Richer Than The Queen! Top TV Coverage In Canada, As Taibs’ Wealth is Exposed

Richer Than The Queen! Top TV Coverage In Canada, As Taibs’ Wealth is Exposed

4 Dec 2011

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The campaign to expose the corruption behind the deforestation and land grabs in Sarawak has received a top TV billing on Canada’s Global News station.

During a prime-time slot aired on Saturday night’s 16X9 programme, investigative reporter Sean O’Shea focused on the massive property portfolio that has been developed in Ottawa, London and the US under the name of Jamilah Taib, the Chief Minister’s oldest daughter [see ‘Family Trees’ 16X9 Global TV]

Threats – Sean Murray has falsely accused Sarawak Report of being funded by Malaysian opposition parties !

This means that for the first time the questions about the money laundering of Taib’s corrupt kickbacks have been publicly raised in North America.

In response Sean (Hisham) Murray, Jamilah’s husband, threatened Sarawak Report.  he stated “Jamilah and I find these statements about ourselves and our business false, highly defamatory and very damaging.”  However, the couple refused to be interviewed by the programme.

Devastating report on the Taib family’s company ownerships

The show was aired just before the publication of a separate, devastating ‘blacklist’ of Taib family companies by Switzerland’s Bruno Manswer Foundation, now available online.

BMF’s Stop Timber Corruption Report  lays out extensive research into the Taib family’s company ownerships in Sarawak, Malaysia and elsewhere.

It  establishes that Taib and his immediate family (his children, siblings and cousin Hamed Sepawi) have beneficial shares in more than 330 companies in Malaysia alone.  In many of these companies they also act as the controlling directors.

The Taibs also have a further 80 companies in 25 countries across the world including Australia, the UK, US, Canada, New Zealand, Jersey, Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, Fiji, Cayman Islands, Indonesia, India, Jersey, Saudi Arabia, Labuan, Cambodia, Brunei, China, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam !

Richer than the Queen – assets of at least one and a half billion US dollars !

BMF’s ‘Stop Timber Corruption’ campaign is cornering Taib with allegations he has proved unable to anwer to a growing body of international critics

BMF acknowledges that this research only covers publicly available information from Malaysia’s Register of Companies and other official company registers.

This means it is likely to represent just a fraction of the Taibs’ actual wealth.

However, by calculating just the share values of 14 of the major companies on this list, they have estimated a total worth of one and a half billion US dollars (4.6 billion Malaysian ringgit).

Not counting their more hidden wealth, this puts the Taib family firmly into the category of one of the richest families in the world and makes them far richer than the Queen of England (whose assets are a mere half billion pounds).

Proceeds of corruption

Given that it can be clearly demonstrated that the majority of these Taib family companies have made their wealth from the receipt of contracts from the Sarawak State Government and land grants from the Sarawak State Government, it is impossible to deny that this wealth has come from the proceeds of corruption by Taib, who is Chief Minister, Finance Minister and Planning Minister of the Sarawak State Government!

My family only do business outside the country!

Business women or just beneficiaries? – Taib’s oldest daughter Jamilah (who has interests in over 84 companies in Sarawak) and youngest sister Raziah (who has oil palm concessions greater than the size of Singapore).

All this from a man who had the brass-necked cheek to declare in a recorded interview just a short while ago that his family only does business outside the country, to avoid “being hounded” by accusations of using his political influence to enrich himself!

[see Taib’s claim]

So, sadly, we have to add liar to the list of Taib Mahmud’s numerous crimes.


The wealth of the Taibs represents the wealth of the natural resources belonging to the people of Sarawak, which the Chief Minister has taken by cheating his people.  It is the value of their timber and their lands.

There is also the immense value of Sarawak’s oil, which is treated by Malaysia’s BN party as a national secret!

International disgrace

What rubies! – Taib’s latest dependent, his new bride, decked in priceless rubies

The MACC (Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission) will continue to fail to proceed against Taib.  Their instructions are to torment him with their investigations, but not to rock BN’s 100% control over Sarawak’s vital federal votes.

Of course, Taib maintains this grip on Sarawak’s votes through deeply corrupt practices, which recently caused 50 thousand people in Kuala Lumpur to come out on the streets calling for free and fair elections.

Shamefully, BN have just responded to those calls at the Bersih 2 rally by bringing in laws to prevent more than 3 people gathering together in a public place without a permit!

