Gordon Brown Made Victim of Taib’s Malicious Internet Campaign

Gordon Brown Made Victim of Taib’s Malicious Internet Campaign

29 Jun 2011

Part of a paid team of ‘objective commentators’. Rachel Motte’s articles and photos are posted on New Ledger and then ‘bounced’ into piggyback site Sarawak Report(s)

The former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has been caught up in a vicious defamation campaign run by right wing bloggers in the United States and then reproduced in Malaysia online. 

According to research by this blog, which is edited by Brown’s sister in law, Clare Rewcastle Brown, the far Republican blog, New Ledger, has been hired by Taib to run a sustained defamation campaign against herself, which has implicated Brown. 

The Dirty Tricks campaign has also included placing negative and defamatory entries on Wikipedia about Brown and his familiy.

Dirty tricks in Taib’s ‘cyber-war’ campaign 

Our findings show that New Ledger, which poses as a platform for genuine right wing thinking in the United States, is in fact part of a dirty tricks outfit, taking money from clients, who are seeking to attack and defame their enemies via comment on the internet.  In the case of New Ledger those clients are members of the BN government, including Taib Mahmud. 

We base our evidence on clear links between New Ledger and a series of articles that have appeared in a so-called piggy-back site, set up to undermine Sarawak Report.  Adopting a near identical name to our own, ‘Sarawak Report(s)’, it makes no secret of its main target and it forms a key part of Taib’s proclaimed ‘cyber-war campaign’ against those who have criticised him for corruption and the destruction of Sarawak’s unique environment and cultures.  

Tell-tale connections. Rachel Motte's copyright picture features both in a New Ledger article libelling Gordon Brown and in the signature headline for the home page of Sarawak Report(s). The vegetation along the Sarawak river scene matches perfectly!

The Taib-sponsored Sarawak Report(s), which is hosted in America, claims to provide an “unbiased view” on issues in Sarawak, but in fact it represents a thinly disguised attack on Rewcastle Brown’s integrity and that of her brother in law the former UK Prime Minister.  The remainder of the site is devoted to unquestioning propaganda material promoting Taib, who has clearly been wounded by international criticism of his environment record. 

The site’s current headline consists of yet another attack on Brown called “Sarawak continues its clean environment drive; Gordon Brown asleep for comment”!   Meanwhile, its Home Page purposely features a prominent link called “The File on Clare Rewcastle Brown and Gordon Brown”, directing readers to a series of aggressive articles, which seek to question her honesty and the honesty of Gordon Brown.

Many of the articles were first uploaded on New Ledger and then fed into the Sarawak website to give the impression that they represent a strand of genuine mainstream opinion in the US.  However, in fact, these ‘articles’ are merely negative PR items commissioned by Taib. 

Permanent front page section attacking Gordon Brown and his family's integrity on Sarawak Reports

 In a further dirty tricks move, New Ledger/Sarawak Report(s) continuously repeat an acknowledged falsehood that was quickly withdrawn by British newspapers two years ago.  At the height of the UK parliamentary expenses scandal some newspapers had implied that the Prime Minister had passed public money to his brother (husband of Clare Rewcastle Brown) to do his cleaning!  This allegation was soon admitted to be untrue, however the Taib-backed site has republished the retracted stories.   

How Taib’s site libels the Browns  

For example, one article by American Rachel Motte on 28th March unequivocally states that the British PM unethically paid his sister-in-law and her husband for house-cleaning bills.  This story was first placed on New Ledger and then reproduced on the Sarawak blog, as if it was a genuine article from the United States.  

