How Len Talif Salleh -“Objective” Civil Servant/BN Politician/Timber Company Boss – Swindled Long Terawan!

How Len Talif Salleh -“Objective” Civil Servant/BN Politician/Timber Company Boss – Swindled Long Terawan!

22 May 2011

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Len Talif Salleh appearing under his Director of Foresty hat – but what about all the others?

Re-printed from original of 21/5/2011

In the run up to the recent election the Director of the Forestry Department, which is responsible for handing out Timber Licences, Len Talif Salleh, paraded before the cameras supporting the Chief Minister’s laughable claims that 70% of Sarawak’s forests remain “primary or intact”.

Salleh posed as an ‘objective’ civil servant, the Director of Forests, charged with managing the state’s forests in a disinterested manner, unswayed by politics.  It was not mentioned, however, that at the same time Len Talif Salleh was already running as a BN candidate in the forthcoming election!

In any non-corrupted country a civil servant who was planning to move from being a paid public servant to run for political office would, of course, step down from his post beforehand.  However, not only did Len Talif Salleh fail to do that, but unbelievably, according to the Department’s own website, the man is still occupying this crucial public job as Director of Forests weeks after the election when he was returned as a BN YB!

Len Talif Salleh has kept his position as Head of the Forests Department even though he has gone into politics and is arguably therefore now his own boss!

The conclusion must be that Taib has run so short of yes men that he is placing the same handful of loyalists across all the key public positions, regardless of the vital division between the Civil Service and politics.  There can be few men left in Sarawak who would seriously claim that 70% of the jungle remains intact!

Salleh was handing timber licences to himself !

But this is not the only conflict of interest to feature in Salleh’s career.  Our investigations reveal how he has concurrently occupied a staggering number of top posts in forestry, giving him total control over timber management – much in the same way that his own boss Taib has acquired all the main positions of State.

In 2008 he was simultaneously Deputy Permanent Secretary Ministry of Planning and Resources Management; Director of Forests; Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Sarawak Forestry Corporation and the General Manager of the Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC).  Is it fair to assume, therefore, that Salleh was little more than Taib’s ‘Yes Man’ in forestry – we think yes!     

So many parallel jobs! They gave Len Talif and his boss Taib full control over timber management.

However, it gets worse.  Len Talif Salleh was also simultaneously signing himself as the Director of the wholly private timber company Pusaka KTS Sdn Bhd.  Pusaka KTS is largely owned by the timber tycoon Lau family, who are key supporters of Taib and BN and own the Borneo Post.  The STIDC have a large number of shares in the venture in the name of the public, presumably the source of Salleh’s Directorship.

This means Salleh was actively pursuing the commercial interests of a private company to which he himself was issuing timber licences on behalf of the Government!  

Robbing the people of Long Terawan       

 The pernicious effects of this tangled web of conflict of interest can be seen only too clearly in the treatment of the people of Long Terawan in the Baram region, who have been contesting the logging and now the plantation of well over 100,000 hectares of their once pristine jungle lands over some years.     

Len Talif, the man who dares claim that almost 3/4 of Sarawak’s forests are untouched, has been spearheading this deforestation, handing licences to Pusaka KTS all over the region.

Thus, as Director of Forests he has been handing licences to himself as Director of Pusaka KTS!  

Not only that, he has also been acting as the representative of Pusaka KTS in its bitter battle with the locals over the licences he has handed out!  The document below shows how it was none other than he who acted as the Director and Representative of Pusaka KTS Sdn Bhd when the company tried to force the locals people out of their land rights by doing a secret deal with their headman back in 2009!    

Copy of the form used in the agreement. Representing the timber company as a Director in this shameful attempt to defraud the people of Long Terawan is the Government’s own Director of Forests Len Talif Salleh, the man who handed out the provisional licence to log the area in the first place!

Shameful deal 

The above document is part of a draft copy of the one that was eventually signed by Len Talif Salleh and the Headman In 2009.  Local people were outraged to discover the deal that had taken place without consultation and behind their backs.    

People protested in Long Terawan against the 2009 shabby deal.

We can see that, astonishingly, Len Talif Salleh was acting as the representative and Director of the wholly private company Pusaka KTS Sdn Bhd in this so-called agreement.  This despite his position as Director of Forests at the time.

The local people say the company has already been logging the community’s land for years without agreement or compensation and without anything being done by the police.

This new secretive deal was a further attempt to take over the territory for plantation purposes and it offered virtually no compensation to the native land owners!

Was it appropriate for the Director of Forests, the man who had handed out provisional licences to Pusaka KTS,  to be negotiating this deal?  Clearly it was not. 

What iy does show us however, is that what has been done by logging companies like KTS to communities all over Sarawak has been done with the full knowledge, authorisation and support of Abdul Taib Mahmud’s government. 

The Chief of the Government’s own Forestry Department and one of Taib’s key ‘Yes’ men was the man who was personally driving through this shabby deal.

Likewise, Taib’s own sister Raziah Mahmud, was on the Board of Quality Concrete who just as ruthlessly and greedily attempted to cheat the longhouses of Sebangan last year. 

This case has come to court and Quality Concrete has lost.  Taib is up to his neck in all the greedy and illegal activities by the logging companies in Sarawak, which is why the authorities like the police are so reluctant to do anything about it.

 What happened in Long Terawan?

In Long Terawan Len Talif Salleh organised the secret deal with the government-appointed headman, who was supposedly acting on behalf of his whole community.  Just two people witnessed the event and none of the local native customary rights landowners were told a thing about it.

This is of course the shameful method by which Taib and his chosen logging partners have cheated people of their land rights throughout Sarawak.  It was Taib who made the crucial alteration of the traditional, democratic system whereby the local people voted for their headmen and replaced them with paid appointees of BN.    

Pusaka KTS tried to secretly force through agreement on the people’s behalf, through the Ketua Kuam (Headman) without their knowledge

Taib has further subverted the system by allowing these appointees to sign deals that they do not understand on behalf of their communities.  These deals have invariably handed over the land rights of these people from under their noses, despite the fact that by law all such decisions should be made jointly by the community and not by one appointed man on their behalf.

Another fraudulent deal

A paper written in English, signed by an unauthorised headman, without a lawyer, but generally aided by a lot of liquor and a small bribe would not begin to stand up in court.  It is plain fraud and it is what happened in Long Terawan.

The community’s lawyer, the native rights specialist Abun Sui has warned that the agreement is vague and inadequate, with none of the necessary detail to protect the villagers.  He says he has not even been able to get proper details about the area Pusaka KTS is asking the community to hand over, although the planned plantation is believed to be over 100,000 hectares in size.

We can’t get a copy of the provisional lease” he explained.  “It should be given to us, but when we ask them for the licence the Forestry Department are uncooperative, replying that our application has been rejected!”

So why would Len Talif Salleh’s Forestry Department be obstructive to the Long Terawan lawyer when he is legitimately seeking details of the timber licence given to the private company of which Len Talif Salleh himself is the Director negotiating with the natives?  It is not a hard question to answer and it is why conflict of interest is such a serious form of corruption.     

RM 500 per hectare! Onn Mahmud has been selling his own palm plantations at over RM 60,000 per hectare… some profit potential and it won’t be for the local people!

We have a copy of the document that Pusaka KTS presented in 2009.  It offers the village people a paltry compensation for their land, described as a “gratuitous payment” of just RM 300 per hectare !  The wood, particularly the valuable Belian in such areas, is of course worth hundreds of millions of ringgit alone     

Pusaka KTS Sdn Bhd are now intent on clearing this area completely.  In the original 2009 ‘agreement’ it was in order to grow oil palm.  

What future for the children of Long Terawan as Len Talif Salleh and Pusaka KTS move in on their lands?

Out of the hundred thousand hectares earmarked for this environmentally destructive project (headed up by the Director of Forests and Deforestation Denier, Len Talif Salleh) a mere 200 acres were offered in the agreement to the local people. 

Further, they would only be allowed to inherit the small area of land after the first harvest had been taken by KTS!

The question the local people would have raised, had they been asked, was what are they supposed to live off during this period of years that they would have to wait after their fruit trees and lands are destroyed before whatever proceeds they may or may not be able to get from the palm oil area after Pusaka KTS have take the first year of profits? 

There is not the smallest sign that the Government, or its representative Len Talif Salleh, has given this issue the slightest thought, although the agreement does provide for a pitiful payment to the locals if they undertake the soul-destroying work of clearing their ancestral lands for the benefit of the raiding timber company.

But, since other communities across the state have gone hungry and been forced to scatter into shanty areas around the coastal cities after such raids on their lands, we can assume that this is the fate that Taib and his henchman have in mind for the people of Baram and Long Terawan as well.  BN call this ‘progress and modernisation’.    

Just some of the licences handed to Putaka KTS in Baram. The red striped area represents licence to log valuable and endangered Belian trees.

Faced with a furious and brave series of protests by the community of Long Terawan, Pusaka KTS has taken a step backwards in their opportunistic approach.  This year they came back with a revised plan, which appears to be more generous than the miserable compensation Len Talif Salleh was offering two years ago.

Half a million ringgit are now being offered to the community up front with a vague project of a total of RM 2 million when all the hundred thousand hectares have been cleared and planted – this time with the controversial crop Acacia.

However, again lawyers are warning that the agreement is flawed and riddled with demands that the poor local people cover costs such as the legal expenses!  There is little security in the vague provisions of the proposed agreement to guarantee that the community would see a bent penny of the money that they are being tempted with …. unless we imagine that KTS will discover a generous streak in a few years time?

Enticement – promises of RM 2 million…. but later!

Local campaigner Willie Kajan has told Sarawak Report that once again the BN administration (and doubtless the supposedly objective Director of Forests) is leaning on the Headman to try and force the community to cooperate.  He is tryng to tempt them with the promises of RM 2 million, but Willie is warning that the local people will never get to see such money, especially when it is not being offered up front!

Get off our land. One of many police reports signed by the locals

It is clear that the people of Long Terawan are clearly not disposed to trust BN, because while 200 have signed up to Willie’s petition rejecting the deal, the Headman has made little progress in collecting enough signatures to provide a semblance of community agreement.

However, with a hundred thousand hectares at stake and their budget of billions of ringgit the loggers who are in business with Taib’s government and Taib’s Forest henchman will not give up easily.

“They have already sent in gangsters who have been logging the land on their behalf, agreement or no agreement”, says Willie, whose own land has already been cleared without compensation.  “This is what they do, they bring in thugs and pretend it isn’t them”.

Logging in Sarawak has nothing to do with due process, the law or indeed the separation of powers.  Len Talif Salleh has acted as the civil servant, politician and businessman throughout!


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  • najibrazak

    Just as well we have MACC in our pocket. This would have been one that they could not ignore.


