New Revelations Link FBC Media To BN’s Dirty Tricks Blogging Campaigns – Latest Expose!

New Revelations Link FBC Media To BN’s Dirty Tricks Blogging Campaigns – Latest Expose!

7 Aug 2011

Alan Friedman, Chairman and entrepreneur behind FBC Media

Sarawak Report has already exposed how BN’s leading political figures, including Najib Razak, Abdullah Badawi, Musa Hitam and Taib Mahmud, paid the UK production company FBC Media to  illegally gain positive publicity on global TV news shows.

We can now reveal an even darker side to this campaign.  The same contracts also included a series of negative blogging campaigns targetted against BN’s political opponents.  All these dirty tricks have, of course, been conducted at the expense of the Malaysian taxpayer!

Details of the FBC Media contract

Sarawak Report has exclusive details of the contract agreed between FBC Media and Abdul Taib Mahmud, which includes a commitment to mastermind a cyber-war against online critics of the Chief Minister’s corrupt government, such as this blog.

In a letter to the Chief Minister in January the Chairman of FBC Media, Alan Friedman, pledged to “assist in countering false and negative perceptions that have been spread at home and abroad” and stated that he had the tools and international experience to make a genuine and visible difference“.

The tools outlined by Friedman were “television reporting and an interview with yourself plus press tours and online sites and special blogging that should provide a blanket of positive messaging about you and Sarawak to the Western media“.

The PR/ production company chief explained to the Chief Minister that he would “work both on the positive messages and to counter negative perceptions and falsehoods that have been spread unfairly about environmental matters ranging from the Bakun Dam, timber, mining and palm oil.  We would also counter false allegations that have been made about corruption.”

FBC would then work to “bounce back” into the Sarawak Press “this international recognition, thus bringing positive results for the people of Sarawak to see” . In other words he was proposing to cheat people in Sarawak with his manufactured publicity (funded by taxpayers) into thinking the world was impressed by Taib!

In his attached contract proposal, which amounted to a staggering $5 million for the first year alone, Friedman allocated $55,000 (RM165,000) per month just to the blogging operation.  For this he was providing “Online digital strategy and blogging, site creation and management, blogging and articles, video reports on line”.

For another RM 138,000 per month Friedman added “in-bound press and blogger visits, press, foreign visit support, interview placement, writing, disseminating, media training, media analysis, mapping” services!

Anwar Ibrahim and Sarawak Report become top targets for bloggers

New blog, complete with promised video....

One month following Alan Friedman’s contract agreement with Taib Mahmud a new blog appeared …. called ‘Sarawak Report(s)’ !  This blog was clearly dedicated to trying to attack and criticise the genuine Sarawak Report, which has for the past year been investigating matters to do with the Bakun Dam, timber, mining, palm oil and also the major corruption in Sarawak.

The new blog turned out to be a classic dirty tricks operation.  It did not attempt to counter the investigative work of Sarawak Report, but instead tried to discredit the authors of the blog with defamatory accusations.

The new blog also (as promised by Friedman) carried on-line video reports, including ‘an exclusive interview with Taib’, as well as a number of articles ‘bounced back’ from the ‘Western media’, also attacking Sarawak Report and praising Taib.

These bounced back articles had been originally been posted in an obscure US website called New Ledger, which is an off-shoot of the aggressive Republican blog, Red State, run by the right-wing ‘tea party’ blogger, Josh Trevino.

Sarawak Report has already established numerous links between New Ledger and similar dirty tricks accusations against Anwar Ibrahim [SEE OUR DIRTY TRICKS COVERAGE].  Given that we know that Najib Razak has also taken out a contract of over RM 28 million a year with FBC Media to perform the same kind of ‘Global Strategic Communications Campaign’ as Taib, we believe it is fair to suggest that the connection is more than coincidental!

The Texas-based website, allegedly targeted at right-wing Americans has an inexplicable focus on Malaysia - unless that focus is paid for?

