Bought By Belian!  Baram’s Betrayal By BN MP – MAJOR EXCLUSIVE

Bought By Belian! Baram’s Betrayal By BN MP – MAJOR EXCLUSIVE

25 Feb 2012

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Local man who has swapped loyalty for wealth

The people of Baram have been sold down their own river by their native MP, the Federal Deputy Trade & Industry Minister Jacob Sagan!

Sarawak Report has received exclusive information, indicating that the local man’s support for Taib’s plans to flood his own area has been bought by two large timber concessions, allowing him to log Belian wood!

The shocking betrayal explains why Sagan, who is himself a Kenyah, born in Long Anap on the banks of the Baram River, is refusing to prevent Taib’s plans to build yet another dam in the region.

The proposed Baram Dam would flood about 400 square kilometres of forest lands and displace around 20,000 indigenous people from Sagan’s own community, including his home village of Long Anap.  Altogether, 26 Kenyah, Kayan and Penan villages will be drowned under water.

Secret Belian concessions for Taib cronies!

Precious hardwood forest. Belian Timber licences are only handed out to 'special people'!

Local people have been at a loss to understand Sagan’s support for the project, which would destroy one of Borneo’s most precious remaining rainforest regions and the livelihoods of its people.

There is no further need for electricity in Sarawak, so the dam has been condemned as unnecessary.

However, secret Forestry Department Maps have now been made available to Sarawak Report, which give one very persuasive reason.

The maps show that Sagan has been handed two hugely valuable Belian timber concessions right within his own region!

Forestry map key that shows that striped red stands for Belian Timber Concession

Standard timber concessions rarely include Belian, which is an endangered species and extremely valuable.

Under normal licences the loggers are supposed to leave such special conservation species standing and it is subject to a total export ban.

However, rumours have persisted that special concessions for Belian timber have been given out to Taib’s political cronies to buy their support.

Our maps show that there is indeed a network of these Belian concessions in the Baram area, which still has stretches of virgin forest and it names the companies and the licence numbers.

Winjac Sdn Bhd and Milisha Holdings Sdn Bhd

Two of these concessions are placed right in the middle of Jacob Sagan’s own Baram constituency area and cover an impressive area amounting to some 15 square kilometres.  The companies owning the concessions are named Winjac Sdn Bhd and Milisha Holdings Sdn Bh.

Winjac Sdn Bhd & Miilisha Holdings Sdn Bhd - Belian concessions in Baram

Wider maps show that these two concessions are situated right in the middle of the Baram region, near the Indonesian border and not far from Jacob Sagan’s birthplace of Long Anap.

While, Sagan has travelled far and enjoyed a good life, thanks to becoming an ultra-loyal supporter of Taib, most of his relatives still live in this area.

Regional map showing the timber concessions belonging to Winjac & Milisha Sdn Bhd

The value of these concessions run into millions of ringgit, according to experts in the business.  Belian is an endangered species and takes hundreds of years to grow into the mature ‘iron wood’ , for which it is famous.

Belian leaf - surely the wealth of the forests should be conserved and shared?

The wood can sell at up to RM6,000 a ton, which is a sign of its growing scarcity, caused by the greed of the timber companies who have invaded Sarawak’s forests.

So, who is getting these favoured concessions worth such wealth and what are they paying for them?

Indeed, under normal uncorrupted practices Belian would be banned from being logged altogether, just as it is supposedly banned from being exported.

Also, under normal uncorrupted practices, any licence that was given out would be tendered, so that the licence would go to the highest bidder and the money for the licence could then be used by the government to improve the lives of local people.

Timber licence money would be one way to pay for schools, roads, electricity, water pumps and better health care and allowances.  However, the people of Baram remain poor and with few such services.

So, who has these concessions and what did they pay?

Milisha Holdings Sdn Bhd is jointly owned by Jacob Sagan himself and his wife, Winnie Jolly!

