Siphoning Money From Sarawak

Siphoning Money From Sarawak

5 Apr 2011

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Lying or just forgetful about the odd billion ringgit acquired from business in Sarawak?

Last week, with shocking deceitfulness, Taib Mahmud announced in a video that he and his children have always avoided doing business in Sarawak:  

 “I don’t want conflict of interests to haunt me all the time.  If I do business inside the country, people will say I use my influence to enrich myself, so we did it outside the country.”

But, haunt him we will for the very reasons he spelt out!   Because, there is a mountain of evidence about the billions of ringgit, which are quite clearly on the record as having been siphoned out by the Mahmud family through their public banking activities alone.  All this business was done in Sarawak and Malaysia.

Taib Banks – how they do benefit from his influence

Take a look at UBG Bank (formerly Bank Utama), which was owned by the Taib family company CMS until November last year.  The Chairman of UBG was none other than Taib’s son, Abu Bekir, and his number two was Taib’s son-in-law (daughter Hanifah’s husband),  Syed Ahmen Alwee Asree. 

Doing Big Business in Sarawak! - Chairman and Deputy Chairman of UBG Bank, (left) Abu Bekir Taib (son) and (right) Syed Ahmed Alwee Asree (son in law)

UBG has been making hundreds of millions for these chaps.  Just look at their shareholdings and look what they have just sold them off for. People who accuse Sarawak Report of providing unsubstantiated evidence are clearly people who find themselves unable to freely download basic Annual Reports and Stock Market announcements from the internet.  This makes them either unqualified to comment or liars.

From the records it is clear, for example, that until 2007 UBG, controlled a third of the shares and an over-all 60% stake in Malaysia’s fourth largest bank RHB!   So how much was that worth to the Taib family?  A series of recent public sales have provided all the figures we need to find out.

Cashing in – how much was it worth?

A lot of trees had to come down to buy up a 60% stake in Malaysia's fourth largest bank!

During 2007 it was known that the Taibs were trying to get their money out of these RHB shares, because three attempted commercial sales fell through in a matter of months.  It was commented that Taib was not getting a high enough bid for his liking! 

However, luckily for the Taibs a publicly-run body came in and offered a very good price for the shares after all.  That public body was none other than the Employees Provident Fund (EPF).  This is Malaysia’s largest pension fund for civil servants and it is managed by a Board dominated by politicians and business leaders.

EPF paid UBG and its Taib family shareholders a hefty RM 1.4 billion in cash for that share of RHBThat was money from the ordinary pensions of public employees into the Taibs’ own bank accounts.

In Taib’s own words such a cosy deal indeed exposes the Chief Minister to “accusations of conflict of interest” and “using his influence to enrich himself” by doing business in Sarawak and Malaysia! 

After all,  among those public figures on the Board of EPF is none other than Taib’s own good friend the Sarawak State Secretary, Y.B. Datuk Amar Haji Mohamad Morshidi Abdul Ghani, whom we exposed as a major landgrabber just last week!  Why wouldn’t Mr Ghani return the favour of all those lands given to him by Taib through helping him achieve this very lucrative deal – funded by the pensions of millions of public workers?

In just the same way EPF has rushed to the rescue of the Bakun Dam project.  When no private investor would touch it, EPF ploughed RM5.75 billion into the white elephant, thereby resuscitating the venture and hugely enriching the Taibs’ family firm CMS once more, as a result of the numerous contracts they have acquired on the project.

 And Taib claims he does no business in Sarawak or Malaysia and there is no conflict of interest?  What madness!


More money out of UBG

After selling off its RHB shares so profitably UBG was soon benefiting again from all that influence in local circles.  It snapped up two companies Putrajaya Perdana Bhd and Loh & Loh Corp Bhd and then made a private issue of new shares to a single company Majestic Masterpiece that increased the total equity of the company from around RM 800 million to around RM 1.5 billion.

UBG Annual Report 2008 - Majestic Masterpiece are handy new backers

Meanwhile, UBG happily ignored the Stock Market requirements that at least 25% of all the shares of a publicly listed company should be available for public shareholders and not just the controlling companies.  Stock Market announcements in 2010 cited UBG for non-compliance because a whopping 90% of the bank was controlled by CMS and its new colleague Majestic Masterpiece.  Luckily, Bursa Malaysia was willing to grant an extension!

So what of those two companies that UBG took on in 2008?  Well it seems that the State of Sarawak has been very keen to offer them some excellent state contracts in the past few months!

Handed by Taib to his family company CMS, and in turn handed to UBG's new acquisition Putra Perdana Sdn Bhd, for a fat RM 221 million - all just before the UGB sale..

In early 2010 the Star reported how Loh and Loh, a construction outfit, received one of the first major state contracts in a RM 2 billion road project, awarded by the Chief Minister!  The job was part of the RM 645 million ringgit road to the Murum Dam, which is currently under construction (another white elephant project that will destroy huge areas of Sarawak and enrich the Taibs).

Meanwhile, Putra Perdana, that other construction company acquisition by UBG, was also soon getting awarded fat contracts thanks to decisions by the Chief Minister.  None other than the new Headquarters for the Sarawak Electricity Board (SEB) at Isthmus in Kuching.  This contract was originally awarded by the Chief Minister to his own family’s Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd’s (CMS) for a handy RM232 million.  CMS in turn handed it on to its own new subsidiary,  Putra Perdana Construction Sdn Bhd, through UBG for RM 221 million. 

 Two fat multi-million ringgit contracts handed to his own family companies within months of taking them over!  No conflict of interest there?  No sign of doing business ‘within the country’? – how stupid does he think we all are?

Pump primed for sale?

