Greenpeace Speaks Up In Support Of The Vet Taib’s Assets Campaign!

Greenpeace Speaks Up In Support Of The Vet Taib’s Assets Campaign!

6 Oct 2011

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Dr Linda Selvey, Chief Executive Officer of Greenpeace Australia Pacific, has written to her Prime Minister to demand an investigation into Taib’s assets in Australia

The Australian branch of the highly influential international environment organisation Greenpeace has stepped in to support the campaign to investigate Taib’s assets abroad.

The Chief Executive Officer of Greenpeace Australia Pacific, Dr Linda Selvey, has personally written to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, backing requests by the Bruno Manser Foundation, PKR and Sarawak Report for an investigation into the Taib family’s string of investments in that country.

These include investments by Hamed Sepawi’s Ta Ann in a major logging concern in Tasmania, as well as numerous companies and properties owned by the Taibs, Taib’s brother in law, Robert Geneid, and related companies and assets. 

Greenpeace support for an enquiry into Taib Mahmud’s affairs

 Growing anti-timber corruption campaign puts world governments on the spot over Taib

Dr Selvey states in her letter:

“As research by the Bruno Manser Fund has shown and as many other journalists and independent bodies and individuals have demonstrated, Taib has abused his office consistently throughout his 30 reign as potentate of Sarawak in Malaysia.  This has come at a high cost to the people and environment of Sarawak, a region of immense cultural and environmental significance on the island of Borneo”

She continues:

“There is significant evidence to indicate that the Taib family might have laundered and reinvested large amounts of money, procured through corruption in Australia”

Pointing out Australia’s obligations to identify and address international corruption under the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), the Greenpeace Chief Executive goes on to urge Gillard to direct the Attorney General’s Department to initiate a comprehensive investigation into the conduct and affairs of Taib, his family and associates on the basis of the material provided by the Bruno Manser.  

Dr Selvey ends her letter by calling on the Australian Government to “stand up for the rights of the people of Sarawak to protect their culture, their land and their environment”.

[click for Radio ABC Australia’s broadcast today on the problem of money laundering in Australia by corrupt foreign politcians]

Wilderness Society also joins protest again Taib logging in Tasmania

Tasmanian tree fern - unique, slow-growing and endangered. This is being destroyed by the clear felling in Tasmania to provide wood for Ta Ann

Equally hard to ignore will the the backing by another of Australia’s major environment organisations, the Wilderness Society, for the stand being taken against Ta Ann’s logging of virgin jungle in Tasmania. 

Ta Ann has been at the centre of destruction and controversy in Sarawak.  A devastating report this week by the local Huon Valley Evironment Centre has now catalogued the company’s destruction of areas that the Australian Government has been trying to protect in Tasmania.

Even more shocking is the revelation that the wood logged from these operations is being marketed to consumers in Japan as ‘eco-wood’, claiming to be environmentally friendly and made from plantation wood.

Pro-logging politicians have attacked and criticised the report and Ta Ann’s Chief Executive in Tasmania, David Ridley claims he has identified ‘at least 50 mistakes’ (which he has yet to publish).  However the Wilderness Society has said:

“We share the concerns of local environmentalists that wood from Tasmania’s unique forests, including its oldgrowth forests, are being marketed as eco-friendly building options in places like Japan,”  [Wilderness Society statement]

 Given that the Executive Chairman of Ta Ann Sdn Bhd and its major shareholder is Hamed Sepawi, Taib’s cousin, there are also concerns about the legality of the investment in Ta Ann Tasmania.

An area earmarked for Ta Ann logging. Only 10% of the wood felled by this clear cutting is used for Ta Ann’s mills. Most of the remaining 90% is wasted – it is left and burnt.

Sepawi, who is generally acknowledged to be one of Taib’s key business proxies, is at the head of numerous Sarawak-based companies, which have received million upon millions of ringgit worth of concessions, contracts and licences. 

All thanks to the Chief Minister, who also acts as Finance and Plantation and Resources Minister. 