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        DOCTOR NO,

        Kau kata in cerita bohong sebab perkara ini sik berlaku ke atas tanah emak-bapa kau (kalau pun bapa u ada tanah sendiri, jangan-jangan tiada). Ditakdirkan suatu hari, gangster ini menceroboh tanah bapa u (lagi, kalau bangsa u ada tanah sendiri pun), baru u akan tunduk kepada SR dan sanggup jilat pantat SR. Tetapi ia sudah terlambat dan dunia dah bertukar kepada NO DOCTOR. Manusia sial dan mementingkan diri sendiri. Aku sumpah kau dengan Len Talif salleh sekali supaya panjang umur sampai 100 tahun dan dimakan oleh segala penyakit. Dari penyakit kurap telor kau hinggalah ke kerupak kepala. Dan sehinggalah 7 keturunan. Suck you!!!!!

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          Aku doa sumpah kamoo itu aku kentootkan dan sumpah itu memantul ke kepala otak kau, nyadi kau terus sial sejuta tahun penyakit gila babi. Itu kerana kau bikin celita bohong. taik hidung berok kamu makan tiap2 saat.

        • Mother Nature

          Len Talif Salleh @ LTS was born as a "licence To Swindle " indigenous people of NCR-land in Sarawak.

        • http://bernardendok@gmail luncai

          Betul bena kata kita ini doctor lubnang burit taib.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      najibrazak..NOT pocket but underwear please as you also cannot

      ZIP your pant.

      Did the commission of US$500,000.00 paid to the broker of the submarine deal from the kickback of Euro114 millions???

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Now the village headmen or Ketua Kaum have NO integrity at all.They are merely dogs to the BN government.If they are asked to bark left and right,they will all do so for an allowance of RM800 per month.

    Criteria for Ketua Kaum; 1. Ex-Policeman

    2. Ex-Army

    3. Ex-headmaster

    4. Ex-teachers.




      Haiya Lagi lagi in Srawak Report bikin pusing celita . apa ini kerja bohong nanti kamu olang jadi gila oo.

  • Anak Sarawak 2

    MACC where are thou?????

  • sara

    Gila harta dan kuasa. Vote them out and put them in Jail. Pure corrupt.

  • alaga

    MACC is their crony as well

    • Proud Sarawakian

      not just crony. there's a much bigger purpose to having MACC around. shut people up to protect BN's interests. that's all. plain and simple.

  • aborium

    Conflict of interest is one type of corruption since it is a way to use an official duty for seeking personal benefits. Conflict of interest violates the country laws and code of public ethical conduct. Should we say more?

  • http://Best ranjit singh

    Semasa PRU 10 Sarawak saya bertugas di N70 Ba'kelalan dan N 71 dun Bukit Sari.Orang orang LON BAWANG adalah penyokong kuat Baru Bian.Jentera serta persediaan pilihanraya dibuat sejak 9 bulan yang lalu.Semua petugas begitu komited.IT Room serta War Room mereka berjalan terator.Semua petugas amat komited.Saya berada di Lawas selama 25 hari.Tugas saya ialah melatih PACA.Pehak Polis IPD lAWAS juga ada memberi tahu saya BN akan kalah di Ba'kelalan.

    N 71 Bukit Sari keadaan nya berbeza.Calon nya kurang komited.Dia tinggal di Brunei.Jentera pilihanraya tidak tersusun.Hj.Jappar adalah calon Keadilan di Bukit Sari.Sudah 4 kali dia bertanding tapi tidak juga menang.Dalam pilihanraya kekuatan jentera adalah penting.Kalau jentera pilihanraya lemah kita akan kalah.Disini tiada orang yang berpengalaman mengendalikan jentera pilihanraya.

    DiSarawak RINGGIT adalah penting.Tanpa RINGGIT NO TALK.Entah bila masa orang Sarawak mau sedar.BERUBAH LAH ORANG ORANG SARAWAK.Etnik lon bawang berani buat perubahan.Baru Bian menang 407 undi majoriti.SYABAS lon Bawang.Tidak sia sia saya melatih PACA kepada kamu.Anda adalah kawan saya.Saya orang Kedah.Kami sudah buat perubahan.Sekarang PR memerintah Kedah.Cheers !!


      Haiya ada baie juga ?

    • Wetsemenet

      'Tanpa RINGGIT, NO TALK!'

      Dia pun cakap Baru Bian pun main politik lui jugak.

    • Pinyewa

      boring lh u

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      Go to hell lah you orang Kedah. Hang dok sebok kat sini buat pa. Aku pun pernah duduk kedah dulu, sama je….. pi mampuih hang!

  • Taib Must Go

    When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty!!! Arise Sarawakians!!!


      lu punya bikin injustice sendili. itu negeli sarawak semua bikin ncr. mauk tipoo kelejaan. kalau itu pakatan lakyat jadi kelejaan itu dun sama itu wisma kelejaan negeri pun jadi ncr. nyadi itu DAP punya menteli mauk simpan mana opis ? lalam lumah anjing watchedoggy ? Apooooo . manyak injustice ma.

    • Wetsemenet

      I don't normally curse, and I'm not about to. So, fack you and your facking rebellion. Sell your crazy somewhere else.

    • anak sarawak

      90% of voters in rural are so easily to buy and control.

      Sarawak will remain as it is for the next 50 years.

  • hot

    give the poor natives $50 ringgit and they will be a good lap dog for 4 years.

    woof woof woof. (long live natives … emm … greedy natives)


      itu kalid iblahim bikin ini macham kan. oh ya oh ya . itu nik azit lu punya bapak angkat di kelantan sana ada kasih wang sama itu olang aseli masa itu by-election di pematang pasir. manyak tengok lalam blog sama ada tv pun sama ada. lu pande oh. semua orang baik hati kasih wang belanja makan laksa ma…bukan colupshen ma . nik azit kasih wang pematang pasir sana bukan kasih makan pasir ho !

  • Ling L kiong

    If you check all the projects under STIDC, Len gives all the STIDC projects to Hock Seng Lee. The STIDC only stipulates contractors with certain headings which only suit HSL> Len has been receiving millions in kickbacks from HSL for many years. And recently, tanjong Manis projects have also been givien to HSL…………

    EVerybody knows it,,,,,

    But nobody dares report…….

    • http://sarawakreport harrie

      Nobody dares to report ! Exactly….. why…

  • Anti Ahip Cronies

    Intruder Alert!

    Similar deal taking place in rural Kuching Jln Puncak Borneo, Kpg Bengoh-Danu forest areas (from anticipated flooded areas by Bengoh dam and forests leading to Krokong, Bau) ready for timber lootings! The village chiefs in cohoot with ex YB Sora Rusah/BN cronies trying to arrange the timber deal behind the villagers' knowledge!

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Anti Ahip Cronies…Timber there is GOD given gifts to the people and why does this former PBDS jumping FROG want to control?

      Is your 3 million paid through Shenton way Standard Chartered bank,NOT ENOUGH???

      Ahip is also a BN planted Ketua Kaum from Kpg Danu..rise up against him.He is just another GREEDY BN man.

      Resist and make TEBEDU event an occurrence here in bengoh/Semadang/Tabia and Skio to happen.

      RISE UP fellow Bidayuh

  • http://none Skuh Babeh Rahun

    So it is CONFIRMED that MELANAU is the MOST corrupted race in Sarawak and Malaysia.

    I am sure you ALL agree with me here.All are TRUE

    • Crazy Horse

      Every one irregardless of race or creed is capable of corruption. Do you think Melanau babies are capable of corruption? Where did you put your brains?

      • http://none Watch Dog

        C.H..yes BUT the way TM and his family does it.It is far far too much..there are NO more land that he didn't take and gave to his family ad cronies.

  • http://none Skuh Babeh Rahun

    So it is CONFIRMED that MELANAU is the MOST corrupted race in $arawak and Malaysia.Melanau people loves $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    I am sure you ALL agree with me here. YES,YES,YES

    • Crazy Horse

      Please don't generalise. It is very offensive. I am a melanau and I only own a motorcycle not a rolls royce.

      • http://none Watch Dog

        Crazy horse..I am NOT offending anyone but reality is there. At least ypou own a motorcycle as I cannot afford one due to RM16.00 wages per day way below poverty level.

        It is a known fact..the Governor,CM,Directors of State Government Dept,huge contracts given to whom?

        Land grab given to whom??

        Everyone knows about oit but dare NOT say anything as they all said we working in this dept and that dept.

        This is a democratic country and is it wrong to voice your opinion? Also CORRUPTION is rampant just like DADAH..It is a menace to the state.Let us fight DADAH but not CORRUPTION.Why are you so quiet then???

        Corruption happens every minute by TM government…every minute..

        • Wetsemenet

          The Rolls-Royces you spoke of were bought in the eighties. Even if bought brand spanking new, they PAID for their worth at least 20 years ago. A second-hand Rolls would fetch around a quarter of its release price. Plus, the Sarawak government never had to spend extra on replacing the State's fleet with a bunch of Perdanas during Mahathir's austerity regime in the late nineties, which funnily enough, would have had to be replaced around this time. and guess what? Those old Rollers are still running well. Come on, can't you credit the government for the right things they do/did?

      • QyampunqBoyz

        I disagree with you C.H. Last PRN showed that whilst the majority of rural Dayaks can be considered as naive, little brainless and cowardous, the majority of malanaus can be seen as

        being die hard BN supporters to an extend of being obsessive and paranoid. Somehow, it's good to have conscientious thinking people like you in your community. Maybe one day, you'll be their savior.

      • DOCTOR NO

        Crazy Horse, Lu memang betol lah. Itu claka abolium ataupun sanitalium sudah nyadi gila. dia anjing lumah sana pun dia akan kata collupshen. in abolium mauk bikin sakit hati sama semua olangg lah. kalau saya dapat dia saya kasih dia taik bulit lah.

        • http://na Adak Cacat

          Doctor No ini orang setengah tiang.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      S.B.R..Yes 100% agreed

  • shit info

    Melanau is Rajang tribe(Kuala Rajang areas), but they never want to accept that…Melanau want to be Melayu.

    • Crazy Horse

      Damn racist.

      • http://none Watch Dog

        Crazy Horse..who is

        racist? We have Melanau,Malays,Iban,Chinese,Indian and English in our family.

        I am talking the truth nothing BUT the truth. Let me ask you the followings:

        1. Who is the CM of Sarawak?

        2. Who is the Governor of Sarawak?

        3. Who is the Speaker of DUN?

        4.Who is the Director of Forestry & subsidiary companies?

        5. Who own PASIN?..Wahab Dollars??

        6. Who own Ta Ann?

        7. who own Naim?

        8. Who own Titanium?

        9.Who own CMS?

