Trouble in Tebedu

Trouble in Tebedu

14 May 2011

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Don't bulldoze our forest.

Sarawak Report has received an exclusive dossier of photographs showing the full extent of the violence and anger that has broken out in the normally quiet, law-abiding communities of Tebedu, Serian.

The trouble broke out a fortnight ago, as Taib’s logging raid on this valuable area of remaingin virgin jungle got under way.

Village headmen were threatened and there was an unprecedented attack on the machinery and transportation trucks belonging to the logging company.  The loggers, mostly foreign workers of course, had fled in advance.

Current Stand-off

No more use out of this.

It has already been reported that this rare outbreak of resistance by the normally timid and extremely impoverished Bidayuh community resulted in the torching of 4 lorries, heavy machinery and 5 buildings for housing the foreign workers.

A bridge that had been used to enable the transportation of wood has also been damaged.  Our pictures now reveal the extent of the destruction carried out by some 500 villagers from 10 affected longhouse communities.

A representative has told Sarawak Report that the action was born out of desperation and a sense of deep anger and betrayal by a united community against what they rightfully regard as an illegal raid on their homelands and the territory they live off.

We had tried every other method to stop them, but nobody took any notice” the spokesperson explained.

Indeed, over the past few months representatives from the villages have filed two police reports demanding a halt to the invasion of their native customary rights territory, which have been ignored.  The communities have also written numerous letters to State and Federal authorities, which have also been unanswered.

Something had to stop this mass raid on their forest.

According to the villagers these letters were addressed to the Political Secretary of the Chief Minister, the Political Secretary of the Prime Minister, The State and Federal Environment Ministers, the State Director of Healthand to Michael Manyin and Richard Riot, the State and Federal representatives for the area among others.  However, none of these politicians belonging to the ruling BN coalition bothered to respond.

This failure to take action was in the face of a litany of justified complaints by the community, beginning with the fact that the villagers were already experiencing a pollution of their water supplies caused by the logging activity upstream.  The villagers were also angry that the road, which they had originally been told was being build as ‘development’ to service their villages, had suddenly stopped hundreds of yards short of their homes and swung up instead into their forests to bring in bulldozers to plunder the wood.

Surely, a government that boasts it has brought ‘development’, but has yet to provide adequate water supplies or roads to an area it is seeking to exploit in this way, should at the very least attend to complaints about its sponsored activities?

Now, in a crisis entirely of the Chief Minister’s own making the situation is one of stand-off.  The local police have calmed the villagers and and are said to have acted in an understanding and effective manner.  However, with the logging now at a halt, it rests with the state government to decide how to handle the situation that their own negligence and greed has allowed to arise.

Taib’s greed

poorly constructed logging roads cause massive mudslides and erosion. When the loggers leave these will soon be useless for the local community.

Like so many of the problems in Sarawak Tebedu has been caused by Taib’s own greed.

Just last month he took part in a fraudulent TV interview, showcased on a sponsored Sarawak website, in which he claimed that 70% of Sarawak’s rainforest is pristine, “preserved” and untouched!

The clearly rehearsed and heavily edited performance was designed to counter the unanimous assessments by respected environmental organisations that well over 90% of the jungle has in fact been taken – it is generally agreed around 95%.

As we have pointed out, this assessment has even been echoed by Taib’s own cousin and business proxy Hamid Sepawi, who has stated:

”most of the natural forests of Sarawak have been logged at least once”         [Hamid Sepawi – 2006 application for Planted Forest Licence, Ta Ann Chairman]

The truth is that the miserly old Chief Minister cannot bear the prospect of handing over office before all such valuable areas of remaining hard wood have been mopped up and the proceeds placed in his bank accounts.  Sarawak Report has already detailed the testimony of senior businessmen who have confirmed the level of bribes and kickbacks they are forced to pay the Chief Minister and the Mahmud family in return for gaining logging licences.  Why should Tebedu be any different?

Wood that is worth hundreds of millions of ringgit

Stopping the destruction and plunder of their lands. If polite letters and police reports and constant requests don't work.....

The 4,125 hectare area of virgin rainforest that the Minister for Resources and Planning (Abdul Taib Mahmud, in one of his many political guises) has signed off for logging in Tebedu, is a precious remnant of jungle right deep into Sarawak’s interior, reaching up to the Indonesian border.

It is packed with valuable hardwood trees, such as the top quality Belian, which have now been almost entirely wiped out by Taib’s earlier logging.  Such is their rarity now that, according to Dr Christopher Kiyui, the local man who ran as PKR’scandidate at the last election, this wood is therefore worth hundreds of millions of ringgit.

On past evidence that means that the destruction of this area will bring half that in profits to Abdul Taib Mahmud himslef and that the local people will receive nothing except the destruction of the lands they once lived from!

How things are done in Sarawak

Taib also had the cheek in his recent TV interview to claim that all logging and development is carried out ‘sustainably’ in Sarawak!  So, let us consider the process by which he has conducted a lightening raid on this rare patch of virgin jungle, which is the recognised native territory of the Bidayuh.

Taib launched his move on the area in 2009 handing a timber licence on 15th October to the State body known as the Sarawak Foundation.  This was set up in the 1970s to support education in the State and is now firmly under his control.  The local residents were of course given no notice of the area having been selected for logging.

A sensitive environmental concern? The "investment company" set up to raze Tebedu, just days after Taib gets the licence

Twelve days after the timber licence was granted, 27th October 2009, a private company called Alliance Bahagia Sdn Bhd was formed by two local businessmen, Tiong Ngie Kiang and Ho Tion Soo (a hardware merchant).  The company described its area of activities as “Investment Holding, General Merchants and Management Services”.

However, records show that on 3rd of May 2010 Alliance Bahagia was awarded a Timber Extraction Agreement and Power of Attorney by the Board of the Sarawak Foundation to be their “sole and exclusive contractor to fell extract and dispose of merchantable timber from the said Licenced Area”!

"Sole and exclusive contractor" - but who told the local people?

Sarawak Report would like to enquire what investigations had been carried out by the Board of the Sarawak Foundation and the Forestry Department into the suitability of this company to extract wood and what Environmental Impact Assessments had been carried out to ensure the ‘Sustainable Forestry” of this prime area of pristine jungle, one of the few such remaining in Sarawak?

The only way left to stop the logging raids

More to the point, if such assessments were made, why were they not published and opened to expert scrutiny?

Even more to the point, why were the local people told nothing at all about any of this?

By June 2010 the machinery of Alliance Bahagia was rolling into their area and driving through roads and tearing down trees causing water pollution and these people had been told nothing about it!

Sarawak Report questions the independence of the Board of the Sarawak Foundation is this matter, given the Membership of that Board.  We note that the Chairman of the Board is none other that the brother in law of the Chief Minister, Adenan Satem, who is also in his State Government as Minister of Information!  The most senior board member is then listed as Mrs Jabu, wife of Taib’s loathed Deputy, Alfred Jabu, while the State Financial Secretary of Sarawak is also on the Board. In fact, practically all the members of the Board are equally either politically or personally related to Taib or depend on him for their official jobs.

Cosy line-up. The Sarawak Foundation is run by his political appointees.

Disgraceful deal

It was not until September 2010 that the Company set about doing something about the locals.  What they did has become a typical and disgraceful form of corruption under TaibMahmud, who passed legislation to end the democratic election of headmen and to replace the system with appointees, who are paid a small salary by the State.

“In the 1970s the headmen used to be elected” explains Dr Kiyui, “now they are just appointed by the local YB, in this case Michael Manyin, and they are his puppets.  By right any project that enters the Kampong should have the agreement of the people.  However, what is happening now is that they are never informed and the first they know about it is when the surveyors arrive carrying out measurements and the machinery arrives.  Generally this is common practice in Sarawak where they do logging or gazette land for so-called development projects.  The villagers are not in the know until the bulldozers enter the village or they are barred from entering their farms”

Of course everyone in Sarawak knows of this problem.  It is a corruption of the democratic system by Taib (one of many he is responsible for) and it is a deeply regressive development by a man who pretends to represent a ‘progressive’ government.

If someone had stolen your multi-billion ringgit forest might you be angry too?

So the loggers, backed by the Sarawak Foundation, the local YB Manyin and Taib, as the Minister in charge, did a dirty back-room deal with 5 of these headmen.  It was a typical deal of the sort that has deprived communities of their rights and lands and of course proper compensation the length and breadth of Sarawak.

These 5 Headmen, who are all of limited education, were summoned to a meeting with representatives of the logging company and their lawyers and asked to sign an “Agreement”.  They were given no warning or explanation and they were not given the opportunity to consult their villagers in advance, as is specifically their role and the custom under established laws and procedures.

The “Agreement” was in English, which these men do not speak and they were not given any access to translation, legal advice or any explanation of the terms of the “Agreement” they were signing.  As employees, therefore, they did as they were told under the circumstances and signed a document that, in return for what is believed to be a scandalously small sum, handed away all rights over their community’s multi-billion ringgit jungle areas.

RM 50 each?  and they didn’t even see it!

Not so easy for the loggers to wash their hands of all responsibility as they thought?

It is believed that Taib, his Sarawak Foundation and the Alliance Bahagia company paid RM50 per person in the community for this agreement to surrender all their existing and inherited rights over the land and as full compensation for any future harm or damage that might arise from the logging around them!

Of course the people have not seen any of this money because it was handed to the Headmen on their behalf in a so-called “ex-gratia” payment.

This outrageous and exploitative agreement, of which Sarawak Report has a copy, further makes it plain that the headmen are also taking on the full responsibility of dealing with any future complaints that the population might have as a result of the logging by the company!  The company has washed its hands of dealing directly with any of such difficulties – and all for the bargain price of RM 50 per person!

Extract from the exploitative agreement - the company washes its hands of all responsibilities and leaves the headmen to deal with any future complaints by the villagers who are still unaware of the contract!

It is finally worth point out that this agreement was signed by just 5 of the headmen out of the 14 communities affected by the area of the logging licence.  The other headmen were not invited, but the agreement specifies that it has been signed in the name of all the communities and acts as a full and final settlement of the issue as far as the company is concerned!

Plain fraud

The name for an agreement such as this is Plain Fraud.  In any genuine court of law the persons responsible for such deception would be convicted of blatant and calculated theft and fraud and the agreement would be dismissed as null and void.

How 5 Ketua Kampong secretly signed away the rights of their people.

However, in the corrupted and impoverished State of Sarawak such dreadful devices are covered with official stamps and waved about in people’s faces as if they bore the full majesty of due legal authority.  Sadly, under the politics of Taib Mahmud they are treated as such by officials and used against the people by loggers such as Alliance Bahagia until they are tested in court.  [CLICK HERE FOR THE WHOLE DOCUMENT]

Fortunately, in this case Baru Bian, the human rights lawyer and newly elected leader of PKR in the State Assembly will be taking up the matter.  He has won numerous land rights cases against the government of Abdul TaibMahmud in recent months.  The Chief Minister’s reaction has been to first threaten the judges who were finding against him in accordance withthe law and then to have them removed.  This is not the way to deal with justified and lawful complaints.

Dangers of dictatorship

Pushing people beyond what they can bear?

Taib may get hold of the forest by these means.  He even managed to win the seat for this area in the recent election.  After all, the BN Candidate Michael Manyinthreatened the communities that their electricity would be cut off if they did not vote him back in!  He also bribed them with two slaughtered pigs and a handout of 30,000 ringgit (a pittance compared to the value of the jungle which he is allowing to be taken from them).

Just to make sure, according to Dr Kiyui, many local people under the age of 40 found that their names had disappeared from the electoral register on the day of the vote!  Manyin won by 4,000 to 2,000 in this tiny rotten borough of a seat, where so many of the people have never been registered at all.

However, by removing the processes of law, the opportunities for complaint and all access to justice, Taib is falling into the trap of so many dictators.  The actions of the people of Tebedu show that they have been pushed too far.  Like the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Lybia they have been forced to do what they would never normally do – they have resorted to rare violence.

The loggers cannot just write themselves out of responsiblity via a tacky agreement. They hold responsibility fair and square.

This is what Taib pushed them to do the weekend before last:  First the people threatened the Headmen, whom they had discovered had signed away their rights for money.

As a result, the headmen then had to rush to the police who sent in all the local reserve forces for their protection.

While the forces were so occupied the crowd of 500 local people went up to the machinery, which had been abandoned by the frightened foreign workers (no jobs and no money for the locals from Taib’s ‘development’ project as usual) and they torched it.

What did Taib expect?  Why is this insanely greedy man still running this state on which he haspersonally wreaked so much destruction out of pure personal averice? Countries across the world are beginning to ask why Malaysia does not act?

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  • Godsaveus!!!

    this is the case of "rape of tebedu".

    • taib

      traitors! n the people still vote for bn? padan muka!

      • iban

        Yes, please vote UMNO/BN… this is what you get!!

        • anakswk

          Hey, you don't know how to read, don't say they deserved it.

          Taik took immense measures to ensure that he won that seat and many dirty tactics as well.



          "Just to make sure, according to Dr Kiyui, many local people under the age of 40 found that their names had disappeared from the electoral register on the day of the vote! Manyin won by 4,000 to 2,000 in this tiny rotten borough of a seat, where so many of the people have never been registered at all."

      • NoUmno

        No… most orang asli don't have access to the internet. Their only source of news is the main stream media controlled by BN. When you are fed lies, then threatened with harm to your family, self and source of living, would you be so brave? Would you stare down the BIG government with your (one, single) vote when you are "reminded" that big brother "KNOWS" who you vote for? Remember… the orang asli are simple people. Don't blame them. Besides, with all the reports of "rampant cheating" in the recent Sarawak election, how sure are you that the reality is they did NOT vote OUT Taib and company?