Deliberate falsehood. Rachel Motte ignored the public retractions by the Telegraph to create an impression of dishonesty

This deliberate attempt at defamation ignores all the online clarifications, which have been posted by the Daily Telegraph newspaper, which ran the original story. Far from supporting such claims by Motte, The Telegraph publicly confirmed way back in May 2009 that it rejected any suggestions that the Prime Minister or his brother had engaged in any impropriety whatsoever.  This acknowledgement, which remains prominent in Google Search states: 

“For the avoidance of doubt, The Daily Telegraph does not allege that the Prime Minister’s brother, Andrew Brown, received any improper benefit from the Prime Minister’s expense claim for cleaning services.
The Daily Telegraph accepts that the sums received by him from the Prime Minister were duly paid to their shared cleaner for services rendered to the Prime Minister and his wife”.

At the time damages were obtained by the Browns from a number of news organisations who had published these allegations.  The rest withdrew the story when the inaccuracies became clear.  However, two years later, Taib’s site has nevertheless gone out of its way to re-published many of the most inaccurate of those stories.   

Clarification by the Telegraph is displayed prominently on the web - Motte chose to ignore it in order to deliberately blacken Brown

The US connection 

The purpose of placing such articles first into New Ledger, is so that they can then be presented in Sarawak Report(s) as if they were credible commentaries written by established journalists in the United States.  We can show that in fact the writers of these articles are not established journalists, but rather PR writers hired by Taib.  

For example, the New Ledger/Sarawak Report(s) writer, Rachel Motte, pens articles attempting to belittle Clare Rewcastle Brown’s lengthy career as an on-screen TV news reporter, parliamentary correspondent and investigative consumer correspondent for Sky TV and ITV in London, calling her “an obscure relative” of Gordon Brown.  On the other hand Motte admits in her own blog that she herself is still “hoping” for a job in journalism.  

Motte also confirms in her blog that, since “beggars cannot be choosers”, she is meanwhile working on a project concerning Malaysia.  The implication of her remarks (below) is that Motte has taken badly-paid work in Malaysia, which we can clearly see involves working on New Ledger/Sarawak Report(s) for Taib Mahmud. 

Rachel Motte thinks she has become 'famous' thanks to her work for New Ledger/ Sarawak Report(s) and other dirty tricks sites. It is not the sort of fame that is likely to recommend her to a reputable employer!


Another baddo…     

A further team member on the New Ledger/Sarawak Report(s) assignment is another American called Christopher Badeaux.  Badeaux has written a number of furious attacks on behalf of New Ledger clients, as if he was authoring unbiased and disinterested comment.     

American ‘political commentator’ who keeps going on about Malaysia

His articles like to claim that critics of corruption in Sarawak (specifically Clare Rewcastle) “want the people to live in grinding poverty” and “die at 40″.  However, Mr Badeaux does not declare his interest in these articles, which is that he has been commissioned to write them by Taib, who therefore is paying him out of the fruits of that corruption. 

Clare Rewcastle Brown, on the other hand, has confirmed that she has not received any income from any of her commentaries on Sarawak. 

Time to declare Malaysian sponsorship 

The matter raises a serious issue.  Blogs are unregulated on the internet. However, those seeking respectability and a reputation for integrity, follow the accepted practice that any advertising or sponsorship should be openly declared.  Despite this, New Ledger never admits these articles have been sponsored 

To the contrary New Ledger promotes itself as a genuine American news site targeted at Americans, containing “right of center opinion articles by free-market minded moderates, libertarians and conservatives”.  Pretentiously, its mission statement claims:

“Our goal is to sift through the noise to bring your attention to the news you need and want, in order to better understand the times we live in.”

The site’s Wikipedia entry  further states it is “an American web publication”and claims it is “not a political activism site”, although “articles are typically strongly opposed to President Barack Obama’s domestic and economic policies particularly criticizing the government takeovers of Chrysler and GM”.

What all of this fails to mention however, is that the bulk of New Ledger’s articles have little to do with matters of interest to local Americans, because they are largely focused on Malaysia, where so many of the articles are then reproduced!

