Taib’s Growing International Profile – UK’s Independent Newspaper slams FBC Media!

Taib’s Growing International Profile – UK’s Independent Newspaper slams FBC Media!

17 Aug 2011

Special Investigation by the Independent

FBC Media, in return for $5 million, had promised to radically boost Taib Mahmud’s international profile. 

In a personal letter to Taib the Chairman of FBC, Alan Friedman, guaranteed that he could provide promotional coverage on TV news shows, in newspapers and on-line.

It was all illegal, of course, and at the taxpayer’s expense.  But, when did corrupt practices ever bother the current Chief Minister?

In his role as Finance Minister he was happy to find the money!

Now, just a few months later, Abdul Taib Mahmud and his ‘Sultinate’ of Sarawak are getting more public scrutiny that he could ever have dreamt of.  The trouble is that it is not at all the sort of coverage he had been planning on at all!  The dirty FBC Media contract has been exposed for the world to see and the international press are starting to wake up to the gravity of the corruption involved.

Today the UK’s prestige daily, The Independent, has launched a special investigation into FBC and its relationship with Malaysia.  Its three page exclusive can be seen by clicking this link..


Now that this scandal has erupted into the mainstream media in the UK and now that the key authorities at the BBC and the regulator Ofcom are investigating the matter, the full story about how Malaysian and Sarawakian taxpayers’ money has been poured into corrupted TV promotions for BN will come out.

Sarawak Report will be campaigning for full and proper investigations into how the world’s top media organisations were able to be bought by BN and the palm oil business. 

We will also be revealing more information about the Taib contract with FBC Media and also FBC Media’s connections with other dubious dictators and businesses around the world. 

Taib’s attempt to buy good publicity has turned into a PR disaster.  He should try doing things honestly for once!

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    Swk Rpt, please stop all these bullshits, will you ?

    • Sarawak Son

      @ Serigala, denial denial denial, you can't help because this exposure could end your pocket money, right? The truth will always prevail no matter how much you deny it.

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Bro,maybe you are brain dead. Well DONE Sarawak Report..more and more to come

    • http://hotmail Ayam Kurus


      Hey it's too late! The BULLSHIT ALREADY hit the fan lah and spreading around the world!

      Remember that little news that broke out from Japan about Taib's dirty bribery shenanigan over timber exports? This has snow balled into the FBC debacle!

      TAIB's dishonesty and corruption has been revealed in one stroke. He used taxpayers' money to fund fabricated stories about himself and his gov't.

      FBC the "Fabricator of Bullshit Company" is also exposed as a charlatan and inventor of false information.

      Now this is world wide news and never before has this been so well exposed to the world.

      This means that all the stories about his corruption will be more closely looked into by the rest of the world.

      So is the UMNO government getting its big share bad publicity for the same reason.

      Defending the indefensible is not a rewarding job!


    please stop all these bullshits, will you ?

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      SERIGALA BARAM..It is better for you to STOP your bullshit and craps praising your thief master.

      Well DONE Sarawak report,please keep it up and expose more so that his kuncu kuncu run out of pocket money and dirt cheap project.


        pelirshit amat nuan wai wai

        • http://n/a Watch Dog

          Serigala baram..I bless you so that you may repent. I know you survive on your thief master's crap unlike me.Please think about your people in Baram and NOT about yourself.If you are a Christian,please think twice as the bible says.."Never accept a Bribe,it will ruin your character".

          Please repent bro before it is too late.May GOD bless you and your family.No need for you to protect your thief master.


    stop all these bullshits, will you ?

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      S.B..serigala Baram or special branch…or a pea brain or brain dead man..may GOD bless you so that you can differentiate between GOOD and BAD.

      WELL DONE Sarawak Report..any more? Hope so..well done

  • Blunt Speaker

    Not everything can be bought with money and not everyone can be bought with money! Cheap things and people are everywhere but the rare exquisite and priceless ones will triumph over all the rubbish. Good will triumph over evil for God is superior over Satan, so is purity over filth, light over darkness. As they say, the truth will prevail! Sooner or later, surely, everything will be exposed, it's just a matter of time and appropriate action must follow suit.

  • AnakKucing

    serigala baram… Ur brain is full of shit?

    • tiger tiger

      not just ordinary shit, is bullshit

  • tigarasa

    Thank you Sarawak Report!!

    The shit has now hit the fans. The Sarawak people want justice for the native people and all Malaysians.

    Taib + Najib equals to Tahi Najis.

  • http://google.com Nelson Mandela Janti

    srigala baram who ever you are.!! yr.otak kosong dan lucah.You must have been the arse-hole beggar of Tahi's corruption.

  • Antu Lapar

    Good or[shit] not is very much guilded by our perceptions or emotions on issues propagating in globalization. One needs to rationalize the reliance and relevance in par with current sensations. IQ & EQ!!??. Culprits will be easily perturbed because they sense others know what they are doing. By hook or by crock struggling for survival. The answers to the sensations can be acquired through knowlegde and information in brief comparation with what are happening in our place, other places and abroad for virtue facts. Gov,t policies whether is significant, bluffing or in par with people needs are comprehensible. Well distributed? or any discrimination or not? Most of our people are educated, even the illiterate group has broaden knowlegde now,learning know how. ONCE BITTEN TWICW SHY. Less "Katak bawah tempurung". Be proud of them. Beware don,t dare to disturb the sleeping doggy! They see what we over-looked!! SWOT analysis is prime factor for equilibrium.

