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800,000 MISTAKES?

Trying to explain away why his credit card bill was paid from a fund for which he was responsible small-time crook and UMNO boss Zahid claimed that this resulted from an “ERROR” by a clerk in his office.

Analysing this absurd excuse a number of questions arise. First, how was a clerk authorised to sign cheques for almost a million ringgit and why? Were such payments from Zahid’s personal account so routine that he needed to delegate payment authority to a clerk (his description)

Second, as credit card bills are issued, and have to be paid ,on a monthly basis will Zahid explain why he personally spent this vast sum in one month? He could also, if as innocent as he claims, publish his credit card bills for the six months on either side of this huge bill

Third what was a salaried Minister in arch thief Najib’s government doing to have run up such a bill? Bribes to BN supporters? Gambling debts? Whatever. He needs to explain, if only to MACC investigators. These latter can, and no doubt will, demand from the credit card operator full details. Not just of this extraordinary account but of all others paid by Zahid. He must have been paying regularly or they would have closed the account.

Who sponsored the opening of this account when it was opened? Were all charges incurred on this card regularly settled? In how many months per year did the bill exceed, say, Zahid’s ministerial salary? These questions and many others will no doubt be posed by MACC; and soon. Malaysians will not want to see a suspect escaping to his native shores; even in a plantation owned private plane.

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