Don’t Mention Dengue Fever Outbreak – It Might Spoil My Party! EXCLUSIVE

Don’t Mention Dengue Fever Outbreak – It Might Spoil My Party! EXCLUSIVE

4 Jun 2012

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Awang Tengah - State Assemblyman for Bukit Sari in traditional party gear

We have learnt that hospital staff in Lawas were instructed by the local YB, Awang Tenggah (Taib’s favoured side-kick), to keep quiet about an outbreak of Dengue Fever last month.

The extraordinary intervention occurred at an emergency meeting at the hospital during the week before the Lawas Festival, after several cases had been reported in the area.

Tengah, an Environment and Planning Minister, sent a representative to the meeting and instructed staff to keep the local epidemic quiet, because the minister did not want people to be scared away from the Pesta Lawas Festival at the end of May.

Normally, the situation would be made public, so that people would be aware about the outbreak and be able to take precautions to avoid mosquitos and fumigate breeding areas.  However, Tengah did not want outsiders to stay away from the festivities!

Pesta Lawas more important than safety?

Dengue Fever rash - the disease becomes deadly if it reaches the 'hemorrhagic' stage and internal bleeding begins

People with children and the elderly have a right to ask questions about this selfishness on the part of their own YB.

Malaysia has a high level of fatalities from this disease, compared to neighbouring countries and much depends on the quality of control measures put in place when cases break out.

According to an Academy of Medicine in Malaysia report, 4.67% of cases result in fatalities in Malaysia, whereas in Thailand and Indonesia it is only 0.3% and 0.5% respectively.

The shocking, but little reported fact is that every week hundreds of people die in Malaysia from this vicious virus, which is on the increase world wide. Last week the toll was 400, of which 11 people died in Sarawak. Twenty-two people died in the state the week before that.

With no vaccine cure in place, the only proper response is preventative measures and the quarantine of sick people.  Once a person has been infected by a mosquito, their blood becomes a breeding ground for the disease for about eight days.  It is important they are not bitten again by more uninfected mosquitos during that period, which could then pass on the disease.

So, it is clearly very important that when an outbreak has occurred in a locality that inhabitants should be told about the problem and that potential incomers should be warned they are entering an infected area.

We challenge Tengah’s right to suppress such information!

Hemorrhagic stage of the disease can be fatal

Time for more public health information?

It appears that many people are still uninformed in Sarawak about the nature of the disease and how to recognise its symptoms.

This adds to the danger and the likelihood that people will present late at the hospital, resulting in further unnecessary deaths.

Surely, if people have wider education and are properly alerted to outbreaks in the vicinity, then it if more likely they will recognise symptoms immediately and go straight to hospital?

This is clearly especially important for small children, who often can’t express how ill they are and who are particularly at risk.

The symptoms begin with a sudden very high temperature around 4 days after the infecting mosquito bite and there is also considerable pain in the joints.  The disease reaches a new level of seriousness if it moves into what is known as the hemorrhagic stage with internal bleeding.

This will display itself in rashes and distressing lesions and bleeding.

World Health Organisation information on the disease

Party politics before health of the people?

Senior members of the community in Lawas are now questioning why the local YB would have considered interfering with the medical authorities in the normal process of dealing with the disease?

Good PR? Awang Tengah took centre stage at the Pesta Lawas event - he did not want it spoilt by public health concerns!

The local epidemic broke out in Tengah’s own home village of Kuala Lawas and now numbers 25 cases.

Yet, even though his own people needed warning of the situation to better protect themselves from infection, it seems his main priority was to get good numbers coming to the new festival event that he had organised for the 27th/28th May.

The first Pesta Lawas, organised by Tenggah, was held last year, just before the State Elections.  Many have speculated that the planning of this one for May was linked to the expectation that the Federal Elections would be in June!

If so, it appears that Awang Tenggah wanted to make sure his opportunity to curry favour with constituents went ahead with maximum attendance, even though there were possible health risks involved.

The blood sucking mosquito that can transmit Dengue Fever from one person to another

Several sources from within Lawas hospital have now told Sarawak Report and the community radio show, Radio Free Sarawak that Tengah sent a representative to the hospital meeting about how to handle the case:

Please don’t announce this to the public, because it will scare everyone away from Pesta Lawas” The representative is reported to have said at the meeting held at Lawas General Hospital, where 8 people had already been admitted with the disease.

