Taib Named In UK Parliament

Taib Named In UK Parliament

19 Sep 2011

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The UK Parliament’s Upper Chamber

Knowledge and concern about the timber corruption associated with Sarawak’s Chief Minister is now spreading to the UK.

Last week his name was raised in the UK Parliament’s upper chamber, The House of Lords, after a question had been asked of the Government to give an assessment of the impact of logging on indigenous people, plants and animal life. 

Present to answer the question was one of the Government Ministers from the Department for International Development (DFID), Baroness Verma.

The question asked in the House of Lords on Tuesday

 The Baroness answered that the UK Government is well aware of the concern about unrestrained logging and how it impoverishes around a billion people on the planet.

Baroness Verma: My Lords, more than 1 billion people depend in varying degrees on the forests for their livelihoods with many more depending on the ecosystem services they provide. Some 350 million people who live within or adjacent to dense forests depend on them to a high degree for subsistence and income. Degradation and deforestation cause a loss of between $2 trillion and $4.5 trillion per year in ecosystems goods and services.


Lord St John of Bletso

Rainforest campaigner – Crossbencher (attached to no party) Lord St John

One of the best known campaigners for Rainforests in the Lords then raised the issue of Abdul Taib Mahmud and his effect on Sarawak and its people.  To cries of “Hear, hear”, he rose to ask:

“My Lords, can the noble Baroness give any indication as to whether our Government will be following the moves by Switzerland and Germany to investigate money-laundering of the proceeds of timber corruption by the chief minister of Sarawak in Malaysia? What other measures are being taken to identify and sanction those large international logging companies which do not ensure best practice in sustainable logging?”

The Baroness replied that although she could not respond on a particular individual, the mechanisms are in place to deal with timber corruption:

“I would like to say to noble Lords that we are ensuring that we respond proactively to the difficulties we are all facing with this issue. The multinational companies that deal in illegal logging will find that the penalties for this will be severe.” [link to the debate]


Taib’s assets in the UK


Ridgeford Properties' portfolio in London belongs to the Taibs

The mention represents a set-back for the Chief Minister, whose family assets are extensive in the UK.  Timber corruption campaigners have already prompted money laundering investigations in Switzerland and Germany, as referred to in the Lords debate.

Last week also Canadian Government acknowledged that it too is aware of the fact that the Taib family have hundreds of millions of dollars of property assets in North America.  While it has refused to confirm or deny any investigation at this stage, a top executive of Canada’s Department of Justice told the Bruno Manser Fund that:

“The RCMP(Royal Canadian Mounted Police)’s Integrated Market Enforcement Team is a group of highly acknowledged specialized investigators that are dedicated to ensuring that those who commit serious capital markets fraud offences will be discovered, investigated, prosecuted, and incarcerated in an effective and timely fashion“

The Bruno Manser Foundation have indicated that they will shortly be likewise approaching the UK authorities to urge an investigation into Ridgeford Properties in London, which has also handled hundreds of millions of pounds worth of assets, including a large period building adjacent to the Bank of England.

Less welcome in future?

Protest in Oxford against Taib's visit last year

Last year the Chief Minister engineered a reception at the House of Lords during his visit to the UK to promote his Tanjung Manis Halal Hub.  He also sponsored an event at the controversial Said Business School at Oxford University, at which he was a key note speaker.

Both these promotions attracted considerable condemnation, given the Chief Minister’s record, and it is unlikely that he would receive similar welcomes in future.






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  • miri

    Its a great honour to have your name mentioned in the House of Lords. Taib must be either shaking with pride…. or shaking with fear.

    • http://hotmail Orang2bangkit





      Thousands of Sarawakians have been kicked out of their homeland by you & cronies. But did you think your good times will last forever?

      Did you think that the Western countries where you hid your ill-gotten Sarawak wealth are safe havens?

      Now your world empire is spinning out of control and threatento break up very soon!

    • Anak Iban

      He truly believed he’s the richest MAN on earth but will be unearth ASAP.

  • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

    What more can I say? Well done Sarawak report..a step at a time.Why so slow UK? Why?? Wow…it's better late than NEVER but we natives are suffering..please act real fast.FREEZE all his assets in UK.

    Yes Miri..he is shaking now,real shaking and getting nervous each day..more and more will be exposed.

    Please repent Taib before it is too late..repent,repent and think carefully now..T.M.G…Wear RED on Saturdays

    • rht

      Even with repent wont forgive his SINS……….

    • Lok1

      Dear Watchdog,I don't think that Repent is ever in Taib's vocab, I am sure all his witch doctors including our very own Mamak,will tell him,No problem Boss,go on Boss,just a bit more and then we r done here,anyway what can the people do,whatever they do will be too late,they have just proven it in our last election,don't worry Boss,enjoy your new wife,after you're gone,pass it to me,my turn next,will keep your money n wife safe Boss,go on,there's a small area we miss Boss,upthere near the eastern border with Indonesia,you can use my name again Boss,only a 40-60 Dayak families there Boss,will kau tim them Rm200 each family,then we bungkus everything n you go to Canada n I go look after your other properties Boss,we sai lang them all.