    • hot

      native sarawakians dont need too much for survival and I am very surprised by their inhumane action.

      they have just recently given white hair the mandate to rule over them for 4 years and what was their problem. they have all gotten $50 ringgit to vote BN and they should just be a good dog and not biting the hand that feed em.

      this is so shameful of the native sarawakians. they never appreciate the $50 ringgit they gotten in exchange for their ancestral land.

      Shame on you native sarawakians. shame shame shame.

      • Proud Sarawakian

        hot, you are either so stupid you don't know how to construct your thoughts on paper or you are so stupid to blame the natives. the shame is not on the natives. read some history and human psychology books before you make more stupid comments here.

        • hot

          I donno who is more stupid thou – after 32 years of giving away ancestral lands for $50 ringgit and still giving white hair mandate in the last election also for $50 ringgit…

          if that is not stupid i donno what is … you are not too much of a proud sarawakian – maybe a STUPID proud sarawakian.

        • Justice

          hot is just using reverse psychology.

      • dom

        hot, u might wanna take that bad. Yes the natives may have poor awareness of the corrupt system but this is only because the promised 'education' and/or 'advancement' has never reach their door step. I have a strong believe that you've never walk the lives of any of these people u accused even for a day.. had u been mate, you'll know how much we are deprived of our own rights mate.. not to mentioned you fail to understand that 5 o/f 14 headmen were called & the irresponsible 5 signed without the community's consent. not that i can really blame you for your poor analytical & comprehension, given the rotten state of the education system.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          dom..Countries like Sarawak,Sabah and Malaya joined together to form MALAYSIA on 16th September 1963.

          When the BN people campaigned in rural areas,they still talk about Roads,Pipe water and electricity..what sort of brain do they have? By now we should NOT talk a bout this but talk a bout shares in Bakun Dam,Bengoh Dam,Oil Palm Plantation on their NCR land.

          Next election if they still talk about these basic utilities which are the basic rights of the Rakyat,CHASE him or HER away to the edge of the river so that CROCODILE will eat them up.

          Now we want shares in Bakun dam,Bengoh dam,oil palm plantation,Oil and Gas,education for our children,fair representation in Federal and State civil service and NOT let one RACE rule over us forever and ever corruptly like NOW

      • ice


        u only dare to say courageously when your OLD timers (parents/ previous generation) already stand and defend your rights and your land while u kids only 'sit' back there hiding and waiting for victory then u came out from under your table and shout, 'yeah! let then know who WE are' pitiful. ==! i believe they took alot of bullets and suffering when they fight against the government. but WE are different, coz WE are the first generation who wants to fight, against our own kind, and against the multi billionaire mega corporation. its not easy when THEY got full control of the media, the financial and the power. and pls, don call the sarawakians or anybody stupid, it only shows either u are immature and lack of knowledge. if u don't know how to read and understand the words posted, then u are even worse than the ppl you called stupid ==!

    • Albert

      not only this case,gas cylinder sole to indonesia hv not been stop.why?

      • http://none Watch Dog

        Albert..If stopped…TM's crony has nothing to do..KKB BHD.that is KHO KAK BENG BHD..making gas who encourage ILLEGAL trade??? People in power..ha ha ha ha

        SRAMAT ONU GAWAI bro.

        Selamat Ari Gawai,Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai..

      • sah2 dh

        TAIB,TAIB,TAIB……buat jalan untuk pembalakan boleh…buat jalan raya tak boleh,banyak alasan pula…masalah bentuk muka bumi la,masalah kewangan la,macam-macam Taib punya alasan,p kalo untuk pembalakan semua boleh..

    • only human being

      all the politician are the same.when they get the power and money they will be BN or Pakatan are all the same. corruption will happened when there are money and power..they had misuse what they get from the rakyat votes.

  • najibrazak

    Luckily for BN and myself we have absolute control of the police and other arms of repression and almost as strict control over the Courts. So on that score Taib and ourselves can continue to rob and cheat the common people not just of Tebedu but all over Malaysia. What does worry us is that, with no legal option open to them the common people may decide to resort to the kind of actions seen recently in the Middle East. One fire in one logging camp may not seem much but fire can spread like disease and become impossible to put out. Ask Mubarak or Ghaddafi or Al-Assad, all good Muslims like ourselves? Again I must ask myself if it is not time to get what money we can from him and then throw Taib to the wolves.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      najibrazak.."all good muslim like ourselves" are talking SHIT man,rubbish.

      Please think before you speak.Respect is earned and NOT made bro.

      • najibrazak

        If you can show that Mubarak Ghaddafi and Assad are not Muslims I am sure millions of people all over the world will be keen to see your proofs. Otherwise it might be more sensible to read before you think and think again before you write

        • Proud Sarawakian

          Ghaddafi loves Eastern European "nurses" … i guess that's very muslim like. najibrazak and hot are just idiots with a computer.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          That is by CORRUPT practices.Think Bro before you deceived the people.Where is the submarines commission.Euro114 million?? Money laundering,illegal gains from corrupted practices..Now more and more are uncovered by the French Government.

          Happen EVERYDAY in Malaysian Government administration .Clean up bro,clean up!!

        • http://none Watch Dog

          Gadaffi loves eastern European nurses but Malaysian loves MONGOLIAN model.

          You can download pictures and look like PM of Malaysia among one of them with Mongolian Model Al…

    • http://n/a Heartsick

      If I were you Najibrazak, i will just take my money out of this country and live a quiet and luxurious life anywhere I chose, while your fellow countrymen pray for God's judgment on you as they are doing on some other ex PMs. Better enjoy your gains while you have life and health and not be greedy to get more.

      • sah2 dh

        macam mana taib boleh kaya dari ghadaffi….fikir la sendiri…(the amswer is sekejam-kejamnya gadhaffi bererti Taib lagi teruk…)

  • tekirubus

    Another example of BN YB that bites the hand that feeds him.

  • Blunt Speaker

    The insatiable greed and vindictiveness of Taib has taken off so abruptly after the election. He is ever so eager to plunder and recover whatever he has spent to bribe the people, whether out of his own pocket or not. This devil of a man is so consumed by greed and vengeance that he has lost his heart and soul. He doesn't give a damn the sufferings and miseries he can cause by his ruthlessness, to both humans and animals alike, as long as he can appease his lusts. Though it's a bit too late for the people to realize, its better late than never! Don't sell away your rights like the biblical Esau, this is my advice to all native Dayaks!

  • http://none Watch Dog

    WELL DONE Bidayuh,At last you are a brave lot but still NOT good enough as you voted for BN.Now where is your BN Wakil Rakyat or Wakil Sendiri.You must collectively say you do it to the police.Say "WE" not I..

    Licence : Yayasan Sarawak.

    Contractor : Alliance Bahagia Sdn Bhd.

    Name of Directors:Yvette Mowe..a melanau.

    Tiong Ngih Kiang

    Ho Tian Suo

    Chen Hock Hng

    **probably husband and wife team,so each group hold 50% shares each partner.

    Employees : Illegal immigrant(No work permit at all)


    Indonesians (Brindon).

    Charges : Employing illegals at RM10,000 per person.

    ** Human trafficking under UN rules of law.

    The company went to log the areas outside he designated license. The areas are reserved for the Bidayuh to get their supply of timber for their individual housings.

    Actually I did post in Sarawak report before election but was ignored.The entrance road is just behind TEBEDU Police station and yet NO action taken by Police.Maybe already on the company's monthly pay roll as is the case.

    Immigration Dept enforcement division,RELA and PGF have to go and arrest the illegal immigrants working there.

    The news was out on Page 2 of the Borneo Post on Monday,9th May,2011 under the headlines.

    "Villagers protest against logging".Heavy machinery,lorries and quarters for workers burned in show of protest.**

    They should pursue further ,going after Filipino and Indonesians for illegally cutting down the trees from NCR land.

    Well done,Bravo Bidayuh..God bless you as the law is weak and police scared stiff to stop it.Need help!!!

  • Sarawak Son

    I am afraid if the Dayaks resort to violence the government will also resort to the use of force. I hope that this will not happen. The way the BN won the elections in the rural areas is because of the dirty tricks they used. This is the exact reason why Taib did not want Bersih people like Amiga and Wong Chin Huat to come in.

    • gerasi

      Well and fine,

      We will fight! Better to die for depending our rights than do nothing.

      Kalau taib mamut dan bn mau guna cara kasar, silakan dan boleh, kami rakyat boleh buat macam di negara-negara asia tengah.

      Mari semua kita mulakan serangan balas…..

      • brave heart

        Yes…..common fellow Bidayuh…its time to fight now….i'm from the affected kampung and i'm also at the place at the time the "kebangkitan" happen…we will support other kpg that facing the same problem..dont worry, our soldier will come and fight with you all…we will kill them and wipe them off our land…in tebedu, we are ready to redo the history that was happened in Niah, Miri few years ago…Taib, manyin…we will eat your heart…

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Oh ya,by the way KPG TRINGUS in Bau also illegal logging has been going on. Two lorries and one excavator was burned too. Two pregio van loads of CID/SB and police(about 20 of them) from Bau Police station went to investigate.

    License belongs to: Senator Idris Buang..PBB lawyer.

    License areas : NO MORE timber.The timbers are extracted by people with tatoo,dubious characters…violence type of people.

    Is this the type of Government that you voted for??BN,BN,BN,BN!!

    • pen4

      Don't forget, the same thing is happening in Julau.

      Come on all friends, we fight back the gangster goven.

      Hapuskan penindasan dan salah guna kuasa….go,go,go fight, fight, fight…

  • aborium

    It's becoming a scary world, a world that has lost its bearings, where right and wrong are blurred, almost made indistinguishable, where might is always right, and the financially and politically powerful seem always to get away with almost everything, including murder.

    In the parlance of the Wall Street guys, it's a field day for reaping in the fruits, but sadly at the expense of farmers, workers, and the millions of hard-earned pensioners money vanished in thin air! It's a cruel world.

    No matter how small, the incident in Tebedu has an uncanny resemblance to other uprisings across the globe – they share the same origin of human greed, injustice, inequality, loss of hope and rights (e.g over land), and money-wired brains leaving little room for human compassion, conscience,and the milk of human kindness. Bearings gone awry.

    You may say it's a cruel world, but tell that to people in Tebedu. They reach their tipping point. That's the scary part, the start of a fire.

  • Deep

    Good job. Show no mercy. When all else fails, burn.

  • ash gan

    it was a pity,this is what the representative of the just concluded election has given to all of you bidayuh who had vote for them after so many reminders of that same deeds will happen to you if they are in power,you all didnt listen and b,coz of rm50.00 your headman lay out red carpet for their machine to destruct your community.get hold of riot and manyin by their nose if they dont attend to the complain which was sent by letters,after all they were so vocal during the election campaign and why so quiet now?yb baru please come to their aids and show to riot that you are far is so sad,if only they have the objective nice tarred road will be built to your kpg otherwise,dont dream my friend.real real bad.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Sad sad sad..YB Baru Bian coming to their aid?? Last election,they voted for where is BN YB and BN lawyer? Are these two going to help the villagers?? NO way man,NO the villagers have to eat humble pies and ask YB Baru Bian for help.

      That is why people are asking you to accept your dividends and vote for Dr Christopher Kiyu but you all did not listen. It is Dr Christopher Kiyu who brought the matter up with SR.

      Please Tebedu people enough is enough,be wise from now on.Your MP Yb Richard Riot and YB Michael Manyin do NOT and will NOT help you all as they are receiving the crumbs from their masters..sob sob sob sob..all the forest is gone and water supply being dirtied .what next? Rape of the young girls by illegal Filipino and Indonesians employed by the timber contractor.Do you want this to happen as in Penan areas?

      No,No ,No,No…

      • ash gan

        serian population were so confident when hearing riot and manyin convincing them to vote for sebi(ants)unknowingly that these clowns are bad agents.they are filling their own pockets.deaf ear on them pls!

  • Jeffrey Lim

    Too bad Taib, his family, tycoons and cronies were not torched together!

  • Sil66

    Common wake up to all Dayak's,especially the Bidayuh don't ever cheated by BN leaders….1Malaysia concept your rights will be grabes by them.Here i would like to congratulate for your GOOD & INTERESTING job to beat TAIB & cronies company.Go a head " AGI IDUP AGI NGELABAN " KALAU BERANI JANGAN TAKUT TAKUT,KALAU TAKUT JANGAN BERANI BARANI.Struggle for our rights.

  • 55%%%%

    these incidents were not highlighted in BN's

    controlled newspapers ??? if sarawak report didn't

    mentioned,many won't know. so, this is 1Msia. lah.

  • aborium

    "The Rape of Tebedu" (Title given by a reader)

    They came one day, men and machines,

    plunder the land and rape the earth –

    she bleeds.

    They came with their signed papers,

    the right to plunder and rape,

    the right to own your land.

    Paid headmen run for cover,

    foreign workers flee,

    police begin questioning,

    and villagers torch those damn machines!

    Protect the land we must,

    for without it, we are dead.

    They plunder and rape,

    Now, they leave us to die?

    • Mr Sanuh

      Sudah dia org rape tanah, nanti orang pulak dia rape.

  • http://google tugabalingian

    5 iku bala Bidayuh ditangkap..lapa ga enda nangkap Adenan Satem, Empiang jabu, Tarmizi Sulaiman enggau ketuai pencuri Taib Mahmud ko ku?..uji Manyin ga tangkap nya pengulu pencuri menua nya…ingat bala menyadi udh tu buai bala perompak tanah NCR kitai, bepilih MP tu ila…………..

