Where is Farok Majeed and How Wealthy is Onn Mahmud?

Where is Farok Majeed and How Wealthy is Onn Mahmud?

18 Mar 2011

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Farok Majeed - Construction Consultant, who sued Onn Mahmud over property renovations in 2007/8.

For nine months Sarawak Report has been looking for Farok Majeed, last heard of working out of Sydney for the Chief Minister’s brother Onn Mahmud.  We have been unable to trace Mr Majeed since he disappeared in the middle of a court case in which he was suing Onn Mahmud for over $15 million Australian Dollars.  

Our previous report detailed how Farok was billing Onn Mahmud for “development and management” work on Australia’s most expensive ever penthouse deal.  The court case also detailed numerous other property dealings relating to Onn Mahmud, but the case lapsed after Majeed disappeared.

The Australian Judge, Justice Brereton, of the Supreme Court New South Wales, suspended proceedings in a ruling on January 31st 2008 on the basis that Mr Majeed had failed to appear at this and a previous hearing on December 13th 2007.  He made plain, however, that the litigant had recently been in touch with his office before that date: 

“Although, on 15 November, Mr Majeed provided a folder filed that day containing affidavit evidence in response to the motion, and also the draft Statement of Claim to which I have referred, he has provided nothing since. Nothing has been heard of him by my chambers since then”. [Justice Brereton 31/01/08] 

Onn Mahmud - Taib's brother and former businessness partner and chief of family businesses CMS.

In the light of this non-appearance Brereton reversed a judgement that had previously been made awarding Majeed $2,212,615 in damages against Onn Mahmud for unpaid work by Majeed’s construction company Australasia Pacific.

He also required that Majeed pay Mahmud’s legal expenses pending a judgement in any future hearing.  It would be nice to have evidence from Mr Mahmud that he received these payments.  The case was adjourned to February 2008, but there is no evidence that Farok Majeed took his litigation any further.  

The kick-back scandal and Farok’s evidence about Onn’s wealth  

1902 Peach Gardens - a Singapore penthouse worth over $7 million Singapore Dollars. At 5,261 square feet and with 5 bedrooms Estate Agents rave that you "cant find such a spacious apartment anymore"

 Farok Majeed’s case against Onn Mahmud came at a particularly sensitive time for the Chief Minister’s brother.  Japanese newspapers had started to report that their tax authorities were prosecuting Japanese shipping companies for paying millions of dollars of undeclared timber kickbacks to a company in Hong Kong fronted by Onn’s personal secretary, Kin Kwok Shea. 

The company, Regent Star, operated out of the same office as a sister Mahmud company called Richfold, of which Onn was the key Shareholder.  During the period of these kickbacks Onn was acting as the Director and shareholder of the company Achipeligo, which had been given the licencing authority over all timber exports from Sarawak by Onn’s own brother, the Chief Minister Taib Mahmud.  The Japanese shipping companies explained that they would encounter ‘difficulties’ in getting their export licences from Achipeligo until money had been paid to Regent Star! 

The properties cited in Farok’s court depositions

Farok Majeed’s court case, originally filed in September 2006, makes plain that he had been engaged by Onn to work on a number of expensive property developments in Sydney.  These are detailed in the public court documents, along with details of Onn Mahmud’s own exclusive homes apartments in Singapore and Sydney.  Farok describes his attempts to deliver his court summons to Onn’s various residences, thereby providing their addresses.  He also names a number of property companies owned by Onn, his wife, son and daughter. 

The list of properties Majeed claims he worked on for Onn Mahmud in Australia.

Firstly, Majeed cites 1902 Peach Gardens as the Onn family flat in Singapore.  This is a duplex penthouse apartment, highly spacious for the crowded city, which Sarawak Report photographed complete with its swimming pool.  A next door similar apartment has been advertised for over $7 million Singapore Dollars in recent months.  The estate agents boast that the guarded property: 

“boasts facilities like a swimming pool, a wading pool, tennis courts, squash courts, a playground, a clubhouse, BBQ pits, 24-hour security and a covered car park”. 

Luxury - looking down at the living room of one of the Peach Garden Penthouses from the upper floor.