      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

        Lok1..Taib alone is NOT to be blamed.Other big comppanies like KTS,Samling,Shin Yang,Ta Ann..you name them,they are all the same.They will always tell TM that there are more and more..just look at Tebedu..they took the logs from unlicensed area by using Yayasan Sarawak with Cing Kulung as the timber contractor.These are the very peole who are the real culprit and on equal footing or even above Pekmoh.

        May GOD bless Sarawak.

  • Blunt Speaker

    Make a fast investigation on the grossly uncontrolled logging and timber corruption in Sarawak and Sabah! May God move your hearts and hear the pleas and cries of the poor native people here! May a speedy recovery of the livelihood to the oppressed be forthcoming, with the prompt, sincere actions we earnestly hope for! May God's blessings be in abundance to all those who fight together with us, our cause for Sarawak and Sabah!

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      Blunt Speaker..1.Forest in Sabah is virtually gone except for

      high hills and mountains left.

      2.The same things are happening in Sarawak..the forests are also gone.what you see from the plane are the hills and mountains and that is almost gone too.What is left are shrubs and bushes and NOT forests..ops..Lanjak/Entimau river basin.

      The effect of Bengoh damned..Now the Chinese timber contractor are harvesting timber in Kpg Danu/Kpg Semadang/Kpg Giam/Kpg Git forest plus the fact that they are also eying the Tabia/Semban areas now.They pay little respect to the kampong people.

      Now back to Tebedu..the illegal logging continues in Kpg Temong and Kpg Tepoi forests by using Yayasan sarawak Timber licence.These greedy Chinese Foochow timber people couldn't care less. I am NOT racist here but I do NOT find bidayuh or Iban nor orang ulu whereas the licence was given by a Melanau in power. So please let us put a STP to this abuse of power and monopoly cum destruction what GOD has given us to share.

      • http://hotmail Orang2bangkit


        We should not blame all innocent Chinese people for the crimes against the people committed by Taib and his the Chinese cronies!

        Bear in mind that these timber tycoon cronies form only a very SMALL class of the majority of Chinese who like all other Sarawakians have not benefited from the land and timber robberies.

        The timber tycoons and the Taib gang belong to the same exploiter class that has for 48 years abuse and misuse their positions of power entrusted to them by us.

        Instead we must unite with them to overthrow the Taib tyranny! The end days of this dictatorship is long overdue and it cannot be done away with unless ALL OF US UNITE and throw him out!

        Remember "united we stand and divide we fall"!

        Unfortunately even if we can unseat the PBB BN gang in Sarawak at the GE polls we remain colonial captives under Malayan UMNO control as long as we are part of neo-colonial "Malaysia".

        In the 1960s the independence movement in Brunei Sarawak and Sabah colonies had opposed the British "Malaysia" plan to secure its colonial interests by incorporating the 3 territories under the new colonial control of Malayan UMNO.

        The independence movement called for the formation of a new state comprising the 3 colonies called "North Kalimantan".

        However, "Malaysia" was imposed on us in September 1963 after suppression of the people's open opposition and armed resistance against "Malaysia".

        The last 48 years have seen the 2 resource rich colonies have reduced by plunder of their timber and oil wealth to become the poorest "Malaysian states". Thousands of native people have been robbed of their land by the Sabah and Sarawak ruling regimes and become more impoverished than before 1963.

        Our Sabahan brothers & sisters have seen through the fraud about "independence in Malaysia". They are rising up to demand their independence as exemplified by the Sabah United Borneo Front and other movements in Sabah.







        None of the Sarawak opposition political parties have any courage to make such demands. Of course many of them are from Malaya and we would be dreaming to expect them to support our cause for real national independence!


  • Bujang Skrang

    Again, just the four of you busybodying yourselves….Ukui Jaga, blunt dumber,miri and…… where is aboring? Akai boring amat.

    • miri

      There were three, now they are four…Bujang Skrang, in fact they are hundred of thousands of silent majority out there agreeing with our sentiments. Come GE13 Taib & co will face the full wrath of our people.

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      Bujang Skrang–Thank you Taib's Skrang bachelor..Please repent

      before it is too late for you.

      Please think and STOP gather the crumbs that your

      thief master throw at you.

      • Bujang Skrang

        Ukui jaga. just found out that you are apendatang from the indon border …an indon bidayuh. wah…..trying to destroy malaysia. bad you !.

        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          Bujang skrang Bodoh..watch your mouth. You are brain dead slave to your Thief master.Bodoh,gila,foul mouth KIban from skran/badau/Lanjak.No wonder ylou support your thoef master for craps.

          May GOD bless you

        • Serigala Baram

          Watch Dog…Do not swear on us, ibans. We will not allow it. You must be a stupid indon bidayuh being paid from outside to ruin Sarawak. Real Sarawak bidayuhs are good.

        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          Serigala Baram..ada kah? Bisi kah serigala di baram wai?? Ya ?? Urang baka nuan tok tuyu amai mieh..Ha ha ha ha ah serupa baka Bujang Skrang.patut lah lagi bujang,baru pulai ari tasik saudi arabia .

          You are just another stupid idiot and pea brain man.May GOD bless….I am a GOOD Dayaks. I don't wait for my crumbs and craps from corrupted ruler like you..ha ah aha ha ha ha

        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          Bujang Skrangg I am a true dayak and hve IC not like you,cannot get married cz cannot register with JPN,,no wonder still "BUJANG"..ha ha agi bujang sampai parai mieh..mati lah!!

