BN Promises – Nothing But Bounced Cheques!

BN Promises – Nothing But Bounced Cheques!

20 Apr 2011

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Kuching Anak Moyan (left), the headman who admits he took a RM10,000 bribe to make his community vote BN from Member of State Parliament Joseph Mauh

BN’s Joseph Mauh has been caught red-handed on a double election cheat.  He not only promised a poor Headman RM 10,000 to gain his vote, but then the cheque bounced!

In this way Mauh cheated his constituents twice.  Firstly he cheated them of their right to a free vote by bribing the Headman, which is an exceedingly serious crime.  Secondly, he didn’t even carry out his promised payment to a poor community.

You could say that a person who takes a bribe in exchange for their most precious freedom, the freedom to choose their rulers and lawmakers, deserve what they get.  But, of course such communities agrees to these bribes because the treacherous BN government has kept them so poor and desperate.

The police must act to arrest election criminals

Sarawak Report assumes that now this incontrovertible evidence has been placed before them, the police will move immediately to detain and question Joseph Muah.  Likewise, the Election Commission should suspend the result of the election.

If the evidence is proved (and it should be done quickly) then there should be a re-election.  In the light of this abuse, other similar claims across the length and breadth of Sarawak should also be investigated.  We are not talking about ‘opposition troublemakers’ we are talking about a respected and appointed Headman, who voted for BN!

Joseph Muah, if found guilty faces the most serious criminal charge of election fraud.  This is the testimony of the Headman against him:

“My name is Kuching ak Moyan and i am one of the headmen in Tamin constituency. In the just concluded State election, i was given three cheques, one for RM2,000, another for RM3,000 and the third for RM5,000 by the Barisan Nasional candidate, Joseph Mauh.  I have cashed out the first two cheques, both for a total RM5,000 but the last one, for RM5,000, was bounced. So i sent it back to him and he promised that he will bank in the amount instead into my account. Up till today, i have not received the RM5,000. The three cheques were given to me on the 13th of April so that we will give our support to the Barisan Nasional. In the year 2006 State election, each voter here was given only RM20 but in this election, the amount was increased to RM50 per voter. There are 15 voters in this longhouse and all of them were given RM50 each. I think all of us have voted for Barisan Nasional. Ofcourse I know that the money the Barisan Nasional give to us would amount to nothing if the government grabbed our land. But what to do, we still have to vote for the government as the government has given us the money. Yes, i know we can just accept the Barisan Nasional money and vote for the opposition but since everybody else voted for Barisan Nasional this time, i decided to follow suit.”

Time to stop Sham Elections in Sarawak

This is just the beginning of the evidence about this election.  No wonder BN in KL was so worried about the election and so relieved at the outcome.  But likewise, no wonder Taib rushed in the middle of the night in the middle of the weekend to the Governor to get sworn back in before anyone could shout “Stop Thief!”

But if he hopes this is the end of the matter then the Chief Minister is older and stupider than even we realised.  The cheated voters of Sarawak are not going to take this sitting down.  Because the victory of the last election was that despite the bullying, bribes and cheating the opposition still managed to gather 45% of the vote!

Imagine what percentage would have gone to the opposition without the rigging and cheating and bribes?  The swings across the country were HUGE and they were away from BN in town and rural areas alike.

Imagine what the percentages would have been if all those half million native voters who Taib refuses to give voter registration to had been able to vote too?  This is why BN is worried.  They are an illegitimate government who stole the election and they deserve to be investigated and prosecuted and then punished with the full force of the law.

Sarawak Report is currently in Geneva, where this NGO is joining others who have been invited to speak at the UN about the problems over human rights and democracy in Sarawak.  We will present the case of this Headman and also the many others who have been cheated in this election.

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  • http://- ikanbetok

    i still don't understand why we the dayaks are easily cheated. is it because we are humble people and easily manipulated. during the campaigns the spirit for pakatan is very high but when they are offered a merely rm20 or rm50 then jump to bn.

    rm20 n rm50 satu minit boleh habis tetapi dalam 5 tahun apa yang akan terjadi.. mungkinkah dayak senang dibeli dengan duit.

    saya sangat kasihan dengan perkara ini. sampai ada orang tua yang di perdalaman tak tau pun pakatan tu wujud sebab mereka di ajar conteng sahaja lambang dacing tu.

    pakatan has to work harder to give awareness to these folks and the young generation have to help in.

    paling sedih apabila kisah macam ni kelaur selepas pilahanraya

    • wildboarcurry


      people who are not educated are easily scared when threaten and gullible. it is not that they can be bought so easily. to them, the money is like an innocent favor while educated people sees it as bribery.

      they have no idea what is democracy and how government works. it is a sad case that they were not given education by the government because the government wants to continue exploiting them.

      don't condemn, educate them.

      • http://- Janice

        Very well said. I support yourview. Looks like you are an Sarawakian to know the culture of the natives. Thank you.

        • http://Er...???? joker

          sad to say they cannot tell whats a honored and a bounced cheque!!!ahahha,the urban knows…

      • Kalibui

        Based on the confession of the TR,the iban in his long house can be easily bought and they are not serious in the fight of NCR issues. After election then they will say our NCR telah di rampas oleh kerajaan. YOU ALL ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN….kan kah ini BODOH di namakan.

        • Babehtarat

          i agreed with you that the Dayaks in the Long house n Tuai Rumah are damed stubburn did not used their Brain properly.what a shame to rec RM2O TO RM50.00 while their Land taken away by the thief(BN).Really fedup with our Old Folks.WE HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER 4yrs or maybe no more chances.

        • Suara Rakyat

          That is why there must be a leader, a true leader to stand infront of these people to shelter them from those clowns. We cannot blame those people for being cheated. Or they only knew being cheated when their land titles has been transferred ownership to others.

      • anak iban

        your cmmnt to betok fish is gd n logic.its not their fault if not educate to consider about that thing

      • http://Gmail Voter1


      • apai mas


      • pen4


        You're correct. Sadly, the old folks don't want to listen to us. They have thier own world, principles and rules. The present government (YBs) have learn all these things and they know how to cheat the old folks.

      • cupcake

        it's true. the people in pedalaman have not been educated. they only know to cross the dacing. it's pityful actually. how the government manipulate them, get them to vote for 'dacing' but then, the government take the rakyat's land and leave the rakyat homeless and landless.. only God knows. These corrupt people should burn in hell.

    • nemesis

      this kind of news i've heard so many times.

      sometimes they even bring in roast pork and some gimmicks to favour people in long house.

      The natives is not stupid but only lack of education. I have gangs of native friends who highly educated perform very well in their job.

      Taik plan is not to let education to bring in to rural areas which really makes me angry.

      Not even good medical facilities and infrastructure.

      Borneo Highway?My arse…my 4WD shaft broke down becoz of damn 'good' road!

    • Malaysian

      Dayak just like many indian. So long you give them some cash and goodies, they will vote BN. They only able to see the short term gain.

    • meruandas

      I think no use to bother about Sarawak. They had this chance to change the most corrupt govt. in the world, and stop all the blatant plundering of the country's wealth by BN. Do'nt tell that they do not know what is happening, with all the campaign, the exposure made thru all the independent medias,so on and so forth. It's like they are giving approval to all the plundering, wrong doings etc occuring in the country. Let them suffer for their 'tidak apa' attitude. Maybe after the country is bankrupt they will learn. Why should we care for a group of stupid people, who could'nt care less about them self.

    • justice4all

      The BN candidate who stood and won in the recent election is also an Iban. Knowing that the Ibans in the longhouse are poor and marginalised, why must he co-operate with TM and in the process continue to suppress the well being of his own people? Who then are in a better position to educate these Ibans and bring them out from poverty except their own people? Also A. Jabu and other Iban leaders are not helping either. Very sad indeed.

      • nyamok

        Iban YBs you should live by iban people happiness not by iban people misery have pity on rural longhouse folks for living 40 years behind you in the urban, have mercy on them fight for their rights don't hate and despise them they have been poor far too long by your action of exploitation in their right to have a free say in their choice. You very well knew that, what you say is always right to them coz they treated you as their savior, pls have mercy.

    • san tet

      ini baru Iban tipu Iban.. what if Cina Nipu Iban???? There goes your NCR's Land…

      • Sambi'

        Cina nipu Iban = CNI..betul ka??

    • http://yahoo pandak segatak

      Bansa dayak tok amok duit laban kelalu merinsa.Ari ni merinsa ,ari bansa dayak tok bodoh…bisi sida berfikir ari ni penatai duit rasuah ke diberi sida BN maya berpilih nya..duit ari tanah sida ia ka dicuri.

      Anang majak ke pemelik

    • Bidayuh Ba'uh

      Have you heard about the Bidayuh that voted for DAP?

      • http://none Watch Dog

        Yes,my daughter who flew all the way from Kl to vote for YB Ching of DAP in Kota Sentosa.She paid for her own flight while her mum and I pay her return flight. Young people voted for Change. I do hope that the Bidyuh will do the same too and voted for change..

        • http://SarawakReport Chris

          I wish not only native DARE to make a change, but all the Sarawakien. Many time where ever I read the REAL news is really very SAD what happened in Sarawak. The man is almost not FAR from DEAD why he still TAKE so many money, did he ever consider the future of our future generation ??? They all are going to suffer alot because of his GREEDY !!!