  • theBorneon

    The truth will always reveal itself someday…. See Gadhafi…. Suharto.. Marcos..

  • http://oldfart50.blogspot.com Paul Warren

    Malaysian dictators in the form of UMNO and BN leaders attempt at using Public Relations to boost up their credentials always seems to fall in their faces. Surely there is a lesson there somewhere! I wonder if the devil were to attempt to improve his image, he too,like Malaysian politicians, fall on his face!! Maybe all these International PR guys should realise one thing, maybe it might be easier to do a positive PR job on the devil then any Malaysian politician or the government!! And if they cannot imagine doing a PR job on the devil, surely Malaysia will be impossible!!

  • Asinos

    Vindication of the good work Sarawak Report has done to help the disempowered.

    Serigala: Now FBC is paying losers to troll on this blog as well??

  • Saloi Appa

    serigalak baram kau nang paloi..manusia paloi..patutlah kau paloi sbab otak kau paloi..PALOI


      paloi bapak kauu.

  • sarawakian


    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      sarawakian..maybe the other way round. You cannot buy GOD except satan,lucifers and evil spirit.

      May GOD bless N & T so that they will repent before it is too late including serigala baram..

  • Titan Sarawak


    Get out of here! Go and spend the last dirty $ you received before your master go to jail.


      o wai ! pelirshit nuan

      • http://n/a Watch Dog

        S.B..please mind your language and please clean your mouth.May GOD bless you so that you may repent before it is too late.

        " Never accept a bribe,it will ruin your character".


          asuk bodo

      • Watch Dog

        SERIGALA BARAM..please clean your mouth,head but it seems that you are brain dead and being used by your thief master to praise him and condemned us..your fellow christian brothers.

        please repent and think about yopur people in Baram.Today's BP the gangsters are after your treasures but being a serigala you are a COWARD,failing to stop this outside gansgters..

        May GOD bless and repent so that your children don't talk like you do…teach your children manners brother..so that we don't have many rude and brain dead people like you.

        Oh..that You would bless him O'Lord so that he realised the truth and repent.In Jesus name..Amen!!

  • aborium

    I think it has come to a stage where Sarawakians with voting rights would have to ask some serious questions about what kind of a government they desire, determine where they want to go, and how and when to get there.

    Without seeking answers to these basic questions, we'd go round in a circle ending up at the same place where we started. The top-down development policies and implementation plans have somehow done little to improve the quality of life and well-being of rural folks and those on the fringes of society in Sarawak and Sabah. They're are not dreaming to have a Twin Tower, but wishing for something much more basic and immediate – supply of clean water, electricity, road, and basic amenities.

    Is that asking too much from a Gov't that has rich resources at hand? The true measure of a civilized and developed state is not its GDP or impressive trade balance figures, but how well it treats and takes care of the down-trodden and needy in society.

    Many would agree, we don't want an American Dream, but a state with a human face, compassion, dignity, and fairness in its allocation of funds and distribution of wealth.


    pelirshit nuan

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Serigala Baram..On behalf of our fellow brother bloggers,I thank you for your foul mouth and I pray for you that our Lord almighty will touch your heart and brain so that you will come to your senses..right now you are defending your thief master like a mad serigala..WHY? 'Coz no more forest and land to play in,being taken by TM and his cronies and Bakun Damn instead of DAM,

      Grow up please fellow Christian brother..SERIGALA BATRAM..May GOD bless you and your family..DO NOT FEED YOUR FAMILY WITH CORRUPTED INCOME..

  • Eliminator

    SR admin, plse publish the IP address of this serigala baram.I can do the rest no problem. It(serigal baram) is very irritating.

  • MagnisPhyricon

    Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change – this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress.

    All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy.

    Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.

  • MagnisPhyricon

    Change means that what was before wasn't right or wasn't perfect. People want things to be better. The problem is, some people wasn't aware of what is better to them, what more to ever realized, things that was terribly bad. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

    He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.

  • SkyRocket

    Serigala Baram: I have a feeling that you must be AJN or JJM.

    SR: Keep it up. Don't give in. We Sarawakians want to know more what the white elephant has done to our taxpayers money and all the corruption he committed.



    nyk aja ulih dikomen SERIGALA BARAM? HAhahaahah!! xda idea nk tepis entri ini..mencarut la jawabnyer.. HEH!!

  • Anak Sarawak

    SERIGALA BARAM – dead brain and full of shit !!!

  • vince

    Thanks to the Sarawak Report, even having tough times, you still stick to your principal and gives us the true of the truth. Me and my fellow guys are very thankful for what you all had done. thanks. we'll stick to you everyday.

    • Anwar

      vince, bad english…can't even spell 'principle' !