"Binding Agreement" Or "Engaged In Discussions"? - 1MDB's Multi-Billion Dollar Muddle

"Binding Agreement" Or "Engaged In Discussions"? - 1MDB's Multi-Billion Dollar Muddle


26 Aug 2015

Swiss Launch Money Laundering Investigation Into 1MDB !

Swiss Launch Money Laundering Investigation Into 1MDB !


21 Aug 2015

SECOND SACKING - Now Abu Dhabi Dumps Aabar's CEO!

SECOND SACKING - Now Abu Dhabi Dumps Aabar's CEO!


19 Aug 2015

Global Financier Relocates.....

Global Financier Relocates.....


18 Aug 2015

New Warship Aircraft Carrier For Malaysia?

The French defense minister is in talks with Malaysia to sell the Southeast Asian nation one of the Mistral warship aircraft carriers that was initially intended for Russia, a source close to the talks told Reuters Tuesday. Several countries, especially in emerging nations in Southeast Asia and South America, have been interested in the purchase of the ships, with reports confirming that one of the ships would be sold to Malaysia.

Defense minister Jean-Yves Le Drian was set to travel Sunday to Malaysia, reportedly to discuss the sale of one of the warships. Le Drian would also travel to India on the same trip to discuss selling rafale fighter jets to the country.

The two Mistrals were originally built for Russia in a deal made by former French President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2011. Set to be delivered in 2014 and 2016, the ships would have marked the first arms deal between a Western nation and Russia. President Francois Hollande canceled the deal in 2014, following Russia’s continuing involvement in Ukraine, annexing the Crimean peninsula and reportedly arming pro-Russian separatists.


Najib’s latest folly appears to be a possible purchase from France of an aircraft carrier originally ordered by Putin. The first question is, of course, how to pay for its billion dollar cost?  Malaysia is broke though PM Najib has, at least, $700 million which could be used for a down payment.

Who is selling this ship? Well it’s France actually. Najib is well known there of course, especially as a purchaser of French made submarines that cant submerge and as a hand outstretcher when it comes to contract signing time. The un-informed may ask why Malaysia needs an aircraft carrier? To fend off the Chinese Navy?

No actually. Its simpler than that. Other very important people have mega yachts but a private aircraft carrier would trump them all!  Besides, when it comes to running away time and there is not enough room in the “presidential” jet for all Rosmah’s handbags and jewels, an aircraft carrier yacht would be the ideal solution!

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