar.

    • Nelson Mandela Janti

      So Taib has finally revealed the boy who is qualified to succeed him.He has groomed Tengah to be like him and discipled him to be a better abuser of power and corrupt scum as he is.So the next Sarawak thief minister will be the Sultan Tengah the scond of Sarawak.

      • Tiarama

        Not really. He just makes use of Awang Tenggah until his son or one of his closest relative wanted to take over. All the time he said noone is capable except himself or his son.

    • http://google cucuk.belian

      Sound more like Awang Tanah to me! YES, it is quite obvious that CM wants this Awang Tanah to be the next CM of Sarawak. His latest blue eye boy indeed….So, orang2 Lawas, apa lagik, do something lah! It is your call!!!! Jangan nyalah urang lain kelak, coz kamek urang bukan pengundi kawasan Lawas. The decision and the future lies in your hand by now, its now or never

      • Blunt Speaker

        Orang LAWAS are the people who nicknamed him AWANG TANAH becoz he grabbed a lot of land in LAWAS as well. You don't believe, u can ask people of LAWAS. He was a poor kampung boy who couldn't even afford to pay his school fees and exam fee but he has forgotten his past and learn the dirty trick of grabbing lands from his GREEDY MENTOR!

        • http://none Watch Dog



        • DatoSean

          kalau betul pun dia ambil tanah biar la ko dengki apa. atleast dia tanam sawit yang kemudianya menjadi income kepada negara melalui pembayaran income tax. tapi kamu semua i lihat ada tanah kat lawas tapi satu lancau pun tak nak usahakan….cuci tahi sendiri yg berbau tu dulu bukan sibuk hal tahi org lain

    • DatoSean

      HaHaHaHa this is stupidest report from sarawak report….U say that Abg Johari is more honest and better leader than Awang Tengah and you show Awang Tengah's House which is still under construction……acctually this is the 5th or 6th year and the house is still under construction…..he is constructing very slowly step by step using his own hard earned money…..being a YB for more then 26 years I totally believe that even u ur self can built such a house…..if u cant built it then u r just a loser…OK if u r really kind hearted n work for better sarawak be a man to expose Datuk Amar Awang Tengah's current house….a small semi D in Tabuan….And Abg Johari are leaving in a HUGE Beautiful Million Dollar Minangkabau Mansion next to hiway to Petra Jaya…. This really shows Sarawak Report is a junk crap.

      I am always being critical to BN leaders in all my comments but I wont support any article that is biased…..

      whoever not happy email me… [email protected]

  • ummno

    Don't believe everything your hear. It could be a mole planted to keep the opposition off-guard. These people cannot be trusted and they will whatever means to remain in power, including giving false news to show that the federal govt is aware of the problem. Take everything with a tablespoon of salt…..

    • NoUmno

      yes… umno could be feeding some poor idiot "leaked official" info to catch him.

      • Blunt Speaker

        Politics is filthy DIRTY! Have to be PRUDENT in every sense of the word! ANY MORE FOUL PLAY OR DIRTY TRICKS WILL INFURIATE SARAWAKIANS FURTHER!

    • Teng

      All politicians must have a common trait…they must know how to White Lies'…so either its BN or Opps…they must be able to rely on lies..its not hard being a politicians..if ur in opposition, hi lite the state of negativism/ties..then u r one…albeit the fact that they also can't come out with the solution…what we need now is a Stateman (in the making I hope), who not only politicized but care for the Negara, The State albeit less corruption….There really is no guarantee that the next group of politicians to form the Government will be Saints. Could be they re just hiding their kukus' till the day they r in. Thousands apologies…

  • julian

    Dear SR,

    This is really good news, but i'm sure your 'well connected' source would have better knowledge of at least the correct spelling of our sarawakian politicians names? Doesn't reflect too well on your level of reporting/source's knowledge – was it quoted verbatim?

    • vote4kuching

      Julian, who's name was spelled wrongly?

  • ibannextgeneration

    WOW.. its good news if it is true.. but in my oppinion, taib will likely to die with his chief minister status on his that he will bring the title to afterlife, to where? We dont know where god decide to put him, hell, heaven and maybe obituary.. Wahahahahaha.. obsess with supernatural drama..

    I already thinking that maybe a lot of taib corruption exposed, his extremely wealth and bad thing is likely exposed by someone that have higher authority in Federal government, this is to make sure BN/umno can enter sarawak.. Why all of his scumbag activity only has been exposed after a long2 year? Thinking outside the box, that what i mean there is someone play the rule.. Who know who.. heheh.. Najib maybe.. WHATEVER IT IS, IF THIS SCUMBAG OUT OF HIS SEAT, AND THAT IS GOOD NEWS FOR ALL SARAWAKIAN..

    • Nelson Mandela Janti

      You bet this is true. After this 10th Sarawak's election there is no"erection" and the burung walit will fly away.ha ha ha !

      • Anak desa kecewa

        Yes i agreed…selepas tu there will be a filem lucah baru akan keluar.

  • king jame$

    Najib must flex some muscles against Taib to ensure the coming elections swing BN's way. From the looks of it, BN will lose very badly. As PM, please show us Malaysians that Malaysia still practise fairness and decency. It makes me ashamed to say that I am a Malaysian. I am not pro PKR, I am just a concerned citizen who wants to see that justice still exist in our beloved country.

  • ken

    A conspiracy to win an election. Beware false prophets are abundance.

  • My2cen

    I'll take your sources info with a bucketful of salt! As much as I dream of it, I don't think they will lose so badly. Firstly, money will be distributed and most Malaysians, esp the poor, have short memory & forget easily. They will feel happy for awhile when the VIPs meet them, listen to their sob stories and give them some money/promised development. Come polling day, they will cross BN again! Secondly, the BN thugs will be on the prowl threatening them to vote for BN again. It works as the poor are also weak. Only those few communities who have consistently rose to them will reject their money and threats, as well as the richer town folks who have had enough of Taib and his thieving ways. Thirdly, PKR is causing a mess within the Opposition. They should have retreated to take a supporting role with DAP taking the lead as they are more popular in East Malaysia. PKR wil likely lose in most of the seats they contest. In 3-way fights, the Opposition will be finished.

    So, if we are lucky, we can deny BN the 2/3 majority. They are definitely going to lose some seats, but with massive cheating aided by the EC, there's no chance to grab the state. UMNO was unprepared in 2008, but by now, they are ready with a 'new' voter list, postal votes and 'tranport' arrangement.