During those months of 2010 when Taib was handing out these big contracts to his own subsidiaries he was also actually seeking to cash in the rest of UBG bank.  Negotiations had been underway since at least mid-2009 (according to an announcement in July of that year by Bursa Malaysia) to sell on both the CMS shares in the bank and the new Majestic Masterpiece shares to a new, somewhat mysterious player in the market a company called PetroSaudi Internationa.

PetroSaudi International - incorporated shortly before the multi-million ringgit buy-out of UBG

PetroSaudi International was touted as the new Arab-based company interested in buying up the whole of UBG and turning it private.  The company made a bit of a splash in the Malaysian media with various promises of massive investment drives in joint ventures with Government, which all came to nothing during the course of 2010.  PetroSaudi was also said to be linked to Arab Princes and to be based in Saudi Arabia.

However,  the UK’s Companies House records tell a different story.  They state that PetroSaudi International was incorporated as late as 18th February 2009 [corrected] and that the country of origin is the United Kingdom!  There is an office registered in Saudi Arabia and also in Geneva Switzerland, but the origins of the company are about as recent as Abdul Taib Mahmud’s decision to get rid of his billions from UBG in Sarawak and sell the whole enterprise to a company based outside Malaysia.

We researched the London offices of PetroSaudi International at 1 Curzon Street, Mayfair and found them to be occupying a suite of offices in a building that is mainly leased by the Asset Management arm of the Swiss Bank UBS. 

Another big bonanza

With UBG’s new subsidiaries pump-primed with state contracts it can’t have been hard to persuade PetroSaudi International that taking this public bank, already 90% owned by just two concerns (in contravention of Bursa Malaysia regulations), back into private hands would be a profitable proposition.

Just at the end of last year on 1st November 2010 the buy out of CMS’s shares and Majestic Masterpiece’s shares in UBG was completed by PetroSaudi International.  The proposed offer had been announced some months earlier by CMS and amounted to a total of RM 466 million.

Another nice bit of profit - CMS (the Taibs) sell off the remainder of UBG Bank for a total of RM 466 million ringgit. Sale completed just in time for the election!

This amounts to a total of around RM 2 billion ringgit that has been cashed in by the Taibs out of this one banking business over just the past couple of years.  These are sales that have involved the injection of public pension fund money and the use of state contracts to keep the Taib companies healthy earners over the period of sale negotiations.

How can Taib Mahmud stand up and claim that he has done no business in Sarawak in order to avoid being haunted by accusations of conflict of interest ?  It is plain and simple – he HAS used his position of influence to enrich himself.  It is just that he has been preventing all the newspapers from saying it.


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  • Jumanzee

    Dear SR,

    Why do you always use RBH instead of RHB? One typo mistake i don't mind but repeated, something is fishy here. 1. Fear of getting sued. 2. You are one of the CM crony trying to confuse us.

    • Utz

      Jumangee, RHB kah or RBH kah, UBG kah or USB, did you actually get the gist of the story though? Maybe you can apply for the job of proof reader for the net so you can check everything. Alamak, people trying to do their best to get the story out also you want to kutuk. Hey, I think Borneo Post has an opening and since you are a spell-checker and Porneo Bosting have very high standards, you supply for job there.

      Why worry about being sued if there is evidence to support the facts?

      • Abang Yamiska

        RBH or RHB makes a big difference, just like or People have lost their jobs for omitting an "s". RBH is a non-entity, whilst RHB is RHB. Sarawakreport must maintain it's high standards otherwise nobody will believe them.

        • Hisapmuddin

          It's a typing error, Dude. Just similar to this mistake: Chief minister or thief minister.

    • CK Chai

      Yes! Didn't notice that. RHB is Rashid Hussein Bank. So RBH becomes Rashid Bank Hussein? Lol!

      • Hisapmuddin

        Thief minister or minister of thieves ????? lol

      • san tet

        eerr…. RHB Robin Hood Bank

        • Isa Rahim

          In this case rather Robbing Hood Bank

        • Ngeli Lancham

          RHB acronym for: Rampas Harta Bhd.

    • Tiarama

      Jumanzee, the depth SR has exposed the Thief Minister still cannot convince you who side SR is. I just don't have anything to say.

      • TiewNiaSeng

        I think he is a Taib man trying to confuse readers. RHB or RBH who cares? The gist of the report is more important!

    • Yes Sir

      That shows that you know Taib owns RHB. Similar to George Chan tried to hide his new wife but could not. If you have done nothing wrong, why respond? "No, no, i didn't take the $2,000,000." kind of stupid response. (But nobody mentioned about the actual figure which you admitted)

      If according to Taib, the NEP is a very wrong policy because bumiputra can do even better than the Chinese. Taib can use just a few thousand dollars and make a few billions in return, some more in an advanced country like Canada.

    • Jeriko


      oh no no no.

      something fishy yeah…..not 1 neither 2. could be 3.

      now wat? 3. maybe u r a chimpanzy

    • http://none LAUTAN SRI

      MACC,Can you investigate these two clowns and see if they jump from MACC Building like Teoh and Ahmad from Customs Dept???

      Do you dare to investigate?? No,NO Balls at all.

  • devillllllll

    Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah……… laughing all the way from the bank…

  • Abang Yamiska

    Make me a believer and change RBH to RHB. I dare you!

    • Jeriko

      abg yasminka,

      u r just one of the typical 'cutty' made in sarawak. u see, those words by tahi below is meant for you. yes, he said it and expected u to believe and yes!!! u believe it.