  • ash gan

    to all bidayuh,pls stop listening to all bidayuh ybs they are merely telling bedtime stories,when you all fall asleep they will start stealing from you.they are agents for the thieves.i mean all bidayuh areas pls change, kick out all your playboy ybs,this were the reminders which were directed to all bidayuhs from padawan,serian,bau,lundu and bidayuh in any part of this planet b4 the election,so future election you know what to do still not too late

  • Stanley Teoh

    Sarawak Report, have you gone down to the people and ask them why they CONTINUOUSLY VOTE BN FOR 5 DECADES ?

    Just ask them

    why they are willing to GIVE AWAY their vote for RM500,

    listen to a Penghulu who has been bribe with 50K to deliver his people' votes;

    why they continuously believe the lies and deceit of BN;

    why they fail to defend their own land;

    being WARRIORS why they are so afraid to defend what's rightfully theirs

    why do they not demand for what's rightfully theirs-health,education,basic rights;

    why are they easily satisfied with just 1 Astro decoder for the whole long house

    why did they not educate their future generation on their rights;

    SR, please ask your own people why, why , why , these things are happening to them.

    Sometimes, I feel like just giving up on you people in Sarawak and Sabah. You are such fools !

    • Musafir di bumi Fira

      I am just as frustrated and angry as you are, my friend. But don't forget the evil government Systematic Gynoxide to the minds and livelihood of rural people all these years in making them as brainless and backward as they are to forever be their Fixed Deposit. Also don't forget the massive Malpractices, Frauds, gerry mandering and abuses of power by BN and their proxies like SPR and PDRM during and before election. In most part of the world, there would be a protest on the outcome of such a dubious election.

  • Banting

    They were robbed of their NCR and yet they voted for BN in the just concluded Sarawak state election. That is the price for supporting BN. According to local newspaper, five villagers were arrested by the police in this incident, probably for an offence of an arson under section 435 of the Penal Code. There was similar case in Ulu Sebangan, Simunjan last year where 100 villagers allegedly burned logging company`s heavy machinery and trucks an estimated losses of RM2 million. In this case 7 people were arrested, but their charge for an offence under section 435 of the Penal Code was dropped due to insufficient evidence against them.

  • joseph ling

    ______points to highlight____

    (1) A state of lawlessness had reared it's ugly head with the people carrying parangs and arson in board shows anarchy has set in and we still have uncivilized people in sarawak.

    (2) wild behavior like this going to scare away foreign investors.this will not augur well to attract investments in RECORDABLE, SCORE, etc.

    (3) Wide publicity by mass media, youtube, etc has put MALAYSIA in particular to the world.

    • aborium

      Joe, while you may be sitting comfortably in your gated home, out here in Tebedu the villagers are fighting for their customary land and resources from being destroyed and taken away by greedy timber merchants.

      Shouldn't your 'points to highlight' be first directed to 'em plunderers and serial rapists of our land and forests? It is they who created the issue and the villagers' action was to defend what's rightfully theirs.

      Investors and SCORE can come later. It's their very own survival that is at stake! Point to Ponder.

      • ash gan

        aborian,i share the same thought as you,joseph,you will act even harsher if ppl were to go and tresspassed your backyard.those pc of land are the only source of income for them,they should protect.

  • Blunt Speaker


    • Musafir di bumi Fira

      I am sharing the frustration of our people in Tebedu and elsewhere whom were deceived and mistreated by the Draconian Government, but unfortunately their timing and calculative action is a missed. They should have done it before the PRN with the present of both foreign and local NGOs plus the pressmen.

  • Bulan

    Our government doesnt act against because all their balls had been castrated by corruptions.

  • Tiarama

    So the Bidayuh have risen up! Please pass these news and photographs to the other affected areas.

  • tiung Dayak

    Tebedu people..why so bising2 now..last time u vote that is the best presentzz..4 you all..aye Manyin..

    • pak malau

      hahahaha..same with my area (jerip susil) padan muka sapa suruh undi bn ? maybe in future my kampung became quarry.

      • ash gan

        bro! it is not future,it is going on now,start from mambong and sooner or later all the rocky mountains along the penrissen range will be turn into cement.get jerip,dawos and all bidayuh ybs stop this pollutions,very soon the bidayuh will inhale cement particles.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          ash gan..There are mountains left but all have been licenced to Taib and his cronies.When you think of it,it's sickening actually.Situation real BAD and even Kpg Bantang has been licenced for granite slab quarry. It will start not too long.You mark my words.

  • http://siawkuan Han Siaw Kuan

    That the problem for those who vote for BN. It all about money, not about people live they care the most. In the first place why vote for BN?????? They should vote for Pakatan, so can take back the land, money, forest & respect.

    Like what all those voter do in Bakalalan…. Vote for your voice or opinions to be heard.

  • ilondon

    A very sad incident and shouldn't happen right after the state election. Hi, authorities whoever you are please wake up and settle the issues. Violent and demonstration of this nature should be the last resort if the table talk is amicable and benefitting to both parties. No problem can't be solved if you are serious in tackling and rectifying them. I think you got the answer, due to you egocentric your dare not speak it out. Wakey.. wakey it is time to wake up that the rural meant business too

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Alliance Bahagia Sdn Bhd refused to talk with the people and REFUSE to compensate the villagers.Who in the right frame of mind won't get angry?The greedy Foochow timber contractor is counting his millions already and since license is under Yayasan Sarawak,they are very proud of it and won't care less about the villagers.

      Let me ask you,"Try to go to China and log the first there and see what happen? Or try Indonesia and see what happen? You will be a mince meat.

      Now Malaysia or Sarawak belongs to us all and let's share what GOD has given us and not just let one man to benefit from it.

      Good action..Bravo people from Kpg Temong area.!!!

  • Hen D0n

    I do not understand what and why the bidayuh did such a stupid acts. A few weeks earlier you voted BN and now you are complaining. You had given taib the blank cheque.Don complain.

  • benny

    the majority voter in tebedu & surrounding area condone the timber harvesting, bn won that area during the recent election right. so whats to complain?

  • Demak Man

    The Bidayuhs are bodoh, very stupid. The Ibans are the worst stupid people in the world. During election time, they vote for the corrupt BN, but when they are in trouble with the police and laws, they go and see Opposition YBs. That is why I say the Bidayuh and the Iban are people fucked by Taib and Jabu.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Demak Man..yes you are right and that's why N18 Tebedu has been changed to N18 they distributed expired keropok to the children in addition to RM30-50 plus BN cap,T shirt and 2 tins of untaxed beer.

      They even put up the sign.."THIS IS BN TERRITORY SO OPPOSITION

      ARE NOT ALLOWED HERE".They also criticized Dr Christopher Kiyu and now yet ask for the NCR lawyer YB Baru Bian for help.As a fellow Christian and he is very forgiving,therefore he took the case.

      This is a bitter lesson for N18 "Keropok" voters from Temong areas. and Parliamentary election is coming soon.Let us see if they still mark "X" for BN(SUPP)Richard Riot..Now where is your Richard Riot?? Where? Did he come to your rescue ?? Did he drop by or see you in Police lockup?? PKR YB See Chee How is by your side to take your case with YB B.Bian.

      Where are your 2 YBs? They don't even see eye to eye with each other.

      • Jones

        menek rayuk senda mu dapih..!

      • ash gan

        i might be a biddayuh but i am not as stupid as those who had voted for the bidayuh all vote for those so call ybs to take your land,now you go to baru bian for help.very stupid bdayuhs!!pls wake up

    • Tiger YK

      They are so cheap, even if free-of-charge, no one will take them … only good to be sodomee by BN

  • SarawakTulen

    I think the big problem is for all those who still pangkah BN in the Sarawak election recently.

    Actually these people only think for themselves in short-term period, without vision for the prosperty of their children and their great grandchildren in the future.

    They always day-dream in Barisan Nasional fantasy all these years. It seems lambang dacing is once and for all for them forever…dulu…kini…dan selamanya…

    Never do they think out-of-the-box.

    They were trapped into the notion of "ahhh…itu parti semananjung punya, kita ada parti sendiri….". These are trap set by BN all these years. Nah….sekarang apa jadi bila perintah itu orang PBB, SNAP, SUPP….mana dia kewajipan sebenar mereka terhadap rakyat???

    We are all Malaysians. No such thing as parti semenanjung or not semenanjung.

    In USA, no such thing as itu parti New York state, ini parti California state. Langsung tidak ada permainan kenegerian. Yang ada kalau tidak Republican atau ….Democrat. Itu saja.

    Begitu juga kita…kalau tidak BN…pasti Pakatan Rakyat.

    Yang penting apakah parti politik itu TELUS, TANGGUNGJAWAP dll.

    Kalau kita terperangkap ke dalam aspek kenegerian, maka kita tidak akan ke mana dalam kemajuan negara.

    • http://[email protected] sembayung

      Hanya BN dapat bagi kemajuan, pembangkang hanya pandai cakap kosong. Butuh. Look at USA, Democrate & Republican perintah US silih berganti, tak nampak pun mereka mundur. Bangkai.

  • Raymond Chan

    the Dayak community deserve it..

    not educate to sign agreement i think they are more $ educated.. what say you dayak head men….

    padan muka….

    • aborium

      Raymond, when you look at your 'muka' in the mirror, tell us honestly, do you have the heart to capitalize on someone who may not be able to understand the full measure of what they've done even for just a few dollars & seize the opportunity for maximum personal benefit?

      Careful how you answer.

  • honbil

    What an irresponsible Ketua Kpg. BTW..Padan muke kamu semua…hahahaha..thats the price for voting for a corrupt government under the poor leadership ..theres nothing wrong with BN or PKR or whichever Party..but the People who are running the Party are Corrupt and Greedy, they are the one that should be punished or to be blame.

    God help us. Save our forest.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Before happening of events,you talk to the Ketua kaum,they are heroes and will scold you and said only PERENTAH boleh tolong kami,but now maybe they are a change men.

      This is also because of theoir GREED when Timber Company promised each and everyone of them without the Kampong folks know as that is normally the case.They are naive and uneducated I suppose but nowadays the Government wants to control the villagers and this is their "modus operandi" now.

      1. All Ketua Kaum is paid RM800 monthly and come to District

      office once a week.

      2. Ketua Kaum must be a retired:- Policeman



      ** So that it is easy for them to brain wash**.

      3. Form RELA unit in each and every kampong.Give free uniforms

      and allowance when on duty(Like dogs controlling the

      traffic).YBs will give grant for uniforms.

      **Brain wash them and force them to vote BN in election.

      My advice to all fellow 'poster',NOT repeat NOT all Bidayuh are stupid,please take note. There are clever ones but they just refused to listen just those in Kpg Semadang ( just an example)

      So this coming Parliamentary,vote wisely do not think the candidate as your friend and want him to be Minister for Bidayuh but think about your children and grand children future. For the Bidayuh 3 MPs..pension them off and put a new one in place..yes they are Dato/Datu or Datuk already but to us serve no purpose at all.

      Next time around VOTE wisely and GOD bless. so long tata !!!

  • honbil

    Taib will only resign after he grab all the TIMBER TREES and WEALTH from our S;wak Forest. To all the bidayuh in Tebedu area..if they continue with their logging activities and run through your land..Charged them $50,000 per sq ft. Cause your land is your asset … if they still insist to run through your land..ask for a very, very, very high compensation..they can afford to pay you don't worry..If Not ask your dog to Fuck their back side!!

    • Tiarama

      Taib Mubarak knows he has to quit in three years. As time is running out he has to make every second counts.

      It doesn't matter now who is doing the logging business, he still get the larger share of the profit.

  • MeganFox

    Sebarkan, bakar semua jentera dan mesin-mesin serta kem diaorang. Jangan takut. Pertahan kan hak diri.

    Congratulation to the people of Tebedu. I hopes the other areas will follow suit too. WE BURN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malaysia 2 sets of L

    How can PM take action because of the famous saying which is not corruption in Malaysia but Corruption in the World.



  • Jarau

    The truth is those Bidayuh and Dayak people aren't stupid, they're just too selfish. Yet their selfishness is the thing that's destroying their future and their next generation.

    They are civilized indeed trying to do things the civilized way that is according to law because they believe an injustice have happened. Yet they are ignored and when all else fails they have the right to right the wrong done to them.

    I can sympathize with them but I won't lift a finger to help them cause I'm selfish like them. Why should I get myself in trouble for something not worthwhile to me. I'm a Sarawakian in Kuching just a few hundred miles from Tebedu yet what I can predict is that all those people will be arrested and things will go back as before because it has always been like that here.

    If you expect the event that happened in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya to happen here, I doubt it cause the State government is too dictatorial.

    The phrase "Evil flourishes when good men do nothing." is stark reality because good men are actually to selfish until they themselves are affected because its human nature. I'm human by the way.

    • James Nyuren

      Bidayuhs are still stupid. I am a bidayuh myself from Serian- "they" stole 5 parcels of my land near Plaman Baki. Atfirst the TRb offered me RM 700 and later RM 5000 for compensation- which I refused to accept.

      I am in deep shit. Hopefully BB can help.

      • http://none Watch Dog

        James Nyuren..I am very very disturbed b y your statement saying the BIDAYUH are stupid. That is a general statement and is wrong. I am one of those who is NOT repeat NOT stupid at all.Please do NOT call yourself stupid.DO NOT surrender your land but continue to farm it. Go and plant whatever you can on the order and leave the middle blank to protect your land.Alternatively you may work out the value at RM350,000 per acre.

        10 acres X RM350,000= RM3,500,000.00

        Land is scarce and money is NOT.So stop calling yourself STUPID. In Christ,I am RICH and so are YOU.

        • James Nyuren

          Watchdog- you are righr. Not all Bidayuhs are stupid (but 99% are). However, I am disappointed by our people voting for Manyin, Bayoi, Sagah et al. They never speak up for their people. They are just puppets. If the Bidayuhs of Serian cares about the future of their children, grandchildren, etc,- kick BN puppets out. BTW, J N is my real name, from Kpg, Bunga but residing in Myy voting in Senadin.