      • Bujang Skrang

        Amat mieh namaku Bujang, tapi aku dah ngamput indai dek wai.

        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          Bujang Skrang..Our women are NOT that loose as you might think.Bujang Skrang..mad,paloi,stupid never finish,tuyu,bujang sampai tua.betur betuir buduo kuu ano.

        • APai Bujang

          Hai.. Kamu Merogol ya! You are being Curse!

  • Justice

    It is high time the United Kingdom investigated. It seems Taib's building blocks are about to topple.

  • najibrazak

    We have had full support for many years from different UK governments all of whom were happy that we agreed to take over Sarawak and Sabah from them. I dont think they will seriously turn on us now; especially as we are such good customers for arms and ammunition.

  • yellow mello

    How can one email all these Lords in the upper house? No doubt the House of lords is not the House of Commons (where the Prime Minister of Britain has an elected seat), it nevertheless carries some weight.

    I wonder, what that so and so from Monaco thinks now? You know, the one that went to Mulu, thinking his friend is such a great 'friend' of the rainforest ie pek mo taib.

    What curious me is this, anyone that has been to mulu by flight would surely have noticed the devastation from deforestation unless of course it was on board a windowless jet!

    So what say you Prince Albert of monaco? Maybe Sarawak Report should email some relevant articles to him! And comments too :)

    CHEERS Sarawak Report! You're better than even the BBC!

  • Titan Sarawak

    Let's not forget that …. not only SR is helping and fighting for us the Bruno Manser Foundation is equally active . Thank you to all.

  • Blunt Speaker

    God is watching every action, and unless there is repentance, those who are blind, or rather pretending to be blind, to the atrocities and destructive actions of Pehmoh and his gang, will face the same consequences and fate when the time comes. Similarly to those who put on deaf ears, not willing to listen to the sighs and groans of miseries, of those whose NCR rights have been ignored, and land taken right before their very eyes! May God have mercy so that even sinful men will repent.



    • Bujang Skrang

      Karma believer….I dreamed your asshole got rotten !, and your balls fell off just like that ..eaten by a company of ducks. ! In the ulu we call this sial pemali. You got to believe me.

  • aborium

    Where vice has an unfair advantage over virtue on such a scale, and if proven to be case, then expect it to be loud enough to be heard anywhere, including the House of Lords. Why?

    Because the issue of timber corruption and money-laundering are serious matters which no right minded governments anywhere would want to be associated with, unless one is protected by the unseen hands, skull and bones and a blind right eye.

    And it is that eye that has deceived many into believing that vice including corruption is ok 'because everyone does it'. It's a belief that will surely push you into selling your soul at the Auction House or company store.

  • bucklynn rimbar

    now, it the house of lord,but soon it be the House of Lord of Lords.

    at this current juncture,nothing gonna change.the system is down.

    many are jus like any other pembangkang,comes election nothing is goin to happen.so many pembangkang but nothing is going to change,don membangkang for its own sake.the world is still round.and from the chinese to the dayaks,we all the same.mony is our lifeline.show anyone the green its the same.

    we don want corruption but we take bribes,this shud stop.

    so wat if its being mentioned in the house of lord,any political science students know that the house of lords is an old cold storage system of british politics,jus a window dressing for bristish politics.

    got no power,pls we got to change ourself not jus the current government,even the opposition parties.stop using foreign organisations to try to change sarawak wen we in sarawak cannot even change it from within.are we trying to get out of a sarawak system under malaysia and go back to the british.

    do we stil wan to be colonised again.

    as for now the status quo reminds.

    pls if we ourself cannot take care of sarawak and malaysia,stop washing our family affair in public or global.

    u and me all of us to be blame for all this.we didnt do enuf to uphold truth justice and fairness.

    stop tis looking up to whitemen for solace,they are human and we sarawakians are human,sarawak is our affair and our land.we should learn to sit together and unite for its betterment not

    call each other names and hurl curses and hate remerks. if this cannot happen then thats why sarawak is the way it is.

    lets grow up,we not goin to be in sarawak dat long.our death call is around the corner.lets leave a gud heritage for the future generation.

    i beg to differ,we sarawakians can handle our issues on our own and nid not expose our shit to the global stage all the time.makes us sarawakians looks stupid since wen others care about sarawak.the reports are good but don make foreign agencies look like our saviours,there don hav status quo to change sarawak.

    we must get the colonalistic mindset out of our system,we can do it on our own,there are universal values and virtues which we can hold on to.

    we can change sarawak,no one really care for sarawak but us from sarawak.lets do something from within by seeking the truth,justice and fairness.

  • aborium

    No one is saying we ought to be colonized by anybody. What we're saying is the issue of timber corruption and money-laundering can no longer be tolerated by the state, any state or country for that matter. And the bigger you're, the harder you fall.

    This is a public forum and we try our best not be trigger happy, but sometimes you let it off the handle, and later to regret what you've just said especially ones that try to hit you below the belt.

    That aside, yes I agree that only Sarawakians can change their own fate and destiny, but it requires a higher level of matured thinking about politics, ethics and business, the role of government, and how politicians can change their mindset to serve the cause of fairness and justice, peace, and freedom for the good of mankind, regardless of race, creed, or religion. If politicians can achieve that, the people would be much more forgiving even if they've done something wrong.

