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Begging for forgiveness!

World class hypocrite and mega thief Najib Razak issued a Hari Raya message in which he called on Muslims to practice forgiveness!

Does he seriously hope that his co-religionists will forgive and forget his multi-billion crimes against them and the non-Muslim citizens of Malaysia?

Or has he perhaps had an intimation of mortality and started to fear the celestial consequences of mega crime? He did not elaborate so one can assume that his own crushing list of crimes are perhaps weighing a little on his conscience. Assuming he has one.

Or perhaps his call represents recognition on his part that he and his doxy have finally been exposed to Malay Muslims in particular, and the world in general, as mega criminals guilty of robbing their own kith and kin?

In any case he should direct any calls for forgiveness in a paradisiacal direction. He can expect none in this world.

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