Taib’s Ten Income Streams

Taib’s Ten Income Streams

14 Apr 2011

How did he get the money?

Recently we spoke to one of Taib’s key business partners in strict confidence. He explained to us what he described as the 10 main income streams that have turned the Chief Minister into a multi-billionaire over the past 30 years. In the process he gave us a fascinating insight into the business practices of Abdul Taib Mahmud.

They all involve the abuse of power, corruption and the exploitation of the people and environment of Sarawak. Our interviewee, who has done years of business with the Mahmud family, told us he believes that Taib is probably the richest man in South East Asia, having cashed in the Sarawak Rainforest.

Income Stream 1

He got nothing of course!

Timber Licences– The Ministry of Forests issues timber licences for 5, 10, 15 years. It is the Chief Minister who decides the price and he demands money to issue them.

Cronies who deal with the Chief Minister are instructed to pay their bribes and kickbacks into foreign bank accounts outside of Sarawak, often in Hong Kong or Singapore in the early days.

The informant told us that, because the timber companies declare so little profit, very little tax is paid and hardly any of the money made from felling the trees came back into Sarawak.

Income Stream 2

Taib has admitted he started daughter Jamilah up in business. CAN$4.5 million was invested in the first year into Sakto alone.

Tonnage- On top of this, our informant told us, he charges the timber company a kickback of RM100 per ton of wood they log. This alone is worth RM2 billion a year, since for the last 30 years around 20 million tons have been felled each year.

Income Stream 3

Extending Timber Licences – Companies wanting to be listed on the Stock Exchange have a requirement that the expiry date for their assigned areas has to be at least 15 years, meaning they have to extend their licences.

They go to the CM who says “Ok can you see my brother Onn” [in the earlier period Onn managed Taib’s businesses in Sarawak and abroad].

Sakto in Canada is worth hundreds of millions of dollars

Because the requirement by the KL Stock Exchange was 30% Bumi Shareholders the timber tycoon would invite a Taib family member of Taib’s choice to take these 30% of the shares for free!

But these family members are usually nominees – they sign a blank share transfer form and a blank director resignation form, which Taib takes and keeps in his safe or in the foreign bank’s safe deposit box. In this way Taib can make them resign whenever he likes and keeps ultimate ownership of the shares!

Income Stream 4

Lucrative monopoly over shipping licences meant Taibs could squeeze the Japanese shipping firms.

Achipelago Shipping- Using their control over the monopoly over timber export licences, handled by Onn Mahmud’s company Achipeligo, the Mahmuds charged US$ 4.00 per cubic metre in kickbacks from the Japanese shipping companies.

Since 16 million cubic meters were exported most years, this was worth US$64 million a year (RM200,000,000).

Another insider has explained to us the system. The logs would be weighed going onto the ships and every ship’s tally would be recorded and sent to Onn Mahmud’s office manager in Hong Kong, who was Mr Shea Kin Kwok.

The Japanese shipping companies would pay the money into one of around six companies in Hong Kong. In 2007 the Japanese tax authorities fined a number of companies for undeclared tax on some of these payments to the Taibs.

Income Stream 5

Grandiose - one of Saktos sister companies, Ridgeford, has a string of properties in London

Achipelago Shipping (2)- Agency fees from the shipping company. Achipelago had the monopoly of all documentation for shipping. One shipment would have to pay US$2,000 in agency fees plus other charges.

It would amount to US$10,000 (RM30,000) per ship per visit. All this of course just added to the cost to the buyers in Japan.

Onn Mahmud was only a nominee in this enterprise, we are told. Taib would give him 10%. The insiders say that Achipeligo Shipping was the major ‘cash-cow’ for the Taibs. Onn had not wanted to take on the job of managing it at first, as he did not understand the potential, but in the end and it made the family billions in black money.

Income Stream 6

Development? What development?

Privatisation of Government Companies- Taib corporatizes and then privatises state assets, selling them off to public listed companies, which are in fact majority-owned by the Taib family and nominees. Sarawak’s largest company CMS was formed in this way, it is mainly owned by Taib’s family and the Chief Managers are his son Abu Bekir and son-in-law Alwee Alsree.

According to our insider, the method is to pretend the state asset is losing money and decide to sell it. Before privatisation money is poured into up-grading the facilities and then it is corporatized. Then finally, it is ‘privatised’. He will make an offer from eg CMS to buy it and the negotiations all go on behind closed doors, where he represents the State of Sarawak as Finance Minister.

