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The exposure by a member of the Sarawak State Assembly of the criminal misappropriation of the funds of shareholders in this “State” enterprise in Sarawak  does not appear have caused a ripple of anxiety on the part of the totally corrupt Sarawak State government.  Why should it have done?

In the answer that question lies the whole disgraceful story of a State kleptocracy, in office by the use of bribery, corruption and electoral fraud and knowing itself safe from any enquiry, let alone criminal punishment, due the protection provided by mega criminal Najb Razak and his fellow criminals in the then Federal government.

For decades successive federal administrations have ignored, deliberately it has to be assumed, a crime wave of massive proportions perpetrated by former Chief Minister Taib, now still with both hands in the till as Governor, and all his criminal associates, many of them from minority communities.

While such mega abetment of mega crime was to be expected from Najib and his fellow criminals it has to be asked why, well over a year on from the PH electoral victory, Taib is still in the Astana and not where he ought to be; in jail. And the same goes for all his accomplices who, just today, are seen as the thieves they are with respect to the vanished investments of the ASSAR fund. Not content with stealing all the natural assets of the State for personal gain the Taib gang have all stolen the “compensation” offered to forcibly expropriated NCR owners and parked, pending theft, in the ASSAR fund.

In a State controlled by criminals and in which the Police and the MACC are apparently struck by occupational blindness crime of all kinds can be, and is, committed by those who ought to be governing honestly and fairly. This poses the burning question of the day. Why is this criminal State government and its acolytes not being prosecuted as they should be? Because their Federal Assembly members, elected by fraud and corruption, “frogged” their way across the floor to the PH side? Those tainted votes serve no purpose, They provide no majority for constitutional reform. So what are they but a safeguard against criminal prosecution?

PH can deal with this problem. Any MACC investigation would uncover enough evidence to send the whole GPS to where they belong. Jail.  But it does not happen. Why not? One person can explain. And should. Now.

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