Taib Grabs Yet More Billions Out Of Sarawak’s Destruction!

Taib Grabs Yet More Billions Out Of Sarawak’s Destruction!

6 Aug 2012

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Why? - Australia's Miles Kupa has been assisting key deals between O M Holdings and Sarawak

Australia’s support for Taib Mahmud’s SCORE project is becoming ever more deeply questionable, as the corruption surrounding every project in which it has sought to be involved gets plainer by the day.

The message should be coming through clear by now.  If you do business with Taib Mahmud’s Sarawak then you are immersing yourself in a world of bribery, backhanders and theft from the people of Borneo.

So it is time for a re-think surely for Miles Kupa, Australia’s High Commissioner ?

His enthusiasm over the past year for promoting ‘Australian’ investment in SCORE has caused embarrassment after embarrassment for honourably-minded people in his country, who are concerned about Taib’s environmental destruction and his theft from his people.

After all, Kupa was still applauding the plans by Rio Tinto Alcan to build a smelter, just as the aluminium giant had decided to pull out of Sarawak.  That decision followed our expose that Taib’s family firm CMS was the 100% owner of the licensed company SALCRA, in which RTA was due to invest $2billion dollars !

O M Holdings Ltd

O M Holdings - Incorporated in the off-shore tax haven Bermuda

Kupa has also been cheering at the involvement of O M Holdings Limited in SCORE, a company he has chosen to describe as ‘Australian’, because it is listed on the Sydney stock exchange.

But, O M Holdings is in fact based in the off-shore tax haven of Bermuda and is China linked.

So, why is the Australian High Commissioner making such efforts to promote this company’s construction of yet another aluminium smelter plant in the once pristine areas of the Borneo Jungle, using cheap electricity from the controversial Bakun Dam?

There are numerous concerns about the lack of effective and objective environmental and human impact assessments surrounding such projects in Sarawak.  Already the existing smelter plant owned by Pressmetal in Mukah has caused extensive health and environmental problems in the surrounding area.

And OM Holdings will bring no more in the way of jobs or income to locals (or Australians) than Pressmetal – i.e. zero.  So, why all the effort?

Kupa officiates with Taib at O M Holding's power purchase agreement - Why?

More money for Taib of course!

Why doesn’t Kupa instead question the corruption surrounding this project, which is every bit as bad as the failed Rio Tinto venture, thanks to Taib’s greedy determination to make millions out of anything that needs a permit in Sarawak?

The bosses at OM Holdings seem perfectly aware how the game is played by BN.  If they want to build their filthy, dirty plant and pollute the poor people of Sarawak, then lots of lovely money is going to have to find its way towards Taib.

Workers' camp for KKB Engineering - now they get to build the RM2 Billion project!

We have already shown how their first step was to offer Taib’s family firm, Cayha Mata Sarawak Berhad (CMSB) a fat shareholding in the entire venture.

Their subsidiary O M Materials (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd is 20% owned by CMSB!

Then we demonstrated how O M Materials provided a further huge kickback for the Chief Minister through the company KKB Engineering Sdn Bhd.

KKB was the outfit which grabbed a juicy RM70million contract from O M to flatten out and prepare the smelter site.

It was a contract O M chose not to tender out to the lowest bidder and as we pointed out at the time, KKB Engineering Sdn Bhd is also owned by CMSB!

Consider the worth of these projects to Taib and his family.  Taib’s own wife Laila continues to be the largest single shareholder of CMSB, even though she has been dead the past 3 years (and his four children own most of the rest). How do their auditors Ernst & Young explain such a strange anomaly?

Another RM2 Billion project for CMSB!

Yet, Taib has evidently been demanding even more money out of this single project. The BN-controlled Star Newspaper has now alerted the world that KKB Engineering is also primed to receive the massive contract for building the entire factory as well!

That further contract will involve a projected expenditure of just under RM2BILLION!

No wonder Taib loves SCORE!

Devastation in Balingian - What Taib is doing to Sarawak's landscape as he builds up SCORE

So, while the poor people of Mukah have been instructed to continue waiting for the benefits of this SCORE project, which has destroyed their lands and so far provided them with nothing but pollution, Taib Mahmud is cashing in up front and big time too!

