Suspicious scenes!

Suspicious scenes!

5 May 2011

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Sarawak Report has obtained photographs of the tampered ballot boxes at the centre of the election controversy in Senadin.  During an election which was swamped with tales of bribery and vote-rigging, the shenanigans surrounding this seat in the Miri region nevertheless stood out.

The bemused PKR candidate, Dr Michael Teo, who appeared to be comfortably leading until the last hour or so of the count, at which point the lights in the area suddenly went out and caused a confusion from which the BN/SUPP candidate emerged as the proclaimed winner by 58 seats, is considering whether to legally contest the result.

If he goes ahead and contests, he appears to have numerous grounds for complaint.  For example, the postal vote came with a hugely impressive 103% of votes issued!  Such statistics further defy the rules of mathematics, because 20 of the postal votes were also unreturned, reports the confused Dr Teo.  Tellingly, 1,134 of these votes went to SUPP and only 58 to Teo – just 5% instead of the 20% share of the wider postal vote that went to PKR

The Returning Officer on the night, Chai Ko Het made matters worse with his point blank refusal to allow a re-count, even though the difference in the result was just 0.4%.  The rules stipulate that if the difference is 2% or under a re-count should be allowed.  Chai Ko Het’s objectivity has been undermined by the fact that he is known to have actively canvassed for the ‘winning’ SUPP party.  SUPP workers were also discovered to have been allowed into a number of the voting halls, contrary to the rules, in order to tick off the ID card numbers of rural voters coming in (a crucial part of the transaction in which BN pays for votes, partly up front and partly on proven delivery!).

So, what of the photographs we have posted at the top of the page?  These detail the further extraordinary developments that took place on the Monday two days after the election, when, in the middle of the on-going row over the irregularities of the Senadin count, the PKR agent found himself summoned without notice, along with his BN counter-part, to witness the boxes in the presence of a junior returning officer.

The point of the exercise has never been explained and the PKR candidate himself, Dr Teo, was given no information about the action until afterwards!  During this highly irregular meeting, which only casts further doubt over the propriety of the conduct of this election, the junior returning officer presented the ballot boxes to the two party agents and invited them to inspect them.

The PKR agent, who luckily had his camera with him, duly recorded a number of glaring irregularities with respect to the ballot boxes, which were confirmed and agreed with by the BN agent and junior returning officer.  It was recorded that 8 of the red envelopes of ballot papers that are contained within the plastic ballot boxes, which are themselves then wrapped in yellow plastic, had not been sealed and did not have the required signatures to testify that they had been properly checked.

Furthermore, 4 of the ballot boxes themselves had no seals.  Another 2 ballot boxes had their seals stuck in the wrong place so that they could be opened!  In one of the boxes the red envelope had been cut and the ballot papers were tumbling out!

As the PKR agent struggled to record and photograph these tell-tale signs of vote rigging, the junior officer then made an astonishing decision.  He commanded that all the ballot papers should then be poured out from the boxes, which showed which of the 40 separate polling areas they had been collected from, and tipped into one pile, before being collected up into a single bag to be taken once again into storage!

Why on earth would a junior officer, working under the absent Chai Ko Het, decide to break all the rules about preserving ballot papers and do an extraordinary thing like that?

Well, Dr Teo has surmised to Sarawak Report that it will certainly now be far more difficult to identify what cheating went on where as a result!

Should Dr Teo decide to fight this blatant case of rigging and mal-practice he knows that he faces a corrupted and biased Taib-controlled judiciary, which will be under orders to find against him and cost him a great deal in the process.  Sadly, while everyone in Sarawak knows and understands what democracy should entail, they are time and again cheated of it.

Nevertheless, even in the face of such outrages, the largely united opposition did manage to achieve an astonishing 45%  of the official vote.  That is a lot of people who (despite all the efforts of BN) have shown they are thoroughly fed up with 30 years of Taib’s corruption and half a century of BN rule.

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  • hot

    yawnnnnnnnn … same story different day.

    white hair won fair and square. he won because ibans and dayaks are too stupid. and greedy.

    who would have thought that after 32 years … they still get to be fooled. if thats not stupid what is.

    white hair deserves the win.

    • shyte

      r u sure dayaks n iban stupid..? u want to be head chopped?



        Adalah tidak adil bagi kau orang salahkan orang Iban dan orang dayak,diatas kekalahan Party Keadilan Rakyat yang kau orang semua agong agongkan,kenapa tak disalahkan orang melayu ke orang melanau ke sebab di kawasan ini juga calon daripada PKR pun kalah teruk juga.tanyalah pada diri sendiri dahulu,apa yang telah aku buat untuk memenangkan party yang aku sokong,pernah tak kau orang datang ke rumah panjang dan perkampungan kaum dayak untuk menerangkan kebaikan party yang kau dukong itu ? ataupun kau hanya tunjuk jagoh dalam blog ini sahaja.kalau begitu caranya kau jangan salahkan kaum lain hanya kerana dia orang tidak menyukong perjuangan kau orang,belajarlah mengenali kelemahan diri sendiri kalau ternyata kita lemah ,nah sekarang gandakanlah usaha untuk menuju kearah yang anda sasarkan,jangan asyik salahkan orang lain sahaja keatas setiap kegagalan yang dialami.hanya budak yang berumur sepuloh tahun sahaja yang bersikap demikian.

      • mike

        these dayaks and iban could not even chop off taib mahmud's head off?

        and they are so eager to chop off the heads of ppl who pointed out their mistakes?

        take for exmaple the idiot iban voters in bawang assan who stormed supp's office expecting the remaining of their money? how stupid can they be? supp ppl would be laughing their heads off!

