Taib Shows True Colours In Tasmania

Taib Shows True Colours In Tasmania

20 May 2011

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Tasmanians are protesting against Ta Ann too

As news reports are beginning to show, Australia is beginning to get a true picture of Taib Mahmud and his behaviour in Sarawak.

TV scenes of rowdy loggers disrupting and breaking up a local meeting in a town hall in Huonville, Tasmania will not go down well.



The meeting had been called by environmentally concerned local people, who are anxious about logging in their area, which is being carried out by none other than Taib’s own family company Ta Ann.  The loggers are shown to have been aggressive and abusive towards the seated audience and one woman speaker was threatened with rape!

Classic behaviour

Those women who live in Sarawak’s interior can, of course, testify to the seriousness of that threat of rape.  There have been numerous police reports and complaints about rapes and vicious attacks on women and schoolgirls by loggers, many of them independently verified by NGOs.  However Taib has blocked all attempts at an official investigation.

Indeed, as Sarawakians all know, threats and intimidation have been the established method by which the loggers, licenced by Taib, have dealt with complaints by local forest people and those communities who have Native Customary Rights to the land they have taken.  Fear of the Thugs and Gangsters hired by loggers pervades the whole state.

Minggat Nyakin, beaten up by loggers earlier this year for asking them to leave his land

We have covered a number of recent incidences showing how these gangs have been used by logging companies to come in and do their dirty work, attacking villagers with clubs, knives, explosives and guns.  Complaints are routinely ignored by the police, who know that this behaviour is tacitly sanctioned by Taib Mahmud.  The Chief Minister, who is also Finance Minister, Resources and Planning Minister and Head of the Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation, has taken a vast personal cut from the profits from logging in the State over the last 30 years and more.

Taib’s global reach

Companies which began and grew rich in Sarawak have been spreading their logging activities across the globe.  They have muscled their way in to remaining hardwood areas in Indonesia, Papua, the Soloman Islands, Congo, Amazon and now Tasmania.

Hamid Sepawi, MD of Ta Ann and Taib's cousin and business proxy.

Laughably the Australian taxpayer even paid Ta Ann a massive $10,000,000 grant to set up its saw mill factories on the island.   Whose bright idea was that?  Ta Ann is run by the multi-billionaire Hamid Sepawi, the cousin and business proxy of Taib himself, who has been listed personally as one of Malaysia’s richest men.  Why have the taxpayers of Tasmania had to pay out to have him come in and cut down their forests now that Sarawak has run out of its own wood?

Indeed, when the Tasmanian forestry authorities did their assessments into sustainability and the Taib family record on logging, did they take an environmental impact check on Sarawak?  We are looking at the man who in 30 years has razed and destroyed the world’s oldest (130 million years) tropical hardwood jungle.  The surrounding environmental impact on rivers, wildlife and communities, owing to his negligent and corner-cutting methods, has been nothing short of devastating.

Strong-arm action against protesters

Indeed, the reason that Abdul Taib Mahmud has sent his logging companies into Tasmania is because, unbelievably, in 30 short years he has managed to cut down a huge chunk of the third largest jungle on the planet.  Sarawak has run out of wood to cut down.

Don’t take this from Sarawak Report, take it from the 2006 petition for a planted forest licence written up by Hamid Sepawi himself on behalf of Ta Ann!  In it he points out that

Most of Sarawak’s forests have been logged at least once” [Hamid Sepawi, 2006]

Tasmanians’ right to protest

It is hardly surprising that there is a growing movement by local people in Tasmania against the rampant logging of their forests.  There is a justified international concern about the state of the world’s few remaining hardwood areas and the fact that a Taib family company has been contracted to do the work is deeply worrying.

Significantly, these campaigners have been getting short shrift up till now from the local Tasmanian authorities.  Protesters have faced unpleasant arrest for demonstrating against Ta Ann, although other campaigners across the world have been allowed to protest at Taib’s timber corruption without harassment.

Ta Ann's forestry practice in Tasmania

Is freedom of expression and the right to protest valued less highly in Tasmania than in other parts of the free world where several demonstrations have taken place un-hindered?  The people of Tasmania have even more reason than others to do so, since it is their land that is being torn up.

Some in authority are justifying their clamp down on the basis that Tasmania needs the forest destruction to make money.  So how will they make money in a few years time when the forests are cut down?  How do other parts of Australia and industrialised communities make money without forests to cut down?