    • aborium

      What happened in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya may not happen here, but let's not be lulled into a comfort zone without investigating their root causes which strangely enough revolve around common themes of human struggle, greed and deprivation, inequality in the share of wealth and resources, intolerance, dictatorship, etc.,.

      What sparks riots and uprisings is the degree to which these trigger factors have reached their flash points. And before they do, it's wise to read the signs and symbols much earlier and perhaps simulate likely scenarios and well-prepared response.

  • No WAR

    Why are we all letting our feelings determine our actions? Why are we complaining and finding faults. Why are we deciding whether BN or Pakatan Govt is better?

    Why not we stop bickering and put our minds together and find ways on how to make sarawak prosper for all the sarawak rakyat without leaving out any races. Let west malaysian worry about their states and we sarawakian worry about our own state.

    Let not them dictate us on what should happen or how things should happen.Lets stop being people who complaints alot and do no actions or put efforts to make things work out. Violence is not the only way and definitely is not the wise way. What goes around comes around.

    Like foreign workers coming to our country, we complaint alot about that, but lets just stop for a second and ask ourselves, do we want to do the job that these foreigners are doing for the amount of salary that we pay them?

    If we are willing to work hard and accept smaller pay rather than not working at all and just be a complainer, then we would not need that many foreign workers here.

    If we native, are smarter and work harder rather than looking for fast and easy money, then we should work on our land and not just leave it empty. Cos its not being used, give people a reason to take it from us and harvest timbers from it.



    • aborium

      I believe the majority of SR readers are sane, law-abiding, and do not condone violence or war. However, an incident just do not happen on its own without a cause; knowing what the cause is, will help you find ways to deal with it.

      If you were to freeze a moment in time and rewind events backwards you'd discover the footprints to its root cause. It's a chain of events leading to an incident.

      It's not bickering, it's finding solutions to a problem by diagnosis and prognosis, and scenario-building.

    • Blunt Speaker

      Even if the forest is untouched doesn't mean somebody has to start logging. After all, they've logged almost the whole Sarawak bare. Do you think a girl must be raped because she's virgin? Come on, talk some sense please! We need virgin jungle to protect wild life and clean water for the indigenous people!

      • Hellfire Spitting Ne

        Brothers and sisters,

        We are living in a total PARADOX state, we have:

        1. Oil and Gas Exploration Industry – RM 68 – RM 80+ billions per year. After 35 % work commission given to exploration Cos like Murphy and Shell, 95 % of remaining money robbed from us by the Malayan. Whilst the other 5 %, we have no idea of where it goes.

        2. Timber Piracy – Roughly RM 2 – RM 3.5 billions a year shared amongst the ruling government bandits, their cronies and Foochow timber tycoons/mafias. 90 % of the money hidden in their offshore banking accounts and oversea business shares. I remember a few years ago, it was reported, a Foochow timber tycoon from Sibu, made more than USD 500 millions a year, in buying and selling of properties in his property businesses in HongKong, Taiwan and mainland China with the uses of the stolen timber money from Sarawak.

        3. Palm oil Plantation and Industry – RM 3 – RM 10 billions a year. Except for SALCRA and FELCRA which were GLCs, the rest, especially large oil palm plantation estates were owned mostly by BN cronies and their family members. What we argue and question most is, the way they acquire the massive land areas, robbing from the people in the most unethical and a scandalous way.

        We have had enough.

        • aborium

          There's a serious point in wanting to have an open and cordial talks with Federal on the renegotiation of the 5% petroleum royalty given to the State under the Petroleum Profit-sharing Agreement with PETRONAS. That 5% percentage hasn't changed since 30 years or more.

          When you factor in the cost of living, interest rates, and property appreciation over the 30 year period, you begin to appreciate that the rationale for the higher percentage in royalty is based upon simple 'cost of living' economics, no more nor less. Work out the sums.

          A food for thought.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      No WAR..YES outsiders laugh at us now because we have too many STUPID people like you.It seems that you are brain dead moron.GROW up man so that you will NOT be stupid .

      What a stupid guy like you make Sarawak suffers.Go to Church brother so that GOD touches your heart and you will wake up. You are still sleeping or maybe you are Taib's office boy.

      • Hellfire Spitting Ne

        I Acknowledge, Dear Sir Mr. Blunt Speaker. Not to forget:

        1. RM 7 – RM 12 billions annually collected by Inland Revenue Department from individual and corporate taxes.

        2. Another RM 10 – RM 15 billions collected by Home Trade Ministry and Custom Dep. on our consumer taxes.

        All totally control by the Fed. Our state being granted less than 15 % of those, in returned. What the PBB government is doing?

        • Hellfire Spitting Ne

          Correction. My last msg supposed to be in respond to Mr. Aborium. Sorry Mr. Blunt Speaker.

  • James Nyuren

    Bidayuh Budo. Manih bada ngundi Manyin wang nuh kaie nulung bancha kita. Naan boh- sien da era kinden. Pinikir tanu sibayuh kinden ngundi.

    • Sir Alui

      Tabi Saudara James. Manih amu maru bina manang bidayuh budo. Kan kah inya da budo da ira bina manang inya beken. Adup amu pan kurang pimandai. Nang amu obo bala kita bidayuh da aduh internet mung amu. Simene nuh printah kita da Sarawak ti da ma'an bala bidayuh. Gapih lagi ira biraguh kan semua da aduh kuasa mbuh dog taguh bada BN (Butu' Najib) ….Bidayuh kai budo, urang sia da bakok. Tabi..

  • babeh kuran

    Dont worry to all Dayak people. I get information that a good samaritan from australia, is actually a bidayuh, who live in australia now willing to help. He will paid certain amount of money to Taib's Gengster at Sibu and Miri for not helping Taib's in next comming general election.

    1. This billionaire, paid them a sum of amount USD10 Billion each head of the group gengster's to go out from sarawak and live somewhere else.

    2. Few YB's secretary will be given USD50 million each to persuade YB jump from BN. YB candidate from PBB will be given USD100 Million.

    3. Few Managers who work with Taib's Family will be paid USD500 million for them to become witness in court when the prosecution happen.

    4. Bank Negara already alert about Taib's hidden wealth.

    5. Few local company that had been cheated by Taib's family will be paid a sum of USD500 million for them to become witness in court.

    6. Few foreign company will be paid sum of USD1 Billion each for them to become witness.

    7. Few Taib's root informer and few YB's informer will be pain a sum of RM5 million to twist the real story from the ground.

    8. Taib's so called Bomoh will be given AUD500 million each to make stupid and unlogic story in their superstious forecast. They will make this Taib's family believe what they said.

    9. Few invester, who have own public share in Taib's connection company will be paid the same value of share to sell their share in that company.

    Are this sound crazy? Believe it when this happen.

    This Billionaire have nothing to spend and when he get old. Rather than he die with the untouche money, he better use it for some good reason.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      babeh kuran..please let me have this billionaire of yours contact as I want him to come to Sarawak. Instead of paying all thoes crooks,let him do the followings:

      1. Pay NOTHING to those goons that you mentioned.No p0ayment at


      2. Change or BUild new buildoings for all "ST" schools in

      Bidayuh areas and then other dayaks areas.

      3. Build new houses for all dayaks instead of paying those


      4. Education…Send the children to UNIVERSITIES overseas.

      5. Create businesses.

      6. Build roads,provide utilities to rural areas.

      7.Investments for all rural folks.

      I will become the Chairman of the RURAL INVESTMENT ARMS of

      these dayaks body.It is much wiser to do things instead of encouraging these people to be more corrupt.It is much better instead of paying all what you said.

    • aborium

      If something sounds too good to be true, it normally is. This is typical of ponzzi schemes – they throw big numbers so you're dazed but when you work out the sums they don't add! One flew over the cuckoo's nest – nuts!

      • http://none Raja Manggeng

        aborium…what numbers are you talking about bro?

        NO,not me bro, I am a different dayaks. I may be poor here on earth but in heaven I am rich.No amount of money will entice me as i think of our fellow dayaks. If I want it,long time ago I did it and I am rich by now.But what about my friends,relatives and fellow dayaks??

        Yres maybe there are other dayaks who want it but not me.Please do NOT generalise it as I am a Christian and our bible says:

        NEVER ACCEPT A BRIBE,IT WILL RUIN YOUR CHARACTER".Read your bible bro if you are a Christian.So the message is clear,do not be blinded by the numbers.

        • aborium

          Babeh kuran's numbers.

        • Jarausan

          I never read that line in a bible because probably I never memorize it. Where's the chapter its located?

        • aborium

          Jarausan, look up for number 666 in the Bible & we know to which group some of us belong to.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          Jarausan…ECCLESSIASTES 7:7.."If you take a BRIBE, you ruin

          your character".

          Number "666" belongs to Satan.You go and read


          You will also find out Pope John Paul,Michael Jackson,Selena in divine for your reading pleasure.

          May GOD bless you brother and Sramat Ari Gawai,Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai.

      • http://none Watch Dog

        aborium..What numbers are being thrown?? Millions or billions? I am NOT the type ,if I want that will be long time ago.Wealth of the state belongs to each and everyone of us and let NO one man or family controls . I am NOT blinded by figures ,maybe YOU I suppose.

        Naked you are born,naked will you die.Never accept a bribe,it will ruin your character.Please stop thinking about all those figures..I am NOT like the JUMPING FROG politicians..

    • James Nyuren

      Babeh kuran- are you in the right state of mind?

  • Blunt Speaker

    No.1 is not gullible for me, paying USD10 Billion for each head of gangster group thing. Come on man, be realistic a bit!

    • Musafir di bumi Fira

      If there were 5 gangster groups, it will cost USD 50 billions/ RM 150 billions. That would be enough to buy a Bidayuh Autonomous State. HeHeHe.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Blunt Speaker…we DAYAKS can also form our own GANGSTERS group.This is our STATE man,let us do it.We can call our gangster group,"WATCH DOG BORNEO".Membership RM10.00

      Any dayaks out there want to form,please let us discuss.Our gangsters do not encourage VIOLENCE unless provoked.We want to protect our natural resources,help the sick and the poor,protect our people especially our young girls from being abused, fair employment opportunities especially in GOVERNMENT service,fairness in religion,distribution of state wealth,fairness in scholarship awards by Yayasan Sarawak and state,Shell,Petronas,etc,etc..

      We have to start as I am fed up when going to Government offices,you will see just too many covered heads and when you speak English,they know NUTS at all.

      The balls are at your feet fellow Sarawakians.

      • tebuso

        Watch Dog…

        Good idea..

      • Blunt Speaker

        Watchdog, you remind me of Zorro, Robin Hood and The three Musketeers' stories. Are you sure it's going to materialize here in Sarawak to alleviate the sufferings of the oppressed people? Well, these outlaws as they seemed to be, were actually fighting for a good cause, a stark contrast to local gangsters used by this evil regime. If there is no better way, why not? It's a good option to consider. Free membership, if you can get hold of this billionaire Bidayuh Samaritan to sponsor us USD10B unless this babeh is fantasizing in wonderland with Alice.

  • Kobelco


    • http://none Watch Dog

      Kobelco..I thought a PUNCH is better than a slap but we,DAYAKS are peace loving people and also Christian,let us let GOD judge them.We will walk past them in HELL when they all cry for mercy and we can say "IT IS TOO LATE".

  • abot

    I went out to balui, belaga by road, all the way the forest is gone, just oilpalm trees all the way.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      abot..YES bro,only now you realise.We have been saying this all these while.We dayaks must wake up from deep skumber. Just because these GOONS employ our dayaks as lumberjack and sold the workers at the camp RM20 for AI PENGAYU when in actual fact the price is RM5,"segi manah Towkay nya."

      Oh gaji aku bisi meh RM2,000 when the towkay made hundreds of millions.We dayaks must realise this by now even though it is too late.

      Bidayuh areas last virgin forest is in Tebedu, Penrissen and Kpg Tringus,Bau communal grave plus the mountains.Even these are being raped now. As for Kpg Giam,Semadang,Danu and Skio it was detected much earlier before the damage is done.

  • Saint

    Where are the PR representatives. Election time they are everywhere, but when serious problems like this arise, all are so quiet and missing in action.

    • mike

      see chew how of pkr is their legal counsel.

      where is the bn ybs like michael manyin, wiliam mawan, alfred jabu, james masing, richard riot, rolan sagah?



    • http://none Watch Dog

      Saint..the people should look for their ELECTED YB for help and in this case.

      1.ADUN..YB Michael Manyin PBB..he who gives free untaxed

      beer,RM30-50,a BN blue cap and shirt plus a bar of

      expired chocolate and expired keropok for the children.

      2.MP…YB Richard Riot SUPP as his second car is from near the

      place,Kpg Sijijag.

      Why do you ask for PR? They even put up the banner saying "THIS IS BN TERRITORY AND OPPOSITION IS NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER."

      Now they are looking for PR lawyers for help..tak tahu malu lah!!Luckily PKR bears NO grudge otherwise still sleep in the police cell

  • Sangkuh Gansai

    Taib asset is freezed in Switz directed by Swiss President. Really funny. Where the hell is our PM,Hishamuddin, ACA, PDRM, ISA etc? Fuck off to corrupted BN and their cronies. You will be punished by HIM soon…

  • aborium

    Can I make a humble suggestion to SR readers to get hold of a camera or a h/phone with a camera and record all incidents worthwhile reporting and upload to SR?

    That way you'll have a wider coverage of events happening in the State. That way you're able to know what your YBs are up to.

    They keep a close watch on us, and the people should do likewise-keep a close watch on them! So when you see a reporter taking pictures of you, you too have the same rights to shoot a picture of him/her.