It turns out the shareholders of the company Milisha Holdings Sdn Bhd are none other than local MP and Government Minister, Jacob Sagan and his wife Winnie Jolly!

Did Jacob Sagan tell his voters?

This demands an explanation from Taib Mahmud and Jacob Sagan, preferably to the forces of law and order.  Because, to secretly hand an MP of your own political party a large and valuable timber concession is a scandalous conflict of interest.

People in public office should not get involved in any form of business involving state concessions, for obvious reasons, and any business interests should be openly declared.

But, there is no evidence that Sagan has publicly declared this timber licence BT/9107, granted to his company Milisha Holdings.  Nor is there any evidence that he has declared licence BT/1962, which he also holds through his wife and daughter’s ownership of Winjac Sdn Bhd.

Sagan's wife and daughter own this other timber company with Belian concessions in the Baram region

Perhaps we will learn how many of Jacob Sagan’s constituents were aware that Jacob Sagan has been handed two Belian concessions worth millions of ringgit, thanks to Taib’s Planning and Resources Ministry.

With what did Sagan pay for this concession?

Sagan at a party for SPDP, his party which is known for its loyalty for Taib and BN

Next, it is important to discover how much did Jacob Sagan pay for this secretive concession that has been granted to him in the land belonging to his own voters by the BN government of Taib Mahmud?

Such a valuable concession, worth millions of ringgit, should have cost a very great deal in premium payments to the statute.

However, on his salary as an MP of RM12,000 a month how could he afford this?

His previous career as a Sarawak civil servant could not legitimately have made him a rich man either!

At the moment, because Taib keeps all his timber negotiations a scandalous secret, we have no information about how much Sagan paid, if anything.

As a result, we are left with the inevitable conclusion that Sagan has paid for these concessions with the one thing that he has that is of value to Taib Mahmud, which is his political support.

Will any of Sarawak's trees be allowed to stay standing, as BN's MPs set about plundering what is left of the state?

So, if Taib has decided that he can make himself wealthier by flooding the people of Baram and using the electricity to power factories owned by himself, then BN MPs like Jacob Sagan have no choice but to support him.

It is plain that Jacob Sagan’s loyalty has been bought by Belian.

Because he has been bought by Belian, Jacob Sagan can no longer fight for what is right for his people.

So, even if Taib decides to flood their lands, destroy their livings and move all his relatives to  resettlement towns with minimal compensation, Jacob Sagan has to keep supporting Taib.

If not, Jacob and his wife and family would lose their Belian concessions and have to live on their actual income of RM12,000 a month.

That might sound a very good salary for most people, but BN MPs have got used to living like kings, because they have sold their duty towards their people in return for licences to plunder them.


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  • Dayak

    Pathetic Dayak elected representatives are being used as tools and scapegoats by a power crazy personality for his self interest. The victims are the natives. Let us pray for this “power crazy” man to go to hell when he dies.

  • AAmri

    What a shock!! Vote Bn out!!

  • Alison

    What a great betrayal!! It is really a traitor to it sown people!! Always wonder why the Dayaks still voted them in!!!

  • Money Laundering 101

    “Work hard to meet NEM goals, says Jacob Dungau”

    Timber lootings aside, this Yakub Dungu the Dayak Traitor also get multi-millions of projek BN Debolotment! Such a hardwork for easy money eh!!!

    Shal Sagan the singer better write new song lah:
    “Belians Are Forever (Except For Me Only Not Baram Dayaks Lah)”
    “The DunguEye”
    “Live And Let Dungu Loot the Belians”
    “No, Dr Dungu! No!”
    “The Dungu YB Who Duped Me”
    “The Goldbelian Looter”
    “The Living Daylight Timber Robbery”
    “Loot Another Day”
    “Baram Is Not Enough”
    “Tomorrow’s Looting Never Dies”
    “BN’s License To Loot”
    “You Only Dupe Twice (Or More)”
    “A View To Loot Belian”
    “Dungu Belian Royale Looting”
    “Quantum of Dungu Belian Lootings”
    “Skyfall Dungu”
    “From Baram With Dungu Lootings”

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    Work hard to meet NEM goals, says Jacob !!!!
    The Star, Sunday April 25, 2010

    KUCHING: Malaysian entrepreneurs must shed their dependence on the Government to realise the goals of the New Economic Model (NEM) to develop a high-income nation, International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan said.