        • honbillover

          I totally agreed with your statement in referring to the Ibans n Dayaks are still damn stupid for supporting BN just because they are entice with dollars and cents. They are damn stupid and with such a narrow minded thinking i dare say they are still damn stupid. Failed to realised that the present government wouldn't allows any form of development that will change the life of the dayaks in the rural areas. Knowing that if the Ibans or Dayaks are well developed or becoming smarter in terms of education, the ibans will surely and slowly will take control of the politics in S'wak. Very simple..the present government under Taib will never allows the Ibans or Dayaks to become smarter otherwise we will take control of S'wak politics and soon we will fight for the CM post. Do you sincerely think that Taib will allow that to happen? Iban or Dayak beocme CM of S'wak? BIG HELLL NOO MAN!!!!

      • Blunt Speaker

        You can't blame hot for being hot and furious, he is angry for a good cause. Though we can't deny we have some outstanding Dayaks here but the majority are still living in the dark ages. That's what the tm &his gang want them to be, forever in the dark, easily exploited, manipulated and conned even after more than half a century of BN rule. Plain stupidity and stagnant!

      • peaker

        Its easy to blame the ibans and dayaks when your stomach is always full and that you have the benefit of enjoying luxury. If only you are in their shoes you would behave just like them if not worst off. Its not that they are easily bought and that they are not principled. Their hungry stomach make them think more of themselves than what is going to happen in future.

        Just dont put a blame on them without knowing the situation unless you are ignorant of the circumstances or you just pretend to be ignorant.

        • hungry stomach

          that why they must vote for change if they don't want to be in that circumstances………and they choose to be that circumstances!!!!

        • Yaw Kwai

          Don't blam the dayaks….because of empty stomach. But do they ever think how far can they go with 400 ringgit

      • Raymond Chan

        head chooper doesnt mean he is smart

    • Bloody Hell Taib Mah

      I agree with comment saying Iban and dayak are stupid. I myself is Iban dayak and I admit that the Iban and dayak are really stupid. That is reality that anybody cannot deny. Imagine, after 32 years, Taib Mahmud is still CM of Sarawak. We kow very well that Iban and dayak are the big majority in Sarawak, yet they're being made stupid. Just accept the factlah friend.

      • malaysiana

        Not I cannot and will not accept that the Ibans/Dayaks are stupid. If we need to blame anyone, blame the candidates who only show their faces around the election time and dissapear soon after (if they lost). Say anything we want about Pek Moh and Co but we need to admit that they do show their faces after the election and they do provide help to the poor folks in pedalaman.

        In order for the opposition to win, they need to get to know the pedalaman folks first and instead of just focusing on what Pek Moh and Co had swindled out of Sarawak, they need to also focus on the well being of these people, albeit the shortage of funds. This way, the pedalaman folks will know that the oppositions are the real deal and that they DO have a choice.

        • http://ooooooo Nyumboh Bujang

          I will not agree to say that the Iban/Dayak are stupid.During the PBDS time(ming Court) the iban had no support from the chinese & malays to topple BN.Why support PKR a W/M party only fighting for A.Ibr..likewise DAP for chinese.Its better to be with sarawak BN or SNAP a local party.

      • Ganeng

        This is ridiculous..those who voted BN are stupid including the Chinese who voted SUPP, the Malays/Melanau/Dayak etc who voted PBB, SPDP, PRS???

        Please grow up and don't be a racist!!

        • http://na Geoffrey Andin

          Not only dayaks STUPID, BUT, all THOSE who voted BN are STUPID IDIOTS………………….

      • Sangkuh Gansai

        Iban are majoriy in Sarawak & they should be the CM. Cuba di Malaya orang Asli, China atau India jadi PM, darurat besar di sana sebab orang Melayu memang membantah…..

    • tsunami final asshol

      The damned Bullshit & Nonsense (BN)has been cheating…….and robbing….and corrupting….. The whole system of Malaysia has failed…. malaysia is a failed state. and very soon racial riot will happen…. thats the work of those crazy for power….. and we all will die…. but those so very corrupt, cheaters…the gate of hell awaits your ssoulll…including The Greedy Taib Mahmud @ Taik Mammoth…. Jabu @ Jobbo @ Asshole….

      to be cont…

    • Ganeng

      Didn't your friends voted for UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan?? Are you going to call them stupid too??

    • Jo

      Jika ingin menyingkirkan CM, pastikan dia ditewaskan di DUN tempat dia bertanding dan bukannya menyalahkan kaum Dayak semata-mata.Jika PKR memang ingin membuat perubahan, pastikan letakkan calon yang benar-benar berkaliber di tempat CM bertanding. Jangan hanya memperkecilkan kaum lain demi kepentingan politik.

    • ibanmyrace

      hot….u say ibans and dayak are stupid for supporting taib… I think you are even MORE STUPID because you dont know what you are talking about. You are also an ARSE HOLE..! Get out…!

    • anak umbong

      hey, not all iban or dayak is that stupid ok? what about you??? smart enough to kill Taib's admin all these 32 years??? stop your nonsense, that's why people are saying that DAP are racist..maybe because a guy like you…

    • Baramandy

      Don't blame the Iban people of their voting choices, stupid or otherwise. Its a pitty that they are not educated enough to do whats good for them and their countryman. We need those young county folks to wait up and join forces with the urban population for change.

      Time is the main factor.

    • Baramandy

      Hot, don't blame the Ibans & Dayaks for their choices of votes, they r the rural folks and they haven't realised the change needed like the city peoples do. Give them time and let their childern educate them like we did to our parents who 'stupidly' voted for SUPP for the pass 20 years.

      I hope I can still see the change we urgently needed in Sarawak and the whole of Malaysia.

    • anak iban

      The one who said Iban and Dayak are stupid actually wanted to tell the whole world that his race is really really idiot and deadwood. Maybe HE/SHE wanted HIS/HER head to be chop.

    • bujangbirani

      orang yang kata dayaks stupid itu sendiri stupid. bodoh bahlul, dungu, otak keldai. wei mau ingat semua tempat ada bangsa lain juga. cina , melayu, melanau. bodoh punya orang

  • http://none Watch Dog

    That's shows how corrupt BN is. DPM said in his speech," CORRUPTION IS JIHAD".Who is going to be dismissed this time??

