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A Policeman's Lot is Not A Happy One

Some things never change and one of those is that a policeman’s life is full of problems. Lots  of people just dont like policemen, and that includes judges who send crooked ones to long terms in prison. Others have other reasons for ill feeling towards the Force. But all police officers have the consolation of knowing that they are there to protect the public, to uncover crime and to bring offenders to justice,

Probably those officers who prevented “red shirt” thugs and gangsters from attacking a DAP office in KL yesterday felt. rightly, that they had done their duty, and successfully.

So what of the head copper of them all. The one in command. The one bearing the responsibilty for the conduct of the Force, for directing its activities and for upholding the law?

Well, about 1 out of 100 on any dispassionate assessment of his performance. Nothing is for ever. Certainly not the Inspector Generalship and even if a holder of that post does not care that his personal reputation is zero, then posterity will and, more importantly, the relationship betweem police and public will have suffered possibly irreversible damage.

Has he thought all this through? Any long serving, and therefore experienced, police officer, irrespective of rank or status, knows that lost respect for the Police cannot be regained easily and no Police Force can operate successfully without public support. These are facts; not opinions.

So the choice is clear between leaving a record and a reputation of one who betrayed everything he had sworn to support and wrecked the organisation of which he was the head; and doing what duty and conscience demand. A true Muslim will know both the choices and the consequences

Think again; and more deeply this time.  It is not too late to retrieve a damaged reputation and name while at the same time doing what the law prescribes and demands. It is not as though you dont know the facts or were not one of those who concluded that Najib is a criminal who should be arrested.  Since then nothing has changed; except that more and compelling evidence of his criminality has emerged.

Its your choice. Act as the law prescribes NOW or go down with him.  As a policeman you know only too well how convicted coppers get on in jail!

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