FBC Media Scandal Hits The USA!

FBC Media Scandal Hits The USA!

22 Aug 2011


FBC Media story starts to unravel in the US

The story of FBC Media has now hit the United States, where a number of media organisations, magazines and TV stations have had links with the company. 

The political blog site Politico has been following developments as our revelations started to hit in Malaysia and the UK today it reported that the magazine Atlantic Monthly, is also launching an investigation into its own links with the company. 

Atlantic habitually featured articles on the World Economic Forum, written by Alan Friedman from Davos and there are concerns he could have used this as a platform to promote his clients in the same way that he used TV news programmes on CNBC and BBC World.  For example, this year Friedman chose to write a gushing report on the good governance of Indonesia by its current President  President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Wow! The top event at Davos this year, according to Friedman

Alan Friedman got Najib Razak a Forum event hosted by Atlantic Monthly this year 

Meanwhile, the Publisher of Atlantic Monthly, Justin Smith, has also announced he is resigning from the Board of FBC Media where he has sat since 2007.  He has acknowledged to Politico that the Chairman of FBC, Alan Friedman had approached him earlier this year to arrange a forum event to be hosted by the magazine, featuring Najib Razak! 

This forum was held in March and was indeed hosted by Atlantic Monthly’s James Fallows.  It is understood that Friedman failed to inform the magazine that Najib Razak and the Malaysian Government were PR clients of the company.  Justin Smith told Politico that: 

“The truth is that Alan Friedman has been a friend of mine for nearly twenty years. In light of this friendship and my past association with the company, I am very disturbed to learn of the serious allegations being raised about FBC and Alan’s conduct. What I would particularly regret, should these accusations directed at FBC be proven true, is my role in having introduced Alan to The Atlantic’s editors and event planners.
“I have directed a full review of The Atlantic’s dealings with him, and the responsibility at The Atlantic for any problems it might uncover will be mine. It is my job to safeguard at all costs The Atlantic’s reputation for editorial integrity.”
[Politico 22.08.2011]

Other media outlets that have been linked to events by FBC Media are Bloomberg’s Business Week Magazine, which runs the European Leaders Forum and the International Herald Tribune, where Alan Friedman formally worked as a correspondent.  Both magazines were listed in FBC’s promotional material as potential ‘media platforms’ for their PR clients, which included the State of Malaysia which has paid over RM 57 million of taxpayers money to FBC over the past two years according to budget records.

Clients like Najib and Taib were offered all these ‘media platforms’ by FBC Media. But did these outlets know that they were being used in this way?

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  • http://sarawakreport.org. Robert Wong

    The time is ripe for some leading NGO lawyers and banks or similar financial vehicles around the world to come forward and help Malaysians recover these corruption money.

    And the Western powers should also come forward and do what they have done to the hidden wealth of former governments' leaders and families of Iraq, Libya, North Korea, etc. held in banks or corporations/nominees in their countries.

    The source of these ill-gotten wealth or gains are the same, via abuse of power, corrupted practices and grand theft of a country's future.

    • TUAI

      Sarawak Report is itself corrupt !

      • Sarawak Report

        Oh yes we are.


          How could we survive …..come to think of it everyone…… We need to spin and spin , fabricate and manufacture news…create perception…..and get paid.

        • hot


          sorry sarawak report.

          utusan beat you to that.

          he he he ….


      • lol

        If you don't like what you read then why do you keep coming back to comment? Stupid?

        • Oooophs!

          Tuai and the disguised SR is the same psychopathic idiot. Look at the time of the post, just a 3 mins interval. I think I know who he is.

          Maybe, SR can help us to confirm who he is by publishing his IP address or email acct.

      • http://sarawaknews.wordpress BIAK

        Oh Tuai… You r right…. but Taib Mahmud is more corrupt. But that's OK with you… Because what Sarawak Report did was to unveal all the corruption of Taib Mahmud.. and in doing so … you will lose all your 'tit-bits and crumbs." "Jangan menegak benang yang basah, atau periuk yang pecah. All evilss will end… So don't fool yourself. Taib is not going to pay you for supporting him… He just smile at people like you who blindly props or defends him for no costs at all….

        Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak is doing a great honour to all Sarawakians and Malaysias… get it TUAI.. grow up…

      • Babe

        Tuai- Namanya Taib tuan Raja Syaitan ,yang akan turun ke api neraka dan kekal selama lama nya..hingga ke akhirat.