      “I don’t want conflict of interests to haunt me all the time. If I do business inside the country, people will say I use my influence to enrich myself, so we did it outside the country.”

      wat the heck to argue over the 3 letters R, H & B upside down? come la be wise a bit la. tahi need u very much to believe his blunder statements. u r the right candidate la.

  • hot

    white hair should siphon as much money as possible enriching themselves.

    native sarawakians dont mind at all cos they are all magnanimous and beneficial. They love being poor.

    long live native sarawakians.

    • CK Chai

      That is what I am afraid! The 16 April 2011 state election will confirm that!!

      Pray hard I am wrong!!!

    • Hell Freezer

      Are you promoting or provoking? Make a clear stance, man.

  • Hellfire Spitting Ne

    “I don’t want conflict of interests to haunt me all the time. If I do business inside the country, people will say I use my influence to enrich myself, so we did it outside the country.”

    What a blatant liar you are, BASTARD GRAND MASTER OF THIEF. May your lying tongue got stuck in your throat for you to die in a painful suffocating death!


    This is the word from the angel of death!

  • abot

    When we young and having power, we are strong and built empire and respect.
    When you get old, and too long in power, you don't realise about moral anymore, he lost respect, ithink he is the only leader that really people lost respect. People now cursing him and e very curse spell will come true.
    That the jobn of his bomoh to shield.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Now more and more lies by the THIEF MINISTER of Sarawak,TAIB MAHMUD.

    If Balingian voters vote for Taib,.,this will haunt them for life as they are also liars together with their Thief minister.

    If you vote for BN and Taib's also join categories of LIARS.

    So fellow brothers and sisters.VOTE BN OUT!!

    'Farther GOD,please touch the hearts of the voters on 16th April so that they will not vote for the corrupted leaders of Sarawak,Send us your Gabriel angel to guide our hands so that all those satans,djins,lucifers will NOT sway our hands the wrong way. In Jesus's name we pray..AMEN!!

    • Op

      Stop it lah Watch Dog. Dont use Jesus' Holy name here please and then start cursing like a sailor. Quoting His Holy name does not make your claims and arguments any credible. You can keep your prayers behind close doors. So sick of your hypocritical, double standard attitude.

      • Proud Sarawakian

        Agree with Op. Don't use God's name in vain. This is politics. Keep religion out please. We vote because it's our duty as responsible citizen. Period!

  • Mike Yap

    How many trees must be felled, how many orang utans must die, how many rural school children must stay hungry, how many lands must be grabbed, how many tears must the people of Sarawak shed to satisfy these devils? VOTE PKR people, enough is enough… You hear me? Wake up from your deep sleep.

  • Tiarama

    It looks like the Thief Minister and family are cashing out and taking their cash oversea.

    • John

      That is called " Money Laundering". No wonder Sarawak is among the poorest country in Malaysia. The money was siphoned by a family of pirate.

  • Lonewolf

    Once again, Well done SR.

  • Reezal

    Well done SR! Any revelation on other Taib's cronies/associate co. i.e. Naim Holdings, Dyg Enterprise etc?

  • aborium

    If public funds like the EPF is used to bail out a private bank and the massive Bakun Dam project (both of which the Taibs have vested business interests) isn't regarded as a 'conflict of interest', what is?

    Now it seems the Public is helping to pay for their fat profits and riches! Can you dig that?

    Sarawakians have been taken on detours, red-herrings, and the dubious wheelings and dealings by the Taib business empire to help ensure that we continue to hold them in high regards, ask no question & eventually put a lid on how their riches were made.

    By SR's grace, they're out in the open and it's a hunting season! We hunt them down to their last dollar.

    • http://none Bukit Sadok

      aborium—-The thief minister's sister RAZIAH is borrowing RM880,000,00.00 and at 5% per annum..that is RM44 million in interests a year or RMRM3.7million a month..Where does she get the money to pay the interests alone??

      RHB will collapse anytime soon and we will bail the bank out just like BMF scandal in early 80s.

      So if any one of you vote for BN and Taib that's mean you are into this frauds,money laundering,jealousy,deceit,violence and abuse of power…you all support.

      VOTE BN OUT…OUT…OUT By God's GRACE we will triumph.Amen

  • sarawaktulen

    1989 …orang Jerman Timur udah berani meroboh tembok Berlin…kerana udah meluat dan bencik sidak diktator….

    siapa meroboh…anak-anak muda masa ya..

    2011 ….orang Mesir meroboh sistem diktator Mubharak…siapa meroboh…anak-anak muda

    16April 2011 ….orang Sarawak meroboh sistem diktator Datuk T…. siapa bakal meroboh….anak-anak muda Sarawak dirik empun…

    Ayuh semua anak Sarawak dari setiap inci bumi Sarawak…work smart…jangan leka sekarang…turun padang…jumpa face to face dengan orang yang pikiran sidak macam "batu" penyokong totok BN sik tauk anok ne kebenaran dan anok ne penipuan…

    Ayuh…kita roboh tembok batu "persepsi BN selamanya". Hancurkan tembok ya. Macam tembok Berlin…

    ketika negeri lain berani berubah….sik patut orang Sarawak sik berani berubah…tok udah abad ke21…bukan abad "yes man, yes man"….

    • pen4

      Betul tu.

      Kita tumbangkan Taib Mamut, pemimpin BN yang karut & korup, kroni. Inilah peluang nya. Kita buang semua YB yang korup & karut & karat. Lepas ni kita pula buat petisyen untuk tamatkan ketua-ketua kampung yang sama korup & karut, dan semua ketua-ketua jabatan yang karut & korup. Pak polisi yang korup & karat juga perlu di berus. Kali ini kita buang semua yang karut & korup mula dengan tok gurunya tok uban sehingga ke soldadunya.

