Surprise? What Surprise?

Surprise? What Surprise?

22 Jun 2011

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Mounting pressure brings denials from the Chief Minister

The Chief Minister has denied he has illegal foreign assets.  He previewed the statement, made today in the State Assembly, as a ‘surprise announcement’. 

Onlookers would have been surprised if he had announced his resignation, the honourable course of action, given official investigations now underway into his corruption and abuse of power.  However, few will have been surprised by his string of denials!

The actual nature of his ‘categorical’ denials were in fact rather confusing, however.  What exactly was he denying when he said:

“Let me state categorically that I have no secret Swiss bank account, nor assets or investments of any description. None whatsoever”.Taib in the DUN today.

By this was the Chief Minister denying that he has no bank accounts, assets or investments of any description at all anywhere?  Or just in Switzerland?  And was he referring to right now at this moment, or is he alleging that he has never, ever had money in Switzerland at any time? 

The Chief Minister spent a lot of energy in denial.  For example, he even attempted to cast doubt on the actual letters sent by the Swiss President and the Swiss Financial Regulatory body, FINMA, confirming their investigations.  Nice try, but the letters and the investigations are genuine.

Letter from the Swiss President announcing that the investigation was being launched,

Whether or not the Chief Minister, or his nominees, still have money in Switzerland, as opposed to other tax havens around the world is what this investigation will presumably uncover.  Sarawak Report has certainly demonstrated that the Chief Minister and his family has held assets in the British Virgin Islands (Rodinmass, CMS Bank, Tess Investments) and in Hong Kong and Jersey (SOGO Holdings).  The Chief Minister and his family also have assets in Canada, London and Australia as well.  Why has he not factored these matters into his denials?

A pattern of denials

The Chief Minister has been forced into denials before.  In 2007 he denied (again using the platform of the State Assembly) that he received kickbacks from Japanese shipping companies trying to get licences to take timber out of Sarawak.  The companies had been fined by the Japanese tax authorities for not declaring millions of dollars paid to a company which was registered in the name of Shea Kin Kwok in Hong Kong.  Shea Kin Kwok was the full-time secretary of Taib’s brother and known business fixer at the time, Onn Mahmud. 

In fact, for an office employee, Mr Shea held such an enviable portfolio of investments that one can only conclude that either he worked for the Mahmuds for fun, or that he was in fact their nominee.  Mr Shea Kin Kwok has been the registered shareholder of several Hong Kong companies, including Grand Shine (which has shares in Achi Jaya Corporation), Grand Will Ltd, Wittaker Company Ltd, Richfold Investments, Regent Star and Natlite.  He was also until as late as 2005 one of the major shareholders of the massive Sarawak Oil Palm Bhd, run by Taib crony Ling Chiong Ho of the logging company Shin Yang.  Following the timber kickback scandal his name disappeared from the shareholder list and most of the above companies were dissolved.

Major shareholder of Sarawak Oil Palm Bhd

 Indeed, if the Chief Minister is so anxious to avoid conclusions that he has benefited from family corruption he should be more careful to avoid conflicts of interest involving his close family members and known business associates.  Taib should certainly have avoided putting his own brother Onn’s company Achi Jaya Corporation in charge of issuing all timber export licences through the agent Achipeligo, which Onn also owns.  It was Achipeligo which referred the Japanese shipping firms to Shea Kin Kwok at Regent Star to make payments in order to get those licences.

In fact Achi Jaya’s stranglehold over the shipping out of Sarawak’s stolen timber for the last 30 years is well known to have become one of the key foundations of the Mahmud family wealth.  It has been calculated by insiders that this business has been worth around RM2 billion a year for the past 30 years.  This trade has now collapsed with the exhaustion of Sarawak’s forests (which Taib likes to pretend are still over 70% untouched and intact), however, Achi Jaya has now diversified into the equally lucrative business of planting oil palm where the Borneo jungle once stood.

What about some further denials?

Now that Taib has entered a more communicative period, Sarawak Report would like to suggest that he embark on some further crucial denials, every bit as relevant as the ones he made today on the subject of Swiss assets.  For example, would he care to deny that he is the beneficiary of the the largest single shareholder of Sarawak’s largest company CMS (made up of former Sarawak State assets and funded largely by Sarawak State contracts handed out by himself)?  This shareholder was, of course, his wife, who has been dead for two years.

