Taib’s Balingian is the Epicentre of his Land Grab Corruption – Exclusive Expose !

Taib’s Balingian is the Epicentre of his Land Grab Corruption – Exclusive Expose !

16 Mar 2011

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Taib brings 'development' to his constituency in Balingian!

Taib Mahmud promised development, but has delivered disaster in his own constituency of Balingian.  Scores of  communities are at this moment reeling from the shock of the present wave of ‘development devastation’ in areas that were in many cases Reserve Forest lands.

Now, shockingly, our research into the companies behind the destruction shows that in every case the profits can be traced directly back to Taib, his immediate family or to key business cronies and nominees (people known to act as his regular proxy).

These pictures, taken during a tour of investigation just last week, resemble the aftermath of a tsunami – but it has been a tsunami of greed unleashed by one old man and his small army of cronies upon the people in his own backyard.  His own voters!

Everything for me – nothing for you

This was his land - he got nothing for it!

Taib has masked his land grabs by pretending he is benefiting the people through ‘progress’ and ‘modernisation’.  He lectures them to ‘be patient’, while at the same time he impatiently tears out anything of worth from the lands where they have lived for generations.

On the spot researchers have confirmed to Sarawak Report that the only people who have been receiving compensation for the lands taken are the state-appointed headmen, who are now paid not to represent their longhouse folk, but to keep them compliant.

These individuals have been offered a pitiful RM 250 ringgit per acre for their communities’ Native Customary Rights Lands – the rest of the people have received nothing for the loss of their traditional territories and livelihoods.

One 80 year old Iban has testified to his family having lived five generations on his land, clearing the trees and growing up fruit orchards.  These were all swept away without compensation.  In one case the plantation company was narrowly prevented from bulldozing a longhouse into the ground.  Local people say they have lodged reports to the police, but that as ever such complaints are ignored.

Blantant exploitation - Empire Plantation offers a paltry RM 250 per acre to a local headman for his community's land. Also, while he is forced to 'relinquish all rights', Empire only 'tentatively' agree to pay up!

Needless to say RM 250 is a pitiful amount compared to the real worth of the wood and oil  palm concessions on these lands, which is demonstrated later in this article by the vast sums which have been paid to Taib family members by the public companies which acquired them.

Enrich my family and pay off my business partners in the name of ‘development’!

Sarawak Report’s investigations into the disposal of the lands in Taib’s area of Balingian and Mukah have revealed a quite staggering level of graft.  Shoddy attempts have been made to conceal the amount of money made by family members out of most of these concessions, but we have been able to trace the links and provide damming evidence of Taib family corruption.

Some of the concessions handed out by Taib in his own constituency. Palmlyn and Golden Star-Ace went to brother Arip, Green Ace, Saradu, Miracle Harvest to sister Raziah, SLDB/Sarawak Plantation, Kub Sepadu to cousin Hamid Sepawi, Empire Plantations to son of Hamid Bugo (political crony) and Chiong family, Rinwood to the crony Hii family.... and much more

Lands taken by Arip Mahmud and also Taib himself through Mesti Bersatu

Just one example is the large chunk of Balingian, around 34,000 hectares, handed out in the early 2000s to Taib’s closest sibling at that time,  the late Arip Mahmud.  We have identified 7 massive plots in the land registry, which were all handed to companies clearly managed out of the Lanco Plantation office, belonging to Arip.

Lanco Plantation Sdn Bhd is based at 458/459, Sublot 62, Padungan Road Kuching.  The Manager is Patrick Embol and the company’s lawyer is Lim Jit Meng.  We have clear testimony that Hamni bid Juni and Haji Anwar Susadd bin Razli were nominees of Arip Mahmud, as is evidenced by the fact that they gave the same address to the Land Registry as Lanco Plantations! (extract from the Land Survey Department’s Land Registry below):

These companies are all clearly controlled by Lanco Plantations in which the Chief Minister himself owns a substatial stake!

Despite the attempts to disguise the handouts to Lanco by using separate company names, the connections are easily spotted in the land register.  Palmlyn and Hariyama both share the same address as Lanco and Manager Patrick Embol’s number is the contact given for Rajah Mutiara Sdn Bhd.  Lim Jit Meng is the same lawyer who acquired two plantations in Pulau Bruit on behalf of Arip Mahmud (Eastern Eden and Poh Zhen) netting a profit of RM 40 million for Arip and the Chief Minster in a re-sale 12 days later!

Details of Lanco Plantation's address as registered at Malaysia's on-line Registry of Companies shows that it is the same as the company concessions shown in the Sarawak Land Registry above. The shareholders of Lanco also include Mesti Bersatu in which the Chief Minister has a personal shareholding. How much more proof are the defender's of Taib Mahmud expecting to get?!

All of the above companies were soon ‘hot-potatoed’ on to companies owned by the internationally notorious timber tycoon and Taib crony, Tiong Hiew King.  Some went to public companies, giving an idea of the profits made by the Mahmuds on these transactions, although others went into Tiong’s private companies where the transactions remain secret.