However, the grandeur of Peach Gardens pales into insignificance compared to Onn Mahmud’s family home address at 26 Carrara Road, Vaucluse, Western Australia, where Majeed also tried to serve his summons.  Put simply it is one of the smartest houses in the most expensive street in Sydney.  Complete with a cliff tip swimming pool looking out over a marine reserve, the residence commands a magnificent view over Sydney Harbour.  Houses in Carrara Road have consistently achieved the highest prices of any residential area in Sydney, with one mansion selling last year for $27 million Australian Dollars in the midst of the property recession. 

Onn's luxury cliff top mansion in Sydney Harbour is worth millions of dollars.

Vast property wealth the product of timber corruption?

Protesters are now demanding that the Taib family properties in Australia, the US, Canada, the UK and elsewhere should be  investigated as products of Sarawak’s massive timber corruption.  There are a number of demonstrations planned in Australia next week, beginning with Sydney on Monday. Onn Mahmud’s intimate connections with Sarawak’s timber trade kickbacks surely make his properties a primary target for any such investigation. 

The 20 story, 225 room Coronade Hotel in downtown KL sold for RM 93 million last year!

Consider the documented facts, which are that in 1983 Onn and his wife invested just RM 2.00 ringgit of share capital into a company Achi Jaya Corporation Sdn Bhd.  It was the Achi Jaya subsidiary, Achipelago Shipping, which Taib in an act of blatant nepotism, appointed  to take charge of issuing timber shipping permits from Sarawak.

After just a few years in this role, amidst the scandalous information about kickbacks, we can demonstrate that the couple had gone from modest means to ownership of a staggering international property portfolio.   We have identified properties in North America, Sarawak, Malaysia and now, thanks to Farok Majeed’s information, some of Australia’s plum residential buildings.


Farok Majeed’s court papers show he had also tried to catch up with Onn to serve his papers at his hotel in Kuala Lumpur.  This was The Coronade, a massive inner-city high-rise block was sold last year for RM 93 million. Onn in known to have re-invested in the fashionable 5 Star seaside resort at Langkawi.


Fancy hotel for sale by Achi Jaya. Achi Jaya is owned by Onn.

The Coronade Group was part of what appears to be an attempt by Onn to go into business as a hotelier and property speculator in Australia and the Far East.  As already reported by us, Onn was already one of the founding Directors and

Commercial Skyscraper – Ottawa’s ‘Xerox Tower’, part of the Sakto Property Empire which Onn founded with Taib’s children in Canada

Shareholders of both the Taib North American property ventures, Sakti in the US and Sakto in Ottawa, Canada, which between them now command a property portfolio worth hundreds of millions of US dollars.  At this time in the 1980s and 90s Onn was also acting as a key Director for Taib’s family business CMS.  Insiders make clear that, although Onn Mahmud has now distanced himself from the Chief Minister, he made his original fortune at the time when he was acting as Taib’s closest confidant and business proxy.

Plantations – the RM 930,000,000 sale!

In this context we should not forget Mahmud’s plantation business, which also spread beyond Sarawak into investments in Malaysia and abroad. In a current example Onn is seeking to cash in on a 30,000 acre plantaion that he is esitmating at RM 31 million per acrea. The is a sum of roughly RM 930,000,000 million ringgit rhat he stands to make.

 People may recall that we reported earlier this week that natives in Taib’s constituency in Balingian are being offered just RM 250 per acre for their native customary rights lands by plantation owners.  Taib their local MP clearly has little interest in protecting them from such exploitation.

A recent plantation sell off appears to have netted Onn Mahmud just under a billion ringgit!

It is perhaps relevant to understanding the business connections between Onn Mahmud and Farok Majeed to know that Majeed is known by insiders to have been originally involved in organising land acquisitions for Taib Mahmud in Sarawak.  Majeed was known to be a specialist in NCR (native customary rights) land deals, say sources who were extremely close to the family.

More property in Australia

Valentine on George Street - Onn was an original shareholder, but resigned and it is now owned by his wife, daugher and sister-in-law

However, in 2007 Majeed was suing Onn for work that he alleged he performed on helping with development projects in Australia.  One of the projects named in the case is the ’boutique hotel’ that Onn still owns called the Valentine on George Street, opened by the Sultan of Kedah in 2007.

The development of the Valentine and its two associated restaurants, which are owned and Directed by Onn’s wife, sister and daughter, developed a high profile.  However, it was not the kind of high profile that is welcomed.  Donmastry, the company developing the property was even cited in the Australian Parliament after a series of scandals were reported in the press.   There had been pickets by unpaid workers and MP Jan Burnswood had this to say in condemnation of Donmastry:

” I want to place some remarks on the record about a development company in Sydney known as Donmastry Pty Ltd.. On Christmas Eve last year a builder employed by Donmastry went bust and did not pay a large number of small sub-contract companies that had been working on his site in the city.