Taib makes a big play at the closing stages of the negotiations, when there is a meeting to make the final decision. He excuses himself on the grounds that he has an interest and leaves the meeting to be chaired by Jabu or George Chan, who waves it through.

Income Stream 7

logging or plain theft?

Illegal Logging in Indonesia- Hardwood Timber Sdn Bhd licences wood which has been illegally logged and brought over the border, according to the business associate.

“They levy handling fees in the border area. They charge RM17 per ton. There are many, many little companies doing this. A lot of jobless gangsters”.

It legitimises the theft from the Indonesians. Indonesia has complained in the past, but it is still going on.

Income Stream 8

Federal payments for infrastructure or just graft?

Federal Government Contracts- Nearly all the Federal Government projects in Sarawak are done by the Taib family companies. Roads, schools, hospitals – nearly all the projects that the Prime Minister is going around promising now as he tries to buy the election, will end up profiting the Taib family more than anyone else!

This is because the CM has the sole authority to endorse an application to pre-qualify to tender. In order to get a permit to tender for a project you need a supporting letter from the CM and generally only his family companies get them!

Adelaide Hilton is another Taib foreign property

Hardly anyone else gets a chance, says our business insider. Some Iban companies do get projects, because the Federal Government does not want to be seen to be giving them all to Taib, but he gets 70-80% of them!

Once the Taib company has received the Federal Contract it then sub-contracts the work for a nice profit and lets someone else do the work with a much smaller budget. This means there is a likelihood that it will be sub-standard and everyone else is squeezed.

Income Stream 9
The Alienation of State Land to Oil Palm Plantations – Our business leader informant tells us that Taib charges at least RM 1,000-1,500 per acre in kickbacks.

This amounts to at least RM20,000,000 for a 10,000 hectare plantation His chosen negotiator will explain this to the purchaser. The licensee has to pay the money outside of Sarawak into an off-shore account.

YB Ali Mahmud is just one of the family members to have done well out of land grabs.

Leaked records from the Land and Survey Department to Sarawak Report shows that around 1.4 million hectares has been handed out by land and survey for plantations. So if our informant is right this amounts to a very nice sum of money for Taib 1,500 X 1,400,000 is RM 2,100,000,000 or RM2.1 billion.

How it works is the person who wants land writes to the Land and Survey Department run by Taib. You pay the official premium to the Government, which is for example RM300-350 per acre, but on top of that it is the secret RM1,500 that you have to pay to Taib.

Now the prices are rocketing, Taib likes to complain to his business cronies that he regrets having sold so much off so quickly in the early years!

Income Stream 10

Borneo Convention Centre and just about any other State Contract you care to mention goes to Taib companies.

State Contracts- Taib has full control over these and at least 70% goes to his own family companies, bringing in hundreds of millions annually.

Recent eye-catching state projects that went to the Taibs have been the new DUN Parliament Building and the Borneo Convention Centre

Our contact says this is by no means a complete list of the money-making opportunities the Chief Minister has enjoyed in Sarawak, but it goes some way to explain the enormous wealth visibly enjoyed by himself and by his family.  One other obvious way in which the Mahmuds have made even more money is their urban landgrabs.  The areas taken by Raziah in Miri, Batu Lintang and Bintulu Airport, taken by Naim Cenderas are just some which have been covered by Sarawak Report.

Plenty of questions to answer - staged interviews are not enough.

Once this wealth has been taken abroad and invested in property and other ventures there has been a whole new opportunity to multiply the wealth several times over.

Taib is known to have done very well investing in rocketing property markets in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. However, he is also believed to have lost money in poor investments such as the Icelandic banks!

River view. Taibs Sarawak home.

Not far down the road from Taibs house in Kuching.