        10 Who own PPES & group of Cos?

        11. Who owns SHIT project?

        There are NO Dayaks,,there..all are M*****u.Am I correct???

        Fact is a fact..cannot be denied.This is to show all dayaks that they have been marginalised by MELANAU administration .It is a fact,it is TRUE….We are HURT for being marginalised…

        • Eetv

          they are muslim. accept the fact that we are living in muslim country. I'm a christian and im grateful with what we have now.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          Eetv posting at 5.45pm…It does NOT mean that we are Christian,we don't have the RIGHTS at all.Sarawak also belongs to us and by saying so,they will laugh at you.

          Wake up,stand up and let us FIGHT for our rights..STOP being stupid by saying things like that.Now we have extra group to fight instead of BN alone.Stand up and FIGHT for equality so that NO single RACE(Melanau) dominates over us,let's be FAIR.

        • Wetsemenet

          Watch Dog, why do you like to stir up shit with your sweeping comments, reviews, anecdotes…even your granny stories you want to tell if it can make people hate each other. Seriously, from the amount of comments you seed on these pages make me suspect that you are a paid tool of some anarchist group or another. You're doing a horrible job.

      • Wetsemenet

        I'd rather corruption than racism and religious bigotry any day. And I'm this case, looks like we are made to make that choice. As far as I'm concerned, Sarawak has a brilliant track record in terms of religious harmony and racial cooperation. The government even successfully stood up for Christians when they were beleagured by the Federal government even as they are on the same team. I doubt it would hesitate to do the same in future should the Federal side somehow change teams.

  • shit info

    when come to Taib Mahmud,he is pirates clans. His great grandfather is a sea pirates, now he rob Sarawakians with honors OF chief monster…

    • Crazy Horse

      Some of you blamed the whole community for the wrong did by the few. Only members Taib's clan are rich. Many Melanau in Mukah are still farmers and fishermen who lived hand to mouth with nothing much to spare. One of you claimed the Melanaus are previously pirates, Hell! almost all tribes in Sarawak were pirates. Don't blame others for not using brains if you yourself not using brain.

      • http://none Watch Dog

        Crazy Horse..I do not blame them but they are in power and did things at their whims and fancies..without thinking of other races..Sarawak does NOT belong to them alone..

        You just look at the land grab and you will see almost the whole of Sarawak are given away to whom and by whom..please answer..

        I don't care if they are "keturunan" pirates or thieves of gangsters..Sarawak belongs to everybody and ;let us prosper together and NOT repeat NOT one man,family or TRIBE to control Government dept,agencies,forest,rivers,mountains,shit,contracts,sand

        housings,licences,etc,etc,etc..and gave them to particular race

        and leave the others to be their slaves…paid RM12.00 to RM16.00 per day.

        Is this true ? YES YES YES it is TRUE!!!

      • http://none Watch Dog

        Crazy Horse..Look at the map,who gave those land to KTS?? Malays,Bidayuh,Ibans,Penan,Lun Bawang,Orang Ulu,etc,etc..? He is a Melanau..The KING of Sarawak..

        Because you are CRAZY so you do NOT know..Look at the title..Len Talip..Forest,YB,etc in cohort with his master..

  • me

    I'm a Melanau. Don't you ever think about other Melanau before speak? 12 &13: Just because TAIB & LEN like that, do you have to blame all the Melanau's? Do you think all Melanau like that? I hate corruption too. I hate crony or nepotism at all.

    "So it is CONFIRMED that MELANAU is the MOST corrupted race in Sarawak and Malaysia.

    I am sure you ALL agree with me here.All are TRUE


    Skuh Babeh Rahun says:

    May 23, 2011 at 10:45 am

    So it is CONFIRMED that MELANAU is the MOST corrupted race in $arawak and Malaysia.Melanau people loves $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    I am sure you ALL agree with me here. YES,YES,YES"

    What the hell with your statement? Melanau people loves money?? If we love money, why our area are not develop at all? Why our villagers still work as a fisherman/farmer? If we love money, we don't need to work as fisherman/farmer. Just seat at home. Goyang kaki!

    You no.14: Melanau want to be Melayu? Sorry. I never want to be Melayu. I am proud to be Melanau.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      To a certain extend I do agree with Skuh Babeh Rahun..he got his pint there.Former CM..a Melanau,present CM is a Melanau too. A Governor is a Melanau also.Forest Director is a Melanau too holding various posts.Ta Ann,Naim, CMS,Titanium,Perbena…many many more.

      Contracts, Lands,Timber Concessions,Rivers,Sands,Mountains,beaches,forests,rubbish,shits,scholarship…you will find Melanau's name in there.RMRMRMRM$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$like RAZIAH…Bekir,Sulaiman,Onn,Hamid,Hasnan..

      Well it is true..loves $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and make others suffer.Sob sob sob sob sob sob..wo9w wow wow wow

      • Crazy Horse

        I grow up in government quarters not in palatial homes. I have debts like any of you and my bank account balance barely enough to carry me through the month. I am also like you scrounging for a living. Please check the facts first are all melanaus rich and Mukah road is paved in gold?

        • http://none Watch Dog

          Crazy Horse..ASK your Melanau people..TRY,TM,TS.Governor..Wahab Dollars,Hamid..Nora,Raziah..Bekir, Sulaiman,Onn,Ali,…the list is endless..Whether Mukah road is made of GOLD or silver..ask them,Melanau leaders..

          Go and ask your fellow Melanau for help and I am sure you will get promoted.At least you are a governent servant like pother Melanau while we are NOT daily paid labourers,earning below poverty line..and GAWAI is days away .

          Any handout from Melanau Government??????We need money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for our cultural celebraction.

        • http://none Watch Dog





  • kucing harimau

    pusaka kts???????

  • aborium

    When you wear the spectacles of race, you become a racist, & hatred seeps in and grows inside you without much realizing that it's sapping away your priority, energy, and ooh libido. It has been known to affect one's own health and well-being.

    But when you wear night vision, you become blind to race and your're more focussed on your mission – to keep track of who does what in the dead heat of the night.

    During the day you wear x-ray vision and they say you'll be able to see ooh much more interesting shapes and sizes.

    In between, just be colour blind and keep a cool head bro! That way you can use the energy within you (2 inches below your belly-button….so they say) to see clearly that our planet and us is just 'a blue dot' in the cosmic scheme of things.

    We do the right thing, together!

    • Hell Freezer

      Bro, why the Arabs and the Jews hates each other for thousands of years? Sorry, to ask you this stupid Q?

      • aborium

        More than happy to connect bro'. The 'hatred' between the Arabs (which Arab?) and the Jews (or Zionists?)has a historical, religious, and cultural roots made worse by political feuds which have cost the lives of thousands of innocent civilians and most touchingly children blown up in the streets where they live and play!

        No religion condones hatred, let alone, killing of the innocent. Don't take away the sanctity of other's religion to achieve your political agenda.

        It's not about status or power. It's about mutual understanding and healthy respect for each other's religion and differences. Arab or Jew, the idea is to unite rather than divide. Sorry, we don't have another planet to run to (not within our lifetime).

        We are stuck together, whether we like it or not. We'll have to start building more bridges that make way for peace and harmony, regardless of our religious or political beliefs or origins. Why are we wasting time here?

        • Wetsemenet

          You conveniently forgot to mention the Palestinian Mandate and Balfour Declaration. Oh anD the Stern Gang.

        • http://na Lintah Karbau


      • Wetsemenet

        'Thousands of years'?

        Arabs and Jews stood against the Crasaders on the same side. They did not start going at each others' necks until the British did a major screwup in the TWENTIETH century. Now please look up Palestinian Mandate, Balfour Declaration. Then look up Operation Ajax, and the radical Islamization of Iran. For these people, the world won't be as fun without enmities and conflict. Bless tier empty hearts.


    Lagi lagi in Srawak Report bikin pusing celita . apa ini kerja bohong nanti olang jadi gila oo.

    • lady peace

      Olang boloh gila = ? most likely jeopardizing theirself or even commit suicide.

      Olang berakal jadi gila = YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WILL HAPPENS!

    • http://[email protected] sembayung

      Dr. No, bagi lah komen yg bernas, kamu ni PALUI.


    Ini bikin bohong tidak babut oh. Lagi lagi in Srawak Report bikin pusing celita . apa ini kerja bohong nanti olang jadi gila oo.Bodo punya celita.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Doctor NO…Because you are STUPID cannot read English.Another Melano pea brain moron.I thought Rahamn Yakub sent you to London to read any subject that you want but you FAILED so cannot read and understand English.Bodoh punya orang


      Doctor No,

      Lepas PRU 13 ini,lagi gila punya cerita,Najib Razak akan menjadi ketua pembangkang,Sarawak adalah satu satunya negeri yang di kuasai oleh pembangkang,Pacik Kau Taib Mahmud itu adalah satu satunya ketua menteri daripada kerajaan pembangkang.

    • YS Limban

      Doctor no is the same guy Swiss Expert – Idiot .

      • DOCTOR NO

        ha ha babut babut lu sama cakap wa sissexpert.

      • DOCTOR NO

        Ho Ho ha ha babut babut lu sama cakap wa sissexpert.

        • DDTSTM

          Doctor No, I m still looking for a hidden brain tumor, a guy like you to join in the existing group that i have at the moment for further missions. I m really facing a big problems to deal with the 500 kampong folks in Tebedu.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Go to school again..BODOH punya orang..TM punya ANGING,ask to bark here and there and gather bits and pieces..start to talk smart..Doctor konon nya tapi PEA BRAIN MORON


      wa wah Watchedoggy, lu macham sudah malah malah. apa hai ? ini lu punya cakap macam lu sudah amput lu punya mak. saya tidak dapat bikin ini balang sebab saya punya pelir sudah kasih pakatan rakyat makan . saya kencing pakai mulut leh. lu mau kiss gua ?

      • Wetsemenet

        Jangan kasi marah sama itu Anjing Lolex. Dia itu orang paling pandai dalam dan luar Sarawak. Kita semua misti dengar sama itu cakap dia. Kalau tidak nanti dia menteri jadi, kita kena hantam sama dia. Takut bo…

  • Raja Rentap Sarawak

    Jangan dengar dari Doctor No itu,biar dia cerita dia sendari suruh dia pergi

    amput dia punya mak

    • aborium

      Itu Dr No ada sebut juga itu cerita pusing2. Brother Samy jawab, itu cerita tak ada pusing punya, itu Lu sendiri pusing punya sebab ada orang tahu Lu Spin Doctor ma. Ada butut kah?

      • DOCTOR NO

        Lu bolih ambik itu bro sami buat jadi lu punya boifren lah. lu ngam ngam sama dia. nanti lu bolih celita panjang panjang sama dia sambit makan itu chipati sama lu punya taik .