The company was also developing another restaurant on the corner of George and Valentine streets, Sydney. That site was a death trap and was appallingly unsafe. Unlawful workers were engaged as cheap labour and it was riddled with tax rorts and workers compensation fraud”.[Jan Burnswood]

The publicity was mainly focused on attacking a shareholder and director James Nasmi, however the majority shareholders of the company are in fact Onn Mahmud’s wife, daughter and sister-in-law (see excerpt from Australian Company Records on Donmastry below showing the number of shares held by Nazmi and the Onns in Donmastry).

Majeed sued the Mahmud family for the expenses incurred in taking Nasmi to court over the matter, according to his deposition to the court .

Clear to see who is in charge of the controversial developement company Donmastry - Onn's wife Halimantan Abdul Ghani

Onn has made a clear recent attempt to disassociate himself from these various property enterprises, in which he originally held a stake through his company Kesuma holdings. He dissolved Kesuma Holdings in early 2009.  However, the continuing ownership of the companies by his own wife, daughter and sister in law, all based at his home in Carrara Road offers painfully little disguise! 

The most expensive penthouse ever sold in Sydney! 

However, there is another stunning property investment that Farok also refers to in his court case.  This property also caught the attention of the newspapers when the penthouse flat in the development, known as Ten Wylde Street in the fashionable downtown harbour area of Potts Point, alone sold for a record-breaking $20 million Australian Dollars in 2008!

The most expensive penthouse flat in Sydney, sold off plan for Aus $20 million. Majeed worked on the property for Onn Mahmud!

The penthouse is just one of a series of flats in the re-development that, thanks toFarok’s court case ,we know Onn Mahmud was heavily involved with.  The development was of an old service apartment building and it would appear from the court case that Onn had bought the block and was re-furbishing it for sale as top quality flats. 

Australia's most expensive ever apartment deal involved a certain family from Sarawak!

Alternatively, it is possible that he himself was the ‘mystery buyer’ behind the record-breatking $20 million penthouse purchase, which interestingly eventually fell through.  The Australian authorities should clearly by now conclude that there is a case to investigate, as to whether the products of timber corruption in Sarawak have provided such serious buying power in their property markets!

So what happened to Farok?

We would also like to investigate this matter further and to find out what assets belong to the other property companies referred to in Farok Majeed’s court documents.

However, despite our efforts we have not been able to trace Farok Majeed. We do know that he was made a bankrupt at some stage, so we assume he did not succeed in claiming a satisfactory settlement from the Mahmuds.  However all his work places and academic links which have been listed have informed us that they no longer know his whereabouts.

What happened to Farok? We know he went bankrupt, but where is he now?

Farok Majeed was the founder and Chairman of a Singapore association of building renovators called RADAC.  However, although he authored an address used in its 2010 report no one at RADAC has been able to inform Sarawak Report of the whereabouts of their boss.  Shortly after we began enquiries RADAC replaced Majeed as their Chairman.

“We know it sounds strange” the new Chairman, Jonny See, told us in October “but we have no idea how to contact Farok Majeed”.

Staff at RADAC told us they had not heard from Majeed for many months. 

Likewise, another organisation associated with Farok, the US based Construction Dispute Resolution Services, first told us that Farok was an “active” member of the group and forwarded our messages.  However, his colleagues later admitted that they have not heard from him “for about two years”.

We enquired at his former University of Sydney department where, until we contacted them, Farok was still listed as a member of the teaching staff.  His Professor told us that he has not seen or heard from Farok for some considerable while.

Registered on their website until this month. But Farok's association had ended with the University of Sydney.

 Finally, we enquired of Mr Majeed’s bankruptcy lawyers as to the whereabouts of their former client.  However, they too have said that they are no longer able to trace him through their contact details.  His companies are closed and he is no longer registered at any address and a Private Detective Agency in Australia has also been unable to discover him.  Perhaps he has moved back to Malaysia?  Perhaps he has hidden himself, which would be unusual for an individual in the property consultancy business? 

Perhaps Mr Majeed will hear of the article and contact us, since we believe he can give us extensive information about the Mahmud family’s property wealth, which people in Sarawak are entitled to know about?  Alternatively, perhaps Mr Onn Mahmud can give us the information we are looking for?  Perhaps he can tell us what happened to his former business partner and then legal adversary Farok Majeed?