Keep out of our forest - Tasmanians learn what is has been like for the people of Sarawak

All respected authorities know that we have to make sustainable use of our resources if humans are to survive on our planet.  It is only those who want to get rich quick and care not one bit about others or the next generation who say otherwise.

So, concerned environmental protesters should be allowed to have their public meetings in peace, without attacks.

They should also be spared  criticism from some of those in public positions in Tasmania, who should hang their heads in shame for allowing the Timber Sultan of Sarawak to move in on their lands.

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  • GuoQiang

    Tasmanians must stand up now to say NO to Ta Ann's logging in Tasmania before it is too late. Look at the devastation that Ta Ann did in the forest of Sarawak. For the sake your children's future, please stand up to oppose any logging activities by Ta Ann or any companies at all. It is not worth it, Sarawak is a good example.


      wachah wachah ini bikin celita pising lagi o. apa sarawak lipot tak ada bikin lain kelija kah ?

      • aku

        Kalo u mau u buat repot lah.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Sarawak forest has been raped and nothing left so they proceed overseas. Tasmania will suffer if NO action is taken.Poor Aussies ,other people getting rich at their expense.

    Ple4ase act before it is too late like Sarawak.

    Sarawak is gone,PNG is gone,Solomon island is gone..what's next??? Russia is an ongoing now..

    • http://hotmail Orang2bangkit


      Sarawak brothers & sisters what we say here and other web sites is nothing new – except that we are still far away from getting ourselves organised for action against these thieves and robbers.

      It is no use analysing, writing smart criticisms or comments.

      Those who can read and write on these pages need to each speak to people in his/her kampong/village/longhouse and provide the important information on is happening and unite for action.

      If each and every one is awakened to speak to more about what is happening to our fair land for the last 47 years of UMNO Malayan colonial rule- the pillage of country, slowly we can be united on common grounds to fight for freedom from this plunder and foreign domination from Kuala Lumpur.

      More than 35 years ago the Borneo Bulletin newspaper reported on the impact of logging on the tribal people and the environment.

      The people's protest goes back even further to the 1920s when the Australia Mervyn Skipper wrote a book called the "Meeting Pool" about how the animals of the forest gathered at their meeting pool to talk and plan action against timber logging by the colonial rulers.

      Since those days there are many examples in the world from North America to Nepal where people have rose up against oppression and fought successfully to gain their rights and freedom.

      In Sarawak we have been suffering under the new colonial bondage and plunder of the UMNO colonial regime in collaboration with its puppet PBB BN regime. Our rights to national independence and freedoms have been severely suppressed under the ISA and Sedition Acts. In other parts of the world people have risen against such repressive laws and to fight for a better tomorrow- most recently in the Middle East.

      How long do we want to suffer and have all our national wealth especially oil and timber plundered by the minority of people comprising UMNO/PBB BN crime syndicate and crony tycoons?

      It is now 2011 and the Bidayuh villagers have responded with fire to the guns knives and bulldozers used by the timber robber companies to attack them and seize their land.

      Not everyone may agree with this actions. But is seems those who violently rob and rape our land can only understand their own tools of trade and need to be met with their own medicines.

      In our region people have rose up against their colonial rulers. Over 150 years ago, thousands of Sarawakians fought and died in resisting colonial domination. That's even today we feel proud of our fighting traditions. But because we were forced into so-called "independence in Malaysia" we have been led to believe we are free and independent and therefore our energies are directed to fighting each other.

      What is happening to us now is the opposite. Since 1963 we remain a colonised people subject to only the "freedom" to be plundered by the new colonial masters UMNO/PBB BN.

      It is within our power to free ourselves.

  • najibrazak

    Raping Sarawak was not enough for the Taib tribe. They are at the same criminal game wherever in the world there is still tropical forest to destroy. I have made a deal with Taib to get him to go but I wonder if that will be enough to get BN re-elected? Maybe I should ask him for a still bigger pay off for continuing protection?

    • hot

      should blame the natives thou … because they are the ones who voted and given white hair mandate for another term.

      it is just like giving white hair the authority to terrorize other regions.

      Blame the greedy and stupid native.