In the case of Hariyama, which grabbed 10,600 hectares of what appears to have been the Retus Protected Forest Reserve, we can see that Arip Mahmud negotiated the deal for RM 6.8 million on 24th February 2003 and then sold it on to Tiong’s Jaya Tiasa for RM 23.5 million four days later on 28th February 2003 for a cool  RM 17 million profit (details available in Jaya Taisa 2004 Annual Report and stock market announcement below).  The family also hold shares in Jaya Tiasa and so can continue to profit from the on-going exploitation of the area through oil palm plantation.

Extract of Bursa Malaysia announcement. The proof is all out there for people to see - don't say it isn't!

Likewise, there is clear evidence that the 5,000 hectare Palmlyn plantation, for which Arip was charged a mere RM 3 million premium on 12th February 2004, transferred on to another Tiong public company Subur Tiasa on 30th September 2004 for RM11.7 million, a sweet RM 9 million profit.

Extract from Subur Tiasa's on-line Annual Report 2004. People who say we have no proof are sadly lying.

Likewise Rajah Mutiara and Golden Star-Ace are now registered as being owned by private firms owned by Tiong’s Rimbunan Hijau Group.  For this reason the price paid to the Mahmuds has not been openly recorded, however we can rest assured that more millions were earned by Sarawak’s wealthiest family.

Sister Raziah and the scandal of Sarawak Plantation

We should not forget the massive profits that have also been made by the Geneids, Taib’s sister Raziah and son in law, Robert, in Balingian.  They have picked up 27,000 hectares of concessions in the region under the companies Miracle Harvest and Green Ace Resources, which the public company Kwantas took a 70% stake in after they received the concession.  The concessions are now being sold on for substantial multi-million ringgit profits.  Raziah was also handed Saradu Plantation by her brother, the Chief Minister, amounting to 5,000 hectares.

However, the scandal of Sarawak Plantation highlights another corruption at the heart of Taib’s government, which is his use of nominees and proxies to control the main businesses of the State of Sarawak and to privatise state assets into the hands of his own family.  The Chief of these nominees are the two ‘businessmen’ Hamid Sepawi and Hasmi bin Hasnan.

Like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum this useful couple appear as the Chairmen/ Shareholders of numerous key state ventures and ‘privatised’ ventures that receive contracts from Taib’s ministries.  Sepawi is Taib’s own first cousin and Hasnan is an early protege he picked up in the Land Survey Department.  These two men rocketed from obscurity to enviable positions as multi-business leaders, both featuring in the top 30 Malaysia rich list, after Taib took office in 1981.  They appear as joint managers in a string of Taib-backed ventures – one of these is the scandalous Sarawak Plantations.

Privatised into his own family!

Sarawak Plantation Berhad’s own Company Profile makes clear that it was deliberately set up and then converted into a public company  “as the vehicle company for the privatisation of Sarawak Land Development Board’s (SLDB) assets”.  This means that the company was handed vast areas of land that originally belonged to the state. http://www.spbgroup.com.my/about_us.htm

The profile goes on lay out just how vast these concessions are and its ambitious programme to develop more NCR lands:

” SPB is one of the pioneer players in the oil palm industry in Sarawak. Currently SPB has a total land bank of 52,071 Ha of which 12,914 Ha is under the Native Customary Rights (NCR) scheme. SPB, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Sarawak Plantation Agriculture Development Sdn Bhd (SPAD), owns thirteen (13) oil palm estates with a total planted area of 26,000 Ha as at 31 December 2009.

Further, in response to the State Government’s policy on NCR land development, SPB, through its subsidiary, SPB Pelita Suai Sdn Bhd (SP Suai), has developed and fully planted 1,855 Ha of NCR land in Sarawak with oil palms.

In addition, two new subsidiaries, SPB Pelita Wak Pakan Sdn Bhd and SPB PELITA Mukah Sdn Bhd, have been incorporated to undertake the development of new NCR land with a total gross area of 10,786 Ha.”

Taib and his family are making no apologies for ‘developing’ as much NCR land as they can get their hands on!  But the scandal of their profiteering could not be made plainer than in the shareholder information that is also publicly available for this ‘public’ company (see the same website).  Both Hamid Sepawi and Hasmi bin Hasnan of course occupy key controlling positions in the company and so their shareholding has to be made clear under the law.

Directors' Shareholdings - Sarawak Plantations Berhad reveals that both Hamid Sepawi and Hasmi bin Hasnan own over 30% of the 'privatised' company each! Even Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu's daughter gets a piece of the action, but not many public shareholders are thereofore benefiting from the profits of the State of Sarawak's former land bank!

Critics will be hard put to say there is no proof that a third of the State landbank of Sarawak, including vast areas of Taib’s own constituency (see the map above) has been ‘privatised’ into the hands of Tweedle Dum Sepawi and Tweedle Dee Hasnan, both widely derided as mere proxies for the old man himself.  Does the Chief Minister confuse the representation of his constituents with the ownership of his constituency?