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    • danny

      kita semua jgn gago gilak cakap pasal kekayaan taib…biar la nya kaya..yg penting gine nak naiktaraf leburaya miri-kuching!!! tok isu terpenting INFRASTRUKTUR JALANRAYA!!! nampak gaya link terburuk adalah Bintulu-Sibu!!! bila maok polah agik!!!! JKR jangan simpan duit lamak2…najib dah lama beri peruntukan khas polah jalan!!! kamek pengguna tetap highway tok sejak 10 tahun lepas…memang manas tok! jln teruk, bayar cukai jalan…kereta mauk rosak kenak lubang..haiya..itu hari undi PKR lambir pun boleh kalah…

      SAYA MAUK KOMEN KAWAN2 PASAL JALANRAYA…sapa berani tolong komen sama..ini isu negeri swk…mun sik ada jln gine nak jln…haiya

      • dd

        to danny,

        bukan jkr buat jalan di sarawak.

        teka,company sapa buat di sarawak.

        company tok xkan buat jalan bgus2,nya sentiasa nak duit masuk.

        sebab ya kita smua mesti sepak kluar si taib ya…

        • danny

          to dd,

          sik payah teka sapa buat jln…semua org tauk…

        • danny

          to dd,

          memang bukan JKR polah jalan…sykt lain tapi coordinator adalah JKR….apa JKR polah sejak 10 tahun lepas…rakyat dah byk gerammmm jln sik polah2….ne pegi duit cukai rakyat yg bayar ya? tok isu penting! infrastruktur!!!!! buang masa ajak kelakar hal kaya taib…mintak jalan bagus dah ok la…jangan jalan masih berlubang2, sik berturap…50 tahun lagi boleh harap ka!!!

        • dudu

          apa boleh buat orang mcm kita tok represent 20% jak rakyat Swak nok lain semua paloi mun time ngundi beri air kotak ngan biskut hup seng dah dapat undi sigek , hantar selori carlsberg, tiger ataupun cap apek suruh sidak mabok gerenti sekampong undi menang, this are all reality and cms has been making this opportunity doin this til end of time . thats why banyak swakian lari keja ke KL , JB and so on..this brain drain could'nt care less about the problem . Sampei bila ? selagi cms dapat nyuak selori beer tiap lima tahun pakei nyuruh kawasan undinya mabok atau sekampit beras setiap orang kampong selagi yalah sidak kaya thats why kawasan bandar semua pembangkang sorry to say becos the only way to voice your dissatisfaction is thru your vote…cheeers

      • crv

        I agree with you danny, jalan haiwei esp dr serian – miri masih gik mcm jln negara dunia ketiga. sik kan jalanraya utama yg jadi tulang belakang negeri Sarawak sik dapat dipolah bagus gik dari ya, why? no money meh? to costly meh? yes costly, but at least that shows that you are really wanted to and sincere in developing the state.

        Please the gov of Sarawak, roads here in sarawak are just too dangerous. Dont make funny 'tampal-tampal taik lembu' on those roads, those are as dangerous as potholes too.

        • danny

          to crv!

          I agreed with u. road network in swk quality same as 3rd world countries. I have been talk with one of tourist (from mauritius)in a bus along highway from kg to miri. I asked him about the swk road condition & he frankly told me that swk road qualtiy is far behind from roads in Mauritius island. Kita rasa malu/shame…u can imagine that!!! So, PR also asked for 25% oil royalty from 5% as swk is the most rich state in msia from its oil reserve…kitasetuju la…mun dapat 25% polah jalan keretapi dari miri-kg!!! polah LRT/ERL di Kuching!!!! polah jeraya sampe ke pendalam bario/marudi/kapit…taraf jln raya swk jauh ketinggalan dari Sabah pun!!! So CRV how can u drive your Honda at road like this!!! mun ada keretapi bagusla….sabah pun dah lama ada…ne rel jalan keretapi di KG!! patut jgn dibuka/dicabut jadi sejarah…tok nama jalan keretapi ajak…kepala kerretapi pun sik nampak….cucu kamek pun sik dpt nanga…dah pupus…

        • danny

          Hi crv & alls,

          what's our suggestion to push highway in swk to be upgraded immediately!!! Its already more than 10 years I seen no drasctic changes in swk roads links especially btu-sibu road. JKR has done nothing…minister incharge of infrastructure also not done anything!!! so how? no point we have the infrastructure ministry & department such as JKR! JKR & ministry concerned must be abolished. No allocation, waiting approval from !!!! Najib has approved special allocation 2B for swk sabah to improved the road network. Mana dia jalan belum buat? kita sudah naik fed up…JKR has done nothing..makan gaji buta saja…

      • sarawakian

        danny, kita patut gago ngan taib yang ambik harta orang sarawak. nya sik boleh dibiarkan. jalan ya nang patut dipolah juak. duit untuk polah jalan dah diambik taib gine lah mok polah jalan. ya lah mesti mok gago ngan taib monopoli duit tanah sarawak. ya duit rakyat, duit tanah orang sarawak. duit ya boleh pake molah jalan. ada paham ka?