Zero likes and zero tweets. Badeaux's frenzied criticism about Clare Rewcastle Brown appear to have created little interest with his home audience in America. But the real targets were the people of Sarawak whom he has been engaged to influence

Sarawak Report challenges the managers and writers of New Ledger/Sarawak Report(s) to publicly deny that they have been commissioned, either directly or indirectly, by Taib or other figures in BN to write articles about Malaysia.  We also challenge Taib Mahmud to deny that he funds the articles (for which he would appear to be the sole target reader).

How earlier attacks on the former US Ambassador to Malaysia backfired 

Taib has commissioned the American team in the hope that their ‘cyber-war’ attacks can change public opinion in his favour.  However, such dirty tricks can often dangerously backfire. 

Rachel Motte demonstrated this danger when one of her attacks went spectacularly wrong.  Writing in New Ledger in February she defamed another senior public figure who had annoyed her Malaysian clients.  This time it was the former US Ambassador to Malaysia, John Malott.  Malott had questioned the Malaysian Government’s treatment of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in the respected US publication The Wall Street Journal.  In her enthusiasm to carry out her job of casting slurs against those whom she is paid to attack, Motte said this of the Ambassador in New Ledger:         


Withdrawn from New Ledger – Rachel Motte’s ill-advised and unsubstantiated attacks on a former US Ambassador who had questioned the legal proceedings against Anwar Ibrahim

 “Now the question must be asked, why Malott chose to advance a negative and inaccurate picture of the country where he once served as Ambassador. The answer is a simple one that can be seen in his own hand. John Malott is a pet of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. A long defender of Ibrahim, Malott has taken to the press before in defense of a man who has been charged twice with sodomy, a serious crime in Malaysia, and who was convicted of corruption”.  

This aggressive and unsubstantiated attack was quickly removed from New Ledger, in an embarrassing move made clearly under pressure.  However, Sarawak Report can confirm that another BN sponsored blog for which Rachel Motte also supplies ‘articles’ continues to carry the offensive item. 

Malaysia Watcher, which focuses on attacking PKR opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, is also run by the same dirty tricks team.  Once again this site uploads articles that first appeared on New Ledger, to make it appear as if they reflect an aspect of mainstream opinion in the United States. Once again the whole exercise is nothing more than a dirty tricks campaign waged on the internet. There are a number of other similar blogs operated by the same team.

Yet more dirty tricks by Taib’s web team against Gordon Brown – Wikipedia 

The web team hired by Taib have meanwhile also extended their dirty tricks to the Wikipedia online encyclopedia.  Beginning on 30th March, shortly after their Sarawak campaign was launched, a single operator with the ID Yaya222010 carried out a series of malicious actions.  

First, they created a Wikipedia entry for ‘Clare Rewcastle Brown’, focusing on Sarawak and on the false accusations made during the expenses scandal.  This negative entry is full of links and referrences to the Taib-backed blog, Sarawak Report(s), encouraging browsers to read the defamation on that site.  

Web history - the website Wikipedia shows how the same contributor, hiding behind the name Yaya222010 has embarked on a malicious campaign to defame Sarawak Report

 Then on 16th April, the same operators left their fingerprints on a number of other maliciously motivated activities.  That day they added and updated their attacks on the negative site they had created against Clare Rewcastle Brown and then went on to link a number of other sites to it.  For example they added links from the Radio Free Sarawak Wikipedia site to their new creation. 

Also on the same day, the same Yaya222010 went about altering the existing Wikipedia entry for Andrew Brown, husband to Clare Rewcastle Brown, in order to draw readers’ attention to the long discredited ‘cleaning’ stories, over which Brown had won a libel action back in 2009.  Yaya222010 added content that repeated the substance of the libels and also created a new link from his site to the entry they had created against his wife Clare.  They also added further links to Sarawak Report(s). 

The clear purpose of this malicious activity was to lead readers to the conclusion that the long-since discredited and withdrawn allegations about Andrew Brown were in fact true, despite the substantial damages that that the Browns have already won.   Taib’s web team clearly believe that they are shielded by anonymity. 