Not content with their indirect ownership of thousands of hectares of Balingian through Sarawak Plantation (at RM2.2 per share the mens’ shareholdings are valued at just under RM 200 million each), both men have their own separate plantations in the area according to the records in the Land Registry.

A bit for ourselves? Excerpt from the Land Survey Dept's land registry. Who says there is no proof?

Other cronies giving the local landowners problems

Villager Linggan Anak Ngabok and his longhouse have lost their entire living. Only the headman has been offered compensation - in order to betray them?

The companies giving the locals trouble in the latest land case to develop in Balingian are, however, a different set of concession-holders.  Desacorp (in which the son of Taib’s political ally Hamid Bugo has shares) and the vast Empire Plantations, owned by the Wong family, who are key business cronies of the Chief Minister through their company WTK.

Four longhouses in Ulu Kenyana have have approached PKR leader Baru Bian to represent their case.

Linggam Anak Ngabok, from the Iban community of Rumah Randi in Kenyana, told us his problems began two years ago when Empire invaded his historic lands and destroyed the landscape, including all their fruit trees.  The plantation-owners refused to acknowledge the rights of the villagers.

“When they held a meeting with the DO to discuss the matter they would not even let us enter.  They only would accept to speak to the Pengulu and Tuan Rumah” he explained.

From Forest Reserve to this ……

The message back from the Pengulu was that “This is state land, so you cannot fight” say the villagers.  But they know it is their land.  They are also incensed that the BN appointed headmen were forced into decisions on their behalf and then received the miserable RM 250 per acre and not the people themselves.

The locals say that the key headmen have been  handed shares in the plantations, giving them a further incentive to act against the interests of the people they are supposed to represent, who have not been given shares or compensation or even jobs in the scheme.

So much for all Taib’s talk of ‘modernisation’ bringing benefit to the ordinary folk.  They say they used to live by selling the prized Arowana fish that lived in their river – it provided a good enough living.  However, now that the oil palm plantation has moved in and muddied the river they say the fish have gone.  The ordinary folk of the Chief Minster’s constituency of Balingian have been sidelined, ignored, left out and received nothing.  They also know it.  “To think we voted for BN at the last election laughed one of the residents of the moonscape of Kenyana.  This time we will not.  Definitely we will not”.

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    • hot

      SR has exposed the generousity of native sarawakians by GIVING and CONTRIBUTING to white hair's coffer.

      It is different from cheating though cos native sarawakians gave white hair the mandates to just take what ever he wants and sure enough he did.

      long live native sarawakians.

      • aborium

        Hot potato scumbag!

      • pening kepala

        @hot…what u r saying is…thats not cheating? whats the right word then?many would like to know…call this act what ever you want @hot..but the fact remains,those land was sold off to others at a very big profit…

    • http://yahoo Tree Spirit


      "To me, this is a lesson to other countries, that in everything they do or in whatever development they plan, they should study the surrounding environment and connect it with climate change and green technology," (Datin Rosmah on tsunami destruction of nuclear power plants)

      The PM's wife could also make a similar remark and blame CM Taib for the deforestation of Sarawak by being more destructive than a tsunami!

      Taib certainly studied the land and his development plan was based on reversed green technology and destroying the environment and people's lives.

      Some 90% of Sarawak virgin jungle has been wiped out by him since his reign begun.

      His destruction was either preceded by or followed by more disasters like thousands of ulu folks left destitute without land to till, no more harvesting to be done, polluted water and air, poverty. Many have no more reason to celebrate the harvest festival.

      "Life was 1000 times better before 1963. Now NO FREEDOM NO LAND NO HARVEST NO KA'AMATAN/GAWAI" (new SMS going around Sabah and Sarawak)

      Sarawak has been de-greened.


      Malaysian PM's wife: Japan's earthquake due to negligence

      iReport —

      Wife of Malaysian Prime Minister, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor said this when asked to comment on Japan's quake-tsunami disaster.

      “Japan's earthquake and tsunami is a result of negligence in conducting environmental-friendly developments.

      "To me, this is a lesson to other countries, that in everything they do or in whatever development they plan, they should study the surrounding environment and connect it with climate change and green technology," she told private news channel Astro Awani.

      A video clip of Rosmah airing her view instantly became a hit among internet users, circulating in sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and being met with sarcastic comments from viewers.

      The clip (in Malay language) can be viewed on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuMLtycp_0I

      • http://none Watch Dog

        Fat lady ops..First Lady, who are you to mock the Japanese? It seems that she did not study Geography and does not know what is earthquake. What are shame? She speaks for the sake of speaking.

        Sarawak very own Log jammed..Batang Rejang ,then is the real men's GREED for riches. She should have commented on Rejang Logs jammed. Seems NOT well educated after all.