      • Utz

        eh hot…stop blaming the natives all the time lah…did you make an effort and go campaigning against Taib's PBB? Many "natives" put their neck on the line and openly spoke against taib, much to their own detriment, knowing that in the rural areas, unlike the urban region, much of what they get is from the governmebnt, which is hardly anything….but still they spoke out against Taib. You obviously idealistically believe in a fair and just democratic election and don't realise that Taib plays dirty in every election and rigs ballot boxes and more often than not, the dead always seem to come alive during elections and have their names ticked on the registered voters and they always seem to vote BN. So please stop pointing your fingers and doing the blame game and using the natives as the scapegoats cos it will only cause dissenssion…which is what Taib wants. Hey hang on, perhaps that is why you are saying what you are saying, cause you would like every non-"native" to be angry with the natives. hahahahaa…you have played right into Taib's corrupt regime. Be supportive and not condemning of the natives, cos another election is coming.

      • Utz

        hot…stop blaming the natives all the time lah…did you make an effort and go campaigning against Taib's PBB? Many "natives" put their neck on the line and openly spoke against taib, much to their own detriment, knowing that in the rural areas, unlike the urban region, much of what they get is from the governmebnt, which is hardly anything….but still they spoke out against Taib. You obviously idealistically believe in a fair and just democratic election and don't realise that Taib plays dirty in every election and rigs ballot boxes and more often than not, the dead always seem to come alive during elections and have their names ticked on the registered voters and they always seem to vote BN. So please stop pointing your fingers and doing the blame game and using the natives as the scapegoats cos it will only cause dissenssion…which is what Taib wants. Hey hang on, perhaps that is why you are saying what you are saying, cause you would like every non-"native" to be angry with the natives. you have played right into Taib's corrupt regime.

      • aborium

        Those in power will use all their powers to stay in power including the use or misuse of power blackouts during the counting of votes!

      • Penan

        include to blame some Dayak leaders who have been bullied and used as tools by Taib for his political mileage.

      • http://none Watch Dog

        hot..You are putting your frustration on us natives but do you realise that we live on the outskirt of the city,towns and yet there are NO policemen.Do you know why??

        Because our law is simple,what we say is the law,virtually no crimes at all.Our knowledge is less than you as we have no access to internet,telecommunication system (only in certain areas).

        Due to our simplicity of living,we are too trust worthy and whatever people in authority say,we 'blindly' follow always thinking it is good.

        So coming to election,when they are given paltry sum(dividends) once every 5 years,they will vote whoever gave them thinking that if money is taken and do not vote for them,it means "TULAH" or bad luck

        The message here is for you to help to educate the natives in rural areas.Maybe you have NOT repeat HAVE NOT been to the rural areas.If you are from West Malaysia,please come over and visit us here."HOT" as you maybe because no more rivers and forest in West Malaysia,the size of Sarawak with 20 million people living as compared to Sarawak with only 2.6 million scattered all over the place.

        For you to label DAYAKS stupid is a bad taste remark worthy of condemnation. It seems that you are a very naive person who do NOT travel to see things FIRST hand.I can bring you around so that you may open your eyes and we need you to preach the good news to them that there is NO such thing as 'TULAH" when you take the money and VOTE against BN.It is NOT the time now to point the fingers purely at the natives alone as I am sure that there are Malays who are suffering too but dare not say so ,scared of being rebuke as BN is virtually their party.

        So now do you get my point,let us go to rural areas and educate them instead of condemning the natives.May GOD bless you 'hot'.

      • Avenged SevenFold

        Hot, if you are really highly capable and a powerful person, I would be the first and the last man standing alongside you, if you do the following first few and most critical steps:

        1. Get the consent of YDP Agung, to intruct EC(SPR) to do the resizing and rebordering on all the Parliamentary and DUN constituencies that have been subjected of being gerry-mandering over the last 25 to 30 years.

        2. Form an opposition political party, comprising of highly credible, clean, honest and hard working candidates to contest in all Parliamentary and DUN seats.

        3. During Election, rope in MAFREL, BERSIH and Foreign Election obserbers from the United Nations to monitor the election process, right from the campaigning period to the actual voting day.. They are to declare the outcome and the validity of the election, and not the Devil's Advocate, SPR.

        Now, you can see, these are all impossible. Not even on the # 2. If you yourself can't afford to do anything, just be gone, man, if not, say other things constructive.

  • hot

    native sarawakians are being compared to Tasmanians … LoL.

    sarawakians are greedy … they do themselves in.

    $50 dollars for their ancestral lands …

    common give us a break.

