Prince Turki Was Doing Business With Najib

A son of the late Saudi king was the person who donated RM2.6 billion to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, revealed attorney-general Mohamad Apandi Ali…

“We know his (the donor) name. He is not the late Saudi King but the son of the king. He is still alive,” the top prosecutor was quoted by Sin Chew Daily in an exclusive interview.

Apandi said that Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers have obtained a statement from the donor as detailed in the anti-graft body’s report.

Among those in the Saudi royal family is King Abdullah’s seventh son, Prince Turki Abdullah, who is owner of PetroSaudi and reportedly close to tycoon Jho Low.

Whistleblower website Sarawak Report has previously published a photo of the prince with Jho Low and Najib’s family holidaying on a luxury yacht off the coast of France in 2009.

Apandi also insisted that the motive behind the donation is not important as such a donation is not illegal under Malaysian law.

Our comment

So Najib’s changing stories have evolved from outright and outraged denial that he ever received the cash, to so what?  It was a son of Abdullah and the motives don’t matter.

That son was of course Prince Turki of PetroSaudi 1MDB fame, and the Saudi Foreign Minister has conceded as much but denied this was any form of official donation from Saudi Arabia or its monarchy, merely a “business investment”.

This is all perfectly consistent with what SR has been saying all along.

Najib did business with Turki through 1MDB PetroSaudi.  Turki, a personally penniless Prince at the time, got $77 million for allowing his company and his connections to be used as a “front”.

In return PetroSaudi allowed most of the money in the joint venture to be funnelled back to Najib via accounts managed by Najib’s side-kick, Jho Low.

This of course clears Najib of any wrong-doing, as the Attorney General will explain.

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