"Clare's dogged (and to some, more that a little annoying) persistence and an incredible nose for the fishy stuff, uncovered the heist of the century.  The explosive exposés  rocked the nation, and precipitated the fall of the Malaysian government for the first time in 60 years."
Tony Pua, Member of Parliament for Damansara, Malaysia

Investigating the deforestation of Sarawak, Borneo, and the dispossession of its people, journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown followed a trail of corruption that led her to the heart of Malaysian politics and to Prime Minister Najib Razak himself. Determined that the public should know the truth, she started a blog, which became Malaysia's go-to news outlet for information that the government was trying to suppress – and whistleblowers wanted to get out. She was soon running a radio station too...

Full story in The Sarawak Report book to be launched on September 8, 2018
Sarawak Report - The Full Story!

Sarawak Report - The Full Story!

Pre-sales for the up-coming book The Sarawak Report are now available through this site. This is in advance of the launch scheduled for September 8th.  Cover details below:

Front Cover

Front Cover

A limited number of first edition books will be printed in Malaysia through Gerakbudaya and in the UK through Naomi Roth Publishing and made available through this website.

Copies obtained through this website will be sent following the publication date [note: these pre-sale copies will be signed before sending]*.

To place your order for a signed copy CLICK HERE  and hurry to catch that limited first print run.

Author, Clare Rewcastle Brown, will also be signing books at a number of events in Malaysia – details coming soon.  The author said:

“This is the only account that details at first hand how the whole 1MDB story was unravelled from beginning to end and how a tiny campaign fought to expose the theft to the international media and regulators, whilst Malaysia’s most powerful people worked to discredit us and silence the entire affair.

Banks have fallen, billions of dollars of assets have been seized and the weaknesses of our global financial systems frighteningly exposed. The struggle has lasted nearly five years and undoubtedly contributed to the recent fall of the previous Malaysian government.  As a journalist I can truly say there has not been a single boring day covering this amazing story and I have lived through each and every one of them”.

Place your order whilst this limited offer remains on Sarawak Report or visit a book shop near you after September 8th.


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