        • aborium

          Tapi Brother Samy cakap dia suka Lu oh. Apa macam macha? Boleh belakang kira kah?

  • d

    You can see these guys pretending to pray at official events, with both palms out facing the sky. Let's hope that their Allah records each false prayer, and deals with them in the afterlife where no one, not even CM, can protect them as they burn for eternity. I'm leaving their fate in the hands of the maker only because I do not foresee anyone in S'wak or even Malaysia who is willing to do anything about these injustices as long as CM continues to deliver seats as the vote-bank for federal politics.

  • d

    And for the generations of Dayak people who suffer under CM, you can really make a difference as every seat is contested in every election; you have a choice to vote for someone less corrupt, more understanding of your needs. But for those who choose to accept the bribes, and believe that there is no other way but to vote for CM, then keep in mind as you watch your kids being poor and under-educated that even their kids will continue to be second-class bumi, simply because you – your generation – overwhelmingly voted for CM and his cronies.

  • aborium

    Beware of wolves in sheep-clothing, because they will use every means at their disposal to pull a wool over your eyes for the purpose of total power, control and dominance. And along with it, comes the abuses in many forms and guises.

    Beware of the Eye.

    • Wetsemenet

      You're knowledgeable but still naive. Did you know that the agents of the eye operate mainly by inciting unrest in sovereign nations in order to wrest control of their entire system through the use of popular media and local recruitments?

      One question: What website are we in? Have you even once questioned why Clare Brown is suddenly so very passionate to 'our' cause? Well, give me your answer in ten years. As of now, I don't think I can get much wisdom from you.

      Reality check: everybody has faults. Those who preemptively strike on others only show that they themselves have greater things to hide (an agenda maybe?). Please look up Operation Ajax. They may plan something similar in Sarawak. Learn from our history, friend.

      • abang

        yes.. from a person who always does things thinking about their own selfish desire.. everything that other people did has a hidden agenda/agendas. but plz remember this.. out there somewhere.. there r people who do things for the betterment of others.. n their main reason is simply because of their self satisfaction/interest.. nothing less.. nothing more..

        it is okay to think negatively about others in judging them.. but it is not right to think that everyone is bad..

  • YS Limban

    Melanau Christian is good but most of melanau muslim is corrupt.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      YS Limban..Thank you Melanau Christian..At least ypu are with US.

      May GOD bless you

  • SarawakTulen

    All Sarawakians are good people and respect each other. It's just that politically it's govern by majority of certain race and unluckily these group of people who lead the government happen to be the monsters.

    It seems majority of Melanaus maybe blinded BN hard-core supporters, but some are not. It's just that the monster of Taik Memut born because of the mindset of the early 1980s. But…..not now. Now is 2011. There might be Melanaus who understand the dark side especially on the younger generations.

    In the United States, the majority of the politicians are white people. Less black, Hispanics, Chinese and hard to find Red Indians. Even then, not all White people agree to what the white politicans do. Even Obama as the first black President seems to face many obstacles and some racist remarks and some comment of his birth certificate.

    For China, the country is fast growing economy and maybe to replace Japan as second largest economy in the world. But still, majority of their Chinese people are very poor in rurual areas. Whai we see in TV, is just the glimpse of modern Beijing and Shanghai. In reality, try to explore the countryside. The gap between rich and poor is very big. Not to mention the politicians. There are no polticians od white people, or Indians or Arabs. They are just Chinese people.

    So the most important thing is about good governance and not really about race.

    The real problem now is dirty politics. Even though majority of politicans are Melanaus, they don't even care about Melanaus, and we don't see majority Melanaus as rich income race. Even some of the politicians are Ibans, Dayaks, they just don't really care the problems face by the Ibans Dayaks in daily life.

    So… the big problem is the politicians themselves who only take care of their own stomach and pocket.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Sarawak Tulen..Please nail a nail on the head..Sarawak is governed by one race only..MELANAU..Governor, Chief minister..nickname..THIEF MINISTER by public, Direcor of Forest..various government post ,Speaker of DUN..Huge Government Contracts, Prime land at Batu Lintang,Kuching..what else.

      By doing so,they ridicule other races..making us look STUPID but yet the DAYAKS still SLEEP..where are you James Masin,Afraid Jabu, William Mawan, Michael Manyin,Peter Nansian,CEO of SCORE W.Baya Dandotetc,etc..WHY does this happen??? Is it that you all are 'STUPID'?? What a DISGRACE to the dayaks??

      Why? Why? Why? Because you ALL care for your own pockets,am I right??..YES, YES, YES!!

    • lady peace

      Bro, China presently have 50,000,000 millionaires (twice the population of Malaysia), 10,000,000 multi-millionaires and 10,000 billionaires, all in USD connotation. Most likely in less than 10 yrs, they will be the No. 1 Economic superpower of the world.

      Some years ago, there is a Standing Order for government employees to be transfered or changed post after 4 years on a particular post or place. This is because, scientific studies have proven that, those who have occupied a particular post or working at one particular place for more than 4 years, usually have the tendency of being NEGLIGENT, ARROGANT, LAZY and most of all, know so damn well how to exploit every inch of any weakness in the system of that particular workplace for his personal gain. This is actually what is happening to Taib Mahmud.

  • Null and void?

    His win in recent State election consider null and void?

  • Wetsemenet

    Here's a classic move: if you can't directly refute the government's claims, just character assassinate them. Such Little Guevaras. The revolution is dead. You killed it through your self-righteous duplicity.

    • aborium

      A Timber Organization said this:

      "When the forest industry in Sarawak talks about "sustainable forestry" or "sustained yield" it means how to log forests so that the supply of logs can continue forever. They do not mean how to log forests in a way that preserves forest ecology and the lives of the forest dwellers, native communities, etc. Even if one agrees with the forest industry's point of view, the increasing inability of Malaysia to supply logs shows the unsustainability of its forest management."

      To that we should include the continued flow of timber money for politicians and their cronies – 'sustainable' timber money!

  • Avenged SevenFold

    Not only that they are evil and corrupt, Taib and his long serving cabinet ministers can be seen as Second World War pilots trying to fly a modern glass cockpit, fly by wire, stealth generation aircrafts. Since they couldn't cope up with all the modern, space-age technologies, they instead override it, and uses the manual applications. Instead of using the radar guided weaponery system to kill their from a hundred miles, they chosen the dogfight in a close face-off battle.

    • SarawakTulen

      Ha…ha.. Taik Memut actually cannot even open his notebook. Everything is done by his big busty momma bomoh.

      Maybe Taik Memut even failed in his politics subject. He didn't even know how to answer questions about democracy.

      But …. he likes to read history of Hitler, Stalin and he adores these crazy figures as his guidelines and idolary.

      yes….Taik Memut overides everything manually until Sarawak furnace and boiler explode into thin air…

      • Avenged SevenFold

        You almost hit the Bull to the eye, Bro. You missed out Mao Tze Tung and Karl Marx. In fact Karl Marx philosophy of ''the “elite” to rule over the “dumb masses” that inspired Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.

        Isn't that sounds familiar to us here in Sarawak?

        • http://none Watch Dog

          Avenged SevenFold..Who dares?? He is a law graduate form Australia.

 agriculturist (from NZ)

          Masing..PhD in social issue.

          Manyin..a teacher

          Mawan..a teacher.


          Anybody else who dares?? Only Baru Bian..a law graduate form Australia too..that is why he dares than other dayaks who are his followers or 'foot soldiers'.

          We need change and yes definitely CHANGE…UBAH Lah!!

        • Avenged SevenFold

          Watch Dog, the devil is singing his favourite song '' Devide and Rule'' by Austrian born German legendary dictator and laughing all the way to hell. All the dayaks have to do is rendezvous and united in one political idea. Maybe the battlecry slogan should be ''1DAYAK,1IDEA'' or ''1DAYAK,1PARTY''

          Gawai Festival is coming soon, political conscience urban dayaks should know what they suppose to do…

        • http://none Watch Dog

          Avenged Seven Fold..Maybe that what's we Dayaks ALL need and could be more than that…"1 dayak 1 Power".

          But how many of those who are now TM's followers want to do that??

          Do you think hese people want to jump ship?? To start with and maybe Gawai gift,people like:-

          1. William Mawan

          2. James Masing.

          3. Alfred Jabu.

          4. Peter Nansian.

          5. Dr.Jerip Susil

          6. Dennis Ngau

          7. Liwan Lagang

          8. Snowdon Lawan

          9. John sikie Tayai

          10.Mong Dagang

          11.Malcom Mussen Lamoh

          12.Alexander Vincent

          13.Joseph Mauh

          14.Sylvester entrie

          15.Paulus Palu Gumbang

          16.Wong Judat

          17.Ranum Mina

          18.Francis Harden Hollis

          19.Johnicol Rayong

          20.Dr.Stephen Rundi

          21.Gramong Juna

          22.Martin Ben

          23.Robert Lawson Chuat

          24.Michael Manyin

          25.Wong Soon Koh

          26.Lee Kim Shin

          27.Roland Sagah.

          27 + 12 + 3 = 42 Seats..

          Come home and cross over as you ALL are being used by the Thief Minister to enrich his family,his clan and his race.Please decide and come so that a NEW Government can be formed and we all share what are RIGHTFULLY belong to Sarawak.

          Wake up ALL the 27 of you..if Taib's bomoh stella and Ahmad Su'ut control you..let Jesus Christ remove all the demons,satan,lucifers,evil spirirt and angels come down from Heaven to break all the 4 walls that surrounded you all who live in FEAR of TMM's bomoh. In Jesus name we ask..AMEN.

  • Dyg Rogaya

    Please check the director of lands and surveys as he is also like that!!!

    • Raja Rentap Sarawak

      Semua mereka yang di bawa Thief Minister Tait Mahmud ada lah seperati katak di bawah Tempurung dan seperati Kerabau di terik hidung nya. Ooo!…..Aaaah ! Gayu Guru ! Gari Nyamai….harap semua kitai bahasa orang asal dayak senang ngau lantang alam semua pengawa ya ka datai. Kitai minta Taib Mahmud ngatu pengawa penipu udah tu… ngasuh antu patara nulong lindung, nyaga ngau nyalamat hak asasi tanah adat kitai orang asal dayak Sarawak.

      My message to Taib

      Taib Mahmud, STOP ROBBING our wealth !!! MUST STEP DOWN !!!!!! and our wealth and our NCR-land that was stolen by Taib, Should return back to us the Indigenous people of Sarawak.

      God Bless Sarawak and the Indigenous people of Sarawak.