          All Sarawakien I BEAR you all WAKE UP !!! Make the BIG CHANGE for our KIDS inorder they have BETTER future for this coming palietment election, no matter what race you are as long as you are Sarawakien !!

    • mike

      No no no….dayak not easy to cheat but they are just dump matters how many generation they are still the same.

      • http://none Watch Dog your bloody mouth.I am a dayak and I do NOT vote for BN..I just do NOT like BN and I want Change and so too are my daughter and wife.

        You talk without thinking as if you are BRAIN DEAD.Think carefully first bro.

    • http://Gmail Voter1

      The news of 100 Dayaks storming the Sibu SUPP HQ for the balance of their promised money for sale of election vote is proof of the corruption and election vote buying.

      Is the EC going to act on this?


      • http://none Watch Dog

        SUPP Sibu office denied that RM400 is the balance which WSK has promised .They said it is their wages for doing the job during election time and the number is less than 100 as claimed.

        So once a crook always a crook..SUPP refused to own up as that is tantamount to CORRUPTION and they are hiding the fact so that WSK will not be disqualified.

        In reality, YES it is the balance of RM500 promised and upfront of RM100 was paid. So Ibans in Bawang Assan,for mere RM500 spread over 5 years that is the dividends that you all get. You betray your fellow DAYAKS in Sarawak. Shame on you !!!!

    • desperado

      Sangat kecewa dengan sikap orang Dayak. Apakah kita orang Dayak termasuk dalam golongan miskin tegar karena Taib Mahmud merampas had, kekakayaan kita hingga membuat anak orang Dayak tidak dapat bersekolah dan melanjut ke pengajian tinggi karena kita ditindas jadi miskin tidak seperti orang Melanau dan Melayu negeri ini yang diberi peluang bersekolah dan berpelajaran tinggi dan mendapat kerja dalam jabatan kerajaan terus menindas orang Dayak kerja sebagai buruh kasar di negeri ini? Bangunlah orang Dayak baik di bandar maupun di pendalaman. Tuhan masih menjaga kamu dan kasihnya tidak terbatas.

    • jackynts

      di malaysia trend ini sudah lama macam mana nak tukar unless semua rakyat malaysia ingin tukar k baru boleh kena tangkap hingga akar umbi baru ok kalau tidak lagi 20tahun pun sama takan tukar duit boleh beli undi sudah bosan

  • shan

    Radio sarawak should use IBAN/malay/other dayal languages to educate the voters in the interior.

    • anak sarawak

      Yes, I agree with you that more publicity should be done in Bahasa Iban to educate our Iban voters. 'Vote for change" should be instil in their hearts and minds. They need to know their rights of voting though they may be bribed. Just accept the bribde as their own money!!

      • jackynts

        they wont vote to change cause money can change them hahaha

    • enna

      so pity with this rural dayaks, nowadays Taib's & cronies become more greedy and never think of rakyat sarawak welfares, and they acting so daring with the corruption,bomoh. All malaysian know about its, especially our PM (Najib) but still they just closed the eyes. Where is justice!!!!… so frustrated of the victory of BN… cheating rakyat.. may GOD giving the EQUAL PUNISHMENT as soonest to those GREEDY and CORRUPTION LEADER..

  • Timo

    Rural people in Sarawak do not have money to buy computer and Internet subcription to see Taib's billion Ringgit property in overseas.

    Pakatan Rakyat and all Dayak and Bumi as well as Malay should work together to send the message of Taib's billion Ringgit property in overseas.

    Urban people in Sarawak are well informed because they have computer and Internet to see Taib's property.

    Pakatan Rakyat should print out Taib's property photos from here and make in booklet and send to each longhouse.

    Look at Selangor and Penang, these two states are the only states in Malaysia to return state surplus money back to their state residents.





      • VOSTRO73

        Imam ke bukan imam, tolong jangan sebarkan fitnah! Saya berada di kawasan pakatan dan sedang menikmati bantuan seperti air percuma dan sebagainya. Negeri BN ada air percuma????

      • suib ahmad

        imam mesti bercerita berdasarkan dosa dan pahala…..syurga dan neraka. kenyataan kamu itu palsu. gunakan nama imam seperti gunakan agama utk kepentingan peribadi.

      • siputS

        pak imam….apa yang awak nak cakap?

      • jackynts

        kawan pakai otak sikit kalau pakatan rakyat ada duit buat atau tak buat tak tau kalau ada duit mesti beli untuk mereka yang tinggal di hutan 50ringgit sudah ok tapi susah 5 tahun haha 10 ringgit 1 tahun lepas 50tahun pun tinggal hutan

      • jackynts

        kawan kalau pakai otak taka kata begini

  • sd

    something fishy going on at BaKelalan? also??

  • Lucian

    Can this story be verified with paper evidence? Like the statement from the bank account, deposit slips (if any) and copies of the cheques (if any). The last 2 can be requested from the bank concerned as they would have an archive copy of it.

  • MeganFox

    Joseph Anak Mauh, penipu besai. that's why iban tak akan maju. Iban sediri tipu bangsa dia. Nadai guna dik tuk Joseph Anak Mauh. Udah ga Taib ngerampas semua harta orang iban, nuan tu ngambi kesempatan enggau orang merinsa. Tulah dik

    • Sambi'

      Ukai Joseph anak Mauh kaban…Joseph Mauh anak Ikeh… My intel told me that he paid rm 50 to each voter (rm 20 from his own pocket,of which must be rakyat money and another rm 30 from his no. 1 crony…Selangau/Tamin people should know him any way…

  • Teperasa Agoo

    In Kemena, there seem to be credible stories on PKR Counting Agents being bought over by EC officials during the counting sessions. The counting processes were rigged and the Form 14s were manipulated.

    The EC officials interrupted the counting process when PKR vote-counts were leading by far, after which he made the financial offer. These counting agents later made their exits and disappear.

    Can someone verify this story? Maybe that someone does not access this website, after all.

  • Kati kitai tu paloi

    Its true: "They are an illegitimate government who stole the election and they deserve to be investigated and prosecuted and then punished with the full force of the law".



  • Encik Power

    Dua-dua tak guna punya orang.. Ketua Kampung mau kaya sendiri, Joseph pun mau kaya sendiri. Tapi ini la hukum karma… ketua kampung yang tamak akhirnya rugi.. PADAN MUKA!!!!

    Tapi ini la akibatnya kalau suka undi BN-BOMOH NASIONAL!

  • Manuk

    keep up the good work guys… BN maybe won this election but you guys gave a big impact that even the white hair had to huff and puff all the way… urban areas are exposed to modern media and they know what's going around… rural area are easily bought by these thieves because they don't have a clue what's going on around them… if only they have internet excess to see with their own eyes what's going on… now you know why the state BN don't want to develope these areas… imagine if every longhouse have internet… imagine what horror the white elephant will face come election… I don't think the people of Sarawak would easily take the money if they know the truth… think about it… why rural people are kept in the dark… emmmmmm… it's time for change…

  • Jumanzee

    All Iban of Tamin, Lets dig his ancestral grave, and feed the born to the dog, for having a useless corrupted son like that.

  • Torchlight

    When the pimps came, some of these people allowed themselves to be prostituted for some extra ringgit.

    But how do you explain the action of the so-called intelligent and educated leaders of SNAP? They became arrogant and defied their Pakatan partners the moment the invisible hands of the Barisan Nasional dangled the ringgit in front of their faces!

  • vic

    This is plain greed, nothing but greed. BN should not be blamed in fact they should be praised for being smart, smart enough to cheat Joseph twice. Joseph is solely to be blamed. If I am him I would not even dare to voice out for it reflect his stupidity.

    Can a person's honour or moral bought with money? We are voting for a honest government to served all not Joseph Mauh. Those voted for BN are all corrupted, period. They were corrupted by accepting bride, taking money in exchange for their votes. It is a well known fact. It is rather disappointed to know many of such voters are CHRISTIANS.

    • cupcake

      watch your mouth. NOT ALL BN VOTERS ARE CORRUPT.. some people just dont knw what is happening to the state, some just want to pick the candidates whom they thought is honest. eventhough the party is not. and NOT ALL VOTERS RECIEVED BRIBE MONEY.. so shut up if you don't know a thing. stop being stupid and run loosely with your drool dripping out your mouth. you condemned the people who voted for BN so who you voted for? did you vote because of bribe too? IDIOt. watch your mouth and don't throw stupid accusations like that.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Why worry about the dayaks now as they all agreed to give TM another 5 years to get what he wants with the exception of Krian and Ba Kelalan.

    As all they know is RM30-50 plus 2 cans of free untaxed beer and packets of keropok like in N18. The Bidayuh there are brain dead people and therefore child like and that was why given keropok too.

    Another 5 years allowing YTM to take from Sarawak..maybe we will all be naked.

    Taib..just go ahead what you want to take before it is too late.Use your section 47 & 48 for more land grab..the dayaks agreed.Well done Taib.

  • http://sarawakreport harrie

    That's why the interior and rural populace are so easily manipulated.