These attacks on Anwar Ibrahim in the same New Ledger blog-site have likewise been bounced back into suspicious local blogs, such as Malaysia Watcher, and fed back into the BN controlled local press, in order to give the impression that they reflected opinion in the US.

As we have pointed out in previous reports on dirty tricks, the same handful of obscure American bloggers have been the authors of all these attacks in the two sets of blogging operations and they are all linked to Red State’s Josh Trevino.

The stuff they say about Anwar! New Ledger is clearly connected to the FBC contract with Malaysia

We challenge Alan Friedman and his colleagues at FBC media to deny that their contracts with the Sarawak State Government and the Malaysian Government are linked to the defamatory accusations that have been made against Anwar Ibrahim in these blogs.

Those accusations have been designed to give American readers the impression that Anwar is linked to Muslim terrorism, anti-semitism and indulges in perverted activities.  They constitute the lowest form of political dirty tricks and have been unwittingly paid for by Malaysian taxpayers as BN attempt to destroy Anwar Ibrahim’s good standing in the West.

So, we also challange Najib and Taib to deny to tax-payers that government funds have been abused in order to pay for a nasty dirty tricks campaign against their political opponents!

Josh Trevino’s Malaysian and FBC Media connections

Public evidence corroborates our information about Josh Trevino’s links with FBC Media.  It also undermines attempts by the bloggers, such as Christopher Badeaux, to claim that the attacking articles are just volunteer work.

“New Ledger …….. is a private company, and does not and has not taken any money from any politician, political party, or political party member, from any country, ever. Its only revenue is — and since its inception, has been — advertising revenue” [Christopher Badeaux, New Leger].

Mr Badeaux, who says he is never paid and is just flattered to see his splenetic writings featured in New Ledger, may well be speaking the truth.  In which case he is doing the work for which others are receiving Taib’s $55,000 a month and much more on top for the work commissioned by the Malaysian Government !

What about fellow New Ledger blogger Rachel Motte, whose articles are frequently reproduced on Sarawak Report(s) attacking this blog?  She admitted to having been given a new job in Malaysia and was tweeting on 27th March that she was doing things for J Trevino.

Doing things for Josh Trevino

The next day an article attacking Sarawak Report and the former British PM Gordon Brown duly appeared in New Ledger and was then “bounced” into the commissioned Sarawak Report(s).

Rachel's article appeared in New Ledger and Sarawak Report the very next day! (it has now been removed from New Ledger. Since our original expose Rachel Motte has ceased her attacking articles)

We can demonstrate that Trevino is behind these bloggers and that he has clear links with FBC Chairman, Alan Friedman, who is contracted to provide blogging servides to Taib and Najib.

The blog New Ledger is headed by Josh Trevino’s colleague, Ben Domenech and Brad Jackson, who is alsoTrevino’s ‘Senior Colleague’ in his separate PR company, Rogue Strategic Services (formerly called Treveno Strategies and Media).

Trevino Strategies and Media have certainly been doing business in Malaysia – as his own website made clear.

Trevino's company Trevino Strategy & Media (now Rogue Strategic Services) features Malaysia in its area of operations

Indeed, it has also emerged that Trevino was not so long ago offering all expenses paid, once in a lifetime junkets to Malaysia to fellow bloggers in return for write-ups on their blogs!    []

In 2008 someone "behind" Josh Trevino's blog Malaysia Matters was willing to pay for an all expenses trip for 20 US bloggers to come out to Malaysia and feature it on their blogs.

Does such an offer not remind of the contract proposal to Taib, which included large sums of money to pay for blogger visits to Sarawak?  Can Trevino really claim that all his interest in Malaysia is purely based on voluntary observations?

Politico reported that in the end Josh Trevino was never able to satisfactorily explain the source of his money for the trip.  However, he had assured bloggers that it was not government-funded…. except that because Malaysia is not really a democracy, he acknowledged that these things are never clear-cut!

Yet, despite such admissions about corruption in Malaysia, Josh Trevino has continued to passionately support the BN government and attack the PKR opposition, which has been calling for reform.