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      For sure, some thing serious happened to Majeed before his day in court.

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      Majeed could have made a deal with Onn Mahmud for millions not to appear OR he could be wearing the famous Aussie concrete shoes under the harbour!

      The Taib family is expert in concreting up an massive financial empire and can easily spare some cement for such shoes or may have concreted Majeed in some cement mix on a building site!

      That solves a few problems for the Defendant as the case cannot proceed and he didn't have to pay any money.

      Remember you cannot simply abuse the Australian court system so easily unless there is an out of court settlement.

      For a start Majeed's lawyers will be looking for him to settle his costs (unless collected up front) and Sydney is not that big if Majeed is still operating there and for Onn. So is he operating for Onn?

      Anyone know if Majeed's lawyers have been paid and by whose money? Remember he was bankrupted. Didn't he already feathered his nest as an expert on stealing NCR land?

      Sarawak Report did you check if there was an out of court settlement? You report did not mention this. In fact he seems to have disappeared into thin air. No one knows where he is.

      If so there was a settlement with Onn, Majeed may still be alive. If not the police should be informed of 1 missing person and dredge Sydney Harbour. Look for a large block of concrete. It may be harder to breakdown bui

      So, is it more likely Majeed just DISAPPEARED for good like another Ross Boyert event because he dared to challenge another powerful gangster and looter of Sarawak wealth?

      The odds are that he may have disappeared for good alive or not like the witnesses in the Mongolian Lady case!

      But ghosts do not go away as Najib knows……

      Questions questions!

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  • Dayang Rogayah

    Taib to quit as CM after Sarawak polls, say sources

    By Jahabar Sadiq


    March 18, 2011

    Taib is expected to announce the dissolution of the state assembly tomorrow. — File pic

    KUALA LUMPUR, March 18 — Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud is likely to drop a bombshell this weekend that he will not be the Sarawak chief minister after the state elections, a move Barisan Nasional (BN) hopes will reduce anger against the veteran leader and allow the ruling coalition to easily win the polls.

    Sarawak insiders say state government officials and the Najib administration believe the departure of the longest-serving chief minister will deflate opposition momentum in the east Malaysian state, which is almost as big as the entire Malay peninsula.

    Taib has not indicated the date for the polls but coyly said today, “Wait one more day,” when asked by reporters.

    He is due to join Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in several events tomorrow, among which is said to be his bombshell announcement of stepping down and also the dissolution of the state legislature.

    The Malaysian Insider has learnt that the 71-seat state legislature could be dissolved as early as next Monday, with nomination day and polling day likely in April, three months before Taib’s mandate ends on July 23.

    The white-haired Taib has attracted much criticism over his unwillingness to step down or nurture successors. In addition, he has been hit by waves of accusations of corruption and nepotism, with anti-graft body Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) joining the call in asking the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate the allegations.

    Some in BN feel that Taib should not contest the polls but others feel that only the strongman will be able to hold the coalition together and deliver the timber-rich state to the ruling federal coalition, which considers Sarawak and Sabah as its “fixed-deposit” vote bank.

    As a compromise, Taib is said to have agreed to contest the polls but step down as CM after that. His successors could be either his deputy in Parti Pesaka Bumiputera (PBB) Datuk Amar Abang Johari Abang Openg or party vice-president Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Awang Ali Hassan.

    Abang Johari’s name has cropped up over the years and Taib first named him as a possible successor in 1992.

    Speculation that the polls could be held next month reached a feverish pitch this week when Taib had an audience with state governor Tun Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng before chairing the state Cabinet meeting.

    The last state election was held in 2006 where BN won 62 seats, DAP six, PKR one, SNAP one and independent one.

    The DAP and PKR formed Pakatan Rakyat (PR) together with PAS after Election 2008 and will contest the Sarawak election together with SNAP, although the four parties have yet to conclude talks on distribution of seats.

    Sources within PR say the pact hopes to deny BN a two-thirds majority but BN is confident of maintaining a similar number of seats it won in 2006.

    “We should maintain our majority although we could lose a few more seats,” a state BN source told The Malaysian Insider.

    He said the state BN has been affected by the Alkitab row in the Christian-majority state apart from allegations of corruption against Taib and his family.

