"It's All Lies About Xavier"!

"It's All Lies About Xavier"!


27 Jun 2015

No Difference! - We Prove How The Allegations Of "Tampering" Are Lies

No Difference! - We Prove How The Allegations Of "Tampering" Are Lies


26 Jun 2015

Open Letter To The Swiss Foreign Ministry In Bern

Open Letter To The Swiss Foreign Ministry In Bern


23 Jun 2015

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely


21 Jun 2015

Justo admits to angry emails - How does this 'clear' 1MDB?

Thailand Royal Police spokesman Pol Lt Gen Prawuth Thavornsiri said Justo had admitted to allegations about blackmailing and attempting to extort his former employer.

“Yes, he did admit,” he said when asked by Bernama whether Justo had confessed to all allegations of blackmail and extortion.

He said Justo would be prosecuted in Thailand as the alleged offences occurred in Thailand.

On the report about a request by Malaysian police to interview Justo, he said that so far there had not been any official request or contact on the matter.

Malaysia was not the complainant or involved in this, only Thailand and PetroSaudi were involved, he said after the Royal Thai Police weekly press conference in Bangkok today.

Asked if Malaysian officials would be allowed to meet Justo, he said foreign officials from countries that were not involved in the case would not be allowed to see Justo.

“What status do Malaysian officials have in this case?” he said.

“As this case is a matter of international relations we will not allow any visit until the investigation process is done,” he said, stating that he was the only person authorised to speak about the case….

The charges were attempted blackmail or attempted extortion.

He [Justo] is alleged to have demanded a payment as high as 2.5 million Swiss Francs (about RM10 million) from PetroSaudi in exchange for not disclosing the business information which he had stolen.


Malaysian ministers have been coming out with all manner of claims, like over-excited barking dogs.

Inevitably, they are now starting to look foolish.

Justo has admitted to sending an angry email or two to PetroSaudi some years back, because it appears he believed they went back on promises to pay him.

The Thai police say he has admitted to threatening to expose the company and to charges of attempted extortion.

Does this mean that the information released about the company that he had and about 1MDB should be “assumed” to be untrue, as supposedly concluded by Ministers?

They seem very desperate to use this case of arrest to get 1MDB off the hook over its involvement in the shenanigans linked to PetroSaudi.

But, the rest of the world can see it does the exact opposite.

Meanwhile, the so-called “cyber intelligence” experts at PGI are cowering in the UK and refusing to respond to challenges to stand up remarks about “tampering” allegedly made by an anonymous employee to the New Straits Times.

When one has to judge empty and nonsensical claims against documented evidence, then the conclusions indeed become obvious.

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