  • Tarat votes

    Ayuh kita gayang sehabis daya yang ada….hidup pelu diteruskan demi anak cucu cicit kita…jangan pisang berbuah banyak2 kali…sekali udah cukup..

  • eric

    CyberWar from Barisan National. BN desperately and launching a website similarly to SR. 99% Similar to Sarawak Report.

    So, to BN supporter and Gov, Who is desperado in Sarawak Politic? Shame on BN Men!

    Check This Out.

    • aborium

      Now the bandits are trying to use the 'foreign interference' card to 'right' what has fundamentally gone 'wrong' from all standpoints including corporate ethics and governance.

      Careful, they may cheat on card games too!

      • aborium

        Next they're likely to use the 'conspiracy theory' stuff to frighten of your wits.

        They can try but we'll be able to know a dead wood when we see one.

    • ibannextgeneration

      hi all, anyone here know how to hack that website?.. ngahahahaha

      We will salute u

    • Tiarama

      This is what we call "cheating"! Isn't what they are famous for.

      I went to the website once and NO MORE!

  • aborium

    This is my response to a website that attempts to hoodwink readers and plug holes on SR:

    What impressions do readers get from reading this ‘cheap’ article full of innuendoes? At best, it tried to do what we loosely termed as ‘guilt by association’ – linking Clare to her brother-in-law Gordon Brown’s failure with the British electorates. Even by the wildest stretch of the imagination, it failed. It can’t even be upheld in a court of law.

    At worse, it’s an attempt to pour cold water on hard evidences produced by Clare which the writer of the article conveniently thinks it’s erroneous.

    Housewives Tales VS Annual Reports anyone?

  • Rage Againts The MAC

    Where is the damm MACC. Hello .. hello.. i know you are reading. What you re doing. Your stomach so big ha.. Shame on you… Hello MACC. Where are you. You make me crazy.. Cis ! bangkai punya MACC.

    • Hisapmuddin

      The Lackey MACC is NOT AVAILABLE right now. The officers are busy surfing the pornography websites while the director himself is still interrogating Ummi Halida. The interrogation is carried out since last night.

      MACC is only deem to resume their duty when Pakatan Rakyat rule this country.

  • najibrazak

    Another cat out of the bag. I must make sure we get our cut before he takes his billions to the Cayman Islands. After all who arranged for Burssa malaysia to bend their rules?

  • Belalang

    While Sarawak Report has once again furnished us with partial and not to mention publically available records and try to pass it off as 'investigation' while plugging in their damning 'opinions' along to give them credibility.

    This methodology, though subtle, is VERY effective in manipulating minds untrained in detecting newspeak.

    'It was commented that Taib was not getting a high enough bid for his liking!' – Unattributed. This is probably Clare Brown's own assertion. Beware of these kinds of slip-ins.

    'In Taib’s own words such a cosy deal indeed exposes the Chief Minister to ”accusations of conflict of interest” and “using his influence to enrich himself” by doing business in Sarawak and Malaysia!' – His kids/relatives/cronies may use his name and 'proxied' his influence, but no evidence of him using it directly. As for the former, name me which politician who won't have people like that around them. Take Gordon Brown for instance.

    'In just the same way EPF has rushed to the rescue of the Bakun Dam project.  When no private investor would touch it, EPF ploughed RM5.75 billion into the white elephant, thereby resuscitating the venture and hugely enriching the Taibs’ family firm CMS once more, as a result of the numerous contracts they have acquired on the project.' – In commerce terms, this is called risk-taking. If a business venture takes a reasonable amount of risks and profits from it, then so be it. Obviously, with CMS and Majestic Masterpiece shares having successfully been sold to PetroSaudi, UBG's equity and hence, EPF's share of it have risen in tandem. This is called a good business decision on EPF's part. Why is this simple fact not mentioned? Selective campaigning, I see that clearly.

    'However,  the UK’s Companies House records tell a different story.  They state that PetroSaudi International was incorporated as late as 18th February 2010 and that the country of origin is the United Kingdom!' – Look at the picture furnished on PetroSaudi's profile and note that the date of incorporation is actually February 18th, 2009! this is deliberate, because if Clare had stuck to the obvious fact, she couldn't assert that, 'the origins of the company are about as recent as Abdul Taib Mahmud’s decision to get rid of his billions…'. A whole year makes a huge difference. Especially as far as commerce is concerned.

    'Abdul Taib Mahmud’s decision to get rid of his billions from UGB in Sarawak and sell the whole enterprise to a company based outside Malaysia.' – Someone forgot that companies like these are run by capable members of the board of directors. They make the decisions, not the CM of Sarawak, who is not on the board.

    '…the Murum Dam, which is currently under construction (another white elephant project that will destroy huge areas of Sarawak and enrich the Taibs).' – Clare's also trying to pass herself off as a clairvoyant. Maybe all this talk of bomohs have gotten to her a little…the brackets are obviously her own emphasis…

    Cannot trust one, this tai-tai…

    • Other Dayak

      BELALANG, be carefull nanti BURUNG KENYALANG makan kamu…….terbang jauh2 jangan masuk hutan rimba kami…..kena sumpit penan, kayan, kenyah, iban baru tahu…

    • Hisapmuddin

      Belalang anak buntak,

      It is very difficult to trust people when one's receives dirty money from a greatest corrupter of the century.

      Enjoy your corrupt salary, Mr Grasshopper. Keep on hopping.

    • aborium

      Belalang, in our terms, this is called broad daylight robbery by highway men! Newspeak? Sounds like yours is nit-pick, trying to justify the unjustifiable act of unjust doings. Guys like you could only see a mole-hill and not the mountain of evidence.