  • Baramandy

    BN Sarawak is not the government elected by the Sarawakians, BN pirated from them. They are a bunch of no good son of a bitch. I hope they enjoy their wealth in hell.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Baramandy..BN Sarawak is a "MELANAU" government.It starts with:

      1. Governor..he even sweared in The Thief Minister after


      2. Chief Minister..he stayed so long that the Rakyat called him


      3. DUN Speaker…another Melanau.

      4. Control the economy..Plantation land,tantamount to selling


      5.Huge much to mention.

      6.Plenty,plenty, need to list as everyone knows..

      SO BN SARAWK is MELANU ,single race government.We need change

      UBAH LAH orang Dayak dan Cina..C H A N G E.

      Come on MoCS..TMB…August 13th,2011..CHANGE…UBAH

      • Wetsemenet

        Why only pick only Muslim leaders when obviously there are so many other races and creeds who are also in powerful positions in government civil service, judiciary, military, and executive departments. Are these people not of great import? Looks like you have intentions to turn this place into another Rwanda. This is how those things start. Enough with your racism and religious bigotry. I spit on comments like these. Shame on you.

  • aborium

    One reader says we're being 'self-righteous'. That's what we mean-it gets off tangent. We are ordinary citizens never claiming to be self-righteous but bold enough to say that 'enough is enough' – we want a change of leadership! It's not being self-righteous, it's the desire to see a better Sarawak. Now, anything righteous about that?

  • Wetsemenet

    @aborium 5:00pm

    'We are ordinary citizens never claiming to be self-righteous but bold enough to…'

    Err…self-righteous people never do claim that they are. But they are always bold enough to pontificate sounding as if they are running for office themselves.

  • aborium

    Bro, you can program your mind in whatever way you so desire, make claims and counter claims, but you've to ask yourself some tough questions. Can you refute the claims made by SR? Do you want to see a better S'wak?

    If your answer to the first is a 'no' and the second a 'yes', then you're in a bit of a bipolar mind here. We may be presumptuous about your answers, but let's hear the answers from you.

    Leave pontification and self-righteousness for the 'holier than thou'. This isn't a place of worship.

    • Wetsemenet

      I hate repeating myself, so I'll just cut and paste:

      You’re knowledgeable but still naive. Did you know that the agents of the eye operate mainly by inciting unrest in sovereign nations in order to wrest control of their entire system through the use of popular media and local recruitments?

      One question: What website are we in? Have you even once questioned why Clare Brown is suddenly so very passionate to ‘our’ cause? Well, give me your answer in ten years. As of now, I don’t think I can get much wisdom from you.

      Reality check: everybody has faults. Those who preemptively strike on others only show that they themselves have greater things to hide (an agenda maybe?). Please look up Operation Ajax. They may plan something similar in Sarawak. Learn from our history, friend.

      It used to be people thought this website is 100% true. However, it turns out that this site employs the tactic of information embellishment…that's why it's hard to refute because the lies are laced with some truths, but greatly exaggerated to pave way for the CONCLUSION (where they will hit their punchlines and this is where the great lie is revealed – in every article).

      Why do you need me to do the job that you are supposed to do yourself? You claim to be smart enough to process all these information, and they are available out there. Why only one-sided extreme opinions? And why expect to be spoonfed?

      To me that definitely show a bipolar behavior: that you want to be fair, but are biased…and that you want to be fairly informed, but want to be spoonfed. Get real.

      • aborium

        Your answers say it all. Shall we retire to the next room for some light & easy music? Maybe order for laksa and teh peng? And maybe talk of what leaks Wikileaks is going to leak next? Ok man?

        • Wetsemenet

          You have a good spirit. That much I do acknowledge, though we do diverge on certain particular things. Regardless, for peace and understanding…cheers, brother.

  • Wetsemenet


    'Leave pontification and self-righteousness for the ‘holier than thou’. This isn’t a place of worship.'

    Tell that to your friend Watch Dog.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Wetsemenet..The only way to counter Lucifers,satan and cult that the one man uses is to praise our lord who is greater and mightier than his evil spirit,djins ,satan,lucifers and demon.By God's GRACE and the blood of Jesus we will prevail and win over EVIL ones.

      So there is NOTHING wrong. Is there anything wring with you bro?? UNITED we stand to fight this evil corrupted man and CLAN.

      We need CHANGE for the better.

      • Wetsemenet

        Why take such extreme positions? If I disagree with you, does it mean that I am saying NOTHING is wrong? That is only possible if your mind thinks in such a black and white manner where the only other position to take is to say that EVERYTHING is wrong. No wonder lah even when you have longkang rosak also want to ask for 'Ubah' in the ruling party. If like that, you'll always be running around at the behest of one group or another. Come on lah. Not everyone is perfect. Try to work with what you have. Otherwise you'll literally be selling out to one unscrupulous party after another instead of improving on the current developments, of which there are plenty. Get with it.

  • Anak Sarawak

    Dear All,

    beware of that Doctor acting like chinese which he's not. he's just one of the paid BN's doggy. he's not a doctor either.. he can't write something meaningful neither the truth… in other word.. just a stupid paid doggy..

    • aborium

      Anak Sarawak you've a gift of 'sensing' people. If you hone this gift, it can take you as far as you want it to go.

      • Wetsemenet

        More like a gift at jumping to conclusions. That is also a 'skill'…

  • Neutral

    Watch Dog,

    Don't bark at the wrong tree. You can never pull it to the ground. Never ever make Melanau race an issue. Blame only the old man and his anguk ministers. Blame your dayak leaders who lick the old man balls for continuous swimming alongside him as cleaning fish- ngenyadi ke makai sepul air mulut Taib.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Neutral.There is NOTHING wrong. It is a known FACT that Sarawak

      is being controlled by MELANAU..I have been saying it

      over and over again.

      By saying so,It might OPEN other dayaks eyes. What you said that dayaks are licking his your's NOT me.

      Why bro? Why? Isn't our governor is a melanau,CM a Melanau,director of Forest a melanau,Speaker of DUN,a Melanau.

      Wake up dayaks..Neutral is saying you all lick someone's BOLLOCKS… I didn't say it..probably a Melanau also .

      • Guvnor

        Sorry for good melanaus like you Neutral. I agree with WatchDog. I don't mean to be racist, but as 1 old Malay proverb says ''SETITIK NILA, ROSAK SUSU SEBELANGA'' For the melanau case, it's not just 1 titik nila. As for the dayaks bn men and their blind supporters, you have the right to say anything about them.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          Guvnor…Thank you and at least I have a brother who agrees

          with me. I have NOTHING against the GOOD Melanau but

          the BAD Melanau are just too much..way too

          much..unbelieveable but TRUE.

          There is NO hidden fact here.. I am talking REAL truth,not only the Dayaks but the Malays also DID NOT realise this. I am sure there are QUALIFIED Malays as well as the Dayaks but NOT given chance. But at least there are MORE Malays in state civil service especially in SEDC,DBKU just to mention this two though there are many more depts and agencies where you can count dayaks with your fingers only.

      • Neutral

        Watch Dog,

        What about if you or your relatives happened to marry Melanau, you still blame the race? Bear in mind that not all Melanau live above poverty line. Some of them still live in the hut made of nipah leaves even not fit for animals. And yet they still vote for Taib, why…kena pukau bomoh Taib ke?

        • aborium


          Actually both of you have valid points. One is saying things in a matter-of-fact way – 'as is where is basis' (literal meaning) and the other takes on its denotative meaning, taking it beyond its literal meaning into the realm of 'interpretative meaning' the reason behind his quick defense of his race. Who wouldn't?

          Resolution? Shake hands after each has clarified their intended meaning and let's go for a drink!

        • aborium

          Errata: Denotative should read Connotative

        • http://none Watch Dog

          Neutrall.YES.I have three Melanau in our family but they are

          ashamed to be one when seeing what the TOP corrupted

          Melanau are doing to Sarawak.I,too almost get hold of

          one but…something is NOT right.

          To aborium..I have NO problem at all.The fact that I pointed out is to wake the DAYAKS from deep slumber.

          We need to change for the better as Sarawak belongs to us all so let us SHARE all the wealth that GOD has given Sarawak. The facts that one man,one family and one crony and one race greedily hold on to power to 'THUMB" down others from sharing make me boil.

          Change we need,UBAH LAH..while we wait for AUGUST 13Th..for MoCS..

          Shake hand and problem Brother I bear NO grudge at all as we are taught even to love your enemies..So long then..tata ..I love everybody ..TAIB..LET US SHARE the cakes.

        • Wetsemenet

          Is this the only place in the whole world with poverty? Have you noticed how arrogant you city folks sound like by simply accusing hard working farmers and hunter-gatherers of being poor and somehow unhappy and angry. Well, as a culture, they have been living in 'poverty' for thousands of years. And if poverty eradication is the solution, why do we still have affluent people still unhappy with the system? Well, at least those 'poor' people are not plugged into the even more corrupt monetary system we are so eagerly wanting to consign them to. They'll probably end up selling their lands for cheap anyway to pay that out. That's reality. Furthermore, there would be the top-down approach which would count for nothing if the bottom-top response is not taken up. And there are plenty of that all around. Are we to 'force' people to work harder because they have not been 'uplifted'? Who are you to judge them?

          Most of the opportunity costs involved with developing them have been to enrich people living in the urban areas besides feeding the politians and government servants.

          And speaking of corruption, until each and everyone can make a stand in our own lives regarding corruption (such as bribing cops, government servants, meter maids, etc.), don't hope for many things to change. All political parties have corruption. Even the ones in Western countries you guys so love to emulate completely.

          If you want to change things, start from yourselves. Otherwise there's no point.

  • Titan Sarawak

    Wetsemene, Doctor No…..

    Proof to me that Taib is not corrupted! Can you list all those claims in this site that are false?

    • Wetsemenet

      Again, someone asking to be spoonfed. I shall not because you intention is not right. If it was, you would not be asking me this question. You have a long way to go.

      • Titan Sarawak

        The one who is spoon-fed just can't defend his master's misdeed!

        • Wetsemenet

          So immature.

  • Man man

    Everyone has their says, and to sum it up, by and large is about the abuse by our elected state government for their own interests at the expanse of all anak sarawak. Then, if we don't like the way it is now we should change our voting tendency without being influence by monetary greed if offer, you can accept and don't vote them: it is not a crime and if you do accept and vote for them then it is a crime.Thereby indirectly getting rid of the corrupt officers of YBs. Remember, action speaks louder than word.

  • Kobelco

    Sarawak Forestry giving a lying information about our forest to people of Sarawak.This because all run by "CROOK" in it!

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Kobelco…YES ,run and controlled by MELANAU group..It is a

      FACT…no denial..about that.

      Yes,we want ALL of us Sarawakians to share what GOD has given us as we are blessed but the CROOKED ones/race refused to share

      but wanting for themselves.