Would he also deny that he either bought these shares for his wife, in CMS, to the tune of hundreds of millions of ringgit, or that he acquired them on her behalf for free by corrupt means?  Otherwise, how did his wife, who was not a lady of independent means come by them?  Likewise, how did his young children acquire the remaining bulk of the assets of this enormous company – assets which they still own?

 Would Taib further like to deny that he has handed huge tracts of Sarawak State lands to members of his own family for free or at nominal prices in a clear abuse of his control of the State Planning and Resources Ministry? Many of these handouts were then rapidly sold on for millions of ringgit of profit just days or weeks later (see the numerous documented examples of form of corruption in Sarawak Report).

Would Taib also care to deny that he has abused his control over State contracts as Finance Minister to ensure that the most lucrative contracts are nearly always handed to family concerns such as CMS, Naim Cendera, Kumpualan Parabena, Titanium Management and Kumpulan Construction without any attempt to place these contracts out to proper open tender?  Time and again these contracts have then been sub-contracted to more effective construction companies for substantially less – (for example The Bengoh Dam, the DUN Parliament Building, the Kuching Sewer System and plenty of other documented examples of this form of corruption on Sarawak Report).

Carrying on, would Taib like to deny that he has placed his nominees and family members in control of nearly all the key state industries and also private industries controlling Sarawak’s economy?  His cousin and proxy Hamid Sepawi controls numerous positions such as the Chairman of Sesco (Sarawak’s State Electricity) and also Chairman ( and top shareholder) of Sarawak Plantation Bhd, whose assets are predominantly former state lands.

Would Taib like to deny that he works hand in glove with the Sarawak’s key timber barons, handing them licences without an open tender process in return for huge kickbacks?

Would Taib also care to explain how he lives such a lavish lifestyle off the back of his modest Ministerial salary of around RM 20,000 per month?  For example, how out of this salary has he managed to obtain a classic car collection, deck his family in rubies and other flash gems, fund donations worth millions of ringgit to foreign universities such as Adelaide University and indeed to pay lavish sums on trite memorabilia such as the US$2 million he is believed to have spent on purchasing Liberace’s ex-piano?

Others can without doubt add to the list of denials they would like to hear from the Chief Minister of Sarawak.

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  • apaijugah

    I'd like to ask Taib to categorically tell us that he never had a Swiss secret account ever in his life. Or in any secret account.

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      apaijugah..Can we ask Taib to swear by the Koran that he never

      has a SWISS bank account before?

      It's a lie..he is a bloody liar.Whoever believes him is damn bloody stupid too.Please let us get rid of the monopoly but first get rod of this one man,one family,one crony and most of all this ONE RACE…Melanau before more destruction is done to Sarawak forest and land.

      He claimed that Sarawak has 70% of forest..yes but merely SHRUBS,bushes.Please don't lie TAIB..

      • http://Gmail BRIGHTLIGHTBULB


        SEE video link

        Comments in this video applies 100% to Taib a monster, a man with no sense of humanity what so ever. No conscience, no humanity…

      • DOCTOR NO

        BMF = BIG MAMA's FART

        • http://n/a RAJA MANGGENG

          DOCTOR NO…Not an intelligent thing to say as the true meaning is Bastard Melanau Fucker( BMF),Don't know what you are trying to tell us here

      • http://google chan chong sun

        Do not waste your time and energy asking him to swear on the koran. It is of no use. Any criminal is ready to swear on anything if he or she will be let off the hook. Haven't we seen enough of 'good' and 'trust worthy' people abusing the koran? Try asking a murderer in the court if he or she dares to swear on the koran just to prove a point. The answer is a very obvious 'YES'.