      Go take a bungie jump! It may stir your right senses instead of using jargons like 'risk taking' when you know that the money either comes from public funds or lucrative gov't contracts. Bungie jumping is also risk taking! Yeah, even eating fish full of bones.

      • Belalang

        You are obviously educated and probably even intelligent. But that won't count for much if simple logic can be suspended simply because you prefer to believe in drivel from someone you have a crush on.

        • Anak Rumah Panjai


          It seem that you have a crush on someone "young" wife. It's O.K !!!!! We understand that you just want to please her by licking her husband's balls. Good luck.

        • nanti daun pun habis

          Belalang, please explain where are the forest now since you are educated. Eaten by Belalang?? I assume.

        • aborium

          Belalang, Goodness me you stoop so low!

        • Proud Sarawakian

          Belalang … can you hear me? Oh sorry, didn't know you have your head so far up Taib's arse.

        • other dayak



      BELALANG – His kids/relatives/cronies may use his name and ‘proxied’ his influence, but no evidence of him using it directly. As for the former, name me which politician who won’t have people like that around them.



      “but no evidence of him using it directly???” ANOTHER MALAYSIA BOLEH STYLE CROOKED BELALANG POLITICIAN.





      • Belalang

        Purple disc much?

        If I should be the only one that can see through her bs and manifest destiny in action, then so be it. Don't say I didn't tell you so.

        • MeganFox

          you are the real bs here Belalang. We don't need scoundrel whos job only licking taib's glory hole because taib can do it bloody much by himself.

        • Multi-Track Minded

          Belalang is overzealous with Claire Brown's Sarawak Report because nobody visit his Sarawak United and Sarawak Reports, LOL.

          Suh.Suh.. Suh..!

        • Belalang

          Belalang just wants to provoke you so far that you'll be determined to vote PR (as per instructions from Clare Brown) just to see how much shit Anwar and his bedfellows can pile up your faces. Then I'll laugh because your stupid decision caused you to be the losers once again.

          You will not be winners as long as you keep listening to biased negative crap like this. Wake up, and be real winners for once. Won't happen overnight, but it beats bitching around and gambling your future on empty wet dreams that are not practicable.

        • Blunt Speaker

          Belalang, your name suits you because you are a parasite, a wicked destroyer of poor farmers harvest! Little wonder you are on the side of evil and wicked men like the Taibitic parasite and all his demonic followers. They are the destroyers of virgin jungle through raping to satiate their LUST FOR MONEY AND GREAT WEALTH! All of you still have your chance to repent by SEEKING FORGIVENESS FROM GOD AND RETURN ALL THOSE ILLGOTTEN WEALTH BACK TO SARAWAK AND ALL SARAWAKIANS WILL FORGIVE AND FORGET ALL THE SINS AND CRIMES OF YOUR PAST. But it is quite an impossible daydream becoz IT EQUATES TO CALLING A CAMEL TO PASS THROUGH A NEEDLE HOLE FOR YOUR TYPE TO ENTER HEAVEN!

        • Belalang

          You are more blunt thinker than blunt speaker.

    • Tiarama

      A cheater is a cheater!

      Why did the thief minister and his cronies created a website named Sarawak Reports?

      1) They want to cheat the web serfers into thinking they came to the actual SR created by Clare Brown.

      2) No one visiting their website!

      SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! Thief Minster of Sarawak!

    • Tiarama


      When the Thief Minister goes to jail and if you don't, I will make sure you get his young wife! Is that good enough?

    • fae

      i've seen enough of taib..i've seen how he oppress my villagers..and you are an day when i am elected as taib i'll enslave you tai tai konco..

  • Blunt Speaker

    This devil enriches himself through state resources at the expense of the ordinary people! Hell is waiting for him for the atrocities and heinous crimes he had committed on nature, living creatures and mankind! This April 16, we vote him out together with his fellow demons. We need a new GOVT of more righteous team of Godfearing leaders. LETS VOTE OUT LIARS, HYPOCRITES, DEVIL WORSHIPPERS, EVIL, CORRUPT AND WICKED LEADERS FROM BN! RAISE UP AND VOTE FOR GODFEARING AND RIGHTEOUS MEN AND WOMEN FROM PR! Bear in mind that we are doing it FOR THE SAKE OF SARAWAK AND OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS!

  • Anak Sarawak 2

    Say no more…vote PR and kick the Devil out…

  • arhhh

    Wahai rakyat jelata. Sampai bilakah rakyat benarkan perompak in menrompak harta pusaka bumi kenyalang. Hentikan dengan undi anda. Undi Pakatan Rakyat

  • Uchu Balang.

    Go expose more and more. Why the con Man keep mum on the Sarawak reports why not sue?

    If I were him I go to court to challenge the reports? Why keep mum?

    It is only the stupid humans & BN supporters that denied these reports. Hey How much CM give you? Not a fraction of his I think. we are not stopping you from supporting him but If you think that what he did is good for the people then you are also parts of him. Devil in human form. Hey! that is Demon. A man being demonised to suck humans dry & high.

    Belalang,probably you are one of his koncos-without him you are financially ruined. With out him you can not get the contracts? Without him you can not get good job and lastly if PKR win the election all you hopes & dreams will in be in ruin.

  • Anti-Kleptocrats

    This type of business empire(all the sons) will not last. Mark my word as the foundation from evil doing.

    Fortunately BNM not approved Sulaiman appointment in one of local bank few years back. Else, the bank can go bankrupt.