      But up to now our Dayaks leaders and Malays leaders STILL DO NOT realise what is happening and going on.Are his two BOMOH too powerful for the Malays and Dayaks leaders? Maybe BUT not for me. I am AWAKE..where are his BOMOH…bring them here!!!!

      We need to change and Chamge we MUST..UBAH LAH..CUKUP lah di cekik TM dan Keluarga nya.

      Wait for MoCS and AUGUST 13TH….

      • Kobelco

        GO FOR IT!

  • idaho

    sedih juga tengok kita sesama orang Sarawak berbalah…satu kata bangsa apa yang tak bagus…rasuah tidak mengira kaum or bangsa…hanya orang yang tamak…masa ini kita tengok melanau…mana tahu lepas ini pula bangsa lain…yang paling penting bagi kita orang Sarawak…ialah bersatu…ubah untuk yang terbaik…bagi kita yang berpengetahuan, masa inilah yang terbaik kita menerangkan kepada warga yang lebih tua terutamanya yang tinggal di pendalaman bahawa kita di bawah kerajaan yang penuh dengan rasuah…keluarga saya sendiri terdiri dari Iban, Bidayuh, Lun Bawang, Cina, Melayu, Melanau dan Kenyah…So jika kita sayangkan Sarawak…bersatulah…wish that Sarawak is Merdeka…Independence!!!

    • rotten_balance


      Perkauman di malaysia atau di sarawak memang tidak boleh di nafikan CUMA ianya belum sampai ke tahap yang serius sangat. Perkauman bermula apabila sikap kronisma bertumbuh di dalam otak ahli-ahli politik dan diikuti oleh ketua-ketua jabatan. Lihat sahaja contoh di bawah ini, bangsa apa yang dominan:

      DOE Sarawak – bangsa apa?

      NREB Sarawak – bangsa apa?

      SFD Sarawak – bangsa apa?

      DID Sarawak – bangsa apa?

      Jabatan ketua menteri – bangsa apa?

      DoA Sarawak – bangsa apa?

      Kalau lihat kontek Malaysia, contoh paling jelas ialah universiti.

      PTA – bangsa apa?

      PTS – bangsa apa?

      Perlukah kita rakyat biasa ini bergaduh kerana isu ini sedangkan isu ini adalah ASET PENTING bagi ahli-ahli politik atau ketua-ketua jabatan ini untuk mendapatkan kuasa, wang dan nama? Alangkah bodohnya rakyat kalau masih berfikiran sempit.

      Pilihan Raya Yang Akan datang, pilih lah wakil yang jujur, adil dan tidak tamak walau sekalipun bukan bangsa sendiri.

      Sarawak akan maju dan aman damai HANYA JIKA KRONISMA, RACIST & CORRUPTION DI HAPUSKAN. Caranya kita jatuhkan ahli politik yang sifatnya begitu dan juga ketua-ketua jabatan yang serupa kepalanya. KEDUA-DUA AHLI POLITIK DAN KETUA JABATAN DI MALAYSIA SANGAT BERKAIT RAPAT. MEREKA INI SANGGUP MENGGADAI KEAMANAN DUNIA HANYA KERANA WANG DAN KUASA.

  • aborium

    I wish "Selamat Hari Gawai"2011 to all Sarawakians, no matter what religion, race, creed, tribe you belong to, to let it be a day of worship, joy and celebration, mend fences, meet relatives and friends. Share politics in a 'light-hearted way' (but still you can bring out the hardest meaning), maybe throw in a few stories and jokes along the way.

    Remember : Gawai spirit before politics! Then you're a cool dude.

  • aborium

    I've been grappling with this CHANGE idea. It means different things to different people, but often unnoticeable is whether you've changed at a personal level. Meaning to say, change has got to come within us first before we say we want change.

    But change for what? for whom? where? when? how and why? These are the basic questions which we as citizens have the right to expect answers from our YBs and MPs.

    Change is inevitable, but the question is how do we handle it?

  • SarawakTulen

    We all understand the frustation if something is not right happening in our political system. It's just that it happens to be one race almost 95% controlling the government.

    Actually this is a norm in many countries.

    But the big problem is when one particular race is in power for too long, it might affect the other race in power distribution. Not only in political aspects, but also in education system.

    That's why, more than 300,000 Malaysians have migrated overseas because of the imbalance current political system, workforce system. Not surprise to see Malaysians as executives in Silicon Valley, as managers in New York City (remember, 100,000 Malaysians in New York city alone) and Singapore also benefitted from our brain drain system.

    Sarawakians….also migrated to outside Sarawak because of economic uncertainty. Some working in West Malaysia while others in Singapore and even working offshore in Middle East and Europe with European companies. Ini kira brain drain juga.

    That's on one side of the matter. Dengan brain drain inilah, menyebabkan Malaysia di perintah oleh penyamun-penyamun gila kuasa.

    The real problem is the politicians themselves. As I have said, they don't really care even with their own race. Because of : corruption, bribery, projek keluarga sendiri ….. they like to fool their own race so as to prolong their family power forever.

    Yang penyakitnya : ialah wujudnya penyokong tegar BN yang masih tidak serik-serik sokong Taik Memut dan kuncu-kuncunya, walaupun pemimpin BN in kepala tanduk semuanya, walhal penyokong BN sendiri di kampung agak serba kekurangan. (geleng kepala : susah nak cakap)

    Regarding overseas scholarship, until now there are many complains regarding the equality of the scholarship awarded. Not surprise, anak menteri, anak datuk-datuk ada yang senang-senang di tawar biasiswa belajar di luar-negeri walaupun SPM setengah nyawa ikan. Kesian anak-anak kampung, di ulu ada yang 10A, terpaksa berebut-rebut university tempatan, gara-gara biasiswa yang sepatut mereka dapat di cantas oleh anak-anak datuk-datuk menteri dan kuncu-kuncu yang hidup kaya-raya. The point is belajar dalam negeri juga bagus, tapi daripada dapat 10A setengah mati belajar sik juak dapat oversea scholarship, bagus dapat SPM lulus 3, 4 kreditpun udah dapat masuk kolej tempatan. Habis cerita.

    Kalau kita rakyat biasa, bukan main Cuti-cuti Malaysia, citrawarna Malaysia,,,,kalau pak menteri-menteri …cutinya kemana pak, kalau tidak ke luar negeri. Kalau Taik Memut and Najib Ajak nak cuti-cuti Malaysia, taik palat!! Pemimpin Barisan Nasional adalah pemimimpin dalam dunia yang paling banyak ke luar negeri. Najib Ajak alone sudah berapa kali dalam setahun. Macam sik ada menteri berkaitan urus kerja. Dia sendiri angkut semua. Apa lagik bininya…puiii!!!! Habis duit rakyat!!

    Satu lagi, kalau cerita pasal pemodenan sistem pengangkutan jalanraya, asyik-asyik di lembah Kelang, asyik-asyik di KL, asyik lebuh-raya utara selatan. Just as if, people in those areas deserve to have the most modern system. Lihatlah sistem pengangkutan di Sarawak….mana highway canggih dari utara Sarawak sehingga ke Kuching dan ke pedalaman?*&%#puiii Taik Memut!!!puiii politik pembangunan!! penipu!!

    So….the anger and frustration of the RAKYAT is on and on..until all these BN bullshit (taik idung masin, ketiak bau busuk, pengampu-penjilat) kick out of the political system.

    • Wetsemenet

      Too bad the 'brain drain' left us with narrow-minded people like you. You forget to mention global external factors affecting the situation. If I didn't analyze your statement properly, seems like all these locals working overseas are pushed to go by imperfect conditions here and are working lousier jobs with lousier pay. You forget that the very lucrative offers made by global multinationals (which, incidentally are the preferred choice for Sarawak youths in a recent survey) are also a testament of the skills our local boys and girls possess. Where do you think, did they garner these basic skills in the first place that earned them a placing in those corporations? Most likely our 'lousy' local education system. I doubt that these multinationals hire our people just to spite us. There must have been skills involved.

      As a developing country/state, isn't it better for our locals to garner their professional skills in the dog-eat dog world out there with the hope that they would come back ever the more valuable a human asset? You expect the government to stop them from going just to impress people like you? 

      So, you complain when people don't get to attend 'superior' universities internationally on scholarships which cost taxpayer money – the use of which remains a convenient sticking point for your type – but when individuals go away for valuable experience at zero cost to taxpayers, you complain so loudly. Plus, when universities are built locally with scholarships offered (this method saves A LOT of taxpayer money, which should make you happy), you disparage it somehow…maybe not ivy league enough for you. Sure, there are many scholarships hijacked by those who don't deserve it. But guess what? Just because you are a poor student, you would still need to be a smart poor student to get an offer. Unlike what you are trying to imply, being poor alone won't qualify you for a university placement, much less a scholarship to international iniversities. And yes there are cases where smart poor students don't get offers due to political patronage and discrimination. But MOST of students who go on scholarships are poor students who made it. The cases are too numerous to mention. Here's a site that may help you out:&nbsp ;

      On that note, please don't mix in cases where dumb rich kids study abroad regardless of scholarships just because their parents can afford to send them anyway. You may despise them, but hey at least they didn't take it away from the less deserving.

      What do you propose local companies do to compete against the might of salary incentives offered by multinationals (in business, it's called poaching)? Use taxpayer money to pad their salaries? Let's say you have your way…after the country goes bankrupt maybe you can answer why the brain drain would still occur even after managing to keep everyone working locally. Why? Because of insularity which you probably don't see as a problem. 

      Isn't the whole point of working abroad to gain outside experience and wealth in order better to compete upon return and fortify one's qualifications (the ancient custom of bejalai sounds familiar to you, I hope)? You look at the situation in an entirely depressing light. I pity you. 

      To seal the coffin, when these people who work abroad actually return with their experiences and savings, you'll probably be the first one to cry foul because you're going to end up competing directly with them one way or another and most likely lose. And yes in that case you may end up cleaning their toilets. But you won't take it because you'd rather work in a multinational or not work at all (balik kampung, tulis blog). Then you can expect a flood of foreign unskilled workers and bunch of jobless angry locals in our hands. It's easy for you…all you have to do is be angry. 

      Question is, when will you be happy? This 'brain drain' issue, no political party can satisfactorily resolve alone, but probably that's why it's a favorite bone of contention: just so we can make issue.

      Stick to the 'corruption' line of argument. Sounds more appealing and straightforward for your likes. And the best thing is, no matter how outlandish the story…no, the more outlandish the story, the more it sells. So the moral of the story is, don't stop writing blogs! 😀

      • SarawakTulen

        Thanks bro. We keep on writing. You have many good points.