    Happing shooting!

  • odi

    Its hard to feel sympathy for them when they voted BN into government. But then again these Malaysians are poorly educated and do not know their rights? The opposition should send delegates into these communities on a regular basis instead of only concentrating on the urban areas. These head tribesmen still operate in an archaic way. You have to earn their trust. This will not happen overnight. The decades of lies that BN have been feeding them will be hard to overcome but must be done for their own good and for the good of all Malaysians.

  • oach

    what will happen when all forest is gone will sarawakian people live with full of luxury? come to think about it none of dayak people are rich or billionaire and each day our land had been sold to other without our realize it.

    meting dayak an jua bara tanak ik kembui duh gira duit mai bara tak pentingkan diri sendiri tanak jirud madis pun abo dog jua. BN ka pakatan kah so prug samah pak mani dayak anuk d sepatut pikul tanggungjawab nuk duh nai ani di spatut ik ? maki bara ik guruk guyang kejak ik nok piin beer ik … nyarah BN or pakatan pun meting guna dayak adi nyarah nuh dayak adi spatut jaga hak asasi ata so prug.

    • aborium

      Oach, where the forests are gone, so too will be our people 'cause we depend on the forests for lots of things – food, medicine, water, timber, shelter, boats for transportation, arts and crafts, cultural practices, regulating temperature,and a host of other things which we are dependent upon Mother Earth to provide – what they now called "ecological services" – which we now TAKE FOR GRANTED.

      Globally, our natural resources are fast depleting and part of the ecological crisis we now face.

  • orang sarawak

    i'm not supprised if empiang @ jabu's family is part of taik mahmud cronies too… even their 2nd daughter, jennifer bremas married to bold & ugly lebenens… it's far very too much for taik mahmud digging his wealthiness & personal interest on his position…now @ later it's the time for taik mahmud, family + cronies "GO TO HELL"… & taik mahmud NEVER forget that, your dead body will enshrouding in a white cotton or linen cloth but NEVER your jewellery @ property!!

  • abot

    James nyuren, are we stupid too. I am Mirik our ensentril land at Maloi and Liku were also stoLen. They have all the power, we gave them the powrer but have gone away from their Responsibility. Now about time we united to gain back our power , we should not argue what we have been stupid of. Let every one unite get info and expose them out. We have SR and freesarawak now to let off. Hoping those who done wrong will perish in this world and to hell they go. Doa orang yang kena sakiti di makbuli Allah dan Almighty. Amin and Amen

    • James Nyuren

      Abot- saya pun kena jua di Maloi but did not accept the compensation money. I was there when they raid our land (Hari Raya). SY agreed to leave but some of Miriek people sold our soul and rights (if you are from Miri- you should know who they are).

  • abot

    Never have we seen leaders been cursed like TM, each word said is a curse against him and his families. Look at how his children now been cursed,n the worst will come, makan duit haram. May Allah and Almighty hear the doa of suffering people he had created. Amin and Amen

  • ubah

    Blame the Sarawakians who voted for the BN. They are the ones who give BN the power to be the State Govt. Pray hard that PR takes over Putrajaya in the next GE so that the Taib fella can be put behind bars.

    Sarawakians have made a big mistake in supporting BN in the recent state election. Now, you still have one last chance in the GE13 to change your destiny. If Sarawakians still do not take this last chance, you deserved whatever shit BN throw at you and you have no right to complain.

  • Babeh

    Kita simayang & nyungka neg Tampa Amang, Tampa Anak & Tampa Roh Al-Kudus nyugon pimaguh, pinyanang, akal budi & tibu siha tirasen neg simua abih mamba 5 baak binua tik da timpuh pinyusah siti. Nyungka Akam nyugon pingajar da simene neg bala inya da ngunah pinyusah neg umat Akam da 5 abih binua siti. Ami picaya bahwa ti mah tanda2 pimandeg Akam da pindu kali neg dunya tik ngumit umat Akam da sentiasa picaya & taat neg Akam dalam pinyusah ato pinyanang. Ahi pikara da sinungka ami, Akam da taye puan neh. Simua tik sinarah ami neg Akam minan ganan Anak Akam Tuhan Yesus da meh jaji Juruselamat simua ami, AMEN. PUJI TUHAN..PUJI TUHAN…PUJI TUHAN…

  • Mr Sanuh

    Bidayuh sudah bagi lesen sama BN lo… Apa mauk gaduh lagik. Kalau tidak puas ati pegi undi masa parlimen nanti, jangan kasi Richard Riot menang, Manyin menang lagik. Kasi kempen lawan dia olang o… Tak usah mauk nyokong BN lagi.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Calling all VILLAGERS to come down to the COURT house to give support to the 5 people arrested.ALL of you MUST come down to jam the court house on trial date.The FIGHT does NOT end there.This is only the beginning.Now is the time for us to UNITE

    Now go and look for all those illegal workers that Alliance Bahagia Sdn Bhd employed to cut the trees illegally.We don't need foreigners to cut down our trees,we can do it ourselves.Why are the names of your two YBs not in the company as that is their area??A Foochow and A Melanau get the permission to cut down your trees from Yayasan Sarawak.???It's just F*****g mad brothers and sisters.

    Come this Parliamentary election,DO NOT vote for SUPP,yes Richard Riot is our friends but he enjoys all the perks that SUPP or KTS is giving him director's fees.please we just have to pension him now as he has been there too long,give him a rest.

    We need a CHANGE….UBAH now.

  • joseph ling

    As i have heard, alliance bahagia sdn bhd had pay more than half million ringgit to the kampung folks and they cut the trees with permit from goverment. All is written in black and white.

    Kampung villagers cannot uphold the law by themselves. the villagers should had a meeting with all the relevant party. they should seek lawyer advise before they burn and not after they burn.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      joseph ling…as a lawyer you must NOT believe in hearsay only. Go out and find out. The company simply refused to talk as they are so proud having got Yayasan Sarawak licence. The people are peace loving but will boil if the company refused to meet them.

      What half a million??

      • Kanang Sekeh

        Half million for 4000+++hectare forest area????after they took out all timber, they will planting oil palm..what a hack…

    • aborium

      Joe, as a lawyer you should know that there're legal grounds to fight back when the villagers are duped by their headmen who were allegedly paid by the timber company without the villagers' knowledge nor consensus. In my language, that's called a cheat and a traitor. What does the law say about cheats and traitors?

  • Raider

    At last the raiders of the last fringgers of Sarawak Jungle are notice by law biding NCR owners.That`s the begining for raping the NCR lands ,raping the Penans Native humble beautiful innocent girls,cheating the Natives of Sarawak and conspiracy for future evils.Wake up and stand proud like those days warriors of the headhunters.May the Great Lord Jesus Bless you all from the evil invicible forces,stay guard all nite long,the evils are on the loose.

  • http://none MoCS

    All these while we have seen the beginning of the newly elected BN government again headed by the Thief minster.We have said time and again he is too old already and with the aids of the THREE BOMOH to rule and oppress the people of Sarawak but his cronies want to benefit before he dismise in office.

    Our project,TMG has to go on and we are giving him until August 13th to leave office.Please Taib step down gracefully .Taib Must Go..T.M.B project .Leave office now.

  • Donald Trumpet

    Well, what we can do now….is unite and educate, share the awareness to the rural people…the young people from the rural which now i believe have their own facebook can share the other side of the story (which is not being told in BN controlled-mass media) to their fellow villagers…this is crucial as most of the seats that BN have won are from the rural areas( which ironically the land areas that they took).So the best way now is to bring the awareness to the rural people through internet!

  • laiheng

    a few weeks ago they had the opportunity to dump their so called state assemblyman from BN and following that the corruption of their rights and land without any legal implication or criminal charge filed against them but unfortunately they didn't.

    now they start burning, destroying etc and the full arm of the law will be used against these people.

    as a sarawakian i feel sad for them and sympathize with them but what can one do if people don't have the conviction to stand up for their own rights?

  • Banting

    Hello Everybody,

    The fact is six persons have been arrested by the police to help them to investigate the case under section 438 of the Penal Code. A case is quite serious, punishable with imprisonment for term which may extend to twenty years, and shall also be liable to fine, if found guilty. Please do something to help them.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Banting…Bro,these villagers have opted to vote for YB Michael Manyin and Richard Riot should be able to help them, otherwise what is the YBs for?

      Well I thought that the dividends that they have received once every 5 years will suffice.Some of the villages even put the banner saying that the village is BN territory and NO opposition allowed. They DO NOT need the opposition but I am sire that BN will be soft with their own people. Good luck to them so i appeal to Michael Manyin and Richard Riot to come to their aids/rescue.

      • 0.o

        you said you are christian. read this Genesis 25:29-34

        although its not fair, but they've traded. both party agreed and signed the contract. the problem is between the representative from the village and the rest of the villager.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          O.o…that is an OLD testament..We are NOW under GRACE as Jesus died on the cross for us and it is FINISHED.

          They may have signed the agreement but they did NOT have INDEPENDENT advice. The company took advantages of the illiterate and ignorance of the Ketua Kaum.They can claim that my left hand does NOT know what my right hand is doing.

          They should be more transparent and have a dialogue with the villagers and seek opinion but instead they took advantage of the weaknesses of the Ketua Kaum.They do not understand English,it was done in a harsh harsh situation..and say sign here,they sign without knowing.

          May I ask,WHAT IS WRONG IN SHARING?? Be a partner…share..the cake is BIG.BUT how many want to share because of GREED???So the end result is WAR..Now the battle has only begun

  • http://none Chuck Berry




  • 55%%%%

    when 'll this dayaks ever learn ??

    voted for BN in just concluded state election but

    now got angry, burnt BN's crony's caterpillars n still

    Baru Bian has to come to their rescue.

    wise up n vote PR.

  • guru

    we towners who majority voted for the opposition should stop giving a damn about the rural people's plights who majority voted for the current govt.

    let the destruction of the rainforest continues.

    let the hunger continues.

    comes next general election we ask the rural people if they have suffered enough and we ask them if the cheap liquor, cigarettes and little cash handed out by the current govt election time to buy the rural people's votes is worth of the rainforest destruction and if they reply no then we tell them fight your own fight either alone or joins us towners to rid the country of the current parasite govt.

    • adamckteh

      guru,please teach, explain and educate the rural folks of the importance of their futures. Don't grumble and irritate them. They may not accept and appreciate your ideas.

      I am in pains seeing Sarawak natives being swindled and robbed.

      • Blunt Speaker

        Adamckleh, they want to learn it the hard way, what can we do? We tried to educate them but they didn't appreciate our advice and explanations. We told them the easy way to get rid of the parasitic BN GOVT was through the ballot boxes but temptation of small monetary gains got the better of them. Hopefully they will do the right thing this coming GE or else they will expect the worst to come!

  • voluptuous

    come on… there is nothing can be done. these people will continue supporting BN@Taib. Having said, my vote is always to PR.

    Hope the rural people received their lesson. RM 500 or RM 50 changed for the future of your offspring is rubbish. If the coming GE, Taik's coallition still win, rural people can stop nagging. S**t is always s**t. Dog can never change its hobby of eating s**t!!!

  • babeh kuran

    BTW, to all dayaks, dont be happy when the high court instruct the company to pay sum amount of money to all villager. Once u accept it, your land consider sold. Its a tactic to buy land from dayak. FYI, it just a small amount of money compare to the amount they will get from selling timber logs.

    Watch Dog,

    This is secret info. Keep it low.

    U cant'do your RURAL INVESTMENT ARMS unless he do all i mention above.

    Btw, Im quiet suspicious of u, r u BN watch dog? why u want to do rural investment if we should curb the big crocodile first?

    Do you know why this Taib make logging?? They only want money.

    The only way we fight back is use money. Who ever receive that money will never admit. U think if u receive a bribe, will u admit and tell the whole world?

    About PRU-13, we need all villager and dayak people not to vote for BN. Even if the BN in sarawak win the election it's actually creating the disaster. A BIG DISASTER.

    Taib cant run away, he surely will be prosecuted. Semenanjung BN actually dont like him.

    For all reader information, najib and all menteri's come to sarawak to get a portion of money only.

    If he think he can employ gangster in sarawak, why dont he should think other can employ gengster in overseas.

    If he think he can employ a bomoh, but he dont think about his bomoh's money face. That's the biggest weakness in that bomoh. For sure Raziah will not paid few hundred million to that bomoh rite? The most is few ten's of million.

    • babeh kuran

      This is all the name that will join opposition when the time comes

      ABG. HJ. ABD. RAHMAN ZOHARI TUN ABG. HJ. OPENG (how satok continue develop and develop taib's money)

      AWANG TENGAH ALI HASAN (the hidden treasure of Bukit Sari)


      MICHAEL MANYIN AK JAWONG (witness in serian logging camp)


      MUHD LEO M. TOYAD (witness where Taib's invest the money)



      MOHD. NARODEN HAJI MAJAIS (business mastermind of taib's wealth)


      ADENAN HAJI SATEM (will tell all the secret of taib.

      DATO’ PETER MINOS (witness about timber logging in Bau area)


      HAJI TALIP ZULPILIP (tell about the conpiracy of SEDC)

      JAMES DAWOS MAMIT (tell about conpiracy of Trinrkens)

      AIDAN WING (tell about conpiracy of Sarawak Hornbill)


      ROLAND SAGAH WEE INN (tell about conpiracy of transfer of lan in Tarat area)


      Joseph Entulu Belaun

      Billy Abit Joo

      Mong Dagang (tell how he get paid few millions)

      Hendry Opang Luhat

      Wilson Nyabong Ijang

      David Teng Lung Chi

      Robert Lau Hoi Chew

      Alan Sim Yaw Yen

      Toh Heng San

      Soon Choon Teck

      Vincent Goh Chung Siong

      Ranum ak Mina (tell about how they get rid of bidayuh land in bau area)

      Daniel Ngieng Kiong

      Ding Kuong Hiing

      Lim Kheng Sze

      Phang Dah Nan

      Cheng Yi

      • Blunt Speaker

        Babeh kuran, what baffles me is the USD10B you talked about, payment to each gang leader? With that sort of money, you can hire a whole gang of mafia. Come on, don't tickle me with all these secrets you've just exposed. Supposed to be secrets, but no more secrets. Hey man, you've let the cat out of the bag!