    • Utz

      have you ever lived in the shoes of a native where you are so deprived of so much of the basics of life's necessities that, RM50 can seem like RM500,000 to people who truly do not have much? the govt's trick is to make them sooo extremely poor that they are able to control them… go to these villages and give them a bag of sugar and they will be so grateful to you until their grandchildren they will tell the story about "hot" the person that sweetened their lives for a brief moment. don't judge them if you do not know them. don't know them only as the ones that supported the govt… know them as a people that want to live a simple life, happy to plant their padi and small vegie plot…and know them as as people that are not greedy for $50, but just as a people that aren't interested in power play or politics… If you are angry, be angry with the govt… and go to all these "natives" and tell them why they must not vote for the govt and that the govt cannot take away their lands if they do not vote govt. Be their friend, and you will find in the next elections, they will be yours… They are so far removed from Taib that even if opposition won, it would not matter to them. so if you really want PBB and BN out, you also do the work.

      • hot

        natives have been living an impoverish live though out their existence – so they dont need too much.

        the less they have the better their chances of survival.

        white hair did a good job thou by giving them about $50 just enough for em to get by. they dont need much else they get corrupted.

        long live native sarawakians.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      hot..So now the Aussies are feeling the pinch too.Their meeting has been interrupted and eventually called off.The organiser has been threaten with RAPE just like the Penan.Ta Ann's Taib shows their true colour and the Police is also on their side.

      I hope that the Aussies do what the people in Tebedu did..customary law prevails..tit for tat.Come on Aussies "SAVE TASMANIA" from being raped.

  • Dalai Dayak

    The natives of Sarawak are to be blamed. They voted in the BN time and again without giving themselves and others a chance at a new government. It is naive to say that the natives depend on government development. How much development in the rural areas??

  • Donald Trumpet

    Make more loud noise!!!! So the whole world would know the story… i hope CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and Oprah would make a BIG story about this… :)

  • Donald Trumpet

    Utz, i agree with you…That is what we should do…educate and share the awareness about the ugly truth….we should unite and spread the awareness to the rural people…..one way also we can contribute by sharing the stories through the net eg. Facebook…

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Tasmania…Where are your:-

    1. Environmental Group..NGOs??

    2. Forestry minister???

    3.Tasmania Chief Minister??

    Have you all NOT seen enough?? Please read Sarawak Report and see for yourself??

    Come and visit Sarawak first,then hold mass demonstration?? There is NO such thing as "SUSTAINABLE". Either the tees are cut or preserved..Which one do you all want?? Maybe Tasmania CM is being blinded by AUD.


  • aborium

    The truth hurts and that's why they try very much to keep the truth away from public eyes and ears.

    I think we should stop demeaning our natives. They may not live the way most town-dwellers do or possess cars and the luxuries that life has to offer, but they're our people, flesh and blood. A good number of them have far greater knowledge of how ecology works or plant medicine or craft skills that many college graduates! That's the naked truth.

    Like it or not, it's our responsibility to help the needy not scorn them for whatever their failings & town folks have much greater failings by the look of things that's happening in towns and cities – slickers, hustlers, rapists, murderers, mad dogs and lawmen, etc.

    In as much as most of us may not want to opt living in a jungle, by the same token, our native brothers and sisters may not want to live in towns & cities for obvious reasons.

    Porridge for thought!

  • Taib Must Go

    Please join our 18k strongs Kami Rakyat Sarawak Mahu Taib Berundur A.K.A Taib Must Go FB Group

    Please follow us on Facebook

    Or follow us on Twitter

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Taib Must Go..bro,please make a "T" shirt and sell for RM20 with the words "TAIB MUST GO"

      'Change for the BETTER"

      Open a bank account and ask to deposit and then the T shirt is sent by post laju to the buyers.

      As for SNAP..part kasam lama and base as jumping frogs.Let SNAP die a natural death..all leaders with PBDS are the same..one down and one to go.IGNORE SNAP…Change for the better now..UBAH LAH! ! !

      • aborium

        The idea of printing T-shirts is great bro. If it is designed, packaged, and distributed properly, there's no reason why you shouldn't be making money out of a political situation. This is entrepreneurship that doesn't have to depend on gov't contracts 'cause you know the majority of us won't be getting them anyway even if we have the cash and brains.

        Get a good designer, a good price for your printing costs and distribution channels. A simple website to take orders, number size, and colour will do. Word-of-mouth advertising and through your social networks will suffice. Image and Words are powerful means of communicating your message.

        But please leave a portion of your profits (amount doesn't matter)for the needy & you've done your part to the community!

