Time to Mobilize the 45% !

Time to Mobilize the 45% !

19 Jun 2011

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Baru Bian - mobilising is the way forward

PKR Sarawak Leader, Baru Bian, enters the State Parliament for the first time today with a new rallying cry.  He has told Sarawak Report in an exclusive interview that it is time to mobilize grass roots support and to form an army of volunteers to build on the opposition’s progress at the State Election.

In a clear appeal to the frustrated 45% of the electorate who voted for the opposition, but were rewarded with just a relative handful of seats, he said Sarawak must develop a new ‘culture of volunteerism’ to counter the corruption of money politics and passive voters.  He told Sarawak Report:

“Mobilization of the 45% support is crucial..Volunteerism is not a common culture in this part of the world. So we need to explain the need to mobilize people on the ground together to bring the change we all desire. It needs conviction from within to a cause, or else people would always expect to be rewarded or paid for whatever they do. We need therefore to do our best to convince people that we are doing all these for the good of all and the generations after us”.

The PKR leader, who enters the DUN for the first time as one of 3 rural representatives who succeeded in wresting seats from BN’s grasp, also makes a clear play for more practical support from urban voters.

The opposition, represented by DAP, triumphed in nearly all the city seats, because the towns have a far greater awareness of political issues and a more developed political machinery.  However, with so many rural seats in the hands of BN’s traditional power-brokers, Baru Bian asserts that it is in the interests of town activists to do more to help PKR’s efforts to win more seats in the upcoming Federal Election.  Many of the rural seats delivered strong votes for the opposition, narrowly missing victory – with more support they could win next time round.

“DAP can assist PKR or PAS to win by providing financial support and personnel to assist in the campaign and perhaps also on logistics”, he explains.

The PKR leader carefully talks up the unity between the opposition parties in this interview, despite recent reports of spats and conflicts. He accepts the reasoning behind DAP’s overtures towards SNAP and focusses on his own appeal to the young people of Sarawak to unite to behind his dream of ending corruption and bringing back a fair deal for Sarawak under the 20 point agreement.  Should the opposition take power, he says that the first moves would be to restore the wealth stolen by current BN leaders and to work:

“for a good governance [of Sarawak], for fair and equitable policies, for fair and equitable share of her wealth and riches and eventually where every Sarawakian has a place to live in the Land of the Hornbills”

Baru Bian confirmed to Sarawak Report that the volunteer activist campaign will be getting under way over the coming weeks and that anyone who has time, money or talent to spare will be encouraged to step forward and do their bit for Sarawak’s future.


Q – Reflecting on the election results, what positive points can be made in your view and also what lessons have the opposition parties have drawn from the result?

“Firstly, a very clear and positive increase in popularity votes for the Opposition, which is about 45%. There was a decrease in support for the BN from 63% from the last GE to 55%. Secondly, there is a clear acceptance of the various ethnic groups in Sarawak of the opposition coalition. The Chinese urban fully backed DAP. This was expected, as the Chinese are the most informed group of what is going on in the Country and the State. PKR on the other hand won three seats, a good reflection of support from the Orang Ulus (Ba’Kelalan), the Ibans (Krian) and the Chinese (Batu Lintang). Although PKR failed to win a Bidayuh seat, the result in all the areas we fielded candidates are very encouraging too. Beting Maru, which was narrowly lost by the PAS candidate, is also clear support from the Malays for a PR coalition partner.

The lessons learned from the said result are that the Chinese are ready for the change advocated. This is very evidenced from the support given in all the Chinese majority seats, notwithstanding the party from which candidates were fielded. For example Batu Lintang and Senadin, which were contested by PKR candidates. We won Batu Lintang with a bigger majority than in 2008 when a DAP contested there. We narrowly lost Senadin. The DAP lost in all the two non-Chinese majority seats they contested Sri Aman and Bukit Kota, which shows that the non-Chinese are not ready to accept DAP as a party to represent them. This prompted DAP to look at how they could be seen more multi-racial in their outlook; thus the immediate announcement to talk with SNAP for a possible merger and an immediate appointment of a Bidayuh Personal Assistant to YB Chong to commence works amongst the Bidayuhs in Kuching.