  • sarawak1

    on a diferent matter poor George appearing on borneo post online to clarify his marriage, he should keep some of the milk powder or himself

    • Yes Sir

      Even marriage he wanted to hide, what more to say the scandals? Actually that's nothing wrong since his wife had left him long long time ago. That shows that George may have hidden a lot of things from us, including the source of his personal wealth. My advice to George, do not under estimate a mosquito (Ling), it may take your life!

  • http://- ikanbetok

    well done SR for the expose….

    expose more we want to see more.let his anak cucu cicit n kronies cannot sleep anymore..

  • kabang

    Everyone knows that CMS means Chief Minister and Sons.

    • Yes Sir

      "CMS" means "Cheat My Sarawakians".

  • Gang Stalking victim

    Let the countdown begin this midnight.

  • orangeKampung

    Ayia Sarawak is very rich country why only the Taib (CM) and his families and cronies millionairs how rest of sarawkians ayia mahu padi pun tidak boleh tanah kana ambil

  • imam frustrated

    undid undi undi,lepas ini kamu lihat taib tetap menang,pilihanraya ini sudah nyata taib menang.sarawak sudah hancur.

  • hot

    i cannot understand why after 32 years of being poor ibans and dayaks are making noise now not that they didnt know what was going on the past 32 years.

    each family has a blow gun for hunting, a small piece of land to put in a small hut, small farming area, small pig sty etc. This is more than enough for ibans and dayaks.

    I must remind white hair that ibans and dayaks dont need too much in life. They need very little to sustain their ways of life.

    Give them too much and they will be corrupted.

    • Dude

      I guess your heart is in the right place. But the question is not whether the Ibans or "insert your preferred race here" are simple people and don't need too much too sustain their life. It is that their public rights are deteriorated as a result of poor governance. Period.

      Why they stand up now? Easy, realization of poor governance or loss of tolerance with poor governance.

      • Nelson Mandela Janti

        47 years of independence Dayak/Ibans are still the poorest people in Sarawak. We have been governed by bad and corrupt government.Let remind ourselves of Karl Marx revolution manifesto"workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains" My fellow Dayak/Ibans you have nothing to lose but vote for a new government- vote for PKR or die !

    • tebuso


      I've read almost all of your comments, some readers here don't like it, while maybe a few people out there like it. perhaps the BN supporters….

      To me IGNORANCE, is the reason why the natives are where they are now, they voted BN to power election after election, not knowing what was happening around them because of the lack of information. Thanks to Radio free sarawak, Sarawak report and some caring people out there… least some information reached them.

      Hot…Im not pro BN but I seems to like some of your comments. I don't see you as an enemy but a comrade in our fight to free sarawak.. I take your comment as a CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, a CHALLENGE for the natives to move forward, but do not put to much salt into it, as it may spoil the taste.

      Long live the natives.. VOTE PEKATAN RAKYAT. BERUBAHLAH…!



  • Realistic

    Hmmm…I am wondering why Belalang is defending the CM so vehemently when it is of public knowledge in Sarawak, that the CM has enrich himself and his larger family with the state resources. Isn't it called "corruption" when you get filthy rich after being elected and not before? Maybe Belalang has also profited from the "Politics of Patronising" in Sarawak, just like most of the other BN politicians, who defended the CM in the same way, and kept silent for 30 years, while they plunder the state resources at will…politicians who are YES MEN, have no strong conviction on being the "wakil rakyat" and who dont give a damn about the rakyat..Even if they did, we are quite sure they will get more in return, or do it just for show because the election is just around the corner.Its not a surprise to read in the BN controlled newspapers that some villages, especially dayaks' villages do not have electricity, road and water despite being the fixed deposit for BN all these years, and mind you, their villages are not far from the major towns in the state. So much about these BN politicians!, who are always trumpeting in the newspapers that they always have the rakyat at heart..Such hypocrisy is of the highest order .The last one month activities by BN say it all..

  • kujaheng

    Siphoning Money From Sarawak:

    It seems BN ATM Mission in Sarawak as TO DARE ALL SARAWAKIANS in BN or PR as:

    "I m a Liar and No One can catch me,

    I grabbed all the NCR lands, Village lands n No One can stop me

    I Abuse the Sarawak People n no one dare criticize me (ELSE got kicked!)

    I gave Contracts/$ to my Cronies/selected few and none can stop me!

    I m very corrupted and MACC couldn't catch me

    I abuse the Police n Rakyat/landowners and they quarrel n go to Court n jail!

    I m the Government and accountable to myself n Transparencies are not necessary for me BUT necessary for others


    I m the all Powerful as I m the Maharajalela of Sarawak"


  • talisman
    • Multi-Track Minded

      That's an impressive video presentation in Power Point. Some of the statistics shown were mind blowing. Advise those involves, to create a website for it. Don't put this effort to waste. In order to reach larger audiences, my advise is, use no other than dot com. As low as USD 5.95 per month only, ma. Try to get sponsors to allow this young aspiring people to broaden their access and move more freely in their independent research works.

  • MeganFox

    Thief Minister you will not go anywhere with that money you robbed from Sarawakians.

    You'll be damned in hell and on earth.

    Should you live another 3 years, you'll see all your luxury falls and crumble to the ground.

    So many people have been hurt and lost of their lives because of your greediness.

    With this i curse you Taib, to the 7th generations your bloodlines will be no better than the rats on the streets of Sarawak. This is karma.

  • sarawaktulen

    Jom kita roboh sistem diktator Sarawak!

    Berik tauk semua urang di kampung, di ulu, di bandar dan di camp-camp, di kedai kopi, di bus station dan di senie-senei dalam Sarawak tok, perlawanan pilihanraya tok adalah perlawanan SATU lawan SATU.