        Blessed you.

  • ideko

    who to blame?… who vote for HIM?… Do we hv to blame the natives all the times?..

  • Taikohtai

    Looks like a tit-for-tat here.

    Lynas vs Ta Ann

    Gebeng vs Tassie

  • aborium

    There is now growing awareness of forest destruction across the globe and the need for conservation of forests for the future needs of our children. However, there is less appreciation and awareness of our indigenous cultures which are also fast vanishing (here in Sarawak) and which we have a moral and societal obligation to protect because like the forests, once they're gone, they're gone forever.

    That includes our unique Sarawak languages, traditions, customs, ceremonies, traditional arts and crafts, rites of passage,etc. While we are being fed by the mainstream media or tourist magazines which portray culture in a stereotype way, we are losing sight of the many tangible (artifacts, monuments)and non-tangible (stories, memories of places and events in the past) assets which have eroded, some disappeared without our notice and care.

    Just to prove a point. Ask 10 friends of yours about the BERAWANS – who they are, where they live and what they do for a living. I can bet you the majority wouldn't know. Why? Because they don't care and prefer more of the Nikes and the Macdonalds. Sad, but true.

    There's another strong reason – the loss and destruction of our forests also spell the loss and destruction of our rich indigenous cultural heritage. Cultures and forests are intertwined!

  • Hellfire Spitting Ne

    ''The forest is my roof and my shelter and the forest is also where I can find food to eat. But when the oil palm and the timber logging people and their machines comes in, everything will be gone.” quoted by a Penan Woman.

    This quote is cycling in the internet all over the world.

    • Avenged SevenFold

      It is really touching. Hope the world understands the message.

  • Blunt Speaker

    Destruction of forests contribute to global warming, causing sufferings to all human and indigeneous people as a result of contamination of water, loss of jungle produce, food supply, deaths of wild animals, birds, fishes and various wildlife. This is wanton abuse of mother nature due to greed and heinous acts of wicked men, unlike sustainable deforestation which should be practised. There are consequences to our every action, for good we receive blessings in return, for evil you get curses and damnations. Some may call it karma, or some refer it to retributions. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction specified by Newton law of physics, actually the law of nature. You may laugh it off, just brush it off or take it lightly, take my words that all shall be judged!

  • SarawakTulen

    The problem here is not anything about natives, rural folks whatsoever.

    It's really about those who still and still …… "pangkah BN" …..whether they are Melayu, Iban, Dayak, Bidayuh, Chinese etc.

    We believe there might be some ghost hand in voting process in every election, but the reality is there still exist "hard-core BN supporters". They still exist.

    That's why it's time for us to really work smart to convince the BN hard-core supporters… maybe amongst our own families, relatives, friends or even our own wife or husband who might sleep together but different political dimension.

    These are people amongst us at root level to be settle first. These are the people who in every election maintain and vote/support the monster of Taib Memut and his allies.

    At least if we successfully convince 30% of BN hard-core supporters to be with us, then there might be a big change of support to Pakatan Rakyat.

    Then…if that happens the monster of Taik Memut and his allies will surely vanish into the air forever.


  • kopiel

    all BN YBs are mad dogs waiting for authorities catching them to be neutralize. their brain and heart is very abnormal.

  • Tony Wong

    I wonder why the Australia government let one of the most corrupted people on the earth to start create havoc in their country? Don't tell me that they not already known what type of person Taib is?

    Or can I draw my conclusion that the authority has been bribed? The high profile corruption virus of Malaysia has reached Australia?

  • kau tim land

    From what I saw in a documentary, Tasmania has unique, exteremly hard, but beautiful wood that does not rot even in water. However, it takes a very long time to grow compared to other trees. Therefore, the government banned logging in the interior very long ago – maybe in 1950s. Is Malaysia money now changing the rules, just as it can change the outcome of PL football games?

  • OlangKampung

    Ayaaaaaaaaaaa The Natives that live in the Kampung are innocent People they be lied, cheated and conned. You try lied the Educated in Town, they will piss you OFF to HELL.

  • Charlie Brown

    Lynas Corporation which has started the rare earth project in Gebeng, Kuantan, Pahang, has among it's shareholders, HSBC Custodev Nominees (Australia) Ltd. Custodev is a Sarawak corporate entity. There might be something to mine there!

