Damned Dangerous - Why Sarawak Should Not Build More Mega-dams

Damned Dangerous - Why Sarawak Should Not Build More Mega-dams

The State Government has ignored Sarawak Report's shocking exposes of dangerous construction practices at Bakun; potentially catastrophic turbine flaws at Murum; warnings of 'catastrophic cascading failure' at both Bakun and Murum, as well as scandalous human rights violations at both dams. Instead they have launched plans for a third 'white elephant' at Baleh....

1MDB Auditor General's Report

This is a copy of the Auditor General’s exact report, which we are uploading in stages over the coming week. We have re-typed the entire report in order to frustrate attempts to persecute whistleblowers. Please excuse any typing errors, the text is an exact replica.

Department of Justice 1MDB Investigation

Cuba Fikir Sendiri Siapa Pegawai Malaysia Nombor 1. Baca penterjemahan laporan dari Jabatan Keadilan Amerika Syarikat Di Sini!

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