Malicious intent - Yaya222010's Wikipedia site created about Clare Rewcastle Brown is littered with dodgy links and references to Sarawak Report(s)

The same dirty tricks were even played by the same operator on the same day on the Wikipedia website of the former UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. The history of the site shows that Yaya222010 went in to his site to create new links from his page to their Wikipedia entry about Clare Rewcastle Brown, where he is defamed.  

That very same day Yaya222010 also linked Taib Mahmud’s own Wikipedia site to their entry on Clare Rewcastle Brown!   

Other Wikipedia pages that were tampered with that day by the same people include site of the famous Malaysian opposition blogger, Raja Petra Kamarudin.  Yaya222010 also linked his site to Sarawak Report(s) which attacks him also.  

There can be little doubt that these activities have been part of a deliberately orchestrated and malevolant campaign to attack the author of Sarawak Report and that it is being paid for on behalf of Taib Mahmud.     


Another expensive dirty trick, on which the Chief Minister’s web team spent what is likely to have been public money, was placing ads for their piggyback site on the google search page for Sarawak Report during the election period.  This was presumably in the hope of confusing surfers into reading their fawning site supporting Taib, instead of the latest revelations on SR. 

Paid for ads - Taib paid for ads for his copy-cat site to appear on all searches for Sarawak Report duing the election(or was it the Sarawak Taxpayer who paid?)

It would appear that Sarawakians were not fooled since during the election SR’s daily hits went up to 100,000 compared to negligible interest in the copycat site.  This was, of course, despite the relentless barrage of hacking and distributed denial attacks that were unleashed by Taib’s “Cyber War Team” during this period. 

Once again, we point out that this form of dirty tricks campaign is very expensive indeed, so from where was Taib getting the money to fund the series of Distributed Denial attacks on Sarawak Report?  Was it his own modest salary?  Was it a helpful business crony and if so what incentive had that crony been offered?  or was it the Sarawak taxpayer and if so how could that be justified? 

Vindication for Sarawak Report 

Meanwhile, it has of course now been officially announced by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) that Taib is currently the subject of a formal investigation. That investigation will be to a considerable extent informed by the material publicised by this blog, none of which has been countered or disproved by Taib’s expensive ‘strategic media’ operation. 









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  • http://n/a Watch Dog

    Thank you but those articles have NO or little impact as all

    SARAWAKIANS knew what the THIEF Minister is doing. What has GB got to do with Sarawak? Nothing..it is the work of TM's moron.

    We want to make CORRUPTION a crime worst than DRUGS or DADAH and merits DEATH penalty by firing squad. It is worst than AIDS which TM's son was suffering from.Only clowns and morons do that…as GB has NOTHING got to do with Sarawak forests being "RAPED" by TM.

  • anak sarawak

    thanks claire & sr team for your great concern…

    my dear countrymen… pls stop all the nonsense now and start campaigning for PR on the next general election. together we show that the real power is on us. they should be afraid of us instead of us be afraid of them.


    • Land_Sea Dayak

      The reality of the matter has been long known to all of us Sarawakians. We all know that corruption is rampant here in Sarawak. Ask any Tom, Dick, Jenny or Harry; Who builds road in Sarawak? Who owns CMS? Almost everyone will tell you who the owner is.

      SR is just to give more light and show real proof of such corruption and abuse of power.

  • orang sarawak

    again..LMOA!… Rachel Motte don't be silly by keeping yourself into HELL OF FIRE!… You're too desperated to collect a single forbidden penny! NO MATTER WHAT WE, SARAWAKIAN + THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD KNOWING IT PRETTY WELL & HAD ENOUGH OF hj taik mahmud + his cronies! WE, SARAWAKIAN GET RID OF hj taik mahmud!!

  • Snaky Taib

    Unlike Sarawakreport.org, her evil counterpart Sarawakreports dare not print comments. But nonetheless, I have been giving them a daily dose under various names just to irritate them as they have to read my comments first. Mate, its been great so far and I hope more will join in our crusade to rid Sarawak of its White Snake and sycophants forever. Keep up the pressure on their Yankee connections!

