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Environmentalists Want Answers From Adenan As Peatland Clearing By KTS Continues

Environmentalists Want Answers From Adenan As Peatland Clearing By KTS Continues


21 Nov 2015

Will Obama Smack Or Succour Malaysia's Cornered Rat?

Will Obama Smack Or Succour Malaysia's Cornered Rat?


19 Nov 2015

Revealed By His Own Words

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar reportedly said Charles had left for Singapore early Thursday morning, after releasing an 18-page statutory document (SD) alleging Kevin’s murder was linked to a charge sheet he was preparing.

“He (Charles) is a very irresponsible man. After he gave his press conference at his lawyer’s office, he immediately left Malaysia via Johor Baru, and we are currently tracing where he is right now.

“We checked that he has crossed over on the Johor Baru causeway at 1.30am that same evening. So we have opened an investigation under Section 202 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) for withholding information and under 124L Penal Code,” Khalid was quoted as saying at a press conference today.

“He makes an accusation and then he runs away. Coward. What kind of human is this.”

Our comment

Why was the IGP searching and tracking Charles Morais?

How can he be accused of the crime of withholding information when he has just laid out in a statement all he knows?

Is it not Charles who is the victim both of the murder of his brother and then the illegal removal of the body to be cremated at the connivance of the authorities to avoid his request for a 2nd postmortem?

Yet by taunting Charles for being a ‘coward’ and revealing his men have been hunting him, this bone headed IGP has demonstrated exactly why anyone in Charles’s position would fear to remain a moment longer in Malaysia, after daring to protest against the actions of the desperadoes currently in power.

Charles Morais was extremely brave to speak out on Malaysian soil in order to register his complaint within the jurisdiction – now the IGP cannot ignore it, even if he has been denied the opportunity to extract a second ‘revised’ version out of him!

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