    They craved for money so much just for a mere RM50 bn can buy their votes. so sorry for them lah…. but what to do…. it's their mentality, so hard to change after all these years.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Tuai rumah Tuai are suppose to be smarter and teach your fellow villagers what is right and what is wrong but due to your greed,you are caught offside.

    Keti nuan tuyu baka nya.YB pun tuyu juga kerana cek ya jadi bukti.

    So the bounce cheque served you right and in future yoiu should NOT be greedy anymore and know how to ask for CASH..CASH is KING

  • vic

    It is because of people like Joseph and thousands like him that deprived Sarawak from missing the opportunity for a chance to benefit a cleaner, fairer government. Now, we are back to ground zero where the present government would continue to sodomise us because Joseph and thousands like him allowed them.

    The Chinese is not disloyal. They are fed-up with the corruptions and unfairness in all. They have backbones. At least, we now know that money is not all what they seek.

    This election speaks for itself who is who when looking for dependable comrade. SNAP joining DAP is DAP demised. History has proven that all dayak's parties sold their soul for a price claiming poverty. In fact, poverty is what this present would wish to maintain so that people like Joseph would continue to be cheated. What the government claimed as fixed-deposit. BN has them in their pockets with money.

  • bujang belelang

    Nyadi pengajaran Tuai2 rumah!!! Untung sekarung rugi beguni.Asuh samseng2 enggau ia nagih di rumah Josep ak Mauh. Nti polis enggai kiruh, anang agi SPR enggau MACC deh!!!Igat meh kitai Dayak!!! anang alah kemelik ke YB BN agi!!! Nti agi ga nda meh akyu nemu. Sempama "APAI SALI" Manah agi bala Tuai rumah tu narit diri badu nyadi tuai.

  • Sarawak Reporter

    All is lost my friends, we have given Taib the last Hurrah. By letting him win this election, he will effectively get to appoint his own successor who will in return protect his boss while the old man retreats into the oblivion.


  • Jati Sarawak

    Could not agreed more with Watch Dog. Joseph Mauh is very well known! That is, to give empty promises. Promised to give fund here and there. Till today never see the cheque. In the recent election, many of those longhouses folks who rented their boats to Joseph Mauh have yet to get their payment. Anyway, the most important thing now is for those who is/are holding this proof, to report this vote buying to make way for re-election.

  • MeganFox

    let's call the police to get Joseph anak mauh to jail.

    • Realistic

      The Police???…Even the police are scared to lose their job and pay…they have become the legal gangster for the corrupt CM Taib

  • najibrazak

    What did they expect? BN means "buy now" at election time and "better never" for the following five years> Get it stupid?

  • najibrazak

    Surely they all know by now that, at election time, BN means buy now and at other times better never!

  • Agent CIA


    Last year 2010, I have paid through salary deduction of TAX payee to LHDN with total amount of RM14,000..!!

    What the hack this idiot using my hard earn money bribing the kampung people such a low class of mind minister in order to win the vote?

    Sick old man.

  • Titan Sarawak

    BN has won with both bribes and the unethical dayak votes.

    It is sad to see that the Chinese tried to help the dayaks by delivery the urban seats to the opposition but the dayaks who were victimized by the Thief Minister chosed to reelect him.

    What we have just witnessed is "the dayaks are easilly bribed" period and that hasn't changed. For decades there is a saying in the Chinese community one in the Hokkien dilect: "Lakias pua-may huan" in English is "Dayaks Midnight Reverse" – Meaning the dayaks are untrustworthy – they can reverse their positions any minute!!

    That hasn't changed.

  • batulawi

    And the reverse gear is labeled "JAI MIMPI". The legit way to do U turn. Even to cancel a marriage.

  • anak sarawak

    Re-election? what a joke! wait until 2016. The natives will still accept $50.00[may be $100.00 in 2016] and vote for BN. The young well-educated native sarawakians are no longer living in rural areas and longhouses but in cities all over the world.

  • Onak Bidayuh

    During election, watch out for the ketua kampung, kampung contractors, persatuan kaum wanita kampung & their family members. This are the people who will benefit the most from BN corrupt candidate. Like in Tasik Biru & other Bidayuh kampung, BN will organized party, give money & influence the persatuan Kaum Wanita/Ibu to vote for BN. After election they buy new car, renovate house and claim they strike 4D. My late grandfather ever mentioned when there is kaum wanita in kampung hancur2 bcos they are easily influence by BN corrupt YBs and they the ladies of kaum wanita are BN fixed deposits. Todah dayak. Dayak man dayak. Tanak abouh rampas, nasib doik dibela, idip melarat, onak2 Bidayuh doik kroja, trima kasih kaum wanita.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Ya meh wai.Nadai agi duit di beri ka nuan. Regret does NOT comes first. So this is a bitter lesson for ALL Tuai Rumah to learn.Ya meh merinsa meh kitai orang dayak.

    Well done BN,your lies work and on election time,just giove them beer,pig,keropok, works.The dayaks have given BN mandate to 'steal' some more with the exception of Ba Kelalan and Krian as these dayaks here are the smartest among ALL dayks in Sarawak.

    May GOD bless you all and give you abundantly through out the years as you do NOT agree to the corrupted BN government..In Jesus name .Amen..

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Ya meh wai.Nadai agi duit di beri ka nuan. Regret does NOT comes first. So this is a bitter lesson for ALL Tuai Rumah to learn.Ya meh merinsa meh kitai orang dayak.

    Well done BN,your lies work and on election time,just giove them beer,pig,keropok, works.The dayaks have given BN mandate to 'steal' some more with the exception of Ba Kelalan and Krian as these dayaks here are the smartest among ALL dayaks in Sarawak.

    May GOD bless you all and give you abundantly through out the years as you do NOT agree to the corrupted BN government..In Jesus name .Amen..



    • cupcake

      agreed.. may they burn in hell..

  • tatan

    that's why the govt doesn't want to develop sarawak, because this will only make the people of sarawak more progressive..BN make sure that sarawak is undevelop so it's people will remain poor and humble so they can be easily manipulated…and sarawak will forever remain BN fix deposit

  • laiheng

    How can we make them understand that all this poverty and marginalization of their community can change if we put a REAL clean, efficient and trustworthy government in place and not one that delivers only lip service and appears all over the plcae only during election time.

    As a Sarawakian I am really sad about the entire state of affairs.

    Having said that I applaud the Chinese community who bit the bullet and send the wolves from SUPP whimpering with their tails between their hind legs.

    I do understand that the Chinese and Dayak communities do not tread on the same ground with the same level playing field, hence the difference in how they vote. PR needs to really go on the ground to build the trust of these native folks in the kampungs and longhouses within the next 5 years.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel though; it took years for SKY and the likes of him to build up the trust of the Chinese electorate in urban Kuching before the big kill came last week. SUPP is now reduced to a near empty 'soup' kettle (full pun indtended here).

  • Wijdan


    BN2… why u still not satisfied? Why u have to get the victory by giving bribe and make lies? The more u did that, the more citizens will hate u. One day, u will lose forever. If u are not return to the truthful and reliable organization, u all will be dead. We as a citizens, waiting for the right and trustfully government. Not to the lies….

  • vic

    Feedback from opposition dayak leaders I know, 2 of them claimed that the dayak is looking forward to changes but cannot resist the money and goodies offered by BN.

  • Banting

    The police will say, we will investigate if there is a police report.

    The election of a candidate at any election shall be declared to be void on an election petition on any of the following grounds:-

    (i) that general bribery, general treating or general intimidation or other misconduct or other circumstances whether similar to those before enumerated or not have so extensively prevailed that they may reasonably supposed to have affected the result of the election.

    (ii)that a corrupt practice or illegal practice was committed in connection with the election by the candidate or with his knowledge or consent, or any agent of the the candidate.

    In this respect, an election petition may be presented to the High Court by any one or more of the following persons, namely:-

    (i) some person who voted or had a right to vote at the election to which the petition relates;

    (ii) some person claiming to have had a right to be returned or elected at such election;

    (iii)some person alleging himself to have been a candidate at such election

    Hence, every election petition shall be presented within twenty-one days of the date of publication of the result of the election in the Gazette.

    For information of those concerned.

    • anak sarawak

      How??? The EC, police, judges, pengulu, tua rumah, the newspapers, everything, you named it, all controlled by this gang BN. The only way is to educate the rural voters to understand the facts and not just for $50.00 in evvery 5 years. Really sad and disappointed. What more can I say??

  • Panggau Libau

    BN stands for Barisan Nipu and if they did not tipu, that is not Barisan Nipu. In general, the Ketuai Kampung should have known Joseph is trying to cheat his way out to win the seat. I guessed he was greedy when he took all the money but I was also wondering whether he did share what he got at the first place with his anak buah. If he did not share it, served him right also. To Joseph Mauh, you are a disgrace to the Dayak people and should this report is true, I hope police will arrest you for cheating and money politics and re-election should be held. As for the Ketuai Kampung just now, udah gik ngambi duit, anang tamak…

  • benhi

    What to do? Most peoples vote for the corrupted gov't. We can only hope, we have another chance next election. I think many cases like this are happening, only not many come out to tell or with evident. After election, the corrupt politician will never entertain the people anymore. This ketua kampong also careless, next time take cash and vote what you like if they offer but do not get caught. After winning election, those politician just disappear and carry out the promises. They are thief, low moral people and cannot be trusted.