  • aborium

    The more FCB Media scandal hits the world, the more than likely that Malaysia's name will be dragged into a mudslide of media distortions, half-truths, deceits, and unethical practices all for the sake of keeping up good appearances and FDI. And for what? 57 million spent on gutter PR!

    Its associate's vicious attacks on Prophet Muhammad SAW shall not be forgotten. It's more than breaking the camel's back. It was a direct assault on Islam!

    You see, divine intervention knows no bounds.

    • Mirror

      Let’s leave the Almighty out of these shall we? Sheesh …

      • aborium

        Mirror, mirror on the wall: who created you? Just food for your thought.

        • rd

          I thank god for making me an atheist.

        • Dr NO

          aborium, u sound like a mental case

    • http://hotmail Ayam Kurus






      • AYAM GEMUK

        soory apai Ayam Kurus having to ask you this , do you need some vitamins to make you like me?…gemuk ?

        • http://yahoo Ayamkurus

          KRROOCKK POK POK..!? (prefer being slim lah!)

          Comments too heavy?

        • AYAM GEMUK

          kurus nak mati…..apoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Watch Dog

    Get them SR.Well done.What more can we say now..One by one just like Libya now..we are closing in on Malaysian corruptions

    • Sarawak Report

      We like to dessiminate non-facts ! hehehehe lol !

  • Blunt Speaker

    Corruption was blooming during Mahathir premiership of Malaysia and yakup's tenure as cm of Sarawak. And now, it has grown from bad to worse and at its worst stage in the history of this country. If left unabated, the situation here will be as terrible as in somalia, maybe worse. Let us use people's power to overthrow this rotten government to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let's do it, come this GE 13! Don't let this full-blown corruption disease linger on, hindering our progress and wellbeing of our future generations!

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com.my/ Watch Dog

      Blunt Speaker…CORRUPTION should be mandatory death sentence by Firing Squad as it is a menace to society and fellow Malaysians..

      When father stepped down as PM,the son became BILLIONAIRE,where did the money come from?? By robbing the opulation?? YES or NO!!!!

  • MagnisPhyricon

    For all reason, any government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery or thuggery. In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but an organized crime and robbery? They supposed not to reason; force people to believe in all their craps; it is not eloquent; it is force. The genius of our ruling BN government is that it has kept a majority of the people from ever questioning the inequity of a system where most people drudge along, loosing out on things that suppose had gone better or even gained, an ever increasing fear of racial and religious intolerance, bad education system, the widening gap of wealth between the rich and the poor, paying heavy taxes for which they get nothing in return and many many more.. Their solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem.

    Like fire, he is a servant who suppose to listen to our needs but instead a deadly and a fearful master. He too often bend the acts of his governance to his own selfish purposes. His tyranny rule, recognize no human boundary and no time frame for a despicable old man that not even afford to ever remembered how much self gains he had made from the miseries of the masses, what more to ever realized at what magnitude of destruction he had made!

  • aborium

    Just when the government has done enough damage to the good name of the State in its involvement with FCB Media, now reports are coming in to say that Singapore is unofficially not giving work permits anymore to Sabahans and Sarawakians below 35yrs 'cause they've been found to create trouble by their heaving drinking, fights, loitering in shopping complexes during weekends and involvement in drugs.

    How is the State Secretary of Sarawak going to tackle the two problems? Or is he going to take the easy route of taking a blind eye 'cause it does not involve any financial gains in the cleaning up? Or does he care at all?

    We'll see what he's made of.

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com.my/ Watch Dog

      aborium..Easy bro,ask for more timber or land concessions.Who cares after all SS won't be there forever,enrich themself..

      Minta contelek lah!!

      There is NO peace without bloodshed.

      There is NO bloodshed without Dictator.

      No one man,one family,one crony and one race (Melanau) rule Sarawak..let us do the job and restore true democracy and dictatorcrazy or AUTO-CRAZY!!

  • aborium

    I personally wish all Muslims in Malaysia

    "Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Maaf Zahir Batin."

  • http://yahoo Newlinks



    British Brainwashing Corporation (BBC)

    by V. S.

    Recently BBC, CNN and CBNC found themselves in a very embarrassing situation for broadcasting fabricated news made up by an organisation called FBC Media in relation to Palm Oil industry and other controversial issues in Malaysia.

    You may find interesting to read the comment on "British Brainwashing Corporation" (BBC) at malaysia-chronicle.com by Lord Jim:

    "During the strike by the National Union of Journalists at the BBC in the late 80s, the journalists exposed the fact that journalists in Britain especially those that worked for the BBC were vetted by the MI5."