Trevino’s friends at FBC Media

Sarawak Report’s information from people close to BN that Josh Trevino has been employed to run the blogging operations specified in the FBC Media contracts with Sarawak and Malaysia is further backed up the evidence of his own on-line photo-album !

Josh has shown to the world how he and FBC’ Alan Friedman and an FBC colleague, Emily Lightfoot were gathered together at Putrajaya in June 2008.

Me and Alan visiting the seat of Government in Malaysia - what could we have been up to there together?

Indeed Josh has also posted plenty of other pieces of evidence on the web, which prove his involvement in reporting on the Malaysian BN government and links to FBC’s Global Strategic Communications Campaigns, which have been costing the Malaysian taxpayer over RM28 million a year since they were first commissioned under the government of Abdullah Badawi.

Facebook friends - blogger Josh Trevino and FBC Media President John Defterios

There is also plenty of evidence of his close relations with the managers of FBC Media.

The company’s President, CNN anchorman John Defterios, is just one of Josh’s FBC friends on Facebook ! (left)

Josh Trevino has also joined press tours with his fellow blogger on the Malaysia Matters website, Joe Armstrong, to interview Prime Minister Badawi.  His gushing article bragged that the Prime Minister had made him breakfast and he took several pictures of his visit and then posted them on the web.  He photographed Badawi himself, Badawi’s residence and was himself pictured in Badawi’s library.

My photo of Badawi for Malaysia Matters - Josh Trevino's on line album

Josh Trevino’s on-line albums and on-line blogging indicate far more than a outside American’s interest in Malaysia.  The evidence is that Josh’s trips were paid for and that he and his blogging and strategic communications campaign have been employed as part of the FBC Media contract to promote Malaysia’s BN government and defame its opponents, specifically Anwar Ibrahim in the United States.

Does this mean that Josh Trevino’s blogging activities, centred around such vehicles as Red State and New Ledger, are in fact just a ‘platform’ for his ‘strategic communications’ business, now conducted under the name of Rogue Strategic Services?  If so, Trevino could not have chosen a more appropriate name for his business !

Gosh Josh! - in the Prime Minister of Malaysia's library

To Turkey with FBC Media and the BBC

FBC Media and Josh Trevino have certainly coincided on bringing coverage to a number of the Malaysian Government’s pet projects.  One of these is the Global Movement for Justice Peace and Unity, supported by Najib and designed to promote Malaysia as a moderate Muslim country.

The BBC's World Debate in Instanbul, produced by FBC Media and featuring Najib Razak

The press coverage of this February 2011’s Conference of the movement in Istanbul was organised by FBC Media.  BBC World featured the conference in its programme The World Debate, hosted by Zainab Badawi – the co-producers of that show were FBC Media.

Naturally, FBC Media’s World Business show also covered the conference for CNBC.  So did Josh Trevino!

Speaking from the audience - Josh seizes his moment at the televised conference

Josh Trevino had also again travelled out to cover the event and to participate in the audience question times.  His contribution was uploaded onto Youtube for people to experience and he wrote about his personal interview with Najib Razak (whom he portrayed as a moderate democrat) at the conference for the UK’s Guardian Newspaper!

International Conference on the Muslim World and the West

Another event attended both by Trevino and FBC Media, was the Malaysian Government sponsored 3rd International Conference on the Muslim World and the West, hosted in KL.  Both Trevino’s Malaysia Matters and Alan Friedman’s World Business Programme (produced for CNBC) featured the event and interviewed the head of the Cordoba Initiative Feisal Abdul Rauf.

FBC covered the conference for CNBC's World Business (Friedman was photographed by Josh Trevino at Putrajaya the same week)

Trevino likewise enthusiastically covered the event for Malaysia Matters.

Enthusiastic in 2008

However, later his involvement clearly created some embarrassment for the arch-Republican, when the Cordoba initiative outraged many Americans by suggesting a mosque should be built at the site of 9/11’s Ground Zero!

Trevino, who trades on the Islamic threat in his Republican websites, has resolved the conflict by drawing attention to the fact that he had been disgusted by the ‘anti-free speech’ sentiments of all the Muslim speakers at the KL conference, apart from those of the moderate Malaysians who were funding him!