        • Blunt Speaker

          Who gave her the title 'FIRST LADY'? Only the President's wife can be called first lady becoz there is no king and queen above the president deemed to be the highest in standing. So she thinks she is higher than the King's wife?

    • aborium

      We all have a moral duty – government and people – to hand on Sarawak to our future generations in good order, regardless of our political, social and cultural differences.

      Those damaging the environment must face the full force of the law – 'polluter/destroyer pays' – how much shall we charge the Balingian offenders?

    • http://www.nenekkitak.com Bujang Senang

      Stupid does stupid thing, normal lah, duit dah abis pake mabok, kak ya complaint, nasik dah jadi bubur, nang keturunan paloi , paloi juak, dah lah muka seposen, bodo makan taik. hahahaha agik rasa ko kenak bulak, abis rumah panjang di jual kak ya baruk simpan muka macam tajo lamak dlm web, lu bodo lah. u better put your face dlm mangkuk jamban. you all are simply cheap, masa election kempen nganok taib, kak ya udah ngundi kak mabok malam ngundi taib, bagus juak torang tok paloi, sak sidak taib senang molen torang, bagus lu pegi church or masjid sembahyang lagi ada faedah.you are lucky your longhouse did not cut your head.

    • okano

      I always go to ulu Balingian through Mile 62. But now, the timber companies have guards to block the road leading to ulu Balingian. This means that we could not go there anymore. What I observed since four years ago the forests at ulu Balingian are completely destructed and I believe now the situation is more deteriorating. The land grab matters is really happening rampantly there.

  • foreigner

    Got to agree that TM is shrewd, and very daring, feeling no qualms about the long long paper trail left behind for all to divulge. Does anyone truly think he cares or is worried? He’ll be long gone before the axe falls, likely sequesting in Canada, the #1 haven for fugitives of his ilk.

    Hopefully SR’s persitent exposure/disclosure will catapult his demise and close an ugly chapter in the history of Sarawak!

  • Jumanzee

    Sooner or later Sarawak the richest state in Malaysia will go bankrupt. The modus operandi of Taib is to get Sarawak bankrupt first before action can be taken against him and all that Sarawak have that is gone now cannot be recover. The Real Empire that Taib has is not Sarawak but Canada & Australia.

    My suspicion is that the land grab and the Money laundering have something to do with both that country. When Taib visit those country the Gov't in both that country worship him like god which also make him happy. In his mind he is thinking that if Sarawak people don't like him, both the country namely Canada and Australia like him. But in the mind of both those country Taib is a God, "God of Fortune" but a stupid one. He is smart & cunning in Sarawak but stupid to the eyes of the Westerners.

    Worst now is that he's blind by Ragad Big Boobs….

    • Abu

      i like the last 3 words..

  • dagenli

    Oh believe me. With voters' ignorance and umno's election machinery (including financial resources), Taib can continue on forever. He is not at all concerned or worried. Look. He is still smiling away in public. Ever confident and ever comfortable. Of course he should be. After all he is in Sarawak – his very own wonderland.

    • lobo

      We duly agree with you. No matter what and we will talk and talk until the cow comes home and come what may, the BN can still win the nest election without difficulties. The answer is predictable because the Natives will never seem to change.

      • Nelson Mandela Janti

        The BN in Sarawak might, I repeat might win this time but many bn ybs heads will fall. The important thing now is to deny them a 2third majority so that they cannot dictate the laws etc but come the next election the PKR will definitely take over the state government…Taib will be long gone and he might not last his term even if he wins this time…His young wife is too strong for him to satisfy…When the PKR governs the state all the wrong things Tahi has done will be set aright. Vote for change…Change We Can..Sarawakians have no other choice…but turn to PKR for the future of Sarawak.

  • anak sarawak

    Bravo SR for more and more exposure on the land grab by taib and cronies…This exposure shall reach to the longhouses people all over the sarawak because they are totally blind what taib have done for the last 30 years in the state chief. My fellow brother and sister let us unite and spread this valuable news to our friends and families in the longhouses.

  • Sarawak Boy

    Come on….Sarawakians. The election is coming….let's make sure we chase this corrupt government out of office….enough is enough. Let's make sure Sarawakians rule Sarawak and not cronnies from Peninsular. The future is in our hands….we need to take care of ourselves as no one else.

  • aborium

    Of Cabbages and Kings

    With mounting pressures at home and abroad, should the Rakyat now demand Taib’s Senior Cabinet Ministers to come out of their cabinets and say something concrete instead of conveniently keeping silent or hastily brushing these pressures aside and labeling them as pack of lies, deceits, and election ploys? Or coyly side-stepping the issue as a foreign interference in the affairs of Sarawak?

    We now put a challenge to each of them to refute the claims made thus far in Sarawak Report with their documented evidence or else we’ll conveniently use the same label them against them as they label others. We’ll know then whether they are merely ‘Yes Ministers’ or not. Now is the time to show and tell the Rakyat who you really are, what you’re made of, and what have you done for Sarawak and its People.