Shocked medical staff are believed to have acceded to the local political bigwig’s request.  After all Tengah is known to be one of the politicians closest to the Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud.

Delay in notifying the health authorities?

Sucking up to Taib - the Chief Minister and his 2nd wife 'graced' the event. Did they know there was a Dengue Fever outbreak?

However, it is still not known if the request also resulted in any delay in notifying the Ministry of Health.

Since the 1970s, Dengue Fever has been a notifiable disease in Malaysia, which means that the Ministry must be told of any outbreak within 24 hours, in order for appropriate steps to be taken.

If Tengah’s intervention resulted in any such delay the outrage becomes even more serious.

Even so, people will wonder why such a serious health situation that demands preventative action should have been hidden from them for purely political reasons by a local politician?

Sarawak Report asks what right does a political figure ever have to interfere in the decisions of medical staff and why ever should people’s health and safety be put at risk for a benefit of a politician’s party plans?

Ministry of Health figures on Dengue Fever outbreaks over the past two weeks in Malaysia


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    the kampong folks still vote for him .. just because gula gula at that moment..

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    Awangku Jinal Abedin Pengiran Haji Jawa <——PROXY AWANG TANAH!

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    Postcode 93450

    Town : KUCHING

    State: SARAWAK

    D. Maklumat Ahli Lembaga Pengarah:

    Bil Nama Warganegara Jawatan



    G.Modal Berbayar / Modal Terkumpul :

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    A. Maklumat Syarikat: :



    Postcode 93450

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    2. SWB/CT/01/2007 : The Construction, Completion And Commissioning Of The Proposed Salim Water Treatment Plant Phase II, Stage 2 18-01-2007 RM 37,499,000.00 LEMBAGA AIR SIBU

    3. The Construction, Completion And Commissioning Of the Proposed Salim Water Treatment Plant Phase II, Stage 2, Sibu DIvision, Sarawak. 18-01-2007 RM

    4. Contract No.NCSB/STR/01/2004 – The Construction And Completion Of The Proposed Upgrading To Existing Sekolah Menengah Kerajaan Three Rivers, Mukah, Sarawak. 01-07-2004 RM 890,000.00 NAIM CENDERA SDN BHD

    5. The Construction And Completion Of The Proposed Upgrading To Existing Sekolah Menengah Kerajaan Three Rivers, Mukah, Sarawak. 01-07-2004 RM

    6. Cadangan Membina & Menyiapkan 111 Unit Rumah Guru Daerah Dalat/Mukah Di Bawah Program Pembangunan Pendidikan Luar Bandar 14-09-2002 RM 19,432,133.00 PEJABAT PELAJARAN TERENGGANU

    7. Cadangan Membina Dan Menyiapkan 111 Unit Rumah Guru Daerah Dalat/Mukah Di Bahagian Prohram Pembnagunan Pendidikan Luar Bandar Negeri Sarawak. 14-09-2002 RM

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    9. 2 Bloks Of 5 Storey Class 'G' Flats At Komplek Jabatan Laut Sarikei, Bahagian Sarikei, Sarawak (L) 10-08-1999 RM 2,655,000.00

    10. Sekolah Menengah Agama Majlis Islam (Fasa II), Jalan Santubong, Khucing, Sarawak 13-11-1996 RM 7,286,878.00


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    1. Proposed Subdivision/Commercial Development On C.L 175336026, Near Beaufort Bridge, 03-08-2005 RM 6,430,000.00 SYARIKAT PELUANG JASA


    Any attempt to topple CM will be ‘vigorously opposed’

    Borneo Post 27 Ogos 2010

    LAWAS: PBB Youth (Zone 8) will “vigorously oppose” any attempt to pressure party president and Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud to retire.

    Its leader Awangku Jinal Pengiran Jawa said his movement wanted Taib to continue to helm the state, especially through the coming state election which must be called within 11 months.

    Taib recently said he was willing to step down if he was no longer wanted by the people, party or the prime minister.He pointed out that he had wanted to leave in 2006 but was stopped by a chorus of protests in the state.

    Awangku Jinal said for the sake of unity and continued development, Taib should stay as the state’s chief executive.

    “We want outsiders to be more sensitive and learn from past mistakes in the country. When there is political instability we need to look at things from a wide perspective and not be irrational or view through narrow personal lenses,” he said.