For PKR, a few seats could have been won, for example Telang Usan and Kakus if it were not for some hiccups here and there. We do recognize though that there were many factors contributing to our failure to win more seats, which could be divided into two main categories; external and internal factors. The external factors are for example threats, intimidations, gangsterism, promises of developments and projects, monopoly of public transports, manipulation of community leaders and bribery, etc., whereas the internal factors are like weak political machinery or structure, delay in appointing and announcing of candidates, wrong choice of Polling and Counting Agents (PACA).  The lack of experience of PACA and limited financial resources are equally important factors we overlooked”.

Q – What are PKR going to do to improve their performance next time?

“The first thing is to register more young voters and to recruit them as party members. With more young voters who are well informed of the political development in the country, PKR will become more attractive to the populace in particular the Dayaks and the Malay/Melanaus communities. This is because PKR and its leaders chime well with the rural folks, as many of PKR leaders, for example, are very much involved in NCR cases throughout the State, which affect all native communities. We must open more rantings in the villages as avenues to engage the people. The party’s machinery must be strengthened and organized. To enhance support and understanding of the Party’s struggle and manifesto, more ceramahs and workshops must be conducted.  The Party’s leadership must give more leeway to the State leadership in choice and appointment of leaders in the State. Work closely with PR partners. Choice of candidates must be made early to enable them to move immediately on the ground. The branches and the State leadership must find ways to financially sustain the State’s activities and not rely too much on Party’s HQ for such provisions. However, on the same token, the HQ must assist and contribute to the finances incurred in the course of running above activities”.

Q- What will be the key manifesto points that you think will draw the people to your side next time?         

“PKR is a very young Party compared to DAP and PAS more so in its debut in Sarawak. But the support from all the ethnic groups in Sarawak is very encouraging, as reflected in the 3 seats we won and the areas we stood but lost. So we need to persevere on and communicate more and engage the people on the ground. Our leaders must be seen to be credible and firm. Yes we need to emphasise in the manifesto especially our emphasis on good governance, i.e, the CAT principles of Competency, Accountability and Transparency. The resolution on tackling the NCR issue and other land issues affecting the non-native community. The respect for the 20 points under the Malaysian Agreement and the increase in the petroleum royalties are but some of the very important manifesto points to be highlighted as these encompass the inspiration of most Sarawakians”. 

Q – Can you tell us what the situation is with the PR alliance and the relations with DAP – is DAP going to help you more effectively in the rural areas next time around?

“PKR has no problem working together with DAP for the future of the PR alliance. It was in the initial negotiation that we had tough time with the DAP. This is understandable as they were trying to get all the Chinese majority seats, as these are the seats that had high possibility of winning, which was quite correct eventually. They knew that they would have no chance to win in the Dayak/Malay majority seats. The DAP therefore can assist PKR or PAS to win by providing financial support and personnel to assist in the campaign and perhaps also on logistics”.

Q – What are BN’s weaknesses going forward to the next Federal election?

“BN has no manifesto or clear practical vision for the people of Sarawak. Theirs is money politics and bribery. Theirs is Promises of developments and projects, but which they will not deliver. Theirs is threat and intimidation to instill fear. When the dust is settled, the people will realize BN had nothing much to offer, except failed promises. The truth will eventually be known. PR must continue to expose these lies and misleading campaign statements”.

Q – How important is it for PKR to mobilise the 45% of the electorate who supported PR in the state election in order to make more gains next time?

“Mobilization of the 45% support is crucial. The question is how can we mobilize this 45% to gain ground next round?  Volunteerism is not a common culture in this part of the world. So we need to explain the need to mobilize people on the ground together to bring the change we all desire. It needs conviction from within to a cause, or else people would always expect to be rewarded or paid for whatever they do. We need therefore to do our best to convince people that we are doing all these for the good of all and the generations after us”.

Q – What would PKR’s first act be regarding Sarawak if they win Federal power do you think?

“The first thing that should be done is to bring to justice all the corrupt leaders, beginning with the Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and his cronies. All ill-gotten wealth stashed in and out of the country must be returned to the people of Sarawak. Next we will increase the petroleum royalty to 20% and release the said fund for the immediate funding of developments in Sarawak. The road connecting the rural with the main towns in Sarawak would be constructed immediately with Federal funding. This will open up huge tracts of agricultural lands for development and allow any proceeds from such development to be brought to the markets in towns and cities. Review the 20 points under the Malaysian Agreement and make amends accordingly”.

Q – What is your reaction the formal acknowledgement now by the MACC that they are investigating Taib Mahmud?