    Now is the time to talk of many things: of nepotism, cronyism, corruption, and why the issue on the environment is boiling hot? Of examining counter-claims that the West is all out to destroy our palm oil industry, the validity of which may or not be true, but nevertheless, is putting the economic benefits arguments at the expense of its real environmental costs. Are there no other solutions to achieving sustainable development? Or is it just a quick-fix for justifying land grabs, making fast bucks, or just keeping Sarawak’s export figures looking good for their term in office? Tell us, we want to know the truth.

    Fair game, you think?

  • Patrick

    u have your says, i have my vote!

  • hampa ak keciwa

    Padan muka tak orang Melanau & Iban Balingian & Mukah cheated by Taib & cronies and proxies! Your NCR and tanah temuda declared as state land to be developed by Taib BN gov't but in actual case it's for land grabs by Taib's families. The logs worth millions RM being felled for sale to second & third parties. The land itself developed with palm oil by own and proxy company or other sold to syarikat rakan for more million profits. Formerly bought for the price of RM250.00 per acre and sold for thousands of RM to these syarikat. Your lands once full of timber and sago palms are now raped. Your future and decendants will have nothing any more facing the same fate as those orang ulu Bakun now.

    If you want to give more opportunities to Taib's family, siblings & cronies VOTE Taib come this Election. If you feel that you have been cheated & kena ugut all this whiile, NOW is the time for change. Vote Taib out and Undi PAKATAN.

    Inform all your parents, relatives & friends now to campaign for Pakatan so that we'll rid of these Taib families & cronies.

    Sepik asai kitak enti agi ngundi Taib. Anang komplen tanah adt kita dirampas tau ka diambik ia enggau kaban belayan ia.

    Tayek bekan kelo a Melanau serta dayak MUkah & Balingain nigek a tanah kelo nendengah bak subet pembangunan. Pimun sawitlah. Sai bey ladang yen mun nda keluarga jabai janeak Taib? Setegal jenuah duit hasil sawit yen jumik ngak manah angai. Kira un kena kelo jabai untung delo yen.

    Sambut serta ta'ah telabau Taib jabai orang PBB siyen masa kempen. Tapi mengundi ta'olah!

  • All seeing eyes

    Anybody interested in protesting in Australia ? I know plenty of Sarawakians here.

  • confused citizen

    This is what BN's policy is all about. It is yourself to blame for voting BN all these years without fail. No point to cry over spilled milk, since your property has changed hands already. To reclaim is an uphill task for esp.the folks who are mostly poor farmers.

    Only Baru Bian and his teams seem to be able to help to reclaim back your land, but the question is WHEN ? He alone can not handle too many similar cases all at one go, unless another capable volunteer lawyer is willing to take up the case.

    During the last GE, I campaigned for Keadilan. We were refused entry to some of the long houses (names not mentioned) and also being intimidated by the long house folks, although our objective was merely to campaign for our party. Never had I seen such "obedient" long house folks that the did what was told word by word by their Tuai rumah/Penghulu who are BN's tools.

    So now, all I can say is, you deserve what you get.Its time for you to get explanation or to claim what is due to you from your Tuai rumah/Penghulu. Its now or never.But I do pity those who were really innocent of the whole episode.

    Think. Apply Mathma Gandi's passive resistance move for better future.

    • Tiarama

      How come the longhouse folks didnot revolt against their headmen knowing that the headmen were paid by BN?

      Likewise, I am doubtful that the longhouse folks will not vote him. He has tons of money to give away and remember those folks can change their mind overnight once they see $$$ infront of them. The penans and those who live in the intereior are more principled tribes as they only want their lands not money. But they may not have a chance to cast their votes.

  • hot

    native sarawakians are to be blamed for these catastrophic disasters befalling them. they asked for it themselves.

    why else would they give white hair 32 years of helming them through muck though?

    long live native sarawakians.

  • Lampu kidurong

    Hard to belief that 114.40 acres for only Rm 28.600.00 Wow !!

    this what Taib Mahmud called " POLITIC PEMBAGUNAN " for his family and cronies.

  • anak sarawak

    But i believe many of sarawak people those are don't have internet access not aware of this issue. Most of them are rely on newspaper borneo post, utusan s'wak, eastern time or tv1,2,3 which is most of the time only expose govement good doing. They believe what they see….It now our duty to ensure them up to date….everyone of us accountable for Movements of Change…

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Taib Mahmud is ALL out to destroy the NATIVES.That was the reason why he moved away from Muara Tuang to Balingian. He was welcomed by the voters there and voted him but behind the scene is a deep sense of destruction by the Thief Minister.He did this so that the Natives remain poor and will be the "servants" for LIFE tpo the thief Minister and his cronies.

    Now,they asked one of their CRONIES to put SNAP to weaken the opposition. To me SNAP is NEVER serious as an OPPOSITION.Their elected representative suddenly became a frog and even sold his soul to be admitted into BN.What a life J.Abdullah? You betrayed your very own people in Engkilili.