    MOCS…come August 13th..protest across the state,Sarawak in major towns and cities.T.M.G project

  • Martin

    hot, the ibans and the dayak fought Taib long before the chinese. Remember the Ming Court ? It was the chinese who sided Taib through SUPP. If that time the chinese sided with PBDS and Permas, Taib could have long been gone.

    • Blunt Speaker

      Bring the whole matter to the UN, the vote rigging, tampering, bribery or vote buying, threats, blackmail, intimidations, blackouts, postal votes, all forms of cheating, partial EC,etc so that a fresh election can be held. Let the UN intervene to ensure a clean or corrupt free and smooth election process monitored by Bersih, international watchdogs and other representatives. Can this suggestion materialize to ensure fairness or is it just another futile wish? Thanks so much SR for a great job! May your tireless efforts to redeem Sarawak for its people be richly rewarded by God almighty, who watches over everyone and everything! God's abundant blessings be upon you and all fighting alongside! In Jesus name, Amen!

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Martin..Ming Court affair is just another show by Tun Rahman and Melanau affair. PERMAS is Melanau's party so that Melanau holds on to power. Not many people knew about it ,even Leo Moggie,Daniel Tajem….it is just another "wayang kulit' by the Melanau top guns.Yes the Chinese sided PBB at that time and 5 frogs from PBDS joined them for RM3 million each paid at Shenton Way,Standard Chartered bank Singapore. Past is PAST and let us move forward. it is NOT wise to ask old question.

      We have to struggle and hopefully NOT all is gone yet within 5 years or someone just drop dead.Wait after august 13th and see if MOCS does what it preaches.

    • apai saloi

      very very true.PBDS days were the best opportunity to oust Taib.Too bad then the Chinese in Sarawak sided Taib. The reason then was that Taib gave the Chinese a good economic climate for business.The Chinese were put off by PBDS Dayakism rallying cry.

    • Baramandy

      Its not 'the chinese' who sided BN before , its the few corrupt SUPP son of a gun that did and we nearly get rid of them all this time if not BN playing crooks.

      I hope they vanish from now on.

  • Wetsemenet

    'The Returning Officer on the night, Chai Ko Het made matters worse with his point blank refusal to allow a re-count…'

    'Why on earth would a junior officer, working under the absent Chai Ko Het, decide to break all the rules about preserving ballot papers…'

    This story makes no sense.

    Only stupid people believe in these kinds of trashy stories.

    Francis Siah loves you all.

    • Teaser

      wetsemenet, the law says if the majority is less then 2% a recount must be done! Now, you are saying the law of malaysia is trashy? You must be one of those involved in this vote rigging to make this trashy story come to life.

    • Baramandy

      Wetsemenet, r u one of those who received $100 and still waiting for the remaining $400 to be paid ? Son of a gun u have done well!!!!!

  • Banting

    PKR said it would file an election petition. Under section 32 of the Election, an election petition may presented on any of the five grounds as stipulated in that section.So do it if the election of the candidate is void.

  • Banting

    ……should be read under section 32 of Election Act.

  • Philip Chong

    This court case worth going for to shame BN.

  • ANGRY malaysian

    Dirty, this is so dirty… It's already too much that tax payers money is used to buy votes, now ballot boxes are tampered and votes are "made"? Is there any justice left in Bolehland at all?

    "The truth is out there… Far far away from Bolehland…"

  • Desmond Chin

    pkr, just file election petition.

    if got by-election, the whole pr sarawak will support u.

  • farcry

    Bring it on MoSC, I am ready to join in the protest!!

  • Kobelco

    BN is totally cheating…Sarawakians been cheated another 5 more YEARS! Can you all stand it??

  • Tuntung Ninjau

    Kepada generasi baru..

    Andalah sebagai penentu masa depan negara dan sarawak khususnya..

    Fikirla sebaik-baiknya dengan penuh bijaksana..

    You should know what is right and what is wrong, mana yang keruh mana yang jernih.. sekiranya anda tidak mahu dikalangan golongan yang tertindas.. tepuk dada, tanya selera.. bye..

  • Taikohtai

    Wah Lau eh! Whittie's bomohs really powerful lah. Even can cast spells at voting and counting booths and get away with blatant violations.

    Sarawak's pain shall continue for another 5 long years. Taibs laughing all the way to his grave!!

  • Dayak Iban Sarawak

    It is wrong to say that the Dayak and the Iban is the caused of the loss to BN in Sarawak. Look at the Greedy PKR and their disagreement with DAP. Can anyone tell the World what had happen. Look at the areas where PKR had contested and especially at Senadin, it was the Iban/Bumi voters that make the different initially with 1000 leads for Dr. Teo. However the cheating by BN with 0058 is the caused. Why don't PKR jump and sealed the Building and call the whole battalion of their supporters to rammed the building and stop the announcement being made. it seem PKR are just talking cock and let loose your useless tirade with nothing to back it.

    Come on, the result is yet to be contested in the Court, show us your true color and win it there outright as what you had elaborated above, that you all had the evidences to show the World. Don't blame the Dayak and Iban anymore, least our votes will be blank with you in the GE13.!!!!

  • OlangKampung

    AYUuuu-UU!!! Its not the OlangUlu are ignorant dia Olang are innocent and easy to be bullied and threatened and lied. Money is of little value to them. The question what can they BUY in the ULU. ITU CINA TOWKAYS cannot sell to them anything. Why? NO ROADS mah. But they need the FOREST and CLEAN RIVERS/WATER to HUNT and DRINK and FISH But itu OLANGS di BANDAR are SELFISH mahu jadi KAYA/RICH JUAL KAYU. Mahu bawah itu wang pergi NARKA/HELL. SIAPA BODOH DIA OLANG KAH LU OLANG BODOH? Ayuu-U-Uuuu BOTOL-BOTOL KASIHAN cacap-cacap pandai. SAMUA OLANG MATI Maaaaaaaaah. CACAP-CACAP SAYA HOLY AYUuuuu kuwat BOHON, TIPU PUNYA OLANGS

    • http://Mozillafirefox Lucy

      Dare you to speak pure Chinese! Sneering at others like that proves your character type! You're not educated as you seem!