    He also felt that they should do away with political patronage and the rent-seeking mentality because the NEM offered many new opportunities for all entrepreneurs, and it was up to them to grab them.

    “Entrepreneurs need to work harder, be more creative and innovative in increasing their productivity so that their businesses will be more efficient, competitive and sustainable,” he said when opening the PNB-MIDF Entrepreneurs Sym­posium 2010 here yesterday.

    Permodalan Nasional Berhad and its investment arm, Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Berhad, held the one-day symposium in conjunction with the 11th Malaysian Unit Trust Week 2010 at Wisma Bapa Malaysia.

    Jacob said small and medium industries (SMIs) would also have a fair share of opportunities in NEM because the Government realised it played a pivotal role in generating the country’s economy and ensuring the model’s success.

    He said out of about three million active businesses registered with the Malaysian Companies Commission, more than 90% were SMIs and they created 56% of the country’s employment opportunities.

    “In terms of gross domestic product, SMIs contributed 32% last year and it is expected to increase to 37% this year,” he said.

  • Money Laundering 101

    Such a great goofy play-acting stuffs from this Yakub Dungu:

    Baram MP shocked by Penan rape claims

    By STEPHEN THEN, The Star, Thursday October 9, 2008

    MIRI: Baram MP Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan said he is “shocked” by the claims that Penan schoolgirls and young women had been raped and sexually abused by timber workers in his constituency.

    Sagan, a third term MP for Baram, the second biggest parliamentary constituency in the country after Kapit, on Thursday expressed his surprise with the revelations, saying that he had not been informed by anyone of these alleged crimes.

    “I am shocked to hear such allegations that have been made in the dailies of late because as MP of the area, I have not been personnally informed of these cases nor have I received reports from the Penan community leaders or anybody.

    “This is a serious matter and I support the call from Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam for a full investigation and for the truth to be exposed.

    “Those who have committed such acts must be brought to justice,” he said in a statement when commenting on the issue that has become a hot topic of late.

    The allegations surfaced about three weeks ago when the Bruno Manser Foundation website posted an article saying that it had received information from its Penan sources that young Penan women and schoolgirls had been raped by timber workers in the deep interior of Baram, which is about 300km inland from here.

    The Star later carried out interviews with some of the victims who confirmed the rape incidents.

    Sagan on Thursday said he will also give his help and support to the taskforce that Women and Family Development Minister Datuk Ng Yen Yen would set up to look into the plights of the Penans.

    He said that he is “concerned about the welfare of his people and does not want to see them exploited by any irresponsible groups”.

    Sagan, who is currently overseas for an official trip, is also the International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister.

    Various other parties are also involved in investigating the Penans’ rape claims.

    This includes the Sarawak police and the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam).

    On Wednesday, a group of non-governmental organisations asked Bukit Aman to take charge of the investigation, citing a lack of confidence in the Sarawak police.


    Sagan: Report found to be highly suspect

    The Star, Wednesday March 31, 2010

    THE report by a Hong Kong-based consultancy firm that Malaysia is veering towards instability has been found to be highly suspect, Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan said.

    He said the report by Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) had contradicted its own views, in which it reported that the socio-political risks for the country had seen a downward trend from January 2009 to January this year.

    “The report said risks related to domestic politics, social disorder, and external and systematic issues had gone down.

    “This proves that the Government is on the right track in its efforts to make Malaysia a competitive investment destination,” he told Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad (PAS-Kuala Selangor).

    In a report released last month, PERC said that since New Year’s Day there was an impression that the situation in the country was becoming increasingly unstable.

    Sagan said the Government had provided foreign governments and investors with up-to-date information about current developments in the country through meetings and outreach programmes.