“I welcome the news that MACC is now investigating Taib Mahmud. I don’t believe that MACC has the guts to charge Taib, even if there is any evidence of impropriety or unlawful amassed of his wealth. Taib is too important for Najib, having delivered Sarawak in every election for BN, thus there is no reason for them ‘to bite the hands that fed them’ all these years. If in the event MACC does, that is a miracle, a divine intervention”.

Q – How do you feel on the eve of joining the DUN and what will your priorities be in that role?

“I feel privileged and honoured to be part of the Sarawak State Assembly, with the sincere hope to be able to contribute to the betterment of the State of Sarawak and her people, for a good governance, for a fair and equitable policies, for fair and equitable share of her wealth and riches and eventually where every Sarawakian has a place to live in the Land of the Hornbills. On the other hand I feel the burden of this great responsibility aware that the BN majority may not adhere to our voices from the opposition. Nevertheless I will pursue the various issues we raised in our manifesto. These are for example the setting up of the Land Commission, which is a fair and neutral platform for the resolution of NCR issues. If a private bill needs to be tabled for this purpose, I will make effort to do so. Secondly, I will monitor the developments or projects promised by the BN candidates throughout the State during the State Election and to ensure they are delivered. For example a road linking Ba Kelalan with Bario. Generally to speak without fear or favour on any issues affecting the lives of all Sarawakians, transcending race and religion”.

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  • http://CryFeedom Freedom 4 all

    Do not worry YB Baru Bian. We're all praying for change and change we can and change has started !!!

    March ON !

  • najibrazak

    What does he think Malaysia is? A democracy? The sooner he learns that Malaysia is UMNO property, has been since Independence and always will be no matter what methods prove necessary. As the old song has it we've got the men, we've got the guns, we've got the money too!

  • Lulong Bebendai


  • Miri

    My question to SR. Mr Baru Bian and fellow commentators is this. There were 4 signatories to the original Malaysia Agreement. As Singapore pulled out of the Federation, it immediately rendered the original Agreement null and void. Was there a new Agreement signed by the other three ? Am I right in thinking that if there is no such new Agreement ever signed by Malaya, Sarawak and Sabah, Malaysia does not exist !

    • http://n/a RAJA MANGGENG

      Miri..yes maybe.We must see the 18 point plan.We also want PETRONAS to let ALL Sarawakians know the followings:

      1. How much money has been derived from their operations in 'stealing' the oil and gas from Sarawak?..How many billions??

      2. How many Sarawakians are being granted Scholarship?

      e.g How many Malays, dayaks and Chinese..breakdown figures.

      3.How many Sarawakians are working in PETRONAS??

      We must control our own Oil and GAS,natural resources?


      We cannot be fooled by orang Malaya anymore.Sarawak tanggung jawap orang Sarawak juga.

    • Wetsemenet

      'Point 7: Right of Secession

      There should be no right to secede from the Federation'

      And a simple check on Wikipedia would give you this:

      'In 1965, Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman decided upon the expulsion of Singapore from the Federation, leading to the Independence of Singapore on 9 August 1965.'

      Secession =/= Expulsion.

      So the agreement still stands.

  • Titan Sarawak

    Time for Sarawak to set a role model of Equality for all.

    All Sarawakians are Equal!

    There shouldn't be any distinction of bumiputras or non- bumiputras. This is long out of date!

    Any one born in Sarawak regardless of his/her religion should qualify to be the CM or Head of State. This is the definition of :

    1 Sarawak and 1 Malaysia.

    • anak sarawak

      Million of non-bumiputras professionals are working in foreign countries because of……you know lah!

      • http://n/a RAJA MANGGENG

        That is they want HIGH salaries and better living conditions and good education systems for their children.It is their choice really.

        Now let us form our own Sarawak Oil & Gas Bhd and all revenues must remain in Sarawak.It is up to Sarawak to give grants to poor begging West Malaysian states.

        To provide jobs in Oil and Gas,Sarawak must have her own oil refineries instead of sending to Malacca and then the oil and gas are shipped back to Sarawak as it is now.It is high time that we control our own natural resources and NOT let orang Malaya control us.We are rich but poor due to politics.

        Yes,18 point plan..maybe it is true as Singapore has pulled out…becoming NULL and VOID due to three signatories left.I hope to see all ADUN unite to address this,letting 'foreigners' to control our resources.UNITE lah for the sake of Sarawak.

        • Iban Ngemah

          I agree with you Mr. Raja Manggeng..it's time we should form and establish sarawak oil n gas bhd…but pr must take over putrajaya and state at the first place…hope that young and educated sarawakian will work out on this…

        • flying dove

          100% agree with you!!!!!!!!!!