  • aborium

    We have been saying this all along – Taib, his cronies and his cyber team erroneously think they can create red herrings and detours by hiring a US PR team to conduct their malicious cyber attacks so that these appear 'respectable' and 'legitimate'.

    What do these hired writers know about Sarawak? Do they really care about the welfare of Sarawakians? They don't – they only care about doing their cleaning job on behalf of their corrupted clients and getting paid for it – period. Falsehoods, lies and deceits are their weapons of choice.

    The end-goal is to conceal their clients' wrongdoings. Those in power dislike the truth getting too close for their own comfort. And they do it to escape the wrath of the people. It's a futile exercise in Houdini Politics.

    Well, the People can't be fooled. We see their tricks and their game is almost up!

  • Eyes

    Make a statue of taib, kneeling and face down in DUN. All are welcome to spit on him.

  • Anti-Kleptocrats

    SYAITAN TAIB !!! Ptui Ptui Ptui

  • Ayam Jantan

    Taie Manok,

    No matter what you do to cover your ass, your corruption and stealing have been made known to the world through the courageous efforts of the team from Sarawak Report. It is too late for you to launch a cyber-warfare.

    The world is waiting and keenly watching your imminent downfall.

  • najibrazak

    I had hoped that my cyber campaign to counter Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak would have better results. But it is obvious that in using the team suggested by Taib I have been paying amateur losers to make me look stupid. Motte means mound. Mound of what I am obliged to ask?

    • aborium

      The closest I could guess is a representation of a globe encircled with bands, and surmounted on a cross. A possible reptilian bloodline?

      • Wetsemenet

        Same thing with Sarawak Report bouncing their articles onto local opposition sites. All citing each other to lend the 'articles' validity. You guys play the same game, but cry foul when your approach end up failing. What is this, high school?

  • aborium

    Read this statement taken from sarawakreports. org "It is worth noting that one of the most effective ways to combat pollution, and to maintain high environmental standards in a particular region of the world is to ensure economic growth in that region".

    It like saying "you have a headache and since there isn't any medicine around, the best way to cure your headache is to chop off your head". It is a form of syllogistic thinking that can put our nation in peril.

    They don't really know what they're saying because they can't think straight!

  • Titan Sarawak

    It is plain stupid for the TM's team to attack Gordon Brown. As Gordon Brown is still a powerful person in Britain the end loser will be the Thief Minister.

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Titan Sarawak.."When you are drowning, you hold on to the last






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    1. Clean the electoral roll

    2. Reform postal ballot

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    6. Strengthen public institutions

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    8. Stop dirty politics

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    Salam Muhibah!

    Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia Australia (Melbourne)

  • Titan Sarawak

    This has happened in Korea, now Taiwan, can it happen in Malaysia?

    Ex-President Lee Teng-hui indicted

    Prosecutors dropped a political bombshell yesterday by indicting former President Lee Teng-hui on graft and money-laundering charges, accusing him of embezzling US$7.79 million in public funds. Liu Tai-ying (劉泰英), former financier of the then-ruling Kuomintang during Lee's Presidency, also is named in the indictment.


  • awmosa pesysh

    The results brought to us on yesterday's and today's history on the democratic system government has brought to it's downfall. People of Malaysia has actually indirectly allowed the so called elected government of Malaysia to indirectly rob the wealth of it's people despite of consistent campaign by several quarters trying to bring the said corrupted elected members of the cabinets to justice.

    The system fail you and the entire nations. It's is the work of the Illuminati and Zionist group to see the the Asian nations specifically Malaysia will meets it's downfall by the turn of the century together with other country like USA, European Countries, Middle East Countries and South Asia. Leaving China, Japan and Russia on pedestal.

