Forever Tarnished

Forever Tarnished

13 Jul 2011

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When he allowed his forces to brutally attack thousands of peaceful marchers, who were calling for an end to corrupt practices over the weekend, Najib must surely have taken into account the effect on his international image?

Millions of dollars worth of expensive PR, positioned press and TV interviews have been swept aside by scenes that show exactly how BN have kept power in Malaysia for over 50 years, achieving their current status as one of the world’s longest-lasting regimes.

Genuine democratic governments do not attack peaceful marchers with acid-laced water cannon and tear gas.  They do not unleash police charges; firing rubber bullets and lashing out with whips and truncheons.  Their forces do not push peaceful women and hurl insults at them or arrest people for wearing yellow T-shirts.

Najib was determined to show his people that he is boss and that he does not appreciate complaints about rigged elections.  However, in the process he also showed the rest of the world that he is just another nasty dictator like the Middle Eastern fellows, who are currently being shown the door by their own people and like Marcos and Suharto, who have already been chucked out by Malaysia’s neighbouring powers of Indonesia and the Philippines.

Embarrassing guest

It has made Najib an embarrassing guest for the British PM and Queen this week.  Their briefing teams will have made them well aware of the issues – that BN have been in power for a very suspiciously long time and that people who have been criticising them have ended up beaten in the street and locked in jail without charge and without access to their lawyers under so-called Emergency Orders.

Morever, that in Malaysia people are being hauled into detention for wearing the colour yellow and people making polite requests to end electoral corruption are being treated as enemies of the state.

It was bad enough having Rupert Murdoch turn up in the middle of the biggest scandal in years over media corruption, but entertaining Najib must have been even more uncomfortable.

Flash demos

And, as our pictures above show, Malaysian sympathisers have been making sure throughout the week that Najib’s British hosts are constantly reminded of the real nature of their guest with ‘flash demos’ outside his various key engagements.

Today they were outside Downing Street, where Najib was due to have lunch with the UK PM, giving the crowds of tourists and passers by a thought-provoking insight into the real Malaysia away from the holiday advertisements.

UK police not so cooperative for BN

These hard-core demonstrators say they are not going away easily and infuriatingly for BN, the UK police have refused to do anything to budge them (see our photographs of a nice little chat they had with them outside Downing Street).

In fact the local Westminster Police have readily acknowledged to the demonstrators that they are being constantly pestered by the Malaysian High Commission, who have been asking for information about where protests are due to be held and for details about the organisers.  The Malaysians have also tried to demand that the British police ban the protests form taking place!

However, the UK is a free country and the police have politely told the Najib’s people that they are not prepared to harrass citizens or remove their freedom of expression in order to spare the blushes of a visiting ‘dignatory’, who has just spent the past weekend harming and injuring people in his own country.

The demonstrations have passed peacefully in London and a result and there will be more during the remainder of Najib’s visit.

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  • Lene

    great job, but not big and loud enough…wish i'm in london now!

    • Jay

      @Lene It was over lunch, midweek and after people gave up their Saturday. So what we did was pretty good under the circumstances. We managed to engage passers by and the curious with our smiles and further information. More to come. And I wish you were in London too!


      bloody unfair. You all staged these up to tarnish the country, you apes ! you bastard bershih shit ! How can u treat our prime minister like this. you must be very much a bastard, all of you.

      • Apa nama

        DOCTOR NO – U r Bloody Syaitan … u Defending Bloody idiot PM.shame on ur Parents

      • Tom wong

        Respect has to be earned. Not forced. Najib and the rest of his goons in government have lost the respect and trust of the people.

        If they have any respect left for themselves they should step aside and let other people with better moral character lead the country for the good of its people, not just to enrich the individuals in power at the expense of the people.

        Sura 4:135 of the Quran says:

        "Refrain from following your own desire, so that you can act justly – if you distort or neglect justice, God is fully aware of what you do."

        Najib and the rest of his goons have blatantly followed their own desires and have acted far from justly. And the number of occasions where justice had been distorted or neglected are too numerous to count.

        God is fully aware of what you and the rest of your goons have done.

        Allahu Akhbar!!

      • Jeff

        Talking about bloody unfair, well malaysia is unfair nation. only a bastard named others bastards.

        One thing we all agreed; the UK police will not fire tear gas directly aimed to the opposition party leader.

      • http://bernardendok@gmail remaongbukit

        Bloody Doctor of useless human being Malaysia.You are kucing kurap of Malaysian citizen in the world.