      Agreed. Best brain rule…

  • Penan

    Go Bian go. We know you can deliver very well on behalf of the natives of Sarawak on NCR land related-matters. I hope you can corner an old man Adenan Satem while debating ON NCR land issue in DUN.

  • bobby

    I think he is right -maybe we need a popular theme to overthrow the current government -someone has to make the 1st move ….like in Middle East -North Africa…..

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      bobby…NOT likely as TAIB is a three degree mason.FREEMASON is

      a very strong world movement controlled by the world

      top leaders.

      FREEMASON has 33 degree mason as the top and has a limited membership of 15 only.The lowest is a One degree mason and TM is a three degree mason.

      Please look up what FREEMASON movement is all about.

      Do you believe what Taib say on TV news at 8.00pm??



      He lied..He is a liar.

  • Dayang Rogayah

    DUN Diary – DAY 1

    (1) New Chapter in History

    It is now part of Sarawak history. All elected representatives took their oaths of office in the legislative chamber (Dewan) before the Speaker today. It was a solemn occasion. The members were called, one by one, to take the oath and to sign the members’ book. It was completed in 2 hours. Some members found this time consuming and boring. Several Ministers were caught dozing. But i thought, what is 2 hours compared to the 10 days of hard campaign that we had to go through in order to come to this august House?

    We waited 10 minutes past the official time before it actually started. I took my oath at 11:01 am.

    (2) Family’s involvement

    When 6 DAPpers took our oaths of office in July 2006, we had come in 2 cars. Now, we have 12, and we came in 4 cars. Our other halves proudly witnessed this solemn occasion. We remember their industry during the campaign time and the sacrifice that they had to endure. My wife, Chieng Jen’s wife, David’s wife, Hoi Liong’s wife and King Wei’s wife came along. Violet’s parents attended as well. All as invited guests.

    Naturally our arrival attracted the attention of the media. I saw Baru Bian and See Chee How at the entrance to the Dewan Undangan Negeri building. We had a quick chat. A quick photo shoot later, we set foot to the Dewan together.

    (3) Seating Arrangement

    We had no difficulty finding our seats. Though seat arrangement is the discretion of the Speaker, convention was followed in part. I mean, in part. From the Opposition bench, 5 members were returned, all from the DAP, and these “senior members” were seated to the left hand side of the Speaker, with me on the 1st seat, followed by Chin Sing, Chieng Jen, Violet and Tze Fui. As the liaison chief of PKR Sarawak, Baru Bian takes his seat after Tze Fui. I would have no problem if Baru is seated beside me to symbolize his position in Pakatan Rakyat. The seat arrangement for the others could be improved somewhat. David Wong is a senior member of the Party, holding post as DAP Sarawak’s Publicity Secretary. He could have been seated right after Baru, but he was the last of the PR’s 15. Some of us are ordinary Party members, yet their seat is ahead of those holding Party positions. On the PKR side, apart from Baru who occupies the front row, Chee How and Ali Anak Biju are separated in the row behind me. Of course, all this is unimportant, so, we won't complain for now.

    The PR occupies 2 rows of the block, and I felt so proud seeing this. In the future, more from PR will be coming in, and one never assumes that we will not occupy the other side if we can engineer a tsunamis of political change.

    The Independent, George Lagon, is seated away from us, in the next block after David.

    On the other side (the Government side), the CM (PBB) is still there. He takes the 1st seat. Noticeably the seat to his right, which was once thought to be George Chan’s fixture, is occupied by Alfred Jabu. James Masing (PRS President) and William Mawan (SPDP President) moved up to No.3 and 4 respectively, followed by Abang Jo (PBB). One would have thought that Wong Soon Koh, the most senior man from the SUPP would have also moved up one notch, to occupy No. 6. But, that was not to be. That slot was occupied by Adenan Satem, the newly appointed Minister who holds no portfolio!

    The fact that Adenan has leapfrogged in his portfolio to the front of Soon Koh gives away 2 vital facts. Firstly, and this has nothing to do with marginalization, SUPP is nothing and is unrespectable in the eyes of the CM. Secondly, the new Minister with no portfolio will likely be the next CM. His seating arrangement is even more senior to those BN Ministers who are supposedly more senior to him in protocol, namely, Awang Tengah, Michael Manyin and Fatimah.