So just in the same way that the international community are waking up to Taib, it is also waking up to BN’s corruption and repression in Malaysia.  Taib is going to find it harder to do his business abroad in future and BN are going to find it harder to find people prepared to speak up for them internationally.

But, wake up Sarawak!  In the end this man is your responsiblity, so don’t let West Malaysia’s BN Party keep treating you like meek children.  Get rid of him!

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  • Money Laundering 101

    Two mega-looting projects done by Peter Chin(Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister):

    1. RM3 Billion Kuching City Centralized Sewerage (for Taib Raziah Geneid HSL Kumpulan Parabena Nishimatsu)

    2. RM9 Billion Pahang-Selangor water tunnel (for UMNO Pahang Nishimatsu)

    And both mostly gone to NISHIMATSU the corrupt Japanese firm! Surely a big angpow Ali Baba cut to Taib and UMNO for close one eye!

    Such a ‘Green Technology’ projects approved deal by Peter Chin eh????? SUPP folks must be very proud lah!

    But first look at how cunning Peter Chin’s reply in Dewan Rakyat regarding Nishimatsu. What a joke!


    Q&A Session in Dewan Rakyat

    Opposition MP Khalid Samad (PAS-Shah Alam) questioned Peter Chin(Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister) on why a dubious, corruption-tainted Japanese company given such mega-project:


    Thursday, 15 April 2010 – 07:32pm


    Session: May-August

    Date: Monday, 22 June 2009


    Minta MENTERI TENAGA, TEKNOLOGI HIJAU, DAN AIR menyatakan mengapakah Nishimatsu Construction Company yang sedang disiasat berhubung dakwaan rasuah di Jepun dan beberapa tahun lalu dituduh cuai dalam satu projek pembinaan di Singapura diberikan kontrak besar RM1.3 bilion bagi membina saluran paip air bawah tanah dari Pahang ke Selangor.


    Tuan Yang Dipertua,

    Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat, komponen pembinaan terowong bagi Projek Penyaluran Air Mentah Pahang Ke Selangor telah ditawarkan secara tender terbuka. Pembida bagi komponen ini telah dinilai berpandukan Tatacara Perolehan Kerajaan dan Guidelines for Procurement Under JBIC ODA Loans 1999. Nishimatsu Construction Company bersama Shimizu-UEMB-IJM telah menyertai tender ini dan didapati memenuhi kriteria tender yang telah ditetapkan. Oleh yang demikian, syarikat berkenaan telah ditawarkan kontrak bagi melaksanakan komponen tersebut.


    1. RM3 Billion Kuching City Centralized Sewerage (for Taib Raziah Geneid HSL Kumpulan Parabena Nishimatsu)

    Project Title: Kuching City Central Wastewater Management System: Centralized Sewerage For Kuching City Centre (Package 1)

    Main contractor: Nishimatsu Construction Co. Ltd / Kumpulan-Nishimatsu-Hock Seng Lee Consortium

    Main contract sum: RM530 Million

    Subcontractor: Hock Seng Lee Bhd

    Subcontract sum: RM452 Million

    Contract sum difference: RM530 Million – RM452 Million = RM78 Million ? ? ?

    Subcontract Ali-Baba rate = RM78 Million / RM530 Million = 14.71 Percent ? ? ?

    That’s only Package 1, so with another few packages with RM3 Billion worth of total fundings then the total cost of Ali-Baba leakage could be (14.71 Percent of RM3 Billion) RM441.3 Million.

    Nishimatsu Japan site quoted exactly the SAME project (Centralized Sewerage for kuching City Centre Package 1) with Japanese Yen 15,200 Million as project value so upon conversion back to our Ringgit currency (as at 21st October 2008 Yen-Ringgit exchange rate) the estimated project value is RM531 Million, so it’s quite tally to what all the press reported as RM530 Million total contract sum of the SAME project.

    Using Yahoo’s Currency Converter tool:

    Estimated 15,200 Million Yen = RM531 Million

    (Japanese Yen 15,200 Million = RM531,922,398.4491)

    Conversion date reference = 21st October 2008 (as per HSL annoucement)

    Next, let’s check the Bursa Malaysia Announcement under Hock Seng Lee’s tab which reported exactly the SAME project but with LOWER subcontract sum (RM452 Million).