      • http://bernardendok@gmail remaongbukit

        Bloody Doctor of useless human being in Malaysia.You are kucing kurap of Malaysian citizen in the world.

      • http://sarawaknews.wordpress timchoo

        Doctor No………….. Its understandable your defensive stance over Najib. You are after all his crony and therefore had to defend him whatever the cause.

        But it never fail to amaze me at how people like you are so defensive and totally ignore the negative and destructive actions that Najib and BN had done to Malaysia. Praise him when he does good, but do not reprimand him if there's mistakes.

        Perhaps you were never at the receiving end, and therefore forever praising and believing in BN. Thats an illusion and delusion which will end very very soon…….

      • Anthony Dass

        Is your mother a prostitute????

  • Penan

    Has Malaysia turned into a police state now? Does Najib`s administration cannot be criticised by the public? Does it mean, anyone who attempts to hold any function that may involve criticising BN government will be harassed by and threatened by the police and government leaders to force them to cancel the function? Are all these democratic?

    • Flora

      Your concern of this country and mine are the same and the majorities of the peace loving people of Malaysia.Malaysia have become a police state.The only way forward is the voters choice of electing a new thrustworthy and transparent government.

      Anyway somethings tells me that Najib will be forced to step down before the year end by his own internal forces.

    • tj

      Yes…we will be put in the internal security act (ISA)

      • beruang

        oh you don't mean I Simply Arrest? (ISA)

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Penan…Quoted form one Police man and NOT Foolishmen

      Quote: " Those policemen (or foolishmen) who hit the people are in the wrong. They can actually be charged…Even if you say you were forced to do it… and say you were attacked first.,it should NOT reach a stage what we're seeing in the video footage".

      "But there are HIGH-ranking officers who just told us to hit if we FEEL LIKE IT, USING VIOLENCE"..

      The above is taken from "MALAYSIA TODAY".If this is the case, we have to mark the policemen and know where they are staying as they do have families too. They too will retire like anyone else..and see if they have the power.

      Do you believe in policemen now after seeing the video footage and statement by one smart and clever policeman?? May GOD bless this type of policeman and NOT FOOLISHMEN.

      • Penan

        watch dog, no comment. Today news IGP said police have SOP in executing their duties and any policeman who did not comply with SOP would be investigated.Policeman`s family are innocent, do not hurt them. NO…no…no…no I dont agree with you. Even if a policeman commits an offence, say punches a protester, let the law deal with him.

        • http://n/a Watch Dog

          Penan..There is NO law now as they all take matters into their

          own hands.The Judges are gagged,the foolishmen are asked

          to promote VIOLENCE..who suffer..WE ALL.

          If they are scared of their families,they should think twice before doing it especially our Brothers in Christ, Christian Policemen.

          Christian Policemen..please read your bible..don't act blindly if you fear GOD otherwise you will burn in HELL and will scream to regret it.Go and read Mary Baxter.."divine".

        • Jeff

          Agree. policemen have families and they are innocent caught in the middle.Mahatma Ghandi said "An eye to an eye; the whole world would go blind". If we keep trying without loss of enthusiasm one day we get what we're after – peacefully.

  • chris loo

    I hope protesters will continue to wear the yellow Bersih shirt throughout dictator Najib's stay in UK. If only the British govt refrains from displaying typical politeness and be direct to Najib that his way is not acceptable nor his talks are believable will he realise that he is on his way down to oblivion and finally held accountable for the actions meted out on the protestors in Malaysia on 9 July.

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      chris loo…Wear YELLOW every Saturday or RED as well.

      Is colour YELLOW..H A R A M ??? Haram???

      If yellow is HARAM to the Police…Wear…" R E D "..RED,RED,RED

  • alan roy

    Malaysians in UK should picket Najis's hotel to release the 9 detainees and protest his crackdown on Bersih 2.0. Show pictures of Roastmah's diamonds too!

    In fact, Malaysians everywhere should show our displeasure to this globe trotting couple (at the country's exorbitant expense) wherever they appear. Show outrage over Najis's curbing of Malaysians' freedom and rights and displeasure over Roastmah's extravaganza while millions of Malaysians are struggling to put food on the table.

  • Nelson Mandela Janti

    Potential foreign investors shun away from Malaysia due to political instability under this present corrupt UMNO/BN regime.Indonesia, Phillipines,Vietnam are improving.Singapore is the best of course. Malaysia is bogged down in muddy political quagmire. Najis is to swallow the shit blame.