So far, however, pro-logging lobbyists have concentrated their attacks on the advertising around these reports.

Complaints by the logging lobby

First they attacked an advertisement promoting a talk by the Editor of Sarawak Report.  Next they attacked the advertisment below, which pointed out that the real lies are contained in the sales promotions which are describing Ta Ann’s products as eco-friendly. 

Advertisement for the expose on false advertising of Ta Ann’s wood in Sarawak Report, caused complaints by loggers. But they have yet to address the accusations.

The local Examiner newspaper reported that the State Director, Sam McQuestin had written to the Australian Electoral Commission requesting an investigation into the ad. 

The commission should bear in mind that it was Mr McQuestin’s government which first invited Ta Ann into Australia giving away $30 million in subsidies to the company, which provides less than 100 local jobs.

So far, Ta Ann Tasmania is yet to make a penny in profit for the Australian taxpayer. Neither has the state owned Forestry Tasmania, which is supplying Ta Ann with its environmentally destructive logs at rock bottom prices (thanks to the deal set up by Mr McQuestin’s government).  Forestry Tasmania is in fact losing heavily on the deal.

So, Tasmania is being destroyed by an industry that is losing everybody money… or so it seems.  Surely this is the issue that should be concerning politicians right at this moment?

It is also time that the logging lobbyists answer the main concerns about logging in old growth Tasmanian jungle by Ta Ann and misleading ads about Eco-friendly wood, instead of making ill-founded complaints of their own.

Why is it that they are focusing on the ads and avoiding the main issues?

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  • Delighted

    I am really encouraged to hear that Dr. Linda Selvey has responded to the Bruno Manser Foundation and Sarawak Report. A heartfelt thank you.

  • aborium

    When locals do the complaining, the powers that be label it as an opposition party ploy, misguiding and misinforming the public, or to top it all, saying the people are ungrateful for the development of the State.

    When international bodies like Greenpeace gets into the fray, they'd say its 'foreign interference' in the internal affairs of the State.

    When clearly one of the vital issues is the wanton destruction of the environment that has come "at a high cost to the people and environment of Sarawak, a region of immense cultural and environmental significance on the island of Borneo."

    Yes, we agree with SR. Who is actually the one side-stepping the real issues at hand? You and I know the answer.

  • Troy O.

    Dr. Linda Selvey's campaign is really a good instrument of progress.

  • Watch Dog

    Wah,my oh my..that's very very GOOD.What goes up MUST come down..and the end is near..Well DONE Sarawak Report.

    More please..we need more from you. May GOD bless you all and also RFS (Radio Free Sarawak)

  • Blunt Speaker

    As I said, all hope is not lost! We'll fight to the end, till the victory is won! Only the strong and determined will persist on!

    • aborium

      Blunt, we are at a time when we're in need of doses of motivation encouraging words from you. God Bless You.

  • Titan Sarawak

    A big "Thank You" to Dr Linda Selvey for her support to the people of Sarawak.

  • Neutral

    Go Aussies go. Don't make yr country become the heaven for thief minister taib to hide his loots.

    Do join forces with Canada, USA, switzerland to hunt for taib ill gotten assets and hand back to swakians.

    Thank you in advance.

    Bravo to Sarawak report!

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  • Robert Wong

    Well Done! After unmasking the "theft and rape", the seed money, profits arising thereof, salaries/benefits received by these thieves/rapists must be recovered and returned to the victims in full plus interests.

  • Alan Newman

    Watching from NZ: It breaks my heart to see Malaysians could tolerate such monstrous corruption & crime for 31 years, in politicians they had elected election after election! How could all of you be so gullible & numb! You are now miles and years behind Nigeria in Afirca. The news there today:… Nigeria arrest s 3 ex-governors on corruption charges…. many have been jailed. George Soros said: If people in China could be shot for embezzling a few thousand dollars, your Sarawak CM should be shot thousands of times. I say: If your Teo Beng Hock could be murdered over an issue of few thousand dollars, Your Taib Mahmud & Mahathir should be hanged a few thousand times. How much have you been deprived in 50 years of BN Gov't? Freedom, amenities, comfort, peace, prosperity…., Illegal outflow of funds form M'sia in 8 years was US$250BILLION! Regain your rights, sanity and power now! Act now. Everyone should be a fighter now. God bless you.

