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Sime Darby’s Greenwash Scandal!

19 July 2012, 49 comments

Sime Darby is Malaysia’s largest company and the world’s largest palm oil conglomerate. It is predominately owned and controlled by the Malaysian Government. So, maybe little surprise that it is enmeshed in corruption, as laid bare by the arrest and charges against its former Chief Executive this week over the…

UK Conservative Spokesman Made Video Promos for Sime Darby!

29 January 2012, 35 comments

The Conservative Party’s ex-Environment Spokesman, Bill Wiggin, agreed to play a starring role in videos promoting Sime Darby, after enjoying a luxury trip to Malaysia sponsored by the company. The palm oil giant, headed by former Deputy PM Musa Hitam, has been exposed as a major client of FBC Media,…

Top US Economist Jeffrey Sachs Was ‘Cultivated’ and ‘Influenced’ To Become a ‘Champion’ of Sime Darby – Exclusive!

12 November 2011, 73 comments

Sarawak Report has uncovered shocking documents, which detail a deliberate and orchestrated campaign by the Malaysian Oil Palm giant, Sime Darby, to court and seduce one of the world’s most celebrated economists into becoming an ‘Ambassador’ for the company[…]

What Next Taib? As ‘Money Logging’ Flies Off The Shelf At Amazon

09 December 2014, 9 comments

Taib and his expensive lawyers now have to decide whether he wishes to take genuine legal action and face scrutiny in court or slink away with their tails between their legs…

How Najib Razak Planned To Use The Queen Of England – EXCLUSIVE!

08 August 2014, 10 comments

Sarawak Report can provide the answer to the question which is perplexing Malaysians. Why did the Federal Court insist on suddenly scheduling their show trial for Anwar Ibrahim on Sept 8th and 9th, despite the fact that his lawyer would be away on medical leave until October? At first the…

FBC Media’s Greenwash Proposal For Malaysian Palm Oil Council! EXPOSE

25 July 2014, 8 comments

Sarawak Report has acquired a dossier of damning proposals made by the discredited PR firm, FBC Media, to the government-funded Malaysian Palm Oil Council, for improving the industry’s tarnished image. It confirms the strategy of ‘greenwash’ to deliberately mislead the world’s public about the true nature of this massive agribusiness,…

Cameron’s Conservatives Should Show Caution Before They Suck Up To Najib

30 June 2013, 18 comments

Relations between the UK and Malaysia should naturally be warm. However, as Prime Minister Najib Razak makes his way towards the UK this week, David Cameron’s welcome party should concentrate on that friendship with the Malaysian people, rather than selfish financial opportunities. After all, Najib represents a discredited minority government,…

“Qui Moi”? – Palm Oil Tycoons Protest Innocence!

25 June 2013, 34 comments

As predicted, the great palm oil agri-businesses were quick to blame small-holders for the smog that has engulfed the region in past days. Doubtless, we can expect several small farmers to be rounded up and severely punished over the coming period. On this site the very first comment to our…

CNN’s John Defterios Also Flogged FBC Media’s Illicit Services To Microsoft, Azerbaijan, Uzbeks, Khazakhs, Mubarak.. !

05 March 2013, 7 comments

American blogger Josh Trevino’s belated confessions about the more than one million ringgit he received from Malaysian PMs Abdul Badawi and Najib Razak to attack and slander the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and others has left his former colleagues and bosses at FBC Media exposed. This includes the high-profile CNN…

BBC Apology Vindicates Sarawak Report, So What About Bakun?

11 February 2012, 40 comments

BN mouthpieces, such as the Borneo Post, have been working hard to discredit the integrity of Sarawak Report and all our investigations into the corruption behind the destruction of the Borneo Rainforest and its peoples. They refer to mysterious “hidden agendas” and have quoted accusations that we are producing “baseless…

UK’s Ofcom Launches Investigation

17 November 2011, 99 comments

The UK media regulator, Ofcom, has now announced that it too will launch an investigation into the activities of FBC Media and its association with the Malaysian Government, Sarawak and other regimes with public profile problems. The announcement comes at the same time as confirmation by the British Foreign Office that it has launched a money laundering investigation into Taib’s assets in the UK.[..]

The BBC Owns Up As FBC Scandal Deepens!

15 November 2011, 48 comments

The BBC has confessed to numerous transgressions of its editorial standards by a number of programmes commissioned from FBC Media about Sarawak and Malaysia. In a report published today by its governing body, the BBC Trust, the Corporation admitted that the programmes, which were acquired by the BBC for ‘low or nominal cost’ from independent producers [..]

BBC Suspends All FBC Media Programmes Pending Enquiry

04 August 2011, 36 comments

Sarawak Report can confirm that the BBC appointed a team a week ago to examine FBC Media’s activities. They had been alerted to the PR/Production company’s activities and were able to look at its website and other publicity material before FBC withdrew it after being approached by journalists on Thursday [..]

Taib Paid Out $5 Million To Attack Sarawak Report! – International Expose

01 August 2011, 61 comments

Taib is paying a crooked, British-based PR company $5 million (RM15 million) a year to conduct an illegal global media campaign against Sarawak Report. We expose FBC Media, a UK-based TV production company, which doubles as a “strategic communications” firm, for conducting an illicit media scam over the past decade.…

Top UK ‘Think Tank’ Staged BN’s Latest PR Stunt On Palm Oil – INVESTIGATION

23 July 2014, 12 comments

The prominent London-based free market ‘think tank’, the Institute of Economic Affairs, has been put in an embarrassing position over an apparent conflict of interest, thanks to remarks by Sarawak’s Deputy Chief Minister, Alfred Jabu. Jabu, in a speech earlier this week, boasted about his “world-wide acknowledgement” by the Institute,…