Not for the first time the anti-Muslim, right-wing blogger has had an interesting intellectual job on his hands in order to square his income with his output.

Josh was there, but later tweeted that he was disgusted by some of the speeches by Muslims.

For details on the Dirty Tricks blogging campaign sponsored by the Malaysian Government in Texas CLICK HERE

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  • http://hotmail Anti-Taibetes


    First Taib efforts in hiring people to fake “Sarawak Reports” has been exposed as being runned by people of doubtful moral character and now discredited.

    Now the “fake news” expose have caused 3 international news media to dropped all FBC Media manufactured face saving rubbish for UMNO and Taib regimes!

    The embarrassment is global!

    The “walk for Democracy” in Kuching on 13 August 2011 has some solid facts to work on in its call for the long time power hungry Taib to step down.

    The Taib Robber Gang and towkay cronies have already developed a well praticed art of manipulation of the news to prettify the ugly regimes of Malaya Sabah and Sarawak. For a start they control the local press which praises them (their evil crimes against the people and environment) daily.

    Taib in particular has been desperate to paint up his ugly gangster satanic face with a nice picture internationally as locally his twisting of fact and reality is no longer believed by any sane person.

    The expose now makes him and also the UMNO fascists look more ugly nasty and devious nasty in character.

    It is a sin and crime that these anti-people regimes will spend millions of the people’s money to polish their image but totally neglect the poor suffering people.

    All the millions wasted on the conmen FBC media company could go a long way to feed clothe and shelter all the poor in Sarawak.

    A “walk” for democracy is important to empower the people even though it is as good as a piss in the sea.

    What we want is a people’s revolution a la French Revolution or Russian Revolution or Chinese Revolution and do away with the ruling class. Replace this with a real government of the people by the people for the people!

    (Take care Clare and friends- the danger to your safety increases with every expose. Najib and Taib already have blood on their hands. But we know like Macbeth they will both come to a no good ending)

  • Neutral

    I m not sure whether that is one of US foreign policies (their economists), encouraged their journalists to siphon money from other countries, no matter how dirty the contract is, to reduce her international debts of $14 trillions.

    When people desperate for money for the survival of their lavished lifestyle, they easily lose the conscience, they can't differentiate between evil and angel. Even the genius tries to speak rubbish!

  • Realistic

    These BN politicians should be made to answer for their actions just like Rupert Murdoch, Ben Bernacke and Alan Greenspan….for using public money for personal benefits

  • Robert Wong

    I am not particularly fond of or trust Anwar Ibrahim’s leadership but I do agreed that taxpayers money should not be used to fund campaigns to discredit or promote any leaders or BN government.

    All evidences in support of this article should be gathered and kept in safe custody for recovery of taxpayers money in the future, which I believe is not too far away.

    Good work and thank you.

  • Rusman

    I hope Josh Trevino reads this. Along with his redstate republican friends and followers. It's only slightly embarrassing. He could have covered his tracks a bit better and been more discrete. Taking pictures in the PM's library and posting them on facebook is not exactly smart when you're running a phony media/PR campaign.

  • Dayak Iban Sarawak

    It seem all the rectification done by the Barisan Nasional (BN) are all going down hill to repair their sullen image around the Country and the World. Nothing are not detected, for they are the evil one including the Red Nation, (Josh the Red Trevino) and the FBC who are plundering the country coffers for their own benefit. Well done Sarawak Report for highlighting all of these nonsense.

  • http://sarawakreprt sen gupta

    its very simple najib has to use all this dirty tactics to remain in power.if he loses his power to rule malayia then he is going to be jailed along with his ministers for corruption cronisym abuse of power and so will mean the same as to what is happening in egypt

  • Pelir

    This is what BN leadership is all about. Malaysia needs reformation to a 2 party system to check abuses of public funds such as this. Now its time for Rakyat to oust such corrupt leaders once & for all.