  • http://sarawakreport nga2

    we dayak still sleeping. i also dont know how to say. its already 2011 still dreaming…

    • anak sarawak

      The dayaks or native sarawakians in rural areas or longhouses voted for BN. As far as I noticed that most of Dayaks, native sarawakians in urban areas [kuching, sibu, sarikei, bintangor, bintulu and miri] together with chinese voted for opposition DAP, the rockets.

  • Antares

    The longhouse dwellers of Sarawak have much in common with the Orang Asli of the Malayan Peninsula. They are by nature modest (some might say shy) and not inclined to being overly individualistic (some might say their egos are not competitive or aggressive). When faced with arrogant, well-heeled, super-confident urbanites (especially bureaucrats and ministers) the tribal folk tend to be "awed" into silence, albeit they may silently resent being pushed around and taken for granted. Even the headman of a longhouse would feel intimidated when dealing with ruffian egos offering carrots while holding big sticks behind their backs, and pretending to smile a lot.

  • sayau

    oh god pls help those dayaks in sarawak to open their brain and understand what taib is doing to them ….on this good friday let pray to god for guardian to make the dayaks opon their eyes and brain and make them remember what taib is doing and if this go on, the future of the dayaks children will for ever remain poor…don't let the dayak have such a short memory and easily be bought with rm20….pls god open the heart mind of the dayak people so their they will be more wiser, don't let them remain STUPID forever..i pray this in the name of Jesus Christ out lord AMEN

  • People

    It is an offence under malaysian law to issue bounced cheque that carries 20 years jail.

  • ubah

    May Taib burn in hell!

  • My2cen

    Did you get the bank statement with the bounced cheque?? Present hard evidence please, otherwise it'll all amount to nothing.

  • http://sarawakreport iban sinu

    anang bejaku aja kitai, enti amat utai ti disebut kita dalam internet tu amat nyadi lalu enti amat kita enggaika perintah KURAP, PENCURI, PENIPU enggau BAM tu, aram kitai mai bala mayuh bepiket ngasuh TAIB enggau BALA iya badu. Baka rayat Hosni Mubarak baka ti dipeda kitai di TV daitu.

    Aku enda ulih ngetat diperintah sida antu jai perintah BN tu.

  • http://sarawakreport iban sinu

    TAIB AND the GANG are not suit to rule the people of sarawak. I know it, you know it, they know it, NAJIB know it and everybody know it. However, we don't have the choice. Where can we alternate our voice? To Najib? no way. To the KPN? No road. To MACC? Another Dead body. To GOD? Everyday but nothing happened. How long can we stand this situation?

    Are we so stupid and blind not to see all these? Come SARAWAKIAN, don't wait for LIM GUAN ENG, ABDUL HADI, ANWAR IBRAHIM, KHALID AND people from West Malaysia to work it out. Let us do it for ourself. Quick before Taib get Tun and we cannot take back all our wealth with him. Let us make him like President Marcos, Suharto and Taksin. Not only TAIB, everyone who dirty like him, Jabu, Masing, Mawan etc…

  • Masih belum mengundi

    Salam,bagi saya perkara ini mudah,kebangkitan yang sebenar hanyanya daripada kaum cina di kawasan bandar iaitu Parti DAP,itu sahaja,parti barisan alternatif lain hanya memberikan impak yg lebih kecil.keputusan 2/3 telah menafikan impak yang dijangka besar,walhal hanya sekadar,pemberontakan secara aman kaum cina yang masih dahagakan serpihan kekayaan KM.Oleh itu saya sangat yakin,pilihanraya kali ini keputusannya hanya untuk menidakkan kuasa KM sahaja,bukannya menidakkan BN secara keseluruhannya.Bagi saya rakyat sarawak,mula berfikir,bertindak dan berkata tidak kepada politik yang bersifat menjatuhkan bukannya membangunkan……..t.kasih.

  • Babehtarat

    Voters in Kampung Tijirak in Siburan under Tarat Constituency were paid RM10 each to vote for bn. Really very cheap bidayuh prostitutes..phtuiii…..!!

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Babehtarat..that is what RSWI gave to the people..their dividends once every 5 years.That's what they are worth as YB determine their worth..Tarat constituency is a pubbung and womanising constituency….taking the father to the pub in Siburan..asking him to bring heir daughters..then you know what I mean after that.The father will then be appointed a Penghulu as I was told..Please anyone from there can verify this?

      They even put the sign board which read:"KAWASAN BARISAN NASIONAL PEMBANGKANG TIDAK DI BENARKAN MASUK"



    • http://none Watch Dog

      Babehtarat..that is what RSWI gave to the people..their dividends once every 5 years.That's what they are worth as YB determine their worth..Tarat constituency is a pubbung and womanising constituency….taking the father to the pub in Siburan..asking him to bring their daughters..then you know what I mean after that.The father will then be appointed a Penghulu as I was told..Please anyone from there can verify this?

      They even put the sign board which read:"KAWASAN BARISAN NASIONAL PEMBANGKANG TIDAK DI BENARKAN MASUK"



  • Justice&Equality

    The Sarawakians URBANITES has taken the lead.

    But when are the Rural Indigenous Sarawakians going to follow the awakening of the Urbanites? Next GE or …

    They deserves to be 'swindle' of their trust in these 'Cheaters'. No pity from me. Despite all the hard work from NGOs, Radio Free Sarawak, Sarawak Report, etc regarding their plights. Pls have some 'maruah'even though you are poor and badly need the Money that is dish out come Buy-elections.

  • iskandar vincent


    Merujuk pada ape yg ditulis olih Imam Bukit Sari,

    Saya kesian dengan orang orang seperti awak, hanya memimikirkan kebendaan tapi bukan utk kemajuan dan kebaikan orang2 sarawak, terutama sekali pada yg pendapatan rendah dan miskin yang di pergunakan olih ahli ahli politik yg asal jugak dari negeri sarawak, dengan wang ringgit dan macam2 lagi. Selama 30-40 tahun, sejak negeri sarawak disatukan dengan Msia,ada kah negeri sarawak, yg dikatakan kaya dengan minyak, betul betul maju?

    Kemudahan seperti air yg bersih, eletrik dan jalan raya yang sepatut di utamakan, lansung tidak di ambil kira olih ahli ahli politik, cuma pada setengah tengah tempat di beri perhatian. walaupun saya bukan dari negeri sarawak, bila saya tengok atau baca dimedia2 tempatan dan asing saya rasa malu dan bersimpati pada penduduk2 di pendalaman sarawak, yang anak2 mereka pergi ke sekolah menaiki sampan, berjalan kaki dalam gelap.

    Kepada Imam Bukit Sari, kalau awak kata awak bangga dan betul2 ambil berat dengan apa yg berlaku sekililing awak di negeri sarawak, tidak perlunya ada computer, media atau di hasut olih mana2 parti. Memandangkan yg awak bolih buat komen komen awak dalam blog ini, sy berpendapat yang awak ada saluran atau kemudahan nya, fikir dan jangan hanya pandai pandai mengata dan tunggu untuk di berikan, usahakan nya dengan sendiri utk kemajuan dan kebaikan negeri sarawak, BARU AWAK BOLIH KATA AWAK BANGGA JADI ANAK SARAWAK.

    • nyamok

      imam bukit sari, bahlol, kalabu asap banyak makan belacan.

  • John Serawak .

    Tabi kaban, JM sigi amat ka nipu rakyat. Nama kebuah ia meri cek kosong. Arap ka ia oleh mayar tuai rumahnya enda lama agi. Kasih ga aku meda tuai rumahnya udah berjanji enda sida serumah ka ngintu pemenang JM tang duit enda olih diambi laban cek kosong.

  • http://yahoo disgusted sarawakian

    "Do not hurry to say the IBAN from the rural area are stupid."

    The Iban especially the rural area are not stupid they are actually ignorance and do not fully understand the democratic process.Because of their culture/custom of showing kindness and to welcome anybody to their home ,for some who likes to take advantage will do like wise by giving them gift and in time to come them on what they demand for .

    I just quote you one example; If you ever come to an iban longhouse you will be welcome by them ,not only that they will invites you for makan and drink and event invite you to stay a night with them and they will not charge you a single cent.

    So this is the culture that they have possess in the longhouse.

    For people who like to take advantage of them finds its easy for them to manipulate and to cheat them but not the case for those who are more educated and stay in town.

    This is the time we should explain to them about what democracy is all about;just like a kindergarten kids it should starts from ABC to Z.

    Mentality that BN indoctrinate in them that only can bring development must be removed.-speak to them thru RFS.

    Our culture and tradition and thinking need to be readjusted

    we cannot be too kind to anybody be it YBs or those in power.

    We need to be more stern in our action and decisions .

    The young and educated children must inform them on today,s political development and their rights being a citizen of the country.

  • http://sarawakreport Iban sinu

    Wahai rakan-rakan Sarawakku, Iban, Bidayuh, Melayu, Cina, Kayan, Kelabit dan ramai lagi! Oha..oha..oha! Mari kita sama-sama bangun untuk melepaskan diri dari pemerintahan kumpulan penyangak, pencuri, perogol, penipu atau apa lagi anda sambung….