    When you cross the line, of course, you know what to expect. You can't be seriously barking & putting the blame squarely on the moon. It begins with our own awareness and realization. Tell our friends and relatives the true picture of things, not just sources from mainstream media like TV3, Utusan or Borneo Post, but also from books, twitter, conversing with people, and WWW as well. That way you've plenty of ammunition should the communists attack you.

  • Lano

    Each time Sarawak Report exposes the sins of swindling/squandering/siphoning/robbing/laundering of Sarawakians' wealth, it really shoots right into Taib Mahmud's heart. We wonder how much longer will he stand. May be he is "DEAD MAN WALKING" now!

  • No$NoCrime

    1 million Sarawakian voters in their collective wisdom returned BN to power 5 months ago. They lost a few urban Chinese SUPP seats, sure, but overall still retained 2/3 majority in the Dewan Undangan Negeri. What does this say about us? The majority of adults (you need to be >21 yrs to be eligible to vote) in this state are either (1) easily fooled (2) easily bought (3) both of the above (4) not sensible enough to make wise choice.

    If that's the case, we could be stuck with the status quo for a while. Alexis de Tocqueville, French political thinker famously said "in every democracy, the people get the government they deserve"

  • Zulkarnain

    You Brits is asshole..after plundering all the resources of all countries you colonies now you want to stop us from been developed??

    What have your country do to help us to preserve our rainforest?? could you please ask your government to subsidies our country by 5 billions per year for us not doing the logging activities and to help those PENANs?

    Where is your Tradisional Forest?? You Brits are all guilty by deforesting your own forest for decades and now you want to show us how to manage our forest?

    Did your Brits being fair to your minority citizen? Hell NO!!

    If we donbt like the leaders in our country we will decide ourself<we dont need your opinion.

    Does our election is fair? Does YOUR Election is FAIR??

    We are more democratic than you and America because anybody can offer themself in election..

    So to all BRits the full of Sh*#s in their head.. Fcuk Off!!

    • najibrazak

      Blasphemy gets you nowhere. You are shooting at the wrong target. The colonial forest law in Sarawak conserved forests not plundered them as my ally Taib has done. You cant be old enough to have first hand experience of colonial Sarawak so do some homework before writing nonsense again.

    • Batang Langunan

      Malaysian BN leaders are even worst. Look at Ibrahim Ali. Think of the KETUANAN. This not more democratic. Are you?

    • http://hotmail Orang2bangkit


      We should think rationally and distinguish between good and bad.

      There are good British people like those in Sarawak Report. And bad British people who were part of the British empire machinery which colonised and plunder other people's countries.

      We must not forget while we yell abuses at the Brits we should double check that we are not tainted by the same sins and misdeeds.

      UMNO is a great example. It is a creature nutured by the British colonial masters to take over their power over the Malayan people in 1957.

      UMNO never fought for independence as exposed by the recent raging debate in Malaya which arose out of a remark on Malayan independence heroes by PAS leader Mat Sabu. It turned out that the communists are the real heroes of Malayan independence. For not a few UMNO members this was a very thorny truth to swallow.

      After the 1957 handover of power to UMNO, the British colonials again planned to transfer colonial rule of Brunei Sabah and Sarawak to UMNO in 1963.

      The independence movement in the 3 colonies opposed this re-colonization plan which proposed a federation of the colonies as the state of North Kalimantan.

      The British suppression of the movement led to the anti-Malaysia Brunei independence Uprising in Dec 1962 and the Sarawak guerrilla war of resistance which continued the uprising to 1990.

      So not everyone agrees with being re-colonized in Malaysia unlike those who are detracting Sarawak Report here.

      Those who put down SR should perhaps examine their thoughts on why they wish to be subjugated to a foreign master in Kuala Lumpur?

      The unequal relationship enforced by the unequal Malaysia Agreement has seen

      Why are you supporting the Taib plunder of Sarawak land and people and the UMNO theft of Sarawak oil?

      So isn't UMNO and PBB BN and cronies the bad guys. Just like the former colonial masters?

      And we should all unite and rise to fight against this new colonization to free ourselves for Sarawak independence.

  • Shafeek

    Malaysia will soon have our own International Pariah in Taib Mahmud!

  • Bryan

    If I were him,I don't think I can sleep well at night,thinking of the great consequences that may behold to his greed.This issue is a world awakening by so many Goverment

    • Gerempung Menua

      john Bryan…nuan pala lasu ukai neh? Nadai utak nuan.

  • Anti-Kleptocrats

    Put this pirate behind bar for life until he die. He deserves it from what he had done for the last 30 suffering years to the natives.

    If in other countries, this pirate long time already in history, but again this is Malaysia with so many tainted leaders and full of kleptocracy and monkey judiciary and sleeping MACC. Semua makan rasuah!

    Dig some more Sararawak Report. Good job.

  • C#

    Before any idiot starts spouting more nonsense, please do a bit of reading here
    It provides some important information about Malaysia and its decolonization along with decolonizations of other countries and areas.

    • aborium

      Tun Omar Yoke-Lim Ong once said "To understand what happened one must rewind the clock back to 1951 when there was the Member system under the British. Dato Onn bin Jaffar was the "Member" for Home Affairs, Dato Thuraisingam was the "Member" for Education, Nik Kamil (former Mentri Besar for Kelantan} was the "Member" for Lands and Mines."