    Now it seems that the blood is boiling and can we stop it from boiling and for how long?

    • Babeh

      Agree with you bro. Like before PBDS is a very strong opposition. After they win many seat, what happen to them? they joint BN, like poor people/beggars request for money & food. I think the same will happen to SNAP. Their heart still with BN but BN cannot give SNAP seat as BN already give SNAP seat to SPDP. This time SNAP will fight all out to win seat to show that they still important to BN. I hope this opposition sincere with their campaign as people still need true leaders for new generation & future.

  • orangeKampung

    The Sarawakians is the government not Taib but he took the opportunities that the kampungs people are not well educated with false promises. Sarawak belongs to the people. Here come BB and his sincere and honest friends. we are the government of the days

  • Aki Beruang

    Don't blame anybody for this problems. Put the blame on us. We are too busy with our life and we forget about the real "Politik".

    I don't kmow what really happened to the Dayak. Are we so dump & stupid OR are we actually simpltons? OR just NUTs?. Why time and again we let the same group of people plunder our lands/NCR in particular and come election time we vote for them to power?

    Guys we need to examine our heads & intellect so that we are no longer the laughing stock and being bullied by these group of so-called politicans who raided our NCR lands under the guise of so-called progress & development.

    We need to open up our mind-open them clearly and extensively.

    Don't let the "Apai Salie" mentality trapped our mind to the extent that we are not able to think clearly & throughly.Look around us. Once our NCR lands "Habis" we will be the " beggers" at major towns in Sarawak. The signs are there.

    So think and think carefully before you put your vote.This is democracy. You are the one who will make the change nothing elese.

  • Iban in OZ

    All seeing eyes, count me in bro. Organize one. Hmmm perhaps contact other activist?

  • Babeh

    sekarang krjn BN tambah RM60j utk sukat tanah NCR. Apa maksud semua ini? lepas ini mereka sukat semua tanah atas nama TR, KK dan Penghulu. kalau krjn BN mau ambik tanah ini balik mereka akan cakap dengan TR, KK dan Penghulu, bagi duit 2-3ribu untuk 2-3ribu ekar. rakyat mau cakap apa pasal tanah semua atas nama TR, KK dan Penghulu. Taktik BN ini sudah diketahui oleh semua orang di bandar dan di hutan. rakyat bukan bodoh lh macam 30 tahun dahulu, pasal dulu rakyat masih buta huruf. dulu kalau perang dayak lawan guna sumpit, ilang, sangkuh dsb tp mereka(krjn) lawan guna mata pen. sekarang mau election pun mau tangguh2..apa semua ini, taik palat punya orang yang atur ini election..cakap election fair lh, tapi semua tunggu palak uban tekan suis dulu. Tunggu lh sampe semua tanah habis sukat, hutan habis kena clear baru mau election. rakyat SARAWAK jadi paloi sebab tidak berani macam di MESIR, TUNISIA, THAIILAND, LIBYA, IVORY COAST…kita rakyat masih ada palak otak mau tunggu sampe election. kalau Jepun sudah kena earthquake, tsunami, tidak hairanlh Sarawak akan kena dengan EARTHQUAKE & TSUNAMI PILIHANRAYA…TQ FOR SR FOR THIS VERY GOOD BLOG..

  • MalaysianTino

    Great article on the political corruption in Sarawak. Evidence has been given and whatever further proof is only a step away.

    But where is MACC???

  • http://yahoo Pandak segatak

    Anang bejako mayoh,padah ka apai indai aki inek kita,bala menyadi,petunggal aya,ibo enggau semua kaban belayan anang ngasoh ngundi perintah BN maya berpilih kunsil negeri Sarawak ke ka datai tok.Jako mayoh nadai meh guna ba undi tok aja ulih ngalah ke sida ia….semua sida perintah nya BULA…BULA….BULA….BULA…..Anang jako kering aja kitai iban tang dalam semua pengawa alah..nama guna nya.Aku ka enda abis pom 3 tok nemu semua nya anang agi bala sida bancat ka bibi digree nya alu enda nemu utai…akai..nadai guna kita nya belajar sampai agai unibersiti..tunu aja certipiket digri kita nya unggal.Certtipikit nya kena kita nyual bansa kitai iban ukai kena nulong bansa diri.Bansa kitai iban tok semina berani kerah-kerah bejako tang nadai utai ulih…..majoriti kitai di Sarawak tok punggal tang laban kitai kelalu ka pandai sombong…nama utai olih bansa kitai.?????makai tai bansa bukai.Klalu paloi…abis bansa,menoa kitai tok ila.Nama guna kita nya sekula alu enda nemu utai..parai manah agi!!!!

    • PJJ

      Betul nya Pandak segatak…..Tesau bala di menua.help to spread the news.

  • Kobelco

    What a crook man Taib is, making Sarawakian too easy to be cheated!