    General Announcement

    Reference No HS-081018-37847

    Company Name : HOCK SENG LEE BERHAD

    Stock Name : HSL

    Date Announced : 21/10/2008

    Type : Announcement



    The Board of Directors of Hock Seng Lee Berhad (“HSL”) is pleased to announce that HSL has been awarded a subcontract by Nishimatsu Construction Co. Ltd, worth Ringgit Malaysia Four Hundred Fifty Two Million Fifty One Thousand and Twenty Eight Only (RM452,051,028) for the Kuching City Central Wastewater Management System: Centralized Sewerage For Kuching City Centre (Package 1))(“the Project”).

    The scope of works for HSL includes construction and commissioning of the wastewater treatment plant, main, secondary and tertiary lines, property connections, provision of process plant and equipment, related building works, mechanical and electrical works.

    The contract period for the completion and commissioning of the wastewater treatment plant and the sewer networks is forty-eight (48) months commencing 15 October 2008. The Contract is expected to contribute positively to the earnings and net assets of HSL Group as the Project progresses during the contract period. However, the transaction will not have any effect on the share capital and substantial shareholdings of HSL.

    None of the directors and/or major shareholders of HSL or persons connected to them have any interest, direct or indirect, in the above contract.


    Kuching to get centralised sewerage system

    Published: Tuesday November 10, 2009 MYT 2:51:00 PM

    By SHARON LING, The Star

    KUCHING: Sarawak is introducing a centralised sewerage system in Kuching to reduce pollution of the city’s waterways from untreated wastewater.

    State Urban Development and Tourism Minister Datuk Michael Manyin said Package 1 of the system was currently under construction and would be completed by Oct 2012.

    He said the system would address the deteriorating water quality of the city’s rivers and streams due to the discharge of untreated or partially treated wastewater.

    Currently, blackwater from toilets is only partially treated in conventional septic tanks while greywater from bathrooms, kitchens and washing areas was discharged without treatment.

    Under the new system, wastewater will be collected and transported to a treatment plant where it will be treated to the Department of Environment’s Standard A for effluent discharge.

    Standard A is deemed clean and safe for water-based activities.

    “As such, the implementation of the project will manage water pollution and improve the quality of Sungai Sarawak and other rivers to ensure a sustainable environment for city folk,” Manyin said at the project launch at the Civic Centre here Tuesday.

    He added that the RM530mil Package 1 was funded by the Federal government under the Ninth Malaysia Plan with Kumpulan-Nishimatsu-Hock Seng Lee Consortium as the turnkey contractor.

    Package 1 covers the commercial and densely-populated areas of the central business district and comprises a centralised wastewater treatment plant, a sewer network and property connections to the new sewer lines.

    He also said the state government planned to extend the project under the 10th Malaysia Plan, with a proposed Package 2 covering the areas east and west of the city centre and Package 3 covering the northern bank of Sungai Sarawak.

    Meanwhile, Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, who launched the project, said it was part of the government’s efforts to continue improving liveability standards in the city.

    “Kuching’s population is now nearing 600,000 people and it will become more densely populated in the future.

    “One of our biggest challenges is to provide good clean water and to do this we need to introduce the centralised sewerage scheme,” he said.


    Sarawak Requests More Funds To Complete RM3 Billion Centralized Sewerage System

    September 18, 2009 17:14 PM

    KUCHING, September 18 (Bernama) – Sarawak is requesting additional funds from the federal government to complete the RM3 billion Centralized Sewerage System for Kuching City to treat household wastewater in the city.

    Sarawak Urban Development and Tourism Minister Datuk Michael Manyin said the project with three major components namely the wastewater treatment plant, sewer network and property connection would cover areas which are fully developed and densely populated.

    “The Centralized Sewerage System for Kuching City project is divided into four packages and it costs RM3 billion.

    “I hope the project could be completed soon. However, it all depends on the availability of the money. Therefore, I’m going to fight for additional funds to implement the other three packages,” he told reporters after visiting the Sg. Padungan flood mitigation project here Friday.

    Sarawak Sewerage Service Department (SSD), responsible for implementing all sewerage-related projects in the state, has been entrusted by the government to implement the centralized sewerage system for Kuching City.

    Kumpulan-Nishimatsu-Hock Seng Lee Consortium is the turnkey contractor while the consultants involved are Jurutera Jasa (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd and CH2M Hill, a US-based company with a branch in Singapore.

    Manyin said Package One of the project, costing RM530 million and covering five major areas in the city, had started in October last year and was scheduled for completion in 2012.

    The Package One is 9.35 per cent completed as of August this year.

