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A Criminal Silence?

Public disquiet about the management of Felda is rising by the day. And rightly so. Increasing evidence of wrongdoing, possibly of a criminal nature continues to see the light of day. And what happens? Nothing!

Why? Malaysia has an expensive Police Force, a costly Attorney General’s chambers, a large judicial apparatus and, most importantly, an MACC.

With all these weapons at its disposal why is there any problem or delay in investigating an apparent criminal offence? Why is Felda not issuing its own explanations and co-operating in enquiries?

The apparent answer to these questions is a statement that the MACC is declining to investigate the matter! After the previous management was sacked for whatever reasons. When huge amounts of public money are involved! The public are entitled to ask why. And the MACC are duty bound to offer credible explanations. Explanations that do not arise from cover-ups and do not serve to protect highly placed criminals; such as arch thief Najib for example.

Are the public to believe that the head of the MACC has been cowed into silence and inactivity by a childish witch hunt against him personally, based on alleged sexual misconduct? Such thoughts, however baseless, will be propagated exponentially so long as MACC refuses to investigate what will probably prove to be an even bigger criminal scandal than 1MDB?

Every Malaysian knows who is responsible for the 1MDB thefts and who benefitted. Every Malaysian is entitled to know what has happened at Felda and who profited. MACC get on with it or face the consequences after GE14.

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