        • aku tuk bah

          eh, sampay bodo kitak tuk bah. tandahnya lah taib kaya sia kerana nya udah berusah payah memajukan sarawak lamak tuk bah. bila kitak urang dengki ngan kekayaan nya, palaknya jadi anggol, gine lah nya nak berfikir nak memajukan negeri sarawak. ni endak alu merinsak pembangunan kita. tuyuk nar kitak tuk… pendengki a'uzubillah…

        • brrr

          to sarawakian,

          aku setuju dgn kitak…semua ya duit rakyat termasuk duit kamek sendirik..kamek pun bayar cukai ribu2…dlm 5-10 ribu setahun!!!! jln sik polah…kita cadangkan JKR Sibu-Btu dibubarkan…kita kumpul semua duit ya pake polah jalan keretapi dari miri-kuching!!!! apa macam!!!

    • danny

      kamek nanga Swk Report byk kisah selongkar kisab kekayaan taib. bukan kamek nak sokongnya…tapi yg penting isu-isu memajukan negeri tok…spt soal infrastruktur. mun kita gago kelakar hal kaya taib…sampai kiamat sik abis cerita..SOAL PENTING GINE NAK NAIKTARAF LEBUHRAYA SARAWAK SETANDING LEBUHRAYA DI SEMENANJUNG!!!! isu infrastruktur SANGAT PENTING dinegeri mcm swk!!!! saper2 yg geliga otak tolong komen kamek…kalau bijak…hehehe

    • dd

      sebab org cerita kekayaan taib lah org nak ngubah sarawak.

      kau x paham kah…boleh ku tanya kau,berapa banyak duit taib yang rakyat dapat?yang kau tengok pembangunan yang asedia ada di sarawak tok datangnya dari duit rakyat dirik pun.bukan duit taib.org macam tok x layak memerintah….semua kekayaan sarawak nya sapu..ada paham…

      • danny

        to dd,

        sik payah dirik nak gaduh2 dgn kamek la….dirik sik paham apa kata kamek…kamek tauk la semua isu2 dlm Swk report…kita cuma boleh bersora aja…sik dpt lebih2..mun lebih2 dah kena akta hasutan ada paham! jgn ikut sangat budaya diluar negeri mcm di Mesir…sia okay! di msia sik dpt..dirik mauk kenak ISA! sibok sebut ISA…isu sensitif sikit dlm facebook boleh kena tangkap..kena dakwa..kamek setuju la sebahagian pandangan dlm Swk Report tapi apa yg kamek tekankan ialah ISU PEMBANGUNAN FIZIKAL KHUSUSNYA INFRASTRUKTUR…isu tok penting! org kaya, org misin semua mauk jalan. Dirik sik pernah pake jln darat dari miri/kg/miri/limbang ka??? selalu pake belon…!!! kena jalan2 la pake jln darat…tangga keadaan jalan di swk…memang teruk kalau dibanding ngan Sabah! Sabah dah ada jln sampe Gunung Kinabalu…Swk sampe kiamat pun sik polah2 jln highway apalagi jln pi pendalaman ke Bario, marudi, kapit & belaga. kamek dah byk merantau bekerja seluruh msia dari perlis ke sabah! byk pengalaman hidup…dirik ada ka!!! hehehe jgn marah ….kamek mauk jln2 di swk bagus la…sik perlu gago anok taib empun kaya…kita sik dpt buat cara REVOLUSI….yg penting EVOLUSI…ada paham!!!

        • danny

          to dd,

          sik ada komen ka…diam ajak

        • sarawakian

          danny, kamek paham infrastruktur harus dinaiktaraf di sarawak. kamek sokong 101%. kamek maok ada jalan bagus, semuanya bagus. dari skarang kita usaha untuk itu. dalam masa yang sama kita cakap pasal taib yang ambik duit rakyat. mun sik nya nyeleweng duit rakyat sik jalan kita kedak skarang tok. kamek dah ada pengalaman hidup di semenanjung juak tahu lah kamek gine keadaan highway di semenanjung nang best. kamek maok ada kedak ya. sama sama kita usaha untuk itu. tapi selagi taib pegang kuasa jalan kita tak akan jadi macam tu. taib harus disingkirkan! ya lah gago pasal taib. dalam masa yang sama kita cuba untuk membangunkan negeri sarawak. tapi kamek sik ada banyak duit. taib ada banyak duit tapi nya sik maok meri duit. nya pande ngambik jak bah…. ya lah gago padal taib…. nak ngarap kerajaan, kerajaan dipegang oleh taib. nak harap toke2 balak, toke2 balak kronie taib. mok ngarap toke2 kedai runcit, dak nya pun cukup makan ajak. sapa mok diharap. kerajaan pusat peruntukan sedikit ajak ke sarawak. ngarap kau, ada sik duit kau? so kinek tok kita maok ambik balit duit yang taib monopoli supaya kita dapat duit ya dan molah jalan, apa2 jak lah nok kau maok….. ada paham?