    Adakah kita ini orang buta, bodoh dan pekak. Bagi rakyat Sarawak yang terpelajar adakah kamu sanggup diperintah oleh orang-orang ini. Saya malu kerana kita masih lagi tidak sedar yang kita dikuasai oleh orang tua yang sudah nyanyuk. Dia tidak layak lagi menjadi pemimpin kita. Dia cuma fikirkan bini dia, harta dia dan mimpikan TUN supaya kerajaan Malaysia tidak boleh buat apa-apa.

    Kita tidak ada pilihan, kepada siapa kita hendak mengadu. Kepada Najib, jauh sekali. Dia pun raja penipu.

    Tengok sekarang, PERKASA pun dah main sentimen 1Melayu 1Bumi. Apa Najib boleh buat? Mahukah anda iyanya berlaku di Sarawak?


  • andy

    BN won the election due to most of the voters were elderly people. Young people nowadays (>21 years of age) cannot be cheated by the BN like the elderly. However, these young people is too smart to think that BN will lose and assume that their vote won't affect the election result. In the end, we still ruled by perverted old man that quickly made an oath just after the election result is announced.

    What you say to them(BN) is meaningless as they can shut their ears close and what you write about them(BN) is worthless as they can close their eyes. Our vote speaks louder than words. BN knows these thing very well and use it for the election. If they know the youngster will vote for them, do you think they will just just ignore it? They will 100% by all means to get the youngster to register for election and vote for BN.

    There is no needs for reason or prove for us to dispose the the perverted old man. Just vote for the opposition.

  • mmc

    post the running dog, jospeh's face on your blog for everyone to see what an Iban dogface looks like.

  • http://goggle See withe Eyes Close

    This may, may I say, could well be Tip of theIceberg. some mayempathize with his pathetic gentleman who gladly sells his vote and not paid his agreed sum, wonder how many times gone on before this became a news item!. I believe this gentleman and the so called Honourable Member of the State Legislative Council, making him basically also a "Law Maker" are both equally guilty of such fraud and offence. We heard that the party in question has become well known as a repeated election offender since election first came to be exercised in this State. What irks me is what are the authorities and the NGOs, Watchdogs and You doing to put a stop to this and to get the perpetrators to book! Well, if nothing can be done, such malpratices will be perpetuated come elections after elections, until may be everyone is a high-income earner and is well educated1 Correct me if I am wrong.

  • malong

    org dayak susah berubah…..sebab org tua saja yang muda sikit mengundi……sebab pemikiran org muda BN tetap menang rasuah/gila pempuan/gila kuasa/gila gila/gila babi….tipu rakyat jadi org muda susah nak balik mengundi. org tua ni senang kena tipu……nadai untak…..udah parai sida ka tuai ganti org muda baru susah kena tipu…..tapi sudah lambat sebab semua tanah org sarawak sudah habis dijual taib/penyamun hantu syaitan…..saya tak tau bila pemikiran org dayak ini boleh berubah….

  • Blunt Speaker

    Serve you right tuai rumah for receiving a bounce cheque of a bribe. Due to greed, many of the Dayaks as well as Malays, were duped into voting for BN. The common modus operandi was a downpayment of rm500 to 1000 per voter depending on the constituency and another rm500 to 1000 upon BN winning. Malays were even made to swear in mosques while receiving handouts of cash. A middle-aged lady had the guts to complain to DAP that she was conned of not being able to claim the balance after a BN win. Another BN trick was to dump several truckloads of stones at certain constituencies, promising road construction to the villagers. If BN loses, those rural dwellers will have to resort to manual labor becos the BN will abandon the project. Bribery, threats, blackmail, postal votes, blackout and all sorts of dirty tactics are being used by BN to secure victory. Furthermore, we don't have an independent EC and it is pro BN.

  • tim

    Don,t blame them. Blame our self for not telling them, we have the info and know what is going on but we fail to address it to them. Share the knowledge instead of bashing them, for us rm50 is just like rm5, a small amount for us cause we have the job or business to get it any time, for them is a whole lot of money. Trust me its hard to find even 0.5cent if you don't have a source of income or a job.

    Come on you guys and girls, work harder and lets educate them, at least now we know that the so call minister isn't that smart either, some even stupid compare to the rural folks, but they have been given the chances to be there and being lead and teach by the crook on how to lie, they seem to be a successful person up there. But for me they are plain stupid because they fail to think for there future generation…

  • sarawakian

    the iban are the majority race in sarawak, and they are cheapest vote to buy

  • GAS

    I am happy that George Chan has been crushed in the election. Please read below the comment from Insider about George Chan:

    Insider story of SUPP

    By insider

    I am writing this from outside Sarawak as I emigrated with my family to Australia last year.

    I spent most of my working life in Miri and Kuching and as a businessmen, was forced to socialise with SUPP and other political leaders. I got to be quite close to them, and became one of their “supporters" who was “required to help" during elections.

    I would like to appeal to all the voters, especially the Chinese voters, to vote for the opposition and not the SUPP. Let give just relate some of the home truths about SUPP:

    1. SUPP under George Chan is not working for the Chinese but Taib Mahmud. Forget the words but look at the action. Taib Mahmud took away the Kuching Mayor’s post and gave it to a civil servant (died) without consulting SUPP. Before the announcement I was at a dinner with George Chan, Lee Kim Shim and Alan Sim and George Chan hinted that Alan Sim would make an excellent mayor for Kuching. Alan Sim was smiling so hard that you would have guessed that he was 100% sure that he would be the mayor. But Taib Mahmud simply gave it to someone else and George Chan could not do anything about it.

    2. When the 2006 state elections came about, I was asked to “donate" to SUPP's campaign in Kuching. My Miri branch manager told me that the SUPP Miri people (Andy Chia, Datuk Wee and gang) “asked" for my company vehicles to be “loaned" to them for the campaign. When the issue of land lease came up, George Chan told us in a dinner function that he will “speak" to Chief Minister and Chief Minister would make an announcement at a unity dinner in Kuching. I was forced to buy 3 tables at this dinner at Crowne Plaza. I was sitting a metre table away from the VIP table and I saw George Chan begging the Chief Minister to announce that he would renew the lease. Chief Minister just told George Chan, in front of everyone, I will announce in my own time. Can you imagine the SUPP president’s shame? In front of the Chinese community, he could not even get the Chief Minister to make a “hint" about the land lease.

    After the elections, I was having dinner with George Chan’s supporters in Miri and he told in a serious tone that Chief Minister refused to make the announcement because he wanted to “punish" the Chinese/SUPP for making “too much noise". This meant that Taib Mahmud had already destroyed Iban unity by splitting PRS/PBDS into two factions and he wanted the Chinese to be the same while he prepared his children to come in and take over. This man even hinted that Taib Mahmud only dared to do this because George Chan was the SUPP president. George Chan cannot stand up to Taib Mahmud on any issue. He just gives in on every crucial issue. Why? – I will tell you later.

    3. During the 2006 state elections, one of SUPP’s biggest financial contributors, Ting Chek Si, a tycoon from Sibu, was not selected to defend his Meradong seat. His crime? Ting Chek Si was in a business dispute with Taib Mahmud’s brother over the Sanyan group of companies. Ting Chek Si has sued Taib Mahmud’s brother for “oppression" and revealed that he gave Taib Mahmud’s brother 51% of the shares in the company in return for Taib Mahmud’s timber concessions. Taib Mahmud told George Chan to dump Ting Chek Si and George Chan, like a good running dog, did as he was told. This is despite the fact that Meradong people wanted Ting Chek Si because he was using his own money to provide help to Meradong. The SUPP Central working committee even endorsed Ting Chek Si’s name as candidate. What kind of party leader is George if he dumped his own men and listened to PBB's leader? Is SUPP a sub-branch of PBB?

    What is worse – when Ting Chek Si protested to George Chan, George Chan lied to his face straight and told him to keep quiet and Ting Chek Si will be given another chance as senator. Of course George Chan did not keep his promise, he gave the senatorship to Sim Kheng Hui.

    4. This is not the first time George Chan lied openly to his colleagues. In 2004 General Elections, he promised Law Heing Ding that he will be nominated as the Minister but for the last term. George even put this in writing. After the elections, George nominated Datuk Peter Chin. Is it any wonder that Law Heing Ding called George Chan a liar in the Chinese press and George Chan did not dare to sue him? If George Chan is a man of honour as he says he is, why does he not sue Law Heing Ding for defamation? Law Heing Ding even went to the extent of writing a complaint letter to all the SUPP CWC members and gave a copy to the PM and Taib Mahmud. He has documents to prove that George Chan is lying and backstabbed him.

    5. You do not need to look at George Chan’s political games to know he is a fake. Just look at the way he behaves towards his first wife, Judy. He cheated on her for so many years that she ran away. He had an open affair with Christina Foo of Priority One and gave the company a lot of state government consultancies.

    During the search and rescue mission for Dr Judson in the Kelabit highlands, he visited the place often to “direct" the search. The real reason was that he was chasing a Kelabit girl and took her to KL to be his mistress. Just ask anyone in the highlands and they will confirm this story. This girl is now driving a BMW and living in a semi-D in KL.