    • Blunt Speaker

      Mr. Alan Newman, I fully agree with you! In fact, I am very disappointed with those gullible and numb SARAWAKIANS who kept on voting in a rotten GOVT times again and again! I was so frustrated with them all to the point of calling them cheap and stupid! Seems like they never learn or wake up from their deep slumber! Guess they are more backward than the Masai or even the Pygmy bushmen who thought the gods must be crazy!

      • mike

        blunt speaker

        this is what bn and their ppl will say every election and it works like wonder

        "if you vote for the opposition, dap chinese communists / pkr malaya malays will take away your lands, wives, rights, properties away for good!"

        in sarawak, the chinese and dap are an extremely famous bogeyman

        not to mention that voting pakatan is a malaya based parties while bn is not (hahahahahah)

        bn will tell you "look, the chinese have all the shops, they got all the money and if you vote for the opposition, they will take everything away."

        i even heard during the elections

        "it is better that taib mahmud takes your lands because he will develop it and give back the profits one day BUT if the chinese takes it, they will never give back."

        • Blunt Speaker

          Chinese are not allowed to buy native land, let alone take it, unless they marry a dayak or native and use their spouse's name. But still, it belongs to a native on paper. So, how can Chinese simply take away lands and never give back? We need to educate our dayak and native friends not to fall prey or be victimized by those habitual liars! Taib and his cronies are the ones taking, grabbing, robbing, plundering and exploiting most of Sarawak's land and never give back, not even the profits derived after more than 3 decades of great earnings. All you got are chicken feed, baja and some crumbs and tidbits! WHAT A GREAT SHAME!

        • mike

          blunt speaker,

          for most natives, those itsy bitsy crumbs are MORE THAN ENOUGH for them.

          its difficult to educate them, so even turn hostile when you try to explain the real thing

          all thanks to "anang ngelaban perintah"

          bn has so successfully painted the chinese as the bad guys

          mind you, blunt speaker, even those highly educated (degrees and master degrees) or holding government posts still believe that if the chinese are given the administration, the natives will loose EVERYTHING

          i even have some people tell me "yes, we know that taib mahmud is very evil but the chinese dap-pap communists are even worst! so we vote for taib to keep those communists at bay!"

        • Blunt Speaker

          Mike, you are quite right! It seems like they are under a spell and completely under the influence that they have to submit to this evil regime. It seems like they are brainwashed by this GOVT to the extent they feel so helpless and resigned to their fate, totally oppressed and at the mercy of their master. Not easy to educate people of such inferior mentality and low esteem. Only God can rescue them, and break the bondage that has been inflicting them, from the power of darkness!

  • James Wong

    Taib Mahmud is the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Finance Minister of Sarawak and the Minister for Resources Planning of Sarawak. He has also appointed himself as the Chairman of the Land Custody and Development Authority ( LCDA )of Sarawak. Australia, we need your help to bring this corrupt monster to justice.

    • Tean Mendam

      James Wong–1. The Thief minister of Sarawak

      2.Chairman of Let's Chase Dayaks Away(LCDA)

      3.Finance Minster-Finance What? He knows when to

      take money to finance himself.

      CMS..Cement Monopoly

      Titanium=Bridges MONOPOLY(Sub-Con uses their own

      money for his project)

      **Many many more???

      4.Resource Planning-Knows which land to take for


      **Land in Skrang/Tisa 8,700 hectares Titanium wants to sell at RM6,000 per acre BUT FELCRA offer RM2,200..selling Iban land..tak malu kah jual harta orang BEKIR???