      • http://none Watch Dog

        babeh kuran..just can't trust them. They will NOT do it as they

        are ALL cowards.

        A bunch of greedy kids on the block.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      babeh kuran…you injure my feeling.You failed to understand what I mean by "RURAL INVESTMENT".

      To answer your question, I am NOT a BN watch dig and I am never a government servant nor do I work as BN's office boy.What pain me is the dividends that the Dayaks get once every 5 years in RM30-50 plus free cap,T shirt,a bar of expired chocolate and 2 cans of UNTAXED beer.

      Now "nasi sudah jadi bubur",let us help our fellow bidayuh who are arrested and let YBs Baru Bian and See Chee How open a bank account where we can each donate to the fund to cover the legal cost.

      So Baru and See ,please open a bank account and let us know the bank account number where we can donate at least RM10 each and spread the words around.

      Since the Parliamentary election is around the corner ,let us hope that the DAYAKS will vote for CHANGE, yes RICHARD RIOT is our friend but we need to change and need fresh ideas too.

      Change now for the better..UBAH LAH!!!

      • aborium

        Bro' he's got his cabinet line-up of potential witnesses and whistle-blowers against their current Don? He must be nuts!

  • http://yahoo kata owg

    all bumiputera plz not believe this tebedu story..why taib saja sapa bikin ini..

    tnya sapa…lu tanya taib..sapa punya company..

    ni saja rosakkn perkauman sarawak saja..saja mauk hasut owg dayak..owg melayu x hasut..x cukup undi kh..mauk tipu kaum dayak mcm 2 kh..entah2 sudah menang undi..terus khianat tmpt kami..

    • aborium

      Brother Samy itu hari ada cakap juga, kalau tidak bercaya, tidak apa, itu jentera bakar gambar ada bukti juga, tapi ohyo yo saya jiran talipon awal pagi, saya tanya juga apa pasal? Saya jiran ada tanya juga itu company balak sapa punya? Yo yo Saya jawab,lu salah orang macha,itu soalan lu sendiri jawab lah, tapi saya cukup marah sama lu, lu awal2 pagi ring sama saya goreng cerita pasal kaum. Itu kaum tak ada jual beli Pasar Tebedu, Itu kaum lu bawah punya. Lu dari mana?

  • kamangbidayuh

    bunuh sesiapa yang terlibat dalam hal balak tok…tempat mereka di neraka..YB Manyin jangan harap umur lu panjang…u YB sial dan tulah…cilaka ko manyin..Bgs PR..area tok akan jadi kubu kuat PR…Election lps, BN kurang sokongan dari area tok dan tidak berani kempen di tempat tok…BN juz byk menang di kampung2 lain…DIMINTA SEMUA PENDUDUK KAMPUNG2 KAWASAN TEBEDU GULINGKAN MANYIN DAN BN…BUNUH MANYIN AWAL…BUAT ELECTION BARU…PILIH PEMIMPIN BIDAYUH TULEN YANG BERANI DAN BUKANNYA PENGECUT MACAM SIAL YB MANYIN TOK..

    • RT

      x apa.. malam sebelum mengundi,BN bagi duit rm1k pintu.. mesti cool down punya. BN xtau apa2,BN tidak dimaklumkan hal rampasan tanah. sila undi BN lagi ye. Heeeeheeeheeee

  • Island man

    Bravo… peninsular people support to all Pendekar Bidayuh, take back your land…

  • Anti Thief

    This is indeed a sad episode for Sarawak. The iliterate natives entice by the meagre compensation by the crooks or crony of our own state leaders at the expanse of their lands. Upon final realisation that they are robbed then they fiercely resort to violence to reclaim what is left. The rhetoric use is joint venture for good returns, but to whom? Now, the educated natives have a duty to help the not-so. Where are you or hiding under the skirt…………

  • krian voter

    rasa kamu kawan

    • http://none Watch Dog







      (TEBEDU,nickname keropok when the Ketua Kaum distributed

      expired Keropok to the children in the village).

      3.Next..many many more to will see.

  • Anti-Kleptocrats

    Syaitan-Syaitan dan konco-konco Syaitan Taib Mahmud !!! Rasakan kerana membuat hidup orang kampung merana.

    This is what will happen when Syaitan push kampung folks to the limit !!!!!!!!

    Ptui !!!!

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Yes,modern day hero and the six who were arrested deserved PGB.."Panglima Gagah Berani SARAWAK".

    Panglima Gagah Berani SARAWK is awarded to those who dare to fight the thieves to the limit..Penans in Belaga,Bidayuh in Kpg Tringus,Bau and Tebedu,Ibans in Simunjan and many many more.Chinese in DAP and Baru Bian.

  • Krian guy

    This is what you get if you vote Barang Naik (BN) return to power..we at Krian has show our action by vote out BN Peter Nyarok and vote in PKR ALI BIJU..we in krian (saratok), once we say enough..we really mean it..well, Tebedu people..come to ne General Election pls vote for BN again so that your land and forest will be rape again..

  • http://none Watch Dog




  • Tajau Lama

    You will be arrested and charged if you defend your family and property, found guilty, you will be jailed

    You will not be charged or sued if you rob others' property in broad day light, because you did not steal, you just take or given to take, and the giver also not guilty

    You will be charged for giving and recieving bribes, but you will not be guilty for asking for it

    Rakyat, please vote wisely and see that these laws are properly corrected and amended

  • Ashvin

    Vote BN for the destruction of the environment.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Ashvin…not only that but include deceit,abuse of

      power,jealousy,RAPE and violence.

      I am sure you all agreed what I said here.

  • BiarPutihTulang

    I'm sorry but I cannot condone violence and I am sad to say, I am truly disappointed in Sarawak Report this round.

    I hold no love for Taib and cronies but this, this violence and this blatant blind support for such criminal actions is disgusting.

    When did we lose our integrity and stoop so low as to use violence to settle issues. A crime will only beget crime as violence will only beget violence. How could you, Sarawak Report, an entity that I have looked up to, went so far off the right path with this article and sad to say, I am truly disappointed in your advocating violence

    There is always a non violent way to settle issues. The Taib land grab issue is critical and we must do our best to educate everyone to stand up against it. But let us not forget that we must do this in a calm and civil manner and never to resort to violence. The use of violence just degrades the cause.

    • Neito

      Are you Peter Minos? I heard him said that many times.I for one, support my Bidayuh friends in Tebedu.By the way, not a drop of blood is spilled and mission is on! Bravo!

      • http://none Watch Dog

        Neito..Actually we DO NOT need this type of LOUD mouth man.He talks only but do not walk the talk.When he was PRESIDENT of DBNA, he used to go to Sibu monthly to collect his shares for timber.In actual fact it was meant for DBNA but where did the money went a question mark?? He used to treat people fellow Bidayuh in Sibu in Bamboo House restaurant.He will then flew back to Kuching with stack of cash.

        He lost the election even though on BN ticket.His hotel Penrissen Inn was sold to LCDA to save him.His hotel is run by a bunch of unqualified corrupted Bidayuh, on the TAKE whenever he ordered the goods.Sad sad sad sad..sob sob sob sob

        Now he is making noise but for what?? Empty barrel??? No,he won't help as he is scared of his thief master.We just wish him "Siramat onu Gaweah Peter".

        • ash gan

          who ever have a chance to bumb onto peter minos pls tell him to have a nice rest,old man needs enough sleep and are advice to stay at home.penrissen is now well developed with all the unwanted,like the dumping ground for garbage and the is no more safe,blame it on the ybs

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Biar Putih Tulang..Bro,it sounds like you are suffering from cancer..tulang sudah putih..the villagers approached the company numerous times but they did not want to discuss.Have you ever driven to Tebedu and do you know where Tebedu is?

      The road to the logging camp is behind the Tebedu Police station

      and the company is employing illegals from The Philippines and Indonesia.Do you mean that there is NO local villagers can fell the trees??

      Grow up ..Bidayuh are peace loving people and so are other dayaks but you see water when it reaches certain level,it will boil.Go and see first hand ,talk to the people before condemning violence. No body wants violence only BN style of politics..this is the classic example politics of deceit,nepotism,cronyism,abuse of power and result in violence.Please think carefully before you speak unless you are suffering from bone cancer because of your putih tulang.

      God bless brother

      • BiarPutihTulang

        Mr. Watch dog, As I have made my point you put a face to it. Is cancer a joke to you? Do you laugh at people with disabilities so that your own insecurities can be somehow elevated? You dear sir, from the sound of things, is an angry little person lashing out at everyone and anything so that your loud mouth and basic cyber bullying tactics. Why so much anger? Did someone touch you the wrong way when you were young?

        The land grab issue is a dire issue. No one in their right mind would think otherwise. But using violence and the destruction of equipment will only put the victims (The Dayak people) on the criminal list. What was initially a just cause is now twisted towards the favour of the bloody criminals! the meek shall inherit the earth. Violence is no solution. By you opening your mouth and spewing insults and laughing at people's strife, you Mr. Watch Dog have proven that wild mongrels like you can only instigate, to fuel anger and to stir up violence.

        Where are you when all this happen? Hiding in your dark little room posting hate comments and useless facts when you should be out there making a difference. Bringing this matter to even higher authorities. Asking me where Tebedu is? Are you daft or just plain ignorant?

        This matter is sensitive because it involves corruption in high places. Barking like a mongrel does nothing. Careful deliberation and proper channels are key in winning the whole damned war. When the logging companies employ mercenaries to safeguard their ill begotten gains against these poor instigated Dayaks, will you, WatchDog drive your damn car to Tebedu and lay your life in the line to help protect them? Choose your words carefully young pup, you are still too naive and ignorant to fully comprehend the damage that was done to the cause with this little outburst.

        Educate yourself and stop your nonsense. There is always a better way. And before you froth your mouth in misguided, misdirected anger and fanaticism again, I am neither Peter Nimos nor am I one of the cronies. I chose to serve my tenure in the rural schools in Kapit and yes before you can even drive to Tebedu, I walked there from logging camps. I have lived through violence to know that it is never the answer.

        BiarPutihTulang is a tribute to my fallen brethren. Fallen in line of duty and belief. Don't insult what you don't understand unless your sole purpose is to sound uneducated and basically ill bred.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    I would suggest that this is the solution since the Timber Contractor is willing to negotiate.It is workable for ALL parties and PROSPER together.

    1. NCR land…. owned by the villagers.

    2. Licence … Yayasan Sarawak.

    3. Contractor ..Alliance Bahagia Sdn Bhd.

    Prosper together and let not one man or one race make money out of the other poor naive race..

    Share all what GOD has given and this is the answer.The KEY word here is TRANSPARENCY..and FAIRNESS.

    NCR Owners…………30% ( 2 Board members)

    Yayasan Sarawak…….20% ( 1 Board member.)

    Contractor…………50% ( 3 Board Members)

    Employ local people instead of ILLEGALS from Philippines and


    The timber stand are known and value are also known in term of RM.

    Sales of timber minus ALL the cost including machineries that are damaged.

    Price of timber is also known according to species.

    PROFIT distributed in accordance to the shares.Later if the land is planted with oil palms.then the share holdings are discussed.


    If done in this manner,there is NO squabbling at all.If NOT done in this manner,then there will be no amicable solution due to GREED by the Contractor.I am sure that you people agree with my suggestion..PROSPER TOGETHER and NOT repeat NOT just one race from timber at the dayaks expense.

    May GOD bless you all and touches your hearts that you will agree..In Jesus name..AMEN.

    Selamat Gawai Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai.

    Sramat Onu Gaweah

    Sramat Nu Gawai.

    • samarahanian

      Salam….amat bersetuju sekali dengan proposal anda….tapi masaalahnya adakah orang orang atasan merasa puas hati dengan idea anda yang secara peribadi saya katakan itulah cara dimana semua pihak akan mendapat menafaat. Win-win situation.

      • http://none Watch Dog proposal is a WIN-WIn situation and let us prosper together and not just benefit one party,or one race or one family. Forest is GOD given and is to be shared. Why do people from Sibu,Mukah & Kuching want to gain from it while the villagers are being sidelined or marginalized??

        The cake is BIG so let's share it and my proposal is "PROSPER TOGETHER". If done in this way,every body is satisfied and imagine if carried out through Sarawak,there are plenty of millionaires and no body will quarrel. But the fact that the GREEDY one or Greedy family wants to control everything made the people BOIL.

        Please,please,please let us prosper together and let NO one race or family get rich at the expense of other races.Give it a go and you will see a"WIN-WIN" Situation

  • http://y Francis

    The forest should be preserved for the future generations. Enough forest had been harvested. No more logging should be allowed. Bravo to the people in Tebedu…

  • Baramandy

    Well done the people of Tebedu, well done! I selute you, the first betch of natives who finally waken up and show the rest of the Sarawakians what to do when you are cornered. Show your guts to BN and their cronies and get your traditional head hunting tools out and use them if you have to.

  • Asli

    When ever people want to change, people want to change by voting the opposition. Fair enough. For the Sarawak natives in particular is supporting the opposition like DAP, PKR or PAS the answer to all the problem? I don't think so. Native Sarawakian will change ship that's for sure but i think nothing else. The only way for Native Sarawakian to continue survival is to set up their own party or support the current available party that is headed by Native Sarawakian so that their voice can be heard in Parliament. It's no point to just being angry and just support opposition blindly. The slogan "BERCERAI ROBOH" is what happen to native Sarawakian.