    • Wetsemenet

      You try hard to sound stupid but you speak a greater deal of truth than a majority of the people here including the authors themselves.

      Keep it real.

    • Teaser

      Olang Kampong, I do not know which kampong you are from? I presume you just arrived form a kampong in the interior of China and thats why you can't speak Malay or English well, what more to say speaking any other local language. We are not your slaves to be put down like that.If that is what you brought in along with you, please go back and bring all that shit back with you together with the shit that came out of your shit hole.Remember, a cornered dog will bite back… soon.

  • MeganFox

    This really pissed me off! If ibans are stupid so does malays, chinese, indians, kadazans who voted for BN-worms party.

    • Blunt Speaker

      Yes, you are right! Disregard to the race, whoever voted for BN are stupid because they support a rotten and corrupt GOVT as evidenced by the abuse of power and plunder of resources. Rotten and corrupt to the core!

  • MeganFox

    all of these postal-votes are part of the reasons why BN won, by hook or by crook. UNDERSTAND?

    I pray that UN will helps us.

  • najibrazak

    Just as well we have the judiciary in our pocket. Otherwise election petitions would wipe out Taib,s "majority"

  • Sick n Tired

    It is too late now! So what if Dr. Teo has won back the Senadin seat? Can't even put a dent into the 2/3 majority!

    The only way is to keep educating the voters, hope that the uprising of the Sarawak folks would happen before the next term.

    I mean… big scale uprising…like what happened to Egypt recently.

    BTW, in today's news, the ex-interior minister in Egypt has just been sentenced to 12 yrs in prison. Can we expect something similar to our home minister, Hishamuddin? or a life in prison for Pek Moh??

    Only a state-wide uprising will make it happen, no other way! and I pray for it to happen….

  • Ali Anak Majang

    Every Vote are open where the place in voting.

    Let start with Dayak some part PKR Win most Polling Station BN Win.

    Move on to Chinese – Most part PKR Win Some area BN Win

    Move on to Isalam area Melayu / Melanu or Laut. Most of BN Win PKR lost.

    What that show us?

    Chinese support BN

    Dayak support BN

    Isalam Support BN?

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Ali Anak Majang…No bro,The Chinese do NOT support BN.They almost lost Senadin and now only has 2 ADUN members but because of the stupid pea brain moron,they won 4 seats voted by the dayaks.

      The Chinese vote DAP.

      Malays/Melanau do NOT vote for DAP/PKR/PAS but BN as that is all the party that they know.Even you put a DEAD cat as a candidate but with BN symbol,they will vote for the symbol..coz..UGAMA KITA.

      The only way now is for the Chinese group together with the Dayaks and DAP move to semi town constituencies.

      Let us go back this Gawai and let the rural folks know.GOD bless.

      • Tebuso

        Watch Dog,

        I agree with you. We need to educate our old folks, because all they know is the BN dice…! They are being BRAIN WASHED, we don't have to blame them for this defeat.. instead we find out ways to win them, because our next target is the GENERAL ELECTION. If we can win putra jaya than we should be able to bring our state YB's down..

        look everyone has a task to do here.. we go back on Gawai make sure to photostate BN's wrong doing for those kampong folks to read. Perhap may be we can make a booklet out of their (BN's) wrong doing and distribute it to the kampung people, and together with radio free sarawak i believe there's HOPE for a CHANGE..

        im just too glad that the Lun bawang has finally changed, i've waited since 1991 when i 1st voted, i voted for BB against Awang Tengah…! BB lost but he never gave up, so does his surppoters, and the IBAN should do the same too…NEVER TO GIVE UP,cos IT'S WORTH FIGHTING FOR… YEAH, hopefully MOCS will WALK his TALK.. im waiting..

    • Baramandy

      Sarawak is going to be an 'ornag utan' state for a long time if the population like you Majang still support Taib and think he is sweet even a big chunk of your backside has been bitten off by him and his crony.

      Sad sad sad !!!!!

  • alan

    Here we go again,

    Armchair politcians. All emboldened by internet blogs etc., etc.. Am wondering how many of these politician were out there on the streets "educating" the so called "stupid iban and dayaks". Educating how they have been screwed left right and center by the right rajah and his clan.

    Am wondering, on the hindsight would life under the British be better…. i bet yesssssss.

  • SarawakTulen

    To be fair, saya rasa senang sahaja.

    Tidak kira siapa bangsa, di mana saja berada:

    1. Siapa pangkah BN, makna sokong Taik Memut atau RASUAH!!!

    2. Siapa pangkah Pakatan Rakyat, makna hendakkan perubahan.

    3. Siapa yang tidak pergi mengundi (walaupun depan rumah tempat mengundi), dia macam serah diri kepada tindak tanduk BN, tidak kira apa Taik Memut hendak buat…lantaklah!!!

    4. Siapa yang sengaja tidak register mengundi, maka dia tidak tahu hak dia sebagai pengundi.

    5. Siapa yang suka kepada PKR, tapi tidak berani malah pangkah saja BN…maka orang sebegini kena ubah pikiran jangan macam pikiran orang tahun 60an.

    6. Siapa yang atas pagar, kena teroponglah jauh-jauh sejauh mana kerja rakus Taik Memut.

    7. Siapa yang sudi masuk jadi ahli PKR dan buat kerja-kerja parti dan amal maka barulah orang itu betul-betul inginkan perubahan sebenar dalam sistem politik Sarawak.

    8. Siapa yang masuk ahli BN, maka bersiap sedialah untuk menerima hakikat RASUAH dalam negeri.


    9. Siapa yang sudah fed-up, bolehlah merantau ke negeri lain atau negara lain….

    ….tidak ada sesiapa yang melarang….