      BMF = BY MY FART

      • http://n/a RAJA MANGGENG

        DOCTOR NO…BMF…Bastard MONOPOLY Fucker..we hate monopoly government thief minister

        • DOCTOR NO

          Be my Ass

    • OAS (Orang Asli Sara

      Perut dah bercacin tanah masih jua in denial mode.( The earthworms are squirming in his stomach but as usual he is still in a denial mode). Go tell the Balingan voters., Perhaps they will believe him 100%


      BMF= Bogus Monetary Fund

  • http://n/a Watch Dog

    Yes,Taib only mentioned Switzerland but what about Australia, Canada, HongKong, New Zealand,USA, Middle East and tax heaven like Bermuda,BVI,Jersey,Guernsey . What a cheat and crap statement? A liar forgets what he said one hour ago?

    Do you expect Sarawakians to believe this Melanau thief Minister???


    Come on WAKIL RAKYAT..what are you waiting for? MUTINY and cross over to form a new faction so that TRAIB will be on the other side if the seat.

    Are you WAKIL RAKYAT scared of his BOMOH, DJINS,LUCIFERS and DEVILS??


    HIS BOMOH..AHMAD SU'UT and STELLA are powerless. In

    Jesus name.I pray..AMEN!!

    We must STOP this one MAN.,one family, one crony and most of ALL ONE RACE.." MELANAU" before pore damage is done to the state economy,corruption and nepotism.

    Let us eradicate poverty, monopoly and abuse of power. TM's style of politic breeds and practices "CORRUPTION".

    We pray that GOD will listen to our cries and put down all these corrupted families,cronies and race.Help us LORD.Amen

    • anak sarawak

      God cannot take any action for our praying, because the kingdom of god is not on earth.How we are gong to topple TM? No way with this system of so-called "democracy", plus the stupid voters.

      • http://n/a Watch Dog

        anak sarawak…It seems that you have NO faith on GOD at all.If

        500,000 people in Sarawak all pray everyday of

        course GOD will hear us as "NOTHING IS


        All I need are believers to pray with me so that GOD will help us to change what we have now governing us or Sarawak rather.I need your prayers and GOD to break all the four walls that TM's djin,lucifers,devils,demons,toyols,satan and we send them to the sender 7 folds….In Jesus name ..Amen!!

        • anak sarawak

          I have prayed to GOD for the last 40 years and I am still praying, but no answer. Wish you good luck and God bless you all the times. Aman.

  • abot

    When some gets caught sealing, denying is normal practice…

  • http://CryFeedom Freedom 4 all

    Taib,tell the truth please…….! Confession is good for the soul.No one will believe him. During every CNY he collects ang pow from rich timber tycoons and they (tycoons) bank in direct to his swiss bank account.

  • Anti-Kleptocrats

    Taib Mahmud is EVIL !!!

  • Kobelco

    Taib should resign as Chief Minister of Sarawak, don't put shame to all Sarawakians because of your corruption!

  • Anti-Kleptocrats

    Cannot wait to see this bugger put behind bar !!!

    • Avenged Sevenfold

      Can't wait to see, who is the most corrupt kleptocrat of South East Asia? Is it Marcos, Suharto or Taib?

      The positive part is, it's going to make Sarawak famous, the world over.

    • Deacon

      Phmeonenal breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!

  • najibrazak

    For Taib to make this stupid denial puts him on the same level as the child who denies stealing from the cookie jar. Since I cannot now put MACC into reverse without fatally damaging what is left of my own and BN's credibility, Taib has to go.It is just a question of how much he is prepared to give to avoid jail or worse. No doubt we can do a deal.

  • http://none dust2dust

    Datuk HIV Sulaiman is already dead his dead body is buried overseas,can someone confirm it….The demon will spur uncured sicknes to the family,they will die one after another.

  • http://n/a Watch Dog

    Are you out of your mind? Why? No,We will get back what are rightfully belong to Sarawakians.

    Crime is a crime and law is the law.We must uphold the law and not allow the Judges to manipulate justice what you have done in the past.

    • Lidia

      Superior thinking dnemostrtaed above. Thanks!

  • Blunt Speaker

    The writing is on the wall! Taib, count your days because the time is near. Your downfall and your dynasty is crumbling to pieces, lest you repent!

  • chuckybride

    The world is watching you Thief Minister.

    The rainforest spirit is haunting you. The souls of poor sarawakians wants to take revenge on you.