  • OlangKampung

    Ayaaaaa!!! Say THEY. BN is (Malaysia) Government, WE are ISLAMISTS (HOLIER THAN THOU) can do no Wrongs and commit NO SINS > Corruption and Ketuanan is the ISSUE. U know – JAIS and ALI HASAN even had the right to RAID the CHRUCH DINNER PARTY MUSLIMS are the HOLY ONE. AYUUUU Mathatir SAYS MALAYA is a ISLAMIST COUNTRY, Sabah and Sarawak are Pagan (Sinner)

    • http://hotmail Dayak Hunter


  • mmc

    deplorable. truly mercenaries for sale. if he ever lands in msia again, tell it in his face that he is even worse than a prostitute.

  • Blunt Speaker

    All these taxpayers monies spent on personal interests of corrupt BN top guns, their lavish lifestyle and fat bank accounts is enough to make Sarawak as well as Malaysia a developed country. Should I remind all SARAWAKIANS and Malaysians again where our billions or even trillions gone to? All have gone into these corrupt and greedy leaders' coffers and some spent extravagantly on their lavish lifestyle and unnecessary wastage as reported here in this website. Just look clearly at our neighbor Singapore again! They are far more richer and well developed than us even though they don't have the resources we are blessed with. But all these blessings come to nought to the citizens which only the corrupt BN regime, their relatives and cronies are the true gainers. We should replace all these lousy leaders with leaders of calibre like those in Singapore. Lim Guan Eng is a good example. Please wake up Malaysians, especially SARAWAKIANS and SABAHANS, it's better late than never. Don't wait till it's too late!

  • aborium

    Someone asked "It doesn't matter if you pay someone to say something, so long as you tell everyone that you've paid them, right?"

    Not quite, if you pay them by using public funds for reasons which are 'personal or political' rather than 'public good', then an inquiry is called upon. This is a hazy area as long as you conflate the two. If there are adequate grounds for differentiate the two, then it becomes clear.

    Let the lawyers then burn their midnight oil, but not the cart before the horse. Don't let legalities become the first stumbling block ahead of a properly conducted public inquiry into the ethics, governance and transparency in the use of public funds for PR activities, and importantly whether there is at any material point in time transgression of local or foreign laws.

    Or even going beyond the bounds of one's authority.

    • najibrazak

      What bounds of authority? I and BN/UMNO do as we please and if that does not please you we will fix any election so that your dissent is worth nothing. You are nothing; don't you realise that? Good for paying taxes and "tabek tuan" but nothing else. Get lost!

    • Wetsemenet

      'Don’t let legalities become the first stumbling block ahead of a properly conducted public inquiry…' – aborium

      You are not the first, and certainly not the only dictator hiding behind the façade of democracy. Thankfully, this dictator runs no country of his own.

      • mike

        thankfully this peter parker could not save fbc media from cnbc and bbc

        ran out batteries?

  • Wetsemenet

    A rehash just to keep tongues a-wagging. 😉

  • Kong Boh Yong

    Ini simen basah, betul2 talak malu punya olang. Lia lapat RM 55k satu wulan untuk hentam olang punya site, kite olang bikin komen talak lapat 1 sen pun, tapi pasal sayang sama negeri dan kuat susah hati pikil masa depan adik2 dan anak cucu.

  • aborium

    To each his own, but don't let the mention of a public inquiry rattle the china in a doll shop. You break you pay.

    Tongues may go a-wagging but don't be concerned. It's only hot for some who ate the chilly. For others, it's ok 'cause they are after the 'truth'.

    • Blunt Speaker

      You are right, my friend Aborium, I agree with you totally! It's only those who ate chillies who can feel the heat or hotness and it's those who are hiding skeletons and ghosts in the closets who are most disturbed and not at ease. We are just peaceful people with conscience who want righteousness, justice and truth to prevail for the welfare of every citizen of this country, if not the world.

      • aborium

        Blunt, what you said sum up the sentiments of many Sarawakians who just want their fair share of the State's rich resources, upkeep peace and racial harmony, giving pride and confidence back to the community,and develop ingenious community-based development projects that have positive and enduring outcomes.