      Decolonization, I think, hasn't been completely successful in shredding the colonial past when even now we still retain the use of the word 'Member' though not to designate a Minister, but certainly a Member of Parliament. After all, much of our laws and legal system are still based on the British model.

      Whilst it's so easy to gloss over the past and say lots of negative remarks, doesn't it sink in on to us that our minds are being colonized (yet again), no not by the Brits but Malaysians themselves who peddle partisan politics. This to me, is a malaise that needs greater attention and changes.

    • http://hotmail Orang2bangkit


      See comments above on "Good Brits & Bad Brits".

      Unsure of the drift of your comments but Sabah and sarawak were NOT de-colonized but RE-COLONISED. Just a diference between the "de" and "re".

      The unfinished sentence in the comment should read as follows"

      "The unequal relationship enforced by the unequal Malaysia Agreement/Treaty has seen Sabah and Sarawak being kept as colonies under a new colonial master".

      It was said in 1963 that "independence in Malaysia" was a fake independence and that we were being re-colonized.

      The message was not well received 48 years ago. But today most Sabahans and Sarawakians can understand by experience that this is true. Both Sabah and Sarawak are treated as UMNO's prized territories and source of great wealth.

      Dr. M Mahathir one of the plunderers of Sarawak (made billions from Bakun Dam) just said a few days ago that the 2 colonies are such big territories and full of resources which could be used for developing "Malaysia".

      We should believe him. It can only mean the intensified stripping of our beloved land.

  • toucan

    Why won't the UK authorities go through their Malaysian counterparts to investigate this Taib fellow ? Is it because the Malaysian government are hand in hand with Taib's excesses ?

  • bucklynn rimbar

    blame it on taib,pls taib won lah last election.but we mus educate ourself and our people.how are we to handle the future,with our culture of mony politics…nothing is gonna change.

    we must change our our mindset and the populace mindset.its us who must change,lets be sincere here,our future leaders nid to bring better values and virtues to sarawak or are we going to be jus the way we are.

    we must decide wer we wan to go,are we going to hold on to virtues whic are universally accepted.or are we going to play the game according to our current values i.e corruption and bribe with lies as the added salt.

    don blame our voters,they don know who to trust…seriously,why do u think they gav B.N the 2/3 majority.

    they don know who to trust…to them all politicians and candidates are the same.its a general anology…politic is kotor…semua sidaknya sama ajak….they cannot fulfil their promise,at least if they vote B.N,they will come back or they know who to refer to.this other politicians are jus ada pada masa campaign.lepas eelection tak nampak muka or muka pembangkang tiap election,muka sama,crita jak lain.

    until the populace know how to trust and appreciate real values and that the politicians can be trusted to take care of their affair,nothing wil change so for those aspiring to be politicians stop politicking and start going to the ground and serve the people well.let the populace trust u and stop jumping from one party to another.

    if u go to the kampongs u know that the kampong voters are not stupid as u think and they hav their own issues.and they hav their own understanding and why they vote their calon.its their choice.its not as u think they jus wan to vote for a taib.

    look jus to be anti b.n is short sighted,the voters may not wan to vote for p.r.its a west malaysian based party and this is their sentiment and they don trust the party.

    please,don think that our voters are so stupid and cheap to be bought by jus mony politics.

    they don hav a choice and we are not giving them a good choice.can truth justice and fairness be given to them if they vote for the alternative.

    i don think so…hence their vote for whom they thought best. the only saviour for sarawakians are gud virtues and values practice by the politicians and future leaders and this takes time for the populace to see and taste.as for now…there no better alternatives.

    we don nid the house of lords,we need our own house to be in order.

    sarawak for sarawakians.we dayaks hav adats better then the orang putih,we are more beradat.was our culture backward,no our moral fabric were in order wit moral values and virtues,before they came to colonised us.

    its the western culture wic bring moral decay to the world not dayak or eastern culture or sarawakians or malaysians.

    we sarawakians can do it right.

    • No$NoCrime

      Have you ever been in a longhouse during election campaign? If you were there, you would have noticed the crates of beer & food for parties, large sums of cash in envelops changing hands between BN representatives & the tuai rumah…..

      To say "we are not so stupid & cheap to be bought by money…" is a complete lie. Or perhaps you're a "City Native" who's left the longhouse/kampung and don't know what's going on back there.

      • aborium

        You've a point & you speak from real life experiences. I've stayed in a longhouse, though not during an election campaign, and found it to be a memorable experience when you immerse yourself in the culture of others to appreciate their 'simplicity' ways, a value which perhaps city and town dwellers can learn one or two about untangling their way too complicated life and material city world.

        They may not look like you and me, and accept money during elections (who doesn't) but to judge them based on one's uptown biases is a gross misunderstanding of people and culture.

        We put the ball in your court – it's the City Cat that comes with a calculative and manipulative mind to 'buy' them over and that act itself should be put on trial, not the people!

        • aborium

          Never take advantage of the innocent, less educated, less privileged than you. Cause if you do that you've ill intentions. And that isn't good for you or anyone else. It sucks!