    Your days is numbered.

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      chuckybride…Yes bro.It's TM devil ways VS spirits of the

      forest,ancestors spirit whose grave TM has

      allowed his cronies to log and Burung Kenyalang

      spirit because there are no more forest for their

      children and grand children to play.

      These natual spirits VS Taib's djin,toyol,batu delima merah,batu rukan and kris berdiri. The natural spirit surely win this time as they too are fed up with TM's destruction.They will come to haunt TM and his cronies.Time is coming to an end for TM..

      So a piece of friendly advice to TM,please own to it and step down .

  • Blunt Speaker


  • Guvnor

    Is a denial statement a surprise? Is a third degree freemasonist/fascist/kleptocrat bigger than god, to fooled 27 million Malaysians including the King and PM, plus another tens of thousands elsewhere, with a 3 yrs old kid's statement?

  • aborium

    What is so pathetic about Taib is that he thinks his Swiss denials could put to rest people's real concern and quest to find out the truth of all the allegations of corruption, conflict of interests, nepotism and collusion against him.

    He thinks the people of Sarawak can be fooled easily, and by implication of lower mind and intelligence than him just because he wields power with money. Well, all things must pass – & we'll see how far the White Rabbit would be sucked into the black hole

    where even light can't escape.

    Be as it may, only time will tell.

  • Titan Sarawak

    What do we, Sarawakians, want? We just want a fair, transparent State Government for the people of Sarawak not the corrupted, Melanau dominated Sarawak.

    PM Najib or PM Anwar is just out of our mind.

    Sarawak can be a fixed deposit to PM Najib in the next General Election if he will go all out to prosecute the Thief Minister and promise/act to return all the stolen wealth to the people of SARAWAK.

    It is time to act, Najib!

    • http://google chan chong sun

      You are pretty naive. You think a thief will betray another? Dream on boy! For me the best option is to kick THEM out with our votes come GE13.

      • http://n/a Watch Dog

        chan ching sun..YES..Corruption is just like DRUGS(DADAH.

        Drugs dealers won't betray each other and that

        is what we in Malaysia are facing.Corruption is

        a menace to our country.It is worst than DADAH

  • Dayak patriot

    ATM-Aku Tidak Menipu…

    He is a damned liar and monster of all liars. Do you think the Sarawakians are blind, deaf, dumb on what you are doing??? I'm cynical of his remarks just to keep the people guessing, intimidating, and provoking his foes. THE TRUTH WILL SET HIM IN A HELL OF FIRE!

    • http://n/a RAJA MANGGENG

      Dayak patriot..TM is matured and so are those from DAP,PKR and

      one independent being planted by LS.

      All the other DUN BN members are '9' year old children who follows what their father says.So it is NO surprised that James J Masing and Dr.S.Rundi protect theor master.

      DAP's VY looks cute in white and yet the pea brain ADUN worries about what she wears.Only clowns like him worries.Maybe ADUN is like a school where all children must wear school uniform. He should be more worried on how to eradicate poverty in his constituency.The people there are no better of than the rural areas.NO economic activity..Coconut factory(RM12.5million) also closed down,Carbon factory(RM3.5 million) also closed down.

      Come on Karim…go to the ground and see for yourself…what's next for your constituency???

  • http://n/a RAJA MANGGENG

    Just do not know why James Semut Masin still saying that his Thief Boss is innocent. A PhD graduate and yet does NOT use his brain.Did he open his eyes or there are scales that cover his eyes?

    Another bill on LCDA( Let Chase Dayaks Away)it is just too bad as there is no sufficient time to debate on the bills.

    Civil Service is suppose to be free from Politics and yet being manipulated by politics.The State Secretary should revamp the state civil service and NOT let one Race,Melanau to control all departments.There must be fair representation too and MPP Chairman should be a Bidayuh as it is a Bidayuh dominated area.Remove LEN Salleh as Director of Forestry as he is a politician.

    Najib Razak as PM shpuld act and remove TM from his post.LHDN(Inland Revenue Dept) should investigate TAIB for TAX EVASION.