        When do we start?

        • Blunt Speaker

          Start now! It's now or never! Lets start by reaching out to the poor and illiterate and make sure all corrupt leaders are voted out and brought to book. My team has already started actually, bringing aid and education to those in need or neglected.

  • BrighterTmrw

    skalian smua tutorla dlm basa iyang Wetsemenet xpaham. diatu org diupah

    • Kong Boh Yong

      Wah! Lu punya otak manyak bagus lo, kawan. Tapi kalau dia balas pake ckap lokel pun, gua talak helan. dia boleh upah len olang bikin sama dia, melenkan kalau dia diam oversea.

  • Duke Cheng

    A total waste of money.

    A total failure!

    People around the world knows where to go if they want to know about the truth about Malaysia.

    Thanks for the revelation but to me, this is a non-event.

    They can spin all they like but truth always prevails at the end and nobody can change that now. The truth has caught on!

  • mc

    what, we even funded those bastards in the western media with our blood money ? is this wet semen also funded with our blood money ?

  • en passant

    Generally, we are not bothered that Najib and Taib are out to paint themselves as angels to the world. The world can tell as open free media proponent brings out both sides now.

    The resources that Najib and Taib have unethically employed, using public funds is the real issue. The lies are no less with their inaccurate info and presumptous unsupported claims.

    What should enrage us even more is the "Malaysian Media", funded by public funds and its so-called "private media" organizations are nothing but an extension of their Government sisters or brothers. When licensing or closure of the private media is dished out at whims officials, it lays bare the Malaysian government conspiracy by unjust legislation and sheer brute power.

    The BBC have been reporting on Malaysia for donkey years and even before Malaysia, that had they been ethical enough they'd have known what makes Malaysia tick or doesn't as a developing nation.

    As governance bias Malaysians we expect no sympathy from any quarters except such others that exude from willing enlightened good corporate and universal practices and values. That the BBC have not and fell into the same unscrupulous practice speak much of the politics of UK corporate citizens. It must be said here and now, that the subscribers of BBC whose resources are employed for their operations exert their will into the Corporation on what they paid the organization to do. If their voices are stifled it speaks much of the current conspiracy as per Murdoch genre that there is malice propagated by British public institutions and the sooner they come out in the open, the less rancour and and subsequent fallout there will be.

  • Malaysia4sale

    I love to read all comments……………. Our country bounce to be governed by PATI. We must change Najib, Taib and all ministers including their privatized companies of corrupt UMNOBN to stop bastards from spending public funds (Taxpayer money) for the unscrupulous practice of media locally and internationally.


  • Wetsemenet

    Taxpayer's money this, taxpayer's that. Are these people of the same conviction? As if each and every taxpayer agrees to being dragged into this hatefest.

    • mike

      if given a chance, no one wants to pay taxes

      and yes, it is taxpayers money, who else

      it is the right of the taxpayers to know what is done to their money

  • http://n/a RAJA MANGGENG

    Good.That is one way to spend tax payers money..Is it democracy or DEMOCRAZY?? Or COMMUNICRAZY or BOTH??

    Come Taib and Najib..

    Mahathir's son is a Billionaire

    Pak Lah's son has a huge contract..SCOMI..

    Taib's son is a billionaire..

    Najib's son?? Maybe not yet or going to??

    Any more???

    May God bless all those crooks before it is too late.

  • Jelivan Bato'

    Thanks so much Sarawak Report. Keep it up until they are all voted out by the population during the coming election. God bless us all who are being manipulated by these devils. Amen!!!.

  • Blunt Speaker

    We cannot let these BN parasites have control over this country. For decades, these vampires and leeches are sucking relentlessly our resources, and very soon they are going to suck us dry if we don't vote them out. Look at Sabah and Sarawak, what are supposed to be the richest states are among the poorest in Malaysia! With good governance, we can be much richer than Singapore and Brunei. So sad that even the whole of Malaysia is poorer than Singapore due to the corrupt practices and siphoning of resources and wealth by this BN government.