        Just to clarify a little bit :

        You said " On that note, please don’t mix in cases where dumb rich kids study abroad regardless of scholarships just because their parents can afford to send them anyway. You may despise them, but hey at least they didn’t take it away from the less deserving. "

        Actually I don't mean the rich people who can afford overseas education. That's their right and their own hard earned money. We respect and honour their capability.

        But what I mean is biasiswa kerajaan itself is "duit rakyat" and only for various merit based. Yes, there are many who deserved and get scholarships. The problem that ….the virus still exist is when the selection process is "corrupted" by the irresponsible selection comittee that easily award it to those (their cronies) who are not suppose to get it and their SPM results are not as per criteria. This phenomena is going on for years behind the door. Everybody knew it. This scholarship per person is more than hundred thousands ringgit for the entire duration of study. If 5 person who don't fit the criteria still get awarded then how much it cost? So when it is awarded to those not as per criteria, then …. (ini duit rakyat)

        We need clean and transparency system, else long term this is not good for our country. When corruption happens, not only in edcuation. but also in other businesses and projects tender. That is what is happening these days in Malaysia. These always happens when there are many frustrated political BN, floor level e.g Umno members who…. claim got nothing from their kerja parti. Why, because their mindset is very rasuah-based…ketua parti pun rasuah..apalagi anak-anak di bawah.. all this are virus..

        Regarding brain drain :

        We have rights to choose our career either locally or globally. When offer is much much better in other countries, might as well we go for it as it is for our own future and the betterment for our family.

        The problem with brain drain for a government is they never came back home. So this will affect the nation-building towards the future. Who is to be blame? We don't blame the rakyat or those who migrate permanently. The government policy should be checked and balance. What is the loophole? Recently the government is trying desparately to attract Malaysians overseas to return home. I don't think they want to return back, not because they don't love Malaysia, but they already settled happily there, and the offer made by our government is not something looks handsomely offered. This are all economic migration. Well it happens also in Singapore, where they complain of expatriate who get higher paid then the local Singaporeans. So most Singaporeans migrate to Canada and Hong Kong.

        The problem with foreign workers is not to be blame also on locals. The foreign workers.. yes, they come here by hook or by crook just to survive even with few hundred ringgits, because their country of origin just cannot allocate anything for them.

        Yes, Malaysia looks like a gold rush for foreigners. But, is the Government just sit quitely and do nothing good enough for the wages for their own rakyat? We are afraid that the agenda Kad Pengenalan project will be a win-win situation for BN and the foreigners. See…. in Sabah…

        So it's time for ubah. I don't think Transformasi is really what BN means for rakyat. It's just transformasi dari kaya kepada semakin kaya for those yang berkepentingan. See.. the indexs of high cost of living is getting higher and higher since early 80s.

        We don't want BN do something fishy that led to rakyat hidup susah plus high cost of living. Rakyat can sense and can be very suspicous of what the Government is doing …

        Well….my pen…oopss my digital pen want to write for more…stop. Wake up…frsh our mind and see the beauty of Sarawak.

        • Wetsemenet

          This is starting to feel like a conversation that Laozi would have had with Confucius. In the quest for greater social justice and meaningful change, one argues for radical change, and the other argues for gradual change like rocks gorged by water. Obviously, I am more of a fan for the latter although much respect and reverence for the former. My reasoning is quite simple. With the former, it feels like creating a Mona Lisa using a paint roller. Results vary greatly, and sooner or later, finer brush strokes need to be applied still. In respect to the latter's philosophy, great and monumental changes can and do take place right before our very eyes without us even noticing them. I do believe that with exactly the developments in education and professional arenas, these changes do take place.

          Having said that, I have to disagree with you where you said, 'We don’t blame the rakyat or those who migrate permanently.' for me, as in any relationship is a two-way street. Granted that to change a government's stance on certain issues and its administrative style holistically from within requires exactly that: it must be done from within. Expatriate Malaysians must come back and reside here and participate in the many government branches and bodies in order to exact these changes. This is still a fact even if the ruling party changes. Won't you agree? Or would you rather more non-supportive stance as present in the future government because 'you trust them better than the present one'. My point is, why wait until the government changes hands in order to exact those changes that can be done as we speak? Everyone, come back and change the government from within, in a holistic manner. Instead of demanding that these allegedly corrupt officials and private individuals to toe one line or the other, why not make yourselves available so that when changes actually do take place, you'll at least still be around to have some input into the process.

          This is why I disagree with your statement: 'So it’s time for ubah. I don’t think Transformasi is really what BN means for rakyat. It’s just transformasi dari kaya kepada semakin kaya for those yang berkepentingan.'

          As an ordinary rakyat, perhaps a little better off than average I have certain expectations for the country's direction as well as you. I get angry when the government doesn't listen and I get frustrated when I have to put up with a lot of bs. However, I also understand that in order to get a mighty giant to attenuate itself to your wishes and aspirations, you first must utilize the proper channels. That is fact.

          It used to be that 'proper channel' meant knowing so-and-so's so-and-so, but of late, I was very heartened to note that for the first time ever, it's coming ever closer to a general referendum on the Rakyat's expectations for the country. I was still cynical of the government's intentions when I attended one of the NKRA events held around the country. I was still cynical when I put in writing my thoughts and feelings and suggestions that I had at the top of my head at that moment.

          Now, I'm not sure if the government is actually listening to me and others with similar expectations, or if what I suggested were already in the pipelines by the time I put in my two sen. Regardless, I was genuinely elated to learn that many millions of Ringgit were later allocated to enable a number of my suggestions. Naturally, I am happy that this is actually going somewhere. Note that I do not have commercial involvements in these areas. I am also aware that with the implementation of these public utility projects and the disbursement of these monies shall be diverted to the usual contenders representing the interests of the few. As a rakyat, as long as I get my working public utilities I can be proud of and that the taxpayers are not billed overly much for it, who gets rich is even less of a concern.* Now, I know that in Sarawak the highways are dismal compared to the ones in the Peninsula and that much of the money for resources come from us. But hey, it is our nation's capital city and it is our job as Sarawakians to hold up out heads proudly every time we are in the capital and say, 'We built this city.' Let's rejoice on that. Hopefully, we will earn the respect we deserve. If not, well at least we respect ourselves. We also notice that critical elements are already in place there. Expect it to begin spilling over to our side in the very near future. The pace of improvements may come so dramatically that it shall begin to worry us. But this is exactly what we are demanding today. Are we prepared to live with that?

          *seriously speaking, the cycle of the elite vs. the masses will always continue to spiral. This is further exacerbated by the fact that inflation shall never go the other direction and will always gradually increase for as long as money produced out of thin air continue to be circulated. You want to ubah? Let's opt for a completely non-monetary system, but rather an organized computer-assisted precisely convertible barter system. Only when that happens (with proper checks and balances, of course) can we see a world where real worth is revealed. But are we willing to? At the end of the day when all the coins are tossed, it is only ourselves to blame.

      • Wetsemenet

        @everyone: Selamat Hari Gawai.

  • SarawakTulen

    I wish "Selamat Hari Gawai" to all Sarawakians. Be happy and wish prosperous for all. Drive slowly back home.

    Well : UBAH!

    Ubah dari BN kepada Kerajaan Rakyat.

    (Let BN cuti-cuti semester di rumah. Kalau lama-lama dalam kolej kerajaan, asyik fail in every exam)

    Now it;s time for Kerajaan Rakyat to takeover.

  • Blunt Speaker

    Reasons for brain drain are :

    1. Pay wise, which is comparatively much higher at other more developed countries than locally.

    2. More benefits and incentives to receive on top of better salaries.

    3. Working environment more conducive.

    4. Employer/employee working relationship good and cordial provided performance up to par.

    5. Meritocracy and no favoritism is practiced by those countries whereby locally, only a certain race given preferential.

    6. Citizenship or PR status will be considered and easy to apply for the qualified and well deservings.

    7. Finally happy, when one is happy working abroad, they will not think of coming back.

    All these infos are derived from those who are working abroad or overseas.

    • aborium

      Bro, your list touches on a human issue, namely 'happy workers' and 'happy working environment'. When you see the deplorable shanty worker settlements at construction sites, kept away from public view, hear horror stories of abuses and ill-treatment, see raids by government agencies on TV, you're immediately struck with this question:

      How far should we as a human go to treat another human in the name of Capitalism?

  • Blunt Speaker

    Bro Aborium, those people whom I refer to are those white collared professionals, high skilled, brilliant individuals and decision makers. They are the real brains every nation would yearn for. Take United States for example, most of the great scientists, planners, financiers, businessmen or great brains are Jews who migrated or fled during the diaspora, 1st and 2nd world war. To name a few; Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Wright brothers, Henry Kissinger, Bush family, Rockefeller, George Soros, Paul Newman, Steven Spielberg and many others. Even Einstein of Germany was a Jew whose parents didn't manage to escape the racist Nazi under madman Hitler. Onassis, the shipping billionaire tycoon is also a Jew. So, if Malaysia discriminate against such as these, it will be a loss to Malaysia, just like Israel and racist Germany. The ones who will gain are those liberal countries like US and Singapore because these people are the money spinners. Mostly, they contribute greatly to the economy and wellbeing of the nation. And in view of their capabilities and potentials, smart countries will welcome such individuals and even endorse them as their own. I know many friends and relatives who are intellectuals or graduates working in other countries like UK, US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE, MIDDLEEAST, and of course Singapore and Brunei, etc. Some have even become their nationals.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Blunt Speaker..these pea brain moron do NOT think like

      that..they FAILED to understand what is "BRAIN

      DRAIN"..All they care is their own pocket and FAT bank


      Need I repeat…Sarawak alone is ruled by one man,one family and one RACE. We have to change the people's mind set. Our Chinese friends have already change but we DAYAKS are slow to change.

      UBAH lah and change we need for the better.WE must get rid of this evil man who rules us under his thumb and Dayak YBs..ALL bow their heads low to the ground to him.

      Come MoCS…and August 13th…and we shall see..TMG project must go on…



  • Ayam pasuk

    Forget Len Salleh for a few days!

    Have a great Gawai!

    Selamat Gawai, Gaya Guru Gerai Nyamai !

    And to the Sarawak Report Bunch ! Selamat Gawai!

  • Letay salaeh

    In the first MOU between Long Terawan and Pusaka KTS way back in 2009 Pusaka KTS promise to give jobs to the people of Long Terawan but suddenly they broke their promise in the latest supplementary MOU with the people of Long Terawan. Actually they planned this matter in the first place because with this enticement the people will agree with the proposal and they were right in their judgement. They promised to give as gift to the people of Long Terawan 200 hectares of planted oil palm trees but later they told the people that they cannot plant oil palm on the said land as their licence is only planting trees. All along they know they cannot plant oil palm on the said land but that is the strategy to win the voice of the people of Long Terawan. This is what Pusaka KTS doing to the people of Long Terawan. Daylight cheating naive but innocent people but in cohort with the leaders in the kampong.