    Bank Negara Malaysia(BNM)too should investigate him for MONEY LAUNDERING.International Financial Communities are doing that now and in progress..Hongkong,UK,Switzerland and many more.Come PM have balls please!!!

    • Titan Sarawak

      The first time I saw James, I knew he was stupid! That was 30 years ago. He still think TM can afford all his luxury with his $20,000 pay a month.

    • ibat

      "Remove LEN Salleh as Director of Forestry as he is a politician." yes, and remove that schizophrenic Talib Zoophilip from SEDC. Politicians should not hold executive positions, better still no positions in government agencies.

    • anak sarawak

      They are THE MEMBERS From the same gang!

  • SKC

    He only say he does not have any "Let me state categorically that I have no secret Swiss bank account" Secret Swiss bank account, how about non secret Swiss bank account ?

    • ibat

      He said he doesn't have any secret swiss bank account.

      Well, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I believe him. But what I don't believe is he never had one before, which he didn't say!

      And as the article pointed out, why stop the denial on the swiss bank account thing only, why not go all the way and deny all the other allegations of land grab, immense wealth, contract windfalls to companies related to him?

  • Mirror Thyself

    Another off-shore source to keeping his ill-gotten gains….his young wife's country of origin.

  • ck

    Bill Clinton once said:- "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!"

    He was right! It was only a cigar!

  • OlangKampung

    AyuuYuuuu!!! Said HE. You jealous kah I got plenty Money, You see I big House and beautiful 28 yrs old WIFE.

    • anak sarawak

      Ha,Ha,Ha, Just imagine a 76 and a 28, how ugly! ?????? Ha,Ha, Ha.

  • hot

    white hair was a nice person until he has to deal with the native sarawakians.

    native sarawakians spoilt him needlessly. they gave white hair their precious ancestral lands FOR FREE.

    they gave white hair everything so that they can live like poor beggars.

    whatever is happening to white hair should be blamed on the native sarawakians.

    long live native sarawakians.

  • http://n/a RAJA MANGGENG

    Please just look at his lying face!!!

    Anyone who believes him is also a bloody liar..and there are a lot especially his students ADUN besides the clever DAP, PKR and One independent.

    We hate LIARS…Come on MoCS… we are waiting for AUGUST 13th…

    • anak sarawak

      One independent is not independent! He is the member of "white hair" gang.

  • Dayak patriot


    The Dayaks asshole politician like Jabooo,masin, rundi dares to pat the back on Aya Tai Manok, giving the damned comments through the media. They are just bunch of cronies who just want to reinforce their status-quo in BN because they have nowhere to go but to rely on the dirty old crap! They sold their soul to thief monster earning the dirty money but the rayats in the rural are miserable like coolies.

    Dayaks are marginalize, deny of basics infrastructures, poor roads, hardcore poor, unemployed, not given any economic opportunities etc…let all the hypocrites be tried for their wickedness…THE TRUTH WILL DESTROY THEM…soon, nature will take its course!!

  • Dayak patriot

    Riot is Chaotic and arrogant. We will wait this timid Manyin has to say,,,,

    • tsunami final asshol

      dear Dayak patriot,

      Manyin name has been changed to Micheal Main-Main. Most a times he acted and talked using his his Dickhead not his head located at the upper section of his body.

      So please, so with all no respect, addressed him as Micheal Main-Main

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Dayak patriot..Richard Riot is hundred times better than TM.I want all dayaks leaders like that and unite then cross over.They too cannot stand TM but what to do,as they all said.

      What we want now is to get rid of this iron clad fist dictator/auticrator..a one man,one family,one crony and one race

      MELANAU to step down..We hate MONOPOLY…

      God creates…but TM..Melanau destroys.

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Dayak patriot..Richard Riot is hundred times better than TM.I want all dayaks leaders like that and unite then cross over.They too cannot stand TM but what to do,as they all said.

      What we want now is to get rid of this iron clad fist dictator/autocrator..a one man,one family,one crony and one race

      MELANAU to step down..We hate MONOPOLY…

      God creates…but TM..Melanau destroys.

