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Big Fleas Have Little Fleas

Which ride on their backs to bite them and little fleas have smaller fleas and so ad infinitum.

This is certainly true of Malaysia where the biggest fleas, Najib and his ministers and toady officials cannot prevent criminality further down the line; even if they wanted to.

A good example of this is the recent, completely illegal, assault on West Malaysia kampong folk (trying to prevent the illegal logging of their lands) in the manner developed over the years in the Borneo States. A party of three uniformed policemen, accompanied by some thirty criminal thugs, illegally dismantled a barrier which the kampong folk had erected to keep the timber thugs and their masters out of their lands.

At least one shot was fired and a villager very narrowly escaped serious injury from a chainsaw used as an offensive weapon. All this in the presence of uniformed police officers.

Of course a police force commanded by a notorious IGP may well feel that the use of criminal methods is permissible to help cronies of their political masters. The timber operators in this case must certainly have been in that category as otherwise the police could not have been so misused.

At the local level this kampong is in a Police District and a Station area. Where were the OCS and the OCPD? Paid off or too frightened of their superiors who in turn are scared of their arch criminal boss.

In any well-governed country such conduct would result in instant disciplinary action and redress from the Courts. Not in Malaysia where any police officer, can be bought if the the approval comes from UMNO. And what is UMNO today but a corrupt body used by mega thief Najib to do whatever he wants. So long, of course, as he continues to bribe its committee members

The kampong folk affected by all this illegal activity should perhaps be glad that Najib has not, so far, declared their area to be in an emergency and locked all of them up; or just shot them. He will do anything to stay in power because out of it he is a certain life sentence server; if not worse.

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