    What kind of man would use a moment of anguish over a helicopter crash to think about sex and chasing girls. Is this a “leader" of the Sarawak Chinese community?

    Even worse, he allowed his daughter Elisa Chan and now named Anisa (the most beautiful one with white skin) to marry Taib Mahmud’s son. When Sulaiman turned out to be playboy and started to hit the daughter, George Chan actually told the daughter to “bear it" as Sulaiman could ensure that she has a luxurious life. When Sulaiman heard this, he hit the poor daughter even harder and sent her off to live in the States leaving him free to chase all sorts of girls in KL and Manila. As a father, how could George Chan do all these things?

    The question is why? Why does GC do all these underhanded things?

    The answer is simple. The love of power and wealth. He can only get power and wealth by being a running dog to Taib Mahmud and this is exactly what he has done. He has made SUPP weak because Taib Mahmud wants SUPP to be weak while the Melanau dynasty rules forever.

    George Chan wants to enjoy the good things in life like fine wine (he has one of the finest wine collections in Malaysia) and women. He can only do this as deputy Chief Minister.

    With a leader like George Chan, who lies to his own senior party members, and reports to PBB and Taib Mahmud – can we elect SUPP? If SUPP were to come out and say that it is a sub-branch of PBB, at least I will consider it as they will be telling the truth for the first time.

    After all these nonsense I decided that I had better migrate. I do not want my children to deal with this sort of “leaders" and live in a country where the Chinese leaders are forever kowtowing to someone else.

    I am not writing this out of spite. I encourage readers in Sarawak and elsewhere to investigate if what I say here is true. Even if 50% is true, don’t you think SUPP deserves to be punished?

    The only way to get rid of George Chan and his group of PBB/SUPP members is to vote out SUPP until George Chan loses power. There is no other way. I took the easy way out by migrating but that does not mean I do not love Sarawak or care for the future of Sarawak. It simply means I am too old. I am telling this story so that the younger generation will know the truth.

    • Blunt Speaker

      Yes, I have heard stories of George chan's womanizing and bringing prostitutes to his mansion at Demak Laut. Also, of Taib lambasting him like a dog with its tail in between its legs scared stiff. What sort of BACHO or coward leader is this? Wong soon Koh is another bird of the same feather, a notorious womanizer as well. He even did it on his girl student when he was a school principal. He is also a running dog for Taib, good at apple polishing and defending Taib. We have no need of such cowardly and immoral leaders.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      At least Taib gave the Mayor of MBKS( Mana Boleh Kuasa Saya) to Chinese and he also gave MPP Chairman to the Chinese..What is MPP? Majlis Perbandaran Padawan?? It is an INDSULT to the you know it os KOta Padawan but WHY Chinese and NOT BIDAYUH???

      At least you Chinese are lucky both MBKS and MPP have Chinese as their BOSS. It is a TOTAL insult to the Bidayuh community..and yet the former SS kept quiet..sad very sad sad..very sad.

    • Tiarama

      Didn't I said two months ago GC will be defeated because history has to repeat itself that the Chairman/President of SUPP will end up that way. Ong Kee Hui defeated by Cheng Yu Kiaw, Stephen Yong by Lo Foo Kee, Wong Soon Kai by Ling See Ming. And we have a very unpopular CM and GC is the thief minister yes man. Serve him right!

    • http://sarawakreport harrie

      Thank you GAS for this amazing stories.I really hope that SUPP will be finished off like Gerakan.

      GC said a couple of years ago that he will step down but continued to stay on as supp president and nominate for Piasau seat. See he has lost BIG to a unknown and young lawyer from DAP.serve him right and no pity for him lah.

      HEAR….hear having no chinese representation in the BN is no BIG DEAL as chinese leader has to kowtow to the bastard and thief and raper and orang utan thief disgusting and shit shit shit!!! so open your eyes wide, chinese ppl.

      how to get rid of tm except death to him. that will be the day we shall rejoice and celebrate.

  • anak umbong

    Sarawak Report in Geneva???? Makes us proud then, don't only telling you are in Geneva while, UN don't give a f**k bout you…we're all pretty upset with the outcome of the election..and the news of buying votes is not new after all.. I heard Jabu paid Rm500 per 'bilik' to support him.. Well, Entulu can expect people in Selangau won't buy their money talk this upcoming parlimentary…it's politics these days…money first man..development..errr…i don't know where the fuck they put it…hahahaha

  • bujang kepiat

    infomation ngagai semua,

    Iban di Simanggang dibeli ngena anak manuk aja. Udah nya ai pandi sida keruh baka pelangkan jani. Parai diayahka bansa nyumbuh (BN).

  • daniel tan kah beng

    the issue is both are in wrong position, the giver and the taker.

    the devil come to what ?

    even they will come to say bow down to me i will give this 100 hatar of land to you, if base on the "temtation promise" , it will be die end !

    open your eyes : the devil will come to let u see, by accepting their promise and etc, you will be free and easy in life, BUT the end will be worst that the beginning.

    that's the weakness of human being. and that's how the continue fall of man !.

    so what step to bring light to those weak man !

    the PR MUST work VERY VERY VERY hard to safe them, let them see the end with a light on. NEVER SOLD ITS BIRTHRIGHT !


  • Nendak Lemai, Baram

    aku ingat Rm 20 juta TR, diberi YB ngagai kita…baru Rm20 ringgit ati udah tekuing meda duit…nadai guna komplain aya tuai rumah asi udah nyadi tai…tu nyadi ke pengajar ngagai semua kita tuai rumah…ia ke badas agi enti umur kita tuai rumah udah manggai 60 taun tau badu nyadi tuai kelebih agi kita ke enda nemu surat beri ngagai nembiak rebak baru sekurang kurangnya nemu maca enggau nulis… Anang jera aya tuai rumah…

  • Future Leader

    Last 2 days all the voters from DUN Bawang Assan given RM400 as a consolation from BN for voting WSK(u know who i mean).without the vote from the dayaks(dayaks vote price is so cheap),i dont think WSK will win the election…SR please,please investigate this..

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Future Leader–That is the balance of RM500 which was promised earlier on.First RM100 when going to vote and collect IC from KTS.If WSK wins,they will get the balance of RM400 as promised. Now that WSK won,they are collecting it.It's their dividends paid once every 5 years which is far higher than the dayaks which was only RM30 plus 2 cans of untaxed beer,one packet of keropok and chocolate and one BN cap and BN shirt.N18 is a BN keropok territory while N17,Tarat is a pubbing and womanising territory.

      So do you mean that there are NO corruptions at all in this election while others have ERECTION too and went pubbing and dancing too at Tapah basketball stadium. All these are entertainment perks by BN.

  • Sumbangsih

    Memang selama ini kita jadi mangsa bangsa kita sendiri yg belot… Org Swak yg bunuh org Swak..kan? dari zaman Stephen Kalong Ningkan lagi. kalau bkn kerana bangsa dan org kita sendiri kita takkan jadi Sarawak yg seperti sekarang, jadi mainan para org2 besar Malaya.. selagi kita tak blh merubah pemikiran bangsa kita yg anggap BN saja yg betul dan terlalu sempit pemikiran dari segi demokrasi.. yg cuma fikir demokrasi itu wujud jika di bawah BN. sebaiknya kita slalu bercerita kepada kawan2, sedara mara yg kurang berpengetahuan tentang demokrasi yg sebenarnya. sebarkan demokrasi yg sihat. bkn demokrasi utk para pemimpin kita kekal duduk lama dan mengumpul harta. hapuskan para pemimpin yg angguk2 saja ikut kata ketua.. kita harus bagitau demokrasi cara BN yg klau mb mereka tak sokong atau membantah cadangan atau usul ketua akan diambil tindakan. jd ahli parlimen atau ADUN di bawah BN harus angguk2 saja setuju. saya tau kawan2 yg lain nampak lebih bnyk dari saya tentang ketidakwujudan demokrasi di Malaysia dan tolong sebarkan. umpama demokrasi terpimpin kita sekarang yg cuma utk kepentingan para Org besar utk kekal di atas kerana kita tdk pernah mengundi utk PM kita.. amalan parti menang majoriti jadi PM presidennya ini terlalu lapuk. kita sebagai rakyat harus berhak memilih PM kita..undi siapa yg layak jadi PM.. bkn ahli parti Umno saja yg berhak menentukan PM.. anda sedar tak yg kalau Najib kalah di Pekan sekalipun dia ttp jadi PM klu BN menang? ini bermakna utk mengekalkan kedudukan mereka dan kita rakyat yg akan selalu jadi mangsa. kita harus selalu tukar pemerintah utk mengajar mereka kita rakyat yg berkuasa atas Negeri kita Sarawak.. dan juga berhak dlm Malaysia.

  • http://sarawakreport harrie

    This joseph mauh really have the guts to cheat longhouse headman.doesn't mean he doesn't have the money, but he really wants to cheat them that's all. he thinks they are all fools and don't know how to expose joseph mauh. looking at his face will make you lose all appetite

    shame, shame disgusting joseph mauh!!!

    • http://none Tom Jones

      Well,he learned from his Thief Master..the ONE man that we all love to hate. he is being taught to lie like ALL BN leaders and YBs.