    Using Zone 8 as an example, he said it was at one time isolated from other parts of the state. But under Taib’s leadership and vision, Zone 8 has become a bastion of political strength and economically vibrant.

    “Taib has even gained the respect of Brunei and Sabah which were formerly rocked by political instability. Our neighbours are even interested in investing in our energy, agriculture and communication facilities,” he said.

    Awangku Jinal said provocations and pressure on Taib should stop.

    He questioned why some people were picking on Taib when other old leaders and poverty in places such as Kelantan were never questioned by certain quarters.

    Awangku Jinal warned that PBB Zone 8 Youth would not stand idly in the face of such pressure against the chief minister to bow out.

    “We will continue to keep an eye on this. If it continues to play out in the local or national media as sensational news, appropriate action should be taken as this could affect the political and economic security of the people in the state and country,” he said.


    Sinar Mekar/(SM) – PBB Crony Logistic firm

    (Operator monopoly of Tebedu SM Inland Port Sdn. Bhd.)
    Sinar Mekar / SM

    Lot 640, Block 4, MTLD, Demak Laut Industrial Estate, Jalan Bako, P.O.Box A98, Kenyalang Park, 93800 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

    Executive Director

    Encik Awangku Jinal Abedin Bin Pgn Hj Jawa


    YB Dato' Awang Bemee Bin Awang Ali Basah

    Managing Director

    Mr Augustine C. H. Wong


    Datuk Hj Abang Abdul Wahap Bin Hj Abang Julai


    A. Maklumat Syarikat: :



    Postcode 93100

    Town : KUCHING

    State: SARAWAK

    G.Modal Berbayar / Modal Terkumpul :

    a.Modal Dibenarkan (RM):

    b.Modal Berbayar / Modal Terkumpul (RM): 947,397.42

    H.Maklumat Projek:

    Bil Tajuk Tarikh Anugerah Nilai (RM) Kilen

    1. Proposed Tebedu Inland Port On Lot 197, Block 8, Kayan LD Tebedu 31-03-2008 RM 7,349,749.00 SM INLAND PORT SDN BHD (CO. NO. 421412-MD)


    Tebedu villagers angry over decision to take their land

    by Tony Thien, Malaysia Kini, Oct 14, 2004

    The Bidayuh-Sadong villagers in Kampung Entubuh at Tebedu near the Malaysian-Indonesian border of Sarawak are shocked and angry after learning recently that their entire occupied kampung land is to be acquired by the government for an inland port project.

    A Land and Survey Department official handed a letter last Thursday to the village heads, representing 106 families comprising about 550 men, women and children, notifying them of such a move.

    They have reacted with shock, sadness and anger, especially as there was no prior consultation, and have sought immediate help from their elected representative Michael Manyin to put a halt to it.

    According to a government official based in Tebedu, the villagers were greatly distressed at learning that the land they and their grandparents have occupied for nearly a century are going to be completely acquired for the project.

    “The villagers were so distressed that they spent four restless days and nights recently and met for four times to discuss the matter after receiving the notification letter,” he added.

    60 days for claims

    The letter, signed by Samarahan Superintendent of Land and Survey Ari Abdul Rahman, has issued notice under Section 5 (3 and 4) of the Sarawak Land Code to advise of the government’s intention to extinguish their native customary rights (NCR) on the land and asking them to submit claims for compensation within sixty days (in this case expiring Nov 21).

    After this date, no claim for compensation will be entertained.

    Under the law, anyone who is dissatisfied with the compensation sums offered can refer the matter for arbitration.

    The villagers have informed the authorities that they do not want to move away nor do they have any intention of doing so from the land on which they have built homes and farmed since the 1920s, according to opposition Sarawak Reform Party (Star) president Dr Patau Rubis (photo) who visited the village earlier this week.

    The village is at the edge of Tebedu bazaar, about 100km from Kuching, near the Tebedu-Entikong international checkpoint. The kampung land is affected by the proposed development of the 150-ha inland port.

    A new township Bandar Mutiara has also been developed at Tebedu, and a cluster of labour-intensive industries to utilize cheap Indonesian labour is being planned near the vicinity by a state government agency in joint venture with the private sector.

    The village’s security and development committee secretary Michael Jumat told malaysiakini that a four-member delegation led by community head Beranyai Basi will meet the Tebedu state assemblyperson Michael Manyin, who is also state environment and public health minister, to convey their concerns and views to him.