    “Foreign investors still have a high level of confidence in Malaysia as seen in investment figures in the manufacturing sector during the last three years.”

    He said investments recorded in that sector in the past three years had exceeded the annual target of RM27.5bil, which had been stipulated under the Third Industrial Master Plan.

    In 2007, the investments total­led RM59.9bil, 2008 (RM62.8bil) and 2009 (RM32.9bil).


    Dungau: Don’t take negative stance on Baram dam project

    The Star, Sunday May 8, 2011

    MIRI: Residents in Baram should not take a negative stance over the state government’s plan to build a hydroelectric dam in the rural district as the project would stimulate more development.

    Baram MP Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan said the project would stir economic activities and improve infrastructure standards in the area in the long run.

    Although there might be a loss of some landed property, he assured that the government wanted a “win-win” situation with Baram’s people.

    Speaking at the opening of the Sarawak National Kenyah Associa­tion (PKKS) biennial general meeting here yesterday, Dungau said the state’s plan to build the dam was to expedite Baram’s development.

    The Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister said the decision to build Baram’s hydroelectric dam, projected to generate about 1,000 megawatt of electricity, was re-affirmed by Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud in last month’s state election.

    Dungau, who is also PKKS patron, urged the association to help shape the mindset of the Kenyah community, one of the minority groups in the country, to be far-sighted and plan for their future generations.

    He said the community, with a population of just about 70,000 nationwide, could contribute effectively towards nation building. — Bernama


    Jacob: Orang Ulu feeling threatened by hydro projects turning to Opposition

    By STEPHEN THEN, The Star, Monday May 23, 2011

    MIRI: An election post-mortem has revealed that the close to a dozen hydro-dam projects being planned in their area are causing the Orang Ulu people many sleepless nights.

    Baram MP Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan yesterday said that because of their worries about the onslaught of the mega development projects, the Orang Ulu people had growing suspicion of Barisan Nasional and listened more to the Opposition.

    “SPDP had carried out a post- mortem of last month’s state election results and found that there is a prevailing sense of fear among the Orang Ulu commu- nities, and this fear was being capitalised to great effect by the Opposition,” Jacob, who is International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister, said.

    “We found that the Orang Ulu are very fearful about their future because they do not know what is going to happen to them when all 11 hydro-dam projects are implemented, including the Murum Dam in Belaga which had already started.

    “Because of this fear of the unknown, there was an unprecedented split among the Orang Ulu voters, many of whom had alienated themselves from Barisan despite having been the traditionally strong and loyal supporters of the government,” he said.

    According to Jacob, who is SPDP senior vice-president and an Orang Ulu himself, in Baram, the Orang Ulu are very worried about the RM3bil Baram Dam project.

    “There are fears that the Baram Dam project may result in the uprooting of a population of some 20,000 people living in 25 settlements,” he said, adding that if the project was not properly explained to the people, opposition against the state government could grow “bigger and louder”.

    “The Opposition and some NGOs are capitalising on the coming Baram Dam project to full effect and they are creating even more fears among the natives by distorting issues,” he said when interviewed before chairing a closed-door SPDP divisional meeting here.

    He said if the Orang Ulu people looked at the Baram and Murum dam projects with suspicion, other dam projects planned to be built in the Orang Ulu heartland could face severe opposition.

    According to Jacob, it is not enough telling the people the usefulness of the dams; the more important being what will become of them if they must relocate.

    He said the direct benefits to the affected natives must be spelt out succintly to make the dam projects attractive to them.

    “SPDP is trying its level best to address all the issues related to these dam projects because we have to come up with plausible answers before the next parliamentary election, or our seats will be at great risk,” Jacob said.

    He noted that in the April 16 state election, there was a marked decline in support for the Barisan in many Orang Ulu-majority seats.

    Barisan lost Ba’Kelalan and managed to win in Telang Usan by only 895 votes. Previously, Barisan won these seats by big margins.