  • HarryFreakingPorter

    NAJIB is obviously embarrassed by this whole episode. But he still doesnt understand that he cant hide anymore. He is in a position that was never the voters choice. He still thinks that he can lord over everybody, even in England. Now that the world knows about his dictatorship, its high time he prepares for departure from office or face the worst humiliation in Malaysia's history.

  • Mike Yap

    Najis, your days are numbered. Prepare to go to jail for corruption and murder of Altantuya. Asswipe!!

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Mike Pay..That's a NICE one.

      Make CORRUPTION a mandatory DEATH sentence by FIRING SQUAD…

      Where does the money come from to buy the FAT LADY, a RM73 million Diamond ring, RM6.577,000.00 zebra bracelet and what more " CHAIN"??

      Corruption in Malaysia is a menace to society worst than DRUGS, so we demand MANDATORY DEATH penalty by FIRING SQUAD

    • anak sarawak

      Sad to say that the devils alway win the war in this world.

  • Ted

    Najib went to UK while Malaysia is in chaos? It is a sad view here in Malaysia. Although a lot of the media coverage were covered up, I just found out other nations knew about the 907 incident. It sucks being the PM right now. I wish the PM all the best, but too many bad stories about you are spreading fast!! You day as a PM will definitely end soon.

  • daniel tan

    tick skin !

  • The end is near

    YES – indeed a much required display of disgust for Najib. Maybe now, he may realize that the world at large is not in tune with his style of agressive democracy. Keep it up and more of the same – hopefully at the Vatican too!

  • Lady Gaga

    Najib, please stop being a 1Malaysia clown around … We all know that you lost .. Being a PM, you dont respect other peoples religion, and now on Monday, you want to go meet Pope Benedict. For What??? Your people wanted to start a crusade war with christians here …. And also, your dear wife, wasting country s money, going for trips with you for what, not say she is making Malaysia proud but wasting more of our money …….

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Lady Gaga..A cult leader wants to meet the Pope..let him go and maybe to no more cult worship and sacrifice another human…

    • Blunt Speaker

      Lady Gaga, your song goes like this…..gagah, rama rama rama, ula ula ular ular… Who are you referring to? Gagah, there's now an old fat lady gagah in Malaysia who tries to be a rama rama and an old ular husband providing for her every whim and fancy! Every time I hear this song, it reminds me of this couple…aish…really crazy song indeed, Lady Gaga, your tribute to this lady gagah of Malaysia!

  • lanunkota

    I just don't understand how the Malaysia's PM can face the international communities after 90711. With all the photos and clips in youtube showing how the Malaysian police who are suppose to protect the citizens from harm can cause harm to the civilians by orders from the IGP? Doesn't the IGP who holds the highest office in the police force know the federal constitution about the freedom of speech and peaceful assembly and advice the PM who is blind or ignorant of the FC of the country he heads? Or is it that the PM commands all and no one is to dispute his order even though the laws says otherwise? Many such questions arise in the minds of the citizens and now we have decided enough is enough…

    We do not want an idiot to head head the state and a bunch of fools calling themselves ministers who are suppose to represent the people who elect them become dead woods and only think of ways to enrich themselves could not will not be able to make Malaysia a rich nation as it was once…..

  • Urban people

    They have thick face lah. Tey would not bother lah.

    What is most important is like Taib: be super rich and have billion property in other countries and handsome sum of money in offshore banks..

  • miri

    Despite the screaming, shouting, naming and shaming, Obama and other Western leaders are unlikely to be too critical to PM Najib as Malaysia is viewed as a friendly moderate Islamic country, a shinning example that the West can do business with. The game plan is to encourage other Islamic States in the Middle East to follow Malaysia’s model. Where do we stand in this order ? Dispensable !

  • Blunt Speaker

    Now is the time to get rid of this rotten corrupt BN GOVT! Indeed, it is very high time and we must educate and enlighten the people, especially the rural folks and those marginalized poor. After suffering decades under BN rule, they should realize that this is not a GOVT that is caring and effective. Wake them up and get them out of the dark situation. Voting for BN is indeed stupidity and digging their own graves and the country’s, as a whole! Let us share our knowledge and bring across the message of CHANGE FOR THE BETTER to these illiterate and ill-informed group.

  • aborium

    Be real. Has the Bersih's demonstration in London made a huge or significant impact on world's view regarding Malaysia? We need honest answers here to put things in perspective.

    Be critical. Do we take in what's reported without engaging our reasoning faculties? A piece of news can be angled or slanted in such a way as the villain can be manipulated to appear as a hero or respectable gentleman! Your moral judgement is called into question.