  • Anak Baei

    what ever exposure in SR still BN win because the people are somehow just dont care later when the government announce development of new land or transfer this chaps to new area for them to start new life…this was the cycle for years.

  • john

    Unbelievable!! by Order of Home Minister Hishammudin. Holy bible to be stamped with “Peringatan: ‘Al Kitab Berita Baik’ ini untuk kegunaan penganut agama Kristian sahaja. Dengan perintah Menteri Dalam Negeri.” [In English: “Reminder: This ‘Al Kitab Berita Baik’ is for the use of Christians only. By order of the Home Minister.”] The cover of the Alkitab would be stamped with the department’s official seal and dated and also to have serial number as well. Incredible …Apparently we can no longer free to practice our own religion. From now..the christian must accepts the ORDER OF HOME MINISTER is greater than the Bible..this is from the BN control goverment. they have taken our land and now they taken away our freedom to our own religion. This is INSULTING!! Stamping on the Bible ? they desecrating our our Holy Bible… the word of GOD. this is disgraceful. KDN have acted beyond their power and defaced the Bible. Dear fellow Christians, dear brothers and sisters used your vote this election. VOTE for opposition don't let BN in power. don't let UMNO to Putrajaya Unless you want this to happen.

    • Jehovah Army

      I might not be as good a christian as some of you does, but this dark episode created by the deadly bigotrous, fanatic, hypenotitious and monomaniac umno government really disgusted, irked and annoyed me to the dead beat. How damn stupid they are to have created such a rule. If so, than the other religious books including the Quran should also be stamped ' For ………only' How do they'll feel if it's done as such in non-moslem countries? (Sorry I don't mean to offend moslem friends here, just wanna show you how angry we are toward our stupid govt. of the day) We already have enough prohibition imposed upon us. Just look at the bookstores, a lot of books and articles on christianity were banned from entering the country even if they were printed in English.

      I suppose it is time for christians in Sabah and Sarawak to have their own biblical scholars and let them determine on/of how to elaborate and illustrate the words from the original scriptures into various local languages and not relying on our neighbour country. We need to have a least one Biblical Studies Center for each state. If the govt. never allow this to materialize, it's time for us to…………………….

      In a related case, the home ministry has issued a letter of reprimand addressed to The Star group chief Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai as it is being the first mainstream tabloid to broke the truth on 9 March 2011.



  • najibrazak

    Time to drop Taib before he drops BN further into the mud? As to the proof of corruption who needs this? Everyone knows that ALL the BN members of Parliament and State assemblies are crooks. No proof of villainy no seat!

    • Nelson Mandela Janti

      I am not a politician and neither am I a member of any political parties. But to generalize that ALL Bn YBs are crooks is not correct, there are some who are not tarnished by scandals of sorts..they may not be perfect Ybs but they are not as corrupt as the majority of our wakil rakyat.

  • Rage Againt The Mach

    Bangkai Tuai rumah, penghulu. Bangkai.

  • Anak Sarawak 2

    Remember all f you land grabbers. Eternal punishment awaits you in the after life. You shall burned in hell…

  • Blunt Speaker

    If the tuai rumah is the traitor of his longhouse people, they should use peoples power to vote him out. Replace with someone more responsible and trustworthy! Isn't there a single person who can be relied on in the whole longhouse? Couldn't be or it will reflect badly the intelligence of the people!

    • http://none Watch Dog


      • Blunt Speaker

        Bro, that is to say there is no real democracy in this country. The only way is through the ballot boxes and the people must really make a wise decision this time by voting out this dictator and all his puppets. Wise up people, change your destiny for the better! We must get this message across the entire land!

  • iam hock lin

    whatever it is,he did the right thing for sake of development! u ppl don't TC around…

    • Teaser

      Ya he did alot of development for himself,family and chinese cronies including yourself perhaps?! I'm wondering where and what is my next meal going to be? From taib's treniken garbage truck? Damned i'm real hungry just looking at the trucks!!!

    • Teaser

      Ya he did alot of development for himself,family and chinese cronies including yourself perhaps?! I'm wondering where and what's my next meal going to be? From taib's treniken garbage truck? Damned i'm real hungry just looking at them trucks!!!

    • pening kepala

      @iam hock lin…what development?do you realise that anything 20km away from kuching bandar (north and south) is still covered by fauna and flora?tell me if this is the development sarawakians want? and mind you,sarawak IS THE RICHEST STATE IN MALAYSIA…

  • http://none HII LING WONG



  • Iban in OZ

    One man pulling the strings. Taib!

    • Uchu aki enggal(SEBI

      Iban OZ aku nemu sapa nuan.sukong meh pengawa SR enggau RFS tu.

  • Buntak Dut

    Some tuai rumah / penghulu are corrupted & betrayed their own people just because of money offered by Pak Uban. Long house folks shall boot out these tuai rumah / penghulu.

    Let us together boot out Pak Uban and the corrupted YBs in the coming election.

  • kucing hitam

    to loose one man who suck human blood or get lost everything of mankind.let him go before he demand another term to stay.nothing to loose.