  • Desmond Chin

    pity the bumiputras of sarawak. in the just concluded state election, there were poster going around in melanau/malay majority area that if PR wins, there will be a Christian chief minister. which just goes to show you the mentality of these people. never mind the person is a thieving crook, as long as he is a muslim.

    • danny

      to sarawakian,

      kamek setuju dgn semua kita sitok semua…pembangunan swk tidaklah sepesat mana terutamanya infrastruktur jalanraya..tapi kita kenak berhati2 keluar kenyataan jgn terlampau ekstrem terhadap taib…ada hadnya…bukan kerana kamek sokong nya…semua kenyataan kita dipantau pihak berkuasa dan MCMC! tauk apa benda mcmc ya? bukan parti mca ya!! tauk gine sidak pantau?? mun kitak semua bijak IT mesti tauk…dia org boleh tauk dari siri/rujukan IP yg asal kamu send…itu kita kena was-was..kalau nak keluar kenyataan kenak berhati2..utk makluman saya seorang sosiologist & political science…sebab itu saya tauk sepak terajang dunia politik demokrasi…kalau nak kaya macam taib kena berusaha sendiri…mcm saya ada buat part time insurance islam…komisen sgt lumayan dari 5-35%!!! yg cantik nya kitak semua dpt makan komisen selama 7tahun!!! syarikat ne dapat bayar komisen setinggi ya dan lama juak mcm ya? cuba beritahu kamek!!! mun berminat boleh call/sms ke 019-8060647.

      • brrr

        sik ada org berani call kamek!!! kita mesti suarakan kepentingan rakyat…jgn cakap saja….polah jalan la….sik guna berik makan org masa banjir la…berik beras la…berik kayu polah rumah…sampe bila2 jeraya sik polah2 sampe kiamat kamek berani bertaruh jeraya btu-sibu sik akan bagus sampe 100 tahun lagik…

  • Ayam Jantan

    Thank you to Sarawak Report for your daring and eye-opening exposure on the Thief Minister of Sarawak. Keep exposing the culprit. He might have won the state election through crooked and devious means, but your relentless exposures of his evil ways will surely bring him crumbling down.

  • Kati kitai tu paloi

    A chief minister has turned into thief minister. When power stay for far too long, man becomes untouchable, corrupt and greed set in. This has been Taib's politic of development and transformation but all end up to his own coffer. I believed all his ministers knew what is happening surrounding them but they do not bother or dare not go against his evil doings. God must be watching them all. People are waiting to see how people like Taib will end up his political career.

  • http://www.maa.com.my Dominie

    Thanks for sharing the truth, the truth will prevail. My heart yearns for justice and divine intervention!!

  • YB Baru

    lets not harp on the mentality of the moslem voters..they voted whom they choose..its democracry bro!! blame the PKR failed strategy for blaring out the Baru is the new CM even before the PKR won the election and formed the govt !! in all mudfight, you throw mud and mud get thrown at you ..simple as that!!

    • sarawakian

      maybe muslims in malaysia are afraid if a christian become a chief minister because they think they might be supressed later on in term of religion. but if you see christian countries they allow muslims to freely practice their religion. on the contrary in many muslim countries including malaysia freedom of religion of the same is unexistent. our country boasts freedom of religion but then they block the malays from getting out of islam. other religion cannot be preached to the malays. is this freedom? they afraid the christians in sarawak will do the same to them. but the christians will not do that. then why are they fearfull. i suppose it is just the mentality that they will not want to allow non muslim to be their leader no matter how just one may be. this is used by politicians in malaysia to gain power. like taib they become muslim because they know the muslims will vote for them. this is politics in the shed of religion. those people want power, money. that is religion by supress. in sabah i heard people are given money to become muslims. in many places in sarawak if a village is a muslim vilalge, the facility is very good where the surrounding vilages are poor. this is again supress of religion. this scenario in malaysia is very obvious it has been the talking i hear since i was a kid. its sickening. but people of sarawak are just blind. fuh….. i have alot to say but thats all for now…


    ambik banyak banyak kelak nye nimpak dirikpun…..