    Be cool. And keep a cool head. When we are in an angry mood, angry words would be poured out which we may later regret. They say a breathing exercise and a short prayer helps. The driver has to be in control of his emotions, if not for himself, at least for the safety of his passengers.

    There's no compulsion. The new world order works in reverse!

    • miri

      A big ZERO is your answer ! The West see Malaysia as a beacon of light in the muddled Islamic world . Bersih , like any other side shows, are being swept under the carpet.

      The fuse of Change has been lit. It will come . It will come from within and from ballot box.


      Mr. Aborium, even Taib aka Pek Moh said ''THERE IS NO SUCH THING'' It is just a delusional paranoia implanted by the desperate regime to the mind of the faint hearted for them to defy the bigger picture. After all, why of a sudden? I have always been a fan of your brainy, intellectual and vastly knowledgeable comments all these while.

  • najibrazak

    What do they mean "allowed" the police to attack the demonstrators? I "ORDERED" them to do so to make it clear that BN

    and UMNO are the bosses in Malaysia. That will never change and I will never alter the electoral system to allow change to happen. Mahatir now admits he was a dictator. So am I but I can still pass the door at 10 Downing Street and the White House as an honoured guest. Get the message? Or get lost!


      If I am Jibbo, I would be thinking of this to myself: OMG, WTF I have been doing, these terrible mistakes could have put an end on me and my umnoputeras. Sorry Mahathir, sorry Taib, now, no one can save you.

    • http://n/a Watch Dog



      1 foot, just a political gimmick.Now Midin wants to be PM and kerisamudin wants to be DPM, so you need your deputy now but soon you will know your fate..BERSIH 3 lah!!!


      Bersih…Shirts, T shirts.

      Wordings: "SAY NO TO CORRUPTION"



      Bersih…Soap also yellow in colour.

      Bersih …pants…



      BERSIH ..Cafes…


      All of the above I will buy it.We can ask Indonesia to make them.Come on Manufacturer..for every item,donate at least RM5 towards the funds for BERSIH.

  • wolohce

    “Don’t doubt our strength. UMNO has three million members. If we gather one million members, it is more than enough. We can conquer Kuala Lumpur. If we want to create chaos, we can,” Najib had told a UMNO event on Sunday, a day after the mammoth Bersih rally.

    this is the sorta PM that we have.


    This is a very beautiful and an inspirational song dedicated to especially those like us, for the cause of The freedom of speech and the freedom of assembly, from a Swedish band.



    Malaysia has DRACONIAN Internal Security Act (ISA ) passed during the Emergency to fight communists but today it is being used to detain opponents of the Government.

    When a Govt.refuses to abolish such act it is because it has a lot to hide !

    The PM of Malaysia is also Finance Minister ( a corrupt practice started by ex PM Mahathir -known to his people as MahaTHIEF- who framed & jailed Mr Anwar Ibrahem now opposition Leader but at that time Finance Minister ,who refused to bail out Mahathir's son troubled & sinking shipping firm using public funds from Petronas).PM Najib also appoint Police Chief ,Anti Corruption Head and also the Chief Justice. No second guess why everything works in his favour.

    The PM Najib close relationship with Razak Baginda whose firm handled the multi million submarine deals for Malaysia and who was released from allegations of involvement in the cruesome murder of a Mongolian lady, Altantuya has tarnished his reputation and now further damaged with the latest heavy handed police action on peaceful citizens demanding electoral reform.Malaysians of all races are crying out for CHANGE and REFORM.

  • libertycalling

    See for yourself this video clip on the rally.

    Not surprising at all.

  • medza

    He's in London to bade farewell to the British PM and HM QE, for he'll be leaving office as the Prime Monster of Malaysia by end oh July… Thanks Londerners for supporting us.

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      medza…Prime Minister of Malaya and Sabah only.

      Sarawak is control by 'GADAFI" of Borneo..

      Of course he went to London to bid farewell to British PM and QE that is provided they want to meet him..but hope NOT

  • http://MalaysiaToday YYF

    God is fair. Najib will reap what he sow. The end is nigh for BN and UMNO.

  • http://n/a Watch Dog

    BERSIH is a BRAND name now in Malaysia.

    Let us buy BERSIH Products from now on and pay royalty so that BERSIH has funds to move.

    Come one BERSIH 3 rally?

    Next will be MoCS…August 13th..ALL must wear RED in Sarawak and we need your support in West Malaysia.

    Theme…" UBAH"..each and everyone must buy UBAH toy.

    UBAH is the brand name in Sarawak now.