  • Realistic

    We should blame all the Dayak leaders like Jabu, Masing, William Mawan, Michael Manyin, Richard Riot,Peter Nansian etc…who are more interested to look after their own well-being rather than the community as a whole..If they all come under one party, they will have the biggest voice in DUN and the CM post will be theirs..unless UMNO sabotage them again as when the first CM Kalong Ningkan took office..Its so sad that while the Dayaks are the majority, they continue to be lagged behind in all areas..

  • Rage Againts The MAC

    Let go to the street MOCS. The time has come. We show it to the world how corrupted it is Malaysia goverment. Cant wait more longer.

  • Noraida


  • http://none Watch Dog

    BN did NOT won Sarawak Election. BN used tax payers money to BRIBE the voters.The BIDAYUH voters in Opar,Bengoh,Tarat,Kedup,Tebedu and Tasik Biru voted for BN for a mere RM30,plus one cap,T shirt,a bar ox expired chocolate,a packet of expired keropok and 2 cans of untaxed beer…this is their dividends once every 5 years while other dayaks are scared of antu kenyalang,pulut kuning,kapur sireh/pinang voted for BN whether educated or not…pea brain moron.

    Well done dayaks in Krian and Ba are the smartest lot and God will bless you and reward you abundantly.

    Those of us who voted for PKR/DAP but still lost,let us continue what we are doing…spreading and educating our rural folks. Maybe DAP must go into..Opar, Bengoh, tasik Biru,Tarat and Kedup as well as Tebedu first. We fight the fight of CORRUPTION and ABUSE of POWER.

    • Wetsemenet

      I'm a taxpayer, and for now, I say by all means use it if only to keep crazy people like you come to power in Sarawak.

  • Returning officer

    The returning officer works in City Council as an engineer. Let check if he is a member for SUPP?

  • SarawakTulen

    Anak-anak yang asal dari rumah panjang, dari ulu, daru kebun sayur ujung kampung, sudah pasti ada yang sekarang masih melanjut pelajaran di luar negeri atau ada yang sudah ada Ph.D, Masters.

    Kita harap modal insan sebegini bagi yang memahami perjuangan Pakatan Rakyat dan membenci kerakusan BN, agar turun padang dan sekali sekala pergi ke rumah panjang, kampung-kampung dan ziarah kepada veteran-veteran untuk di beri maklumat, agar pakcik-pakcik dan makcik-makcik ini lebih memahami keadaan sebenar politik semasa.

    Kita percaya anak Sarawak tidak kira apa bangsa.

  • Ali Anak Majang

    Another my oponion why BN Win because.

    The ideology of BN "if your people dont vote us".

    1. Your generation get diffcult to enroll Goverment university

    2. Didnt get student loan or schoolship

    3. Didnt get goverment job

    4. Didnt get subsidize for farming

    5. Didnt get small business tender

    6. Didnt get minor rular project MRP didnt get money RM50-1000

    7. Get transfer job to far-far away.

    This is why i think PKR should do.

    1. PKR Goverment in Selangor, Penang, Kelantan, Kedah and Perak before frog.

    2. set up business with local people a poor Isalam, Dayak, Chinese "Example agro business, helping their people get job at all these PKRs area. loan for them a business or Busniess partnership.

    That to me helping PKR in 5 year planing. Let start begin by now to earse 7 point that BN successfully get their vote.

    The chinese vote for DAP because they are better ecomomic than Isalam and Dayak and they also better in knowledge.

    If PKR still with their lip service to these Dayak / Isalam I dont think that PKR will take BN goverment in Sarawak in other 5 year time and stop disgareement with one another publish in news.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Ali Anak Majang…These are ALL lies and our people do believe in what these liars say. Why do they punish the innocent children just because their parents exercise their basic democratic rights..

      Please RURAL folks DO NOT be these 7 points that corrupted BN use as a scare tactics are all rubbish..politics of deceit,jealousy and violence.Now is only for DAP ..Chinese an Dayaks to unite.We cannot get the Malays/Melanau to join us as they well taken care of by the Thief Minister and their Governor of which the Malays do NOT realise at all.These Melanau are even willing to convert to stay in power.

      What we shukd do now is to educate our rural folks and come this Gawai..we must let them know.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Ali Anak Majang…These are ALL lies and our people do believe in what these liars say. Why do they punish the innocent children just because their parents exercise their basic democratic rights..

      Please RURAL folks DO NOT be these 7 points that corrupted BN use as a scare tactics are all rubbish..politics of deceit,jealousy and violence.Now is only for DAP ..Chinese an Dayaks to unite.We cannot get the Malays/Melanau to join us as they well taken care of by the Thief Minister and their Governor of which the Malays do NOT realise at all.These Melanau are even willing to convert to stay in power.

      What we should do now is to educate our rural folks and come this Gawai..we must let them know.

    • Will

      I fully agree with all the points you mentioned. This is BN's lethal weapon that has not only posted thread but also changed the voters mind during the election. It has been BN's trick all these years especially during the election campaign. One of these voters told me that a BN candidate even warned them that the riot will begin with some of these ethnic groups who are prepared to kill other ethnic group who won the election in their territories.

      Anyway, it's never too later to start preparing to wipe out BN's shitty tricks and show them we have the ultimate voting power to choose a better leader. We all are not fool, just put all the blames behind, learn from the previous mistake and charge forward. Those who are awake pls put your strength together and relay this wake up call to the rest. Given time the truth will prevail.

  • aborium

    The Sarawak State Elections 2011 has left many to wonder what will become of Sarawak in the coming years. Many issues were brought to the fore, but the impacts on the outcomes on the election were, to say the least, negligible except in urban areas.

    There were many factors at play: (1) the geographical spread of the constituencies especially in rural areas where many are remote and only accessible by air. Those who control air transportation would have a huge advantage; (2)the opposition parties were too busy fighting for seats that they paid a huge price for their in-fighting (3) politically, the opposition does not have a credible leadership at the top-most level and likewise the Pakatan house isn't exactly in order (4)the Najib factor was a hugh differentiator – he was the one who turned the tide for BN in Sarawak (5)the money factor still looms large at elections – have money will win votes (6) political maturity of voters.