  • Dayak Betul

    Dayak are powerless, helpless, innocent, narrow minded and disunited. The worst thing the Dayak need to fight is to fight his own self. Dayak have no self believe at all. It's really beyond repair. This is the reason why they react as shown here to proof my claim as true. A bunch of people lost in their own self.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Dayak betul..You are dead wrong. You ridicule our fellow

      dayaks.Please just look at the last election how

      our dayaks fought the Goliath.

      Dayaks that are in power are HOPELESS,SCARED,GREEDY.SELFISH and SELF CENTERED. Jabu as reported is so scared to take over from Taib..WHY? Taib will rebuke him and left him like Celestine Ujang..

      Please think before you put pen to paper. we need brave man like you..come out and HELP,HELP..and DO NOT condemn our fellow naive dayaks whether they are Educated or not.

      • Dayak Betul

        Sorry bro, but what i talk here is fact. Dayak's are a bunch of people who are shy of their own race, their own kind and worst still their own self. What a mess. Sick of this sort of stupidity. People are talking about unity, culture, languages and tradition to be preserve no matter what it takes but Dayak's are busy supporting others and feel great about it. Can a Dayak just be wise once and for all and put thing straight for themselves rather than to wait for others to save their ass? Condaming our powerless Dayak leaders dont change anything if we don't change our mindset towards unity. DAP is one good example for the Dayak where the Chinese just throw their support to LKS. Can we be like the Chinese for goodness sake, supporting our own party and blood brothers so that they can voice out for the Dayak's if thing went wrong? Just stop the kampong politics mentality. It will not take the Dayak anywhere. Dayak are a bunch of people with inferiority complex, sorry to say this out.

        • BiarPutihTulang

          I do applaud your efforts Dayak Betul, but I think a more gentle approach would ease WatchDog's warmongering.

          We can do with better education penetration into the interior Dayak communities. For these less fortunate Dayaks, we must always remember, they still have innocence to the evils of corruption. Try as we may to influence them, they must attain that understanding on their own and what better way than to give them knowledge.

          I have tried my best to champion the proper education in these interiors but I came to the conclusion that the lack of funds and hardships are deliberate. Deliberate so that the interior folks remain ignorant to the corruption and to their rights.

          Let us who know not mock those that do not. Let us not be guided by anger but rather by compassion. We will break free from this choke hold but we must do it with a clear conscience. If we do not, it will only repeat itself.

  • Jonny

    It is beyond human understanding of such greed and falsehood.It is Satanic.

  • Frank

    The Thief Minister and his gang have no religion.They worship Satan and will all roast in hell fire.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Frank..They have "BOMOHISM",satanic Cult.Aum Aum Aum Aum…Bismillah…Bismillah..Aum Aum..

      By the blood of Jesus if Nazareth..May you satanic cult be crushed..In Jesus name ..Amen

  • Justine

    The Thief Minister and his gang deserve facing the firing squad.

  • Blunt Speaker

    They would have faced the firing squad long ago, if this is China.

  • http://google Anak Sarawak

    The people of Tebedu must not blame any one for the loss of their NCR land. The people of Tebedu, the whole BIDAYUH population deserve what the got. All the BN Bidayuh seats were won by BN in the last state election. Their Local YB Michael Manyin won by a bigger majority. Their land was stolen by Taib long before the election and yet they still voted for BN. They voted for the DOGs that stole their meat. The Bidayuh Deserve this. Now that they are in trouble they look for PAKATAN RAKYAT / PKR the very people they rejected. If I were BARU BIAN leave the BIDAYUH ALONE, PLEASE!

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Anak Sarawak…I understand your emotion but please,our Lord



      It is a bitter pill for them to swallow and their pride are injured now.At least they are waking up.

      May GOD bless the people of Tebedu just like GOD bless the people of Krian and Ba Kelalan..may you give them abundant harvest..Amen

  • Pinyewa

    Boring plz god dnt bless people like u WATCH DOG

    • http://none Skuh Babeh Rahun

      Pinyewa…so you are NOT a Christian. Jesus said 'LOVE THY


      May GOD bless you and your family too.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Pinyewa…thanks.Who say so that God does NOT bless people? I

      also ask GOD to bless you and your family.

      Our God is a forgiving GOD.Please do NOT condemn but bless them bro.

  • Anti Ahip Cronies

    Intruder Alert!

    Similar deal taking place in rural Kuching Jln Puncak Borneo, Kpg Bengoh-Danu forest areas (from anticipated flooded areas by Bengoh dam and forests leading to Krokong, Bau) ready for timber lootings! The village chiefs in cohoot with ex YB Sora Rusah/BN cronies trying to arrange the timber deal behind the villagers' knowledge!

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Anti Ahip Cronies…we knew this and the man with the licence is a Melanau.He has been using his runners to take the Ketua Kaum aside and offer him after he has signed.If i say it, you will NOT believe me so just let things happen and am glad that you ALL point out.It was reported in the press BP but the text is rather vague details ..details ommitted. The Ketua Kaum involved are:-


      Sogoh and Tabia areas affected by the Bengoh DAMNED ops.dam.

      Please be ware and protect the land,if they want timber,villagers must hold 30% shares.

  • rob

    Taib will rot in hell, as will all his goons and buffoons. The rapist must be punished.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      rob…Please read "Divine".Also read Mary Baxter's book and HELL is real. You do NOT rot in hell but fire is burning and your flesh will peel off your body.Satan,lucifers,demon will poke fun at you.Life in hell is worst so just let them enjoy life here on earth..All men will eventually die. It's just too hot there.

  • Jen Landong

    Taib had no troubles in Tebedu. It only the village headmen has problems with the communities there.

    The Questions is – why the Bidayuh community seems to be trouble makers ? While state election was over only a few weeks ago where their representative had won a big majority votes. And that same community should have pull of Manyin and Richard Riot hands to their Development. AS for time being our eyes sees this not a trouble .This is " Development " Slamat Gawai Guys !!

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Jen Landon..our fellow Iban is NOT wise to ask the same old question like why didn't the BIDAYUH pension off Manyin and R.Riot??

      Please look forward bro..UBAH lah and MoCS come August 13th..we will see the outcome..

      ash gan..we would LOVE to see that happening but they want money

      and PKR has NO money to pay them for jumping. Do you think that they will do it??? FLAT no they are so scared of their master..

      • ash gan

        mr watch dog,i still believe nothing is impossible,but then,if only those ybs put priority on the rakyat before self.only then they can sacrifice other wise they will be the "yes sir" yb until they are kick out.

        let us sama2,educate our fellow dayaks that we have every right to change the "perintah"when the time comes,only then can we knows who can manage better.

  • dayak thinker

    Those fire in TEBEDU are very very good because it finally reveals the true colours of BN.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      dayak thinker..At last someone gets it right. The burning is NOT repeat NOT done by the Bidayuh people but rather by BN government.

      Why?? If they did not give the licence,they will be NO burning or if they agree to "prosper" together with equity mentioned least there is PEACE.

      Siramat onu Gawai brothers in Tebedu.

  • ash gan

    salute to see chee how,keep going,show your concern and transform all those concern to reality by winning all ncr related issues in court defending our naive dayaks,tag up with baru to form a more solid team of defence,this is bits and pieces for the road to putra all bidayuh yb representing the govt of the day for padawan,serian,bau you are all too comfortable for far too long.stinks

  • http://none Watch Dog

    SIRAMAT NU GAWAI to all fellow BIadyuh and Selamat Ari Gawai to others.

    SUPP has marginalised our Dayak YBs.

    1.Ranum Mina.

    2.Dr Jerip Susil.

    3.Drancis Harden Hollis.

    4.Johnicol Rayong.

    SUPP consider them NOT qualifiied to hold ministerial post and also top post in SUPP other than CWC.The dayaks never learned and defunct William Tanyuh knew this..feeling frustrated up to now.Also PBB..the Tarat playboy YB too has NO post in Taib's cabinet.

    UBAH lah..for the better and Change we must. We cannot let one man,one family and one RACE to continue to rule us and pout us under his THUMB.

    UBAH LAH..waiting for MoCS…come AUGUST 13th,

    • tekirubus

      Muh ko ku nang sometime ago. These four dayak monkeys are warming the basi(stale) chinese soup(supp) for whose consumption? The signal is crystal clear. The dayak ybs are there just to add the numbers. SUPP has no plan for their dayak ybs so these four might as well bu jo jo.

  • ash gan

    we call upon jerip,ranum and all other bidayuh ybs to jump ship,join forces with dap or pkr instead of becoming bad agents for the thieves,get the ball rolling now!!start jumping and the rest will follow.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      ash gan..DON'T dream brother..Jerip has already got RM3 million when he switched from Independent to SUPP. He ia a Board member of KTS group of companies,cash cow or financial arm of SUPP. Ranum maybe the same.

      If they switched,people like P.Nansian's contact will be terminated and how will he pay off his RM442 million bank loan.

      ALL of our DAYAKS wakil Rakyat fear of losing their wealth,cash,contracts and position.Some are aging and waiting for doomsday nearing the grave I mean so why do they bother..SELFISH..this is NOT the type of Wakil Rakyat that we want.

      But please keep on praying as "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD".

      Sramat Anu Gawai to all Dayaks people and MAY God gives us abundant harvest for the coming months,year and years to come.In Jesus name..Amen.

      • ash gan

        watch dog,as for now,i am feeling how the upper bengoh resident who are to be relocated to the other part of the planet,leaving their ancestral land,farming ground and etc,how will they earn a living,its not a copy paste sort of thing,definitely they have to start from A.why, dont jerip give out rm3 million to each household inorder for them to move out and live a comfortable life like jerip himself,i am certain they will grab the money and buy a house or two,then jerip will not have a hard time persuading them to move out.jerip,dawos sagah should work hand in hand and get that amount paid out to them or else dont dream.after all you all are the bad agents.(stooges)

        • http://none Watch Dog

          ash gan..the people in upper Bengoh are staunt supporters of

          SUPP,their prodigal son Mr William Tanyuh Nub.Nothing can go wrong as they ALL said,why vote for PBDS(at that material time PBDS of which Wifred Nissom was the candidate.The people from there said,PBDS got nothing..pakai Bas ,bas sina,miris beras,beras sina,miris barang,so-i tung sina,why bother with PBDS.They voted SUPP and now why got angry woth SUPP,SUPP take care of them as SUPP gave MRP,built their balai raya..not PBDS.

          Anymore to be taken by BN government…TIMBER of course.There are plenty of timber there.Now where is Len Latip..Forestry mastermind to determine forested areas in Sarawak. Cliff Megud will be the co-ordinator..Ambil saja Cliff,tell your master.

          So to the people of Tabia Sait,Seman,Rejoi,Jogong,Bengoh..your land has been taken and kayu are going to be taken soon.How much they are paid..I have NO authority at ALL,let them (BN) take it. Go ahead BN. You all VOTED for Jerip Susil. These three stooges can never work together.

          4th June, you will see Dr Jerip Susil joining his former mentor(Dr Patau Rubis) at Kpg Gumbang in Bau for Gawai Namui with Indonesians participating. Come one and come ALL to celebrate at Kpg Gumbang..Brothers..Sramat Gaweah..

        • http://n/a Watch Dog

          ash gan..the timber there are licensed to one particular

          race,MELANAU..Bidayuh heritage is given to a Melanau

          and it pains me to see things like this.

          This is GOD's given GIFT and yet given to one man,one family,one crony and one race…M.E.L.A.N.A.U..

          Melanau saja kah mahu makan/ melanau saja kuman.

          Melanau aja mahu makan,Melanau aja ka makai.,

          Melanau saja 'oi sit'.

      • Sanuh

        Watch Dog, can you enlight us who are the board of director's of KTS? Oh ya, board of director's of Samling, Shin Yang, Rimbunan Hijau? Any dayak director's?

        • http://n/a Watch Dog

          Sanuh..You can go to CCM( Company Commission of Malaysia)at

          Bangunan Sultan Iskandar at Simpang Tiga and cost

          RM5.00 each to do the search.

          During the search, you will see for yourself,first hand knowledge. It is all there for you to see.

    • Sanuh

      Why DAP and PKR? Dayak cannot open up their own party ka? A new party if Dayak don't want to join a Dayak party like SNAP, SPDP and PRS ka? Why have to join other people party? Dayak are bad and others are good ka? No wonder Dayak never go any where. Look at DAP? Who makes them win and who makes SUPP down? Join them than,after all some Bidayuh are members of SUPP.

      • http://none Watch Dog

        Sanuh..Please go and register the Political Party and see if

        ROS wants to register for you.

        You talk like you are GREEN and NAIVE.Why not you go and register after that you pass the party to the WOULD BE DAYAKS.

        YES we want the Dayaks base party like before PBDS..but when the party is getting stronger and stronger each day..those crooks will want to destroy it by flashing their RM..Dollars.

        Please Sanuh..go and gather 20 people to register a party and I will be ONE of them..Please DO it instead of talking..ACTION please.Now you have to collect 18 more because there are aleady two (2) of us.ROS Mr Ken Leben will tell you that pending approval from Authority. Now NO man's an island anymore.

        Can you do it Mr Sanuh???

  • Sanuh

    Any Dayak can open up a new party or even support the existing Dayak base party by being a member if a new party is difficult to get registered. Actually, have already 3 parties that Dayak can call their very own (PRS, SPDP and SNAP). Leaders come and leaders go. If members want change in the top leadership of the party as claim by many, do it from within the party by means of vote if you and me are members. A party is not a personal business where Ah Choong or Ahmad will be the to-ke forever. So, why can't we learn from the Chinese switching from SUPP to DAP their own party? It's sad to see that Dayak don't even know where they belong.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Sanuh..Can't you see where is PRS,SPDP or SNAP? They are ALL

      Taib's cronies.