    Jangan lagik terpengaruh dengan orang yang sik consistent dalam perjuangan. berhati-hatilah dengan perkara yang macam-macam timbul bila nak pilihanraya. Kita sik nafi ada demokrasi, siapa-siapa boleh tanding, TAPI…. kalau nak berjuang…berjuanglah betul-betul, tepat atau precision, target cun. bukannya coba-coba ajak. atau gara-gara sik puas hati. Kalau berjuang perlu ikhlas. Kalau betul-betul ikhlas, sik payah kita nunjuk dirik, orang lain akan nanggar sifat kepimpinan dan performance kita… maka orang berik kepercayaan dengan kita…

    Kalau semua faham perlawanan SATU lawan SATU, iaitu Pakatan Rakayat lawan BN, maka akan ada perlawanan sengit antara ORANG YANG INGIN PERUBAHAN lawan ORANG YANG SANGGUP DI TIPU….

  • Iban in OZ

    Blalang, simple question? Has Taib and his family been taking NCR lands or not? Has taib and his family been siphoning money to overseas company or not?

    If your answer is NOT,then where does taib and his family got all those money to start or fund their businesses overseas?

    • Belalang

      You forget that Taib and his family are also Natives who qualify to own NCR lands. It's easy to accuse them of stealing based on 'reports' like these which serve only to stoke sentiments and sensationalize the situation. Twisted negatively to be served up for audiences like you. Clare Brown is banking on you to get as envious and spiteful as possible with all these allegations. I won't be surprised if a civil unrest is actually part of her agenda. An unrest is the only way for her and cronies to have a wedge in as far as local political influence is concerned. Believe it or not, she is a liar on a mission.




      Sarawak mana ada parti pembangkang kawan woi…ooi!. Parti2 pembangkang Sarawak dah lama berkubur, dihapuskan oleh Taik Mamut dengan kerjasama ROS. Bayangkan, beberapa parti pembangkang cuba diwujudkan sejak 2004, tetapi pendaftaran mereka tidak pernah diluluskan oleh ROS. Tapi sebaliknya SNAP, yang pernah dikeluarkan dari pendaftaran ROS, akibat daripada beberapa krisis meruncing dalam parti tersebut, tiba2 hidup semula. Ketika parti2 pembangkang lain merayu rayu kepada penyokong mereka untuk kutipan derma untuk kempen SSE ke 10 ni, SNAP sebaliknya seolah-olah tidak ada masalah dengan kewangan.

      SNAP dah lama mati tapi dihidupkan semula untuk menjadi duri dalam daging di kalangan parti2 pembangkang. Mereka ibaratkan ZOMBIE yang telah dipasang dengan remote sensor untuk dikawal melalui remote control oleh PekMoh dan umnoputera.

  • http://ChineseLanguageforSR Jo Ann Edmund

    I'm glad that SR expose a lot things about the Taib's family and friends. You have also made these posting available in Malay and Iban. With all the technology available today, you can also make the posting in Chinese character so that those who can read in Chinese will also get to understand the posting by SR. You'll be suprise that a lot of Chinese still prefer to read Chinese newspaper despite the fact that they can speak in English. So to reach out to these community it would be best if you could do the posting in Chinese language as well.

  • assasin

    why dont the people whom appears in newspapers everyday involving kills or making crime do something for the nation? burn this white-fur house, kill their corrupted family and make us all better living? better than killing innocent people. xD ISA, Please dun catch me for giving this idea!


      the Czar's family assassination?

  • Jeff

    Malaysian politics enter a new era of porn and smut~ This is because if the present leaders of the country thrived on this sort of cheap thrills, then sex and porn will continue to be the main topics of Malaysian politics as long this irresponsible coward ruling crony still in power then the true democracy legacy is breached. so boys and girls… know where to cross when u recieved the vote paper this 16 april.

  • Kobelco

    Only Sarawakians's voters can change this and not let Taib and his cronies control everything.Not to SARAWAK!Say no to corruption and exploitation!

  • Orang Sarawak

    Gods know … and will be punished/rewarded ONE DAY on the one and only truth……

  • Orang Sarawak

    Gods know… will punish/reward on the one and only truth…. one day … we will see…

  • Blunt Speaker

    It's a fact that belalang is a destroyer of farmers' crops just as much as the Taibitic parasite a destroyer of virgin jungles. Nobody can dispute that!

  • lkl

    Share this anti-taib song with everybody:-

  • amat

    even baitulmal funds for poor also he took.better investigate.i will unmask childrens property of some taib cronies in melbourne australia very soon.



  • Future Leader

    ermmmm…i hate to say this.."GO TO HELL THIEF MINISTER" fuhhhh…feel much better :)

  • Blunt Speaker

    The Top 6 CORRUPT MEN in Malaysia.

    1. Taib Mahmud

    2. Mahathir Mohamad

    3. Najib Razak

    4. Ling Liong Sick

    5. Samy Vellu

    6. Affendy Nowawi


      OF ALL TIME IN MALAYSIA. I couldn't agree more especially with the top 5.

  • Dayang Rogayah

    very, very sad. Shall we Sarawakains not vote BN out? What are we waiting for??

  • Blunt Speaker

    The Top 7 CORRUPT MEN in Malaysia.

    1. Taib Mahmud

    2. Mahathir Mohamad

    3. Najib Razak

    4. Ling Liong Sick

    5. Samy Vellu

    6. Affendy Nowawi

    7. Daim Zainuddin

  • Gagasan Guling Taib

    Hi everyone, let us ignore Belalang's comments. He is a tool used by Taib to neutralize the truths presented by SR so that we readers are off-focused and confused. Belalang is a scavenger living on the droppings from Taie Mammoth, happily fattening himself with shit, whilst the Thief Minister continues to plunder Sarawak's resources.