It makes his own enthusiasm for SCORE easy to explain!

As he bragged so recently “I have got more money than I could ever spend”. Yet, for the greedy old monster of Sarawak even this is clearly not enough.

It is frighteningly plain that Taib is intent on taking and destroying everything he can lay his hands on in order to satisfy his unquenchable thirst for money.

And none of that money is he prepared to share with the poor people he pretends to represent, apart from the smallest bribes he thinks he can get away with each ‘election-time’.

Australia and Australian representatives should therefore have no part in this disgraceful process and well-off Australian institutions like Adelaide University should be ashamed to have taken millions from Taib Mahmud in return for a doctorate and further honours, when so little has been offered by this greedy dictator to improve the lives of his own impoverished people.

Adelaide University Vice Chancellor James McWha - Should he keep taking the un-accounted for millions offered by Taib, while the people of Sarawak are left poor and destitute?


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    Australia and Sarawak not much difference actually, both founded by CROOKS

    Whatever the Australia may be now, the veins and bloods of Crooks Convicts still running until now and more than willing to help, transit, hide all Billions of loot from Sarawak people money

    Ironic isn’t it Australia champion itself as human rights advocate but beneath protecting Taib lootings plunderings and the rest gangs of BN Crooks

    Australia really safe heaven for Crooks hiding their Multi Billion lootings second to none after Switzerland, Monaco, Caribbean tax pirate offshore account islands

    How very true of this prophecy until now by Aboriginal activist Jenny Munro :

    ”In 200 years white Australians have learned very little about Aboriginal people, the importance of land to us, the importance of relationships to us. They have demonstrated their moral bankruptcy in so many different ways.”



    Convict Australia – Journey through our nation’s criminal past

    Brad Newsome, The Age, January 19, 2012

    Pay TV show of the week: Convict Australia, History, Thursday, 3.30pm

    THE History Channel hasn’t exactly busted a gut coming up with Australia Day programming this year. While it’s no doubt true that this program is, as the preview disc proudly declares, an ”Australian premiere documentary”, it’s also true that it was made way back in 1998. But don’t let that put you off – it’s still a good one. And it might even introduce you to a thing or two about which you’ve never heard.

    The first of these might come even before presenter Ian Wright (of the original Lonely Planet program fame) departs Britain for the antipodes. It seems that it was the done thing for convicts awaiting transportation was to painstakingly inscribe pennies with messages to their loved ones. On a boat on Portsmouth Harbour, Wright displays two of them and reads the inscriptions: ”Dear Sarah, When this you see remember me, when I’m in some foreign country” and ”I love thee ’til death shall take my breath.” They are, as Wright says, very sad – ”almost like tombstones of their lives in England.”

    When Wright arrives in Sydney, more interesting stuff follows, not least a look at the designs of the big back tattoos that convicts had done to send a message when their backs were bared for flogging. One of them exhorts – or taunts – the flogger to do his duty; another is a picture of Christ on the cross.

    But the documentary isn’t without its annoying oversimplifications. For one thing, Britain didn’t set about colonising Australia merely to keep convicts ”out of sight and out of mind” – there were important strategic and economic motives too. But the most frustrating thing is that while the documentary has captions to identify the places that Wright visits, it has no captions to identify the people he speaks to.

    You have to wait until the credits roll (and then hit the pause button if you can) to find out, for instance, that it was the Aboriginal activist Jenny Munro to whom he was speaking at the January 26, Day of Mourning protest in Sydney. Munro doesn’t mince words: ”In 200 years white Australians have learned very little about Aboriginal people, the importance of land to us, the importance of relationships to us. They have demonstrated their moral bankruptcy in so many different ways.” Munro also explains that Aborigines around Sydney felt sorry for the convicts they saw being brutally treated and helped them when they fled to the bush.

    It’s pleasing that the documentary seeks out an Aboriginal perspective and also that it looks at how the white perceptions of convicts have changed. From Sydney, Wright moves on to Canberra to learn about the convicts’ conditions of parole, to Port Arthur to learn about how that ”model” prison was an experiment in sensory deprivation, and to Norfolk Island, where conditions and punishments were so horrific that, legend has it, many convicts saw communal suicide as their only option.