  • Yes Sir

    No matter how he (Taib) clarified, who doesn't know in Sarawak he is No.1 Malaysia corrupter? Why did he still deny upon every proof that Sarawak Report had shown to the World? Of course, the whole UMNO has been controlled by him due to his party's seats and of course Najib could not even take a single action against him. I doubt MACC also can't do anything at the end of the day. Just ask all the tycoons who have the connection with him, you will easily get the answer, why need to turn a big circle?

  • Doggie Style

    People: Hands up Taik!

    Taik: Erg… Wtf. I am clean.

    People: How dare you claim that!

    Taik: The Sarawak People, it is their wish to continue allowing me to build my zillion empire. Hahaha…….. I wont thank them.

  • tsunami final asshol

    Taib @ taik mammoth really is in denial mode. I won't be surprised if he deny that he didn't have sex with his second wife…. stupid…

    to be cont…

  • http://n/a Watch Dog

    We hope to see that TM's residence will be the Department of Marine Engineering and Oceanology Studies of UNIMAS. The building is being built with tax payers money and have to be put to good use for the people of Sarawak

    I am sure that you all agree with me as TM will run away to Middle East,to his wife's country where his millions or billions are stashed now.He may have withdrawn his money from Switzerland when he said he went for treatment there.

    The Swiss authorities must peruse all records up to 10 years transactions.We must leave NO stones unturned.Get him now SWISS Authorities..Get HIM..

    Come on MoCS..we are waiting for AUGUST 13th..Mr Francis Siah…go ahead as we are behind you.

    • anak sarawak

      The residence is not free for UNIMAS, men. He is collecting millions of dollars for selling to UNIMAS.

      • http://n/a Watch Dog

        No,he ran away already…so the building belongs to the public. Why should we pay..take it back.

  • langkau_celap

    hello friends,

    Im here telling all of you about few business man want to but few oil palm plantation and few land that had been grab by Taib's crony. this will be the proof of the ownership of that land title and proof ownership of that business. The businessman comparise peninsular Malaysia and Sarawakian businessman.

    To taib's crony,

    This business man will buy before you can clean up your mess.

    Gud luck and have a nice day!!!

  • tebuso

    MoCS… its yrs & the peoples power time comes 13 august…

  • Kobelco

    “Let me state categorically that I have no secret Swiss bank account, nor assets or investments of any description. None whatsoever”.Taib in the DUN today.

    Can all Sarawakians believe what he saying?….. is this CM we want to lead Sarawak?A LIAR?

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Kobelco…Please just look at his face..TAKE A GOOD LOOK at his

      face and body language, YES he is lying..A liar

      forgets what he said 10 minutes ago.

      Drugs penalty is death if more than 5 gm and if less,fine or imprisonment.

      Now corruption is so rampant that it is a national menace to the society,worst than drugs.

      Penalty :RM500,000 and below…5 years with 5 strokes of rotan

      RM500,000 to RM1,000,000…life imprisonment with 7

      strokes of rotan.

      Above RM 1 million..DEATH by FIRING squad like China.

      This is to deter those who abuses his/her power.Do you all agree??

      YES…..95% Good citizens

      NO…….5% Rotten citizens..mostly TM and his family,crony

      and race.

      Come on DAP/PKR..bring the matter up even if moron speaker shut you up.It is our democratic rights

  • Dom Daya

    Seperti kuching menutup tahi diri sendiri

  • http://n/a Watch Dog






    • Reader

      w/o jabu…beotng are nothing…w/o masing…kapit are nothing…pray for ur MP & ADUN 2 do something bout ur constitution. Good for us there are few Iban in Sarawak Cabinet. Sorry if u think i'm rude. But that is the fact.

  • Reader

    Ha…ha…ha…lu org gaduh psal dia punya statement??!!! OMG!! I dont' believe u all begitu ST***D! Mana dia mau kata dia ada itu akaun. Lu org hilang akal ka?

    Say u adalah account officer/clark…u makan duit dlm account…lu sembunyi lu punya kerja bagai nak rak…suddenly org kata u mkn duit account…mmg betul pun…tpi lu mau mengaku mei??

    Sendiri mau ingat la…

  • Yellow

    Taib said he don't have a Swiss account but he did switch account.