    • vote4kuching

      I agree with you, My2cen. Y'know, Mahathir was right when he said "Melayu Senang Lupa". However, it's not just the Malays but every other race in Sarawak. We are a forgiving lot. Too forgiving sometimes and we forget too easily.

      I couldn't help but notice how unconvincing the applause was for Najib AND Taib when they spoke in Kenyalang Park recently.

      However, you could feel the difference when Dr. Sim came on stage. If only he could've distanced himself…

      At the same time, i am not too comfortable with Violet Yong and her 'colourful' speeches laced with personal attacks on anyone she does not agree with. So who to vote for?

      • Blunt Speaker

        Vote for Violet, at least she DARES to stand up against Pehmoh! As for Dr. Sim, it's not that he's no good BUT it's a WASTE of talent for him to join politics. He would serve BETTER to save lives with his expertise as a Medical Specialist. That's after all WHAT HE'S TRAINED FOR, SAVING PEOPLES LIVES! Don't you think so?

        • vote4kuching

          Violet needs to work a tad harder on her image. At the moment she isn't winning any brownie points with her 'devil may care' attitude. She needs more class instead of that crass, bile spitting image she's built up for herself.

          I would vote for Dr. Sim if he were to distance himself from the goons in SUPP. SUPP as we all know has got a nasty habit of calling "Charge!" and then shooting the person in front from behind – even if he's from the same party. IF he doesn't make it, medicine's always waiting for him!

  • Hellfire Spitting Ne

    This is just one of their ploys to trick us voters, to believe that the chief mafia's days in office will be over, soon.

    Anyway, it's a very well known theory that he won't cast on his death wish until he found someone just as mean, dirty and greedy as him not only to continue on his evil empire but also to cover him from being in the top of ''SARAWAK HALL OF SHAME'' historical record. Don't ignore the possibilities that in 2 1/2 years time/next midterm period, lot of things can happen. There'll be new twists and turns.

    Secondly, 'axis of evils' umno government do have their alternative plan a, b and so on, upon any consequences as the result of the coming SE. 'BE WARNED', they will do anything to keep themseleves in Putra Jaya, especially with dr.evil, mamak kutty still in good faith with Najib's umno. Somehow it's not suppose to be the reason for the suppressing Sarawakian majority to cowardly cast their votes for bn.


    • Cabul

      Being 'SO DISORGANIZED' as it's seem from the outlook, the alternative front have only got themselves to blame if they couldn't gain any ground in this 10 th SE.

  • Rage Againt The Mach

    Why suddenly i feel sad of Taik Mamut. Actually i want him to die and always ready to throw some shit to his face. But at the moment, i feel pity also. Doesnt it a sign that sumthing bad is going to happen to him. Or maybe, sumthing wrong with my hormon tonite. Haiz….

    • flying dove

      like your comment, a bit of humour here & there is very much welcome. yeah Sarawak Rulers are in "menopouse", spiraling downwards…..

  • foreigner

    Ain't gonna happen this way. BN will likely lose 3 – 4 seats, at most, and retain power. And ….. the beat goes on!

    The opposition members are simply too disorganized with very little cohesion, and perhaps insufficient resources to penetrate BN strongholds. To make matters worse, the majority of voters have yet to reverse their mindset and be able to separate the weed from the chaff, to be able to elect representatives who will govern with transparency and honesty.

    That day may never come!

  • Apanama

    "Privileged information from BN insiders in KL"?

    Just shows how federal leaders can misread the political signals in Sarawak and, particularly, how Taib moves. Taib has lasted so long because he is a manipulator and survivor. The more he is challenged, the more he digs in.

    Najib and Muhyiddin came to see him to ask him to step down? No way! They are all birds of the same feathers…in all likelihood they both asked Taib for a share of his loot to finance the 13th general election.

  • Iban in OZ

    Seeing is believing. How relaible is the source? A BN insider is probably double agent. Sounds like a ploy to me. No matter what, opposition should not feel over confident and let their guard down. Strive harder while the iron is hot!

    Taib should be striped off his billions, his titles, his privilege for what he had done behind the scene. Let him live like any other sarawkians stripped of privileges as all those forgotten ex YBs who once served Sarawak who were forgotten and pushed aside by the BN government except for given merely "peanuts" pension for their service. Some had to take matters into court to claim what they were entitled to. This is how BN serve the people and people who once served the state! Good job BN. NOT!

  • Ben

    It's true that Taib can't trust anyone except his close relatives. Sarawakian must kick him out in the coming election rather than let him retires happily with his wealth.

  • Paul Warren

    Ah, so does that mean that the people are now supposed to think that since Taib has been taken care of, they can confidently vote BN once again? Why else such intimate and confidential positions of Putrajaya against Taib being revealed by so called trusted and highly connected BN leaders leaking this information to Sarawak Report? Is Sarawak Report now being used to revert the waning support for BN?

  • Raj

    We all need to do one thing, Pray to your God for a change in Sarawak.

  • Aliasmen

    This is interesting & good news for me as a Sarawakian. Really hope, there will be a paradigm shift among the Sarawakian Voters in this election…

  • junaidah

    I think it is just a tactic on BN's part. Don't hold your breath, the only way to get rid of him and the likes of him is the middle eastern way !!! But the biggest stumbling block is that the Sarawakians are not hungry enough to take up the challenge, the natives are not united(tribalism), the muslims are faced with religious contraints and the Chinese and Indians??? are opportunistics. This is sad but that is the reality. So mayb we will be still discussing till the next century.

  • bubukbusu

    "Our source confirms that the core problem for Taib is the evidence of a collapse of voter support, as shown by his own secret polling results. It is information BN have be.en desperate to keep hidden"

    I like this statement, It is not a secret, we all knew it. it always been done in root level election and branch level to gain seat in party. Secret vote done, when result come out Taib will manipulate who will be chosen in close door. No one can challenge.

  • Philip Chong

    keep our fingers together!

  • Teaser

    Wow thats really gonna be a big big beautiful house when its finihed… cashing in on the "opportunity" like what that karim guy said. Good for you awang. By the way, how much do you make a month as a minister? I mean your take home salary only lah. And SSSH please, don't reveal to us especially on SR the "opportunities" you gained lest the MACC knows..habis kau!

  • bullshit

    all r bullshits, BN = corruption , same for father and sons ! i know who to vote !