    The thing was raised by –

    A quick search on Custodev lists it's corporate involvement in several areas –


  • Bull

    I say it's karma. For centuries the White Australia policy and its remnants have wracked the basic structure of the Aborigines. Now any 'Abo' we come across are more likely to be either drunks, haters or both. Now they want to cry foul when some foreign native has come to sideline their inbred rednecks.

    As bad as stuff is here, at least there are plenty of natives who are much better taken care of (that includes many of y'all who can afford to constantly type away on the computer all day) than those so-called whites in a white country. They can't even take care of their own 'natives'…and now someone from their mother country is trying to come and tell us how to run the show? Please…get a proper education and wake up to the real world.

  • http://www.magickriver.org Antares

    As usual it all boils down to money and business and profits – taken completely out of the larger context of the fragile ecosystem of which humans are merely a part, albeit the most dangerously destructive. Sometimes I wonder if humans have the capacity to evolve to a more inclusive, deeper and wider perspective on life than just "earning a living" and "making a fast buck." The only hope lies in the younger generation turning their backs on the preceding generations' myopic obsession with material possessions, status, and luxurious lifestyles.

  • Neil Smith

    I'm from Tasmania.

    Tasmanians have been fighting against logging here for 30 years at least. But it seems that we are not smart enough to overcome the juggernaut which is the big-business-government consortium which keeps it all happening. Despite trying rather hard and quite cleverly in a lot of cases.

    It's mostly to do with the number of relatively unthinking people in our community who are indeed "rusted on" voters for one or other of the two biggest political parties, and those voters far outweigh in numbers the environmentally aware people.

    Ta Ann is the new kid on the block around here. Our traditional enemies have been nominally "Australian" companies such as North Ltd and most recently Gunns Ltd. They have always been aided and abetted by a rogue government statutory businees enterprise called Forestry Tasmania.

    One big irony is that both Gunns and Forestry Tas are on the rocks – neither has recently managed even to make a profit – but still the trees come down. There is some hope at present that the extremely poor market conditions might force governments to buy out some of the timber workers on the ground and in the process legislate for protection of some forest areas. But talks seem to have stalled; I'm not holding my breath. Someone obviously has another agenda.

    As to whether our authorities "did an environmental check" on Ta Ann and Mr Taib before letting them in – ha ha, we in Tasmania would have to laugh. That's not the way our governments work. They don't even need to be expressly bribed – they just slavishly kowtow to any company who claims to be providing a few "jobs".

    The Tasmanian government is the one who gave away a lucrative contract for a statewide gambling machine monopoly to one of their mates for free!

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Neil smith…They use the same modus operandi from Sarawak to Tasmania,Australia..MONEY is the root of ALL evils..For you to say things like that "NOT EASILY BRIBED" is laughable and merely make my feet tickle.How about they open an overseas bank account where the money is credited to their account? Ta Ann and Taib are professional bro.,real professional.

      They 'clean' the dirt money first and also offer job opportunities to the locals.So to the public eyes..they are the saviour to unemployment but behind the scene it is different..

      Please rethink bro and tell your fellow Aussies.

  • TP

    WAtch Dog,

    Money is not the root of all evils. Money is neutral. It is a commodity. However, if you are referring to the bible in the book of Timothy it says "the love for money is the root of all evil". It refers to GREED. Please correct yourself there mate.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      TP..thanks… It can be both.

  • Stanley Teoh

    People of Sarawak, who is YOUR COMMON ENEMY ? ….. DAP ?…PKR ?…… SUPP ?…….SNAP ?

    As long as you don't identify your common enemy, your people will remained split and exploited,disadvantaged, your rights trampled upon, your women raped, your menfolks intimidated and beaten up or killed ! The common enemy of PR ( DAP,PKR & PAS) is the BN – BARISAN NASIONAL. Is PR your common enemy ? Which party is Governing Sarawak for the last 50 years and NOW ? Sarawakians must agree who is their common enemy – otherwise be pepetually enslaved ! I dare say PR is NOT your enemy. BN wants you to believe PR is YOUR enemy. But we say, BN is YOUR enemy No. 1 ! Continue with BN and you , Sarawakians is a lost cause ! Why didn't you take a chance with PR? Better to be with the DEEP BLUE SEA THAN TO BE WITH the DEVIL ! The DEVIL will take your soul and leave you empty ! At least you have a fighting chance with the DEEP BLUE SEA ! I would rather support a person of unknown character, than to support a person I know who will rob me blind !

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