      • bucklynn rimbar

        no$nocrime,i hav been to more kampongs n election.pls don say dat about our people.u don know how hard they work,don judge the dayaks based on dat circumstances.

        they don fal for dat,they hav issues specific to themselve n this is how they vote.can u teach them n guide them.

        can u see the gudness n beauty of our dayak culture.

        u kip pointing to the dayaks n their choice of vote,if u re to b calon u think u can secure their votes.pls don condempt them,the fingers u point to them points back to u.wat u do to help them see the truth of ur beliv.

        don generalized the dayaks…n no my people are not stupid,jus they don see a better alternative n they don trust the alternative.now is a time to tell n educate them of a better alternative,not a political party but an idea.

        i m proud of my race,my people my state n my country.

        hujan batu negri sendiri hujan emas negri orang,biar aku di negriku.

        i hav hope for my people n know dat one day,the sun wil shine on them.they know the truth n the truth will set them free.they will find the truth.

        peace n joy to my land n ur land.

  • Leo

    This Taib fella has to be jailed and his assets confiscated. Money returned to the people in Sarawak to advance their lifelihood and improve the stature from being impoverished whilst the Taibs and their sidekicks continue to steal the wealth…

  • bucklynn rimbar

    sarawakians are no fools,they wil do wat is right,the ibans the bidayuh,the malays,o.u,bisayah,etc…..its our land slowly we wil gather momentum n we will get the harvest.

    we are sowing truth justice n fairness….soon we get the fruits n all sarawakians can enjoy.hw long all depend on all of us.

    rome was not built in a day,to make sarawak foundations' based on truth justice fairness n to destroy corruption n lies wil take time but we can do it if we try.lov n joy peace back to sarawak.

  • Blunt Speaker

    UK GOVT, please take out the 18point agreement from your archive for the benefit of SARAWAKIANS and Sabahans. We need the original copy because the one we have in Malaysia might have been tampered with. Those pioneers who were involved in the signing of the agreement were threatened with ISA or bribed to keep mum on the exact contents of the Malaysia agreement for our two Borneo states! Most of them having passed on due to old age. One of the point that has been disregarded is the autonomy of our two states and another is the royalty of petroleum and other natural resources which should be the reverse, meaning 95% for our two states and 5% royalty for federal. We have been horribly cheated for half a century! Oh my God, when will it stop?

    • bucklynn rimbar

      bluntspeaker how about the doctrine of parliamentary supremacy and a future parliament of malaysia cannot be bound by a former parliament.

      a parliament cannot legislate retrospectively…jus a tot…bro.so how can we take a historical document and try to enforce it as it may be overided by our present parliament.

      tis is a complicated constitutional issue.

      • Blunt Speaker

        Yes, you've got a good point there!

        • Blunt Speaker

          That's why we need a new breed of righteous and reliable people to take over the GOVT, people who fear God, not the existing UMNO BN which is corrupt to the core. When we have good people taking over the parliament, the dirty unfair laws and legislations will be overridden by the new ones! Let's vote for change! Let's vote back our rights, the rights of our two states, Sarawak and Sabah! Be ready, come this GE13!

    • aborium

      Blunt, you should be able to get a copy of the 18 point Agreement at the Sarawak Library. One interesting bit that was written in the Agreement (under Annex C of the Constitution of the State of Sarawak, Chapter 2, Para 6 (5)) is this:

      "The Chief Minister shall not hold any office of profit and shall not engage in any commercial enterprise."

      The onus is on him to justify his accumulated wealth for the past 30 years or so set against his monthly Government salary.

      • Blunt Speaker

        Right, one of the greatest issue is the rotten corrupt CM we have to tolerate for the last 3 decades who had and still is blatantly breaching the trust of Sarawak and it's people! We must bring him to book and together we unite with our good brethens in UK and other parts of the world, the power of darkness shall be broken! Amen!

    • Titan Sarawak

      The non-implementation of the 18-point agreement has nothing to the UK/British today. It is the responsibility of the State Government/leaders to pursue. If there is a violation, it is the state to bring to their attention.

      You know who should be responsible. It has been compromised to: you (federal) do what you like but let me (state leader) have my way.

  • bucklynn rimbar

    guys the land is dark n many like it the way it is,shine a light they will all get upset…..wat light we talking about….do the light Of truth justice and fairness GET SUPPORTED IN THE PARLIAMENT…..no as ur guys will know how the party whip function.

    the truth will remain but corruption is a way of life,and many accept it as part and partial of the malaysian culture,from the men in the street to the ruler on the throne.malaysians practice it and practice make perfect.to undo this culture we must start from the bottom upward.only education and changes of practice can affect the change.if not its a way of life as it is.

    it is so embedded in the society that its just talk,and anyone who gains power start trying to be clean but ended up unclean due to the gung of corruption embedded in our culture.

    so change the government but can we change the culture.cakap senang but putting to practice requires time,only way is to change our values and virtues.a shift of mind set to lov truth justice fairness.so we hav to start from the beginning from the rakyak to embrace this new culture of clean and fair goverment.

    • Blunt Speaker

      When we have a good role model as a leader or parent, the situation will be very much different. If you have a corrupt, greedy devil WORSHIPPER as a leader who consults the power of darkness, you will be under the power of darkness as the situations insist. But, if you have a God fearing man as a leader who does away with darkness but consults the power of Light, the situation will sure be very much brighter for all! This is the darkness and the Light I am talking about!