    (4) Hiccups in Oath Taking

    The CM had his oath of office taken “silently”. The mic was not turned on. I wonder whether an inaudible oath is valid. Elected members had a choice to “affirm” or “make oath”, yet it doesn’t seem that the choice was even given. We had to read from the text! There used to be uniformity in procedure. For instance, we would raise our right hands. Therefore, for those who desires to swear on the Bible you hold the holy book on your right hand. Yet, some Members held it on the left hand. All these may be petty but issues had been taken on the validity of the oath before. This is my 4th time taking Oaths as an elected member. I know that we should use the language which we understand. There are people who do not understand Bahasa Malaysia well. So, where is the sanctity of the oath?

    There are several first timers from both the BN and Opposition benches. They were nervous taking the oath. Some could not read smoothly. I can understand that. The text of the oath is written in capital letters. There is no comma. It is not easy to read.

    (5) Oldies v Youthfulness

    In terms of age, it is all too clear that the BN members easily average close to 60. The Cabinet members are even older. On the other hand, the Opposition members are at least 15 years younger.

    (6) Women representation

    There is clear gender imbalance in the Dewan. There are only seven (7) female ADUNs. There is only one woman (Fatimah- PBB) from the Ministers (10) and Assistant Ministers (12), Three other PBB women ADUNs were seated together and they were sworn in as No. 33, 34, 35. The rest of the women members are from the DAP. The statistic was that 53% of voters are women. With gender equality absent in the Dewan, how is women’s interest enhanced in Sarawak?

    (7) Lunch and Press time

    2 hours of solemn proceedings later, the PR 15 had a group photo taken in the Dewan. For the next 5 years, we have to foster better and stronger friendship and goodwill. The road to Putrajaya and Petra Jaya hinges on how we can hold our fort together.

    As we adjourned to lunch with other elected representatives at the ground floor, reporters quickly surrounded me on several issues. “You were upset that 2 of your questions were rejected?” “No” I answered. “I was upset because 3 of my questions were rejected”. Corruption is a sensitive word in Dewan Undangan Negeri proceedings now. The moment the word appears, it is deemed linked to one particular person, and all questions touching on corruption have been rejected. Yet, corruption/leakages will lead to the demise of a nation and our state. Housing is no longer affordable to many Sarawakians. How is Government to tackle this issue? What is the progress of the Government’s promised remedial measures on termite-infested houses in Sibu Jaya built by the Housing Commission? This was rejected too. Security is a major concern in the State. People’s peace has been threatened. Even Ministers’ house had been broken into. ADUNs had been robbed. Even police car had been thrown with explosives. Women had been raped and robbed. Drugs, and illegal arms have been brought from the Indonesian borders. Our cars had been stolen, taken through “Jalan tikus” and sold across the Indonesian border. These are facts. Yet, this question is also rejected. The story can go on and on. How could questions be rejected at the whim and fancy of the Speaker? The Speaker isn’t fair.

    Not only me. Chieng Jen, Ling Sie Kiong, Wong King Wei and See Chee How also had their questions disallowed. 10 in all. Are we not entitled to feel frustrated?

    The role of the Speaker ought to have been to direct the Minister to answer questions. He should not silence legitimate voice! He should ensure that pertinent questions not see the light of day.

    (8) James Masing’s rubbish talk

    James Masing had been reported as saying that the BN will get ready a big bin to contain the Opposition’s rubbish. This is base. No class. I have always respected James Masing, as a friend, but I am convinced that this statement ought not to be made by him. There is no need to please his boss this way. We are elected by the people. We get 45% of the popular votes. Are the voters so stupid or gullible as to vote us in to talk rubbish? Obviously, rubbish spews forth from James’ mouth. See what the Government will do after the Dayaks had given the BN their unstinting support? James, on behalf of the Government, will be tabling a Bill to amend the Land Custody and Development Ordinance to punish the Dayaks for their victories in Court. Who will rubbish the legal victory and the Dayaks’ effort to protect their rights over the NCR land? Let’s see that on Wednesday. The Dayaks whose rights are about to be affected should get ready a big rubbish bin for James.

    (9) Tomorrow and beyond

    We have taken our oath today. There is no other business. The Dewan adjourned to tomorrow after the Speaker congratulated the CM for his success in retaining his Balingian seat and to form the state Government with another 2/3 majority. The BN folks banged their tables in applause. I wonder how Soon Koh and his 5 representatives from the SUPP felt though?