  • Wang Aloi

    I have heard that Batu Belah, Long Panai and Long Ekang longhouses are also having the same promlems over their NCL/NCR land with the PKTS company too. About two weeks ago the company gave the three longhouses Ketua Kaum (Longhouse Chief),Long Terawan and Long Panai RM 500,000. out of the actual payment of 2 million each, and Batu Belah RM 125,000. out of RM 1 million. But the majority of Lg. Panai is seeking legal action as they do not want to sell their ancestors land to the company.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Wang Aloi…Hearing is NO good. You must go to the ground and

      find out for FIRST hand knowledge so that you can say

      a QUALIFIED statement.

      You cannot base your statement on "HERESAY" only. There must be proof in order to defend yourself.

      Please DON'T say just for the sake of saying..get the proof yourself and not just follow blindly what others say.Good luck.


    kabutttttttttt you allllllllllllllll….kabuttttttttttttt…no offense.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      DOCTOR NO..Do you mean yourself..kabutttttt you alllllll…..

      kabuttttttttt…no offense.

      Please got for medical check up then at 7th mile Hospital.You only have to oat RM1 for the card.

      Come AUGUST 13TH…Taib Must Go..TMG project by MoCS…we are waiting for the good news

  • Watch Dog

    apu nyakk!!!!!!

  • http://GovernmentcourtingDayak'svotes!!! al

    Three Dayaks receive ‘Tan Sri’ titles from King

    Posted on June 5, 2011, Sunday

    KUCHING: Three Dayak personalities – two of whom are state ministers and presidents of BN component parties – were among 37 recipients of the Panglima Setia Mahkota award which carries the title ‘Tan Sri’ during the King’s birthday in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

    TITLE FROM THE KING: The King conferring the Panglima Setia Mahkota award on Mawan and Masing (right).

    The two are presidents of the Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties namely Dato Sri Dr James Masing of the Dayak-dominant Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and Dato Sri William Mawan Ikom of the multi-racial Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP).

    Another notable personality from Sarawak who received the title is former politician Datuk Amar Leonard Linggi Jugah.

    Linggi, former Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) secretary-general now runs the cultural and education-linked Tun Jugah Foundation. They received the award from Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin.

    When contacted yesterday, Pakan assemblyman Mawan said he viewed the award as an indication to work harder.

    “While it (award) may be an appreciation of what we (Dayak leaders) have done to unite our people for peace and stability, it is also an indicator of a mission and assignment for us to work harder to further consolidate our people in order to gain greater peace and prosperity,” Mawan said.

    “We should not be selfcentred. There is more to be done, especially when we have to consolidate the Dayaks in particular,” he stressed.

    Masing: “We have every reason to feel appreciated for the level of peace we have contributed to the community. We have a mission and let us work harder to consolidate.”

    He also took time to thank those who SMSed congratulatory messages to him yesterday.

    He was thankful to the state and federal leaders, especially Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, for the recommendation but most importantly, it indicated that the top leaders recognised Dayak contribution to political stability.

    He congratulated other Dayak leaders who received ‘Datukship’ from the King, namely state BN and PBB secretary-general Dr Stephen Rundi Utom and PRS vice-president John Sikie Tayai.

    SPDP was formed in 2002 following a leadership tussle in Sarawak National Party (SNAP) that resulted in SNAP becoming an opposition party.

    Baleh assemblyman Masing said he thanked the Dayak community for giving him and Mawan their support, which enabled them to receive their titles.

    “Two Iban leaders are honoured by the federal leaders today. Of the 37 Tan Sri recipients, only William and I are politicians,” he pointed out.

    PRS was formed in 2004 following the de-registration of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) with Masing as PRSí first president.

    Masing is Land Development Minister while Mawan, Social Development and Urbanisation Minister.

  • Blunt Speaker

    Titles are not important, what you can do or contribute is what counts. What have they done for the Dayaks to receive the titles? Some people received or even bought titles to gain recognition or privileges like preferential treatment and kangtow aka goodies or handouts. Some people, for their genuine contribution and sacrifice. The latter deserve being awarded titles. As for these cronies and yesmen, who cheated and swindled the people for their personal gain or enrichment, whatever title will have no significance.

    • Wetsemenet

      'What have they done for the Dayaks to receive the titles?'

      How much did you have to drink for Gawai? If you informed yourselves properly, these people did and are doing more than you ever would. Loser…

      • Blunt Speaker

        Of course you don't know what I've done for the Dayaks! Do I have to advertise or proclaim to the world about my good deeds? They are but filthy rags that these people boast about. Definitely, these so called leaders didn't do much for their people, except craze for power and enriching themselves. See how impoverished those rural people are, that rm50 is like a fortune to them, and land-grab issues are completely resolved by opposition lawyers. Did those BN politicians fought for their peoples NCR land in court? Come on wetseemet, so obvious and clear, you can't see?

        • Wetsemenet

          Were you the one who came up with the first comprehensive Iban language dictionary in the world?

        • Wetsemenet

          'Of course you don’t know what I’ve done for the Dayaks! Do I have to advertise or proclaim to the world about my good deeds?'

          Clearly, you feel that you deserve the title above others. How rich of you. Until then, this is the position you'll take. Sad that there are plenty others like you here.

  • lake mabuk

    Orang yang suka pembohong memang sudah jadi kebiasaan manusia,tetapi jangan hingga pembohong sampai merugikan diri sendiri,sebab setiap orang boleh menilai apa yang isu sebenar yang di lontarkan dalam web ini.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    MACC Datuk Seri Abu Kassim says still probing Taib.

    Wow that is good news but hope that in then end MACC will not say " NO EVIDENCE".

    Hopefully Taib will be charges for ABUSE OF POWER, TAX EVASION AND MONEY LAUNDERING.

  • Blunt Speaker

    Let's wait and see cos it's still too early to conclude whether MACC is serious or just mere SANDIWARA.

  • barcodecode

    Same goes to the chinese, tho communist no more exist, BUT communism still tars thier mindset. The biggest "penyagak" being the Chinese whom migrated a fold the population in 80's. Amazingly, hundred thousands of communist surrendered the rusty weapons during insurgencies. ANd now the chinese outnumbered the Ibans, and more Mainland Chinese flocked to Sibu and get their MyKad for free. Dont talked about corruption being the BIGGEST threat, for me "the chinese agendas are the most dangerous threat than corruption". Wakeup dear all Natives of Sarawak, never team up with DAP SUPP or any Chinese parties, they will 'yamsing' seeing the bumis sscratchiing each other!

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      barcodecode…YES you are RIGHT bro.They pay RM10K for their MY


      I am equally surprised too to learn that they have outnumbered the Ibans.They should be monitored. Now there are more Chinese illegals in's true..just like the filipinos in Sabah..

      That is why we are very concerned that TM sold the dayaks souls to them..NCR land.That is what we are fighting for.We should develop the land together, your money,my land.

      Now my ,money and my dayaks don't have land..where is the proof while I have???


  • Babeh Botak

    MACC is just a piece of shit. These shit-brained (otak babi) people ore paid by shit- brained government' They are puppets. If possible, WIKILEAK T M and MACC. Hopefully RPK can help. God (ALLAH) will always support the righteouas

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Babeh Botak..As long as BN is in power,Taib's will NEVER be

      persecuted for corruption as Sarawak is UMNO,s FD.

      These people will never reveal the truth on each other's wrong doing unlike in the Western World or developed eastern world like China,South Korea and Japan to name a few.

      MACC just investigates for the sake of investigating and they should ask LHDN and BNM for help.

      Three main areas: 1.Abuse of power

      2.Tax evasion.

      3.Money Laundering

      Come on MACC,we do NOT need one man,one family,one crony and most of all ONE RACE to ridicule SARAWAK PEOPLE.We must get rid of this one race and share power.

  • Titan Sarawak

    This is obviously the biggest corruption in Malaysia and ASIA!

    However, I believe the MACC investigation on Taib is just a window dressing matter if Taib would step down voluntarily.

    Once Taib is gone, provided he is not in prison he would still be the Godfather of PBB favoring another old man Adenan as his successor.

    But bare in mind that there will be a power struggle then between Abg Johari, Adenan Satem and possibly Awang Tengah. The decider will be Afraid Jabu who hold the ACE card. The loser may split the party and then UMNO will come to Sarawak which TAIB has stopped them for 30 years!



      • Blunt Speaker

        Hey imam bukit sari, sabar lah, sekarang bukti sudah banyak, dia orang sibuk lah di luar negara untuk freeze assets di negara negara lain seperti Switzerland. Nanti ada kemuajuan, baru sambung cerita, tunggulah dulu, sabar…….

  • bdayeh

    so make it simple with all this points. we need a better people in the government. how do we do this? pls elect wisely..don hate the kampong people as they do not have the education that u guys have in the cities. so we here talking and typing.. what do we contribute to do to awaken the people of sarawak and to bring change we really want. i am like all of u who wish the dayaks not being marginalised by others. dayaks are left behind in many areas in economy politics im wondering what else we can do to improve this..and please when i ask, don use racism or religion to put your point out. i think we all here all educated people and can think rationally..and honestly all of you have good points..we can change this, we can change sarawak all is not lost yet

    peace b with u all..

  • http://n/a Watch Dog





  • pen4

    Len Salleh will be next CM? Habis lah Sarawak dengan orang-orangnya.

  • http://n/a Watch Dog








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  • Alan Newman, NZ

    Len Talip Salleh! Don't ever dream of becoming Chief Minister, or another Taib Mahmud. The world will ensure you get nowhere near it.

    The world has enough of him and you & other cronies. All lying, cheating & robbing the people's wealth. Don't you know karma & retribution? What you do will come back. Don't stretch your luck too far, you'll end up in humiliation, disgrace, and better, in a jail term.

  • babeh_kuran_nephew

    To all Dayak@Bidayuh. Taib Mahmud now are in deep trouble. Almost every country where Taib keep his money now are doing their investigation on money laundering. All his children Jamilah Hamidah Taib, Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib, Hanifah Hajar Taib are under investigation too. Many company and other company all over the world start to stop doing business with company associate with Taib’s family and cronies. Most of this company do not want to be investigate by foreign country. All Taib’s cronies are still working have been bribe. Hundred’s of transaction of money worth million’s ringgit have been done in foreign bank. Total amount of transaction near billions of ringgit.

    Note for Taib:-

    “If you can easily bribe anyone, or any cronies. Someone else will easily bribe them. Your money will never enough for them. Do you have enough money to bribe back all your cronies and business involvement when someone willing to pay higher price for it? This bribe worth 10 times of your business value. It start circulating from a business value RM1mill until hundred’s of million.”

    Please take note this.