  • hot

    native sarawakians are simple and greedy for one.

    • http://none Watch Dog are making a bloody sweeping statement and it seems you are brain dead. I am a native of Sarawak but I don't take any dividends from BN people as I believe in principle of democracy and I voted the opposite as I do NOT agree to the Thief Minister taking away our wealth. Are you a Sarawakian? Did you ask your parents and relatives NOT to vote for The Thief minister and his cronies??

      I am an exceptional native of Sarawak so please don't generalise and make a sweeping statement. You anger the dedicated and learned few natives of Sarawak especially those from Krian and Ba Kelalan.

      We oppose tyranny and iron clad FISTS rule in Sarawak just as you do.God bless you 'hot' if you are that HOT as you claimed to be.

    • Blunt Speaker

      Sometimes I couldn't help agreeing with you, hot, despite your mocking and sarcasms. Indeed, these people need to wake up from their deep slumber. I want them to wake up roaring like a tiger, not miaowing like a tiny kitten to this corrupt regime for some scrap to eat. Where is the RENTAP spirit? What a shame! All my efforts are in vain! We can only rely on the more educated now, not easy to educate those who are brain dead.

  • Sambi'

    This money politic is never ending story and become culture and trend of Sarawak politic since those days, to garner support and votes this Axxhoxx buy the rakyat right with a mere RM50… Shame on you all the YBs!!! Shame on you!!! Repent!!Repent if not Hell awaits you all!!

  • mike


  • GO GO >> GO

    Taib will not die in this land where he is the Thief Minister for 30 years. He is not as brave as Mubarak!!!!

  • Kobelco

    Those who vote BN bCOS of money—- WILL LIVE IN SHAME!!

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Kobelco..agree with you.Just look at the 4 seats that 2 Iban and 2 Bidayuh delivered for SUPP,shame shame on you dayaks when even the Chinese reject SUPP. What development projects that SUPP/BN give you?? All lies,nothing but pack of LIES..Cheque also bounced, balance of RM400 from Wong Soon Koh also NOT honoured for voters from Bawang Assan.So this is a bitter pill to swallow for voters from there.Promises made during elections are just false promises and just for dividends of RM100,you all voted for WSK..what a shame? You betray fellow dayaks in Sarawak.

      I think we better stop ridiculing the Tuai rumah otherwise he will do harikara like the Japanese and if he does,JOSEPH MAUH is to be held responsible.

      God bless you TUAI Rumah and please repent..

  • Darkside

    TO THE TUAI RUMAH,MONEY DOES'NT BUY EVERYTHING-NOW U r going TO REGRET-people will remember you for the rest of their lives..what is 500, are you tht cheap..i can spend 500 just 1 day doing shopping.we want fair election, now you betray ur longhouse trust…what are you going to do?cry for the balance of the money….you may not live forever but how about ur future brothers and sister kids and cucu…


    • http://none Watch Dog

      Money is the root of ALL evil..maybe because of ignorance..the Tuai rumah took it in good faith thinking that this brain dead YB will honour the balance of RM5K.If he honours it,that will be corruption and if he does NOT honour it,that will be deceit,lies and cheating by BN government.

      He may live to regret it and his position as Tuai rumah will not command respect from his anakbiak.REGRET never comes first.There must be someone who can explain to their longhouse folks but to wait for another 5 years for their 'dividends' is a long wait .It is a bitter lesson and bitter pills to swallow and hope that the dayaks will now wake up or rise up.

      That's why don't chase anyone who wants to visit your rumah panjang either to spread the words pf the Gospel so that you will not fear antu Kenyalang and pulut kuning.Now is the time to spread the words so that when come election time,we are ALL ready.May GOD you all there.

  • Jungle Trakkers

    Please Do not Put all the Blame on the Poor Village Peoples who take the money from BN Leaders.

    Even 70% of Sarawakian Vote for PR(Pakatan Rakyat) or Opposition. BN will still win majority 2/3.Even for next Sarawak State Election. Do you know why?.

    The Reason are:

    1. BN Bribe and cheat the Poor Village Peoples with money. (2/3 of the Seat are situated at these area)

    2.BN use the Postal Voter. They can easily win any seat at rural area by using the Postal Voter to TOP UP their vote.(2/3 of the Seat are situated at these area.

    3.BN can influent Civil servants.(1/5 of the Voters).

    4.BN can buy Frogs (Katak). Ministers who jump ship from PR to BN using money.

    5.71 Seat in Sarawak has divided in such a way to maintain support for BN.(1/2 of the seat allocated are Strong Fort for BN)

    Sarawakian, This is the reality of BN political agenda.Like it or not you have to accept it for now.

    Note: If you want to change the reality. Take care for the 5 isuea mention above before next Parliment Election and next Sarawak state election.

  • Tuai Rumah

    PBB constituencies have been structured in such a way by them that they can afford to govern Sarawak themselves. They dont need SUPP, less the PRS and SPDP (both of whom can offer nothing to Taib, in fact Taib may have to throw only a couple of RM mil to each leader to keep their mouths shut). There was not a single whimper from any of the Dayak leaders when the the demarcation of the constituencies was done.

    • anak sarawak

      Agreed to #77. Those so-called dayak and chinese leaders are just the puppies of TM. BN promises: one malaysia = one malay-saya.

  • http://Gmail BRIGHTLIGHTBULB

    Fellows do not beat your chests too much!

    Just learn from this lesson and never trust BN parties as they all are a pack of thieves who happily robbed us of our land and everything.

    When the elections come they beg us to vote for them and throw us some money which they stole from us in the first place!

    Spread the word around and more people will know they can never trust BN parties.

    • Tiarama

      I am sure all the dayaks were informed of the theft by Thief Minister and his cronies before the election. But once they saw the $$$$ flashing in front their face, BN was their party.

      • http://none Watch Dog

        Tiarama….please DO NOT generalise but be factual.I am a different type of dayaks..who do NOT receive small dividends once every 5 years like other dayaks.Our fellow dayaks in Krian and Ba Kelalan are very special too.You do find smart dayaks in certain ares only .

        I am sad too because of the dayaks Presidents of the two parties who are TM chief clerk and office boys.They are being manipulated by TM to run errant for his corrupted practices. TM just hand them pittance and they SHUT up.We need prudent and strong character dayaks to lead ,helping Baru Bian.Anyway, a journey to a thousand miles has began with the first step…though it is an expensive affair and bitter pills to swallow.

        I strongly appeal to the dayaks..not just to receive their dividends once every 5 years in this form..RM30,a cap,T shirt,2 cans of untaxed beer, a bar of expired chocolate and a packet of cheap keropok. It comes to the extend that N18 is called KEROPOK instead of Tebedu.

        The dayaks must think of the long term for their children and grand children future.May GOD bless the dayaks of Sarawak. In Jesus name..we pray. Amen

        • Blunt Speaker

          Yes, I believe Watch Dog is a totally different Dayak and an outstanding one too. How I wish more Dayaks are like you and all the ones who are with us here, not forgetting Apai Peter Jaban. Not that I am apple polishing, I praise you all with all sincerity from my heart even though I can be quite blunt at times. As long as we fight for justice and the truth, our ALMIGHTY GOD WILL BE WITH US, AMEN!

        • Tiarama

          Watch Dog, I was totally disappointed with the election result especially the dayak constituencies. Obviously, money was the key factor of switch in the dayak votes. PKR should tell all BN appointed headmen that when PKR win, their positions as headmen would not change. Make "Take BN money and vote PKR" a slogan.

          Let's get ready for the coming Parlimentary election. Even though we failed to take over the State government, but When PKR takes over the federal govenment, the Sultan of Sarawak, Taib Mubarak will know his fate.

  • Half Malay,Half Daya

    HA..HA..HA….as usual we, the bumiputras, unlike our Chinese counterparts, are "BUYABLE" people. Vote BN againlah. Now u pay the price for voting them. Shame on you people. Kudos to the Chinese. Malu rasa aku jadi orang bumis.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Blunt Speaker & Tiarama..Thank you for your support. I have been going around to dayaks areas with my own limited resOurces and print Sarawak report and even make my own 'T' shirt saying


    The main thing that Rural daysk fear is antu burung kenyalang that Jabu brought for miring and beras pulut kuning and James Masin brought kapur sireh..I just don't understand when the majority are Christian.We need to spread the GOSPEL to them.

    These two BN clowns must not do these things as they are Christian..I suppose as they cannot serve TWO GODS..They will be judged..By the BLOOD of JESUS of Nazareth..these evils voodoo are useless as JESUS reigns over them.In Jesus name..Amen

    So this coming GAWAI.. I hope that you all go home to the longhouses and tell your folks..the slogan,"TAKE BN MONEY (WHICH IS OURS)AND VOTE PKR'.


  • SarawakTulen

    Andai saja :

    Keputusan Pilihanraya Umum ke-13 menyaksikan semua negeri jatuh ke tangan Pakatan Rakyat DUN dan Parlimen, kecuali Sarawak.

