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An incompetent thief and a laughable liar

Yes. Najib Razak, of course. Having been found out in his thefts of billions (and a lot more still to come out, Felda, Tabung Haji etc.) he now, in desperation turns to lying about the former Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir. He claims, ludicrously, that the former PM is so frightened by a prospective RCI that he has denied supporting wrongly jailed PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim.

What else could Najib do? Admit the truth that he has acted so criminally that a predecessor PM has to accuse him of his crimes, lead a coalition to oust him from power and see him in Sg. Buloh for life. So, as always when caught out both in lying and in crime, Najib resorts to childish actions that will convince no one.

The fact is that the move by Dr. M is the final nail in Najib’s coffin, or stitch in his shroud. Until recently he has been able, by lavish distribution of stolen public money, to keep at least a part of the majority Malay community on his side.

No longer! Malaysia’s elder Malay statesman has exposed Najib for what he is, a thief and a liar, and, at a stroke, reduced his support in the Malay community to the point where he can have no hope at all of UMNO re-election. If he had a single scrap of decency in him, which is not the case, he would resign his office, after sacking all his corrupt associates in the Cabinet.

But crooks don’t do the decent thing. In fact they would not recognize it if it shouted in their ears. So the electorate are left to finish the job which the previous Attorney General tried to do, and for which he was ignominiously sacked.

Throw Najib out, along with UMNO, and then throw him and all his fellow criminals in prison.

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