    WHY? Simply it's a NEW WORLD ORDER. Who are the cronies of this Zionist and Illuminati group in our present government? Check, check, check. They are almost manage to succumb the wealth of Sarawak and Malaysia in a whole by the trillions soon if you guys blindsided with you being engross to topple Barisan National and forgetting as to how the United National could back your future new elected government could claims back all the laundered and slandered funds by our leaders since Malaysia being formed. The biggest chunks vested in the Sarawak groups and their cronies. Next the federal ex Ministers and existing leaders. Check further if your cronies do have such leaders as agents of the said Zionist and Illuminati groups – Freemason? If so, we are going nowhere and even you win the history will repeat all because you and your country are sold to the said group log, stock and barrel. Is your religions can save this mishaps?? How?? Which religion?? OPEN YOUR EYES, MIND AND HEART. Study in great depth the history of the entire worlds as of how this situation become so extreme and do you have the choice to rebound or proceed blindly and die of a neutral death without even gaining the momentum to see the truth prevail. The world has indirectly and financially being conquered and controlled by this beast are you with them too as your hidden agenda. If not post-mortem the current activities vs the past activities. Do not let them go. Choose the law of the day to sanction their merger. If not YOU LOOSE brother. We might as well keep the existing power then letting the newly power-hunger groups to gain their platform. This is from the very bottom of my heart. Sincerely in the name of ALLAH The Almighty. Allah has rendered you a hands and never let it go for his wrath tantamount to you destruction. Soon you will regret. This not a gambling den but our life platform.

    • aborium

      Malaysians are urged to read "Malaysia: Direct & Indirect Rule" first published in 1937 by Rubert Emerson.

      • aborium

        Ooops, it's no printing error. The publication year was 1937 well before the formation of Malaysia!

    • Avenged Sevenfold

      Wow! Great and a well written post, AWMOSA. That open up a new dimension to SR readers. It's without any shadow of doubt, that this illiminati/freemason group is alive and aggressively pursuing their goal in this country, inspired by Karl Marx's philosophy, ''the elites to rule [and to fully exploits] over the dumb masses''

      • Avenged Sevenfold

        Oooooph! If you are talking about DSAI as being one of them, What about Dr M? Recently, somebody exposed bank accounts owned by his entire family members, each of them owned no less than 5 different accounts, each with the min of USD 5 million, totalling to few hundreds million dollars in Israeli National Bank of Singapore. What does that mean?

        Of coz, not to forget your very own, evil Peh Moh.

    • Wetsemenet

      Your statement rings true. To me, each time we push the reset button, the Illiminati wins for they thrive on instability and strife. The more we tend towards infighting, the more they win. Let's build up on what we have and improve on those which we lack.

      Thanks, brother.

    • Wetsemenet

      Sure, granted that the Illuminati has had a hand in our politics all this while, the real question is, who's being offered up as the 'successor'…to give their choice a clean bill of health in order for the public to accept them, wouldn't it make sense to offer up an alternative? Preferably, from a strongly opposing alternative? And fact is, all these changes that are very actively being promoted now means just that: they are saying time's up…here's the next step we need you to make…

      Here's the twist: since power is too attractive for the incumbent, they'll hang on to it as much as they could. And you think the Ills look at that favorably? Do you see now why the political trend is intensifying today? It's the next step, buddy and they want us to take the plunge. 😉 Salam. May we be guided by the Almighty on the siratul Mustaqim, yeah?

      p/s: Sometimes, what seems as your biggest enemy may turn out to be your biggest ally.

  • Blunt Speaker

    Let him be what he wants to be. Being malicious, corrupt, vindictive, unrelenting, greedy, sinister, nasty, cunning, filthy,non-repenting and non-compassionate will only show his true colors as a truly wicked and evil man. It's still not too late if he really wants to change. It's up to him!