  • Nucky Smith

    How far the rabbit hole do you intend to go? This is a house of cards that you are dealing with. As it is we have experienced peace and stability in this region since the time when we won our independence from the irresponsible British Masters. Don't tell me that when the British were here as our savior colonial masters weren't as corrupt as this man? It is only today when the British Pound has dropped to 4 ringgit to 1 Pound, this has now been brought to light.

    If Taib goes, there will be instability all over Malaysia. Blood will be in your hands. Dig deeper into the rabbit hole, and you shall see the worms.

    Our neighboring countries will not hesitate to take that 1st shot if the riot spills over they're doorstep.

    What are your plans? Agenda? Is Tony Blair and the Banker Kleptocracies of Globalization behind this? This is how colonial imperialism will return to claim what they have lost. Remember, when they left us, they thought we couldn't survive on our own, so with their creation of IMF and World Bank, they could bleed us to death with their loans program. Well, look again…we were resilient and look around you. We are now Tigers of Asia. An emerging market of 500 million people with a combined economy of more than 1 Trillion USD.

    So how far the rabbit hole do you intend to dig? Are you intent to de-stabilize our present economy? Or do you have a better plan for our tomorrow?

    I would tread very careful if I were you. Whatever your political agenda maybe, be prepared. Ask yourself – How far the rabbit hole do you intend to go? You prefer a stabilized economy or a de-stabilizing one? Thousands will loose their lively hood. Are you willing to sacrifice those thousands for your righteousness? Think again and think deeper.

    • Teng

      May I check. 8yrs ago I read Segal Seagrave's The Lord of The Pacifics Rim…..we are suppose to have our leader who dictate us the pro action etc…n we have 1.6trillion USD stashed away and become good panadol when we got headache la…..

    • joshua tree

      Man, the rabbit hole is not that deep. Put your hand inside and you can feel that it is time to get a new leader to lead Sarawak. He need not to change the policies that the State and Federal are implementing now but to continue those policies and make adjustments to suit our State or even the country economy.

      This new leader must prepare himself and the people too must prepare themselves for a new LEADER… BUT…THE QUESTION IS WHO?

    • Blunt Speaker


  • KK

    I certainly hope what you say is true! If the opposition catches Sarawak, that is truly truly the beginning of the end for UMNO and BN. I pray hard for that day


    As much as I wanna believe your source story, you really, really need to double check with him. Especially when it looks like PM and DPM are scolding Taib Mahmud ever since they touched down the Kuching Airport. Nope, I believe it isn't, as the duo are facing the godfather.

  • Jumanzee

    Dear SR,

    of all the article you publish and that I've read, this is the article which i don't believe and make me doubt over the past article you had publish.

    It makes UMNO superior in Sarawak. My guess is you are one of the UMNO Sarawak guys who is also trying to get rid of Taib, with the help of the opposition and the rakyat who hate BN who never bring any development to our belove state of Sarawak except suck all our wealth. The real whistleblower is you.

    All reader judge for yourself. The story sound so real until Najib and his Deputy asked taib to tear off the list, what a Joke too early for April fool lah….

  • Taikohtai

    Is it really true that Sarawakians have finally found courage like the Sibuans? I certainly hope so. Perhaps this is the reason why they had to doctor another DSAI sex tape to fend off Pakatan. However, I am not holding my breath knowing the fickle minds of the Dayaks and indigenous inhabitants and the skulduggery capacity of Taib and BN.

  • Urangborneo

    Orang Sarawak jangan mudah percaya, kenapa sekarang saja PM dan DPM tiba2 anti Taib??? Ini hanya sandiwara… Hidup Baru Bian!!!

  • EnooughisEnough

    tue or not! If true, I'll go and get a bottle of champagne and clebrate

  • lee

    IS this real? 1st time our PM and deputy take a stern action or is this a ploy for election that the govt is clean to garner voters to BN? I hope some changes to improve Sarawak. White hair had already sucked our blood for 30 years, too much! If this turmoil is real, I think Jabu, George and Awang Tengah needs to go. Maybe Johari is more honest. Dont know yet. I really gives a "tumbs up" to Sarawak Report for such an amazing job done or else we public wont know the real truth.

    I posted my comments in yahoo when news of CM daughter-in-law Zahniah request for RM400M divorce settlement, Sarawak going to hold election as well as when Datuk Lim (DAP) talked about Sarawak election but my remarks doesn't appear in comment column. Why? I always want to advertise Sarawak Report. Does it mean this is deleted from the media? Does Malaysians and the world know about Sarawak Report? Please spread your website as much as possible like how CM looted Sarawak! Mulah! We support Sarawak Report not Sarawak CM!

  • anembiak sarawak

    don't let Awg middle become CM because he as same as Taib the theif minister, don't let UMNO colonize enter sarawak land because they will disunite us and we will become another Sabah and for all don't let BN win because they will grab our resources. CHANGE WE MUST.

  • http://yahoo antu kamba

    All these things are rubbish. Mana ada Najib dan Muhidin berani kacau orang tua ni. Dia kan banyak bomoh. Nanti 2 orang kena santau.

    • Nelson Mandela Janti

      Ya,korek..korek Najib and Muhy just want to exhort millions for Taib to have some commission from the plunder of Sarawak wealth to finance UMNO. They don't have the guts to tell Taib to step down. Taib is able to bank roll them with billions of ringgit if they shut their big fat mouths. All Tahi has to do is to withdraw from the "fix deposit account and Najis and Muhys will return to Kuala Lanun with a smile.and say to themselves,:"stupid uneducated Sarawakian morons,who still live on tree tops and wearing cawats, don't even know how to vote for a good government"

  • Yes Sir

    "1 Malaysia" means "Peninsular Malaysia". How much does Najib or the rest of the BN leaders in the West know Sarawak well. If Najib & his staff ever understand that, he would not ban the BM (In fact Indonesian)bibles.

    Anyway, it's too late. Everything will be over. Who cares? Life still carry on under good or bad.

  • awmosa pesysh

    Dear Y.B. Baru Bian,

    Like I use to comment if yr party capable of forming up a new part as an opposition to the present government of PBB, with your current popularity easily your party can conquer 33 – 38 seats on the coming election (ADUN). If you allow the strength of PKR to enter Sarawak State you are bound to face UMNO new strategy that will save Barisan long lasting succession in Sarawak. Just look at Sabah the best example.

    Soon Sarawak will even lost their golden opportunity to strive for their own people, instead every now and then you need UMNO decision before any development could be implemented. Therefore, the current 80% chunks of State development will be reduced further to 40% only to accommodate the ever hungry UMNO'S politicians as what have been happening to Sabah.