  • http://n/a Watch Dog

    Brothers & Sisters..never mind all those hassle with brain dead Wetsement..leave him alone.,we still have a mission.a ten point democratic reform by MoCS this Saturday or RED SATURDAY as we all call it.We have to uphold our 18 point plan when our country Sarawak joined Malaya and North Borneo to form MALAYSIA.

    Please wear RED 'T' shirt this Saturday to support our 10 point democratic but I prefer it to be "SARAWAK FOR SARAWAKIANS".OUR PROBLEM IS OUR SARAWAKIANS RESPONSIBILITY.

    Do you think West Malaysians will help us ?? NO,NO,NO!!We have to solve this corruption problems ourselves

    Come one and Come ALL and support our very own movement..FREE Sarawak from corruption.

    Don't FORGET AUGUST 13th,SATURDAY at Museum ground..bring a friend..See you there!!We are Sarawakians and we do love PEACE and NO VIOLENCE please!!

    • Jim Beam

      I'll be there at 2 pm. Red car and red Liverpool jersey.


      • aborium

        When you walk through a storm

        Hold your head up high

        And don't be afraid of the dark

        At the end of the storm

        Is a golden sky

        And the sweet silver song of the lark

        Walk on through the wind

        Walk on through the rain

        Though your dreams be tossed and blown

        Walk on walk on with hope in your heart

        And you'll never walk alone

        You'll never walk alone.

        • Jim Beam

          A very wonderful lyric, sir. I suggest, we sing this song during the gathering. Watchdog, do you agree?

        • miri

          MU is still the team to beat !

        • http://n/a Watch Dog

          Aborium…It's ok but I am MU fan.I used to attend their

          matches while I was in UK before.

          MU rules…ok.ha ha ah ah ah ha ha

          But remember Brother-in Christ,come this AUGUST 13th..WEAR RED..RED SATURDAY!!!

          It's NOW or NEVER but Never say never…

        • miri

          A MU fan? Saw how we silenced our noisy neighbours in Wembley on Sunday ? Liverpool is a spent force. Dalglish cannot pull a rabbit out of a hat.

    • Wetsemenet

      If you're aching for violence, why not book the next flight to London? Hurry before they declare a state of emergency. Karma, anyone?

      • miri

        Who is talking about violence ? The rioting happening right now in London has nothing to do with injustic, inequality, poor education, poor housing, lack of opportunity and social depreviation. It is sheer criminality and thuggery ! Period.

        • Wetsemenet

          You are in a state of denial and confusion. Import/Export, my friend.

        • miri

          Wish you were in London to witness the mindless criminal gangs looting and torching !

          A proposed peacefull march to demand change is hardly aching for violence. The eyes of the world once again are watching.

        • Wetsemenet

          Trying to stand up a wet thread, I see. Your logic is frayed.

        • miri

          Negative, my friend. The time has come for the silent majority to stand up and be counted.

        • Wetsemenet

          Double negative. You are the loud minority. Same people who unpacked from bitching at Sarawak Talk and decamped in Sarawak Report trying to seem like you are the groundswell. Most Sarawakians are rational and do not support the culture of street activism.

          You're never happy even if pleasing things smack you in the face with a semi-truck.

        • miri

          Take a step outside the city

          And turn around

          Take a look of what you are

          It is revolting

          You're really nowhere

          So wasteful

          So foolish


        • http://n/a Watch Dog

          miri..those rioters and looters are uncivilised unlike us here in Sarawak. We are educated lot and law abiding citizens too but not our Police unlike UK.

        • miri

          It was utter anarchy on the sreets in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool etc. I would certainly condone the police use of maximum foce meted out to these criminal gangs in order to protect properties and lives, and restore laws and orders.

          I cannot say the same about Malaysian police.

  • aborium

    Jim, the universal values of hope, justice, fairness, family, love and friendship, peace and harmony, honour and respect, honesty, courage, etc. are cornerstones to a better inter-faith and inter-cultural understanding. And the discovery we have lots more in common than our individual or institutional differences.