    Presently, wastewater from all individual houses and major institutions in and around the city is discharged directly into drains and eventually the Sarawak River, resulting in environmental pollution.

    However, the Centralized Sewerage System for Kuching City will discharge Standard A effluent, which is clean, deemed safe for all water-based activities and meets the Department of Environment (DOE) standards for water discharge into the Sarawak River.

    On the RM20 million Sungai Padungan (Phase II) project, Manyin said the project will be completed in August next year and will alleviate flash flooding faced by city residents in several areas.

    “The Sungai Padungan phase II project will improve the trunk drainage system and alleviate the flash floods in the low-lying areas along Jalan Mendu, Jalan Ellis, Jalan Pinang and Jalan Tan Sri Datuk William Tan.

    “The scope of works involves the construction of around 1,100 metres of concrete drain of six metre to nine metre width, box culverts, reinstatement of carriageway, road kerbs and footpaths,” he said.

    Manyin said the Phase 1 of the flood mitigation project along Jalan Tan Sri Ong Kee Hui and Jalan Central here had been completed in 2001.– BERNAMA


    2. RM9 Billion Pahang-Selangor water tunnel (for UMNO Pahang Nishimatsu)

    Pahang-Selangor water tunnel project to start next Monday

    By MAZWIN NIK ANIS, The Star Tuesday May 26, 2009

    PUTRAJAYA: Work on a 44.6km-long tunnel to transfer almost two million litres of water daily from Pahang to Selangor will start next Monday.

    The Federal Government project will meet the needs of consumers for water in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya until the year 2025 at a cost of RM3.936bil.

    Project director Datuk Ismail Mat Noor said the tunnel, which alone cost around RM1.3bil to build, was the first and “most critical” component in the project and would take five years to complete.

    Ismail said work would commence in Karak in Pahang and end in Hulu Langat, Selangor before 1.9 million litres of water could be transferred daily.

    “We have planned to start the project on June 1,” he told reporters at a signing ceremony for the construction of the tunnel yesterday, which was witnessed by Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui.

    The project has been awarded to a consortium of four companies – IJM Corp Bhd, UEM Builders, Shimizu Corporation and Nishimatsu Construction Co. Ltd.

    Construction of the project’s other three components – the Klau Dam, a raw water pump station and water pipes – is expected to commence in March next year.

    Ismail said once completed, Selangor would pay RM80mil a year to the Pahang government for water.

    A large part of the project will be financed through loans by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) while the rest is funded by a Federal Government grant.

    Chin said the government was confident that Nishimatsu would play its part in ensuring the project be carried out without any glitch.

    He said the question of public confidence should not arise as the Government was sure the company “can do the job and do it well.”

    “If we are not confident of them, we would not have selected them,” he said, responding to questions over the selection of the controversy-plagued Nishimatsu for the project.

    The Japanese construction company is said to be involved in a political controversy back home and was held responsible for the collapse of a 100m rail tunnel in Singapore in 2004.


    Pahang-Selangor RM9bil tunnel plan officially gets off the ground

    The Star, Wednesday April 7, 2010

    KARAK: The RM9bil interstate raw water transfer project from Pahang to Selangor officially took off here yesterday, with a ground-breaking ceremony graced by Sultan of Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah.

    Once completed in 2014, the project is expected to pump 1,890mil litres of raw water from Sungai Semantan in Pahang to the Hulu Langat water treatment facility in Selangor daily via a 44.6km long tunnel, bored through the Titiwangsa mountain range.

    Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui, who attended the event, said the project was essential to cope with the future water demand among industrial, commercial and tourism sectors in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.

    “The demand for treated water is expected to increase 4.3% yearly and will reach a higher rate in 2015,” he said during the ceremony at Jalan Man­chis here yesterday.

    He added that the first part of the project would involve the construction of a tunnel, a dam, water intake point, pump station and dual water pipelines.

    Chin said the facilities such as the pipelines and the tunnel, which will be the longest and biggest in South-East Asia and the sixth biggest in the world, would be mainly financed by the Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) at the cost of RM3.9bil. “The second part will comprise the water treatment plant in Hulu Langat and a distribution system costing some RM4.4bil, to be funded by Perbadanan Aset Air Berhad.

    “Work on the two parts of the project is being carried out simultaneously and started on June 1 last year. Completion is expected on May 30, 2014,” he said, adding that work on the tunnel alone would take about 60 months to complete.