    Until Taib leaves the stage, there's little that can be done to change the status quo. Pray for divine intervention.

  • al

    Somehow I doubt that the Sarawak state bird, the hornbill, cackles like a kookaburra. But it sure is a chuckle to see Najib Abdul Razak so horny for votes in the Sarawak elections that he is up to his customary trick of bribing the electorate on behalf of the BN regime and sticking the Malaysian people with the bill.

    And even more ludicrous than Najib's customary 'I help you, you help me' antics, his corrupt expenditure of public money to fund them, and the illegal co-option of police and other civil servants to campaign for the criminal clique currently running Sarawak, has been his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin's contribution to the campaign.

    In an attempt to ridicule the Pakatan Rakyat slogan calling for change, and the DAP hornbill mascot named 'Ubah' (Change), he delivered himself of a diatribe that came across like a self-satirising comedy routine.

    “They say 'change',” he was quoted as declaiming, “but 'change' is an archaic word. The word we in BN want to use is 'transformation'. Look at the dictionary for the word 'transformation'; it is bigger than 'change'. The prime minister has said that change is not sufficient enough [sic]. We must be able to transform to move the country.”

    He then went on about the regime's so-called Government Transformation Programme (GTP), Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) and Political Transformation Programme (PTP) claiming that “the government has delivered and asking “who can say the BN government has failed?”

    In response to Muhyiddin's rhetorical question, it seems fair to respond that nobody can say that the GTP, ETP and PTP have actually failed, as they're all fake 'initiatives' dreamed-up to convey the false impression that BN intends to improve.

    But as for the broad concept of 'transformation' itself, it has proven astonishingly successful thus far for the BN regime and its cronies, and extremely costly if not outright catastrophic for the people of Malaysia.

    In over 50 years of unremitting and increasingly corrupt and lawless domination of the nation, BN has transformed Malaysia from a genuine democracy with an honest and honourable founding prime minister into a kleptocracy headed by a coterie of crooks and cronies.

    Under the pretence of uniting and serving the interests of the people at large, and bumiputera citizens in particular, BN has relentlessly transformed its so-called New Economic Policy into a tool to enrich the 'putras' at the expense of ordinary 'bumis' and everybody else.

    Simultaneously, BN has transformed the nation's formerly able, efficient, honest and upstanding civil services into bloated, bandit-ridden mono-racial bureaucracies beholden to nobody but their political masters.

    Even the Election Commission (EC) is totally hopeless and helpless to properly carry out its duties, having been transformed by BN from a watchdog on behalf of the people to a lap-dog that stands by wagging its tail while its masters get on with their gerrymandering, roll-stacking and vote-buying.

    Litany of BN crimes

    BN has also, especially during the 22 years of Mahathirism, transformed an originally just and independent judiciary into an instrument of political power, repression and persecution, and an international joke.

    Witness the show-trials of Anwar Ibrahim and the no-trials of high-level identities implicated in the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu and suspects in an unceasing series of corruption scandals involving hundreds of billions of ringgit.

    To ensure that its economic and other crimes are as covert as possible, BN has transformed the principle of public accountability into a system of secrecy and lies through a series of anti-transparency laws.

    And even more destructively, it has transformed Malaysia's formerly free media into a cheer-squad for the regime; a public-relations machine run by sycophants and stooges prepared to systematically betray the interests and trust of their families, friends and fellow citizens.

    In case some of its crimes don't go unnoticed, BN has ensured that they will in any case go uninvestigated and unpunished by transforming the forces of law-and-order, the so-called 'Royal' Malaysian Police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission into virtual security-guards or armed goons for the government and its network of criminal connections, and apparently granted these organisations a licence to abuse and even kill small-time 'suspects' with impunity.

    In the process of all this, BN has transformed Malaysia from an Asian 'tiger' like Singapore, Taiwan or South Korea into an alley-cat that's scratching for any stray scraps of economic investment along with basket-cases like the Philippines, which has never recovered from being transformed from prosperity to penury by the BN-style Marcos regime.

    And to judge from recent statistics on illicit capital outflows from Malaysia, a great many beneficiaries of the BN system are transferring their misbegotten billions overseas in the hope of transforming themselves into apparently legitimate 'businesspersons'.

    For example, Abdul 'The Termite' Taib Mahmud, chief minister of Sarawak for the past 30 years, has allegedly built a real-estate empire on several continents on the proceeds of his position, in the process transforming a considerable proportion of resource-rich Sarawak citizens into paupers.

    In fact the least amusing sight in the state election campaign so far has reportedly been the sorry spectacle of Sarawakians fighting and scrambling around in the dirt in their desperation to get their hands on BN goodie-bags containing nothing but Tupperware and pictures of the prime minister.

    For me, that pitiful scene pretty well says it all about the kind of transformation BN is capable of delivering for Malaysia and Malaysians, and why a change – any change – would be for the better.

    Who knows? If Pakatan Rakyat or some other political opposition some day manages to convince enough voters to transform the nation into a BN-free zone, maybe all the cash that currently goes in corruption could be spent on finally granting workers the protection of a minimum wage.

    In which event people will be able to afford to buy their own Tupperware, and never have to bear the sight of Najib's face, or listen to Muyhiddin Yassin's stupid jokes, ever again.

    It's not impossible. The voters of several states have already transformed themselves by scorning their BN government. And the sooner Sarawakians do likewise, the sooner the whole of Malaysia will be laughing.

    DEAN JOHNS, after many years in Asia, currently lives with his Malaysian-born wife and daughter in Sydney, where he mentors creative writing groups. Already published in Kuala Lumpur is a third collection of his columns for Malaysiakini, following earlier collections 'Mad about Malaysia' and 'Even Madder about Malaysia'.

    • aborium

      Dean, we're not here to score points. You've the right to your views and opinions much in the same way as others too have the same equal rights.