    Let us focus on the vital election and VOTE FOR CHANGE! VOTE FOR PKR & The Opposition!

  • Gagasan Guling Taib

    It seems that Taie Mammoth will have little difficulty in winning his Belingian seat. He may be called the King of Robbers and Thieves, Master of the Art of Deception, The Mother of All Corruption, you name it. Yet people continue to vote for him. Why??? That is because the voters in his constituency have been fed with so much Taie for donkey years, that their sense of reasoning have been dulled. They become zombies without the ability to think. Shame on you Belingians for voting the Devil whom the rest of the Sarawakians despised!

    • bujang tak senang


  • Shiok Guy

    I am from Long Lama

    I am not going to be voting there..

    calling my friends and relative of Long Lame

    Make sure you don't vote BN this time..

    All the promises..

    Just take one small example..

    Far past 4-5 election, what happen to the road from Miri to Long Lama?

    At 90KM road need 4 hours to reach..

    Bumping all the way from Miri to Long Lama

    What happen to the hospital?

    Why it is at the other side of the river?

    What happen if we have emergency? Swim across?


  • Poakung

    BN ministers & cronies are creaming off the country's wealth & even our cash in the EPF! At the end of the day, BN will use tax-layers money to top up EPF's losses being money transfered to BN ministers & cronies private accounts.

    Who is EPF Board serving? Why the Security Commission allowed such thing to happened? Why is Bank Negara so quite?

  • Cinta Sarawak

    Please Pray for Sarawak :

    1. Give thanks to God for His love for Sarawak…

    for blessing us with abundance of resources, no natural disasters, peace and harmony amongst people of many races and religions.

    2. To pray for the coming State Election…..

    for a peaceful, free and fair event, with good weather, good voter turnout as our people carry out their responsibility as good citizens of the State to vote for leaders who are capable, God fearing, full of integrity and hate dishonest gains.

    3. To pray for the incoming State Government…..

    one that will love and take care of the people, is righteous and just, full of wisdom to bring development and take care of the poor, needy and marginalized

    4. To pray for the People of Sarawak….

    that they will be good and responsible citizens, law

    abiding, respectful of the government, love one another and live in peace and harmony with one another.

    5. Pray for the Religious Freedom in Sarawak and Malaysia….. that God will grant our authorities much wisdom, justice and fairness in upholding constitutional freedom of religion for our multi-racial, multi-religious nation.

    • Tiarama

      Be realistic. Praying will not work. Imaging by just praying you will not put food on the table. To defeat BN you must spread the news of BN corruptions and campaign for PKR candidates.

  • swk warrior

    EPF is not pension funds for only govt officers BUT THE WHOLE WORKFORCE OF MALAYSIA!!! anyone who's currently working or used to work have to contribute towards their EPF funds every month. EVERYONE!

  • ABC

    He is insulting the intelligence of SARAWAKIAN !!

  • Gou PM

    Sarawakian are so stupid as we live on trees. It is time to get down from the tree and kick the dog out .

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Gou PM dig is different..yes I also live on TREES but I used escalator to go up and down..I have never voted for BN ever since I can vote and so too are my parents until they passed away,old age at the ripe age of mid 80s.

      So STOP your sweeping statement..minority ones are clever but overshadowed by the stupid ones..see those in PBB,SUPP,SPDP and PRS..those are the stupid ones..either stupid or greedy and they force those stupid ones to follow them.

      Please rephrase your statement bro and STOP hurting our feelings.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Gou PM dog is different..yes I also live on TREES but I used escalator to go up and down..I have never voted for BN ever since I can vote and so too are my parents until they passed away,at the ripe age of mid 80s.

      So STOP your sweeping statement..minority ones are clever but overshadowed by the stupid ones..see those in PBB,SUPP,SPDP and PRS..those are the stupid ones..either stupid or greedy and they force those stupid ones to follow them.

      Please rephrase your statement bro and STOP hurting our feelings.

  • Sunnyuan

    "Entrepreneurship" ATM style!!

  • Sarawak watch dog

    Belalang, KISS MY ASS !!! whatever your statement…., to me are all BULL SHIT !!!

  • hyas

    Dear whoever is concerned,

    All the comments made against Taib are all full of essence, but they must be be proven with facts and figures, otherwise they will become a laughing stock.

    One of Taib's statement, few weeks before the last State General Election in The Star , he said that, He acknowledged that his family business are very successful and He said that his family do business overseas and not local AND His family never rob HakRakyat of Sarawak.

    But Taib always forgets that almost all the Licencees of Sarawak Palm Oil Lands in Sarawak were given to all his brothers and and sisters , they in turns sold these lands to either RH Plantation or Ting Yii Ping Companies, both these companies are owned by Sarawak Prominent Foo Chows Businessmen . And yet Taib dared to say that he never rob Sarawak Rakyat Rights. I think Taib thought that all the Rakyat can be fooled by his Senile Denials. These are some of his FOOLS for the Sarawak Rakyat to believe.

    I don't think that the MACC dare to investigate Taib corrupted practices because all the MACC staff has no BALLS and once this MACC want to investigate Taib, Taib will use his Immigration Department to prevent these officers from entering Sarawak because Immigration is under his Jurisdiction. That is what happen when one is given TOO much power to one person. Taib cannot practice Democracy anymore But He is Practicing Autocracy now, because nobody dares to check him. He is equivalent to FIRAUN of Egypt during Prophet Musa time who was very crazy of power AND Taib is also a KARUN during Propet Musa time too because Karun was crazy of collecting Wealth of Egypt.