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Bravado Baffles Brains?

Happily ex, Attorney General Apandi continues to display his effrontery even after being sacked from the post of Attorney General.

He claims that he did want to co-operate with the Swiss but was prevented by local law from doing so.

Whether or not this is so does not explain why he simply ignored the Swiss request, not even sending a formal acknowledgment. Could that have been because the “local law” excuse would have been exposed as yet another Apandi idiocy?

The fact remains, as the Swiss AG testifies, he did not receive any reply to his request. Not even an acknowledgment of its receipt.

Apandi would do well to realise that even if he is some way down the “Investigate/prosecute” list he is definitely there and will have his day to lie in Court as freely as he did in office and after being sacked.

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