      The danger lies in wearing a spectacle that's not only myopic but bordering on bigotry which readers do smell even from a distance.

      Regardless of which side of the political fence you're in or cultural values you subscribe to, there's a difference in expressing one's opinion and making a mockery on the other, just as views and opinions can't be confused with facts and truth.

      The fact is that Malaysians are mad when others tell them how to run their country, which by the way is the business of Malaysians and not of others. Malaysia abides by International Rules of engagement and conduct, but her own internal affairs is for her own people to sort out, not others.

      So let not Malaysia be your sacrificial lamb to push an argument forward.

  • daniel tan

    there are not enough photos to justify the tampped boxes. the picture above is only a general one, i guess there are many photos taken.

    go and tell the rakyat, and make sure on the parlimentary post, the people get more serious, and give PR a huge majorities, with this, i dont think, there is any way the stupic courap can add more votes.

    now work double hard for the parlimentary post ! hope it have enough to wipe out the BN rule, by now !

    is CUKUP, AND CUKUP for them to rule,

    to continue rule , the nation is in curse !

    praying hard, that the people will be let go !

  • Yes Sir

    Even though getting another seat has nothing affected Taib's rule. PR should concentrate to focus on the coming General Election and not talking or arguing on small topic like Shadow Cabinet and so on. GE is the last chance for PR to prove themselves that they are really working together for the people's better future. Let's don't waste time.

  • kenyalang

    as what I'm concerned…Iban or Dayak is not stupid…also others race…we are capable enough to think…BUT issue here is our system is fail. this is because this system is not function as what it must be…it has been politicized…you know what i mean here…so don't blame others because your failure…but learn from it to ensure successful in the future…

  • tongontas

    Gawai is coming soon. Please my Dayak friends, use this opportunity to go back to your kampongs and longhouses and spread what's reported in Sarawak Report. Tell your parents, brothers, sisters and relatives the wrongdoings of the evil regime of Taik Mamut. Tell them they must be brave to change for the sake of their childrens' and grandchildrens' future. Selamat Gawai Dayak to all Dayaks followers of SR.

  • Ali Anak Majang

    Coffee shop talk stated that,

    BN offer RM500.00 Per-pintu to Dayak Voter.

    They pay through Jabatan Kelesalamat Kampung JKKP

    Also still some of Dayak not happy they went again a night to long house giving money RM1000.00 on the night before election next morning.

    Is any prove maybe no maybe yes – Just coffee shop talk.

    What PKR as whole can do about it or what about candidate it self are they prepare to flight back or looking for evidence.

    What about on other aspect of Election acts. are these make these good enough requirment which can go to other election.

    As we noticed that they is number of PKR candidat is good lawyer too. why they do anything is cause money or what.

    or should we tell the world that Sarawak Election is unfair due buying vote.

    As people why this happen where is our potilik analyst or NGO that more power than ask.

    It possible this thing stop near future

    What is the best way produce or working paper to educate PRK to proven that BN is dirty.

    Need imput here!!!

    • mayau

      The oppo has been quite vocal on election monitoring, like engaging MAFREL, Bersih 2.0, etc… BUT it was BN who had disliked the idea. To BN, those NGOs are spooky shadows that would uncover their dirty deeds. It was BN who had barred those NGOs from entering the state before the election.

      If the oppo can tell the rural folks about the nature of those NGOs, then i believe those folks will think twice. And, those NGOs can even recruit any rural folk, especially the younger ones, to join them too. Set up a service centre to provide info on what the NGO is/are. Don't just confine to West Malaysia. Since west Malaysian based oppo have been criticized of being foreign parties. Assure those folks that the NGOs are really NGOs, and not bias, no political leanings, etc. Once they know of what they should do about anything strange during election, then those folks would certainly understand what vote-rigging and corruption are.

      Just a 2-cent.

  • http://none Henry anak Taib

    It always happen to SUPP especially when their candidates are trailing behind..It happened before in Siburan.Why?? That is SUPP politics of cheating..sad sad sad..Politic is NOT dirty but the people inside make it dirty. They lie to win…promising this and that and threatening hat if you vote for opposition, your sons or daughters cannot get government job,scholarship,etc,etc,etc..all those fucking sweet promises and in the end kebas anak orang and make the father Penghulu..pun ada kesah begini.Clear case at N17 Tarat.

  • http://gmail jin hantu

    Hmmmm…maybe all of us have to learn more about politic and rules of election before u could point our finger on others..

    Let be open minded and think far like an adult or profersesional.

    First thing first…if we r in thier shoes can we rule Sarawak or Malaysia and build Malaysia or Sarawak like what we are enjoying now.

    Don't compare Malaysian with Europe or USA cos' they are more advance, and as u know they teach us how to bulid our beloved Malaysia.

    But if we compare Malaysia with others country, we will be prove to be a Malaysian.

    Back to the political party in Malaysia or Sarawak, without the Stupid Malay, Chinese, Iban, Dayak or Others races,do u believed 0r think that we can have what we enjoy right now. As time pass by….the new generation are born and brought up in the world 20'c that forget what the stupid OLD FORK Malay, Chinese, Iban, Dayak and Others Races had done to brought them up in this peacefull Malaysia.

    Don't ever say that they are STUPID….why don't we ask Ourself what have WE contribute to MALAYSIA.

    Refering back to the Sernadin result…..WHY Talk NONSENCE. Just refer to section 32 of Election Act. If we understand the law then we will feel how stupid for the person who insist the recount that night cos' recount can only be make at the polling Station. Read carefull the rule under section and sub section 32.


  • Ali Anak Majang

    Some people in Malaysia are Racist or Play sentiment on Religion.

    If we read in news paper these people has no other agenda by play racist and play the religion as issue.

    The head of goverment especially BN should stop this. on other side Oppsition should stop too.

    Let set up the standard education in Malaysia what number we are in Asia.