    Renegotiate further with PM and Deputy PM for special arrangement. OUT with PBB and reinstate new party lead by new candidates and continue further to rule Sarawak with Barisan, so, continuous development as was planned can be further materialized with marginal changes to accommodate people's interest and do away with the small numbers of greedy politicians and their cronies.

    Your move may give give good impact to Sarawak political sovereignty that was obtain since Tun Rahman time but without gauging properly may landed to further downfall and misery.

    Percaya lah.


    Political Observers

    • flying dove

      If PR menang, hasil bumi Sarawak 90% to her people and 10% to federal as "Contribution". Simple no nego needed and all heads of ministerial department must be Sarawakian, no West Malaysian teachers to rural areas, AFTERALL, they don't want to go there, don't force them, let the Sarawakian teachers teach them. No other religion should persecute another religion, you die I die, you masuk kubur I masuk kubur, SO NO KETUANAN RELIGION ALLOWED IN SARAWAK.

      • Blunt Speaker


      • father zakariah butr

        there is nothing greater then the power of God,pls pray and fast because the evils spirit would not get out without prayer and fasting.

  • Badutmcd

    wow, what were you guys smoking to come with this story, let me have it.

  • darah sarawak

    hahaha…..semua terang terang…rumah..harta…duit..kena rompak….sarawakian buta ka…bomoh taib memang power la…suut…respect lu..boleh kasih

    orang sarawak buta…….

  • kenyalang

    NOW IS THE TIME !!!! Before reading SR we suspect Taib as all are still rumours, after SR we confirm all the rumours what he did !

    Sarawakians, peace lovers, wake up ! Let start a Kenyalang Revolution through vote , just a pencil ! show the Federal and the World what we want,enough is enough ! Grandgrandfather Mahathir pamper Taib , then is grandfather Badawi, now is Father Najid, Taib become super pamper, he and his group of thiefs and gangsters can do anythings they want, now use our vote to kick him and all his thiefs and gangsters out , take back all the things stolen from the people , return to the people!

    Earthquake scale 9 and super tsunami are coming on the way !!!!!!!!! Let's get READY .

    NOW IS THE TIME !!!!

  • butuh jabu

    You do not underestimate Taib,

    He is a genius. A perfect political architect! Those insiders are amongs his political skills.

    Najib and Muhidyin has nothing to say over taib. Taib is superior, Taib is the key to putrajaya. He can chase Najib and all UMNO fuckers out of putrajaya and put Pakatan Rakyat there.

    Taib just playing mind game with all human.

    Taib can simply one day tell the whole sarawakians that he made mistakes. that sarawakians need to be free from evil BN. Once Taib say it out, BN will extinct! So taib tells najib, you touch me, i put you and your fat mama in grave..

    "yes i also able to seceded sarawak from malaysia. Try me??" said taib.

    • Yes Sir

      You're right. Taib can turn BN upside down. If he side PR, PR will win, if he remains in BN, BN is still the government regardless of less than 2/3. This is the headache of Najib. That's the reason why Najib said "Don't force him" (to do nasty thing).

  • Mat Som

    End of the Road for Taib, PBB and BNN.

    The nature of Najib's salvage operations may appear good but that's for good appearances! And it's so tellingly damning.

    BN used to have 11 covers for the jars. How many are left now?

    You can start to pour boiling water over all the thieves in the jars now!!!

    You can hang Ali Baba to dry now!!! 😆

  • dom

    Ha ….. Bulls**t! federal gov are depend on sarawak sits, without Taib, mean no najib, no Muhyiddin. they are nothing, how are they going to make him stand down.

  • hot

    SR is giving white hair free PR.

    Like native sarawakians, SR is ever generous and magnanimous.

    so hope all native can now vote for white hair.

    long live native sarawakians.

  • aborium

    Whether SR’s latest news on Taib’s eminent departure from politics after the State Election is to be believed or not, is at this point in time inconsequential because on the surface of things:

    (1) Taib has become a hugh liability and an embarrassment for BN –the recent visit by PM and TMP to Kuching underscores KL ‘s deep concern for BN chances of winning in the election in Sarawak;

    (2) The present crisis is due directly to Taib’s own actions – he does not have to point fingers at anyone. His rather pitiful plea to his citizens to support him is a desperate measure to mitigate the tide of public opinion (privately or openly) against him, a case of little too late;

    (3) His cronies are hot on their seats because they too, sooner or later, will be under close scrutiny & investigations for possible misuse of power and corruption;

    (4) The Opposition will capitalize on this ‘topsy turvy ‘ situation to gains more seats, but unfortunately not on their strength of leadership or policies but more of an opportunistic circumstance – the choice of the ‘devil and the deep blue sea’;

    (5) Regardless of the election outcome, Sarawak Politics will never be the same again.

    Our concern is what is going to happen after the elections. Will the same mistakes be repeated? Will Taib’s cronies be allowed to hold any position of power in the new government? Will Taib after stepping down be allowed to become a so-called ‘Advisor to the State’ (formally or informally)? Will the new elected State Ministers review all development plans to achieve a better balance of social, economic and environmental goals? Will we have a just and caring government? Will the new government be transparent? Will they listen to the people & not push developments plans down their throats? Will the NCR land issue be settled once and for all?

  • san tet

    khabar angin saja lah…. Biasalah Pilihanraya dah tiba……

  • Ben

    I do not know if it is true though I do hope so! One thing you forgot is that BN will do anything to rig the election. They have 54 years of experience in precisely that!

    If BN loses in Sarawak, then BN is also finished at the federal level and that they won't allow.

    I sincerely hope for the people of Sarawak and Malaysia as a whole that people will vote for a change and changem ust come fast!!

  • anak desa

    Sarawakians especilly the natives,

    Please, let all of us be focus on our own agenda.

    Our vision is to vote Taib/BN out. Taib family grab our land and past it to other parties. Is that what we want? If you dont like it, why should vote them again. Again and again we natives have nothing.

    Dayaks/ Natives, stop dreaming on day time. Stop dreaming on Politic of Developement which have been promote to us long-long time ago. Politic of Developement become Politic Of DiBOLOTment. They BOLOT our land, They BOLOT our resource and they BOLOT our future.

