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Baram natives lodge police report against Penghulu for misrepresentation.

Statement by representatives of Long Na’ah and Long Kesseh:

Baram natives lodge police report against leader for false representation.

Baram natives lodge police report against leader for false representation.

We are surprised to hear statements in the Borneo Post newspaper entitled “People actually support the Baram Dam ”¬†

Community leaders in our area and village -level leaders were not carrying out their responsibilities and roles to discuss with all members of the village or to listen to the opinions or views of where we all stand .

By doing so , they do not respect the rights and interests of the population and are not concerned about our welfare . In addition, they have failed to carry our voice or deliberately not carried our voice , demands and take the people under their care to the attention of the authorities .

We also strongly objected and said that the fact that we support the Baram dam is not true or correct. It is a lie that may seek to confuse the general public .

Actions and intentions with respect to community leaders to support the Baram dam while selling the names of all the people in these villages without permission in transparent and open manner is not fair, it is an abuse of power for personal gain.

An act to support the dam indicates they are ready or willing to surrender all rights and interest in the lands, territories and resources in and around the village. This act shall affect the rights and interests of the residents of the two villages on customary land and territory, resource requirements and our lives . Such acts are wrong in terms of culture, morality and law.

Thus we have made a report and a complaint to the police for appropriate action.

Police report lodged against  Penghulu Ajeng Wan of Long Liam, Baram.

Police report lodged against Penghulu Ajeng Wan of Long Liam, Baram.

We also regret the actions and intentions of the community leaders to continue without giving us an opportunity to defend our reason to act through the civil court according to law. They play a role as an enforcer, prosecutor and judge at the same time. Is it wise and sensible that the parties wish to assign the rights and interests of the residents of the village mendendakan working to defend and protect the rights and interests of the village?

By rights, interests and well-being of our people in the village as the village, we are and will strive hard to use due process to defend and protect us along with the other residents .

We would like to clarify that when we filed a case in court, we are using our name and address . We are members of the village population or Long Na , ah and Long Kesseh . We still live and wish to live and settle in our village . For this reason we also take the initiative to take legal action because they want to defend and protect the rights to the land and customs territories and resources available in the village . For us , land and customs territory is our life , our blood and our lives .

Any individual , including village leaders or community leaders who are willing to give up the rights of customary land and villages , should be a reprimand or prosecuted or fired for breach of trust and responsibility . If following the Kayan – Kenyah custom , the so-called leader or chief or Maren who lied should be fined from the people.

We, with this statement , would like to emphasize that all negotiations and decisions made by any person from our village without the consent and permission of all residents is not valid and does not apply .

Yours faithfully,

Representatives of Long Na’ah and Long Kesseh

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