  • aborium

    Goebbels wrote:

    "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."

    The big lie is that Taib is clean and whatever he has done for the last 30 years has been for the good of the State. When the people of Sarawak have been psychologically subject to accept this big lie for a long period, it is little wonder what they'd do at ballot boxes during elections.

    Well, the truth is coming out fast and furious, and we hope the people can come of their mental prison fast enough to vote for TRUTH in the next GE!

  • Dayak Patriot

    Justice must befalls on the monstrous crave for wealth in Sarawak. The gullible ethnic must be salvaged fast for fear of loosing more and doomed to extinction.

    The noble people RFS, BMF, SR others…walk your talk!

  • Sara

    Why Golden Churn butter is Sarawake is not fit to be comsumed by muslims? Any connection of the issue with the so called logging problems by a Sarawake company in Tasmania?

    • aborium

      If Golden Churn is halal-certified, whether in Australia or elsewhere then it'd be no issue at all. To your next question, in a queer way there is a remote connection. You see, butter comes from cows and if the cows have mad-cow disease, don't you think the butter you eat would be seriously contaminated?

    • Watch Dog

      Sara…Don't know maybe there is.If Golden Churn is not halal

      then how about Singapore Chicken Rice(SCR)? See a lot of

      Muslim patronising SCR.

      How about chickens slaughtered in thousands? Does the so called slaughters or 'chicken killers" have the time to recite the BISMILLAH!! Or are they using cassette as was reported before.

      Please don't divert attention like Sara said.We are here on corrupted Thief Minister and NOT on halal or NON halal food.Let us joint hands and find solution to this.We have to come up with our own Sarawak base party and do not become passengers of Orang Malaya Punya Party.Masaalah Kita Tanggung Jawab Kita Orang Sarawak Sendiri.

      Jangan harap UMNO/PKR/PPP or any other Malayan base party to help us.

      • http://Gmail Malay Atheist


        • Watch Dog

          Malay Atheist.It is better to eat Golden Churn butter than to

          vote for UMNO / PBB

        • Blunt Speaker

          These UMNO politicians are worse than people they call kafir!

  • bucklynn rimbar

    golden churn is not haramlah…its not butter from babi….cow milk is for butter but never heard of babi milk for butter..B.B.Q maybe….babi pangang wit cap langkau….wat a joke….cannot take anything in sarawak seriously…..the do become the dont's….and the don't becomes the do.The haram becomes halal n halal becomes haram….like corruption its haram but its widely practice it becomes halal.

    ask the police or macc or jpj….a fact is a fact….its a culture n way of life…get caught….d haram becoms halal. if u show them the mony, if u don they ask….guys jus get the summon n pay….don allow corruption to grow.lets nip it in the butt.

    lets truth justice n fairness reign in sarawak.rid the corruption.

    • Watch Dog

      b.r..To me halal means FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Do you remember that canned pork imported from China last time has a halal it means fit for human consumption.It is how you interpret it bro.

      In Malaysia everything is halal as MALAYSIA BOLEH!!That is why CORRUPTION IS SO RAMPANT everywhere.Quote one Customs Officer at KLIA,"CORRUPTION HAPPENS EVERYDAY IN MALAYSIA" so what's the big deal??

      So we are living in "BOLEH LAND"…

  • Edwin Dundang

    Hi, You guys please relax,i have read so much of your stories.

    Do not keep on day dreaming! Nobody is doing anything for you at this point and time. Neither the Police, MACC nor SPRM. Who is given anybody any directive?

    This world nowadays is not that easy to live in.

    So you young men! Pandai pandai lah chari makan.

    • Watch Dog OAP just waiting for the time to go.It's ok for you to relax but NOT for us as we love SARAWAK.

      OAP..please just go and send then pick your grand children from school and that is why you are relaxing waiting for 21st every month..

  • http://Gmail BRIGHTLIGHTBULB


    • Blunt Speaker

      Yes, all those greedy cronies should be brought to justice as well! None of those evil, corrupt and heartless criminals should be spared judgment to face the music!