  • Nelson Mandela Janti

    Barang ko jako kita meh.Semua bula magang. Makin kita maioh jako mantah Tahi Mood makin maioh jalai iya nyadi kaya nyual tanah bansa Iban paloi, semina nemu palau enggau nyabung.

  • bubukbusu

    What ever it it in the internet. All these not reach by people in the ulu. Went out to the ulu many times. All about Taib is not been heard. The present rep is sticking like gum there afraid to loose the next election.. Onthe other hand as long as the Sarawak native can be bought by a bottle of langkau, that it. Taib Crony will till in power.

  • mad orangutan

    sarawak election will be next month. i already made up my mind and i hope most of sarawak voters have the same idea and will to kick out taib and his gang of robbers in pbb party out of sarawak dun. and later malaysian voters will kick out the other big robbers in umno out of putrajaya come pru13. god bless

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Bro,you alone is not enough.Please go back to your rural folks,your wife,brothers,sisters,relatives and friends too.

      Together we succeeded in overthrowing the thief minister.In Jesus's name ….Amen

  • Lonewolf


  • http://www.nenekkitak.com Bujang Senang

    hahahahahahahaha, nang iban , org ulu tok paloi, cakap besar, mun mabok brani, ada sumpit sik berani nyumpit taib, ada sakang cina tokey sik di sakang, sah torang tok bodo. berik dak bn t shirt masa election dah lupak dirik , make tshirt ya sampe 10 taun, banga, nang jugah tok pun keturunan paloi bin belik, jabu, leo mogi kanang, rentap, danel tajem,masing juak anok teror. iban lain nang tukang jilat burit taib, masa election mabok kak ya ngayap, rumah panjang di jual tanah berik ngan taib mantak2, ne torang pun ketua kampungsemua dah kenak beli cina.so your leader is useless, change the gov to change your future.sedarlah bangsa bumiputera, iban, org ulu.

    atau pun teruskanlah tidor dgn lena silap2 kubor torang pun ditanam sawit. hahahahahahahh long live taib, keep on fucking ragad ass

  • anak desa

    Bujang Senang,

    Tak perlu salahkan Iban dan Orang ulu…Semua bangsa di Sarawak adalah sama.Generasi lama Sarawak memang senang diperbodoh oleh Taib dan BN kerana rata-rata mereka tidak berpelajaran dan bukannya bodoh seperti mana yang bujang senang nyatakan. Sekiranya mereka juga berpelajaran seperti kita dan terdedah dengan dunia luar, saya pasti mereka juga akan menolak Taib dan BN.

    Apa yang perlu kita lakukan sekarang adalah dengan mendidik dan menyampaikan maklumat yang betul berkenaan dengan sistem pemerintahan yang diamalkan di negara ini. Rata-rata penduduk pendalaman tidak tahu yang kerajaan ini boleh berubah atau ditukar. Mereka cuma tahu kerajaan BN dan Pembangkang sahaja. "BN itu bagus dan Pembangkang itu jahat".

    Jadi adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kita yang sudah celik huruf ini untuk mengajar dan mendidik mereka erti sebenar sebuah kerajaan. Secara ringkasnya BN menjadi kerajaan kerana majoriti rakyat memilih BN. Sekiranya BN gagal dalam menunaikan tanggungjawab yang diamanahkan rakyat, selayaknya BN tidak akan dipilh lagi dan rakyat kena beri undi kepada Parti lain pula untuk mengambil alih kerajaan. Sebagai contoh, Tuai Rumah atau Ketua Kampung, sekiranya mereka ini gagal apa salahnya kita memilih Tuai Rumah atau Ketua Kampung yang baru.

    Semoga Bujang Senang bergerak segera untuk mendidik masyarakat terutama sekali mereka yang masih menganggap BN itu baik atai BN itu perintah.

    Vote for change and better future for Sarawak

  • chan

    hahaa…very poor iban..think money..so wat they get.

  • chan

    bodo bodo…nk salah taib aja ke..he bos..duduk saja kat opis..juz orang bikin projek 2 punya pasal..guna nama taib..rosak kn nama olang..

    contoh lh lu bos..aku ambk projek u..mesti aku jual nama u..bodo fikir lah..

    • pening kepala

      @chan….(must be a crony of george chan) hehehe

  • Every Vote Counts

    “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral crisis.”


    REMEMBER to get more people to vote for PR.

    Every Vote Counts.

    Its NOW or NEVER.


    Vote for A BETTER Malaysia for ALL Malaysians

  • http://none Watch Dog



  • batulawi

    We are lazy readers! We don't think when we don't read. Reading for knowledge is the food of the mind. Most of us prefer to listen to the radio and watch TV and let others do the reading for us. Like little children who wants granny to read "Jack and the Beanstalk" at bed time. To educate our people politically, we need more visual aids like cartoons, videos and talks and recorded interviews. Bravo SR and RFS!!