    Not consulted

    Tebedu senior administrative officer Bai Dunga, when contacted, would only say that he had been asked to prepare a report for the minister before the meeting tomorrow in Kuching.

    “We are anxious to find out whether our elected rep is aware or not of the proposed acquisition of the kampung land for the project,” Jumat added.

    “We were never consulted before (about the land going to be affected by the project),” Jumat said. “We refuse to go.”

    The origins of the kampung started with the first wave of migration from what was then Dutch-ruled Indonesia into a Sarawak under the White Rajah rule.

    The villagers are all Malaysians of Sarawak origin belonging to the Bidayuh-Sadong group, and holding blue identity cards.

    Jumat described the government’s move as ‘very stupid’ and likely to have serious repercussions unless it is stopped.

    “The project proponents should look elsewhere for land. There is so much land in Sarawak .Why take our kampung land? We are very angry,” he added.


    SMIP to operate S'wak's 1st inland port

    BUSINESS TIMES January 21, 2005

    SM INLAND Port Sdn Bhd has been designated as the operator of Sarawak's first inland port along the Kalimantan border in Tebedu, about 100km from Kuching.

    The appointment was made yesterday by the Sarawak State Government through the Kuching Port Authority (KPA) in a simple ceremony witnessed by Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Abdul Taib Mahmud.

    KPA chairman Datuk Awang Bemee Pengiran Ali Basha and deputy chairman Kong Ping Kung inked the appointment agreement on behalf of the Government while SMIP was represented by chairman Suriati Zainuddin and managing director Augustine Wong Chung Ho. With the appointment, SMIP also obtained the official green light to start work on an integrated inland port complex at a proposed 20ha site near the existing border crossing point in Tebedu.

    Under the built-and-operate understanding, SMIP will prepare the necessary infrastructure and provide the necessary services for container and conventional cargoes, timber consignment, storage and transportation for incoming cargoes from West Kalimantan.

    The first phase of the inland port project, comprising a two-storey administrative building, CIQ building, container yard, storage facilities for timber and the necessary equipment for container handling, is expected to be completed by January 2007.


    Tebedu border folk protest against inland port charges

    by Simon Ingka, Borneo Post June 15, 2011, Wednesday

    TEBEDU: Some 100 farmers, villagers and traders residing near the new Tebedu border township held a peaceful demonstration here against charges imposed by SM Inland Port yesterday.

    They were protesting against the establishment of the port managed by the Port Klang Management group which they claimed had imposed extra charges on their goods.

    Because of the extra charges many businesses at this border area had folded, they claimed for the 500 families in Tebedu area, these problems were compounded by unemployment and social ills especially among the youth, said a trader who wished to remain anonymous.

    He added that roads linking Tebedu to Indonesia had encouraged tourists from the neigbouring country to come over to Sarawak.

    “This had in fact contributed to economic boom as our goods compared to the Indonesia goods are a little bit cheaper but with the extra port charges, the prices of our goods are as competitive as that of the Indonesian goods,”

    This, he said, would slowly stifle their businesses and discourage tourists from Indonesia from coming to the state.

    He added that traders here were paying double port charges at the Senari Port in Kuching and again at the SM Inland Port here.

    Aside from double taxation, traders in Tebedu need to pay extra for loading and unloading fees and custom declaration fees.

    The loading and unloading at the border check point are tedious and caused damage to fragile goods and frozen food.

    “SM Inland Port must understand all this as the burden is on us, not on them,” he said.

    He added that traders here preferred using the old roads to Indonesia where they need not pay extra charges for services and the port charges.

    He also complained that Tebedu was supposed to be a Free Trade Zone just like any checkpoints in the country where charges are not necessary at all.

    He called on relevant authorities to look into their predicament.


    More reasonable charges in the works

    Borneo Post, June 24, 2011, Friday

    KUCHING: The state government is still in negotiations with SM Inland Port in Tebedu to impose reasonable charges so as not to burden traders including those coming in from Kalimantan.

    Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications Datuk Sri Michael Manyin said yesterday that the cabinet acknowledged that the charges (now) especially for lorries below five tonnes was not reasonable.

    “We have to be very careful. This does not only affect our side but also the other side. If we don’t handle it properly then goods and containers from our neighbours (in Indonesia) will not come in,” he told reporters here yesterday.