  • art

    satu sahaja pesanan saya:: nya dapat harta ya dengan cara buruk, ya cerita nya ngan Tuhan. tapi kita tok nok sik tauk apa2..nerima apa jak kata org sikda bukti lpas ya nuduh org tapi org ya sik molah salah, ya urusan kita gik ngan Tuhan.

    federal road diselia oleh JKR..sik nya main berik macam ya jak…as i said..kita memang kena membangun tapi kita kena membangun dengan kadar pembangunan yang seragam. belum pernah gik dengar tauke hilton mok ukak di kawasan kapit..ada dgr? sbb let the development grows expotentially..bukan mengejut.

  • K

    who is HE??? Never mention the name how can believe??

  • http://nil Stephen 113

    Believe me, the God is watching and he need to pay back soon…..

  • Blunt Speaker

    After all these exposure of Taib's blatant abuse of power and corruption, what's the next course of action to retrieve Sarawak's wealth from this excessively greedy devil of a cm? The BN is not with us, so are the natives who voted for them. We need to change the GOVT or else third party has to intervene for us. Thanks so much to SR to a great job! God bless you!

  • Timo

    Yes, change federal government. Then change Anti Corruption Agency to report to Parliment, not reporting to Prime Minister Dept like today.

    From there, investigate until Taib is to put into jail and get all those billion dollar property be sold and bring the money back to Sarawak to build road, distribute income to residents like Singapore and like Penang and Selangor did recently.

  • http://snoopyjnr.com snoopy jnr

    Hope he, his family and cronies rot in hell. This is beyond disgusting.

  • http://snoopyjnr.com snoopy jnr

    Islam allows its followers to overthrow corrupt leaders by any means necessary, if he refuses to step down, return the stolen loot and repent.

  • GO GO >> GO

    That is not all!!! There are many more to those mentioned above. Free extension of his palace by TPK, kic back from all projects given to TPK etc.

    I guess it is wrong to say he is probably the richest man in South East Asia, he could be on the top 3 world richest man.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    To simplify ,here are his cash cow,milk them dry.

    1. Timber Licence

    2. Tonnage from timber

    3. selling NCR Land to his goons.

    4. Abuse of power ..land division for housing & Shop houses

    5. Inflated contract..dams,roads,buildings and shit.

    6. Road maintenance

    7. Sewage system–SHIT Project

    8. Huge Contracts

    9. Bridges Contracts

    10.Road maintenance contract

    12.Free properties and rent them out.

    13.Tax Evasion

    14.Free money obtained during ELECTIONS.

    15.Slavery pay of RM12 for workers

    16.O T H E R S….many many many more.

    The poor dayaks babies are crying for milk and he just doesn't care.


    benar2. kenak orang sarawak tok mudah nak percayak bila sidak bn kata," ohh, mun pkr menang negeri kita jadi negeri christian." nya udah nampak sidak bn tok racist dari segi agama. mun menar sidak mempertahan kan islam, kenak perangei sidak nya mengalahkan orang sik beragama. nang org sarawak tok masok olok. coba le berubah !!! mun di kampong masok olok sidak nya , kita boleh maafkan, tapi nok di bandar paloi sik berutak juak. ya nampak orang sarawak nang dah di BODO oleh sidak Taib.

    • brrr

      to SIK PUAS HATI,

      memang susah nak ngubah otak pemikiran org2 kampung…sidak masih pecayakan kerajaan…kita nanga memang ada pembangunan tetapi sangat sikit n terhad….beri baja la…subsidi la…inssentif org miskin la…cuba buat kajian betul2 berapa puluh ribu / juta semua dibanding hasil cukai pendapatan/sykt? ne pi duit semua ya…kamek marah tok selalu balit pake jln darat miri-kg-mr dah 10 tahun sik berubah2 terutama laluan sibu-btu!!! najib pun dah beri peruntukan khas polah jln tok!!!! sidak kabinet bayangan PR MESTI BERGERAK PANTAU PANTAU PANTAU SEKARANG!!!!! JGN DIAM AJAK…SURUH SIDAK JKR POLAH JLN CEPAT2…BIAR MENTERI JALAN KELAM KABUT SIKIT…BIAR NYA TIDO SELALU NGIGO…MENTERI SELALU PAKE BELON NE NYA TAUK KEADAAN JLN TOK!!!!!!!!!! KITA RAKYAT SWK MAUK PR SEGERAKAN PANTAU PANTAU PANTAU

    • brrr

      kapda semua peminat Swk Report: kita buat undian:


  • Farid

    I don't believe it why the Sarawakian still choose him for so long. It is time to change!