  • http://. Bro

    wow this is something

  • Danial

    I am sad. There are a few websites that tell the cases of the corrupt Taib. The entire Sarawak knows he is corrupted. The PM knows Taib is corrupted. Yet the White Haired and Beard Rajah is still sitting in the office. And now Awang Tengah has made a public announcement that Sarawak will get adequate money for development in the next Budget Hearing by the PM. That money is not going to Sarawakians. We all know where the money is going. Honestly i think there is nothing we can do as long as Taib is alive. I will continue to support Sarawak Report and other efforts but i have stopped putting my hopes so high.

  • bucklynn rimbar

    who is God fearing,realistically the banks deadline and human scramble to meet them,not only in sarawak but globally.who wil wan to be God fearing wen its al about the mony,big cars big houses more wives,its our culture.the muslims can hav legally four the rest want mistresses.how to mak4e more mony n no people don matter as long as i get wat i wan attitude.

    God fearing….how lah….until God change us we cannot change or don wan to.

    so bottom line nothing is goin change…the land is dark until we start to put our trust in truth justice n fairness.

    daniel i m wit u.its sad sad so sad.but lets look to the light,the light of the world to shine forth in sarawak n malaysia.we deserve the light,the malays chinese indians sarawakians and sabahans.lets look to the light our only hope in this darkness n gloom.

  • aborium

    In his monumental book 'the life and death of democracy', John Keane takes a look at the history of democracy (no, it didn't originate from the Greeks) and the practice of different 'kinds' of democracies around the world.

    He feels that democracy is nowadays plagued by market failures and social inequality. It is troubled by the visible decline of political party membership and, especially among young people and the disaffected poor, fluctuating turnout at elections and growing disrespect for 'politicians' and official 'politics', even boycotts and satirical campaigns against all parties and their candidates.

    There are also the widening gaps between rich and poor, continuing discrimination against women, religious and nationalist intolerance, and political figures who give a bad name to democratic politics because they corrupt laws by helping themselves to kickbacks in brown envelopes or in offshore bank accounts.

    Though there are no currently no model of democracy that has all the solutions (one shoe does not fit all), he thinks that democracy can be improved by changing people's perceptions, and by humbling those who exercise power over others, and that the seeds of greater public accountability can be planted everywhere, from the bedroom and the boardroom to the battlefield.

    Free and fair elections, freedom of speech, and civil liberties are given. Democracy, in its evolving form, is about trust, humility, and public accountability!

    In the case of Sarawak, do we actually practise democracy in its new 'form and meaning' when those in power are overtly arrogant (they act more as masters than servants), practise nepotism and corruption, use the laws to undermine civil liberties, degrade people and culture, destruct the environment, and allow power to be vested in one person?

    Surely, this is not democracy. It appears more like a dictatorship to me – repressive, regressive rather than progressive. Please have your say on the matter.

    • http://hotmail Orang2bangkit


  • Antu Lapar

    Sad to say there is no helping hand to look into the needs of humanism, though proofs and resentful rhetoric of Sarawakians being uttered, documented and perused globally. Our words of no action and ending, just for sharing. Many people are not afraid cos no instant punishment from GOD for sinful actions on earth. Just belief!! Some dare to make fun of GOD who assist them!!

    There fore, bully, colonize, abuse people's power for power and wealth seem to be great pride of tranny without feeling guilty. Cheated and forgot those/ rakyat who intrusted and put them into capacity as leaders. Seemingly human beings are characterized by evil greed and selfishness. Many politicians are impersonating and propagating policies and agendas of heavenly good to bluff and hide faults and weaknesses. Justify the reality of present time and its significance and outcome!! Take into account Sarawak almost 50 years. Not much development, great development, marginalization, fair and square, who to blame, the rakyat or top leadership??? SWOT analysis is prime equillibrium specially for development of Sarawak, not focus certain places! Be wary of corruption, nepotism and cronism as it will reduce our nation into destruction in future!!.

  • Blunt Speaker

    My personal view is that every country needs a capable leader who can lead the country to greater heights. Only then, the country will enjoy the fruits of success and there will be contentment and peace. No doubt it's hard to find such a leader, someone with good leadership qualities, integrity, good sense and character. Thats why the RAKYAT must be wise and matured in making their choices over and over again till the right one is found, not simply voting for a rotten person over and over again. It all boils down to a man of strong character, humble and God fearing man. Strong in the spiritual sense that he can resist temptations with or without God's help, humble in the sense that he is not easily flattered, boastful and putting on air while forgetting his actual status and God fearing enough to consult God in whatever decisions he make so as not to commit sinful acts not pleasing to God. This is the right type of leader I am looking for and in my mind, Baru Bian is the candidate, at least to me. We should give him a chance to prove his mettle becos without doing so, how will we know what's he's worth! Another man in my mind is Chong Chieng Jen or ah Jin! It's proven that God fearing men in the likes of Joseph, Daniel and David are good administrators and leaders of GOVT. The time has come for Sarawak to elect such a leader unless Taib is willing to humble himself, repent and return 90 % of his ILLGOTTEN wealth to the people of Sarawak in the form of welfare trust funds, foundations and developments to all underdeveloped areas!