  • Realistic

    Good investigative journalism Rewcastle Brown! Sarawak will be forever indebted to you for your untiring effort in trying to put those involved of massive corruptions in our state of Sarawak to book. Your articles has been a breath of fresh air to the boring, self-praise news from the mainstream media of the BN govt. What is most disappointing however, is that, politicians in the current BN govt in Sarawak continue to defend the corrupt CM Taib and in denial of the misdeeds that he has created for more than 30 years. I guess political survival is more important than anything else. CM Taib knows that they will defend him becos they also are guilty of corrupt practise and enriching themselves at the expense of the natives, particularly, by cheating and grabbing their land, and the Sarawak people, in general

  • langkau_celap

    We will pay double amount of what Taib's crony pay to "Paid Blogger"

    Weaknees of paid blogger,

    Dont understand malay language.

    Dont understand sarawakian language.

    To all businessman, how if we all offer the blogger RM10 million?

    • http://n/a RAJA MANGGENG

      Langkau_celap..Why give RM10 mil to the clown blogger when you

      can give the money to professional exterminator.

  • GSKuntapan

    Congratulations to Sarawak Report and C.R. Brown.

    Your very comprehensive investigative jounalism is incomparable. I am sure many Malaysian and Sarawakian, in particular, are all the better informed on Malaysian and Sarawak issues by reading your articles.

    What a shame, only a small percentage of the Sarawak people actually read and understand what you write or convey to them. Same in the whole of Malaysia. As RPK said, Malaysians are lazy readers.

    Worse, due to the shameful Education System introduced and pepertuated by the UMNO-led BN, many a Malaysian cannot fully comprehend your messages to them. Your English is PERFECT but the poor Malay Medium educated Malaysian , I dare say, may find it hard to comprehend. Sigh…….

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      GSKuntapan..Yes you are dead right bro on Malaysian worst education system being manipulated by UMNO politics.The clowns Education minister keep on changing to suits their cronies need.In Sarawak,St Joseph has privatised starting from primary 1 and form 1,teaching in English.

      We are worst off than our Indonesian counter part now in term of English.If left unchecked,all will go down the drains.West Malaysian teachers coming to Sarawak bringing their own brand of Malay English because they do NOT understand English fully.

      Bro,RPK has lost his dignity and We do NOT trust him any more like before.He has sold his soul already as far as we are concerned.We read less of his posting.

      Wear Malaysian Football Yellow Jerseys on Saturday,9th July..to support our team in the next round and also show the colour..you know what We mean??

    • Wetsemenet

      One's English is bad only when one practices it not. I knew so many people who spent years in America and the UK who still have the vocabulary of a tea-kettle. I'm sure you know of these people too. Why blame the system in this case?

      Don't be self-loathing. It's just too easy to do. Thanks.

      • http://n/a EDUCATION SYSTEM COR



  • Wetsemenet

    Crybaby losing focus. Isn't this Sarawak Report? Not the Gordon Brown apologist club? As much as he is not even an issue as far as Sarawak is concerned, as an observation, you're making Gordon Brown look like an angel as if the only ones on this green planet who dislike him are these renegades from far-flung Sarawak. BRITAIN doesn't like him. If he was so loved, wouldn't he at least secure another term?

    Unless of course, Clare Brown is tacitly admitting that there is no real democracy in the UK.

    Oh, the hypocrisy of it all. You know what they say about holes and digging…

  • Wetsemenet

    'Clare Rewcastle Brown, on the other hand, has confirmed that she has not received any income from any of her commentaries on Sarawak.'

    'Income' is specific. Would Clare allow the same statement if 'income' is switched to 'money' instead? If you don't receive money, how do you sustain your operations? I'm sure even the Sisters of Mercy would love to know how you go about doing that.

    'Our findings show that New Ledger, which poses as a platform for genuine right wing thinking in the United States, is in fact part of a dirty tricks outfit, taking money from clients, who are seeking to attack and defame their enemies via comment on the internet.  In the case of New Ledger those clients are members of the BN government, including Taib Mahmud.'

    Sounds like you're describing Sarawak Report itself. I don't understand how a team that claim to have specialized skills can overlook that.

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