    Lihatlah bagaimana muka sidak makcik-makcik kaum wanita BN kelak ………

    Sidak makcik-makcik kaum wanita penyokong kuat BN tok, sebenarnya sik ada harga dirik dan sik pakei otak langsung!
    Madah BN ajak boleh di percayak, tapi tanggar ajak kehidupan sidak kaum wanita BN, sik juak ku nanggar maju jaya dalam hidup, masih juak hidup kais pagi makan pagi, walhal Tok T-Mut terkemut-kemut dengan duit juta-juta.

    Bukan apa, sedih sidak kaum wanita tok, sik terpikirkah olah Taib tok…. sidak wanita BN tok, bukannya sik dengar anak sidaknya dari universiti udah madah hal Taib yang teruk tok, tapi palak batu sidaknya macam udah diludah Taib dengan tepak sireh busuk. Sik jerak-jerak…

    Sidak wanita PBB tok walaupun sik diberik rasuah, pun bodoh mampus gilak!!! Otak macam tahun 60an. Biar dirikpun miskin asal BN merintah! Paloi!!!!

    Macam sidak pemuda BN yang nyokong Pasukan Bolasepak Sarawak, taik manoklah Taik Memut ada masa nak pegi stadium nanggar pasukan serawak. Tauknyalah nanggar duit dalam bilitnya dengan bininya juta-juta. Bukan ada masa dengan rakyat! Sik setiap permainan, satu dua jadual jadilah.

    Presiden Indonesia pegi stadium dengan rakyat nanggar pasukan malaysia lwn indonesia!!!

    Najib Razak, puiiii!!! nanggar presiden indonesia dengan rakyat di stadium, baruklah terhegeh2 ya pun nanggar dekat screen besar di tengah bandar KL.

    Mun kitak orang mauk tauk, Najib yang sombong, mun rakyat mintak tolong apa-apa, nya memang madah sik ada masa. Sik nya peduli kita lagik.

    Orang BN tok, terkenal dengan sikap sombong sidak bila udah berkuasa.

    Jadi harap-haraplah, kita anak Sarawak siklah sebodoh ya. Cuma segelintir yang masih mimpi fantasi BN tok.

    Teruskanlah usaha kita dirik empun untuk menyedarkan sidak keras palak ya.

  • anak sarawak

    Sorry George about the election outcome its good to see you are talking sense ie 3 terms for ministers perhaps you have some moral left to put out all form of corruption in Sarawak then your accomplishment would be remembered thanks for reading george

  • Serve you right

    I think they deserve it. After 30 years or being exploited, they are still not learning, so no one to blame except themselves.

    All I can say is serve their rights and accept the fruit of your stupidity. If you don't help yourselves, no one can help you.

    I will see you suffer for another 30 years with your stupidity.

  • Nothing can outsmart

    great…now the dayaks are fooled for another year.

    30 years yet they still sit patiently to be played out again by their leaders.

    Some of you may say…"Come on…they're dirt poor…money like that…who wouldn't"

    Ok if that's the case, then they shouldn't bitch and complain when their land titles get switched, their harvest lands turns into hydro dams, their livelyhood gets turn upside down over a mere $$$ amount.

    Enough of defending corruption …whether its giver to receiver….both are accomplices.

    To the dayaks….i pray that you will see the day to change.

    and to the rest of people who voted for Taib….well…i hope you wake up before Sarawak turns into LAWAK Malaysia (Joke of Malaysia).

  • Kobelco

    BN supporters are all IDIOTS!All eat Taib's and his cronies leftover.

    • http://none Watch Dog are DEAD right. None of our Dayaks leaders and YBs are awake and realised this. By then it will be too,late.Dayaks VOTERS with the exception of KRIAN and Ba Kelalan are satisfied with their once every 5 years dividends of one blue cap,"T" shirt,RM30,2 cans of untaxed beer,a bar of expired chocolate and keropok.These are to last them for 5 years..sad..sad..sad.How about their children and grand children????

      God bless you all DAYAKS in Krian and Ba Kelalan…you will reap abundant harvest and remain blessed,..Amen

  • SarawakTulen

    The corruption is very clear…as clear as High Definition TV.

    And yet…. still there are many penonton with blur eyes, mata juling, grey eyes and yet cannot see clearly at HD TV walaupun 100 inci. Mata buta, fikiran bodoh!! Masih suka tonton TV hitam-putih surat khabar lamak…

    High Definition : BN Corruption / T-Memut tamak haloba

    Sudah terang-terang korupsi BN depan mata….makin butakk!!!

    Cadangan :

    1. Semua penyokong butak BN, bagus jumpa doktor pakar dan atur sikit otak kiri-kanan, supaya lebih kuat mental dalam menghadapi duit-duit dan bibir merah sidak BN tok.

    2. Penyokong BN buta, boleh pegang gajah. Ada pegang belalai, ada pegang ekor, ada pegang kaki. Masing-masinglah madah BN tok panjang macam belalai, yang lain madah BN tok tajam macam gading.

    So……to all BN hard-core supporters, congratulations on your foolishness and ensure that your land is ready to be ……… ya ba da ba doooooo!!!!!

  • http://none Raja Manggeng Raja P

    But please don't go to BN doctor.BN doctors cannot diagnose BN supporters sickness.

    It is high time that the dayaks people wake up..Wake up you dayaks and don't let the Melanau take all our NCR land. Give Taib until 13th August,2011 to step down.

    MOCS will organise mass protest in major towns and cities throughout Sarawak..TAIB MUST GO..(TMG).

  • al

    In Sarawak, a timber tycoon would walked into a forest officer office room and bring along a suitcase. Then he would open the suitcase with stacks of cash and parang knives and say, "U want this (pointing to the cash) or u want this 9point to the two parangs)"? and the continued "I know where u live. i know where your wife work. I know where ur children study!!.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      al..That shows you have NO balls at all.Where is this timber tycoon? I am willing to face him/them and want to protect our state forest which GOD has given us.

      Gone were the days when gangsters show off their tatoo.. where are they? Why are you so afraid? Did the timber tycoons say that?

      We also know his house,family..if he wants tit for tat..yes we accept it..why are you so afraid?? We have to defend our forest.We too have friends who are even more dangerous from across the border when threaten like you.

      Come on brother,stand up and be counted. If you are a Christian.."Never accept a BRIBE".It will ruin your character.Show us the timber tycoons now..Today he wins but you never know tomorrow what will happen to him and his people..I am tired of these so called corrupted Timber Tycoons..where is he?? Please give his name..Wong kah,Ling kah,Lau kah,Ting kah,Ding kah..Yaw kah..Ali kah??????????,

  • Chin Chai Kong

    With people like Kuching Ak Moyan, BN's tactic works and they can stay in power forever not unless they change.

  • atys2

    Look like we need UN resolution to commit those from the federal and state officials to jail or be committed to UN sanction on crime against democracy.

  • RT

    No need report police or fru or fbi.. dayak easy to handle maa.. stole anything from them before election after election then night before voting, give them rm1k per door. then the will cool down. heheee

  • Baramandy

    It is sad that the natives of the land are being cheated high and dry and still with a smile on their face. I just wonder when are they going to wake up !!!!

    Sad sad and sad !!!!!!!

  • http://none Watch Dog






    • Maan Taib

      In the olden days during our grandfather time the Dayak mindset was different, while at present many of the new generation Dayak is easily bribe with "$$$$ money money" if anybody want to get something from them. The spirit "agi idup agi ngalaban" is no more there. This is the weakness of our present Community. So in politics and then come election where we try to push the weaker to fight, for sure we are going to loose and failed. No doubt every election we want a CHANGE but again we are still using bunch of this losers. Our tasks now is -" How to change the mindset of this weakness?" Before we can go to vote during election. So long as the law of bribe is still legal by this present BN Government, we are all the way still fighting a loosing end.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Are our DAYAKS Wakil Rakyat poor or RICH?

    The definite answer is a big "YES"..A cheque for RM5K also bounched and one of the Dayak's YB having a function at Abok and made a personal donation of RM2,000,the cheque also bounced meaning "REFER TO DRAWER" banking direct term SORRY NO MONEY IN ACCOUNT".

    Dayaks YB will forever be poor and only eating the left-overs from their Master.Their thinking is that without their Master they will even be WORST off.If thye continue to follow BLINDLY,they will forever be POOR. UBAH lah dan cukup…CHANGE we must for the better.

    I still believe that we must form and register our NGO to fight for Sarawakians's right.

    "ANTI-MONOPOLY WATCHDOG AGENCY".. I NEED 20 people to start the ball rollings.We will register with ROS,and NOT only we have to fight our rights in Sarawak but also huge contracts from the Federal Government.

    We do NOT want one ,man,one family,one crony and one RACE(Melanau) to dominate all CONTRACTS in Sarawak as well as Plantation land,selling Sarawak and gain MILLIONS at natives expense.The followings are MONOPOLISED by one man,one family,one crony and one RACE.


    2.NCR lands

    3.Road Contracts

    4.Cement monopoly..CMS


    6.Sands..Magna Focus

    7.Mountains..CMS quarries

    8.Shit project given to Raziah,then to HSL

    9.Road maintenance…CMS


    11.Latest is water project..Pipe laying given to Quality


    12.Many many many many many more.


  • MYconcerned

    would he have come forth and done the right thing, if the cheque had NOT bounced??

  • unuranvavaNep

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