    If We Still vote Taib/BN this coming election, we will more suffer. More suffer than before. Think of it

  • Anthony Paren Aran

    This is something hard to believe. I always thought that they are all the same, from KL or Kuching the culture of the BN leaders are not different. They are the same, whether it is about timber concession, land grab, siphoning and hording Malaysian wealth out overseas, snatching all the lucrative government contracts, commission from government purchase of submarine and helicopters, killing in order to keep their heinous acts secret,mansions built from monies spurn out of illicit gains, implementing projects which bring no or minimal benefit to the country except to squander and deprive the people from much needed basic requirements, projects resulting in the ethnic-disintegration like the dams in Sarawak. They are all the same that is why it so hard for the pot to prove that the kettle is black.

  • Mind Control

    This is high time for rakyat of Sarawak to do something in order to have a different life the next decade.

    We need a clean govt to lead Sarawak to a better state she should be.

  • Sarawakian

    This is like a TV drama.It is too good to be true i.e. only work of fiction. At a crucial time like this, you really believe anything, especially from BN insiders? If anyone think that ATM wil leave without a fight, you are mistaken. He has so much to lose once he loses his place as CM. In the meanwhile, we shall sit back and enjoy the wayang, and but know what to do at the election.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    I guess the END is near.All god things must come to an end.

  • Iban in OZ

    While the focus is on Taib, his cronies, the multi millionaires are slowly shoveling their money to overseas bank accounts. This circle of people are as equally guilty. Something should be done quick. Don't just let Taib take the fall.

  • laiheng

    This one, I really have to experience to believe.

    I certainly did not, do not and will not ever support this plunderer but I really cannot visualize the gist of what you have written in this article.

    My biggest hope is that Sarawak BN lose thier 2/3 majority in the state assembly…but then again, the reality is even that may seem near impossible in Sarawak.

    In the event it does happen how much hope can we hold out to?…politicians everywhere can be bought for a 'song' these days…

    • laiheng

      on the other hand, I have a feeling that they were here to pay homage to the holder of their 'chastity' belt…if BN in Sarawak falls, both will be staring at their armageddon!

      • laiheng

        holder of the KEY to their 'chastity' belt…

  • Orang Natives

    If BN is to win this S'wak election, Najib should hang Taib Mahmud & his 3 deputies + Awang Tengah bin Tanah Kuburan,now… now!!!!! Taib shares the same fate of Saddam Hussein. He is a stealer and killer. He has "killed" many natives by stealing their livelihood. He has dislodged peoples lives, souls, hopes in this peaceful land of Sarawak. He took, grabbed their land and gave to his cronies. He has lost legitimacy to govern b'cos he has lost the trust of the rakyat. Look at the list of the land he has grabbed. How many hectares have been given to the natives? Except Rentap Jabu, the Kulop sial Iban of Betong, anak Antu Jabu Numpang penyamun Iban Betong mensia sialLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!Anak Jabu Menteri Pembula dia tu!!!!!!!! He is using JAKSA to punish people of Betong, as his agen MATA GELAP!!!!! MACC, investigate Jabu on this!!!!!Even to buy tar must be from Jabu syarikat. He is Kuomintang man of Betong,but kulop!!!Tak berani lawan Taib, sedikit pun! Hidu pelir Taib aja. Salah guna kuasa. Although 100% of the land belongs to the natives, most of the lands given to are the chinese towkays, the Tan Ann, Shinyang, etc…etc, you name it, more than 100 of them there. Most of this people are linked to the crazy communist chinese of SUPP!!!. Other chinese who are our brothers are fine, except them, listed here!!!! George Chan, I nak tanya, bila mau AMPUT lagi?

  • joni

    Much as I like to believe what you have reported I beg to differ. Taib is untouchable stuff for PM or TPM.If Mahathir during his rule cannot touch Taib what more to say Najib. In fact Taib can bankroll any politicians especially UMNO own people to get rid of Najib or Muhyuddin. A Lot of politicians esp UMNO leaders are in debt to Taib politically or financially. Maybe before the 2008 tsunami they have the power to do it. Not anymore. Taib knows without him, Annuar can easily beat UMNO with DAP and PAS help. The only people who can topple Taib is the Sarawak voters themselves. This election will be the waterloo for Taib. The Pakatan (PKR,SNAP and PAS) better prepared for more onslaughts from the White Hair.

    • Nelson Mandela Janti

      SNAP is a snapped Iban party, a gone case.Kadang.Liman Jugol,Dondang are "trojan horses" and a political mercenaries". untrustworthy scum-lickers and opportunists. Some Keadilan are reliable but all DAP and PAS are worthy to be elected to govern.So Sarawakians who cry for change vote for DAP if you live in DAP constituents and vote for PAS if you live in PAS constituents and PKR do like wise. But beware of SNAP mercenaries,frogies and chap langkau.Even if any SNAP candidatewins they will jumpship..remember the fake doctor Jonikaul Payong who was tangkapbasah?

  • Sarawak Silver

    The UMNO putras that are putting the pressure on Taib Mahmud have just as much to answer for on the muck they separately and collectively have on their backs.

    Porrah with the lot !

  • Tiarama

    I already said couple of months back that if I were Najib, I would arrest Taib. It is plain simple that supporting Taib, the biggest thief in Asia, would make most if not all Sarawakians turn against the BN and the final loser will be Najib himself.

    It was a wise move by Najib but it is a little too late. However, if he is bold enough to tell us, the Sarawkians that he would freeze Taibs assets and returned all to the people of Sarawak. The political game may change.

    We all came to this website are mainly against the Taib's regime – not so much against Najib. Ignorance by Najib only make us turn against him and BN.

    Let's see, what Najib will do with those thieves.

    • Penang Voter

      DNA got no balls to arrest Taib cos' he will have to arrest the entire Malaysian Cabinet Ministers including himself.

      Best guess is Rosmah to arrest all of them !!!

  • die for Swak

    As voters we hv to ensure all corrupted politicians lose their seats. Just like the one in Selangor during 2008 election. All Sarawakians must be given their fair share of state wealths…

    Vote for a change!!!!!

  • Jumanzee

    Not only I want Taib and BN out of the race, but don't want him to die too soon, because I want his family that include his brother and sister and also their family all be prosecuted and investigate by the MACC. And hope that they will suffer like what we have suffer under Taib rule of 30 years.

    • Duga

      Do u really suffer. Suffer of what?

      • laiheng

        what he means is that the people of Sarawak deserve better lah..

  • Red Cross Army


    The government is insulting our holy book. We need to change current government and stand our ground to defend the BIBLE.

    If they still insist to stamp out holy book, the words of GOD, vote them out.

    Christians, do not vote Barisan Nasional. They have no respect to religion.