    The Alkitab row came about after the federal government impounded 30,000 Malay-language bibles in Kuching port recently, apart from some 5,000 impounded in Port Klang two years ago. Putrajaya finally relented to releasing the holy books this week but the importers have refused to collect the Bibles due to conditions placed by the Home Ministry.

    Sarawak has asked for the Bibles to be released after news broke out that the Home Ministry had impounded the Kuching consignment.

    But it’s the graft allegations that have hurt Taib most, with the international spotlight over the past few months especially from London where an independent radio station, Radio Free Sarawak, began broadcasting.

    Writing recently in British daily The Independent, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had expressed support for his sister-in-law Clare Rewcastle-Brown’s media campaign against what she deems exploitation of Sarawak’s people and forests by Taib.

    The former British PM had described the deforestation of Sarawak as “probably the biggest environmental crime of our times”.

    Environmental watchdog Wetlands International also reported last month that Sarawak’s rapid expansion of oil palm plantations may result in its unique peat forests being wiped out by the end of the decade.

    Brown’s sister-in-law, who is also behind the Sarawak Report website, has been highly critical of Taib’s 30-year-old administration, accusing it of widespread corruption and illegal political practices.

    She began operations of the two media outlets behind a veil last year before choosing to reveal herself ahead of the Sarawak elections.

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      The present governor's term will expire in March and TM is ready.When he becomes Governor of Sarawak,he will be entitled to the title "TUN" and will get immunity.That is Malaysian's politic. But who cares whether TUN or TIN,we will pursue his wealth as it is earned illegally.

      His son will stand in his place and so is Gerald Rentap taking over his father's place as Sultan of Betong. As for Georgie..who will tale his place as PM of Miri?? Any guess or will CF let her son stand in his dad's place?? Wild guess anyone??

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    List of other bloody acts of bloody fools:

    1. Altantuya silenced by C4;

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    3. Bruno Manser whereabout, unknown;

    4. A Penan headman died mysteriously in his own jungle;

    5. NOW, whose turn next? All PR voters'?

    SO, act NOW! Berubahlah! It's time for ngayau! Aram ANGKAT!

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      All these while, all BN ministers are either "yes-men" or sleeping, whenever the undang-undang is tabled. Can one of us imagine – if Taib says "all Sarawakians should be driven away from Sarawak, if they won't move, shoot them", and with this word, the police would simply go to the street to drive you and I away, because the police are exercising the law (tabled by Taib and then nodded by all his BN men)? That's how simple NCR law being tabled before.

      This time, we want more PR men to get into the dewan, so that they would balance the voices in the dewan. No need to kick all the BN men from the dewan, that would be impossible.

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    Having said that, I hope that Sarawakians come out in droves to vote, and that they demand change not only in terms of politicians and government, but at every level where corruption occurs.

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    Confusing address, no wonder you can't locate him! 26 Carrara Road, Vaucluse, Western Australia, ( eg Perth) where Majeed also tried to serve his summons. 

    Put simply it is one of the smartest houses in the most expensive street in Sydney(!) see the error ??  

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    PM: Taib will step down as CM when the time is right


    SERIAN: It seems that the date for Malaysia’s longest serving leader, Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud to step down has been fixed.

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak indicated Saturday that he and Taib had reached an “understanding” on when the transition of power would take place.

    “Leave the succession plan to me and the Chief Minister. We know when time is right to make the change in Sarawak. We know and I can assure you that the Chief Minister is ready.

    “When the time comes, he is ready to leave the stage and we have a very good understanding when that is going to happen,” he said during the launch of the Sejiwa Senada programme for the Samarahan Division here

    Najib said a smooth transition of power was very important.

    He advised the people not to force the matter and just flow with the good tradition because the Barisan Nasional wants to ensure that the next leader was an able one.

    Earlier, Taib was upfront about stepping down saying that he knew he would one day have to leave.

    He even jested about it saying; “I have long served in Sarawak but I know that one day, I have to leave. I’m old not like the Prime Minister who is young and handsome.”

    However, he stressed that though old, his ambition for the state was very much alive and he wanted this ambition to live so that all Sarawakians would benefit from it.

    The State Barisan chairman disclosed that he had found two potential successors with enough experience for the job within his party, Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu Sarawak, amongst the many that he had groomed.

    He admitted that he and his deputy Tan Sri Alfred Jabu were the longest serving leaders in the Barisan government and were well aware that they would need to pass the baton soon.