    Manyin, who is also Tebedu assemblyman, was asked to comment on recent media reports concerning the SM Inland Port where a protest was staged by100 local traders, followed by the operators’ response that it was caused by misunderstanding over how the port worked.

    According to Manyin, the government was supposed to hold two meetings with the operators to resolve the matter. The first was held recently and chaired by Manyin himself, and the second one would be chaired by the ministry’s permanent secretary Safri Zainudin.

    “We have yet to hold another meeting with the operators and tell them to comply with what the Cabinet has decided. Basically, the people are not happy since vehicles, regardless of weight, would be charged RM110 each.

    “But the Cabinet has decided that it is not fair because these people will not be able to make ends meet and not be able to make any money. The issues have not been resolved yet and we are going to have another meeting,” he said.

    He added that the inland port was already gazetted as a bonded warehouse performing duties such as packing, unpacking, repacking and branding, much like Port Klang.

    “They got people with experience from Port Klang. Over there, whatever goes in will come out as different product because it is a bonded warehouse.

    “(In Port Klang) also, they can do branding, packaging and whatever comes out is totally different product. So, what would be done in Tebedu would be similar to that in Port Klang because it is already gazetted as a bonded warehouse,” he said.

    According to Manyin again, the inland port was meant to facilitate trade and movement of goods between Sarawak and Kalimantan.

    “(This is) so that there will be no containers from Indonesia coming over to Sarawak. They will stop there, do the unloading and loading at the warehouse. And the same applies to us. Normally we give licences to our lorry drivers and operators to go all the way to Pontianak.

    “Once it is fully operational, there won’t be any licences issued anymore because the lorries stop there, unload, and then we load them over to our friends from Indonesia,” he said.

    He said the inland port was also expected to have facilities such as customs, immigrations and quarantine once it is fully operational.

    “There is no limit to services handled by the port. At the moment, there is not enough volume. The more the better,” he said.

    On another matter, Manyin said he would talk about plans on upgrading the Mile 10 to 15 of the Kuching-Serian road stretch during his ministerial winding up speech at the State Legislative Assembly next week.

    The upgrading of the road into a dual carriageway has been requested by many non-governmental organisations.


    Tebedu Inland Port

    Tebedu Inland Port (TIP) was an initiative by the Sarawak Government to regulate and facilitate the flow of goods at the West Kalimantan-Sarawak border. Located near the town of Tebedu, Serian District, TIP is about 1 km from the West Kalimantan-Sarawak border. From TIP, it is approximately 85 km to Kuching, the capital of Sarawak and about 370 km to Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan.

    Certainty of Doing Business

    With the establishment of the Tebedu Inland Port (TIP), the Sarawak Government aims to provide certainty of doing business at the border by regulating the bilateral trade at the border. With a certainty of doing business, the business community benefit greatly and can capitalize more on the opportunities to further expand their businesses.

    Catalyst of Accelerated Development

    With the rich natural resources and abundant human capital in the vicinity, the potentials for development are ample at the border. TIP is projected to act as a catalyst for accelerated development in the interior of Borneo.

    Gateway to International Market

    The only inland port in Sarawak, TIP is located next to the Tebedu Industrial Estate which caters to light industries. The Tebedu Industrial Estate complements and supports the Sarawak Corridor of Renewal Energy (SCORE). From TIP, manufacturers in the Tebedu Industrial Estate may access other domestic ports of Sarawak and the international markets via the Senari Container Terminal near Kuching. TIP is served by a good road system to the Senari Container Terminal which has connectivity to regional hubs as well as feeder connection to Port Klang and Singapore. TIP officially started its operations on 1 May 2011 and is managed by SM Inland Port Sdn Bhd (SMIP). SMIP was appointed by the Sarawak Government to manage and operate TIP in 2004.

    Facilities at TIP

    Built on a 53-acre site, TIP has comprehensive facilities for port users:

    – Container Yard

    – Open Yard

    – Bulk Storage Area

    – Warehouse with Dock Levellers for Easy Loading and Unloading

    – Weighbridge

    – Round-the-Clock Security

    – Online System for Booking of Services

    – Handling equipment

    – Workshop

    One-Stop Service Centre

    Doing business at TIP is made easy with the One-Stop Service Centre concept. All relevant government agencies and related companies are located at the inland port:

    – Royal Malaysian Customs Department

    – Immigration Department of Malaysia

    – Sarawak State Health Department

    – Department of Fisheries Malaysia

    – Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation

    – Freight Forwarders