    May God Bless you all.

    • Blunt Speaker


  • @karamaz0v

    this report sounds too good to be true, nevertheless all will be reveal once BN swak come up with their candidate list prior to the election.

    Lest we forget, Sarawak's issuse is always about bread and butter also development, the lack of dissemination of information and efficient propaganda by BN have always been the sole reason why they managed to cling on to power since the formation of Malaysia.

    Realistically speaking, we can only hope for the Swakian to realise this before casting their votes, and maybe just maybe ..PR can denies BN customary 2/3 majority in the state assembly ..

    me, im keeping my finger cross … SNAP and PR need to find a common ground..a mutual goal to achieve all this …

    30 years is a f*****g long time …DOWN TAIB DOWN!

  • Navlord

    If sarawakians persists on keeping the current Ali Baba and his fourty thieves in power……I will sure to vomit blood!!!! There are no more ignorant people like u guys!!

  • Cantbelievethis

    If it is too good to be true, then it must be.

    This report is just B******T.

    Many Sarawakians are too easy to buyla. BN might even win all the seats.

    • tongontas

      Are you sure?

  • hwings

    True or not, I plan go back to Sarawak for election from KL.

    What about you others Sarawakian?

  • expriate

    Jabu already deliver his anak Ayam Project at Betong Jan 2011

    Nyarok also deliver his anak Ayam Project at Seratok March 2001

    Jabu already give money RM500 to one family at Ulu Layar.

    Dr Chan announce his Road project to Brunei at Miri which also before same time during election.

    So they is lot influent and Blind vote not only Native or Bangsa Lain-lain but Chinaese, Malay and all race

    So let posting more and more let world know what Malaysia Govt do during elect

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Where is the money coming from you clowns? You have passed your shelves life..

      What chicken project/ How many chickens? Only 30 chickens each and is that enough clowns???

      Please fellow Sarawakians,take that and ask for more..more and more as that are your rights.Tax payers money

      Any more projects Jabu, Nyarok,Georgie Chan???

      Jabu only chicken project and RM500

      Nyarok also chicken project and RM500.

      **These two are natives and fellow Sarawakian

      George Chan announced project worth millions…PRC can do that and give millions in free money pretending to be project.

      It seems that Jabu and Nyarok cannot think at all..look at the amount of theoir project as co mpared to George Chan?? Ha ha ah aha ha

  • Dayang Rogayah

    Not only but all Taib;s cronies must go!!

  • Dayang Rogayah

    It is long overdue that we should vote all of them out!!



  • tebuso

    Good news… but dont sleep yet because it aint over.. always be on guard cos this good news cuold be anything, from plan a-z of bn.

    By all mean we need to somehow make sure this news reach the kampong folks.. you and me are counted as key players in this MUST CHANGE state election. it's time we did the right thing for a better sarawak.

    EXCELLENT piece of work SR… carry on. GOD bless you.

  • Mind Control

    Its time rakyat have no other options but to vote Taib's govt out.

  • Orang Seribas

    The time is up for Taib and all his cronies and include Barisan. We Sarawakians want to feel the different under different government. Then SARAWAKIANS have the opportunity to compare. well if is worst then We know what to do, in the next election but if it is better, they have right to stay. So Why BARISAN is scared. BARISAN must not be gready thinking SARAWAK is BARISAN and BARISAN is SARAWAK. But if PERKATAN is far better than BARISAN, what right has BARISAN to deprive the SARAWAKANS what they deserved. So UBAN you need not worry if you still alive then and cleared from your corrupted practises, you will be back to POWER again.

  • James Wong

    With everything said and done, It's our vote that really matters. To all Sarawakians working outstation, wherever you are, make your way back to Sarawak on the polling day. I definitely will. You can check your constituency on Every vote counts. 30 years of abuse and indiscriminate looting. Enough is enough. Together let's transform last year's Sibu miracle to Sarawak miracle in a few weeks from now.

  • James Bond

    Watch out…this article is designed to lull the opposition into complacency…

    The PR should go for a total wipe out of Najib's FD…..SARAWAK….

    We want change….and we want this government and its crooked civil servants to be destroyed….

    Remember the fruit seller in Tunisia….

    The leader was a crook, his wife stole everything in sight and his civil servants robbed people off their livelihoods leaving the young fruit seller to kill himself….

    Every civil servant in this country should toe the line or be sacked….

    Just follow what Penang did…..not what Khalid is doing in Selangor…we have to clean up Malaysia

  • buntas

    I think their come to borrow money from Taib u know laa Taib towkey besar

  • http://none Watch Dog

    who is that Clown in blue shirt wearing a bidayuh traditional costume? An insult to the bidayuh community Who gives the clown the costume?

    All good things must come to an end.Unite now and vote for the party for change.

    Come holy spirit give us a good and GOD fearing man to lead our beloved state,Sarawak.Give us faith,honour,glory,righteousness,wisdom and GRACE…In Jesus name ..Amen amen

    • father zakariah butr

      you have to cast away the evil spirit now,that is taib's sarawak that all you got to do is ask.

  • Nobody

    who cares how sad the story is for Taib, Najib and the whole BN. make them lose 100%. get them all out of the system they corrupted. spend and promise all they want but make voters aware that the only way to change their lives is to change the votes from "dacing" to anything other than that.

  • Samjit Singh Walia

    But unfortunately, the Lakias will still vote for him and his cronies! Don't dream of the simpletons in the rural areas of ever voting against Barisan Nasional cos they are just stupis. They will still vote for the ruling government even though they have been crying and wailing that their plots of land are being seized. What are the simpletons waiting for? Waiting for their families to be sold into slavery before deciding to vote for a change? Maybe! But then again, the stupid opposition people are equally useless. Where are they? SNAP people are just lining their pockets. Do we need to disclose who these leaders are? Stupid Lakias! They deserve to be exploited. Talk about them ruling the State. No way hose! Better let the existing elit Taib cronies rule us for at least another term.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Samjit Singh Walia–You are inslting us,natuves.EWhy do you call us Lakias? Do you know you are squatting and pendatang haram to our state.? The Singhs are brought by the British to guard the banks,HSBC and SCB only. Now you are talking as if you are the master.