    Soon Koh had said that they are ready to face the Opposition and are not afraid of us. We do not intend to date trouble in the august house. We are not here to draw sword. We are coming to speak the people’s voice, the other side of the story. Who cares whether you are afraid of us or not. Yet, the BN spent 3 days getting themselves, oldies and newcomers, trained in order to tackle us. Suspension is of course one way. If they do not perceive us as capable then why spend 3 days to get themselves armed? Whose money was being spent to get themselves armed in order to tackle us? To speak honestly, PR representatives do not see it necessary to gather in a room to get ourseleves armed against the BN. Come what may, we will take them. We respect democracy and the BN will learn pretty quickly that we have our hearts for the people. Our target is not the BN. They are dispensable. To reply to them is to enhance their significance and that is not our role.

    The TYT will officiate the opening of the Dewan Undangan Negeri sitting tomorrow. There will be inspection of the guards of honours and the “King’s speech”, and the debate will begin Wednesday and they will gravitate along how we perceive will be the plight of the people. It will surely be a noisy affair.

    (10) Dinner

    We had dinner together. This is the first dinner of all 12 DAP ADUNs since taking oaths of office. It is a show of camaraderie. We discussed how to forge ahead and to even go further into unchartered territories. BN, here we come.


    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Dayag Rogayah..the Speaker is TM's doggie and stereo as he is being controlled by his Thief master.

      He may be a learned man but he is dumb and stupid as he always blocked questions in dewan.No respect for him..Shit man

      • tsunami final asshol

        Mr. watch dog, you're right and almost there. I mean about the DUN speaker. One more important thing that we all should know. The DUN Speaker he NOT learned. If anyone ever realize the way he speak, HE IS SPEAKING MORE USING HIS DICKHEAD….NOT USING HIS HEAD LOCATED AT TYHE TOP PART OF HIS BODY….LOL….

    • Justice&Equality

      All the Best in your Endeavour to serve the Sarawkians to the best of your Abilities.

  • http://yahoo Historian

    Donning or not donning the malay style cut DUN uniform has caused a foray of debates and heated arguments over why DAP DUN YBs wear suit instead at the August House.PKR members obligingly wear it. Little do BN YBs who are championing the donning of the so-called costume for DUN seatings, that the designer was the late Datuk Amar Yusuf Puteh, who was then the State Secretary of Sarawak. The complete set includes a long sword, why absent now, could be for a good reason.

    DA Yusuf Puteh later became a YB, after been SS, but fell out with the present CM and joined the Opposition Party,he served two or three terms, but eventualy lost his seat and fully retired to be a writer. Remembering DA Yusuf Puteh is a tribute, but he was an autocrat and single-minded, well for good or bad,he has left some legacies behind such as enforcing good conduct and discipline in the civil service.

    I write this, hoping YB Baru Bian can raise this subject at DUN. Thank you and happy August House!

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Uniforms are for clowns.That is why DAP refused to wear but wonder why Baru and Co oblidge as there are for BN cronies only.

      Never mind this time Baru but do NOT follow all those clowns blindly.

      Yes the idea is mooted by the former SS,(Joseph White or Yusuf Puteh).He fell out of favour with TM as he is a Malay…


    Raja Manggeng, I fully support SAROGAS!!! From SAROGAS, then we lease out block to Shell, Murphy, Nippon etc.

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      SAROGAS…Yes I also support the idea. Sarawakians must control

      her own wealth and natural resources and not let orang

      asing from Malaya to control out oil and gas.

      With the money from oil and gas we can develop our roads,scholarship[s for our students and don't have to beg from orang Malaya who does NOT care about Sarawakians.

      You may have Melanau and Malays from Sarawak getting PETRONAS scholarship but how many:

      1. Iban

      2. Bidayuh,

      3. Kayan

      3. Kenyah

      4 .Kelabit

      5. Chinese

      6. Lun Bawang

      7.Other natives of Sarawak.

      Can PETRONAS provide the figures? No as it is dismal to note that we have been marginalised by PETRONAS.

      So the solution is to form SAROGAS, our very own oil and gas corporation that will look after Sarawakians' affairs.

  • http://sarawakreport zili

    All state minister knew what really going on in state administration , just because everyone got something depend how much each contribute to chief tief ideal of robbing people of sarawak . We must unite to stop this

  • pen4

    Dayang Rogayah,

    This is good information for us as an ordinary people so that we can compare with what were written in BN's media. Appreciated if you could enlighten us with the whole story (briefly) from the beginning til the end of DUN.

    Thank you.