    1: Can we Malaysian competion with other Asain

    2: Can we fill up the vancany in Malaysia

    3. Why we dont want that job is that because Money not good enough. so what can we do about it.

    4. How about make us as business sector. Is that only for Politician. Let open for discussion and brain storm

    To Malaysian is not racist and not play religion as issue

    Thank in Advance

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Ali Anak Majang…to answer your questions,maybe it is my personal opinion but let me voice it to you.

      1. Educated system..we are doing fine until the clown DPM change to an ALL Bahasa Malaya language..reason..TEXT BOOKS worth hundreds of millions to replace and the printing went to whom??…CORRUPTION.

      2.We are behind other ASIAN countries not to mention China,India,Singapore,Thailand,Philippines,India…due to political squabbling of our leaders…SHAME

      3.NO,we cannot fill the vacancy in Malaysia..FIRST you must be a Malay whether good or bad but mostly bad(unqualified..square pegs into round holes…OPEN UNIVERSITY Prof.Dr Frank is going to Saudi Arabia to work..due to poor pay and political control.

      4. private sector..we cannot progress unless you are politically affiliated as ALL licenses are controlled by IRON Clad Fist Sarawak..the Thief minister,in W.M..PM.

      How I wish that we are like USA,if you are smart and are allowed to do things and when applying for licenses, you will be given one.You just look at oil palm plantation man has so many titles at the expense of the dayaks.

      What should we do?? Go out to the streets to protest..please wait for MoCS after August 13th.The project is T.M.G meaning TAIB MUST GO!!!

  • Lonewolf


  • ngapsayot

    guys, like it or not- uniting the chinese and dayaks is almost like an impossible task. learn your history. who's the mastermind who brought DAP into sarawak? who is the mastermind who split up the dayaks in sarawak? why umno was "deliberately" stopped to come into sarawak?…think hard…

  • http://nil anti_law

    it's true enough. those days ibans chopped head but now their heads are chopped hahahahaha betul bodoh ibans.

    your land is taken away and thus your heads are chopped hahahahaha bodoh.

  • aborium

    PKR as your saviour in Sarawak? Think again.If they can't put their house in order, what chance is there of putting Sarawak State in order? What promises have they made? Remember, the march to Putrajaya? TALK is cheap & so too are promises coming out from cheap talk.

    Tell Baru Bian to form his own political party – that's a start in the right direction. Forget about Pakatan, seriously.

  • aborium

    It's back again on the hellish road to down-trodden politics of race. If we are going down this path, it's a never ending story that will tear us apart. We don't need this racial baggage that we'd have to carry all the way to hell! And for what?


    Firstly i am an iban……

    and secondly…..yes a majority of us are plain stupid.

    it is a fact so stop being denial about it unless you want to be like those dickshit at perkasa with their ketuanan and supreme race without any flaws…..

    just give an iban guy booze women and money he'll vote for you till the end of days….

    or at least till he sobers up…..

    thirdly……you can go around chopping heads left and right but can you improve yourself as an individual by doing so?

    please look at someone's critic or comment and look at yourself..

    don't be the tallest tree in the forest by chopping down other trees……..

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Hello Bro,nowadays the Ibans are scared ,not like before.Before they terorised the Bidayuh(the peace loving race) and 'slaughtered' the book by Sir Hugh Low.

      Now they are real scared of Taib Mahmud..look at James Masing,William Mawan,Alfred Jabu..just to name a few.We dayaks need new young leaders to help Baru Bian.

      Any educated Dayaks out there…please????

      • Blunt Speaker

        Yes, we need young, educated, courageous, that is dare to speak the truth, hardworking, intelligent, disciplined and principled Dayaks to help Baru Bian! Though it may not be easy, I believe there are some out there among us who can qualify. Then we can get rid of all those junks, traitors, cowards, undisciplined, unprincipled and corrupted dayak leaders we have to bear with for so long.

  • aborium

    Here goes a reader who attempts to put his own words into a story line of his imagination and passes them off as someone else's story to be conveniently chopped by him.

    This is a conflicting mind only he can resolve by himself.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      aborium…can you please make a constructive criticism or suggestion that will benefit us dayaks??

      We need dayaks like you too,with ideas,suggestion,commitment,drive,sincerity,honesty and most of all bravery so that we can stand out together. I hope not that you will say,"I can't because I am working in this dept like most dayaks said".

      Meanwhile we await for your decision.Baru Bian's office is at RH Commercial center opposite FOUR Point Hotel . Please go there and join us.

  • honbillover

    Why CM post only given to one race? We are talking about S'wak politics..IBAN Dayaks are the majority..i always thought that MAJORITY RULES..but here are my conclusion..I might be wrong..our own Dayaks Iban leaders are YES MAN, GREEDY, AROGANT,SELF CENTRED, SHORT SIGHTED,MONEY FACED>>>etc…all those that never bring progress to the Ibans and Dayaks overall…ALL are YES MAN to TAIB the greedy!!!!

    • http://none Watch Dog

      honbillover…NOT only CM post but Governor's post too. The Melanau are even prepared to convert wanting to become Governor.Who cares as long as POWER is in their hand?

      The present Governor's term has expired and Asfia will be acting Governor until such time TAIB will be the Governor. His son Bekir will stand in a By-election.In this way,the Malays have NO chance at all but still keep quiet as they are satisfied

      with handouts given by Taib which are more than the ones given to the dayaks..Jabu,Manyin,Masing,Mawan,etc,etc,etc…these dayaks are only gathering the crumps on the floor.

  • Baramandy

    Sarawakians are cheated by their greedy, arogant,selfish, son of a gun (election cheating) YBs, to list a few, Iban, Dayaks by Jabu, Manyin, Masing, Mawan, Saga, etc , Chinese by Wong Sungko ,defeated supp snake-head George Chen and his defeated gangs and all those by the Thief Minister.

    But sad and very sadly that there are still some Sarawakians like the police, elect. com., civil servants and councils are so willing to support The Thief to swindle away their wealth. Who is to blame? You make the jagement!!!