  • aborium

    Junior Minister of Environment Sarawak, Datuk Len Talif has denied the allegations made by commentators on the issue of forest destruction in Sarawak by saying that these are'wild allegations' and that the State has managed our forest well.

    If he's so confident in his facts could he then kindly explain

    the findings of Wetlands International Report: Jan, 2011 on:

    (i) The total forest loss for entire Asia for the period

    2000-2005 was 2.8%, according to the best available recent statistics of forest cover loss (Hansen et al, 2010). Our results over the 5-year period 2005-2010 for Sarawak

    show that 9.6% of the total forest area and 33.4% of peat swamp forest area existing in 2005 has been cleared;


    (ii) Total deforestation in Sarawak is 3.5 times as much as that for entire Asia, while deforestation of peat swamp forest is 11.7 times as much, if we compare Sarawak 2005-2010 to the latest results for Asia from 2000-2005 in Hansen et al 2010;

    These figures were estimated using remote sensing (satellite imagery) and GIS software with ground data inputs from government agencies including SADIA.

    We've not yet harped on the issue of total loss of forest cover, biodiversity, and environmental loss and soil degradation due to palm oil plantation. What's your take on this?

    • Blunt Speaker

      Len talif is a nobody trying to be somebody! He is another devil in the making, scum of the human race!

      • Watch Dog

        B.S..You are right.Who is he?

        1.Is he a an iban??…NO!

        2.Is he a Malay??…NO!

        3.Is he a Bidayuh??..NO!

        4.Is he a Chinese?..NO!

        5.Is he an orang Ulu?..NO,NO!!

        6.Then what the shit bis he then? A Melanau?/YES,YES!!!


  • bucklynn rimbar

    hehehe…watch dog,don hate the melanau…nanti anak u kawin melanau…how….i know people who hates malays becos they are muslim anak kawin malay jadi muslim.God hav a sense of humour.

    lets not hate n we don know the future and what it holds.

    get a bidayuh to be c.m,iban hav two,melanau hav two now bidayuh turn two c.m,then orang ulu turn…..but u know how we sarawakians are we hate each other or anyone who is better then us.we lack unity nhance we are the way we who and which race can become c.m,well if they say bidayuh cannot because their are not muslims.we hav many good bidayuh muslims around.ITS BIDAYUH TURN unless we bidayuh are crabs in a baldi…all trying to go on top.

    wat say u my friend.

    Peter John Jaban nice to receive a phone call from you at 1.30am in the morning,to hear of ur political view points and and to chat of d younger days,don worry my fren if people wans to kil u,u hav don ur best in life n for sarawak in ur own way,its a gud way too die(sooner or later we all die,only we don know how and when).anak pun sudah besar.

    so all the best,lets not hate for hating sake but lov the truth justice n fairness.

    • Watch Dog

      b.r..The highest award is being accorded to Peter John Jaban.

      1.Highness Pehin Sri Peter John Jaban

      2.Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud

      PJJ..Smart and ordinary thinking Sarawakians love you.

      TM..Sarawakians do NOT like you as a whole except GREEDY and crapy Sarawakians love you for enriching them but just a handful.

  • Shaking Steven and other NGOs around the world must lobby for heavy carbon tax on tropical timbers especially from Sarawak as it is extracted at the expanse of the natives in Sarawak.

    Come on NGOs and GREENPEACE let us do it…and blacklist all those companies associated with Sarawak timbers.

    Please give us a Christmas present by doing so..HEAVY CARBON TAX!!

    Merry Christmas everyone.!!( I know it os too early for some but the mood is already there).

  • Blunt Speaker

    Greenpeace and other NGOs, if you are really sincere in your cause, this is the best time to do it! 2012 is the year of the jubilee! What better time to start now! God is watching your every move! Alleviate greed, corruption, destruction and evil on planet earth, not vice versa or sit by and watch, or worse still, bribed!