    The raw water supply project, which is jointly developed by Japan’s Shimizu Corporation and Nishimatsu Construction and local companies IJM Corp and UEM Builders Bhd, is expected to earn Pahang RM70mil in annual income at the price of 10 sen per cubic metre, which is up for review every five years.

    Chin also said the Government had also compensated the orang asli who would be affected by the inundation of the Sungai Temir reserve, the Felda Lembah Klau estate and other surrounding areas.

  • Money Laundering 101

    More lootings update for UK Labour Tony Blair Goons/FBC Media/Oxymoron Business Group/Uzbekistan Karimov:


    Miliband tycoon’s £21m profit on Swiss home he sold to daughter of dictator ‘who boiled enemies’

    By Glen Owen, Daily Mail UK, 4 December 2011

    Ed Miliband’s controversial new backer made an astonishing £21million profit by selling his house in a tax haven to the daughter of a dictator reviled for boiling his political opponents to death.

    Property tycoon Andrew Rosenfeld pocketed £30million when he sold his mansion in Geneva to the family of Islam Karimov, the Uzbekistan president. The deal earned him a phenomenal return of more than 230 per cent on the £9million he paid for the house four years earlier.

    Last night a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan claimed the deal ‘stank’, because the money came from a brutal regime that ‘stole’ from its people.

    The revelation is likely to increase pressure on Mr Miliband over his appointment of Mr Rosenfeld as the mastermind of Labour’s Project Game Plan, which will focus the party’s resources on the ‘battleground’ marginal seats that will decide the next General Election.

    Mr Rosenfeld was given the plum position after making a £1million donation to Labour – making him the party’s biggest financial backer.

    The publicity is particularly embarrassing for Mr Miliband given that he used his address to the Labour Party conference in September to attack capitalist ‘predators’.

    Mr Rosenfeld, 49, a married father of four, became a tax exile in 2006 when he sold his £5.5million London house to a trust in Liechtenstein and established his Air Capital property empire in Switzerland. He then bought the £9million mansion in the plush Vandoeuvres area, known as ‘Geneva’s Beverly Hills’.

    When he sold the property to Lola Karimova, the dictator’s youngest daughter, and her husband, Timur Tillyaev, in July 2010, he moved in to a rented 12-room home in the Swiss city before returning to Britain earlier this year.

    Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, who has campaigned against the human rights abuses carried out by Mr Karimov’s regime, said: ‘The main source of the family’s money comes from the country’s gold and uranium reserves, from which they take about a ten per cent cut.

    ‘Morally, it stinks. This is the country with the world’s worst human rights record, and the family are stealing the revenues.’

    The Mail on Sunday revealed earlier this year that Mr Rosenfeld, said to be worth more than £100million, bought an £8.5million London house in cash when he returned to this country in April – around the time he started negotiating with Mr Miliband over a role in the party.

    Mr Rosenfeld is advertising his former rented house in Switzerland to be sub-let at £16,000 a month.

    Massive return: Property tycoon Andrew Rosenfeld sold his house for £30million – just four years after buying it for £9million

    The Mail on Sunday also revealed that Mr Rosenfeld only turned to Labour after his repeated overtures to David Cameron were rebuffed.

    This weekend Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, co-chairman of the Conservative Party, wrote to Mr Miliband asking him why he had appointed Mr Rosenfeld in the light of the Labour leader’s opposition to tax-avoidance activities in the City.

    Mr Rosenfeld has admitted being a tax exile between 2006 and this year, but is now paying UK tax.Baroness Warsi wrote: ‘Could you explain not only why you are willing to accept a seven-figure donation from Andrew Rosenfeld, a man who you have admitted actively sought to avoid UK tax, but also to appoint him to a senior advisory position at the very heart of your party?’

    The United Nations has called the use of torture in Uzbekistan ‘systematic’. In 2002, the organisation Human Rights Watch highlighted the suspicious deaths of Muzafar Avazov and Husnidin Alimov, who had been inmates at the notorious Jaslyk prison. Doctors who saw the body of Avazov, a 35-year-old father of four, said he had extensive burns consistent with being immersed in boiling water, and no fingernails.

    Much of Lola Karimova and her husband’s income comes from the Abu Sahiy company which controls the majority of Uzbek imports and is believed to have a turnover of £250,000 a day. The couple have been accused of orchestrating criminal action against commercial rivals.