    We have so much in common to build upon, yet we choose not to. What's pulling us back, I wonder.

    • miri

      After 30 years of misgovernance,corruption, social injustice etc, it will take years to rebuild. Rebuilding starts at grassroot level. Its not for the faint hearted. Keep to our belief and faith , together we will achieve a fair and just society for all our people.

    • Jim Beam

      I think, we are not moving forward synchronously, in fact, I am afraid that we are moving too slow. Too slow, that we might be too late, forever. Too many obstacles and too many inferiority complexes contributed to that. That is why, coordination is paramount above all the rest. With it, only then, we can state the priority of our plan of actions, followed by other steps. Maybe, it is best to take one matter at a time, according to its priority and in a smart way. Cheers!

      • miri

        We have come a long way, and there is still a long way to go, Jim. Rome wasn't build in one day. We may have to skip a generation to achieve our goal.

  • Wetsemenet

    This taxpayer says, 'Send in the riot police before they get rowdy.'

    • miri

      You are now inciting riots !

      • Wetsemenet

        You guys are mental. =D

        • miri

          Patriots, my friend, patriots. Not riots !

  • http://n/a Watch Dog

    Come AUGUST 13th ALL must wear RED..'RED SATURDAY"..Sarawak for Sarawakians..

    FREE Sarawak from Corruption and Communicrazy ruler..ONE man,ONE race,ONE crony,ONE family and ONE RACE..MELANAU!!


  • Satelite Watch

    What ever Wetsemenet….as long we can riots to govt.corupted.

  • RayNo

    Doesn't Alan Freedman look like a fat white version of Mr. Johnson from Sesame Street?

  • http://hotmail Our Sarawak




    "Situated on the island of Borneo, 1000km from Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak’s political relationship with central government had been contentious since Malaysia’s formation in 1963. The desire of Sarawak’s nascent political establishment to assert its autonomy was continually trumped by the central government, who wished to maintain tight control over Sarawak’s substantial oil reserves and quell any latent separatism in this, largely non-Muslim region."

    Sarawak brothers and sisters this article by the CONSERVATIVE UK "Ecologist" says what we have been trying to inform everyone.

    The statement practically admits the error of the British colonial government in assisting the Malayan UMNO government to annex Sabah and Sarawak in 1963.

    The UMNO regime installed in power by the British in 1957 and was again installed by them as the new colonial ruler of Sabah and Sarawak in 1963. UMNO in turn nurtured the puppet Rahman/Taib dynasty to protected its stolen territory and interests in Sarawak.

    UMNO "wished to maintain tight control over Sarawak’s substantial oil reserves and quell any latent separatism in this, largely non-Muslim region".

    This is the whole GUTS of the colonialism. UMNO controls our most valuable natural resources, our people and our Sarawak territory.

    The first 10 years of UMNO rule was to consolidate its colonial grip on Sarawak (and Sabah). After that it installed its UMNO style Malayanisation of both colonies by taking over the public services education and judiciary. At the same time it launched its creeping religious fascism and suppression of other religious faiths especially the Christian churches. This was in breach of the "agreement" to implement "Borneonisation" – to allow Sarawakians their right of self-determination.

    What we got is pure colonialism.

    The article makes it very plain that what Taib did in his self serving actions was in tandem with reinforcing UMNO colonial control of Sarawak.

    They were not shy of using brute force (quote) "During the height of the confrontations in the 1980s and 90s, the army and police were deployed to back up the companies, resulting in several deaths and hundreds of arrests under Malaysia’s draconian internal security laws".

    Now through exposes by Sarawak Report and the Ecologists and the self-created publicity disasters of the UMNO PBB BN regimes, the dirt (on the abuse of power and corruption) is being blown up worldwide. The Ecologists talks about exposing Taib's global financial activities.

    So at the end of the day the most powerful and corrupt will come crashing down from the heights they have taken themselves.

    The days of Taib (and even Najib in a shorter space of time than his father Razak) are numbered.




  • http://hotmail Ayam Kurus