  • Blunt Speaker

    Malaysia is a null and void country since the expulsion of Singapore! We have been living in a fake country for the last 48 years and almost drained dry of our resources by it, of course with Taib's assistance and cooperation! SR, we need you to clarify or better enlighten SARAWAKIANS and Sabahans on this matter! Thanks! Also refer to freemalaysia today on this subject matter!

    • miri

      I am certain that SR is aware of the issue being debated.

      It would be Mother OF All Expose if Malaysia is null and void !

    • sarawakmarah

      We Sarawakian and Sabahan have been deceived into beleiving that 31/8/57 is Malaysia Independence Day. phtuuuiiii! And we have been celebrating another country's independence day for over 40 years. The Sarawak bn government has alot of explaining to do. What say you Jabu, Mawan, Masing and the devil Taib! And the one date that matters most was just officially recognised only last year. We Sarawakian should be celebrating our very own independence every 22/7 of the year. Why never!?

      • http://hotmail Orang2bangkit


  • bucklynn rimbar

    put any man on top,they wil look down below,a leader needs to hav a serventhood mentality.his task is to minister to the populace not ask the populace to be his servant,hence the word minister,to minister is to serve.

    in our culture @ malaysia,a minister is a rich powerful cabinet members who can give licenses from a to z.all our ministers hav this standing n the populace has this perception.this hav to change and we can do something about this by creating awareness on justice truth n fairness,n its the task of any minister to minister the task based on these values n virtues.its simple and universal.jus talk it and preach it.u guys are doing it on this blogg and yes t the outside society.

    aborium,bluntspeakers,watchdog,watever ur names are,bravo guys…u guys are advocating truth justice n fairness,now preach it to the people,lets do it,lets help to build this state n country of ours.

    stop looking to history but start making history and we hav a bright future if we all work on a simple agenda,dat is acceptable to all sarawakians n malaysians,and noone can deny its truth and goodness.

    lets lov joy peace comes back to sarawak n to its people,let every men on the street hav a taste of success for their hardwork.not on who we know to get the deal and not wat we know…we are hired on our merits not on our connection.

    we don look forward to election to enjoy our land wealth but its ours to enjoy…so guys lets do it right….truth justice n fairness.

  • aborium

    Something is profoundly not right when Sarawak leaders tell us to stop questioning what they do. They claim to know what's best for society or so it seems when we know fully well that what they've done in the last thirty years have put us in our present predicament: political, socio-economic, moral and environmental.

    They have made a virtue of material self-interest, a pursuit that they mistakenly think could be set aside or compartmentalised as if the right hand doesn't want to know what the left hand is doing – good only for giving alms and charity.

    Much have been written on the socio-economic inequalities that have become so marked in last 30 years, but of equal significance is the erosion of whatever is left of society's common good and collective purpose.

    Now they intend to stop our mind from critical thinking: Is it good? Is it fair? Is it just? Is it right? Will it help bring about a better society or a better world? Now they cheekily want us to be thankful for the wreckage they help create, accept platitudes, and just keep quiet and play to their tunes.

    That's gross! You think so?

  • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

    So we all want MACC to investigate Taib? these people don't have time to do so when they themselves are involved in robbing the money changer for US$300,000 at KLIA.

    The three are holding the rank of:

    1.Acting Assistant Commissioner (Grade P48)

    2.Senior Assistant Superintendent(Grade P32)

    3.Assistant Superintendent (Grade P29)

    So how can MACC function properly when they employ a bunch of thieves and robbers?

    They have been transferred to the commission's administrative division instead of being suspended.

    Verdict: Not enough evidence,case dismissed.** I am sure it will happen this way..a corrupted act by MACC themselves.

    Abu Kassim..what say you man???

  • bucklynn rimbar

    aborium,to response to ur comment,which i greatly concur wit.noone can control our mind n our heart,how we think n how we feel.

    but our society are composed of 4 types of people.

    1)the game spectator-they comment on the game but do nothing on the game.

    2)the game player-they play the game according to the set rules n norms of the game.

    3)the game enforcer-they make sure the game is played according to the way the game should be played and make sure everyone plays according to the way the game is played.

    4)the game changer-this is a group who don agree wit the way the game is being played and wan to change the game.

    now,this is a generalized anology of the society game plan.now we hav to bring new values and virtues and change this game so dat the nex time the game is being played in sarawak and malaysia,the rules and norms are truth justice n fairness,and the populace wil dispised lies corruption n bribe.and meritocracy and equality prevail.

    we are changing the way the game is being played n the leaders are not happy,cos we the game changer,our leaders are the game player and enforcers.hence they wan us to be quite,but if it not us giving our mind and how we feel,who will wen the rest are jus game spectators.

    so we jus a different breed nothing wrong with us,we doing our role and call.our mind is set to think in a way which is not compromising,cos our values are beyond corruption and our heart don comply with any form of injustice.

    lets be fair to the truth and the truth will set us free.


  • Stagong

    Will Taib end up like Saddam, Gadafi or Hosni Mubarak?

  • Stagong

    Will Taib end up like Saddam Hussein, Moamar Gaddafi or Hosni Mubarak?

    • bucklynn rimbar

      no stagong…..these individuals are leaders of a country n the whole country revolted to put them or busted them out,sarawak is a state in malaysia.no one can unseat taib without federal government approval.we are still in malaysia,the game plan is not the smae like those country u mentioned.

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