    “We are not tired of serving but if we leave, we need to make sure the next person can do the job so the people will benefit.

    “That is why the possibility of me retiring is soon. I will lead this election but only to make sure that everything goes smooth. I will lead this election to make sure that new blood can come up,” he said.

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      Sarawak people wants the change not the transition of Chief Minister.Sarawak needs new Government to ensure the welfare of the people. This crooks which stealing Sarawak properties had to sentence for the crimes what they done. Peoples can see the state which ruled by PR (Pakatan Rakyat) make good achievements without corruptions,crony and racism issues.Example; the MB of Kelantan very low profile and easy meeting, without bodyguards,police security at his residence.He never takes any advantages for him,families and crony to make wealth. He is pious,generous and caring to his peoples. The great things that he knows blessing and sins, and beware(afraid) of the mighty Creator.Also for MB of Selangor,MB of Kedah and CM of Penang they shown good example for the way of ruling the state. I salute them all because of their honesty,patience and hardworking to builds the Welfare States.

      Lastly, let us make a 180% turnover to save Malaysia and make a big change by voting PR to lead us for the goods of Malaysian people.

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        Who is distrusting all the FACTUAL FACTS, nothing else but FACTUAL FACTS that is being published in SR?

        Never mind SR's images of textual facts. They could have been photoshopped, right? But what about the pictures? Aren't the pictures similar to real situations in Sarawak's devastated jungles? What about the pictures of peoples SR had interviewed, like Numpang Suntai, the Crocodile YBs, etc… Aren't those pictures of real Numpang Suntai's and real Crocodile YBs'?

        Let's look at a person from humanitarian point of view. Let's come out of our 'coconut shell'. If we can't or won't do that, then how are we going to correct things our own way?. After more than 40 years of merdeka from the western rule, and now we still not genuinely merdeka yet, do we still blame the west? For what? If we think we are great, but others are not, then we are drawing an ugly boundary of racism. All men are born with brains, but it's the individual mind/mentality that differ.

  • Dayang Rogayah

    Taib: Sarawak assembly to be dissolved on Monday

    KUCHING: Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud announced that the state assembly would be dissolved on Monday (March 21), paving the way for state polls.

    The country’s longest serving chief minister, who has helmed the state since 1981, also said that he would contest the upcoming state elections but would step down as chief minister mid-term.

    Taib said he had submitted the notice of dissolution to Yang Dipertua Negri Tun Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng.

    The Election Commission (EC) would decide the dates for nomination and polling, he said, ending months of speculation about the state election.

    Taib made the announcement at a joint news conference with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin at Kuching International Airport here.

    The current term of the state assembly expires on July 23. The last state election was held on May 20, 2006.

    Taib has said that he intended to put his succession in order before he left.

    Taib, who will be 75 in May, is also the president of Parti Pesaka Bumipura Bersatu which leads Sarawak Barisan Nasional.

  • Iban in OZ

    Taib should have left long time ago. Of course he's ready to leave now so he could sit back and enjoy his billon dollars he ripped off the people of Sarawak! The next person he choose would be another him. Has been groomed to think like him.

  • Peter

    10th state election for Sarawak

    March 19, 2011

    KUALA LUMPUR, March 19 — The 10th Sarawak state election is expected to be held in the middle of next month following the announcement by Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud that the state legislative assembly will be dissolved on Monday.

    The Election Commission is required to hold elections within 60 days of the dissolution of the assembly.

    Since the formation of Malaysia in 1963, Sarawak has held nine state elections — in 1969-1970, 1974, 1979, 1983, 1987, 1991, 1996, 2001 and 2006.

    The first Sarawak election after the formation of Malaysia was staggered from May 10, 1969 to June 7, 1969 because the transportation and communication systems were not well developed at the time.

    The state assembly was dissolved together with Parliament and the assemblies of all the other states, except Kelantan, on March 20, 1969 with nomination set for April 5, 1969.

    However, due to the racial riots that occurred in Peninsular Malaysia on May 13 that year followed by the declaration of emergency, the polls were suspended until 1970.

    When the suspension was enforced, polling in nine out of 48 constituencies in Sarawak had started but none had been completed.

    The state and parliamentary elections resumed on June 6, 1970 and ended on July 4, 1970.

    During the elections, tragedy struck in Sarikei on June 29, 1970 when communist terrorists killed three election officials returning home after the completion of polling at a station.

    Outside another station in the same division, a land mine exploded, but nobody was injured.