    Ms Karimova’s £30million property purchase was reported in the Swiss press last year as an example of the ‘meteorite’ which had hit local property prices as a result of an influx of money from central Asia.

    Jean Murith, a local official, was quoted as saying that money was no object to the newcomers. ‘They say, “I’ll take it. How much does it cost?” And if you add a zero they still buy it.’ Patrick Ascheri, mayor of the neighbouring commune of Anieres, asked: ‘Where does the money come from? Is it clean? They buy properties at exorbitant prices without any link to the real market value.’

    Mr Rosenfeld’s spokesman declined to comment. The Uzbek ambassador did not respond to messages.

  • aborium

    In this exchange of ideas and opinions is oh so easy to make casual remarks and sidestep hard issues and hard questions at the turn of a phrase. Humans, by nature, are unwilling to face the truth because it hurts especially when it affects their pockets and reputations.

    Remember, it wasn’t us who created the problems. Just refer to the latest AG’s Report and you know what I mean. At the end of the day, someone has be made accountable and responsible for any gov’t leakages, improprieties or acts of corruption.

    To cut a long story short, those responsible for the misuse or misappropriations of public funds have to face the music otherwise this whole affair becomes a charade and a betrayal of our democratic values and of the people whom they (politicians and government staff) are supposed to represent and serve. We’re talking about public’s money!

  • Dayang Rogayah

    Thank you Clare, Thank you Peter!! Love you all!! Take care!!

  • mike

    the youtube link:

    Richer Than The Queen! Top TV Coverage In Canada, As Taibs’ Wealth is Exposed

    Taib Mahmud claims his people are poor because they are stupid!

  • aborium

    Breaking News: Please read the article “Taib not proper appointed as CM” by Awang Abdillah in FMT today. It seems that his appointment did not follow legislative procedures!

  • aborium

    To Ponder Upon:

    “When the wealth of our society is equitably shared amongst all of we the people, for the benefit of all, we will see the possibility of decentralized governing processes implemented: universal health care; truly affordable housing for all; jobs serving the needs and building equity in each community; inclusive mass transit minimizing the need for cars in urban areas; decentralized energy generation employing renewables including solar, wind, and tidal energy; the commons — air, water, forests, fisheries, culture, knowledge, and public services — will not be subject to private exploitation.”

    (in September Equinox, September 2003)

  • aborium

    Points to Ponder II

    “When we are born we are free human beings. We know the experience of autonomy by our birthright as self-reflecting, sentient beings. It is left to each of us to live by, follow, and answer to our consciences. It alone is the final arbiter of what we make of our time here; of what we value and give significance to, what we cherish, what we honor.”

    (in September Equinox,2003)

  • Dayang Rogayah

    Thank you Clare, please also investigate the company that mamange the two toll bridges in Sarawak, one in Kuching over the Swak river and the other over the Rejang River.

    Heard the one over Swak River is not doing well. How come? is it because the management use the toll brideg compoany as vehicle to siphon the money in the same way as Taib uses SCORE to siphon federal fund!!

    Another point, the two toll bridges are the only toll projet that motorcyclists are asked to pay toll (RM0.50) but in Peninsular Msia, motorcyclists or other two wheeled vehicles are exempted!!! How many tonnes of money they must have siphon!!!

  • aborium

    Hello, don’t you see that they’re playing mind games, and why shouldn’t we? They use reversed psychology and we use ‘absurd psychology’ whatever that means. Partly, it’s a venting of frustrations at the way things are going, and partly to break the mould of conventional wisdom that hopefully will jolt your mind into thinking of the absurd, the unthinkable….well, not quite. Gandhi did it in India, though under different circumstances. To achieve your goal, you need to outsmart them and time is not your side. Houdini, anyone?

    As to his money, no thanks!

  • aborium

    Yeah, for the wrong reason – infamously famous!

  • aborium

    You have the right to have your own opinion, but don’t expect others to accept yours because others have a conscience and a good sense of what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s good and what’s evil.

    You see, if you can’t answer or choose to ignore these basic questions, then you’ll always be a prisoner of your own mind. And the tragic part is you don’t even realize that the door to your freedom is unlocked!

    You can’t see the elephant in the room because you choose not to ‘see’, refuse to accept the truth, or too intoxicated with Taib’s so-called generosity that you don’t have a conscience of your own. That to me sums up why Sarawakians have been subject to imprisonment of their own minds for far too long.

    Free Sarawak from tyranny! Hidup Sarawak!