      Call us either bidayuh,iban,orang ulu,etc,etc and not Lakias you are a real bastard squatter in Sarawak.It is your bread and butter country and you insult your host.Maybe we are just too kind to the singhs

    • Blunt Speaker

      If they are smart, they would be the ruling party long ago and the CM seat as well. That's why they are stupid and not united, a small minority group of Taib's origin can hold power for so long. They need to get out of their third world mentality and strive to improve their standard of living. They must not always be satisfied with crumbs and Maggie mee handouts from the Taib's regime in exchange of their rights and NCR LAND. The time has come for them to wake up from their deep slumber before it turns out to be a TERRIBLE NIGHTMARE! MARK MY WORDS!

      • Blunt Speaker


  • Vote wisely

    How reliable is this source may not be so important afterall. What is more important now is whether the people of Sarawak are brave enough to hammer in the 'final big nail'into the coffin for the corrupted UMNO/BN. The Sarawakians should realise that they are the ones who are really holding this 'nail' now that their GE is just around the corner! Vote wisely for your future and that for your next future generations! Sabah and Peninsula Malaysia are looking forward to join you in this 'fight' against massive corruption!

  • Ayurvedic Liver Trea

    Looks like some fairy tale story to me.

  • People Power

    In the coming general election, surely you all Sarawakians will be promise with goodies bags. But do remember, you are required to scarifies your future if you took goodies bag. Or think long term for your future and scarifies the goodies bags. We might not have a second chance if BN still takes power.God bless us all.

  • Crazy Horse

    Kind of hard to believe this piece. War is the art of deception. This can be deception on the part of the ruling coalition to make sure that those who fight against them in the coming election to underestimate them. But, if this is true then this is good news. I have my reservation over Feds dictating who should replace Taib. This is Sarawak and it belong to Sarawakians. It is up to the Sarawak people to decide who to replace Taib.

  • Life of P

    So if they asked him to step down, why is he still there?

  • sick&tired

    Bullshit! you guys have been used! the whole purpose of 'leaking' this so called information to you is to gain votes for BN. they had so much time to take action against Taib. why wait until after elections? why not do it now? i too will campaign for BN if they really have the balls to investigate taib.

  • Lonewolf

    Calling People of Sarawak, it's time to change the government. it's not too late yet.

  • cliff

    What can we do when we r a nobody…….n….they r a somebody ?

  • Ari sahari

    Political shortsitedness.Definitely the publisher is.Who need who in this case.Definitely Taib will go cos of age but for PM & DPM to ask him to go now is suicide fo BN.U bet he will only go after PRU13..cos PM need him.B realistic



    Tahniah di atas kejayaan BN :

    Bailout Bank Bumiputera sebanyak 4 kali – rugi RM10.4 billion.

    Kerugian Perwaja Steel – rugi RM10 billion.

    Bailout Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) – rugi RM200 juta.

    Bailout Konsortium Perkapalan Berhad – rugi RM1.7 billion.

    Hicom (Proton) kerugian sehingga Kerajaan terpaksa menggunakan duit Petronas untuk membeli saham Proton -rugi RM1 billion.

    Membeli semula saham MAS daripada Tajuddin Ramli dengan harga RM1 billion lebih dari harga pasaran.

    Menggunakan Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen (KWAP), Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP), Danaharta dan Khazanah untuk membeli saham-saham Timedotcom yang tidak laku – rugi RM3.3 billion.

    Bailout LRT PUTRA dan STAR – rugi RM6 billion.

    Bailout Renong/UEM – rugi RM12 billion.

    Pampasan pembatalan Projek Empangan Bakun – rugi RM950 juta.

    Hutang tertunggak InventQjaya – rugi RM228 juta

    Pampasan Jambatan Bengkok – rugi RM257 juta

    Pampasan pembatalan Broga Incinerator – rugi RM500 juta

    Kerugian membeli saham Agusta – rugi RM510 juta

    Skandal Port Klang Free Zone – rugi RM4.6 bilion

    Skandal Offshore Petrol Vehicle (PSC-NDSB) – rugi RM6.75 bilion

    Blok L dan M – RM 380 billion

    Sime Darby – RM 1.6 billion

    Pos Malaysia – RM 546 juta

    Felda – RM 8 Billion

  • jayjay

    Let the wind of change blow strong in Sarawak!

  • Navlord

    Taib, in or out that is not the question…..BEE END must be be cast off……!!!! The time of revelation is here. Do the right thing my fellow Sarawakian brothers and sisters..

  • Rebel

    Whatever it is, let us all remain firm in our commitment to rid Sarawak of this Mammoth Shit Taib. Let us all VOTE FOR CHANGE, VOTE FOR THE OPPOSITION.

  • father zakariah butr

    sarawakians please don't be so proud,God hates the proud but lets all humble ourself and pray that this wickedness be cast out of the land.taib be humble once in his life time before he meets his maker.

  • Bill Lau

    It is time that the CM Taib went. I am sure by now he already smelled the rat of his downfall when the PM and DPM had to rush to Kuching to resolve the impasse.

    The BN and therefore UMNO depend for their perpetual power on the success of the coming State's election in Sarawak. If a tsunami hit Sarawak like the 2008 GE, there would be the surest and fastest way that leads to the immediate doom of the ruling government, which depends very much on the continued support of Sarawak and Sabah election outcome.

    The whole world already know how corrupt and avaricious the CM Taib is. A lot of the resources of the state of Sarawak has been looted while innumerable locals are languishing in poverty in the interior jungles; particularly, the Bumiputras, who have been oppressed and suppressed ever since Sarawak joined Malaysia.

    Through the articles and information disseminated by BMF and the Radio Sarawak, the CM Taib must realise that his days are numbered. He must step down and run for his life as Delilah is on her way to 'destroy' him.

    To the Christians in Sarawak, Taib is a disgrace despite that majority of those domiciled are Christians. The confiscation and detention of the 35,000 copies of the Holy Bible, is most shameful and disheartening, courting contempt from Chritians from near and far. That shows how concerned the CM Taib is when coming to the spiritual development of the people in Sarawak,

    The Home Ministry must be more open and magnanimous in its policy-decision. One just cannot prevent people from reading the Holy Bible. One can easily download the Alkitab from the internet. What is the point of stamping the phrase "For Christianity" on the Bible? This is tantamount to and can be constured as a mild form of persecution of the Christians.

    By so doing, the Home Minister is just defacing the Holy Book – remember what God has revealed no one shall render it asunder. He must realise that we are all humans and if we try to play god, we will face him on judgement day.

    Some people read the detention of the Alkitab is one strategy of dethroning the CM at the coming State election. The Feds are sending the signals to him that they are still in power in calling the shot. So heed therefore Taib to the signs of times. You and cronies shall be eliminated by the opposition party.