      James Masing won't surrender PRS and so does William Mawan for SPDP. SNAP is their fence sitter waiting for either side.It costs money to form a political party.

      Please get involve so that you have first hand knowledge what POLITICS is all about sanuh…politic is power,power is money and money is both power and politics.Please talk to friends about this and you will understand.

      Chinese switched from SUPP to DAP as they have money,every DAP ceramah they will pass the tins around and can collect in thousands.You try to do that,instead you will want the party holding ceramah to sponsor for drinks,food,etc,etc..Some towkay will sponsor and pass thick out of own free will.

      This coming election,please follow DAP and then the Dayaks party,you will see the difference.

  • Sanuh

    Follow DAP for what? Politics on the basis of who have the money? We know that Dayak are poor why talk about money. Can Dayak just support a Dayak party with a stroke of a pen or pensil rather than to talk about money for cheramah, 4WD vehicles, posh office etc? Can Dayak just vote a Dayak party knowing that they are born Dayak and will soon die as a Dayak? Are we going to be just followers of other peoples party forever because we are poor? Are we going to be poor forever because we don't have money for Dayak political struggle? What makes the difference with Dayak in SUPP and now talking about DAP? The problem with Dayak's is that Dayak seems to accept the truth that they are helpless. A bunch of people with inferiority complex can never gain power and not to mention money and businesses. If Dayak are smart and united, they will be power and money. By now, there will at least one or two corporate companies own by a Dayak. If money is the whole story than Dayak will never change for the better be it with BN or PR. Accept the fact that Dayak are natives and as usual, forever poor just like anywhere else in the world.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Go and vote..this is a free country and practice for DAYAKS party..No one blames you Sanuh..

    Yes to you is very for Dayaks party..go ahead.No one is stopping you as I cannot blindly follow you to vote for your DAYAKS part who are part and parcel of the corrupt IRON CLAD FIST AUTOCRATIC man.

    • Sanuh

      That's more like it bro. As said, if non dayak don't like to vote for a dayak party, that's their choice. This is a democratic country. So watch dog is a non dayak are you? Struggling to get dayak's to vote for PR to gain power for the non dayaks. Can you believe this bro?

      • http://n/a Watch Dog

        Sanuh..sorry for the late reply as I was busy making end's meat.

        I am 100% Dayaks born and bred and defend Sarawak

        through thick and thin.

        Sarawak is my country and all the natural resources that GOD has given us have been taken by one man,one family,one crony and one race,Melanau.

        However,GOOD things must come to an end because he destroyed what GOD has given us to share.I am NOT racist but I want you all to open your eyes,ears and hearts so that you know what is going on around us.

        May GOD bless you bro.!!

  • tanok dayak

    you all educated only know how to speak English but fail to educate your peolple..bodoh….cakap bm aje la semua..Baru semua orang faham terutama yang tinggal di hutan.. baru taib dapat lingkup….

    • http://n/a RAJA MANGGENG

      tanok dayak..ENGLISH is a universal language and also language

      of the day.

      If you cannot understand,please enrol at ELS at

      two and a half mile to learn English It is part

      of IMH. There is a three months course,6

      months course or one year course,depending how

      fast you can catch up.

      Please DO NOT tanok dayak but tanok Melanau ok. Thanks and GOD bless you brther.

  • tanok dayak


    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      tanok dayak..Of course dayak tak kan maju,WHY? Because you cook

      the wrong race. You should tanok Melanau instead

      of dayak.

      Why are you damned bloody stupid to tanok dayak

      instead of Melanau? Otherwise you think before you


      Dude,piece of friendly advice to you.Melanau

      already tanok dayak, so I hope that you do not

      follow to tanok dayak but I want you to tanok


      I am one of the few dayaks that you cannot tanok or cook. I am the exception. If I want to be selfish,long time already I am being tanok and will NOT suffer like now.I care about our people unlike those who follow TM now…Taib's office boys,drivers,clerks,secretaries,guards and they all follow what TM tells them to do.

    • Reader

      Ha…ha…ha…lu saja bikin panas. Tpi pls bro…jgn jd racist. Wa tau lu pendek akal punya org…tpi as org dewasa lu patut pikir dulu…tidak lah nampak sgt BODOH mcm skrg…apa pun, wa salute lu atas lu punya statement yg BANGANG! Bravo!

  • Iban Abroad

    We may feel disappointed with this gomen. But the Tebedu People are/will still enjoy to vote this gomen to wrap their forest.

    I hope this gomen not only take their forest, their land but their head as well. May be only then, Dayak can understand of this gomen.

  • ash gan

    mr tanok dayak,it does not matter if ppl writes comments in english so that most people can read and understand,refering to all mankind existing in this planet,those who understand english then will go back to the remote villages and relate it to their fellow villages in their very own dialect.

    mr watch dog,i support your collective ideas. continously educate ppl for the change ,

    my mind are always with those in the upper bengoh,can consider the unlucky lots eventhough they had elected jerip

  • Kobelco

    Invite Taib to Tebedu, and the villagers know what to do..

  • http://none Watch Dog








    • Babeh Botak

      Watchdog- do you trust MACC? MACC's balls are gripped by BN.

      • http://n/a Watch Dog

        Babeh Botak. A FLAT NO !! That is UMNO's mean machine.Bargain

        plea..STEP DOWN UMNO comes in and we are dead and

        GONE…No more 18 points Plan when Sarawak joined

        Malaya to form Malaysia

        GOD creates mountains,rivers,land,forests,sand,rivers.. TAIB or Melanau destroys them..One man,one family,one crony and one RACE..MELANAU..the sole MONOPOLY of GOD's creations.I don't like it,We don't like it..We ALL do NOT like it.

  • Babeh Botak

    Please, educate the rural folks. Topple BN in the next GE 13. HT Track SR or other alternative media and show to them. If not, you are depriving of your generations future. DO YOU NOT SEE YOUR GRANDCHILDREN" FACE and feel guilty becausee you do not act to better their future?

    What a man you are ignorant, stupid and selfish. How will your grandchildren / generation survive? If you have brains- think and pass the word. God Bless.

  • only human being

    watch dog? u seems to be racist..not all melanau likes taib and their don't judge people by it races..what about the two deputy? are they from malay or bidayuh? so be rational..people don't see from their races..they see from their attitude and character when they lead rakyat..

    • http://n/a RAJA MANGGENG

      only human being..What do you mean? I have a Melanau in my

      family and she sad it is correct. I do NOT

      hide the fact. Are you a Melanau Christian?

      There are 7 Melanau ADUN and NOT even one is

      a Melanau Christian. You are being

      marginalised by TAIB.

      Does the Melanau muslim do not like the Melanau christian as none of them is ADUN member??????????? Answer me here!!

      I have Ibans,Malay,Melanau,Indian,Sikh,Chinese and British in my family.I am not a bloody racist biut look what Taib is doing.All top civil service are Melanau,contracts,plantation land are given to Melanau. Do you realise that?

      Why Melanau only? Whoever call me racist he or she is a damned bloody racist.It is a fact and why hide it.I must let other races to know as they may not be aware.

      Let us remove this ONE man,one family,one crony and one race… Sarawak does NOT repeat does NOT be;long to them alone.Let us share what GOD has given us and NOT let the Melanau monopolise them.

      NO MONOPOLY of sate wealth,contracts,land and natural resources.

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      only human being…Yes, I too have relatives and in laws like Raja Manggeng.If you call me racist, just be it but I am NOT.I too pity the Melanau Christian.So I want you to join hands with us and do NOT like what Taoib is doing now..monopolised all projects, natural resources and land for his himself,family,crony and own race clan.I am not wrong and so does Raja Manggeng.

  • http://deleted dayak thinker

    There will be no trouble for Taib at Tebedu because all the DOGS and SHIELDS are under his control. Stop dreaming my brothers and sisters.

    • Watch Dog

      Yes,you maybe right but ALL good things must come to an end.What goes up must come down..

      Today there are an going illegal logging at Kpg Temong and Kpg Tepoi area.Timbers are extracted from unlicensed area.

      Go on fellow brothers there..go ahead with your your 'job'…don;t fear fears until fear fears you.!!God bless you people of Kpg Temong and Kpg Tepoi. You are NOT alone as GOD is with you.

  • EC is flawed!!!

    We,the sarawakians acted but the EC is flawed with wicked seats allocation for the election. Even with the fake postal votes n rigged system,on the majority,ppl wants the existing ruling party out..but again the EC is counted by seats not the us!!

  • babeh_kuran_nephew

    To all Dayak@Bidayuh. Taib Mahmud now are in deep trouble. Almost every country where Taib keep his money now are doing their investigation on money laundering. All his children Jamilah Hamidah Taib, Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib, Hanifah Hajar Taib are under investigation too. Many company and other company all over the world start to stop doing business with company associate with Taib’s family and cronies. Most of this company do not want to be investigate by foreign country. All Taib’s cronies are still working have been bribe. Hundred’s of transaction of money worth million’s ringgit have been done in foreign bank. Total amount of transaction near billions of ringgit.

    Note for Taib:-

    “If you can easily bribe anyone, or any cronies. Someone else will easily bribe them. Your money will never enough for them. Do you have enough money to bribe back all your cronies and business involvement when someone willing to pay higher price for it? This bribe worth 10 times of your business value. It start circulating from a business value RM1mill until hundred’s of million.”

    Please take note this.

  • Politik Of Debolotment

    Meanwhile the Serian MP/ federal dep. foreign minister Richard Riot quietly enjoy some big projek debolotment too via Akjaemura S/B!


    A. Maklumat Syarikat: :

    Company Name : AKJAEMURA JAYA SDN. BHD.

    Address : P10-1-5 (C), CHONGLIN PARK JALAN TABUAN

    Postcode 93100

    Town : KUCHING

    State: SARAWAK

    B. Maklumat Pendaftaran :

    CIDB :

    i) No Pendafataran : 0120050427-SR103829

    ii) Tarikh Luput Pendaftaran : 28-04-2011

    ii) Gred : G6

    iii) Pengkhususan :




    PKK :

    i) No Pendafataran : 1302 A 2005 0058

    ii) Kelas : B

    D. Maklumat Ahli Lembaga Pengarah: (Previous record)

    Bil Nama Warganegara Jawatan






    D. Maklumat Ahli Lembaga Pengarah:

    Bil Nama Warganegara Jawatan



    G.Modal Berbayar / Modal Terkumpul :

    a.Modal Dibenarkan (RM):

    b.Modal Berbayar / Modal Terkumpul (RM): 700,000.00

    H.Maklumat Projek:

    Bil Tajuk Tarikh Anugerah Nilai (RM) Kilen

    1. The Construction & Completion Of Proposed Jalan Kpg. Sorak Melayu, Serian, Bahagian Samarahan 25-05-2010 RM 9,353,908.00 JABATAN KERJA RAYA SARAWAK

  • sa

    Taib Muahmud should have both his hands cut off under Hudud law!! In Brunei they a;ready did taht!!!

  • Sap

    30 2 0 34

    I didn’t grab land in Serian, says Manyin

    Winston Way | June 11, 2014

    The minister accuses the opposition of making ridiculous accusation

    SERIAN: Sarawak Infrastructure Development and Communications Minister Michael Manyin Jawong has dismissed the opposition’s charges that he grabbed land in his rural constituency, saying that despite the accusation, he still managed to win “handsomely” during the last Sarawak state election.

    He said both he and his Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) colleague, Roland Sagah, who is the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly deputy speaker, had been charged by the opposition of grabbing three-quarters of the land in Serian.

    He was speaking at a handover ceremony of Bumiputera common reserve (agriculture) land here on Tuesday.

    He said the Pakatan Rakyat had levelled the accusation against him prior to the 2011 state election, through flyers distributed to the people.

    Manyin and Sagah are the state assemblymen for the Tebedu and Tarat constituencies, both either fully or partly under the Serian district.

    However, he said the voters did not believe such nonsense, describing it as “ridiculous”, and they (Manyin and Sagah) eventually won their seats.

    However, both of them recorded reduced majorities in 2011, particularly Sagah, who in 2006 won with a 3,256 majority, but witnessed a significant reduction to a majority of 1,995 three years ago.

    Manyin, meanwhile, had a slight reduction in majority, winning by 4,066 votes in 2011, compared to a 4,256-majority in 2006.

    Manyin said the opposition would go to any length for political mileage, including promising native customary rights (NCR) lands when it took over the government.

    “This is not easy as people think. Land titles cannot be issued in just one or two days, but have to undergo several processes,” he said.

    He also pointed out that even in Pakatan-held states, all was not well despite pre-election promises made by the coalition.

    “In Selangor, there are water problems while Kelantan remains the poorest state,” Manyin told the recipients

    On NCR lands, he said that as far as the government was concerned, the perimeter surveying of NCR land under the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) would continue.

    “Native land titles will be issued under Section 18 of Land Code, which means ownership in perpetuity,” he said.

    He commended the Land and Survey Departmet for the smooth progress of land surveying in Samarahan Division, in which the Serian district is located.

    Manyin, who is also the Dayak Bidayuh National Association chief adviser, said the biggest obstacle in perimeter surveying was disagreement, particularly among siblings and close relatives over boundaries and ownership.

  • okano

    Hell for Taib

  • Las

    This also happened in Gunung Pueh some years ago. Taib brought a the Pueh Ketua Kampungs to KL and bribed them and then the ketua kampungs signed away the timber!!! That happened a few years back. And the villagers got very angry!!