  • brrr

    dear all,

    I think I am the most commentator here. No one can argued me. Tell me anyone can challenge me all the facts here! No point we discussing to investigate la, to step down taib la, what for? we dont care of that!! Let taib & his family kaya! we want more development especially infrastructure!!!! Swk are far behind compare with Sabah roads. U can check in internet if u dont believed!!! Sabah distant road links more than swk!!!! How? JKR Btu-Sibu dont nothing!!! PR shadow cabinet should proactive monitored this!!!! Dont talk only take action (NATO) NO ACTION TALK ONLY….haiyaaaa..pantau,….pantau…if not your seat sub be given to person can WORK & THINK FOR RAKYAT

  • Honbilover

    Shut up everyone….stop taib this,taib that…who at d first place electing BN? Stupid only now complain…well election process is not effective enuf to remove him then why not do A HUGE DEMONSTRATION just like wat hapen in Egypt n Libya..otherwise there wil be no changes takes plc cos our dayak leaders in BN also damn stupid n greedy…"YES MAN" attitude,…

  • YS Limban

    Yes Honbiover, i m fully agree with you, quite many of us have been expressing our angry feelings and views, complains.

    Who, where, when ? The big Gun if there is will listern/hear to us. Time is moving and the Clock is turning. The only, and only option solution left is – Demonstrations.If not, very very soon we are going to be like Arab Palisten.

  • brrr

    I totally not agreed with Honbilover n YS Limban proposal for HUGE DEMO!! we cannot follow what ever situation outside swk n compare with swk atmosphere!!! you must know that your statement will be monitored & recorded accdgly by MCMC & govnt!!!! I believed you not aware how it done n works. If you are IT well verse you will know!!! I am not no longer BN supporter as previously I am BN strong supporter…what thing that i have change my mind is BN nothing none for swk especially road infrastructure. If you never driving long distance from miri-kg-miri do not talk…just keep quiet!!!! I am regular user for this route for more than 10 years!!! nothing improvement on road quality especially btu-sibu route!!! I believed last 10 years you are still kids!!! do not try KALAU KAIL PANJANG SEJENGKAL JANGAN MENDUGA LAUTAN YANG DALAM….

  • YS Limban

    bnr," kalau kail panjang sejengkal jangan menduga lautan yang dalam," How do you know that we never driving long distance from miri-kg miri or kg-miri-kg, for your last 10 years you should use a better vechile, that how to solve your problems.

    At the same time you says, do not talk …. just keep quiet!!!

    To me you are a coward, you're getting scare of your own shadow,because you are a strong BN supporter.

    Again in your blog, you says nothing was done to the road,no improvement in the last 10 years. Then you say pantau..pantau.. pantau…. to me it looks like that you are seeking for jobs in your blog. you are too old,..nyanyok lah! you does no know what happening at your backyard. If you does agree about anything, not necessary to tell other to be shut up, because you are not aware MOCs is organizing for that plan by August 13.

  • brrr

    hey YS Limban you are totally not understand/understood what I meant…do not imagine in narrow what we talk here. How u know Iam still BN strong supporter!!! U not really read my views previously. U are not regular user of swk roads…so KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED. U just used driving 1 time only. You still masih berhingus….just keep quiet. Your statement for DEMO will be recorded & authority will take further action to you!!! are u aware or not? You think I am primary school background only? I am one of swk social scientist majoring in political science from USM. So do not challenge with my view on politic if you have nothing…hahahaha

    • lol

      Do u think u r better enough?u called urself as social scientist..but what hv u done to our state?ooo u must bz doing ur research..impressive..if u do think u hv the capability please come forward..our state really need reformation..u talk bout jkr..but the road tender in swk controlled by cms road..who is the owner?come one..think better..jgn just nak angkat diri kta scial scientist n so on..come 4ward