    Despite these incidents, 80 per cent of the electorate of 332,373 in Sarawak cast their votes, which was high compared to the turnout in the other states.

    A total of 221 candidates contested 48 state seats in Sarawak, with the Sarawak Alliance comprising Parti Bumiputera Sarawak and the Sarawak Chinese Association (SCA) vying in 33 constituencies.

    The Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) contested 40 seats, Parti Pesaka Sarawak (Pesaka) 35, and the Sarawak National Party (SNAP) 47, with 66 independents also in the fray.

    SUPP later joined the Sarawak Alliance, enabling the coalition to secure 27 of the 48 seats in the State Council and form the government.

    The second state election was held on Sept 14, 1974 simultaneously with the parliamentary election after the state assembly and other states assemblies and Parliament were dissolved on July 31, 1974.

    However, the third state election was only held in 1979, a year after the general election of 1978, marking the first time that the Sarawak state election and general election were held separately.

    The fourth state election was held 18 months before the end of the term under new Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, who took office on March 26, 1981.

    The state assembly was dissolved on November 18, 1983, nomination was held on December 8 and polling on December 28 and 29.

    The Sarawak assembly was dissolved on March 13, 1987 for the fifth state election after a group of assemblymen led by Taib’s uncle and predecessor Tun Rahman Yaakub rebelled against the chief minister in what is known as the “Ming Court Affair”.

    They included some members from PBB who later formed the “Maju Group” faction of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) which pulled out of the state BN but remained as a BN component at the national level.

    In the polls held on April 15 and 16, Taib led the state BN to victory, winning 28 out of the 48 seats in the state assembly. Later, eight PBDS assemblymen defected to the BN, giving it a two-thirds majority in the state assembly.

    The sixth state election in 1991 was also held over two days, on September 28 and 29 Sept, while the seventh was held on September 7 and 8, 1996.

    However, the eighth was held in a single day on September 27, 2001 due to improved infrastructure and communication. The state assembly was dissolved on September 3 while nomination was held on September 18, 2001.

    The last state election was held on May 20, 2006 after the dissolution of the assembly on April 24 and nomination on May 9.

    Sarawak’s State Legislative Assembly is regarded as the oldest legislature in Malaysia as it was established after its first inaugural meeting in Bintulu on September 8, 1867.

    Its first 21-member Sarawak General Council was headed by Rajah Charles Brooke and consisted of six of his officers and 16 local community leaders. In 1903, the General Council was renamed Council Negri.

    In 1941, Brooke’s son Vyner established a written constitution known as the Constitution Order in Council during the 100th anniversary celebration of the Brookes’ rule in Sarawak.

    As a result, the Council Negri membership was increased to 24. Instead of Vyner Brookes (in his role as Rajah), the Chief Secretary was appointed to preside over the Council Negri.

    In 1963, the Council Negri membership was increased to 42. Since then, the membership has risen incrementally to 48 in 1968, 56 in 1989, 62 in 1996 and 71 in 2006. In 1976, the Council Negri was renamed the Dewan Undangan Negeri (State Legislative Assembly). — Bernama

  • eric

    We will vote him out and PR will take over the Sarawak state.

    To all the people of Sarawak,this is your last chance.

    VOTE FOR PR no matter how we have to kill him and all his cronies.. like we take over Selangor, Perak, Penang Kedah and FT too. Follow the KL ways, vote them out..

  • http://SabahAircrashtradegy-amongtheassasinationlikeAltantuya!! Peter

    Sabah Air Crash

    It is in order that the unfortunate case of the air crash over Sembulan on June 6, 1976 be pursued as 11 lives including those of the first chief minister of Sabah Muhammad Fuad Donald Stephens and some state cabinet members were lost. The impact of that incident had vibrations throughout the world from a land once so peaceful.

    The months that followed were equally held in great suspense as everyone was looking forward to the official report on the tragic event. But till today, nothing in paper has been produced. In the context of transparency, the non-availability of the �report� is a black mark for Malaysia.

    It may be out of sight but in the minds of many, this incident cannot be forgotten particularly when seen in light of the 20 point agreement (1963) and the Petronas deal in 1976. Many may say that the crash had nothing to do with these two matters. Whatever it is, things were definitely not the same after the crash.

    The Petronas deal was concluded with Sabah being forever entitled to 5 percent royalty only. What happened to the 20 points and Malaysian Constitution is already known.