    Well, people of Sarawak, it is time to secure and restore freedom and your inherent rights by showing the Feds that you determine who should rule the State. You have the power to throw the corrupt State Government out.

    Vote wisely to protect the future of your children and your children's children, and the future of Sarwak which rests on your hands.

  • Taib Mahmud

    If anything happened to me, Najib's family will not be spare as well. Najib's wife just get a piece of land in Batu Lintang, Kuching from me. Just check it.

  • Taib Mahmud

    Najib's wanted a big cake from Sarawak.

  • D.T

    Politic is a game of mind, some play dirty some play gentlemen. Politic is sharper than any knife in the world, but it also considered as double-edged sword.

    In my point of view, Najib, Muhiyudin and Taib are very close friends. they know each other's secrets. These three are very rich and great pretenders. Even if it is real that najib and muhiyudin want taib to step down, it is mainly because sarawak is BN'S fixed deposit. Najib and Muhiyudin didn't want to lose to Anwar.

    One thing for sure, Anwar has to be in jail first before they announce the exac dat for the general election.

    to all malaysians, don't tell me you don't understand these political games.

    All in all, there is no room for umno and pas in sarawak. I will never allow that.

  • david

    To all sarawakians if anyone offers u RM cash to vote
    for that scum please take the money BUT vote the opposite.
    Think of your next generation.

  • orang ulu merinsa

    sarawak need transformation but not from BN…

  • http://D'Borneoblogs O"Borneo

    Awang Tanah is a product of Taib…. sooner Lawas would be ROBBERS TOWN………… All Lun Bawang should stand against this evils…

    • DatoSean

      then lu g la tanam BAWANG

  • uchumanang

    I think it impossible that Najib and deputy will "chased" Taib to step down….they shared the piece of sarawak land equally. Taib is the godfather for every BN man either from Malaya, Sabah or Sarawak.

  • Disgusted

    What difference does it make? SNAP has been in and out of BN all this while. I am not surprised if the BN finances SNAP. SNAP has always been BN-friendly. My advice is forget SNAP and vote for PKR/DAP. It is as simple as that.

  • Anak Laut

    Untuk mengeluarkan Taib dari berkuasa secara pilihan raya agak sukar dan mustahil sebab sebab adalah seperti berikut:

    1. Kuasa Taib amat kukuh.

    2. Beliau sangat kaya, kemungkinan terkaya didunia.

    3. Hampir semua orang veteran (BN Sarawak) menyukung beliau.

    4. Kelemahan Pakatan Rakyaat/Parti Pembangkang Sarawak.

    5. Agensi kerajaan memihak kepada Bn.

    6. Ramai yang belum mendaftar sebagai pengundi.

    1. Kuasa Taib amat kukuh

    Tidak mungkin Bn pusat akan membuang beliau, kerana kalau Taib di buang, Taib dan orangnya akan keluar dari Bn dan kemungkinan beliau akan menyertai Pakatan. Saya percaya pucuk pimpinan Pakatan akan menerima mereka dengan senang hati, tidak kira sama ada Taib rasuah atau tidak, apa yang diperlukan ialah kerusi di Parlimen. Kuasa ini lah yang amat ditakuti oleh najib, dengan itu najib ikut telunjuk taib sahaja.

    2. Taib Sangat Kaya.

    Dengan wang yang ada pada beliau, dia dapat membawa semua Ahli Perlimen Bn Sarawak melompat ka Pakatan, dia akan bagi Wang kepada mereka seberapa banyak yang mereka mahu asalkan mengikut dia melompat.

    Begitu juga dalam pilihan Raya ini nanti beliau akan hamburkan sebarapa banyak wang kepada pengundi pengundi supaya mengundinya.

    Atau pun beliau akan memasang seberapa banyak calon bebas untuk memecahkan undi pihak pembangkang dikawasan yang beliau hendak tandingi.

    3. Hampir Semua orang Bn Veteran Menyukong Taib.

    Taib adalah segalagalanya bagi mereka, taib periok nasi mereka, kalau taib pecah, mereka juga pecah, kerana mereka sama sama rasuah seperti taib walau pun tidak sebanyak taip. Mempertahankan taib beerti mempertahankan mereka sendiri. Meroboh taib, meroboh mereka sendiri. Maka dalam pilihan raya ini mereka juga berjuang habis habisan dan mengikut rentak Taib.

    4. Kelemahan Pakatan Rakyaat/Parti Pembangkang

    Parti pembangkang masih belum sebulu lagi, masing masing gairah hendak bertanding, berebut kuasa dan berebut kerusi, tidak membuat kajian atau survey kepda rakyaat dikawasan yang hendak ditandingi, Ia itu pati mana yang disukai oleh rakyaat di kawasan itu. Ini amat penting, sepatutnya mereka sudah membuat proses ini terlebih dahulu sebelum memutuskan parti mana yang akan bertanding di kawasan itu.

    5. Agensi kerajaan memihak kepada Bn.

    Pihak Bn boleh buat apa sahaja yang mereka hendak, termasuk rasuah semasa pilihan raya ini nanti, agensi agensi kerajaan yang berkenaan tidak akan menangkap mereka. Bn juga boleh menyibarkan maklumat dengan mengunakan bermacam macam sumber media.

    6. Ramai yang belum mendaftar sebagai pengundi terutama mereka yang berumur 21 – 30 tahun.

    Denagan itu jika pihak Pembangkang hendak menang dalam pilihan raya ini atau dimasa masa yang akan datang perkara diatas hendaklah diambil perhatian terlebiih dahulu.

  • Lim D Nyeton

    Whatever it is, the No.1 Question is: how is that Taib has all the wealth in Canada, Europe, US and Middle-East? The longer he remains in power, the more his wealth will accumulate. Sarawakians have to wake up!!

  • anak sarawak

    The outcome of election 2011 proved that dayak votes can be easily bought with few dollars. PM and CM are still good brothers.

  • http://deleted Bersih

    gua tak nak stand down..gua stand down lu orang semua akan stand down together…..i fight a good fight this time shew to the nation if i were to stand down..we all friendssss step down together..come on..i m not afraid…


  • Reader

    Lu org kata taib akan di'turun'kan lepas election. Mana?! Mana?! Tak ada apa pun berlaku…writer…lu crita sama saya lu punya tulis itu FACT ka IMAGINATION?

  • Mat Bersih

    Nobody can do something to Taib due to his wealth. Where is the justice ?