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Ali Baba's Cave

After days and days of counting the PDRM were finally able to announce that cash and valuables seized from Najib and the Magpie have a total value of around RM1 BILLION!

Gifts, just gifts Najib airiiy explained. What blatant nonsense. BRIBES is the correct description and it is unimportant if the receiver was Bonny or Clyde. Both will face trial and the punishment for crime on this scale can only be the most severe in the book.

Malaysians, happy that this reign of criminal terror is over, should reflect that it discloses a serious flaw in the body politic, which is that a mega criminal like Najib, aided by his doxy, could take bribes on that scale and for that period of time without incurring any risk or even public disapproval.

That can only have been because the electorate took for granted that politics is a dirty business and that politicians are in it for personal gain. Certainly many UMNO barons gained grossly.

That has to end now. With the principals in prison and public disgust at their criminal behaviour ensuring that future politics will be clean and democratic.

That is the least that the Malaysian electorate can expect, together with a clean-up of outmoded and incompetent institutions that had the power to stop all this crime. But looked the other way at best and held out the palm at worst!


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