    It was also reported that the test pilot who examined the wreck of the Nomad plane soon perished in another plane crash in Australia, although it is believed that he had already submitted the full report to the relevant authorities in Malaysia. There were also speculation that the report was to be made public but nothing has actually happened.

    Was there a bomb or was there not? Why not re-open the case with public participation after 29 years to determine the cause of the tragic event and put to rest the lost souls and the families concerned?

    Some people may have been worried in 1976 about coming forward for fear of losing their jobs and for their personal safety. But now, after nearly 30 years, such appearance in a public forum could be seen a different perspective.

    There are still quite a handful of people still around who saw the site of the crash as it is a just few minutes from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The people working at the control tower could still be around to provide some relevant information minutes before the crash.

    Let these people come forward. What has happened cannot be undone, but Sabah can sort of be set free and we can then move forward.

    • http://none Watch Dog



      • http://www.google.com/ Regina

        Back in school, I'm doing so much lnaering.

  • http://SabahAircrashtradegy-amongtheassasinationlikeAltantuya!! Dayang Rogayah

    If you read the book, "Footprint in the sand" by the late Mr Ong kee Hui of Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP), there was a mentioned of a union member detained and died in mysterious condition. I believe it is the same as Altantuya case, Manser case, Sabah Air tradegy, etc. The more you look, the more you will find. And you can piece them together!! It started with ANjib's father!!

  • bas

    UK govt should instutute environmental criminal charges against CM Taib for destroying 95% of the rain forests! Bring him to the international Criminal Court, if there is one, like Pol Pot.

  • tebuso

    Anything could have happen to him…

  • bas

    Please investigate nurses' quarters' land grab at Cruickshak Road, Kuching by Taib's crony, hock Seng lee company!!

    • http://none Watch Dog


      • OR

        Watch Dog.

        I believe facts straight and true, written with conviction are good enough truth to inform the people to judge for themselves whether any land transactions linked to Taib are done in a justifiable manner. Why need to add 'spices'? Sounds overly desperate here.

        • http://none Watch Dog



  • Sting Bee

    Soon the flying hornet will go after Taib & Nazib

  • Tuggang Anak Balau

    Malaysian should ask CSI for assistance in looking for "missing persons".

  • Every Vote Counts

    “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral crisis.”


    REMEMBER to get more people to vote for PR.

    Every Vote Counts.

    Its NOW or NEVER.


    Vote for A BETTER Malaysia for ALL Malaysians

    • young voter

      thanks for the url-checking electoral roll

      i am still not listed. Is it too late to register now? where do i go to register in Kuching?

      SR should have a listing of where to register to vote if it is not too late.


      We must become the change that we want to see : Mahatma Gandhi

      here in Sarawak!

  • Bumi

    sometimes felt s.r is too much. Its hard to believe 100%. That DJ, why should u going abroad to give pressure on Taib and the govt. U can always use proper ways such as the PBDS/PRS/PR/SNAP etc. Dont fight from outside, r u a coward? Yes u r.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Another Taib's crony. How much are you paid by him to praise your master? It seems that Taib's crony are having peabrain and cannnot read the map.

      It;s a pity that Taib did not send him overseas with tax payers money.How much are you paid BUMI? Wang haram from Taib to feed your family???Either you cannot read the map or you are colour blind.The whole of Sarawak is almost gone and right now another ILLEGAL logging at Kpg Tringus, Bau and pollute the rivers that flows to Sarawak Kanan.

    • orang sarawak

      SARAWAK REPORT Giving “GOD's WILL” & TOO MUCH VALUABLE INFO @ PROOFED which Sarawakian NEED to know the TRULY TRUTH that taib @ bn abusing his power, corruption, discriminations, capitalism & etc… for his own interest! Let the WORLD know as, Malaysia Government, MACC & others politic party Keeps Silent & DOIN NOTHING! Only “freaking freaks & cowards dog” of taib denied the TRUTH!

  • http://ousel.blogspot.com Richard Loh

    Please support SARAWAK4CHANGE

  • nowmaica

    no more place for BN or PBB in my heart…

  • sayang sarawak

    Not sure if he will step down..it's too degrading to him after being up and above everyone else including the Almighty..except his bomoh Hassan Suut. He is paid multimillions, I heard.

  • Crazy Horse

    The police and armed forces better check on their c4 inventory. I think some chunk might be missing from their custody. You know what I mean.