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A criminal appeals to the Law!

So mega thief Najib Razak threatens to sue MP Tony Pua. For defamation! How ludicrous! To sue for defamation of character it is essential to have a good character and if Najib ever had any pretensions to possess that he lost it when he went on the take.

And not just any bribe opportunity. All of them. His bribe of 30 million dollars from the French submarine constructor Thales is still going through the French courts. And that is small beer when put beside his enormous thefts from 1MDB, SRC, KWAP and many other sources of public money yet to be revealed to the Malaysian public.

Worse than that lamentable history is the record of deaths of those who exposed his peculations. Najadi, Bala, Altantuya, Moraes to name only a few of his victims. There are, it is clear, no actions to which he will not resort in attempts to cover up his crimes.

In the past, when his crimes were known only in Malaysia and when he had the unconditional support of his cronies like IGP Khalid and Attorney General Apandi and all those UMNO personalities whose support he has purchased with public money, concealment of his crimes was, to some extent, possible. But since the US Government publicly named him as a mega thief and listed some of his activities he can no longer conceal them.

All mega criminals eventually meet their just desserts. Life imprisonment, his probable fate,

or the ending of life by their own hands or at the hands of outraged citizens. That day draws ever closer and will not be held back by lawyer’s letters or mega bribes or corrupt cronies and officials. It will come. And it will be the bitterest day in an unworthy life.

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